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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 8, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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been sending donation in his name. they have been filled with outrage including one tweeter with 30 years of jim being, i'm done. trusting frankly, thank you >> the regime interpreted america's past restraint as weakness. this would be a fatal miscalculation. do not underestimate us. >> this tough talk to we have aircraft carriers and nuclear subs on the ready if they step out of line i think is -- >> virginia, we have witnessed another democratic sweep today. >> this is the beginning of a good fight. we will keep up that fight. >> another attack on people of
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faith. >> he didn't get shot like everybody else because her mother threw her on the ground and told her to hide. >> such heartbreak and loss in that community what most americans do is pray for these families. [applause] ♪ rob: it is for:01 on the east coast and in new york city, live look at midtown manhattan. thanks for joining us, we will have the president and what is going on with donald trump in china as he tours the forbidden
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city in beijing. that is happening right now. a live report coming up. breaking news overnight, the people have chosen democrat routh northram, a high-stakes race that got tighter and an end as people watched around the country as a litmus test and now the president is weighing in on the results. griff jenkins reports the details. >> reporter: big night for democrats, nowhere was the victory sweeter than in virginia. routh north from deceiving -- defeating ed gillespie, a clear message tying him to donald trump. >> virginia has told us to end the divisive, that we will not condone hatred and bigotry and to end the politics that have
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torn this country apart. it will take a doctor to heal our differences. >> reporter: northam is a doctor by trade. he assumed some of the president's positions, the president faulted gillespie for not embracing more tweeting from 7000 miles away, and gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. republicans won four out of four house even with the economy doing record numbers we will continue to win even bigger than before. gillespie conceding last night wishing northam well. >> go their own elect northam is a good man and i appreciate his service to our country and our commonwealth and i wish him nothing but the best success as our 73rd governor. >> democrats winning big in several other races, new jersey,
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murphy easily defeating the republican candidate vital points. new york city bill diblasio running away with reelection by 40 points. a bright spot for republican come in use the special election to replace jason jacobs, john curtis winning by 30 points. it will be interesting to hear the talk today, a lot of folks saying the democrat playbook in 2018 may have been written in virginia. we will see what happens. rob: republicans need to get something done. we will analyze this later in the show. thank you so much. also breaking, do not underestimate the united states, donald trump arriving in china hours after cranking up the pressure on north korea. our commander-in-chief calling on world powers to join him in
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taking on kim jung un. kevin cork live in beijing this morning. >> you are right about that. this is a very interesting opportunity for donald trump as he makes his way to beijing and percolating trade war. the president comes here to beijing with a promise to deliver and help he's looking to get from leadership in china and i will tell you about both. we show you pictures of the president landing here with his lovely wife the first lady this afternoon. the president promised to level the playing field on trade between the world's largest economies and that means getting china to open more markets, lower trade barriers and decrease the massive $247 billion trade gap the president works collaboratively with economic leaders to get that done. the helping hand, first families
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enjoyed a little bit of a tour, the president is expected to rain in the renegade regime by applying economic pressure and living up to un sanctions on pyongyang. a theme he carried with him from south korea where he addressed the national assembly and in effect kim jung un. >> i hope i speak not only for our country but all civilized nations. when i say to the north do not underestimate us and to not try us, do not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction. we will not let the worst atrocities be repeated here on this ground we fought and died
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so hard to secure. >> powerful words, more coming up in our next our including us scrub it a trip to the dnc. rob: donald trump sending a stern message to north korea calling on the world to get on board in the battle against this rogue regime. sean duffy says this tough talk is a welcome change from the past eight years. >>, this is music to my ears, the status quo of the past, going back to bill clinton, george bush, barack obama, this tough talk, aircraft carriers, nuclear subs already if they step out of line.
