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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  November 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it from here, and it rhymes. >> shannon: i spent a little time on amtrak myself, but not yet. >> laura: you are always in the quiet car. you were the quiet car person. >> shannon: i am, but we are about to shake it up tonight. thank you very much. here's what's on tonight. >> tonight, not backing down. >> there's no way in the world that's his handwriting. >> the attorney for judge roy moore calls into question a key piece of evidence emitted by one of his accusers, the writing in her 1970s era your book. will it be enough to sway to sway alabama voters? president trump declares his trip to asia a success. senator lindsey graham joins us life to score the president's trip. >> clearly there are jurors who believe in my innocence. >> and yet another day of deliberation and the corruption trial of democrat senator bob menendez. a verdict could come at any time. ♪
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>> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. brand-new allegations against g.o.p. senate candidate roy moore tonight. the white house scrambles to come up with a solution to the controversy. with senate votes hanging in the balance, there is a report that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell placed an urgent call to the president while he was still overseas to help pressure moore out. mcconnell said today that if moore wins the race on december 12th, and then is sworn in, he could face an investigation by the ethics committee, and that could lead to his expulsion from the senate. not long after he got sworn in. all of this happening as moore remains defiant, tweeting a short while ago. dear mitch mcconnell, bring it on. his legal team hitting back at one of his many accusers tonight, even calling and handwriting experts. allison barber has the very latest, she joins us now.
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>> good evening. if roy moore's legal team seemingly suggested earlier today that one of his accusers forged a signature in a yearbook and lied about it, and on they walked away without answering a single question. >> judge moore says there's no way in the world that's his handwriting. is it 40 years old, or is it a week old? release the yearbook so that we can determine is that genuine or is it a fraud? >> two days ago, beverly young nelson sat next to her lawyer gloria allred and talked about a night in the late '70s when she was 16 and roy moore offered her a ride home. she claims he did not take her home, but instead parked near a dumpster and violently sexually assaulted her. seemingly in an effort to support her story, nelson showed a yearbook with an inscription and a note signed love roy moore d.a. moore's attorney says the signature doesn't look like moore's, but it does look like a
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version of one used to sign divorce papers in a case he presided over in the 1990s, nelson's divorce. >> do know where he had seen it? when he was on the bench, his assistant, who was initials are d.a., who would stamp his documents. that's exactly how the signature appears on the divorce decree that judge moore signed dismissing the divorce action with ms. nelson. >> in a statement provided to fox news, she says she and her clients are willing to let an independent expert look at the yearbooks if the senate holds a hearing on all of the accusations. she also says "my client, beverly young nelson, volunteers to testify under oath regarding what she alleges roy moore did to her." nelson is one of at least five women who have accused of sexual misconduct or inappropriate
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romantic relationships when moore was in his 30s and they were in their teens. one accusers that she was 14 at the time, the others say they were between the ages of 16 and 18. tonight, three new women are accusing moore of unwanted advances. in interviews to and "the washington post." a handful of republicans pulled their support for moore after the initial accusations surfaced in "the washington post," well before nelson went public with hers. since then calls for him to drop out of the race have steadily grown. >> i think it's safe to say that if he were to be sworn in he would immediately be in a process before the senate -- >> majority leader mitch mcconnell says he spoke to president trump about all of this on friday when frump was in vietnam. no comment from president trump so far, but his daughter and advisor, ivanka term, told the associated press "i have no reason to doubt the victim's."
