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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  November 18, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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huge thank you to everyone at the ronald reagan presidential library. come here and visit this beautiful a great tribute to on better presidents ever. shannon bream up. >> shannon: al franken, some on the left are rallying around hip because of his support of women's rights. others are making a public break with the power brokers. >> things changed today and there should be a different reaction. >> shannon: is this driving a deeper wedge inside the democratic party. cowboys owner jerry jones takes aim at the man running the nofn.
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the new museum of the bible questioned for being too religious by some and not enough by others. a fox news at night exclusive. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: welcome to fox news at night. i am shannon bream in new york. a growing divide between the democratic party. senator al franken's accuser said she send his apology. the fact she is not calling on him to resign is music to the ears of his supporters. the staffers saying he treated us with the utmost respect. his supporters say we want to see what the official probe
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uncoffers for what he did to tweeden in 2006. >> the ethices team will investigate. we will learn more about what is going on. so far i only know about the press reports but i am troubled about them. >> shannon: is this tantamount to looking the other way. listen to this. >> this allows every member of the congress to say i support that and then run away from reporters. it's just an easy thing to do for every democrat to say i support the ethices investigation and go on your merry way. >> shannon: if you think democrats are trying to sweep the al franken controversy under the rug, you are not alone. democrats have an opportunity to show moral leadership. the party of women insisted
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women be believed but refuseed to do so when the targets are their own. the left turning a blind eye to those who support its agent. trace gallagher now. others believe the means justify the end. >> the democrats' response to the sexual harassment by al franken follow a pattern. the last senate investigation lasted 22 months with no real out come. there was the expulsion of packwood for sexual misconduct 2 decades ago. hillary clinton said al franken choosing the ethices root is the
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nobel thing to do. she said this is the kind of accountability that i am talking about. i don't hear that from roy moore or donald trump, jr. -- donald trump. listen to the new york democratic senator kirsten gillibrand's statement and i will read hillary clinton response. >> is it your view that president clinton should have stepped down given the allegations? >> yes, that's the appropriate response. i think things changed today and there should be a different reaction. >> kirsten gillibrand your long time ally said that your husband should have resigned after his affair with monica lewinsky. what do you say to that? >> i am not sure what she was trying to say.
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>> but then you have former clinton advisor, it's odd because the advisor knew what gillibrand was saying and he brand her a hypocrite. saying her point was strange because she probably didn't come to this thinking that her position was the same as yesterday. why she would not have that opinion in the last 20 years and vocalize it is strange it me. nothing stopped her from doing so. despite the headlines saying the allegations against al franken and roy moore will bring a day of reckoning to the clintons, they still have supporters willing to fight the fight. >> shannon: all right. trace, thank you very much. it's an interesting spot that the democratic party is in as they struggle to reconcile its pride in bill clinton with his past. fair and balanced debate with a republican strategyist and a
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co-host of the "the five" here. a woman said she was a feminist and doesn't think you should get rid of al franken right off the bat because he supports women's rights. she said: i don't believe resigning is the only possible consequence or the one that is best for the american women. if we set this precedent, we will only drain the swamp of people. >> to me, this is opening the door to target the democrats as hypocrites. democrats appear to say they represent the issues of women, but in being pro-choice and protecting women. then when you have democratic men who are in the cross hairs of charges of sexual
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misbehavior, they make excuses. you have seen writers at the "new york times" and fox, gillibrand saying they believe clinton should have had his moment of resignation. the contrary point of view is clinton was impeached. that's tied into what happened with monica lewinsky in a very different time in american life. today you have donald trump who hasn't been impeached. nothing happened even though donald trump faces 11 women who said he sexually behaved inappropriately with them. >> shannon: president clinton was celebrated and give 500,000 speeches. monica lewinsky had a rough couple of decades. i want to this from an employee
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of hillary clinton pushing back against those who came forward. we will have to bleep part of this. ken star spent $70 million on a sex act. senator gillibrand: sounds like there is a civil war going on. >> there is a civil war going on. no question about it. when you see our clinton loyalists trying to pick up their swords again and go to battle. it's exhausting. we have seen the clintons do this time and again. they need to surround the president and first lady and protect them. when the president was impeached. it was embarrassing for our country. he is revered by the democratic party. but now you have a split. people looking forward to the
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future. we should be really focussing on senator al franken. this whole bill clinton thing is a big distraction. he is still in office. i am not saying he should resign but should go back home to minnesota and apologized to voters firsthand. having staffers surround him is a cop-out. get in front of the cameras and say i am ashamed of what i have done. i think he is waiting for the thanksgiving break to think this might all go away. it's not going to. >> shannon: weekends and holidays are good to get rid of things you don't want to talk about in washington. what do you paining of those who say legislate this go to the ethices submit is a good thing. you look back to the case of former senator packwood. 2.5 years they investigated
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before he said this won't end well for me and i will leave. >> that's right. the situation with franken, it's important that people have a sense of how different this is. this is not bill clinton or judge roy moore. it's inappropriate behavior before he was an elected official. he was not a u.s. senator when this took place. he is a u.s. senator now. it shows something about his character and leads to questions. my worry is here we are trying to distract, republicans don't want to focus on roy moore. they don't want to focus on president trump. they would rather go back and relitigate something that happened years ago. everybody on the republican side is such a rush to distract from what is current news. they brought bill clinton back to life like a zombie.
