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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 16, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> thank you so much to buck sexton, we hope you come back, that was a lot of fun. he held his own. we will be right back here on the couch tomorrow and now, here's harris. >> harris: we begin with breaking news, president trump leaving capitol hill after making an in person appeal to fellow republicans on the hill ahead of a crucial tax vote. possible hurdles moving in the senate, you watch this video for moments ago. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. we are awaiting the houseboat on taxes, following that personal appeal from the president moments ago. he told reporters that things are going well and that he expects the senate to come around on taxes as well. this is how republicans are confident they have the vote to pass their bill. there is little margin for error as no democrats are expected to come on board. mike emanuel is live for us up the hill, mike? >> good afternoon, house republican leaders protect they
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have the votes to take a significant step on tax reform. president trump was just out here giving house republicans a pep talk. a source of the room tells fox that the president said "i love you, gordon vote. the president praised both speaker paul ryan and chairman kevin brady, but the new york republicans are worried about the impact of scaling back that state and local tax deduction. >> i cannot allow the people of new york and the people of my district come become collateral damage in a federal tax reform bill. >> we want to kick-start our economy, create jobs, we want to see people take home more money because they spend it better than the government spends their money, but not on the back of our constituents. >> earlier the house speaker paul ryan responded to that criticism. >> we actually added back at $10,000 property tax deduction in addition to the tax cuts that are already in the bill that everybody gets. we've run numbers on these
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districts and shown that taxpayers in those districts, in those states still get tax cuts. most people will have to itemiz itemize. >> all eyes are on the house floor in moments ago the house democratic leader tried to turn up the pressure on the g.o.p. >> house republicans will have to decide whether they will train themselves to this poisonous middle-class tax hike that is dead on arrival in the senate. the american people are watching and the american people will hold the republicans accountable for their decision. for this tax scam. >> on the senate side, the finance committee can it continues its work on the bill, a significant moment with wiscon public and centered around johnson saying he is a "no" ." that is significant because senate leadership can only lose two: publican votes, otherwise any bill would fail.
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>> harris: as we await the houseboat on tax cuts, let's bring in one of those republicans who met with the president moments ago on the hill. diane black of tennessee shares the budget committee and sits on ways and means. this is a huge day, what did the president just say to you? >> this is a once in a generation opportunity to give tax relief to the middle class folks and our country. i am fighting for them. the president did he say, it's already been reported, we need to go and vote on this and get this done, american people are waiting for this to happen once in a generation and i am very proud to be a part of this. >> harris: the way you are talking, i think you are a "yes." did the president maybe have a word for the people who are planning to vote no on this in your own party? >> we have a few people that are still concerned, people in some of the higher tax states are concerned but we've been working
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with them and making sure they are getting the information to take that to their own constituents to show them that this is going to be a really good thing for the taxpayers. there are some we are still going to have to work to make sure we adjust that but the middle class, middle income taxpayer is really going to be the one that benefits by this, i'm very proud that in tennessee we are going to see a real effect for those people, the government takes too much of their money, we want to give it back to them so they can spend it the way they want to spend it. >> harris: i had the chairman of the ways and means on yesterday, he had that same energetic optimism. you had 20 people in the house who say no to budget reconciliation which is how we got to this. you were just two votes shy of that not passing. among those people do you know of any who are still saying no? i know you have concerns that you are trafficking there, but her concern and they know are to go different things.
