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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 8, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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tomorrow. thank you for joining us. >> "out numbered" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. new fall out from a big democratic victory. democrat beat ed gillespie in the race for governor. both giving their in they were station for the results and how voters feel as the election as proefp. this is "outnumbered." lisa both, the anchor of the intelligence report, trish reagan, and hashtag one lucky guy steve hayes. we say he's outnumbered. >> i feel outnumbered of. >> in what sense. >> i have a scratchy voice i was at the packers game monday night. i yelled a lot. the packers lost. >> i'm from chicago i will hold
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that against you. >> we have the bears on -- >> it's wednesday and don't have a voice. >> i was yelling a lot. >> were you on the team? >> no, i would of liked to play monday though. >> let's get to the news. good to you have. >> it's seen as the first major win for democrats as donald trump became commander and chief. gillespie did not campaign with trump but rallied behind signature issues. today president trump tweeted this: >> steve. your thoughts. >> it's a good try. good try by president trump. this was not a good night for republicans in virginia or
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nationally. i think this was a nine point margin is more than most people thought or most polls suggested. he tried to run on trumpism without embracing trump. >> yes -frl. >> this was a way to split the baby, as it were. it didn't work. people are saying today he needed to fully embrace trump. it's not apparent that's the answer. >> that's interesting. if you do that gymnastic move it means you didn't commit to either situation. that's complicated. lisa, did they learn from this, republicans? >> i think ed gillespie locked at it as northern virginia is different from the southern part of the state. >> sure. >> he had to turn out the vote in the southern part but be competitive in the northern part of the state. that was his concern to embrace president trump. virginia is a trending blue state. it would of been a surprise for
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ed gill he is poe to pull off the state. i think it shows us what we know. republicans holding congressional seats that hillary clinton won, i think 23, will have a tough time in the midterm elections. there are competitive races for virginia. virginia is a state that hillary clinton won by five points. >> trish, explain this to me. there are two choices here. you can pull the president onboard who is endorsing you and giving you heat, or not. >> right. in other words you can't be middle of the road in this environment. this is what he was trying to do. he had the fairfax county voters he needed to bring onboard. while simultaneously bringing in trump's base. you can't have it both ways. you look at new hampshire. kelly ran to, you know regain her seat as senator there. that didn't fly she was also pulling a gillespie. she was trying to have her cake and eat it too. she wants the
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base, simultaneously not embracing everything that donald trump is about. i think that wishy washy stance is not working right now. >> what is the answer now? the answer isn't be to embrace trump and donald trump when you talk about a president with 59% disapproval nationally. >> i know that's if you entirely believe all of those numbers. i once again go back to the poles that told us -- >> i have the answer -- >> lisa says she has the answer. >> i have the answer for you. it's con depression al district specific on if candidates embrace trump or not. as i mentioned if you run in a congressional district that hillary clinton won you will keep distance from trump. we saw the same thing through president obama's term. some embraced him and some didn't. if you look at the senate race it's a different soree . you
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have ten democrats running in states that president trump won, in reddist states. >> think there is something else too. >> i watched your show. you had sound from northrum early on the day you hear from the candidates on the days they're voting for themselves. you had diversity issues and things in charlotte. i saw sound bites where northrum talked about being inclusive. he drove down on cultural ish ruz. as a democrat i thought that was odd on a day of leaks. it may of worked for him in northern virginia with the liberal vote will. >> he didn't win without mistakes. there were mistakes this as well. >> definitely. >> when you look at ed gillespie and wonder what are the lessons learned and how the gop will look at this and change their strategy for next year -plgt.