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>> shannon: i am sorry. let me play a little bit. we got a little bit of the interview that hillary clinton did with rita crosby. >> the kind of accountability i am talking about. i don't hear that from roy moore and donald trump. al franken send responsibility and apologized. roy moore and donald trump have done neither. >> this was a reaction from senator gillibrand. they are trying to deflect by dragging in the president and talking about roy moore. i understand roy moore because that's been in the news. many of us republicans don't agree with the alleged behavior. if it's true he should not be a u.s. senator. president trump denied these allegations. there is a lawsuit going on in
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court. this started with the democratic party. we are on the sidelines talking about it. house republicans passed tax reform this week. that's a big deal to a lot of americans that we should be looking at instead of talking about this stuff. it's a real shame that the american voters have to talk about politicians and sexual harassment. >> i agree with ron. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. >> okay. >> shannon: but there was agreement! we like to hear that. this crosses party lines. this discussion should not be part tan. happy weekend to you both. >> happy thanksgiving. >> shannon: the president making headlines by commenting on the al franken sexual harassment case and refusing to answer
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questions about the accusations against roy moore. here's latest on the judge moore case. >> the news tonight is that roy moore's wife is standing by her man. holding a news conference to call her husband a gentleman and vow he won't get out of the race. republican leaders nervous because in alabama the democrat jones has the edge. that's why moore's wife was front and center and the candidate was out of sight. >> he is a loving father and a grand father. most important he is a christian. let he set the record straight. even after all of the attacks against me, my family, against the foundation and now against my husband, he will not step down! >> [cheers and applause] >> the mainstream media
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continues to press the white house about why president trump did not come out on camera and denounce moore, even though he said on the acia trip if the allegations of groping underage girls is true, moore should step down. ivanka trump said there is a special place in hell for people who prey on children. the president tweeted about al franken in that photo suggesting he groped leeann tweeden. he said that picture is really bad. the president added about a separate comedy skit where franken suggested another journalist should be raped. those attacks opened the doors for reporters to press sarah
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sanders about this. >> the american people spoke loud and clear when they elected this president. >> how is this different? >> i think in one case, specifically, senator franken admitted wrongdoing and the president hasn't. that's a clear distinction. >> sanders noted the president has expressed support for the republican national committee pulling campaign money for moore. >> shannon: thank you very much. president trump tweeted on his administration's controversial decision to allow the importation of african elephant trophies. angers republicans, democrats and environmentalists. it looks like the pressure ad up
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because the president tweeted i will put this on hold. will update soon. thank you. coming up. so much for diversity. a cuban-american lawmaker blocked from joining the hispanic caucus. the grand opening of a museum for the bible under attack from the left and right. the chairman of the museum will join us live later in the show.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: cuban american congressman carlos is a rising star in the republican party. a son of cuban exiles. representing florida since 2015. he was just denied into the congressional hispanic caucus. >> i tried to joined and i was told i don't share their values. apparently i am not hispanic enough for them. >> shannon: the hispanic caucus agrees with part of that and says it represents certain
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values. a secret service agent ran if florida and joins us tonight. i want to read more of what they said. this has been back and forth. they voted he can't get in. they say it's not just an organization for hispanics. it represents certain values. this vote reflects the thoughts of many of our members: they don't like where he is on obamacare and the tax bill. >> that's the most insane statement i have ever read. what exactly are your values? if you don't want to confiscate more money and steal their health care and send their kids to failing public schools, if
12:22 am
you don't share those values, you are not welcome in the congressional hispanic caucus? this story is a disgrace. i saw this today. he is just south of me. i am in florida's 18th. he is south in the 26th. i am very, very conservative as a republican. i have disagreements with him about policy, but he is a good man. the fact he is kept out of this group because he is not liberal enough shows the problem this diversity thing is in. >> shannon: the main issue is about immigration. he advocated for doing about the dreamers. here's what he's been trying to do. >> i filed the first bill in congress to give them perm nen
