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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX News  October 7, 2017 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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there have been a number of weird incidents, the teenager with chemicals. there have been others with knives not as big as those involving, several individuals along the london bridge backed earlier in the summer but it's something bottom line to your point that londoners of late have gotten used to to say nothing of the decades of ex tense dealing with the ira but this seems to have picked up a pace of late am i right or what? >> oh, yes. that is no doubt and of course don't forget it's not just in london. at point, neil. let me make the point, none of these individuals are lone wolves, we call them lone wolves, but in every case there's a network behind them and in every case through the internet and they're expected to bad people and in 90% of cases, those that commit these acts are already on lists, for
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the security services in this country and that situation today is this, we have 3,000 suspected terrorists living in the u.k., and we have over 20,000 who are linked in some way to terrorism, isis, et cetera. so, that's the scale of the problem that we face. 23,000 people known to us who could do us harm. neil: nigel farage, thank you very much. be well, be safe, my friend. and back to the n.y.p.d. police, the interesting comment about the people behind the person in almost every case and to london this has been. we don't know here, but in past incidents what it looked like, alone, but someone else. and to bring that back if you can indulge me that this notion that paddock couldn't have done all of that alone. maybe he did the shooting alone, but the prep. what do you think?
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>> i disagree. neil: okay. >> and if i'm wrong, i'm wrong. but here is a man who is, by all metric, a success, an intelligent guy and he wasn't working 9:00 to 5:00. so, if we can go-- >> he had time. >> if you go to his brain and focus, all of this research is on youtube or the internet, and he made that his mission. he could easily have done that. neil: are you surprised after all of these days-- and maybe we do to your point, we don't know a lot about his social profile, given his age, he didn't have much of one, but anything that would telegraph what he did. what do you make of it? >> remember the movie "the shining", the slow dip into isolation. hindsight is 20/20, we saw how he put everything in cash and dividers, wanted to divide himself from his neighbors,
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blocking out the view. i remember reading that. from the limited information i have, almost like a hobby. there was a movie called "the accountant" where the guy had to focus and able to put things in place. the scary part, while any loss of life is tragic, this thing that happened with the car, that's fairly easy. that's small. neil: yeah, yeah. you know, you give a couple of guys that i know that with the former military background, they can bring any city to a stand still and let me point this out, neil, the beltway sniper, the beltway-- it froze the eastern corridor, one man with a functionally mentally deficient sidekick, they went in the car. neil: and the sidekick was in the trunk. >> this country had every agency. and we couldn't catch them. that's not putting it on us, that's his anonymity.
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neil: it was by accident. >> we caught him by accident. the whole eastern corridor. you give me five of those guys, and while we're great, they're not that good. neil: and some of it's lucky. and in the case of the three guys plotting attack on new york, it was an under cover sting. >> that's right, that's right. neil: thank you thank you very much. we were trying to follow a lot of things simultaneously, indulge us because we have a hurricane to deal with now and right now, nate is a category 2 hurricane, upgraded. the president of the united states says that the team is prepared for hurricane nate. everyone in louisiana, mississippi, alabama and florida, it is on route to being a 2. right now it's at a 1, have i got that right? we've got the fema administrator with us. thank you for taking time on a crazy news day. we've already heard of a number of finalry operations that could
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be curtailed because that's a neck of the woods where they are, not a great many. what's the latest? >> right now, i don't want people to let their guard down on hurricane nate and for many reasons. one, there's no such thing as a minor hurricane. while it's only a cat 1 right now, you have to understand that it's moving at 22 miles an hour, so you have to add 22 miles an hour to the sustained winds. they classify it at a cat 1. we're looking at impacts from a cat 2 and because of that forward speed, this system is going to impact the coast between louisiana and some of the western panhandle counties in florida, look, because of the forward speed it's going to maintain a lot of intensity far inland and through mississippi and alabama as well. we've been in great communications with governors from louisiana to florida. we've already positioned management teams and commodities
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in place to be ready to go. neil: sir, i know that the governor of louisiana had already activated 1300 national guard troops, he declared a state of emergency, similar to the one that existed in new orleans, but we were getting separate-- i don't know if it's true, but the pumping stations were not working that there was a concern, that they weren't prepared, what could be potentially flooding water. what's the real deal? >> i assume you're talking about the pumping stations in the city of new orleans? >> yes. >> okay. so, obviously, we've been tracking and working with -- i spoke to the mayor, to mitch, several days ago and i've also been in constant contact with governor edwards. for the most part, a majority of the pump capacity is working inside the city of new orleans. it's not back up to 100%, but the good news with this storm is because of the forward speed, anytime you have a high forward speed you have reduced amounts of rainfall. so, that's the good news when it