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>> yes, that's the big question. i think republicans are in a bind, there is month easy answer. even if you don't buy he's at 59% disapproval he's upside down ask under water. you have a republican party embracing that as a model on how to run trumpism. >> are they or are they embracing the ideas? the economy looks to be working. >> i don't know. if you look at ed gillespie that's what he tried to do. he tried to have it both ways. embrace trumpism and not fully embrace donald trump. it may work in some milliary districts. >> you need passion though. you need passion. the voters if you get them to the booth. >> intensity. have to have it. >> yes. otherwise it's a rainy day. why go out and vote in virginia unless they really believe something. that's what donald trump was able to tap into in '16. >> the question is how much does tax reform change things if it
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gets done. a key issue in the race was immigration. northrum was criticized for sanctuary cities. he flip flopped and went from supporting them to opposing them. progresses blasted him for changing his stance. things were tense during the victory speech last night when protesters shouted "sanctuary for all." security took no chances and whisked him off the stage for a period of time. >> sanctuary for all! (chant willprepchanting). >> as i mentioned he was not without his own perils. >> he wasn't a great candidate. which should give republicans pause. he flipped on sanctuary cities
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and con fedder ate monuments. he backed off his position. he won despite 59% of virginia says they wanted to keep the monuments as they are. he was pushing on a cultural tied in virginia in certain respecialties and tapping into northern virginia, the suburbs and anxieties people have on donald trump. >> you say fox news polling said nearly 60% said keep up the statues and moments. they said it was so low on the thoughts of voters. on top economy, healthcare. >> the economy matters. >> if you're in northern virginia with fat government contracts you want them to continue, right. if you have a democrat in office your shot is better than if you had a republican. i think that served him well. they want the gravy train to
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continue. that's how they make th* money. >> doesn't that come back to what i'm pointing too. who is willing to cut and lose something attached to dollars. we talk about tax reform it comes into play there too. >> money talks, if that's what you're getting at. >> yes. >> i want to show a an ad from d gillespie going after sanctuary cities. >> ralph northam voted in tariff of sanctuary cities. ralph northam's policies are dangerous. >> stiff wasn't enough. >> it wasn't. in one sense that is a play book for some republicans. emphasize what is 08/20 issues like sanctuary cities. even those with miss givings and not onboard with the president's reform agenda, can embrace the
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skepticism of sanctuary cities. i think that's what quill espy tried tgillespietried to do the. >> my thought is the split in the democratic party. that will come up with -- >> nancy pelosi they bum rushed her. >>yes. a progressive group pulled out of virginia saying we're not supporting northam anymore. this is a concern where are democrats on the issues. bernie sanders pulling you one direction, and pelosi pulling you another direction. >> and the difference too. i talked with the chair woman for the rnc they're flushed with cash right now. they have an advantage the pugh nd doesn't have. they will have to spend cash. she was telling me about the door knocks in virginia. it didn't deliver a win here. who knows.
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in that particularly blue state if it wasn't for that effort, if the gap between winning and losing would of been bigger. >> i don't think democrats are looking at virginia thinking they have things to worry about -- >> no they have problems and they're not raising money -- >> they have problems. if you look at 2016 trump easy election told us money doesn't matter as much as the political no-it-allalls think it does. >> for democrats that's their way of winning. >> we will see. hillary clinton spent more money and didn't win. >> hillary clinton's alleged ridging of the 2016 primaries. donna brazile calling it a cult. and admitting the primary process was unfair. plus trump's new warning to north korea as he pushes china to crack down on theory tkpwaoepl. will it work? what is next in the high stakes
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show down. president: i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations. i say to the north, do not underestimate us. don try us.
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>> this is happening, president trump arriving in china earlier today on day six of his tour of asia. in beijing the president and first lady were greeted by chinese president. a big focus of the president's visit enlisting more chinese help to reign in nuclear north korea. yesterday in a speech to south korea's national a seplly. the president warned north korea not to test america's resolve and at the same time offering a olive branch. president: north korea is a country ruled as a cult. today i hope i speak not only for our countries but all civilized nations when i say to the north, do not underestimate us. despite every crime you have committed against god and man, we will offer a path to a much better future. it begins with an end to the
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aggression of your retkpwraoepl. a stop to your development of ballistic missiles and complete verifiable and total denuk denuclearization. >> straight forward. is north korea listening? we don't know. they responded this way, we don't care what that mad dog may utter we have heard enough. the united states have threatened us. we will counter those threats ... tk-d what does it mean? >> it's the north korean regime. we have no idea. it's a plot of bluster. i think what donald trump said was important. he said this has to begin with the denuknuclearization of north korea. think what he is doing now is sensitive deloam a se deplomacy.
