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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 25, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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white house, newt gingrich. we will talk with sarah huckabee sanders tomorrow. thanks for watching, everybody. i am bill hemmer. have a great evening. good night from new york. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's been nearly four weeks since stephen paddock committed the deadliest shooting in modern americanav history. tonight we have exclusive information from anm government sourceur given to us hours ago. it's remarkable. the las vegas security guard, the only eyewitness to the shooting, left this country shortly after it took place. we'll tell you where it went and what it may mean. first, the law of unintended consequences remains in force in washington's mind. investigation designed to uncover republican collusion with a foreign power has unearthed the opposite.
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the most powerful democratic lobbying firm in washington was at the center of russian efforts to shape american politics. this ph group, founded by hillary clinton's campaign chairman and his brother, took money from russian interests to influence the obama administration. there were russian agents in washington. they were working with democrats. we have also solved much of the mystery around the infamous trump dossier, the collection of salacious and in many cases totally made up allegations that buzzfeed credulous they ran earlier this year as a new story. the dossier was assembled by a former british intelligence agent called chris steele. steele was paid by a anonymous republican donor hoping to undermine the term campaign during the primaries. we've known that for a while. but what we've just learned and what has turned the story and washington itself on its head is that once the republican primaries finished, the trump dossier project was funded by
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hillary clinton's own presidential campaign and also by the dnc. democrats have been lying about that explicitly for more than a but it's true, it turns out. hillary's former spokeswoman conceded that hillary may have known about it because of course she did. moreho shocking, the fbi apparently may have also paid chris steele to dig up dirt on trump. how did they do this, why did they do this? we don't know because so far the fbi has ignored subpoenas sent to them two months ago by house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes. we will be talking to him later in the show. all of this raises some serious questions. first and most important, is it even legal? there are a number of federal laws that prohibit politicians from paying for a national for campaign work. yet hillary clinton and the democratic national committee apparently paid chris steele for the dossier. isn't it against the law? presumably we will find out soon. why was the fbi involved in thi
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this? the agency has 35,000 employees. it's got unmatched resources and expertise. it is the fbi. why would it even consider going to a private investigator to do research on a president-elect? keep in mind this isn't the first time the fbi has outsourced a major investigation. recall that federal agents neven actually examined the dnc servers after they were supposedly hacked by an outside party during the campaign. instead the fbi relied on the work of a dnc contractor called crowd strike which assured them and the rest of us that russia was behind the hacking. why would the fbi do that? did anyone at the justice department consider the hiring third-party actors with unclear motives to conduct a high profile investigation might be an excellent way for foreign intelligence agents to sow chaos. at the very least, wouldn't crowd strike's claims l be colod by their natural desire to make their employer, the democratic
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party, happy. it's nuts. didn'tgn the fbi compromised its political independence? to conduct research for the dossier, chris steele had extensive contact, of course he did, with russian sources. some of them connected to the kremlin directly. if the clinton campaign was paying for steele's research, why were they in effect -- why weren't they colluding with russia? irony of ironies. why is the fbi refusing to answer basic questions from congress? our government isup not supposed to work like that. the fbi is not its own country. it's not a private organization. it's an elected -- it isn't elected by voters. it has no -- the fbi can't decide to ignore congress. its obstruction.
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it's also scary. if federal agents with guns aren't accountable to the congress or the president they work for, who are they accountable too? who is in charge? you're looking at something resending an occupying army and not a legitimate federal agency. that's when things start to fall apartoc. mark steyn is an author and columnist and joins us tonight. i want to talk. you are an internationally renowned connoisseur of irony. how are you responding to the story, which was designed to prove collusion between republicans and russia and is now proving the opposite. >> yes, because trump is in the weird position. he says wacky things from time to time, as we all know. butom nothing he says is as wacy as the truth here. this is like one of those slightly high conceptt thriller. agatha christie's "murder on the siberian express." everyone is colluding with russia acceptt trump. you've got the podesta group.
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they have a great campaign. you've got the dnc. you've got the fbi. you've got christopher steele, who you credit as an ex-mi6 agent. he is the head of the russia desk at mi6. that's a pretty big deal. talking about campaign finance laws preventing you paying foreign nationals for federal election campaigns. whatever the scope of the laws, the core people they were designed to prevent getting a hand in american elections were elite, high-level espionage f agents from foreign powers. we have a completely -- and by the way, not just the hillary campaign butut as you said earlier, hillary herself. hillary, who has been touring the world. she'see been in obscure literary festivals on the welsh border.
