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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 17, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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the parents said they were allowing their son to exercise their first amendment rights. >> have a great weekend. special report for bret baier with next. >> president trump calls out democrats. clinton supporters turn on one democrat who said bill clinton should have resigned. the chief executive of afghanistan will join us about america's law and we will talk about federal agency. this is special report. i am bret baier. president trump and his administration are talking regarding his goal of sweeping tax reform. one day after the passage in the house, his chief spokeswoman is expressing optimism about the prospects in the senate despite reports of dissension in the gop
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ranks. the president commented on the al franken sexual harassment case and remained silent on allegations about roy moore and doing something about his supreme court choices going forward. john roberts starts us off tonight. >> in his only public appearance, president trump said nothing about any of the big items in the news. but he did weigh in on twitter. on tax reform, president trump was over the moon about the passage of the house bill tweeting great numbers on stocks and the economy. if we get tax cuts and reform, we will see great results. the president also taking aim at the fact not a single democrat voted for a bill. accusing democrats of a lost opportunity. tweeting if democrats were not obstructionist and understood the power of lower taxes, we could get their ideas into the bill. the next stop is the senate. the bill was voted out of the
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finance committee yesterday but not without serious heat across party lines. >> i come from the poor people. i have been here working my whole stinking career for people who don't have a chance. i really resent anybody saying i am just doing this for the rich. give me a break! i get sick and tired of it. >> well, mr. chairman, i get sick and tired of the richest -- >> regular order, mr. chairman. >> it's not just democrats who oppose the tax reform bill. 6 republican senators are either no or on the fence including ron johnson, john mccain, and jeff flake and collins and rand paul. >> we are confident we will get this package passed. we would love to see some democrats support this historic piece of legislation. >> you didn't get in the house.
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in the senate? >> there is always hope. >> president trump weighed in on the controversy about senator al franken. tweeting, the picture is bad. speaks 1,000 words. the president who faced his own allegations, was criticized for going after franken but cityi i -- staying quiet about moore. >> the roy moore story is 8 days old. the president put out a statement on that. >> the white house is looking ahead to the next vacancy of the supreme court. listing 5 more names. including barrett. and rick grant. cavanaugh.
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newsome. and wyerick. there are no vacancies on the supreme court. anthony kennedy may retire after thanksgiving and the white house wants to be repaired. >> john, thank you. a democrat senator name as a potential presidential contender in 2010 is taking heat after declaring that bill clinton should have resigned following the lewinsky scandal that triggered his impeachment. james rosen tells us about the latest controversy in the politics of sex sexual harassment. >> occupant of the new york senate seat, kirsten gillibrand believes president clinton
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should have resigned amid the sexual misconduct charges. >> things changed today. under those circumstances, there should be a different reaction. >> gillibrand included the republican incumbent. >> i think in light of this conversation, we should have a different conversation about president trump. >> liberals at the time on msnbc demanded a wreckoning with the clinton era when they attacked his female accusers including broderick who claimed bill clinton raped her. the form president stumped for gillibrand prompting a spokesman for miss clinton to tweet: not enough for you? over 20 years you took the clinton's indorsements, money and sheets.
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hypocrite. >> i think there is a special place in hell for people like that. >> she turned on the man who did more with his wife for her than anyone alive. >> president truman is bright and cheery. >> harry truman left office with dismal approval ratings, but ending with the 1992 biography, heroes in public estimation. >> [cheers and applause] >> disclosures by jfk's mistresses tarnished his legacy. >> i think is an inflection point for bill clinton's legacy. i think more and more what we are seeing in historians will see he diminished this office.
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his legacy will be very different from the one that we had thought when he left office. >> bill clinton did not respond to our request for comment. he has long denied that rape allegation. george bush faces new scrutiny. several women accused him of groping them including one during his presidency. >> bret: we are hearing more from hillary clinton as to why she did not get the office that her husband once held. >> he said that russian interference was one of the major contributors to the outcome of the 2016 campaign. >> i think there are a lot of questions about it legitimacy. we don't have a method for contesting that. in our system. >> bret: she cited reggistitration issues in her
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loss of wisconsin. the state no republican had carried since 1984. mrs. clinton was the first party nominee to skip campaigning in since 1972. women's groups says alabama republican roy moore is trying to intimidate the women accusing him of sexual misconduct. moore's wife spoke her mind. peter is on the story from birmingham. >> today judge roy moore remained out of sight, but his wife defended him on the steps of the state cap pal. -- capital. she said accused her husband is a gentleman. >> even after all of the attacks against me and my family and the foundation and now against my husband, he will not step down. >> [cheers and applause] >> dozens of women surrounded mrs. moore trying to counter her
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husband's accusers. >> i never heard a whisper or a rumor about judge moore and these kinds ever sexual activity. >> otherss scrutinized republicn leaders. >> they're not calling for al franken to step down and mitch mcconnell and ted cruz. the hypocrisy! >> steve bannen said this race is between roy moore and mitch mcconnell. it's a race where women voters are breaking for the democrat. doug jones has a 26 point advantage with women over roy moore. supporters confronted reporters on monday when questions focussed on moore's accusers.