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he is encouraging china to help us. because we, we are going to put pressure on them if we don't. that's something new. it's a time -- >> a shift in tone. >> yes. >> a shift in tone. trish, i go to you. i know you study the numbers hard on what to do with china. how does this help? what does this accomplish? >> we have a lot of leverage. previous administrations have not used it. china is stealing intellectual property to the tune of billions tkhrafz every year in complete violation -fts wto agreement. we haven't done a thing about it. why? economically china means so much to big companies and our economy. that is starting to change now. our safety, our nation's safety, the region's safety is mao up in
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the air because of this mad man in north korea. how do we influence this? we influence via china. everyone i have spoken to with intelligence and military operations say we don't have the capability to do anything meaningful in term of regime change or denuknuclearization. the only ones to help are china. >> short of violence. >> right. i don't want us to go to that. i theufpg we need to think very strategically, economically and diplomatically with china in order to get china to influence the situation. >> my question is always the time table of this. will china move fast enough so it's an option to do what tricia is talking about. if they force our hand we're in a different ball game. >> yes, it's tough on our military options. the pentagon say it's a full out
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invasion. leading to the death of many people with densely populated seoul. that's concerning and doesn't leave a lot of options militarily. basically some see president trump taking an approach through china. we see the rhetoric of president trump saying we will work with china and see what they do. enlisting china as a friend. simultaneously before the trip deploying the third nuclear aircraft carrier. calling on japan to purchase u.s. weapons. putting pressure on china, there is another option hanging over your head as well. to the president, trump's words he likes to use. we will see. >> as far as the rhetoric is concerned that was a pretty fiery speech he gave last night on north korea. this is a president who is sending a clear message to north
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korea. not a lot of people disagree with that. >> no. think the clarity is long overdue. what is interesting is the response in south korea. you have the south korean newspaper giving favorable coverage to the president's trip there. a south korea president willing to peace the north koreans and bend a knee towards china. we will see what this happens with the reception from the populous there. >> that is the importance of going, right? >> right. >> among all of the people of the region they're in his face. if you get in his face maybe you can change the conne conversati. we will move on. not you personally. don't get wild on me, steve. another shoe drops. meetings russian lawyer had with people digging up dirt on the then candidate trump. before and after her meeting with donald trump jr. the knew question for hillary
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clinton. and the nitty gritty desteals on tax reform on capitol hill. the senate is due to make it's own bill public tomorrow. what to expect. and the surprise phone call the president made to a dozen democrats. we will talk about it.
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when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... >> the fight over tax reform. president trump calling a dozen democratic senators to sell them on supporting the qop bill huddling with two top aides. telling them "rich people get hurt in this bill." the senate set to release their tax plan tomorrow. it could differ starkly from the house bill. this may delay the tax cut for corporations. one democrats on the call says his party wants to work with republicans.
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>> we want to work across the isle to strength no the middle class and make things better. folks on other side of the table say just wait you will see a different tax bill in the senate from the house. we're at the beginning of the process, not the end. >> i asked number three in senate leadership if the president was playing both sides? >> i think the president again wants a bill that he with sign into law to help middle income families. i believe in the end, saundra, there will be democrats when they see the feature of the bill and realize the positive impacts and benefits for middle i object come families will vote for it think the president is making the effort. i appreciate him doing. that. >> first is first. the roll out of the big senate gop plan tomorrow. we wonder what is in that. >> right. i think there is a lot to be learned. the devil is in the details -fl. >> he's getting a workout.