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complaining that the russians colluded with trump to steal the election away, and she is colluding with the russians. and the dossier against trump. >> tucker: colluding with the russians and apparently with the peripheral involvement of paul manafort. he was working with the podesta group. the single most powerful democratic lobbying firm in the city. of course founded by hillary's campaign chairman. you couldn't make it up. >> suddenly a lot of things seee clearer. you talked about the fbi, which is supposed to be a policing agency that operates on the interest of the american people. as you say, it's odd that an agency with almost unlimited resources compared to any equivalent to anywhere on the planet is having to outsource a
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lot of this. and use the taxpayers money to pay this british subject for this wacky report. to me, one of the most disturbing things about this iso you recall that the director of nationalal intelligence, clappe, asked james comey supposedly to have a meetingo with trump and tell trump they have a dossier explaining how he likes to enjoy highly specialized prostitution services in eastern europe. the minute they have held the meeting, ithe mysteriously -- te news of the meeting gets leaked to the press. i think it's a reasonable inference that clapper and comey only arranged -- this meeting with trump to tell him of the specialized prostitution services, this dossier contains,
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this meeting took place only so that news of it could be leaked to the press. that's actually extremely deeply disturbing for the intelligence community and the fbi. >> tucker: i agree with you vehemently. if they were doing this to president obama, who i did not like, i would say the same thing. you can't have rogue agencies. thank you for that perspective. in an interview this afternoon, former clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon acknowledged hillary may have known about the decision to fund the trump dossier. >> to be clear, brian. you've said previously in the last 24 hours you don't believe hillary clinton knew about it either. is that right? >> i>> don't know. avi haven't spoken to her. >> thank you for clarifying. shouldn't she s know? shouldn't you, someone so high up in the campaign, be informed of this? >> she may have known. the degree of exactly what she
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knew is beyond my knowledge. >> tucker: she may have known. in other words, she absolutely knew and yet she kept it secret for more than the year. brad woodhouse is the former dnc communications director he joins us. >> how are you doing? see when i am baffled, as always, living here in washington. she not only kept this from herself but it was not disclosed publicly. here you have a campaign paying aio foreign national, some money probably going to who knows where but other foreign nationals, may be a foreign government and not disclosing it publicly. i don't think that's legal. >> i was running a super super. the part of our responsibility to place opposition research on donald trump. here's the thing. who w cares who paid? it began to be paid by a
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republican. >> tucker: still anonymous command we don't know who that is. >> a republican began the research. >> tucker: hold on. wait a second. the whole point was these are the russians. this is information that came in part from kremlin connected russian officials and it was used to influence the presidential campaign. i thought that was the very v charge democrats were leveled against trump. >> the point of the opposition research. it was to identify what was happening with the russian collusion with the trump campaign. it was to expose -- >> tucker: the hooker parts. supper once i can. stop for one second. is this what you are arguing. answer my question. no, no. are you arguing -- >> arguing that the russians were trying to elect hillary clinton? >> tucker: can i ask you. may i ask you. mask the real question.
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we have confirmed, and you saw hillary clinton's spokesman confirming that the clinton campaign paid money to fusion gps which hire this former british intel officer who got ro kremlin. from the you're saying that's okay. that hillary's campaign used information from the kremlin to be trump because it was exposing trump. >> the dossier came out after the election. i have no - knowledge that the campaign -- >> tucker: no, no. hold on. the printed dossier. it comes in fits and spurts. that's the whole point. may i ask you. but local. they paid for it. theon information came from the kremlin. they used it in a political campaign in the presidential campaign. i thought the whole charge was trump was using information from the kremlin to win. but hillary was. stick with the charges that the
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russians interfered in the election, colluding possibly. that's what's under investigation with the trump campaign. to elect donald trump. the russians weren't cooperating with christopher steele to elect hillary clinton. that's an asinine charge breaks through and actually, it's more than a charge. it's proven by the facts. >> to what end? steele was working sources. m >> tucker: lets me finish my sentence. everyone admits the russians gave information to the hillary campaign for pay. they paid fusion and steele. information goes to the hillary campaign to beat trump. you don't see that as collusion? >> that his opposition research. >> tucker: oh. >> entirely different. then when russians are buying ads. >> tucker: totally makes sense. i guess what i needed was yet in washington vocabulary. it looked to me like collusion or what was last week collusion.