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>> [shouting]. >> [overlapping talking] >> an attorney said judge moore presided over nelson's 1994 divorce. >> there was contact. >> she never appeareded before him. jones drew a big crowd as this campaign tries to capitalize on bad headlines about opponents. >> for all women, we are empowering women to stand up and speak out. that's a wonderful thing. >> this afternoon roy moore found out he will have the vote of a big name republican official here in alabama. the governor kay who doesn't have any reason to doubt moore's accusers but think it's important to send a republican senator from alabama to
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washington. >> bret: peter, thank you. news overseas. secretary of state rex tillerson is calling for a return to civilian rule in zimbabwe. the military says there was progress in negotiating terms of his removal. there could be a change at the top in saudi arabia as soon as next week. it's a change the world has seen coming for a while. many expect major fallout. not only in the kingdom, but in the entire middle east. rich is live tonight at the state department with a new king. >> good evening. saudi king will transfer power to his 32-year-old son next week. that's a respect -- report in a
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british publication, but it's know confirmed. authorities arrested over 200 including government officials. the saudi government is offering some their freedom if they surrender assets. that campaign is expanding. it's unclear if they are charging them or using hem as witnesses. rex tillerson has concerns about the arrests in saudi arabia. it depends on how they are dealt with. saudi arabia is facing international challenges. a proxy fight with iran that is the basis for conflict in yemen and syria and lebanon.
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the saudi prime minister of lebanon resigned. hezbollah is overwhelming iran's government. >> i wanted to cause a positive shock for the lebanese in order to know what a dangerous place we were in. we can't continue in that way. we are distancing lebanon from regional conflicks. we found a lebanese party in yemen and other places are building up relations which i would not conduct. >> his adversaries say saudi arabia is detaining him. he denied that. bret up next what happened to the nevada agency who held off officerses.
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tesla unveils an electric semi tractor trailer that can travel 500 miles on an 80,000 pound load. this could revolutionize an industry criticized for air polluting vehicles. black hills in rapid city, south side-impact where they shutdown the pipeline after a leak of oil. they don't believe it affected drinking water systems. state legislators prepare for a decision to expand the pipeline system. this is a live look from new york. one of the big stories tonight, a massive apartment fire in hamilton heights. it brought out more than 200 firefighters. they were ordered to get off the roof. no reports of injuries. that's tonight's live look
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>> bret: in tonight whatever happened to report. the nevada ranchers who were in a standoff with federal agents over grazing rights on their land. patty on facebook asked this about bundy who along with his brett and father is on trial right now in las vegas. >> i tried to fight this thing legally and fight it politically. we have one more fight.
3:19 pm
>> he claimed he was under attack by federal agents who wanted to take his cattle and seize his land. they tased his sister and forced his brother to the ground. 3 years later in federal court prosecutors argue bundy tried to incite a war range. he is on trial with sons who life in prison. >> i am not afraid of the truth. the lies bother me. >> the judge an obama appointee let ryan out of jail to prepare his own defense but defused to release 71-year-old cliven bundy. >> they are in custody. >> prosecutors insist they only seized the cattle after the
3:20 pm
rancher failed to pay over $1 million in back grazing fees. they used th ed thad that issue their ranch into a federal monument which is what it is today. >> the family had been ranching it for 150 years. the federal government came in and the way they manage it would drive him out of the busy. >> cliven bundy is a folk hero. washington controls over 40% of the land in 9 western states. this trial being last several months. >> bret: if you have a suggestion for whatever happened to, let us know. jesse jackson is receiving outpatient treatment for parkinson's disease for 2 years. he said he will continue to work. he said he would rather wear out than rust out. >> ♪
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>> bret: this even's focus on faith. believers and others from all over the world are coming to washington to see a new museum dedicated to the world's most famous book. our religion correspondent has the story. >> the new museum of the bible opened its doors with a ceremony in washington, d.c. these doors show the magnitude of this museum, the first of its kind in term of size, scale and scope. the 430,000 square foot half billion dollars project is the brain child of steve green. >> it's great to see people come through. >> it's home to bibles that came over on the mayflower and the first one ever printed in the united states. there was controversy about how some items were acquired.