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>> we have the votes for this, i am very comfortable that we will be in a comfortable place with the votes. this is a once in a generation opportunity to give people money back and that's what i am fighting for, to make sure my constituents get that money back in their pocket so they can spend it the way they see fit. >> harris: something new we found out yesterday about the senate side of all this was the obamacare mandate, people having to pay a fine or fee, it has been decided if it goes to the irs, its attacks. that was not in the house bill but it could be in conference, talk to me about that. >> it could be in conference, we in the house of representatives did what we promised american people we would do. this is something that people really are asking us to do, give them an opportunity to make their own choices on the kind of insurance they want, what they can afford. obviously we don't have it in
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our bill, if the senate puts it in there we will go to conference and work this out in conference. the house is already done its work on that issue. >> harris: one last question before i let you go, i know you will vote this afternoon, and our minute-by-minute watch of this, it can happen any time after the president leaves the hill, what is the schedule right now? are there any things you have to work out or do you just go vote? >> it's going to happen very soon, i expect the bell to ring any minute now and i'll be able to go in there and put my card in the box and help the people of tennessee get a break from those taxes. >> harris: appreciate your time, now it's time to go vote, we will be watching, thank you. this breaking news, we knew this was coming together last hour on outnumbered and now we can report that there has been a mistrial in the senator menendez trial in new jersey, he was up on 18 counts including bribery
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and fraud. this is day 38 of the trial, they've been into liberation for at least eight of those days and the complicating factors have been first the jurors didn't understand that they had to be unanimous on all 18 counts, and then you had a juror leave in recent days because that person had a long-standing vacation and then that person talked to the press and said you know what, i thought menendez was going to be innocent in all of this and now you have a deadlock situation that was reported earlier today and now a mistrial by this judge. this judge wanted to meet with both sides in chambers and heated. the defense in the prosecution, that happened a short time ago. he said he would not immediately go to a mistrial but that might look like that, that's what we've been waiting to hear. let's go to david lee miller in newark, new jersey, this is officially a mistrial, what happens now? >> that's right, the judge has officially declared a mistrial, no one knows what happens next,
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that is going to be up to the government. the question is whether they are going to try and retry this case, i can tell you that senator menendez moments ago, very pleased with the outcome of this trial, not an acquittal but he was nevertheless very pleased with the fact that this was a hung jury. the jury was deadlocked. the judge, the defense, and the prosecution met with the jurors for about 20 minutes individually to confirm the contents of a note that said the jury is deadlocked on all the accounts, when the senator exited the chambers of the judge with his attorney he walked over to his son and daughter, he was smiling and he embraced them. he was as joyous as he's ever been since this trial began 11 weeks ago. we expect to hear shortly from the senator, he is inside the court right now, he has spoken in the past on occasion and we
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anticipate that he will be speaking with reporters today about the past 11 weeks and the fact that this was not an acquittal. acquittal. there were people on that jury who felt that -- at least on some of the counts of not all of them -- he should have been found guilty. conversely there were those who argued for an acquittal, the jury did not reach a decision, menendez was charged with 12 criminal counts, most of them bribery. this was an 18 count indictment, the other six counts involved his codefendant, an eye doctor from south florida. the prosecution contended this was a case of bribery, the defense said there was no bribery here, the senator did certain things on behalf or at the suggestion of this i doctor, the eye doctor made significant campaign contributions and provided free travel for the senator but this was not a quid pro quo according to the defense, this was simply a case
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of friendship. the prosecution says this was bribery, they had a difficult time proving this quid pro quo and instead took the position that it was a stream of benefits that resulted in this bribery taking place. another obstacle the prosecution faced was the recent supreme court decision involving the reversal of the conviction of bob macdonald of virginia. the supreme court narrowed the description legally of what constitutes bribery. the judge charged the jury with that in mind, apparently in this case for some of the was simply too high. today a mistrial was declared. senator menendez now facing reelection and possibly a retrial but that much we do not know at this hour. back to you. >> harris: thank you for those
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details, you have brought into focus a couple of different things, one has to do with how do you have an 18 count indictment with all these charges and i'm looking at it now, again, most of them conspiracy, bribery, but they had a lot of other evidence. but the bar is different now because of a recent case, you've got to prove things in a different way and in a bigger way for lack of a better term. you brought that into focus and that certainly played a role in this trial. if you didn't meet that higher bar he was going to at least be in a position where the government might get another bite at the apple, it's not an acquittal but he can walk away today. the other i want to talk about is the politics of this, not getting into deep but democrats are looking in the senate, if bob menendez didn't come back, if you are not able to come back to cast his vote in the senate, that 48th seat that they have was going to have a deficit. >> that's right, the balance of power is an issue here in this