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>>ch interfering the campaign. >> tucker: i get it. >> let's get to the bottom. >> tucker: i i get it. >> it is about undermining the fbi investigation. you have these congressional investigations. >> tucker: if i can correct you.yo it's about george orwell who wrote the textbook for using language to achieve political ends. >> 17 agency said russia colluded.. >> tucker: all right! thank thank you for joining us. thank you. missing hard drives, mysterious burglaries, bungled timelines. now we have brand-new information from a government source. the las vegas secured a guard who was the only eyewitness to this massacre from within the building fled the country.f why did investigators let go? we have details. you know who likes to be
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♪ >> tucker: the president likened the uranium one deal to watergate. >> the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done, so underhanded, with a tremendous amount off money being passed. i actually think that's watergate modern age. >> tucker: congressman devin nunes represents california. he chairs the house intelligence committee. he's been trying to investigate the uranium one deal and the mysterious trump dossier that we now know was funded in part by the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee.
8:19 pm
chairman nunes joins us. one of the most terrifying facts we've learned in the past two days is that the fbi apparently he was one of the founders of the dossier. even after trump was elected president. how can that be? >> we don't know that yet.hoanan part of the reason we don't know it is because we have subpoenaed fbi and justice department to give us the information. what we know so far, we believe it to be factual, from "the washington post" piece is that the democrats paid for the dossier. they paid fusion gps. we believe that to be true. we have fusion gps that played the fifth. they refuse to testify. they are trying to block us from getting information to get to financial records of who they paid, who could they have paid.
8:20 pm
who could they have hired? those things. they are trying to block us on that. >> tucker: on what grounds could you say we don't have a right to know? >> we have subpoenaed the documents and we are waiting. we have the house general counsel representing us in court. when p you plead the fifth and o to court to try to block us and then it gets leaked to "the washington post" that the dnc and the hillaryll campaign paid for it, ith think we have a problem.ob i think the next focus is going to be on whether or not, did the fbi use this dossier to get warrants? did they use it to open up a counterintelligence investigation? if they did, if they are using unverified information to open up inquiries into american citizens, i think we have a big problem. >> tucker: from a political campaign. unverifiedr: and in some cases demonstrably falseie was to afft the outcome of an election. it's a pretty simple question. you are the chairman of one of
8:21 pm
the most powerful committees in the house of representatives. why can't you get an answer? >> you would think we would be ablehi to come and that's the problem. this is why the speaker of the house came out this morning and called on doj to provide this information immediately to the house of representatives. this is why we are in court trying to get this information.t this has been since march. it's not like this is new. we didn't just stumble into this. these subpoenas were issued almost 60 days ago. >> tucker: the fbi is not its own country. i can't make its own unilateral decisions. >> it was the congress that created the fbi. >> tucker: is there anything more terrifying than the prospect of an armed rogue agency? >> no. no, i think that's the challenge. if you had an unverified dossier paid for by political opponents. in this case, the democratic party, that the fbi is taking
8:22 pm
and using to open up investigations into a campaign or into other americans, we are on a slippery slope. i think this is what you see in third world countries where the party in power uses the intelligence services for their political gain. you don't see that in the united states of america. >> tucker: there is a new fbi there are lots of fbi officials who go on television. has anybody from the fbi publicly explained why they are not leading the house intelligence committee know this information? >> no, they have not. not yet. >> tucker: that's really upsetting. the uranium one scandal, we now know that a democratic lobbying firm in washington, the podesta group, was engaged in lobbying on behalf of these interests. and we know the clinton family foundation took over $100 million from board members of uranium one. is anybody going to get to
8:23 pm
whether the obvious happens, a quid pro quo. they paid. they got the deal ratified. >> here's what i think is disturbing. the new i information here. had a lot of people are asking what happened. this was seven years ago. first of all, you had republicans in 2010 wrote in opposition to the sale of uranium one. we now have information, this is new. we have informants who have said there was an open fbi-doj investigation. we have people who have told us this. we don't know if it's true yet, but if it's true, shortly after that. if you have an open investigation, how do nine cabinet level secretaries approve a sale? and then you have the questions you raised. was the clinton foundation involved? there was millions of dollars.
8:24 pm
>> tucker: where was american national security? not present. mr. chairman, thank you for coming on. and good luck. a few hours ago, a source provided us a document proving the las vegas security guard jesus camos left the country days after being the only witness within t the hotel to america's worst massacre in modern history. we knowll where he went, and we will tell you next. hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. advil liqui-gels minis.