3:22 pm
he was forced to give back thousands of art facts. >> we are not interesting in showing or displaying anything that is inappropriate. >> exhibits focus on the bible's history. its stories and their impact on people. a biblical scholar said no other book in history as had as much influence on the world as the bible especially for america's founding fathers. >> what they have in common is a tendency to arcticulate their thoughts and moral values through the language of the bible. that appears to be independent of the variations in their faith. >> the museum promotes the bible's multi-cultural origins. there is a section devoted to the hebrew scriptures.
3:23 pm
bible literacy is at an all time low. they hope to help people understand how this has a great influence over their every day lives. >> bret: thanks. stocks were off do you. -- today. for the week, the dow fell a quarter of a percentage point. the s&p 500 lost an 8th and nasdaq gained a house. as the u.s. increases air strikes in afghanistan, we talk to that country's chief executive next.
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>> bret: the u.s. air force is ramping up air strikes in afghanistan. the fight against isis in iraq and syria seems to be wigged down. -- winding down.
3:27 pm
lucas as details from the pentagon. >> the u.s. military dropped twice as many bombs on the taliban and isis in afghanistan compared to all last year. a level not last seen since 2012 according to a report by the u.s. air force. it coincide with 3,000 additional troops arriving in afghanistan to ramp up the fight against the taliban. the new soldiers and marines operate closer to the front lines armed with the ability to call in more air power. there are 14,000 u.s. troops on the ground. the top officers acknowledged the danger. >> there is an increased risk. >> the taliban increased the amount of territory it controls. according to a watch dog report the taliban controls 13% of afghanistan compared to 11% 6
3:28 pm
mongst prior. 700,000 more people are living under taliban rule today. as the u.s. and afghan army go on the offensive, the number of civilian casualties has risen. earlier this week 4 u.s. troops were wounded in a suicide attack in kandahar the home of the taliban. jake simms a helicopter pilot died when his shinook crashed out out out ou out out of kabul.
3:29 pm
>> bret: thank you. i had a chance to sit down with afghanistan's chief executive to talk about the situation in afghanistan. i asked him about the future of that country and the threat from the taliban is the way forward for u.s. troops on the ground. he praised president trump's south asia policy including a u.s. commitment not tieed to a timeline. >> i want to thank president trump for the decision that he made. the presence of the troops are not time bound. it's condition based. that created certainty and brought clarity in support. >> bret: the status of the taliban now. and reports say they are
3:30 pm
controlling or contesting half of your country. is that true? >> there is no way to tell that. recent recently, these attacks in the cities. these are terrorists act. suicidal act. car bombs that led to civilian casualties which is unfortunate. we believe that the new policy on offing offing will force taliban to do something when will be convince them they cannot win and join the peace process. >> do you have any evidence that iran and/or russian is supporting the taliban inside afghanistan? >> there are reports about it. but nevertheless, we are engaging with both countries.
3:31 pm
we are trying to, to talk to countries to convince them that to help the terrorists groups which threats to russia as well. the best way forward is to help with afghanistan and the international community. >> bret: there is a battle policy-wise whether to engage the taliban and to talk and to try to bring those taliban leaders in to the government somehow. secretary of state tillerson talked about this. listen. >> we believe there are modern voices among the taliban that do not want to continue to fight forever. they don't want their children to fight forever. there is a place for them in government if they renounce terrorism and renounce violence
3:32 pm
and commit to a stable and prosperous afghanistan. >> bret: is that a viable way forward? >> we are on the same page as far as talking to the taliban. we have kept the door open for talks. they believe they can win in the military. hopefully the new policy and our efforts within the country will create conditions so they will be willing to talk. >> bret: is isis a factor in eastern afghanistan? >> yes, it is a factor in eastern afghanistan. as well as in some parts of the northern afghanistan. one important element has been a focus on safe havens. that's important because safe havens could be training for
3:33 pm
leadership and final networks safe havens. hopefully the united states will find a way to engage with pakistan. >> bret: the americans at home. 16 years of war. hundreds of billion dollars spent. there is a portion of america that is just tired. of this. what do you tell them to say it's important? >> we understand that. the fact that the united states engaged in afghanistan after september 11th, the threat of terrorism is not something you can just simply wish away. you have to deal with it straightforward. we are grateful to your country and your people for supporting us. at the same time, we believe that it is doable. a few years back, there were
3:34 pm
120,000 american troops on the ground. today it's much less. it's 1/10th of the number. it's straightforward the situation. a clear vision, it can be done. >> bret: we appreciate your time and best of luck. >> thank you. >> bret: thank you. and the 22paid the multimatt price. the white house when we come