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>> i think it's encouraging from the perspective of republicans picking up the phone from asia making the callings. there is nothing wrong with the president making the calls. i'm not sure the message the president used, this will hurt rich people is consistent. like when he said the healthcare bill was mean. he has to shore up republicans first. arguing this is a punitive bill punishing success and rich people. >> interesting move to call the 12 or so senators. trish, the corporate tax rate is a centerpiece of this. i pressed senator thune on that. the washington post report that i sited say this could tax bill could delay the corporate tax cut. i pressed him on that. this is what he said. >> we're finalizing the details of our bill. we will roll that out tomorrow. we will get a look at it it will
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reduce business tax rates well. think that's critical. we're not competitive globally. we're hemorrhaging jobs and companies over seas and taking profits there to create jobs there. getting the rate down will help raise wages for merge workers that's good for the economy and american families. >> we are left wondering if the senate plan will be drastically different from the house? >> it could. this is a bad idea if you cut taxes do it right away to get the benefit it if you're trying to help the economy by lowering corporate tax dozen it. don't wait a year. i have an idea for them on how to save a hundred billion dollars -- >> -- i know this is important to you. something they have let go by the waste side, our president when he was campaigning said over and over and over kwepb how much we needed to close the loophole for private equity
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investors. basically, it's a little complicated. if you gave me a hundred dollars to invest and i was investing it for you, harris, i would then say okay. your hundred dollars turned into a thousand dollars. i will take 20% that had. that 20% should be my income, what i'm being paid. they're treating it as capitol gains with a free pass. so, tax it. >> let's talk money here. this is crossed. i know people throw out the cvo score with the trash. it matters in terms, as i understand it, budget reconciliation what the house just, what everyone agreed on right. that allows majority vote of the senate. cvo analysis found this bill would push it to $1.7 trillion in debt. the bill cuts revenues by 1.4 trillion what the republicans allowed themselves
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in the budget resolution. this means the over all debt would increase by 1.7 trillion. that means what in terms of majority needing 60 votes? >> i think it's making it harder to sell t frankly. the other part not getting context in a $20.3 trillion national debt is the absence of entitlements. this is driving the national debt. the republicans the party of reforming entitlements for six years have given up. a discussion that had could of helped them fight on that front relating to debt. >> i think there are three pw*eub big concerns for republicans. deficit. you have the salt deductions a concern for new jersey, new york and california members evidence of daryl ice is not saying he can support the house bill. third is small business and pass through incomes. groups like the nfid coming out against it i think that's the
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big eufrb use causing republicans trouble. >> if this score is close to right they need democrats. >> new questions for hillary clinton's campaign. giving the russian investigation new reason to look into the man paid by hillary clinton and the dnc tko* to dig up dirt on donald trump. and political motivation in a republican investigation into the russian uranium deal. he wants access to the informant. it happened under himmery's watch as bill clinton was cut a big check from a kremlin controlled bank. tangled webs.
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stphrao new questions for hillary clinton's campaign. a stunning report with possible ties between the clinton team and russia. it centers on a russian operative and her trump meeting with donald trump jr. in june of 2016. before and after the meeting she was meeting with the co-founder of fusion gps. a company working to dig up dirt on wapb date donald trump. >> is this switch with to be flipped and point to the hillary clinton division politically. >> i don't think it's about to be flipped. think there are questions on both sides of this. if you look at the revisions of stories from trump world broadly
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over self days they have all changed their sessions or amended stories they gave earlier. there is additional scrutiny and questions for them to answer. they're difficult. having said that there are serious questions what the dnc was up to with respect to fusion gps. donald trump jr. shouldn't of taken the meetings. they were too eager in my view to want to work with republicans. it's not evidence of ca colusion but evidence of wanted to collude. >> interesting chapter missing in donna brazile's book. she has dirt on the dnc. that element is serious and one we have questions about, lisa. >> yes. we have new question as rise regarding fusion gps. the world they played and