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>> shannon: thank you very much. new opinion polls show alabama popular support for moore sliding. the pulley were looking at, some alabama voters are starting to have their doubts publicly about moore. >> i'm saddened for our community, i'm saddened for our state, because i don't feel like this is a true representation of people in this state. >> i just feel sorry for him, i really do, but if these allegations do come to be true, god help the man, and we all have our faults and our pitfalls. i hope whatever does happen, justice will prevail. >> shannon: lets go straight to alabama to get the inside scoop. computing editor of the yellow him her news and national review he has been covering judge moore in alabama politics for a very long time. great to have you with the senate. >> thank you, glad to be on with you. >> shannon: what is the move down there? what's the sense of her getting on the ground? >> the mood is very fluid right
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now. the people don't know what to make of this. it got a lot of people very angrily defending roy moore. if that a lot of people that are just saying without enough of it and why doesn't he got out of the way? but you've got a lot of people that i've heard go back and forth and back and forth, again, very fluid. they just don't know what to think. >> shannon: it's interesting because we have long talked about the fact that for a lot of people who support moore to get this report coming from "the washington post," they immediately discredited it. we have a piece that was written by jay pepper breyers down there for you guys. i want a quote from that from little bit. the title of the article is why alabamians won't believe "the washington post" story about roy moore even if it's true. for decades it's editors and reporters have attacked her history of heritage and culture. there were to kill our beliefs, they make fun of her people. they think our way of life is backward and offensive. they can't stand us, and they hate, i mean hate, people like
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roy moore. it talks in the article about the fact that these allegations could be true, but immediately because of that past history, people down there are going to discredit them. >> pepper has a point, and i touched on that in my two columns as well. what i want to urge people to do is to take a step back. yes, there has been bias from the establishment media against the south and against conservatives for a long time. no, that doesn't mean that there's necessarily some grand conspiracy. and the truth might be something in between where there might be reason to look twice if it comes from, say, "the washington post" and "the new york times," at least alabamians think that, but anybody that automatically dismisses something just because it comes from the post is making the opposite mistake, because if they have a very well sourced,
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very well reported story, and in this people at least need to take it seriously and look into it. >> shannon: i know talking to a lot of people surrounding the g.o.p. committee down there, they have a decision to make about whether they would try to formally withdraw him as the nominee. my understanding is, the belief is that most people think that group is not going to do that. they will stand by him. do you think that has the possibility, the potential to change in the coming weeks? >> i could possibly change. it depends on what comes out, and that's why i keep urging everybody to hold their fire and not jump to conclusions either way, but my understanding is the steering committee met this afternoon and this evening and right now they are hanging tight, they are not doing anything pro or con, they are just acting as if they still have the same candidate, but that doesn't mean that if new evidence comes out in the next week or two that they might not change their minds again. >> shannon: we have a couple more women who have come out today and in fact some late
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breaking news on more allegations. it stories very similar to what we've heard before. do you think is a breaking point where alabama voters will have to say they just can't see past it, it even though he has not had due process, he hasn't had a day in court, he hasn't had a legal hearing. it may be too much for him to overcome? >> it might be. again, he started some pushback today, but he only pushed back against one aspect of one of the stories, and frankly, the most sensational story. he didn't ever attack "the washington post" piece and his lawyer press conference today. people are -- rational people are waiting to see what he comes up with, what the media comes up with, and then trying to figure out where do we go from here. right now, again, you could have a big backlash in his favor if people think he has been smeared, but you also -- i've seen a lot of shifting where people that might've been for