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> such behavior is not just inappropriate. it is immoral. it is harmful for it send a message what have is acceptable behavior to the larger american family. particularly to our children. >> thank you, everyone. thank for am withing the president of the united states. >> is it your view that president clinton should have stepped down? >> yes, i think that's the appropriate response. i think things changed today. under those circumstances there should be a different reaction. >> bret: a different reaction across the board now. in the environment we are in for sexual harassment. this is a democrat new york senator who previously prayed president clinton and campaigned for hillary clinton and let new
3:39 pm
yorkers know why i am with her. then former hillary clinton aide tweeted this: ken starr spent $70 million on a job: it's just an interesting time. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, erin mcpike, and charles hurt from the washington "times." >> the clinton era is over. it turns out that ken starr and the evil republicans of the 1990 and joe lieberman they were all
3:40 pm
right and the democratic party is admitting that. i think there is a bit of a point. odd timing to hear senator gillibrand come out. after enjoying the political largess of the clintons when it's safe to come out and do this now. then the follow-up where she seems to say it was a different time. that's not an answer. what bill clinton did 20 years ago was terrible. it was terrible in those times. just as it would be terrible in these times. >> bret: all right. a lot of accusations about the looking back at this time. because there are allegations against senator roy moore and the allegations and accusers who
3:41 pm
are talking about president and candidate trump. chris hayes tweet ed it's true that the democrats and the center left are overdue for a real reckoning for the allegations against them. there are multiple articles about this reckoning. this realism hit people. >> neither party is immune to this. everybody is trying to figure out what the model is for how you respond. when mitch mcconnell became majority leader his staff put together a guide book on how they respond to immediate members. every scandal that game out mitch mcconnell knew how to respond. this is different. these are a different breed of problem and both parties are
3:42 pm
trying to figure out how to cope it. neither party came up with a good model. >> bret: chelsea hander said imagine being molested by another man and he gets collected to the u.s. senate. what kind of message does that send to young girls everywhere? she was referring to senator moore. broderick tweets back: yes, i can imagine. i was raped by the arkansas attorney general who game governor and president. chelsea saying i am just seeing this. you are right and i apologize for not knowing your story. the world's political parties need to do better and respect the firsthand accounts of victims. i believe you. >> that was an issue during the
3:43 pm
campaign. there was a lot of discussion about broderick and the accusations she levelled and repeated during the campaign and she was not believed at the time. people believed accusers based on party affiliations rather than substance or credibility of the allegations. >> bret: this is the ultimate washington hypocrisy story. everybody on every side pointing fingers. people choosing teams because of political parties. you saw what al franken said about president trump. you have seen what president trump has done to respond. president trump accused by a number of women on his own and admited to tape to do doing some of the things or being aggressive. this is why people don't like washington. this is finger pointing in every direction at everybody based on
3:44 pm
partisansh partisanship. >> bret: some credit to be given to republicans who have not done that with roy moore. they came out and across the board denounced him. i think that's probably a step in the right direction. >> for the most part. there is a corner of the party. >> the republican leadership. they wasted no time in saying we don't want anything to do with this. >> do you see it differently. innocent until proven guilty. but in a political race pending december 12th, it's a different scenario? >> you can't force the guy out. it's up to the alabama voters. >> i think that's right. sarah sanders said that yesterday. al franken, i covered his 2008 senate race. back then, this particular thing was not out at the time, but everyone knew that he made rape jokes. that was part of his past. that was something that was discussed in that race at the
3:45 pm
time. minnesota still sent him to the senate. >> had this allegation came out in 2007, the 225 vote margin he won by over coleman changes the u.s. senate. >> it might have. >> this sound bite from the white house. asked about the president weighing in on al franken and not on moore. >> there was covered extensively during the campaign. we addressed it then. the american people spoke loud and clear when they elected this president. >> how is this different? >> i think in one case, specifically, senator franken admitted wrongdoing and the president hasn't. that's a clear distinction. >> bret: that's the difference between the accusers of president trump and al franken. he also hasn't fully addressed the moore issue one-on-one. he went through a spokesman and
3:46 pm
said they are troubling and if true he should step down. >> he was very quick to jump on the criticism of al franken. he hasn't -- the "washington post" report, devastating report of four women on the record who didn't know each other, established clearly early that these were credible accusations against roy moore and president trump avoided addressing. >> do you think he stays in? >> i think he stays. al franken what is to investigate? >> i don't know. i guess it's going into the ethices committee in order to die. >> he admited to. it there are pictures of it. it's going to an investigation. senate ethices committee? >> i think he wants to show there is nothing more there. to clear his name.