12:23 am
status. most of these young adults are paying taxes and want to serve in the military. we should welcome them. why can't we work together, republicans and democrats? >> shannon: that's not an agreed upon position in the gop. some republicans don't appreciate him going that far. that's not far enough for the caucus. >> i am glad you said that. you're absolutely right. that's not the majority opinion in the republican party. keep in mind, combine that with their claim that he is too republican and doesn't share our values. that's not even a republican position he took. i absolutely disagree with him on that position. i think it's terrible. i don't understand how you can claim for years that there is supposed to be intrinsic value
12:24 am
in race and skin color. these bring value to the table. then you have a cuban american immigrant who has those things you claim bring value and you say, you are not welcomed because you are not liberal enough. just call yourself the congressional liberal caucus and be done with it. my wife is hispanic and an immigrant. her mom used to clean airplanes for a living and feed his kids airplane peanuts at night. i won't be lectured by a group that claims to be represent by hispanics and treats them like a bunch of robots. that's a disgrace. >> shannon: and there is an issue of treating any group as a monolith. we heard this during the campaign. you can't treat hispanics orav african-americans that way. some think that these are
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monolithic. if you are not their version, you don't get in. >> that's a shame. god forbid anybody slips and uses an improper pronoun. the left goes crazy. what do you mean they? it could be an innocent mistake. the left does this to us all the time. hispanics all support open borders. really? have you met every hispanic. what an ensulting demeaning comment to a group of people who are independent thinkers? a lot of hispanics are mothers and fathers. cops, firemen, teachers, parents first. they don't think like some kind of racial and ethnic group of robots. it's getting insulting. the trump election is indicative of the back lash with the
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identity politics overplay. >> shannon: we will see if they change their minds. have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. >> yes, ma'am. >> shannon: the senate takes on tax reform and what the white house says it won't compromise
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: house republicans celebrated passage of what could be a historic tax overhaul. new road blocks in the senate. what is happening down in the capital late on friday. >> good to be with you. coming into this republican leadership knew the senate would be more of a challenge than the house. last night the senate took a big step to get tax reform done when
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the finance committee passed its version of the bill. chairman orin hatch got into a heated back and forth with democrat senator over allegations that the gop plan helps the rich and not the middle-class. >> listen! i honored by you allowing you to start off here. what you said was not right. that's not what i am saying. i come from the lower middle-class originally. we didn't have anything. don't spew that stuff on me. i get tired of that crap. >> i get sick and tired of -- >> regular order, mr. chairman. >> that may be a preview of what happens when the senate votes on the bill after thanksgiving. gop leaders will work hard to win over their own who have concerns about the current legislation. if more than 2 republicans vote
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against it, it will fail. there is one likely no vote in senator ron johnson. five others have concerns with the bill. the white house is working to win those senators over. president trump is open to any changes that could help the bill pass. >> i want to remind everybody that the president 3 main non-negotiatables for this bill. a big middle tax cut and simplify the tax code. >> tax reform is key for republicans and democrats. both parties are targeting vulnerable lawmakers hoping to sway them. >> shannon: that was feisty for a senate finance hearing. thank you very much. the u.s. air force is ramping up
12:33 am
air strikes in afghanistan. hostilities are increasing there as the fight against isis in iraq and syria is wipeding down. -- winding down. >> the u.s. military dropped twice as many bombs in afghanistan this year compared to all last year. a level not seen since 2012 according to a report by the u.s. favors. it coincide with 3,000 additional american troops arrive in afghanistan to ramp up the fight against the taliban. armed with the ability to call in more air power. there are 14,000 u.s. troops on the ground. the u.s. army's top officer acknowledged the new danger facing his soldiers. >> if you are out there, there is an increased risk. >> the taliban increased the
12:34 am
amount of territory it controls. the taliban controls 13% of afghan. that means 700,000 more people are living under taliban rule today. at the u.s. and afghan army go on the offensive, the number of civilian casualties rose. earlier this week 4 u.s. troops were wounded in a suicide attack in kandahar. the home of the taliban. chief officer simms died when his chinnook crashed. a greenberet was killed not far from the crash sight.