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trial. if the senator had been convicted, the governor of new jersey who is a republican, chris christie, he will leave office in january, would have the responsibility of appointing a new senator if -- and this is a mighty big if, if senator menendez were to have resigned or if he was expelled from the senate. an expulsion is highly unlikely, that requires a two-thirds vote, at least 15 democrats would have to sign on. it was highly unlikely that even if senator menendez were to have been convicted, the balance of power would've changed in the senate. what could have happened is he may have remained in office, and this is all hypothetical, he could've remained in office until the newly elected governor of new jersey, who was a democrat then resigned and the new governor would've appointed his successor, presumably another democrat to fill that seat. this is all moot now, there is a
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mistrial in the 11 week trial of senator bob menendez. what's extraordinary is the amount of money and resources the government has spent, don't forget, the former secretary of health and human services testified, three u.s. senators, a former senator as well as numerous other high-ranking officials. as a result, i mistrial, the jury could not agree. >> harris: i am going to ask you to stand by for a moment, what you are talking about are americans tax dollars, whether you live in new jersey or not, you are watching the story. the amount of resources they put forth, you heard of senators being brought forth, it is interesting because this is a day in which we are talking about tax dollars like we haven't in many years as they vote on a tax reform bill. we are covering what's happening in new jersey for a couple of reasons. bob menendez, a democrat in the
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senate, a mistrial for him. we are going to pause for just a moment to let our fox stations join us as this is making news across the country. this is fox news coverage of senator robert menendez corruption trial, the judge has just declared a mistrial. i'm harris faulkner at fox news headquarters in new york. the reason we are bringing you the story is because this is monumental in the balance of power in congress and also a day in which we are talking a lot about taxes, this was a very expensive trial and the judge has said that those bribery and fraud and conspiracy charges, and 18 count indictment brought against a sitting member of the senate, bob menendez, there has been a mistrial in this case. the judge just moments ago spent about 20 minutes each talking to the jurors to make sure. you guys were deadlocked, are you sure we cannot go forward, is there a way to do an upper down on this, innocent or guilty? this is not an acquittal, a
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mistrial means they couldn't get it together, they couldn't reach a verdict in all of this and we have been on verdict watch, just so you know, for eight days and all of this. this is a 38 daylong trial of a sitting member of congress and of the senate particularly. david lee miller is outside the courthouse to tell us the lates latest. >> it was about 11:30 this morning that the jury passed a note to the court saying that they could not agree unanimously on any of the 18 counts. a short time later, the judge interviewed the foreman of the jury, he interviewed the other 11 members of the jury to confirm the contents of that node and then the judge declared a mistrial. in this 11 week long trial. upon hearing the fact that there was going to be a mistrial, the senator who usually sat stoically in the courtroom embraced his son and his daughter with a big smile.
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obviously breathing a sigh of relief. as you just mentioned, this is not an acquittal, this is a hung jury. the jury was deadlocked, we do not know the split, we do not know the precise issues they were grappling with but the jury was abundantly clear in that note that they could not reach agreement on any of the 18 charges. the senator was charged with 12 charges, many of them bribery, the other six charges dealt with his codefendant in this bribery case, a florida eye surgeon. the men had a long friendship, the defense maintains nothing illegal took place here. this was simply a case of one friend helping out another. the senator helping his friend, the friend providing campaign contributions and free travel, luxurious travel at that. the prosecution said it went much beyond that, that this was a case of bribery. they may have been friends but would also took place here was illegal. that according to the indictmen
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indictment, apparently the jury could not agree unanimously in other united states government is going to have to decide if this is a case worth trying once again. i should also point out, a few feet behind where i am standing, a podium is now being set up and we expect to hear from senator menendez possibly other others, the prosecutors as well who have not talked during this entire trial as things wind down here. >> harris: just to tell our viewers who are joining us on fox broadcast stations across the nation, i was just reminding everybody, it is our tax dollars hereto because of the scope, the breath and the length of this trial. should the government decide to go forward and try another case against the senator bob menendez, we are talking about a lengthy and expensive process, we had a juror leave the pool a few days ago who laid out the fact that he or she thought that
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menendez was innocent. you have to take into account some of those things that are happening in the last few hours and whether or not the government would seek charges against him again. i want to give you last word as we wrap this up, a sitting member of the senate and i mistrial today, not an acquittal but a hung jury couldn't decide whether or not he should be punished or simply acquitted of the charges against him with fraud, conspiracy, and bribery at the heart of the way that david lee miller had laid them out. thank you very much. all right, please stay tuned to fox news channel and this fox broadcast station for the continuing coverage of the story. they were setting up a lectern behind him, we may hear from senator bob menendez. the balance of power could change if he were not to return to the senate, if he had been found convicted of any of these charges. that did not happen today, if the government tries him again, we don't know what could happen. a lot of eyes on this, we will follow it for you. i'm harris faulkner new york.