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>> tucker: we >> tucker: we received this document from a confidential source. it's a customs and border patrol form and shows jesus camos enter the united states from mexico almost exactly to the hour one week after the las vegas shooting. the document does not reveal how long campos had been in mexico. our source told us he entered the u.s. have the same crossing in january. at the time he was driving his own vehicle. inin this document, campos was driving what appears to be a rental car with c california plates. this information raises arn numr of questions. jesus camos is the only eyewitness to the biggest mass shooting in modern american history. when he was in mexico, the press was reporting that they thought stephen paddock may have had an accomplice.
8:29 pm
why did they allow campos to leave the country? howg. did campos, who reportedly had a gunshot wound to the leg, managed travel to mexico? did he fly, drive? was his employer aware? were investigators aware? did they facilitate the trip? what day did campos get to mexico, how was able to drive back for hundreds of miles from border back to las vegas? why did he take a rental car? the union that represents campos told us they were aware he left the country. they claim it was a preplannedpr visit. why did it take a government leak for the rest of us to find out? why has mgm been so intent on controlling availability to campos? booking him on ellen degeneres and shielding him from press briefs. why did allen ask softball questions? why have some people going to so
8:30 pm
much trouble to shape the story? abc spoke to campos october 4. was he in mexico, did they know where he was? what do we know about jesus compost? for example, is he really a licensed security guard? we checked and it turns out he's not registered with nevada's licensing board. we called the clark county sheriff to find out what license is required to be a security guard the las vegas casino. the sheriff's office refused to tell us. jesus compost is a victim, the spokesman said. we don't speak about victims. we repeated the question. he becameam angry and started yelling and hung up on us. raises the question why won't authorities answer basic questions about jesus campos? why did he do for the hotel, had he ever had previous contact with stephen paddock? how wasas campos injured?
8:31 pm
press reports claim he was shot in the leg. that bullet travels three times the speed of a handgun round. it could easily destroy a man's leg and often does. given that, how could campos have driven 700 miles from las vegas toes the border less than a week later? and then there is stephen paddock. we don't know anything about him, even the most basic questions. how did he get access of the hotel's freight elevator, how many other hotel guests had the video, does surveillance show paddock entering the elevator alone? how to use the elevator before, how often and why? has stephen paddock ever previously appeared on the radar of the fbi? here was a man gambling millions of millions of dollars and stockpiling weapons and ammunition. his name was all over federal databases. nobody in law enforcement noticed?
8:32 pm
we learned that paddock's computer is missing its hard drive.ut why did it take nearly a month for investigators to tell us? did they just find out themselves? we don't know. what do we really know? his brother was recently arrested on child pornography charges. was it a separatebe investigati? how many family members does he have? where's his girlfriend? we could go on. the point is, this story gets murkier by the day and that's the opposite of what supposed to happen. it's's impossible to know exacty what's going on with the vega shooting. we are not going to speculate but it's obvious there's a long ended competence of the heart of it. joining us as former secret service agent dan bongin dan bongino. why would investigators allow jesus camos who was the sole eyewitness that we know of to the shooting to leave the country after?
8:33 pm
>> it is strange. there's really no guarantee he's going to return. he is not under arrest. he's not under any court order. they are limited to what they can do to order him to stay. it's's confusing. i was thinking about this before the segment. even the most innocent of explanations. he is a witness to one of the most horrific crimes in american history. incredibly psychologically traumatizing. maybee he has family he needed time appeared to go to mexico after the crime when you are the sole eyewitness to potentially the crime of the century. as you brought up in the segment, you have a pretty significant injury. a round to the leg is really beyond perplexing. there is no convenient explanation. don't think it's possible.r: i think if you are hit with that round you would be going
8:34 pm
anywhere. i don't mean to appear in the character of jesus campos. the behavior of the people around him is so weird. they are trying to control access to him and the story. they're clamping down on information about him and his actions. why would they be doing that? is it mgm? what's going on? >> i'mi. not trying to impugn hs characteris either. this guy was a victim of this crime as well. that doesn't make the questions go away. the only explanation i can think of from the beginning, the genesis of all this, this fugue state wherein. we have more answers about san bernardino and orlando in 24 hours that we have in this case in weeks. there has to be some kind of friction between the parent company, mandalay, and the bureau. there is no other convenient
8:35 pm
explanation. that explains a lot of the time line discrepancies. that also explains, as you said, i think this limited and controlled access to campos andd a reason why the parent company may not have had a problem with him leaving the country. >> tucker: t they may have facilitated it, abetted it. i wouldn't be surprised. that does next lane the behavior of the clark county sheriff. we called to ask a simple question about licensing. he doesn't seem to have had a license as a security guard. whatever. what are the rules? they were so defensivee and they yelled at him and hung up.ha spokesman don't typically act that way.wh what is it about? >> from a major media outlet. it's not like your calling from a local blog. this is a credible media outlet. we all respect law enforcement's role in this. this was a crime perpetrated on the american people. people are justified. concerned about why it happenedo and we have no answers.