3:47 pm
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i resent anybody saying i am just doing this for the rich. >> i get sick and tired. >> regular order, mr. chairman man. >> [gavel banging] >> listen, i come from the lower middle-class originally. we didn't have anything! don't spew that stuff on me! i get tired of that crap. >> mr. chairman -- >> [laughing] >> i am so upset, i can't say no.
3:51 pm
>> bret: orin hatch got fieryinged this night. steve, tax reform in the senate. where it's going? >> that's a good question. some options raised by ron johnson about where it is headed. when i talked to a member of the house, he said we will pass something narrowly and will include most of the big reforms. where it goes in the senate i have no idea. >> democrats will flood republicans on the ground in republicans home states when they are home for thanksgiving. they are pulling out numbers and talking about specific provisions and republicans are doing more broad based talking pointing with the tax reform bill. i think it will lose momentum next week. >> the impetus to get something done is strong. >> and the roy moore deadline adds to. that i was impressed with how wide the margin it passed in the
3:52 pm
house. obviously the senate is different. i think that underscores just how much pressure these people are under to produce something. >> bret: saudi arabia a new king coming next week? >> you are having radical ideas. you announced you will soon allow women to drive. you are allowing foreign investment in your beautiful country. why now? what triggered this change in thinking? >> we were not like this in the past. we only want to go back to what we were. the moderate islam opened to the world. opened to all of the religions. >> bret: talking to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman who one report says will be ring next week. saudi arabia looks different. >> it does. i can't help but think these are
3:53 pm
not positive changes. >> positive changes but you are hearing mixed messages from the trump administration on how this is going forward right now. >> some is about consolidation of power inside saudi arabia. most is about the growing strength of iran and their domination of the region. >> bret: winners and losers? >> a "new york times" terrorism reporter. i beat up on reporters for bias. she was on a panel with me today and laid out the extent to the obama administration played down the threat from alcady. -- al-qaeda. my loser is kay saying i have no reason to believe any of them and will still vote for roy moore >> doug jones in alabama the winner.
3:54 pm
leading in polls. it doesn't look like roy moore is going anywhere. loser jared kushner, the russian probe has information he hasn't discloseed. >> winner for the weeks mitch mcconnell for inserting the mandate repeal for obamacare into the tax bill. if he succeeds, he will have fetched out of the fire donald trump's legislative agenda. loser of the weeks bill clinton obviously. they are done. >> [laughing]. >> the era is over and his chickens have come back to roost. >> it started with donna brazile and went into this week. thank you. when we come back, this week's notable quotes. can you fit in there?
3:55 pm
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because there are plenty of sound bites to choose from. here this week notable quotable's. >> if you ever do that to me again, i'm not going to be so nice about it the second time. >> if you tell anyone about this no one will ever believe you. >> we all have the right to be believed. >> i am troubled about this. >> it's startling to me that there are that many pigs out there. >> obviously i've made a few people mad. >> i've made my share of mistakes. but my mistakes were never of crime. >> it's been an incredible 12 days. i've made a lot of friends. ♪ speak of the orders of the
3:59 pm
commander-in-chief of the united states. >> they went to the middle class and didn't just give them a haircut. they kind of got scalped. >> republicans claim that they have a patented tax miracle cure for everything but baldness. >> there's a lot of things with the secretary of treasury. >> were you aware of those? >> no. >> any russians? anybody that's been to russia? >> i love the emails. >> and that handshake, that just wasn't fair. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's for our edition. "the story" hosted by ed henry tonight starts right now.
4:00 pm
>> have a wonderful things giving with your family proud >> you too. >> i'll pick up "the story" from here. welcome to "the story" i am >> ed: in it for "the story" five. the election was on the 380 days ago and hillary clinton has still not accepted that trump one. how do i know that? she just elected the election may have been raked. >> i think there are lots of questions about its legitimacy. we don't have a method for contesting that. that's why have long advocated for independent commissions to get to the bottom of what happen. >> didn't she say in the final presidential debate that it was critical to our democracy that are losing candidate except the results? she accused trump of charging the election was rigged. she called that horrifying for our country. was that just because she was convinced she w g


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