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him are now saying they are not going to vote. some people who had said they wouldn't vote at all now saying they will vote against him. as i said at the start, very fluid, all sorts of crosscutting pressures. >> shannon: you have covered this for decades down there in alabama, thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. >> shannon: president trump is trying to steer clear of the moore controversy and he avoided shouted questions after his news conference today where he touted successes on his 12 day, five nation asia trip. ed henry is here with more and the president did not want to talk about. >> good to see you. the whole point was president trump realizing the mainstream media is not going to give a lot of credit for the economic impact of his trip to asia. he wanted to toot his own horn basically. declare in his words that america has made a comeback on the world stage. president making the case but there will be tens of thousands of american jobs created because of various commercial agreement signed in china, japan, south korea and vietnam that will result in roughly
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$300 billion being invested right here at home. he also touted his focus throughout the trip of trying to denucearized north korea by uniting the world against kim jong il and also laying out the final key priority of that 12 day journey. >> to finally after many years insist on fair and reciprocal trade. fair and reciprocal trade. so important. these two words, fairness and reciprocity, or an open invitation to every country that seeks to do business with the united states, and they are a firm warning to every country that cheats, breaks the rules, and engages in economic aggression. >> but the president returned home to some turbulence on the other key part of his economic agenda, tax cuts as a republican senator ron johnson revealed today he will vote no. johnson said the package is
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currently written too focused on helping corporations, not the middle class. a sign that there's a lot of work left to be on here. >> shannon: the president talked about a lot of very important things today, but social media was very focused on something else entirely. >> that happens a lot of these kinds of events. this is a long trip to asia, the president is probably a little jet-lagged, maybe even dehydrated. a couple of times he had to reach for a drink of water and seemed a little perturbed at his staff that it was not initially in arms reach. it was not trump bottled water, we should note. we should note. some pretty good product placement for fiji water. but all the internet seem to care about was that it was reminiscent of the time senator marco rubio desperately needed water when he responded to one of president obama's state of the union speeches, which candidate trump made fun of last year. >> when they put marco on to refute president obama's speech, to are member that catastrophe? and it's like this. i need water, help me, i need water.
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>> let's be clear, this is really not that big of a deal and there were so many other pressing issues confronting the nation, although some critics of the president make try to turn this into, yes, watergate. >> shannon: no you didn't. >> i did go there, i'm sorry. it's a different kind of watergate. it's a different kind of water scandal. >> shannon: 's this one is a little less scary. >> kind of cheesy i guess. >> shannon: we like it, we like you. thank you so much. our next guest could soon be forced to make a very tough decision on roy moore should he be elected to the u.s. senate. senator lindsey graham is a republican of south carolina. >> welcome to fox news at night, good to have you with us. where are you on this judge roy moore situation? you are a lawyer so you clearly believe in due process, but that's not going to happen before the selection, at least not in a court of law. >> we are in a political environment. when the allegations first came out is that if true he should step aside.
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i've heard enough. i believe the women. he was barred from them all, his behavior was so extreme in his 30s that apparently the mall put him on the no-fly list. that tells me a lot. i don't know personally he's been banned from the mall, but when you put the whole puzzle together it's pretty hard not to believe it, it has a ring of truth and i think we will lose this seat we shouldn't win and to my good friends in alabama, your decision in the next coming weeks will determine whether or not trump's agenda is successful because i don't think mr. moore could be a successful senator given the baggage he has and it looks like mr. jones is on course to win and he will not help us at all. >> he will not vote for anything on his agenda, tax reform, repealing obamacare, in part or in all. >> trump is the biggest loser. >> what if roy moore wins? there's a lot of talk about expelling them from the senate. >> you don't want to prejudge but i think most people appear to have taken a hard look at this and believe that there is a lot to the accusations, and
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again, if your behavior is so creepy you can't go to the mall, that's pretty hard. >> one of the things impacted by this is tax reform. we have our first g.o.p. senator now saying he can't vote for this. here's a little bit of ron johnson about why. >> i won't vote for it. just that simple. it doesn't mean i don't want to vote for a real solution. again, senate, house and the white house to get one. >> shannon: not to get too wonky, but he is concerned about some of the past two protections for small businesses primarily. >> won't get too wonky. >> shannon: he's not just upset about the proposal, he's talking about the process and saying that he's been trying to radiate concern all along. >> he feels like he's been shut out. he's the smartest guy i know one business, when he talks i listen. >> he says a lot of people have been listening. >> i think we've all been listening. the bottom line is he's run a successful business, he