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this fox news alert, they are voting on taxes on the hill today, ahead of a full house taking a vote. the leader, the speaker of the house paul ryan on the floor, let's watch. >> this is not how it is in this country traditionally. we need to restore growth, we need to restore opportunity. we need to restore this beautiful thing we affectionately call the american idea. passing this bill is the single biggest thing we can do to grow the economy, to restore opportunity and help these middle income families who are struggling. people always ask, what's in it for me? how do i benefit from this? i'm a chart guy. why is this important? what this shows you under this
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plan, the average family at every income level gets a tax cut. tax cut at every level. what this chart shows you, the people who are struggling, the people who are in middle income brackets, trying to become middle income, they get the biggest tax cut. this plan is good for people of all walks of life, all across the country. the bigger release close to those who need it most. let's put it into numbers. a typical household of four people makes $59,000 in this country. that family of four, $1182 tax cut in the first year alone. the median family income, mom, dad, to go kids, the median family income in america today is $87,000. that family will get a $1,941
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tax cut right away, year one. if you are one of those 57% of americans who say you don't even have $500 for an emergency, this really helps you. let's talk about those people who itemize their taxes who live in high tax states, let's talk about a couple making $115,000, living in a high tax state. let's say they've got $8400 and a mortgage interest payment. they can still write all of those off under this plan and they will still see a tax cut of $1,130. $1,130. if they have kids, and even larger tax cut. not only do people get to keep more of their own money in their own pocket, we dramatically simplified the taxes i made it more fair. today, 7 out of 10 americans don't itemize deductions. 70% of americans take what we
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call the standard deduction for their taxes. it is that, it is standard, it is straightforward. you are not taxed on that income but over the years, washington has piled on special interest loophole after special interest loophole in these loopholes are skilled -- skewed to the people who are wealthy and well-connected who can afford all the tax lawyers to navigate the tax code so they can get a good deal. if you are not in that group, if you don't have the lawyers and the accountants and you are scraping away in your middle income you don't get those deal deals. we want to take those loopholes away, make it fair for everybody, lower tax rates and make it easy. here's how easy this gets. we are going to make it so easy that by doubling the standard deduction, 90% of americans, 9 out of 10 americans will be able
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to fill out their taxes on a form the size of a postcard. what this means is for a single person, you don't pay taxes on your first $12,000 of income. for a married couple, you don't pay taxes on your first $24,000 of income. here's the basic philosophy. instead of jumping through all the hoops the irs puts in front of you, instead of doing what the special interest groups say you need to do in order to get some of your money back, we basically say keep your money in the first place. it's your money, do what you want with it. all of this is about tax relief, it's about fairness, it's about simplicity, it's about easing the stress and anxiety that's in this country. what we really need to do is we need better jobs.
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more jobs, faster economic growth, higher wages. this brings us to the way we tax ourselves as businesses. this brings us to what do we do to make america the most competitive place in the world. here is the real problem we've got with the way we tax our businesses, we are the worst in the world at it. we right now tax our businesses at the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. what does that do? let me give you an example from where i come from. in wisconsin, the example is johnson controls, a country with team a company with a history dating back to the 1880s. the biggest comfort to my company we had headquarters in wisconsin. they are now an irish company, their irish tax rate is 12.5%. this is happening all over the country, companies just to stay
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competitive are becoming foreign companies. when the headquarters of that company leaves your hometown, when that employer leaves your state and goes to another country, there goes the united way campaign, there goes the white-collar jobs, the manufacturing, the research and development, there goes america's competitiveness. what's worse is all these foreign companies are buying u.s. companies because it's cheaper because of taxes. so here is what we do, instead of being the worst, we leapfrog ourselves by bringing that tax right down to 20%. guess what, when you tax year businesses at much higher tax rates than our foreign competitors tax there is, win and we lose. we've got to stop losing, we've got to start winning. that's what this does. what's even more impressive as it lowers taxes for those small businesses even more.