8:36 pm
you have to expect is going to be profound media interest. answering like that doesn't help. >> tucker: i respect law enforcement but if you want to respect, behave in a way that earns it. quickly, this guy, it's not impossible paddock came to the attention of federal authorities. gambling winnings are reported over a certain number. no one has asked exactly. had he come to the attention of federal authorities? do you think it's possible they knew who he was? >> yeah, once you deposit $10,000 or more, you have to fill out a currency transaction report at a bank. he may have had suspicious activity reports. i don't think this guy was a ghost. >> tucker: i agree. i think there is some butt covering going thank you. federal government giving away millions of work permits to people who don't live here. in l fact, a lot of them are illegally here. whyy would they be doing that?
8:37 pm
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try super poligrip free. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: in the past year, the federal government has awarded close to 2 million work permits to refugees, asylum-seekers, illegal immigrants and others who have arrived in the u.s. without having a job lined up. why are they doing that? we have an education professor tonight to explain. there are tens of millions of americans out of the workforce. about 100 million. some of them don't want jobs. some do. why is there an unemployment crisis that's not reflected in the numbers? why would be letting millions of peopleng here illegally have wok permits. >> it's interesting because we have these undocumented workers. they come in and make about 5.2% of the labor force and they get
8:42 pm
a work visa. they work with it. the interesting thing is discretionary. it can be revoked at any time. if we look at the makeup of it, 17% of the group is individuals looking for asylum. another quarter are the daca employees. from a business lens, what you would say is e the economics sot of makes sense. the reason why is that when we look at the numbers, we see that if you are working and you're one of the undocumented workers, you've actually made up more money and put into the security more than is needed in the country. $300 billion. >> tucker: that's not actually happening. but what's striking to me is when i was a kid, the left cared about workers and their condition and wages and cesar chavez without their arguing on behalf of the members. united farm workers union. now every liberal i talk to about immigration saysys it's gd for the bottom line.
8:43 pm
employers like it. it's good for shareholders. >> yeah. >> tucker: have you noticed the change? >> i think it's important for us to not make it a political conversation. if you look at it, you have states like texas, georgia, arizona, north carolina. these are states donald trump won in the election and they have the highest number of undocumented workers. >> tucker: maybe that's why he won those states. people were frustrated. let me ask you, as a philosophical matter, doesn't any government over its first allegiance and loyaltyts to its own citizens? look out for them first. i've got four kids. if i'm letting my kids starved for giving food to my neighbors kids, maybe i'm shirking my duty. isn't that what we are doing here? ignoring our unemployed and employing the rest of the world? >> it depends on how you look at it. frankly, if you look at individuals who get get a h2 b,
8:44 pm
the foundation no requires that you advertise the job and fill the job in your own state at the wage and what you're offering. only then when you can prove that, are you allowed to bring in others. >> tucker: our schools are terrible. the middle of the country is dying. 60,000 people died of drug overdoses last year. what's the incentive to make schools better and the heartland better if we can import people who are educated in india? nothing against them but like, why would you make american schools better when you can import talent? >> as an educator i will say there's enough room for those who live abroad and those who live here. i think that the school system is something that's in dire straits and it needs to be focused on. i don't think we need to look at other people and say let's strengthen our economy with these other individuals while negating that we have so much talent in our own country. >> tucker: wait a second. if employers felt like they had no options than to hire americans. jpmorgan, westinghouse, john
8:45 pm
hopkins, i would say you bettert start turning out some people who can work for me. going to invest in the schools. i'm going tohe make them better. now it's like it doesn't matter. just call bangalore and bring in workers who work for less, theyf have their degrees already. >> it is negating the fact that there's been individuals who say to hire american workers and then american workers say for this wage i will not do it. >> tucker: [laughs] >> that'sth where it gets muddy. >> tucker: damn those american workers. they just want to much. >> we don't want too much. >> tucker: thank you. our next guest says the west is on the brink of destruction. we face a terrifying threat. not islamic extremism. its white nationalism he says. that argument next. ♪