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hillary clinton herself. we know the first dossier was released eleven days after that meeting took place. the question is was this a set up. what did f usion gps know about the meeting taking place. there was questions about the trump campaign getting information from kremlin sources. now we know the hillary clinton campaign had information. we know some of the sources of the information for the dossier came from kremlin source that's were paid. there are a lot of questions. >> one thing we talk about a lot iisis accountability -- >> -- and lack of. >> -- yes this idea with the fresh attention and evidence coming out. the question is where does it get us? >> where does it get us? it brings us to what you hear about the response from the left. stephen hayes, seize not president. that's really the response we
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hear a lot, in the media as well. >> yes. you can't have an erosion of the rule of law by not going after, not investigating serious questions. i think there are serious questions. are some people on the republican side, trump supporters, using this as a distraction from the trump investigation? i think it's apparent and happening all the time. it doesn't mean those questions about what fusion gps was up to, shouldn't be answered it appears robert mueller is looking into this. >> do we know for certain? >> i think there are indications of him looking into tony pedesta and who was funding this. i hope i continues to pursue this. >> tricia, i look at this and how long we have talked about this. we see it's not just about these guys but those guys too. >> yes it's been flipped own it's head there. are a lot of questions about hillary clinton and russia going
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back sometime. we did a lot of reporting on the quite obvious conflicts of interest between the clinton foundation and the russians and approval of the uranium one deal, bizarre given there was an fbi invest gaits gauges that mueller did on putin influencing the atomic energy in stkuftery in the u.s -- >> hold on -- >> by the wait holder was on -- >> tricia, i want to get is this here in this segment. the top democrat in the oversight committee sending a later questioning a new republican investigation into the obama uranium one deal. a deal benefiting the clinton's. writing:
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>> i didn't mean to cut you off. adding these elements what is your take? >> i think we should get to the bottom of this. a lot of deals don't make it through. three recenterly have been turned down. many, many just go by the waste side and are pulled. it's very complicated stuff to get a deal through like this. i mean, you have a uranium -- armz holdings. uranium holdings. the name of the company doing this buy of uranium resources. that is held by the russian atomic state energy corporation. if you're not going ding ding ding if you're on the committee, i don't know what would cause this. you're talking about total incompetent for this crew or
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possibly something more never air i couldn't say. >> that' -- never nefarious.>> e like king coming forward looking for the information leading to the decision making of the nine agencies. it's not that they took a hand on hand vote. they had to study things. what was the paper trail like. that's what king needs to get after. >> i think it's important to have additional transparency into the decision making process taking place. representative cummings hurts his case. it's all republicans on a political wish hunt. that's not the case. go wdy, if he feels this merits deeper investigation it probably does. >> steve, what is at the crux for you. if you're trey gowdy --
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>> you want to hear from the fbi informant. >> one simple question was there a qui qui quo pro. that's the question. was there a qui? was this approved and inconsistent with how these are normally approved. if that's the case then is it tied -- >> -- shortcuts taken. >> yes. >> -- special at one of the nine agencies. >> why were the shortcuts taken and why did the deal go so through so quickly? ink bingo. >> people should of paused and in vet gated this -- >> some did by the way. there were red flags. >> a qui quo pro. 106 million to the clinton foundation from russia. the speaking fee for bill clinton. it doesn't look right. i don't know why we allowed thad
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when you look at that it sounds really bad. >> if you're going to do something about it you have to say this lead to this lead to this lead to this. it's not enough to say this looks bad. we know why they did this. you have to prove this. >> i wonder why there was a change in the policy at the time. mitt romney getting made fun of and barack obama saying take your policy back. >> yes. >> -- this happened at the same time obama and hillary clinton came into state and he was president. then this transpired. russia was our -- >> in every conversation and every investigation. >> i am willing to say obama administration came up with stupid policies and not paid to do it barack obama was trying to make friends out of enemy as cross the world in a preemptive way. there are some real questions here that deserve answers.
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>> i think putin is riding off in the sunset shirt less, chugging vodka watching america unravel here. >> onto different topics. -- renewed allegations that the 2016 primary was stacked against bernie sanders. now the push against it all calls hillary clinton's campaign a cult and more. stay tuned. >> disagreement by the clinton campaign. >> stop meg from doing my job as chair.