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understands business, probably as well as anybody in the conference. i hope they will listen to his concerns about the disparity between pass-through taxation and state corporation taxation. i'm listening, but i think -- let's put it this way, whatever is wrong with this bill, we have to make it better, but if we fail we are dead. if you want to destroy the republican party, fail on tax cuts. we failed on health care, we will fail again. if we can't pass the tax cuts for working men and women out there, what good are we to the country, and at the end of the republican majority. everyone understands that if we fail in taxes the republican majority will cease to exist over time. probably the end of the party. he's got legitimate concerns, he's a smart guy, but if we fail that's it. >> shannon: you have now issued a letter to the attorney general. you say there needs to be a special counsel on uranium one and fusion gps. there were house investigations, other investigations going on, why a special counsel, and you
8:17 pm
think you will get one? >> number one, i think uranium one situation, the russians basically gained control of this company, uranium one between 2009 and 2013. they gave $2.35 million to the clinton foundation. i think a $500,000 to bill clinton to speak in moscow, moscow. there was a lady was trying to infiltrate the clinton world, posed as an accountant who was a russian spy. when you add all of this up, the money being passed to influence the russians had on uranium one, i think deserves to be looked at. the money the clinton foundation got, the money bill clinton got. fusion gps. we now know that the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign gave fusion gps $9 million. they went out and hired a former intelligence officer, a british spy to go to russia to dig up dirt on donald trump. i think the idea of a party
8:18 pm
paying a foreign agent to go to russia to dig up dirt on your opponent set yourself up for manipulation, i don't like it one bit. if there's no way jeff sessions or anybody in the department of justice can look at this thing without being criticized. if got some clinton holdovers there. jeff was on trump's campaign. there's no way -- and i love trey gowdy, but i disagree. there's no way the department of justice can look at fusion gps because it was part of the 2016 campaign. what are we talking about here? we are talking about $9 million going from democratic national committee and the clinton campaign, which never told anybody about, sat there and basically whined about it. i want to know where that money went, what the guy did, and to the russians manipulate? the dossier. if the dossier funded by the democratic party. at the end of the day, did comey use it to get a warrant against the trump campaign? but he needs to look at this outside the justice department,
8:19 pm
but the dossier was paid for by the democratic party, it was used by the fbi under comey to get a warrant against the trump campaign. if that's not worth looking into, what would be? >> shannon: let us know how this goes. we want to hear when you hear back from the attorney general if you do, and we will watch to see if that special counsel gets appointed. >> thank you. >> shannon: good to see you. at coming up, raise your hand if you think tax cuts are going up? will tax cuts for the next legislative fumble by the g.o.p. that can't seem to get its members and one? then, has the lefts day of reckoning with sexual harassment scandals really come, or is this all now for show? 's deep skepticism on both sides of the political spectrum tonight. we will explain. and later on, still searching for answers, there are new developments in the las vegas shooting ahead. ♪
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♪ >> shannon: it is tax cut eve on the house side with the big boat schedule there for tomorrow. while republicans on the senate side now scribble to figure out how to get senator ron johnson back on board after his vow to vote no on what he is seeing so far. president trump trying to sell it to all sides. so why is the message about letting people keep more of their own money getting lost in translation? let's bring in syndicated radio
8:24 pm
host chris, and isaac. good to see both of you tonight. last night we had a town hall with bret baier and martha maccallum and the house speaker, who at one point the question was asked, how many do you think that your taxes are going up, and so many hands went up. this whole thing is supposed without tax cuts. it's getting lost in translation. >> we know that the republicans are generally speaking terrible at messaging. the democrats tend to be very good at messaging. the democrats have certain advantages, like "the washington post," "the new york times," cnn, nbc working for them and carrying the message for them. the democrats poisoned the well on this entire discussion long before we heard anything in the way of details. out of either side on capitol hill on what would be in the bill. it's just a payoff for the risks, the middle class gets nothing and the democrats are out there hammering that message every day and have a compliant media doing their work for them so the american people over time end up believing what they've