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the job creators in america have every incentive to stay here and build here. what's more, we are finding that by doing this, we are going to get faster economic growth, more jobs. higher wages, better take home pay let me break it down. fax tax foundation, they ran the numbers. with this bill we will get faster growth, about three and a half faster economic growth. 305,000 new jobs. wisconsin, 17,999 new jobs. california, 11,422,000 new jobs. texas, 74,037 new jobs. you get these new jobs when you grow this economy, you pass this
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bill, you grow this economy. [applause] and so why do we do all of this? because it's about giving people more take-home pay, it's about raising wages, it's about helping families who are struggling to get ahead. it's about getting washington out of the business of picking winners and losers and giving the american people the kind of economy they deserve, the kind of economy we can have. this just shows you that across every income scale, across-the-board, wages will go up because we are going to grow the economy and most of the wage growth goes to the people who need it most, people in the middle, people who are struggling. that is why we are here. my colleagues right now are in the middle of a long day where people are working tooth and nail in their jobs. we are right here in the middle of a day where america's workers are trying to figure out how they are going to make ends
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meet, trying to keep up with everything. those people, the hardworking taxpayers of this country that we are representing, that is why we are here. this is why were doing this. they are the foundation of this country. we are here today for them. the special interests are trying to protect their piece of the pie. all the negativity you see out there, there's probably a special interest group back there trying to keep their special interest in the tax code. it is high time we route that out, we don't settle for the status quo and we give people the kind of tax code they need and deserve. it's been 31 years since we last did this and it is finally time that we get the general interest of this country to prevail over the special interests in washington. [applause] so we know this brings more fairness, we know this increases take-home pay and bigger
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paychecks and we know this grows the economy and creates more opportunities. faster economic growth is not going to fix every problem america has but faster economic growth is going to help us solve every problem america has. my colleagues, i ask you today to raise your gaze into something bold. to see the forest through the trees, think about the people we are here to actually represent, think about the people who are struggling were going to go to bed tonight and probably not sleep because they are worried about what's going to happen tomorrow, that's what this is. this is one of the most historic and the biggest things we will ever do. the reason is because this is one of the biggest things we can do to improve people's lives. to revitalize that beautiful american idea, spread liberty and freedom, this is something that's going to repress our confidence in ourselves, and our confidence in each other. enough settling. enough giving in. let's start to reclaim our
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future right here in this moment, in this chamber, in this moment, let's pass this bill. thank you and i yield back. [applause] >> of the from texas. the gentleman of texas yield back. >> harris: you see the speaker of the house on the floor there, paul ryan. you see others yielding back their time, the notes we had on whether the speaker would step up there and be the last person to speak might actually hold before they hold a full house vote. if not we will continue to watch the situation because it may or may not happen that way, we may hear from more and it looks like that may happen. in the meantime we are told now that the president has left
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capitol hill after meeting with republican lawmakers and rallying, the full house vote could be moments away. as that happens we will bring it to you live. the other story that is breaking news today, a sitting member of the senate, al franken. a sexual harassment and other misconduct charge being made by his accuser, let's watch this now. against al franken of the senat senate. >> like i said, to know it in the context of the entire trip and what happened in the entire two weeks, is telling to me, the fact that he just thought he could get away with it and that it was okay, that it was funny
10:32 am
and i knew all these years later that -- i thought it was going to be funny. a comedian, i thought it was a joke, it was in bad taste i thought it was going to be funny and i guess it wasn't. nothing like that is ever funny. is it funny if he does add to your sister or your daughter or your wife? in context, of already assaulting me backstage and all the little petty things he was doing to belittle me and how he treated me, in succession and it ended with that, how i was left to feel without being able to say whatever i needed to say, great, while i was sleeping, you do that to me and i can even say anything to him. that's how it all happened and how it finished.
10:33 am
>> he issued two statements. one, i apologize, two, i respect women. >> can you read the second and third run to me? >> he says i respect women, i don't respect men who don't. the fact that my own actions have given people a reason to doubt that makes me feel shame. he is also asked -- do you accept his apology and what do you think should happen after an investigation? >> there's no reason why i shouldn't accept his apology. if that's -- sure. and you didn't come out to -- i wasn't looking for anything. people were asking what i expected from him. if you wanted to apologize, great. this is happened -- this is been going on, this happened 11 years
10:34 am
ago. i saw him a couple years after that with my husband at a gala and he walked up to me, found me in a room and said hello to me and i was very cold to him. he found me -- with my back to him, and said hello, i turned around and walked away from him. my husband said to me last nigh night, "as i recall, you left me standing there with him because you said hello and turned your back and let me standing with him." he had a chance to apologize to me then. he knew exactly what he did to me then, that picture was out there. he had a chance to apologize to me, i wasn't holding my breath. i would've been long dead by then. the apology, sure, i accept it. people make mistakes, of course he knew he made a mistake. i do accept that apology. the ethics investigation, if
10:35 am
that's what mitch mcconnell wants to do, that's on them. i'm not calling for that. if that's what he wants to do, okay. that's up to them. i'm not demanding any of that. i just don't want -- to me it is more, this is happening in hollywood. i worked in the entertainment business, for over 20 years. this -- with al now in the senate, this is kind of hollywood and kind of politics but it's sort of parallel. this is happening in middle america, this is happening for women that work at chili's, that is happening for a while women that work in an office building in iowa and kansas in florida, this is happening to women who
10:36 am
have no power and no essay to speak up. this is -- i think the tide is turning, what about all the women who don't have microphones and have a voice and can say something and it's everywhere on the news? what about the women who get assaulted every day and are afraid to speak out? i was afraid to speak out 11 years ago. i wanted to say something and there were people around me who said "you would get annihilated, you will never work in this town again." i was afraid of that. i really was afraid of that. i was working at fox sports, i had a good career and i thought if i came out and spoke out, i probably would get fired or would just get phased out. i was afraid of that. i'm not afraid of that anymore. could it still happen? sure, possibly but i'm a lot more secure and myself, my
10:37 am
career, at the stage now, i really do think the tide is turned and i'm doing it now because it's different, there is strength in numbers, congresswoman jackie spear has come out, she is talking about it now, she said she had that experience in her 20s as a congressional aide and came out and said her chief of staff stopped her in an office and grabbed her face and kissed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth, we had her on air and she said that to us while we were interviewing her. and i said i looked at doug, and i kind of mouth -- that was al franken to me. i think that was my catalyst, if i'm going to tell my story, now is the time. 2017 is not 2006. it's a different time, maybe i can be somebody's jackie spear and they can tell their story in real time and not wait.