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>> more "outnumbered" in a moment. first to harris. >> we will talk about the president and the fact after his latest warning to north korea president trump is north door in beijing. can he get china onboard. i will talk with u.n. ambassador. and they cried, georgeing on childhood comfort food. members of the mainstream media recalling how devastated they were by president trump's victory one word from tonight. ot at the top of the hour,
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sandra. >> we will look forward to it. >> donna brazile today suggesting democrats stacked the deck against bernie sanders and others. -- they made a deal to take control of the dnc before voters took their pick. watch. >> by beginning the general election process before a nominee is chosen. i found that unacceptable. in the book i used the -- >> meanwhile dnc tom perez admitting the 2016 primary was not fare and the party faces a crisis of confidence. >> the dnc didn't put it's best foot forward in 2016. because of that we, we, you know we have trust gaps. i know we have more work to do. making sure the 2020 other election psych as well fare for
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everybody. we fell short on that in 2016. >> the vice chair echoing the results. meanwhile businessmen and democratic donor expressing his frustration over the party moving away from a center agenda. >> if we go far left i'm out, i'm out. we need middle grounds. hopefully we will get ow [beep] together. >> according to a new poll favorable views of the democratic party dropping to their lowest mark in 35 years. 37%. are they in trouble. >> clearly. you see the inner problems. i don't know where donna brazile is do day. she seems to change her story a few times. you have per skpez others saying, yes we were the fare to other candidates.
9:53 am
we gave a leg up to hillary clinton. that's a problem for democrats in picking a nominee. you can't let people think you don't know how to run your par party. having said that popularity is the lowest it's been in years. same with the republicans. democrats are not in great shape. republicans are arguably in worst. >> part of the problem is we're talking about the past for democrats. no looking forward to the future. every day it's what is the message and strategy next year. democrats now, particularly with donna brazile she will be on fox news talking. it's looking back at the mistakes and problems they have had in the past. >> i think the democratic party is figuring out who they are.
9:54 am
the republican party is as well. you have the progressive wing of the party thinking cory booker are not progressive enough. that's a problem for them. we see that on issues of abortion. perez doing a look at had many items there. is a split and stanley greenberg in the new yorker, a former pollster for president clinton who expressed concerns of the democratic party not knowing if they want focus on a dent tee or working class voters and the economy. i think that's a struggle for them as well. >> we know what the answer should be to that one. it should be the economy. when they talk with the economy they talk about tax and spend. redistribution of wealth. there is the bernie sanders arm of the party. elizabeth warner. they're really a bunch of socialists. if they go down that path it's a
9:55 am
hard time. >> i hope you're right and not a lot of socialist ideas. i'm not convinced. think they're clearly on the left of the party, people like elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and others. my concern is as the party stkragparty dragspeople from ths where they will end up. >> if it does. i don't think they will get anywhere. americans at the end of the day want a opportunity for prosperity. it's who we are. we're not socialists. we're not france. at least not yet. >> i hope you're right. i hope raour right. >> tune in tonight to our talk with donna brazile. there could be more bomb shells on the democratic parties going down. more "outnumbered" in a moment.
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>> thanks to steven hayes, we are back tomorrow. i want to say thank you because we have a few seconds. you are a busy man. so we appreciate your time. >> always happy to be here. >> and this is a huge week. that big senate plan coming out tomorrow. >> senate plan, elections investigations, lot of news. >> it's really tough to keep track of it all. >> another boring news cycle, right? you can catch tricia at 2:00 p.m. on the fox business network. thank you for joining us. you can join us every weekday at noon eastern time for "outnumbered" and here is harris.
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>> we'll start here with the voters that have spoken in a high stakes race. let's go "outnumbered" overtime. i'm harris faulkner. results are in from virginia. democrat ralph northam besting the republican ed gillespie in the closely watched race in which the republican embraced the trump playbook but kept the president himself at arm's length. the president tweeted this. ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget republicans won 4-4 house seats and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before. but democratic leader chuck schumer says the blame lay with the president. >> i think it's pretty obvious so many people in virginia were upset with the way that president trump has tried to govern. has been unable to get anything done. has resorted to tweeting instead of leading. this was a rejection not only of president trump but o


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