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comes to the rainfall and the city of new orleans' ability to pump water out. the important message is, citizens have to heed the warnings of local officials. if you're being asked to evacuate, please do so in that window to do so is today. the elements are going to be arriving early evening and later tonight. neil: the fact that it's moving as quickly as it is, sir, i'm wondering, how do people get out of the way of that, if they haven't already? it's moving fast, it should be making landfall i'm told, you know better, later tonight. what do you say? >> so, the bottom line is that the goal is always to get out of an area that is vulnerable to coastal storm surge, flood inundation. if you can get out of the way of this, cat 1, cat 2 storm surge area should take heed and caution and you need to get out of the storm surge areas and travel a few miles outside of those areas into a facility that can withstand the winds. and in many cases, a lot of the
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local jurisdictions have established shelters that are wind rated to a certain category and that's what we would ask you to do. you don't have to go hundreds of miles, and in many cases, you know, based on where the track forecast is, you want to make sure that you evacuate to a safe location and not along the coast, or not along the track of the hurricane inland. neil: probably -- how are you doing with the constant serious storms? i know we're not out of this until the end of next month here, but, man, oh, man, this is like nonstop. >> i'm proud of my team and the federal partners. we've saved a lot of lives. we've saved a lot of lives and we're helping a lot of americans put their lives back together. i work with some of the most dedicated and resilient people across the whole government and we'll continue to do what we've got to do to save lives and help people recover. bottom line is, is that we're not taking any time off.
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we can't do it, can't afford to so we're going to keep pushing forward and calling upon our friends and state emergency managers through mutual aid assistance and help backfill some things, but we're pushing along and we'll get through this. neil: you know, i'm sure you've been working hard and hadn't gotten a day off and then the criticism started with puerto rico and of course, the difficulty getting aid right away to puerto rico and its location i understand that: is it frustrating from the san juan mayor versus the governor of puerto rico? it was total, seemed to be initial confusion. your thoughts? >> you know, we always have to filter out of noise and you know, in emergency management you know, we move as fast as the situation allows, and i have all the confidence in the world that we did that for puerto rico, as well as the virgin islands and all the statesment we pushed hard. we pushed, it was logistically
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challenging event, it's no excuse. we're never going to move as fast as people want, frankly, they've lost everything they've worked for, they're frustrated. neil: absolutely. >> in puerto rico if we could fix on the power and turn on the water magically it would fix large majority of issues that we're facing. i do know as a result of the guys behind me, everybody in the federal government working through the governors, working with local officials, that we've done a lot to sustain the situation, sustain and stabilize the situation in puerto rico, but know that we have a long way to go and we're actively pushing every day to restore central services, and doing everything that we can. and i think that if you look at-- anytime you lose a life, it's devastating. you can't replace lives. but when it comes to a category-- two major hits in puerto rico and the devastation that they've had, you know, right now, the direct loss of life has been stopped in puerto rico. we're pushing commodities out, the water systems are coming
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back on, and for the most accurate information we're pushing people to you can actually see the numbers of how retail industry is coming up, the power is slowly coming back on, our telecom is coming up and retailers are coming back up. as that comes up, then, our needs to push commodities starts to be reduced. neil: thank you very, very much. i don't know when you get rest or your group gets rest, but hopefully soon. thank you, again, i appreciate it. just to let you know a little bit about this particular storm, this hurricane nate, expected to be a category 2 when it makes landfall somewhere along the gulf coast, presumably louisiana, into new orleans tonight, but it's moving much faster than earlier thought. some of the earlier estimates was early tomorrow morning and it's tonight. it scraped by mexico, but it's expected to hit directly in new orleans, gep, as a category 2
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storm. those reports of the fema director had said about compromised pumping stations might not be all they're made out to be, but this, of course, a city that has certainly water drainage issues that go back to katrina, but of course, it's been a dozen years since then. the expectations that they've addressed a lot of those we'll see in a matter of hours. we're keeping track of a number of news developments in case you haven't heard, of course, five, six days after we had the terrorist incident by one single individual in las vegas that took out 58 individuals and injured hundreds more, now indications in london that something like it could have been happening even though they're not calling it a terrorist incident. sky news referred to it now in consistent stories as a serious incident outside the museum of natural history, so serious the prime minister of great britain may have been updated and will address the nation shortly. normally, when the prime minister is prepared to address the nation on something, she or they are convinced it's more
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than just an accident, an individual plowing into pedestrians on a sidewalk outside the museum, knocking down many, injuring many. we've got got a firm number. he was trying to escape police in the area who urged him to stop. he wouldn't. he-- police dragged him out of the car along with some pedestrians. we'll have more. brokerage fe. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. whoamike and jen doyle?than i thought.