10:38 am
why do you think so many people are coming out now that have stories that are decades-old? people make mistakes, i'm not calling for him to step down. that's not my place to say that. if there are other people that come out and say he's done this, i don't know. if i'm the only one that's come out and said senator franken is on something to me -- if there are other women that have come out, i haven't returned a phone call, i've gotten a phone call from a woman that -- i've only gotten the message that said something similar happened to her and i haven't returned it yet. that's to be determined. i don't know, that's not my call. i don't know. i am not saying that.
10:39 am
>> we still need a fast 11, we can do it standing up there, i think this is probably maybe more that -- it's unbelievable what you've done. >> thank you. >> if we need to do that, let's get going. we are good to go, thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: we were watching them do some technical things on there with the accuser of senator al franken, that is leeann tweeden, she detailed the thing she said that al franken did nonconsensual physical advances. back in the early to thousands before he was a senator. now in just a short little while, senator claire
10:40 am
mccaskill and eb clover shark, are calling for an ethics inves. he has said in a recent statement that he would be open to that. as we watch out accuser, leeann tweeden lay out the details of what happened on a uso tour that happened years ago in 2006. she was detailing that information there, taking questions with reporters. i have alongside me the power panel today, we are going to talk a little bit about this but before we go there, can you make that on the right side of the screen really big? the u.s. house is voting on landmark tax legislation. i can make a small picture bigger. this is where we were seconds ago before leeann tweeden was making her accusations against the sitting member of the
10:41 am
senate, al franken, democrat from minnesota. we were with house speaker paul ryan leading the republicans on their way to push forward through a vote happening right now, you can read the vote counts on your screen. we should know how this thing has shaken out, if this goes forward, republicans were jubilant about the fact that they thought it would, this is one, then the senate, then they reconcile the differences, then the president get it on his desk and he has promised to sign when it is before him. with a couple of exceptions, the corporate tax has to drop to 20%. our power panel, bernard whitman and rich lowry. let's start with taxes, in the next little while, we are going to see something. >> potentially a really gratifying moment for paul ryan, the republican house majority
10:42 am
for years has been completely dysfunctional and borderline ungovernable. this has happened incredibly quickly, incredibly smoothly. like with obamacare repeal, it will be another item where the houses done its job and the question is the senate. >> harris: what is interesting, you saw the president, what he can do is motivate everybody to move forward. >> rich out exactly what the problem is, the problem is going to be in the senate, ron johnson has already said he's not going to vote for it. >> harris: not the way it is now. >> there's a good reason for that, the american people aren't buying the fact that this is a tax cut. if you look at the most recent polls, 12% of the american people thought it was a tax cut, 51% thought donald trump would get a tax cut. taxes start rising on those, taxes start rising, taxes for for some reason on those making
10:43 am
over 100,000 continual, corporate tax rates are permanent. these tax rates to the middle class are ephemeral, that is not right and the american people understand that they are likely not going to see the benefits paul ryan is talking about. >> there's a really important policy reason for why it structured that way. corporate corporations make business decisions on really long time frames. if you have these tax cuts theoretically expiring in ten years on the corporate side, that is a problem in terms of boosting corporate investment. no one is going to repeal these tax cuts when push comes to shove. >> harris: a couple of elements not having anything to do with corporations but individuals. the tax brackets people were looking for, one of the bills it wouldn't be that way, which means you can't do it on an app and you can do it on a postcard. that's a broken promise right there already think they can reconcile that? >> president trump has been very forthright about this, it is a
10:44 am
tax cut, it is not tax reform. they are making reforms around the margins but is mostly a tax cut. the changes we are seeing in the senate are ensuring that middle-class tax my families will get tax cuts. >> harris: they are voting right now. we are watching, stay close. we will be right back. >> harris: senator bob
10:45 am
menendez of new jersey in a mistrial today. let's watch. >> alicia was here with me every day in court and brought my lovely granddaughter to new jersey so i could remember what i had to fight on for. my son rob who testified on my behalf and join his sister in court. i'm so blessed to have two great children, i love you so much. i can't truly thank you. i want to thank my sister and her husband, their presence and
10:46 am