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it is expected to strengthen for north korea to give up their nuclear weapons and icbms and that tough talk, north korea is listening. rob: mike pence will visit the families of those gunned down in the texas church. the killer escaped from a mental institution in 2012, adam helsley joins us from texas with new developments. >> those inside this church here, the government came inside, to meet with families for a vigil, here's a live look in texas, the church is laid up, the flag at half staff, the investigation continues in the sheriff says his part of the investigation expect to be completed by the end of the night tonight. it is i mean federal and state agents are done but a lot of
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investigative work being done here since the shooting took place. the heroic efforts of people on the inside including a mother, joanne ward, to save their lives, two sadly died with her but two survived. take a listen to the family spokesperson. >> she said i would die for my children and she had to do that in the end. not surprised any of us in this community. she loves them both and gave it up for them. ultimately. >> we are hearing a gunman days before gunning down 26 people in cold blood, a festival for halloween in the same location, talking about how the gunmen
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walked in and sprayed people and walking you to più. >> so scary, that man was shooting hard. the gunshots, on the carpet, they had a carpet, coming down. >> the 2012 conviction, in military court, spousal abuse, the gunmen escaped a mental institution in new mexico the same year in texas. >> the aftermath of the shooting in texas with senator john cornyn announcing he will introduce new legislation strengthening background checks for gun purchases. >> work with colleagues and the
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administration, the federal government particularly the department of defense, comply with the law and upload this information to the uniform code military justice proceedings. rob: the air force failed to notify the fbi about his domestic violence conviction, stop them from being able to buy those weapons. two people busted for helping a pair of dangerous inmates escaped from a courthouse. they slipped away from a bailiff and outside, their freedom in california, unlocking their shackles would handcuff key before jumping into it getaway car. authorities charging hunt in connection with this escape, both inmates still on the run. baltimore police officer cesar goodson junior can return to
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work after he was found not guilty of 21 administrative charges against him in the freddie gray case. he did not violate police rules and procedures, where gray was found with severe spinal cord injuries in the back of that van, acquitted with five other officers in a separate criminal trial. eight time all-star and one of the best pictures of his generation roy halladay is dead after a single engine plane crashed off the coast of florida, the only person on board. and he was a two times 5 younger award winner retired from the game four years ago after an incredible hit for playoffs. this in the same season.
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>> the 20th and american league history. rob: there are no words to describe the sadness, the most respected human beings to play the game. a terrible story. 13 minutes after the hour, donald trump putting pressure on other nations to join forces against north korea. >> we call on every nation to fully implement un security council resolutions. rob: our next guest an expert on us korea policy, the meeting between donald trump and xi jinping is the key to this historic trip, stay tuned.
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>> life pictures, the president
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and first lady touring the forbidden city in the heart of beijing, china, a beautiful place, he has a big day ahead of him as he tries to convince president xi jinping he needs to get tougher on north korea, to stop what he considers a madman with growing arsenal of nuclear weapons. and the importance of this tour in the forbidden city, we go to scott snyder. director of us korea policy program on foreign relations, we are talking about north korea, china, all these issues, the president landed in beijing.
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what does the president need to say to xi jinping to motivate him to do the right thing with north korea. >> donald trump may have said what he needs to say to president xi jinping in his speech in the national assembly overnight. by describing the nature of the north korean regime and letting the facts speak for themselves rather than engaging in any insults or personal attacks. if president xi jinping takes on board the us is pursuing a strategy of pressure to counter a nuclear program as dangerous to china as the united states, the next step forward putting pressure on china to do the right thing. rob: a powerful speech, he called north korea a cult and was trying to show the people of south korea that he supports the people of north korea they need
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to get rid of this regime, a lot of support for the north korean people, right? >> absolutely true. donald trump was restrained in his rhetoric. an excellent speech and he contrasted the freedom that exists in south korea to the oppression of the brutal dictatorship of kim jung un. and he invited them to join in the prosperity if they are willing to give up their nuclear program. rob: how much of what north korea gets supported by and what they live on is coming from china? how critical are they to north korea's survival? >> china provides an umbilical cord, food and energy, china has