8:25 pm
heard 100 times, that they are not going to get a tax cut. >> shannon: why even bother to go through this whole exercise? i don't understand how it gets out to the average american out there that we are doing all of this heavy lifting to try and get something done so we can raise your taxes. i think you guys are good. >> as much as you would offer that to the democrats, i think the reality is more about calculators. it's just simple math of the equation. in the first year, 50% of the value of the tax cuts will go to the top wealthiest 1% of americans. in ten years' time that will shift all the way to 80%. in ten years' time one in four american households making less than $100,000, 24 million house was according to the joint economic of the senate. they will see their taxes increase, not decrease. also the fact facts that are bothering people in addition to the fact that it's a job killer. when you lower the profits -- lower the tax rate on foreign profits versus domestic profits, it incentivizes the large corporations that are already
8:26 pm
getting the bulk of the tax cuts to then move jobs overseas. this is a bad deal for main street. >> shannon: we had another experts say the exact opposite and said that when you do things like make it easier to expense and inventory capital, those kinds of things, it actually encourages business investment. is it semantics? i see you nodding over there. is it about the way that you explain what it is, or can we get a factual answer, our taxes going up on people? >> it's always a battle of the facts in the battle of the pseudo-facts and we could go into all kinds of stats but on the top 10% of earners pay 70% of federal income taxes and so on and the top 1% pays an extraordinarily disproportionate portion of federal income taxes as well. if you are cutting taxes on taxpayers, those of the people who will get their taxes cut in democrats, like it or not, 47% of us don't pay any federal income taxes at all. >> shannon: say that again, because a lot of people don't believe that number. half of americans don't pay federal income. >> you can discuss breakdowns,
8:27 pm
that segment of the population for hours on end, but 47%, nearly half of us pay no federal income taxes at all. the 53% of us that do pay federal income taxes, it is still stacked towards the people who are so-called rich. make $110,000 a year, you are in the top 10% of earners. at the top 10% pays 70% of income tax. if you were going to cut taxes on people -- and look, if the republicans don't produce -- you have to understand also. we could never achieve 3% economic growth and it took president trump until his second quarter in office before we had 3%. >> shannon: one of the things i want to talk about too is this idea, the senate version includes repealing the individual mandate under obamacare. people say it's a big gamble if they lead it in. they got to go to conference. could be for republicans because they didn't get it done. it could also blow off the whole thing. or you think that goes? to think it's a good idea or bad idea? >> i think is a test of the character of our nation.
8:28 pm
talk about cutting programs like social security, medicare and social security, medicare and medicaid are now throwing 13 million americans off their health care. >> shannon: the mandate, people are not forced to eat broccoli, a lot of people just don't eat broccoli. >> according to all the estimates out there, nobody has disputed it will cost 13 million people their health care over the next ten years if they do away with the mandate. one more stab attached to the market places. in the end it's going to be a test of the character of our nation and our prowess. do we care about education? to we care about sick people, old people, the widow and the orphan, some would say. that's a test we have to face. do we care about the wealthiest 1%? for that matter, are we going to borrow $1.5 trillion against future generations by blowing up the deficit to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%. my colleague talks about the wealthiest 10%, let's talk about the wealthiest 1% in ten years would be getting 80% of the value of this tax cut. democrats are for tax cuts. we have said we are for tax cuts, we want to see tax cuts
8:29 pm
that benefit the middle class, the 99% and don't add to the deficit. >> shannon: there's much more to say, and we could sell tickets to this conversation continuing. we are out of time, but i think it's important for us to ask the questions to white both sides of the aisle aren't more interested in cutting the deficit. and spending all kinds of money. >> we just added $9 trillion to the debt under barack obama in eight years and now they are panicking about one and a half trillion. >> the last time we had a balanced budget was under the democrat. you're welcome to join the table, we will bring calculator calculators. >> shannon: we will get out our calculators. all of it is coming out next. it's been weeks, there are still way more questions than answers about the vega shooting. trace gallagher investigating, we will show you what he found next. next. ♪ just like some people like wet grocery bags.