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>> tucker: welcome back. i want to give you >> tucker: welcome back. we want to give you a news update. we've been reporting on the uranium one deal that took place in 2010. a russian company took control of a huge percentage of our uranium reserves.s. at that time, there was a federal investigation into bribery. russians bribing a americans to get the deal through. there was an informant at the center of it. he's not been allowed to speak to congress. he's under a. gag order. the gag order ended 5 minutes ago. justice department says he will be allowed to speak to congressional committee. author sasha polakow-suransky's is haunting the west, the specter of white nationalism. in his book "go back to where you came from," the backlash against immigration, polakow-suransky says the biggest threat to democracy
8:51 pm
isn't jihad is him. it's the right wing politicians exploding public hostility to arrivals. that he says will destroy free society. sasha polakow-suransky joins us. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: i guess the 30,000 question is can you be surprised that when you change a society as old as european society or as old as one as ours completely through immigration and a short. of time, some people won't like it and there will be a backlash. does it surprise you? >> i'm not surprised at all and i don't believe in absolute open borders and i absolutely understand why people are unsettled, why they aretf resentful and upset. i have reported all over europe, people are angry about how their neighborhoods are changing and they have legitimate grievances and fears. often parties on the center left
8:52 pm
and left haven't listened to them for years. i get why people are resentful. whatat i'm concerned about and what worries me is that we have a new group of politicians in far right populist parties that are exploiting those fears and grievances and resentments to take our societies back 100 years in a very dangerous direction. when i say white nationalism is a greater threat than jihadists, i am acknowledging terrorism is a great threat. look at the u.k., france, us after 9/11. insiders, nativist politicians, start to stir hatred and resentment towards immigrant groups and refugee groups. we know where it's taken us in the past and it's dangerous and divisive. and i think we need leaders and a news channel that will come out and unequivocally, swiftly, forcefully condemn those ideas. >> tucker: t i think your point
8:53 pm
is hysterical and silly. part of it is real. part of what you're saying is totally real. you are right. there has been a rise in nationalism world, and its reaction. >> does it>> bother you that people like david duke comes oue and says. >> tucker: this is the part that makes me take you less seriously. it's hard to take you seriously when you take david duke seriously. he was a marginal figure with no power over anyone. when you hold them up as a harbinger of the future, i know you are ridiculous. a second ago, you had me listening intently. >> people like david duke and richard spencer haveuk emerged into the public square. we need to have a debate about immigration, and i think you and i agree. david dukeut should not have any part in the debate. >> tucker: he doesn't, actually. fearmongering is shutting down the debate actually. >> what happened in charlottesville and gainesville a few days ago when people fired
8:54 pm
into a crowd of protesters. doesn't that scare you? >> tucker: what you're looking at is a completely myopic picture of what's actually happening. you are seeing a lot of drama because there is massive social change coming from all some are impossible to understand but it's not as simple as the rise of white nationalism. you get a volatile society when you changed overnight and you don't give people a chance to weigh in on whether they like it. it's really simple. >> people should have a chance to weigh in but what i'm talking about is politicians who exploit those fears. it's one thing to say in germany for instance we can't taken 1 million immigrants in one year. that's impossible to integrate no matter how rich and how good. i think you would agree with that. when politicians emerge in a country like germany that has a history of genocide, it causes concern. >> tucker: we have ten seconds. why aren't you blaming
8:55 pm
angela merkel for this? she did it. >> manipulative and opportunistic politicians. >> tucker: we are out of time. thank you. more on the breaking news from russia. there is an actual russia scandal. we have more on it next. 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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9:00 pm
think. sean hannity live from new york is next. >> sean: all right, tucker, thank you.ll as you said, breaking news just this hour. fox news alert. we are following two major breaking news stories tonight. the russian scandal continues tj blow up in the democrats in the media's faces. it is what we have been predicting what happened for over a year. and tonight the huge breaking news, the department of justice is now going it allow that fbi informant, one of the key players in the russian nuclear bribery plot surrounding the uranium one order. he will now that gag order will be lifted that nda will be lifted. in just a few minutes we will speak with the fbi informant's lawyer. also tonight, president trump is calling the corrupt uranium one deal, you know, that the clintons used to line their pockets with millions, and the obama administration, they did nothing to stop it. he called it a modern day watergate. we're going to have all the stunning brand new details in this ura


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