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>> all right. let's look at a world on heightened terror alert. times square and they're getting news of the incident and could have been very, very deadly and in las vegas would have been made look like child's play. they're calling a serious development in london, someone who jumped the sidewalk and went down the sidewalk. the driver was apprehended and
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dragged out of the car by a mix of police and pedestrians on the scene. we don't know the status of the individuals who were taken to area hospitals. we do know that a number were, but again, we don't know the number and we don't know the status. what we do know in new york city's times square, they're getting very, very nervous about what they heard and what went down in las vegas earlier in the week. and what they're just getting a sense of what was avoided with the arrest of three individuals who were planning something pretty big and that could take out a pretty good number of lives. fox business network at the subway station in times square, tracy. >> when you think about what could have been, it's terrifying. one of the men said he want today create the next 9/11 and these three alleged terrorists planned to kill as many as they could here in new york city in times square on the subway in an isis-inspired terror plot. here are the three men, they are
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abdul rahman, 19 years old, a canadian citizen. another 19-year-old as well. a u.s. citizen living in pakistan and a 37-year-old living in the philippines. the federal terrorism charges were unsealed and we learned that the plan of attack included detonating bombs here in times square. the alleged master mind of this plan, sent a picture of times square to an undercover fbi agent and said, quote, we seriously need a car bomb at times square, look at these clouds of people. now, another target, the new york city subway system, with billions of people use every day, the suspect said it was a perfect place to shoot as many people as possible. they said, including women and children and then detonate the bombs. they studied subway maps and even had specific subway lines picked out and they also wanted
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to carry out an attack similar to those in paris and shoot people at concerts and this plot was to be carried out in 2016 during the holy month of ramadan. the men had been communicating through messaging apps on their phones and in that communication, included an undercover fbi agent who claimed to be an isis supporter, said the agent wanted to help carry out the attacks, and even shipped bomb making material to that undercover agent here in the ideas and when el basnawy to carry out the attack he was arrested and the other two men have been arrested and awaiting extradition here in the united states. this is terrifying when you think of what could have happened here, thankful to those agents who have thwarted this plot. neil: triessy, --
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tracy, it's hard to hear me, i can understand if you can't. there's certainly a heavier police presence in times square right now? >> absolutely. and we've seen a heavier, increased police presence the last few years, but if you look around, usually at every block here in times square, there are n.y.p.d. officers with heavy machinery, there are now blockades since we've had recent attacks like we're talking about in london and in the past, there are blockades, so cars really can't get through the main areas of times square. there's an absolute increased presence here of security. neil: all right. be safe. great reporting as always. just around the block here. if this looks familiar, my next guest might be wincing at it looking at it, and robin leach in vegas, and ted williams and thank you for joining us, robin,
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you know, we talk about the skittishness of incidents like this create, whether they're fear or weather in your case in your fine city they actually happen. it's been almost a week now since everything went down in vegas. how are people adjusting there? what is their mindset? >> i think, to be honest, neil, that it's now beginning to sink in. the first few days, the first three days, it was really a case of getting these people to hospital, getting treatment, trying to save lives, and now that the real police, would has begun, it's really, really come home just how tragic this event was. you know, look, we see this this morning in london in a tourist zone. we hear the story of the potential concert attack in new
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york city. life has become very fragile for us and life has become very meaningless for the attackers. we're living in a very cruel, dangerous, unforgiving world. and as one of your guests said earlier today, it's impossible. however professional, however smart, however clever law enforcement is, there will always be incidents. if it's not semi automatics, it can be a 18-ton-- 18-wheeler truck. these people are mad. these people are maniacal and they're going to disrupt our lives if they can. we have to stand strong. we have to care for everybody else. we have to be on the watch for everybody and we have to say our lives will not be changed. neil: but they will be a little bit, right? i know i talked about this earlier in the week and with wayne newton, a big entertainer
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in your fine city, who wondered about the future of outdoor venues, outdoor events and something i want to get into with my erudite detective. and that is changing in las vegas and maybe should. what are people saying? >> well, i think that concerts are now going to come under the very close scrutiny of both the law enforcement agencies here in las vegas. as i told you earlier in the week, i didn't think you'd see outdoor concerts ever again at that village that mgm owns. i think new year's eve will be impacted. i don't think you'll ever see concerts out in the open on the las vegas strip ever again. and you hear with these three lunatics in times square, that an open air concert was one of the target areas. they go for numbers and the more