the bible passages my sister would send me every morning were an incredible strength. i wish my dear friend sal success in his continuing search for justice. i want to thank my defense team as well as dr. melvin's attorneys, the nation's premier defense attorney who methodically tore apart the government's case, his partner, a former prosecutor turned advocate of justice. gray brown, whose insights were invaluable and his associates, greg and justin who gave their total commitment to our cause. and to the defense team for their invaluable roles. i want to thank the jury, 12 new
10:47 am
jerseyans who saw through the government's false claims and use their jersey common sense to reject it. i appreciate their service. i appreciate their sacrifice and their time away from their family and their professions. i want to thank my colleague, senator cory booker who has been supportive from day one, traveled the state and spread the good word, was here on the first day of trial and came and testified and was in my mind a profile in courage. i know many who are close to him urged him not to testify, it's a measure of an incredible man who was willing to use his personal reputation and take a risk in order to see justice done. he is a public servant of unlimited potential who can easily serve our country and the highest office of all of the land. i will never forget it, you have
10:48 am
my gratitude and respect. i also want to thank senator lindsey graham, my friend and colleague for once again coming to testify to my character, my truthfulness, and my honor. while i know he came as a friend, i appreciate the political capital he used as a republican to come and testify on behalf of a democratic colleague. that's rare indeed in today's politics. i want to thank the clergy of all different denominations who stood with me, who strengthened me and prayed with me. i'm so thankful for your spiritual comfort and support. i want to thank a leader in the community, all for being character witnesses. i want to thank the hundreds of new jerseyans who counted along the last ten weeks who overwhelmingly express their support and more importantly
10:49 am
their prayers. i want to thank my staff, both in d.c. and new jersey for their loyalty and above all their dedication to the people of new jersey. especially fred turner, my chief of staff, my political director and my special assistant. let me say a few things. the way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong. the way it was prosecuted was wrong in the way it was tried was wrong as well. certain elements of the fbi end of our state cannot understand or even worse except that the latino kid from union city and hudson county can grow up to be a united states senator and be honest. i can't even begin to tell you how many people have come to
10:50 am
tell me the fbi went to them and asked them, what can you give us on menendez? that is not what the fbi and department of justice is supposed to be doing. they are not supposed to be leaking to the press. which violated my rights to a fair process. i've made my share of mistakes but my mistakes were never crim crime. it is truly a system of justice you can afford. i understand why so many americans feel that justice is elusive but for supporters across the country, who believed in me, who knew who i am and what i stand for, i could never have afforded the millions of dollars this case is cost. my gratitude to all those new
10:51 am
jerseyans and americans from across the country who believed in me and help me mount my legal defense against the millions of dollars spent by the overwhelming weight of the federal government. i've also learned about the incredible weight and power of the federal government and how it can crush you. if it wants to. it gives me an even greater resolve to make sure there is a check to that awesome power. where do i go to? what office or department of the federal government gives me back the past two and a half years of my life? where do i go to to have the damage they sought to encourage my reputation, what department replaces a? let me share some final thought thoughts. to those who left me, who abandoned me and my darkest moments, i forgive you. to those who embraced me and my
10:52 am
darkest moments, i love you. to those new jerseyans who gave me the benefit of the doubt, i thank you. to those who have a doubt, i'm going to work harder than ever before so there is no doubt. to those in the press who did their job and did it with professionalism and even to some of you who are actively kind, where is dominic? i don't cm, dominic? we have seen what the professional press is all about them why that freedom is important to society. to those who are taking my political grave, i know who you are and i won't forget you. let me ask the question i could not answer before the trial was over, why didn't i testify? there is nothing more i wanted to do but to tell my story. i am proud of thousands of
10:53 am
people i've helped in new jersey and across the country, i have help with their visas, reuniting families and very often bringing people who were denied so that they could save a life of a loved one. i am proud of my work, something i have been a champion of and i believe is in the vital interest of the united states. my fight to save medicare, hundreds of millions of dollars, i believe we can't afford to draw medicine when we can carefully administer to paintings. a trial is not a public forum, it's a legal procedure. my testimony on direct and cross examination would have likely taken days, we put would've put at risk losing one of the jurors who told she would be excuse to go on vacation. we collectively felt by the way
10:54 am