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♪ >> shannon: a month and a half after the deadliest mass
8:34 pm
shooting in u.s. history, significant questions remain regarding the shooter's actions, his motive, and the response by public agencies. trace gallagher went looking for answers. what did you find? >> shannon, 46 days into the investigation and even many secondary questions remain unanswered, like two investigators believed stephen paddock had accomplices? that alarms go off at mandalay bay when he broke the windows of his hotel suite, what kind of surveillance does the hotel have in the hallway, and why didn't the hotel noticed the killer drilling holes in the wall to mount his own cameras so we could see police coming toward his room? if those answers are not forthcoming, it does not bode well for the primary questions, like the motive. all police have said in recent weeks is that stephen paddock lost a significant amount of money in the two years before his death, and that may have been a contributing factor. and what about his girlfriend? the sheriff has already said he finds her story hard to believe, but it's currently unclear where
8:35 pm
she is, and if police are still conducting follow-up interviews. then there is the critical timeline, which has come into question yet again by "the new york times." the newspaper analyzed 30 videos taken in and around the scene. many of them are time stamped. the says the video shows the shooting began at -- that's an not consistent with the investigators timeline. but the time and says he shot security guard at 10:06. that contradicts investigators who say it was at least a minute and a half earlier. there is still no definitive reason as to why it took officers 7 minutes after the initial gunfire to get to the 31st floor and 17 minutes to get to stephen paddock's room on the 32nd floor. some of this time when confusion can be cleared up by detailing and cataloguing the barrage of 911 calls made from mandalay bay to police, and several news organizations have now sued to
8:36 pm
gain access to the 911 calls. police camera videos, and search warrants related to the shooting. a lot of things unanswered. >> shannon: we will stay on it, we know you will as well. thank you very much. from clinton to weinstein, why have people on the left not gone against powerful men before? we will hear from a reporter who covers sexual harassment in d.c. and for models to private jets, willie jersey jury -- bob menendez coming down to the wire. we will head to the courthouse with the very latest. ♪ when you have a cold stuff happens.
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>> shannon: during the clinton monica lewinsky scandal democrats defended the former president calling it a private matter. now they are changing their tune in light of the lease and domestic recent sexual harassment allegations across the entertainment of political spectrum. turning out to talk about that, alana sure, congressional reporter for politico, and bedford, editor in chief of the daily news foundation. great to see both of you today. >> good evening. >> shannon: we are hearing a lot of talk about a reckoning and the fact that democrats say maybe we made the wrong decision, maybe we should not have supported the president as much as we did. i want to read a little bit about what they had on the wrongdoing at issue was never just a private matter for the clinton family, it was a high-profile exemplar of a widespread social problem by the
8:41 pm
use of workplace power for sexual gain. it wasn't as a striking example of the genre of misconduct that society has a strong interest in stamping out. that alone should have been enough to pressure clinton out of office. >> it is certainly true that the left is conscious of not seeing stomach seeming hypocritical now. taking such a hard line on the roy moore issue and did take such a hard line against the president himself during the campaign, but it's important to remember i covered the hill harassment, congressman jackie spears, democrats out there and said i know of a democrat and republican who have engaged in this behavior. in the rank-and-file, they do want to go after both sides, and they both don't like always have. >> shannon: do you think that we will get names? >> i'm working on it and i know some of the reporters are working on it so i expect so. >> shannon: we learned a lot this week about the splash barn. july saw it a few days ago on the paper i had never heard of it before where women or men who come forward and make allegation against lawmakers, they have to agree to all kinds of mediation and they get paid out of a fund
8:42 pm