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they can maim, the more they can kill, the more they can injury, it seems the more medals they get. how we rectify that, i have no idea. but, yeah, all of those open-air, open-door events are going to come under very close scrutiny. many will be canceled. many will be changed. it will be very interesting this weekend particularly tonight when our concert arenas reopen, what the increased level of security will be here. it's going to change, no doubt. neil: no doubt. the vice-president's wife coming up later today. with ted williams now, former investigator and bill stanton former police department. ted, to you first on what robin pointed out. maybe in light of what just
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happened or what appears to be going down in london, they might put the pieces together later on this and surmise it's another terrorist incident. right now we don't know. we do know that it involved a vehicle plowing down pedestrians, a familiar pattern we've seen exercised in the past. crudy effective and a lot of people-- i was raising with bill during the break, maybe you close down streets, but realistically, there's only so much you can do. what do you think? >> you're right. absolutely, there's only so much you can do and bill brought up something interesting early. for fox news many years ago i covered the beltway sniper case and i can tell you if just two men paralyzed the whole metropolitan area, what we now lead to look at is what happened in vegas. i mean, just think about it,
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neil, someone going into a hotel room over a period of time, bringing guns in, taking a hammer, knocking out a window, and looking down above a crowd and shooting at that crowd. don't you think that terrorists are now looking at this and that they are now thinking, oh, we can now do the same thing. we're living in a very dangerous, vulnerable time. i have to also agree with robin lea leach. we are like just targets. we just don't know what to do. it is very confusing. i also agree with bill. i think that we are going to find out that this guy, paddock, committed this act of terrorism alone and that's the unfortunate thing is that we can't get into his mind and law enforcement is frustrated right now in trying to find a motive. neil: one thing that's interesting, bill, even in the case of these guys they
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apprehended in the plan in times square, it was obviously before las vegas, but the goal very similar in terms of taking out as many people as possible. >> they're mental more rons, neil. they're myopic on new york, that's good and bad. meaning we have a very strong int int intelligen intelligence. by the time it gets to them we're reacting. where i'm heartened, we have undercover and intelligence agencies that we see see that are weeding folks out. i'm not giving tips away to the bad guys, but they're so focused on new york, what i'm concerned is when they finally get around to that schoolhouse in montana, you know, that skating rink in kansas or that pool in florida, you know, across america, why they're fixated, shows how myopic and naive they are they're teenagers and that
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37-year-old isn't exactly a mental genius, we got him because if they want to really get us, it doesn't take a military rambo type mentality. neil: they were communicating with somebody, right? >> yes, yes, they're all people, you know, overseas and domestic that are coordinating these, you know, these sick individuals that can be easily mentally manipulated and thank god we're getting them in time. neil: gentlemen, i want to thank you all, robin leach, a special thank you, a hellacious week for you, but a great perspective on all of the above. be well, my friend. in the meantime, i want to take you back to london, records-- reports of an incident there. and he's there in london, and remains-- can you tell us what is going on there right now? >> well, right now the-- i live like 50 meters from where the kcar and the people.
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and right now the location is locked down. it happened around an hour ago. i looked above my window and there was this helicopter very low and i was expecting a delivery and i saw the police arrived and there was like hundreds of people walking and suddenly starts running, like, like chaos. you know? and i was not fully understanding what was going on and i asked the policeman just in front of me and said, a guy ran on people on exhibition road just 60 meters. so he told me, he said they don't know, they might think it's a terrorist attack, they don't know what happened. i came back straight back to my place and i opened the window and i see people got scared and start running and, but now, you can hear the helicopter running
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across my head, my place, and, but -- thank god we're okay. . neil: romain is the driver still there or he's taken away? >> i don't know, what we see on the news, the guy got knocked down and i guess taken away. the news from where i am right now, but from what we know, what we've seen on the tv, he seems to be taken away. neil: now, do you know -- i know there were a number of people hit, you came after the scene and saw people running. do you see how many were hit or in the hospital? >> no, they say, i hope the lower account, but i think


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