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the capability to shut that off, the problem from china's perspective, instability in north korea, instability is not in china's interests. rob: hopefully the relationship with president xi jinping continues to be strong, sound like we will need their help, thanks for coming on, appreciate it, 20 minutes after the hour, dramatic theme on the runway, shocking moment the engine of a passenger plane burst into flames. remember when chris christie fired back at a voter over the scandal on a private beach, just shot down one more voter before leaving office. >> serving folks like you with the unique choice. rob: carly shimkus with reaction online. ♪
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network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today. rob: chris christie on his way out of office but not before shutting down yet another loader. twitter says good for him at least some on twitter. carly shimkus here with some of the internet's reaction. >> reporter: at it again, chris christie got into a spat with a voter yesterday. the argument began with the resident wondered why christie didn't merge two new jersey towns. 's response, if you don't like what i'm doing run for office yourself. do we have that? >> easier to complain but that is the joy of public service,
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serving folks -- serving folks like you that is such a unique joy. >> interestingly enough, he is getting support for that statement. andrew says i'm not a christie fan but i feel bad for him having to deal with someone like that. if you ask, let him answer and chris said i agree with him here, run for something, get in the council, get to work, don't complain. other folks say democrat phil murphy, a direct knock against christie himself. rob: deeply unpopular after the bridgegate scandal. let's talk about twitter, 280 characters. >> chris christie likes to rant, he could use the extra space, twitter doubled the character limit for most users going from 140, the traditional historic amount to 280. a lot of people complaining about this on social media,
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donald trump junior tweet that the did the how about a compromise, give everybody one, 280 character a day, 140 was an art form, 280 is everyone's chance to write their gettysburg address that no one wants to read. calvin says my eyes glaze over at every tweet over 140 characters. facebook is renting. concise thoughts. rob: facebook is bragging and complaining and twitter is too. i liked twitter the way it was. >> totally agree. thanks a lot. rob: donald trump sounding off on twitter after democratic when in virginia. where do republicans go from here? ron meyer from red alert politics up next. ♪
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appointments available now. rob: democrats claiming victory in two hotly contested monitorial elections. what do these mean for the party moving forward in 2018? here to weigh in is spokesman for media dc ron meyer. start with virginia where ralph northam won against ed gillespie by eight nine points. is that a big surprise? >> republicans turned out normal but democrats turned out like a presidential year. usually a swing county, i was in this precinct, became heavy democrat precincts, democrats want to send a message that people were angry about trump,
1:31 am
they aren't angry about his policies but his personality, division in america. i am a republican and wish i could say something different but people are frustrated about trump and want someone more presidential at least in this area. frankly the state sent a message to him whether or not republicans and trump supporters want to hear that. rob: the president tweeting last night ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. republicans won four out of four house seat and the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before. his position is because he didn't go along with the president's policy. >> the president was tweeting nonstop for ed gillespie, northern virginia got crushed, they care about transportation, didn't run on anything on transportation, he ran on the economy, doing best economically.
1:32 am
with trump this whole thing snowballed, we might lose the house. republicans have a lot, if we decide not to change anything after this we will be in trouble, we have to look for candidates with localized races and do the hard work on the ground. rob: that would be a tough one. new jersey, this didn't surprise a lot of people, phil murphy, the prior governor chris christie very unpopular after the bridgegreat scandal. not a big surprise. >> four years ago this was a 60-40 republican race. republicans can win states like this but phil murphy ran as a bernie socialist, the pfeiffer 15, thing to worry cities, energized the base and the republicans had nothing to energize their people. it was only an 11 point race, a pretty blue state. not sure this has much national
1:33 am
significance. rob: new york city, not a big shocker, hard to defeat a sitting baker. bill diblasio smeared, a big part is nobody knows who nicole is and everybody knows bill diblasio. >> she is popular in staten island and has a future, she ran a campaign for 32-year-old who has done a ton of work in staten island especially in manhattan. new york is dark blue except staten island. bill diblasio is banning an economically friendly way to commute and he is banning that. the city is going in the wrong direction but whoever wins the democratic primary will win. rob: he is dark blue. alabama the senate race in a month, roy moore, the republican
1:34 am
versus the jones, a republican must win. >> the fact that it is tight is embarrassing. of republicans lose this one republicans have no chance in 2018. roy moore needs a decisive when. republicans need to take this race seriously, not take it for granted. alabama, new york city, do the work. turn out the vote and rest on your laurels. rob: can't blow a blood red state. arizona, kelly ward. >> martha mcnally will be the front runner from day one, the first woman combat pilot, she will be the strongest candidate to win in that case. rob: jeff flake is out. we appreciate your time. letting russian hackers, they