that we the taxpayers pay. did you know about that? >> i didn't know about it until it was broken, i wish i had broken it myself. it's not too different from when you find these cases of organized abuse throughout, and everyone pointed the fingers and left, i was growing up in boston during the scandal and people eventually figured out maybe the cardinals appeal is going to pay people off and some reporters at the globe, i kind of figured it out beforehand, i think we will find often and often be found in the case of harvey weinstein in hollywood and then with congress, we saw it in the church that people in power with organization will pay money to make sure this goes away. >> shannon: there are questions obviously about whether there's hypocrisy now. we have a national review saying that we are indeed having a reckoning about a long-time blind eye to powerful men abusing women, but it's occurring on the most convenient terms for the democratic party when kennedy is dead, bill clinton is retired and fading into memory, hillary's prospects are done. >> i guess again i would disagree that it's a convenient
8:43 pm
term for the democrats because they are out of power. they really have no say in what happens on capitol hill. it's paul ryan making the move to mandatory harassment training. republicans are actually starting to move on this, and credit to them. the democrats rhetorical argument is one thing. in terms of actual changes in the policy, it will be republicans driving the bus. >> there some convenience to it. 22 months ago and bc didn't want to interview broaddrick. mitchell said this is just dumb like discredited and among denied and a year ago we had the election and now everyone wants to talk about it. i think it's possible the democrats are trying to clean their house, maybe offer us a political sacrifice and the next up they will say our house is clean, donald trump, what's going on in your house? >> do you think this is a problem when capitol hill? i used to be a sexual-harassment attorney so i don't think these are no problems, i think we are not having a very public conversation about them. i interned on the hill, i know this is nothing new over there. >> i think it's a big problem on the hill and it's a problem for both parties. to your point, this is more of a democratic versus republican
8:44 pm
rhetorical issue, i think both parties are scared because both parties know that members have perpetrated on their sites. >> shannon: final word to you? >> him the most terrible people do bad things. this is uniquely church issue, and it wasn't. you can see it across coaches, sports teams, hollywood, politicians. powerful people take advantage of situations and it's good that there's a reckoning. >> shannon: thank you both, good to see you both. humming up, our next guest says the case of democratic candor bob menendez has set a new low for blatant corruption in america, but jurors -- trial featuring numerous charges, why haven't you heard more about it? ♪ she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy.
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>> shannon: it is the scandal that virtually nobody, at least not on network news is talking about involving senator robert menendez. at the democrat from new jersey for a seventh day, jurors were deliberating without reaching a verdict. miller has the latest, including some courtroom drama. dated? >> shannon, during the 11 week trial, prosecutors told the jury
8:49 pm
new jersey democratic senator robert menendez and his long-time friends, i dr. solomon engaged in a six-year bribery scheme. speaking outside the courthouse this afternoon, he said he did nothing wrong. >> for two and a half years i have never wavered from asserting my innocence. >> according to the indictment, he used his influence to get visas for the doctor's foreign-born girlfriends. he also attempted to assist him in resolving an $8.9 million overbilling dispute with medicare-induced political pressure to resolve a contractual dispute between the dominican republic and a security company owned by the doctor. the prosecution says in exchange, he made more than three quarters of a million dollars in contributions to menendez or democratic entities that would support his reelection. prosecutors say he also provided menendez with free luxury travel. during trial, the defense did
8:50 pm
not dispute many of the facts of the case, but maintained the motive was not bribery, but friendship. witnesses for the prosecution included former health and human services secretary who met with menendez to discuss the medicare issue affecting the doctor. high-profile character witnesses for the defense included new jersey democratic senator cory booker and south carolina republican senator lindsey graham, both of whom testified about menendez's reputation for honesty. following four days of deliberation, a juror was excused to take a long plant vacation. on monday she was replaced by an alternate but within hours the jury said it was deadlocked. at the judgment instructed the jury to take as much time as needed deliberating saying "this is not reality tv, it's real life was quote. menendez never testified of his own behalf, and this message for those deciding his fate. >> i appreciate the jurors are standing up for me in terms of
8:51 pm