she reacted to different parts of the prosecution and defense that she believed in our innocence. we didn't want to lose her, we were right on that and we still lost her. the prosecution would abuse me to redo their entire meritless case all over again, including having me read emails and other materials that were not mine that would've put my voice and my name in essence giving them an additional summation before their final summation. that was just a small window into my thinking, anybody who knows me knows i never seek advice but i never shy away fro. this wasn't a fair fight. i've spent 43 years, my entire
10:55 am
adult life in public service to the people of new jersey in the nation. it is been one of my greatest -- i absurd with honesty and integrity and given it my all every day. i am proud of what i have been able to accomplish for the people of new jersey, i am proud that many young people and many from the hispanic community look at me and see it is possible to grow up poor, go to public school, be the first in your family to go to college and rise to be one of 100 united states senators. >> harris: a very lengthy and cheerful moment from senator bob menendez of new jersey, he was found in a mistrial today, that is not an acquittal of course but he was laying out some reasons why he doubts the government will go after him again on charges that included conspiracy, bribery, it was an 18 count indictment. the jury was deadlocked and they could not come to a decision, a
10:56 am
home trial. the judge decided that earlier today after spending some time with those jurors. senator bob menendez now being able to go back to his life unless the government comes after him again. that's what was making news on one side of your screen but right now the house has just passed tax reform. their bill, the senate is working on their's but this is a huge first step, you saw the president of the united states on the hill this afternoon, we are anticipating hearing from the house speaker uc standing behind the lectern this afternoon. the tax reform that republicans have been talking about they need a politically but most importantly to give americans back a portion of their paychecks, that was the goal. you saw talk of a corporate tax on both sides, both chambers of congress, house bill calling for a 20% for corporations to pay,
10:57 am
that is down 15 points from what they currently pay. you heard the house speaker talking about companies that were not locating themselves inside the united states right now. because of the way they are taxed, and how that was such a huge portion of what they wanted to get done in the house today. their bill would bring back jobs and the impetus for those companies to repatriate that money, to bring it back to the united states and do business here and change things, reform things in such a way. we've seen the dow jones, it's been giving an answer back for quite a while, breaking records and now the house has passed really historic for the open era. tax reform on their portion of it, they still have a lot to work out. i want to bring in my power panel. as we watched this, we are watching for the first time history being made, i put it that way because this is the detail we are having on taxes,
10:58 am
not since 1986 and ronald reaga ronald reagan. >> they had votes to spare in the house, now in the senate they can only lose three. that's what undead obamacare repeal, it's going to be close in the senate but ultimately i think just being 1 of 3 to stand up and stop an initiative that everyone believes the fortunes of the party in the midterm election so depend on this is going to be really difficult. someone like ron johnson has problems with the current form, will he be one of the three to block this and harm the party? i doubt it. >> harris: that's what happened previously with obamacare, but the stakes were not what they are right now. >> this is happening against the backdrop of that failure. >> harris: the balance of power is also something democrats are concerned about with bob menendez. he can go back to work and thus the government wants to come back to him. it doesn't necessarily touch this situation unless you get some republicans to vote no and the senate.
10:59 am
>> it's not about standing up for the american people, it's about standing up for the party. republicans are desperate to score win. in fact it is a corporate tax giveaway and massive financial redistribution to the wealthy. if you look at the details, two-thirds of those who needed tax cuts the most who make under $30,000 $30,000 or getting either no tax cuts or a tax increase. the idea that this is a middle class tax cut is a farce that has been played on the american people. >> harris: we are kind of running out of real estate gentlemen, i want to thank you for being here. notwithstanding all of what you think, the fact of the matter is the house just passed this, they didn't need democrats to do anything. we are watching the situation where you see the chairman of the house ways and means to the left shoulder i believe it is, that's kevin brady and on the right shoulder stepping up next we are told is house speaker paul ryan. of course we know from having them on this program, they knew
11:00 am
they had the votes, now let's hear from representative brady and we are also >> dana: as we await paul ryan to start speaking there. the house passing tax reform. hello, everyone. i'm sandra smith in for dana perino. this is the daily briefing. the tax vote just began a short time ago. the house has approved this historic package on tax cuts. growing calls for an investigation of senator al franken as he has now been accused of forcibly kissing and groping a woman. also judge moore set to speak. also a judge declared a mistrial in the case against new jersey senator bob


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