1:35 am
focus on winning primaries, the latest bombshell in donna brazil newly released book, jackie ibanez has more on that, claiming the downfall of the democrats. very interesting. >> the hits keep coming. donna brazil releasing her new book hacked unveiling more shocking allegations from inside the party revealing the party knew about hackers top officials were not notified for months, a whole month, and in the dnc system for more than a year. one party officials finally informed, to be wasserman schultz is casual. president obama, and writing this. he cares about his image, dnc funds for focused groups in the
1:36 am
second term, brazil is continuing to criticize the person running. >> the rumbling and fumbling, passion is what you need on the campaign. >> dnc chair tom perez vowing to unite the party. >> making sure we do everything every day to earn the trust of our voters and meeting with our values and building in america that works for everyone. >> donna brazil will speak with tucker carlson at 8:00 pm. rob: perez -- it is such a big story. the mainstream media downplaying donna brazil's claims hillary
1:37 am
clinton, the nomination in the dnc and glenn ringwald, reporters are so far in democrats pockets they facilitate the left's talking points. >> many of these journalists who pretend to be neutral are loyal to the democratic national committee, overarching incredibly devastating to them for one of the most loyal operatives, and african-american women advise level of party politics comes out and says the process of choosing their candidate was rigged, smoking gun evidence she discovered in the form of an agreement on the dnc to hillary clinton before the primary began and she was horrified by internal corruption manufacturing a series of lies about what the contract said and say, their favorite journalist at nbc, cnn and online all of
1:38 am
whom blindly endorse outright falsehoods. shameful and extraordinary conduct on the part of these journalists. rob: incredible video of the moment a plane engine burst into flames instead of landing overnight, this happening at international airports, flames shooting out of this hawaiian airlines plane on the runway, one of the engines ignited, the plane is being flown in for the crew on board. no passengers on that plane. michigan considering a bill that would allow people with extra training to carry guns in churches, schools and other gun free zones, putting of the laughter gunman killed 26 people at a texas church. 618,000 people in that state, a blue state. a private school in florida
1:39 am
offering bulletproof panels, in miami selling panels on this website for $120, it weighs less than a pound but stop bullets from pistols, rifle bullets from acquiring heavier armor. kindergarten through 12th grade school does not have gun related incidents but administrators say they want to be prepared just in case. 30 minutes after the hour donald trump shocked the world by pulling out of the paris climate accord. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of bubba bubba, not paris. >> new fallout from the division and which controversial countries joining the ranks of the paris climate accord, live with that coming up next. flag on fire, gold glory doused in gasoline and reduced to ashes, how this community is responding. ♪
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rob: national anthem outrage going beyond the field, the naacp gets rid of the and them altogether claiming the star-spangled banner is one of the most, quote, racist proslavery anti-black songs in the american lexicon and wanted replaced with another song. they want to get colin kaepernick back on an nfl team. a javid patriotism is not taken lightly in this arizona city. a giant american flag in tucson torched and left nothing but ashes, witnesses a teenagers pulled it down and soaked it in fuel before sending it on fire, neighbors outraged, the flag has been a nice on flying more than 60 years, so far no arrests have been made. donald trump pulled out of the
1:44 am
paris climate change accord, he's not invited to the meeting next month after he announced he would pull out of the agreement but the latest country to join is syria. kitty logan with the latest on how that happened. >> reporter: french officials confirmed donald trump would not be invited to the upcoming paris climate conference in december following an announcement last june by the president that the us intends to pull out of the 2015 paris climate deal and the hosts of the summit are only inviting heads of state committed to the original agreement. a lower-level us delegation is invited officials say the petition is not final. >> we also said we are ready to continue working with the us government to hopefully address
1:45 am
their concerns and if possible have a revision of that position. >> reporter: the us did sign on to the 2015 treaty under the previous administration but donald trump says the current deal is not in america's interests and he wants better terms, the us can't pull out for another three years. if that did happen it would be the only country in the world not participating in this climate agreement because the only country that did not first sign up, syria, announced climate talks in germany yesterday it will sign up for the paris accord as soon as possible. there are over 100 world leaders at the paris climate conference in december, they are hoping the us might have a change of heart and not back out of the deal.
1:46 am
rob: we will see. remember when democrats yelled treason over the russian dossier and john junior - don junior meeting with the moscow attorney? >> close to the textbook definition of treason. >> moving into perjury, false statements and potentially treason. rob: a retired station chief who served in moscow, how there is another major hit. ♪ is this a phone?