advocating for my innocence. >> tomorrow marks the eighth day of deliberations. the defense has filed a motion laying the groundwork for a mistrial. the prosecution meanwhile once the judge to instruct the jury that it can reach a partial verdict on any of the 18 criminal counts. shannon. >> shannon: david lee miller. the outcome of sender bob menendez corruption trial, president of the american commitments has the legal procedure has received minimal media coverage, and he's here to say it deserves more. good to see if the night. they go great to be with you. >> shannon: what are we missing here? >> to me it should be like the biggest story going. it's not very often that we have a sitting united states senator on trial. it's especially not often to happen on trial that involves $105 million stolen from medicare that paid for luxury private jet travel whatever he wanted to go to luxury resorts and parted with supermodels and we have all the glamour shots of all of them. if you think this would be
8:52 pm
wall-to-wall writing ratings on all the networks, and yet we are ten weeks into this trial, the cumulative total on the three broadcast networks morning and evening news is 2 minutes. >> shannon: total coverage in ten weeks back >> they just added that up as of today. it's astonishing. >> shannon: these are serious charges. there are numerous criminal charges, potential decades in jail, numerous gigantic signs, but we've already heard from a juror who was on the panel, now off the panel, it doesn't sound like they will convict him. >> it's a very interesting circumstance, you almost never have this. the juror who was excused because she had a long plant vacation, international, the judge he promised, he said it would be 6-8 weeks, your vacation 11 weeks will be no problem, but if it somehow goes that long i will dispense you and it went that long. he dismissed her and she went straight out and talk to the media and tell them everything that was happening in the room. she said she was the one juror who thought that he was not guilty on the false statements
8:53 pm
charge, that is a felony, it carries up to five years. she said there are at least three or four other jurors who thought that he was not guilty on the other charges, bribery, corruption, and she said she think it's going to be a hung jury. one of the things that i take away from her statements is that there's a pretty good chance they will convict them on count 18, even if they hang on the other charges, and the democrats -- it's a felony. you will notice the white democrats have started talking, we don't think you will be convicted of any of the major charges. every charge in this case is a felony. they are all felony charges. the idea that it's just a minor felony if you commit false statements i think is pretty dubious, but that seems to be what they are trying to set up, that he would not resign and they would not expel him if he is only convicted of the one felony. but it looks like based on what the jurors told us and what happened we will get one of two outcomes here. it is they will convict on false statements and hang on the rest of the charges or they will hang on everything. >> shannon: the judge keeps telling them to go back, he keeps telling them he doesn't want a hung jury, but one of the key things here is that virginia
8:54 pm
governor had a huge case that i covered at the supreme court last year where they said to many of these laws on political corruption are so vague that you could get in trouble for going to lunch with somebody or taking a basketball ticket to the game. the clear governor mcdonnell because of that in the menendez lawyers have argued saying listen, this is just vague, you can't convict them. >> a genius. he billed i think four and a half million dollars on this case, probably worth a lot more than that. when he explains it, these two men were just deep friends and of course he will let your friend use her private jet and state your luxury resorts and of course if your friend is a senator he will fix all your problems with the government and keep the medicare money flowing. french of explains it all. he even said in his closing statement, gifts -- i'm trying to remember the exact quote. basically he said gifts to create a friendship, to build a friendship are not bribes. and the jury agreed with that and how do you ever get a bribery conviction once you have
8:55 pm
a quid pro quo in writing? >> shannon: we will see. another day of deliberation starts tomorrow. cotati with sna. >> thanks for having it. >> shannon: coming up, i.c.e. agents rebel against the former president, we will explain next. ♪ it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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9:00 pm
were just 12% of the top salaries in the cities in 2016 went to women. we are grateful you spent the evening with us. good evening from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." auntie maxine is at it again because she never stopped. congresswoman maxine waters of california was honored recently at the glamour's women of the year award show. you didn't get an invite. and at that event she decided to whip the crowd into a demagogic frenzy, here's a selection. >> for those who say to me, you to soonng for something and too early, be careful, don't jeopardize yourself, don't say what you are saying right now, but i continue to say impeach him! [cheers and applause] >> impeach 45! impeach


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