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rob: the reports on the connection between the firm
1:50 am
behind the unverified trump dossier and russia. the attorney who held a meeting with donald trump junior in trump tower was secretly meeting with the cofounder of fusion gps, this gets more convoluted. a retired cia station chief who served in moscow joins us with more on this. trying to wrap my head around what this means. this is very important, right? >> a tangled web. he was one of the participants in the infamous june 2016 meeting at trump tower which i believe was a kremlin designed discoverable operation come you don't hold a clandestine meeting with a troika of russians, the relationship with the fsb, russia's internal security police, and oligarch, the son of an oligarch who is close to vladimir putin, soviet army officer, very discoverable
1:51 am
operation creates the impression of an interaction between the campaign, the trump campaign and the kremlin to soil our democratic process. rob: no surprise to anybody the russians have a vested interest in getting tentacles into our political system and political leaders but let's look at who this is, a russian attorney who met with donald trump junior and tried to set up the meeting, trusted insider of the kremlin who met with trump junior in june 2016 and one of the guys running fusion gps, democrat hired firm trying to get dirt on donald trump before the trump junior meeting. there is collusion on one side and the other it would appear and this is very incestuous all of a sudden. >> i would like to know exactly what was discussed today before the trump meeting and
1:52 am
afterwords. they have one thing in common. fusion gps was conducting opposition research and hired a british a retired intelligence officer to do it. my view is it is unseemly at best but they were also involved with this company which was alleged to have been involved in money laundering. fusion gps hired as well. it is natural they had a relationship. there needs to be additional work investigating what the relationship was with fusion gps. rob: i watched in all the media, i still see a tendency to harp on the russia connection, the president dismissed the connection of fusion gps with the russians.
1:53 am
is that fair? >> the russians were all over the democratic process, penetrated social media networking sites to target critical infrastructure of the modern democratic process. they were all over the democratic national committee by hacking into their computers, they targeted both campaigns and i don't believe we got the full picture, we need it but i don't think we fully explains to the american public the extent to which russia was mounting nefarious activities. rob: i don't think it took collusion for them to get involved. thank you for coming on this morning, 53 minutes after the are, donald trump continues to tour asia and china, the administration is working hard at home. >> we need to cut taxes on businesses so companies can be more competitive and put dollars back to create jobs here.
1:54 am
rob: the latest on the domestic push to push tax reform from the vp coming up next. if you want to score free coffee. ♪ ♪ a beautiful morning ♪
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rob: mike pence returning to indiana to pitch tax reform to the american people but he sat
1:58 am
down with shannon breen saying the president's goal is broken into three simple principles. >> we need to cut taxes for the middle class, cut taxes on businesses so american companies can be more competitive and bring dollars back to this country to create jobs here and simplify the tax code to lift the burden this complex tax code places on every day americans. rob: republican leaders will unveil their own version of tax reform later this week, the goal, have a bill in the president's desk by christmas. eight years, taking drivers out of it health driving cars. google's minivans hitting the road in phoenix with no human in the car to grab the wheel if anything goes haywire. the public will be left in for rides if you dare take a ride with no one behind the wheel. coffee, starting tomorrow all
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starbucks holiday drinks will be buy one get one free, part of the coffee chain f gift chain event inviting customers to share a drink with their friends and loved ones, the promotion is available, 2:00 to 5:00 through monday. there is your coffee deal because we all get up at this ungodly hour. "fox and friends" first continues now. >> the regime has interpreted america's past restraint as weakness. this would be a fatal miscalculation. do not underestimate us. jillian: wednesday, november 8th, fox news alert, talking tough, donald trump arriving in beijing just hours after sending a stern message to north korea. we are live with what is on tap for the third leg of his asia tour today.
2:00 am
>> democrats in disarray as donna brazil drops another bombshell in her latest book. what we learned about russian hacking and democrats letting it happen. jillian: the death of a legend rocking the baseball world, roy halladay killed in a plane crash, tributes pouring in, "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪ same old same old ♪ >> finally what i like. jillian: good morning, take a live look at manhattan, you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: thanks for starting your day with us, 5:00 on the east coast, fox news


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