12:35 am
despite the planned increase, the number of u.s. bombs dropped in afghanistan is less than 8% than the drop on isis in iraq and syria. >> shannon: coming up the hobby lobby founder talks about the grand opening of of the museum of the bible amid controversy. hours away from opening to the public for the first timeful a civil war brewing in the nfl front office. what it means for football fans straight ahead.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: a new museum opens to the public tomorrow and devoted on the history of just one book. it's the most widely read in the history of the world. the museum of the bible aims to bring the bible to class. some controversy. the museum is being questioned by the media for being too religious. it was funded by hobby lobby founder steve green who took his fight over religious freedom and won to the supreme court. >> she worries the museum has an
12:40 am
evangelical agenda. >> the museum directors make no secret of their christian beliefs. board members must sign a commitment to faith. >> we believe in the bible. >> shannon: steve green founder of hobby lobby joins us tonight. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> shannon: some people are worried about a museum about the bible being too religious. i have been through it. regardless of what your faith perspective is or if you don't have one, there are great history lessons. people should check it out. you are dealing with criticism about some of the ways that some
12:41 am
of the things were acquired in the museum. an article said in july hobby lobby admitted to illegally importing tablets and agreed to pay a fine. your chance? >> we are responsible for everything that happens in a transaction. importing you need expertise. we early on made mistakes and acquired items that were seized and paid the fine as we understood the risk we took. we have expertise that we have brought on that helps us make sure we don't make those mistakes again. run by the highest standards of museum guidelines and are excited about opening tomorrow.
12:42 am
>> shannon: there are things there people won't be able to see anywhere else. dead sea scrolls along with fun things for the kids to check things out and rides. i thought it was interesting when i toured the museum last week, we were told there were no images of jesus in the museum. i was told that's because it was a very specific decision. not everyone agrees on what he looked like or how he would be presented. tell me about that. some of the right were confused by that. david brody. he said the museum has gizzmo's and cool effects but where is jesus? he is good. >> that comes from our new
12:43 am
testament theater. we have a theater that is 11 minutes long. the creative team chose not to show the face of jesus in that story. i am sure there are images in the artifacts and we have a stained glass window that is a representing a of jesus. but the theatre doesn't show jesus's face. >> shannon: what do you hope that people who visit this museum will come away with? >> first i hope that people realize this book impacted their life whether they realize it or not. it's foundational to our nation. principles that our nation was built. impacted science and government and literature and music. as they learn about the impact, i hope that people will go out
12:44 am
of the museum and desire to engage with it more. open up the book. we know it less today than we ever have. there is a need for people to learn about it themselves. >> shannon: my experience was going through, there is nothing preachy about it. there are all kind of faith traditions. >> exactly. it's not about a faith tradition. it's presenting the facts of the bible. today we had several ribbon cutting. israel has artifacts in there and the vatican has artifacts in there. this is not about a faith traction. it's sharing the facts of the book. we have our differences. set those aside and let's just
12:45 am
come and learn about this book that we all love and share. >> shannon: i think folks should check it out for themselves and be their own critics. a fascinating display. i wish you the best of luck. i will go back when i with spend more time there. steve green, thank you very much. coming up, a big storm brewing in the nfl. the power struggle between the commissioner and one of the league's most powerful owners is on the brink of igniting a civil war: coac
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: a storm brewing inside the nfl. dallas cowboys owner jerry jones had choice words for roger goodell. he said if you think bob craft came back after you hard. he is blank compared to what i will do for you. he shot down the report that suggested other team owners could band together to force his ouster from the cowboys franchise over his opposition to
12:50 am
roger goodell. >> i had not one inkling of communication from the league office or any owner that would suggest something that laughable. and ridiculous. that's about where that is. >> shannon: he is not having it. let's break it down. >> this is controversial. jerry jones won't back down. roger goodell made strides in the league. between the from $6 billion to 14 billion dollars a year under his leadership. but a public relations disaster. 8% drop on sunday night football for weak scheduling, oversatturation and americans being sick and tired of the anthem protests. when roger goodell took the job,
12:51 am
he said he would protect the shield. jerry jones took that shield and run with it. spoke out against the anthem protests and got the support from the president. 7 owners jo donated to the donald trump campaign. this is not looking good for roger goodell. >> shannon: this video involves versing. -- surfaceded it. do you know anything about that? >> he is social. it is not a flattering video. he apologized soon after it was released. this video was taken in 2013. it was hidden for 4 years. presumably okay. even though the content was not
12:52 am
okay. it comes out this week? this week after roger goodell fights back at jerry jones? it's interesting timing. >> shannon: so people know what we are talking about. he made a comment when he was stopped in a hotel lobby. he said something that folks think is racially insensitive. go to google to make your own decision. the case of the basketball player garden city community college. there was an anthem. he didn't kneel. he was shooting baskets. that upset some folks. what can you tell us about that story? >> that player since apologized and said he didn't intend to disrespect the school or the fans. what did he think would happen when he was shooting a
12:53 am
basketball and everyone's was doing the national anthem. he said had went against his muslim faith. well you could have respect on the sideline and have respect to your teammates and the country. it may not be a part of the muslim faith, but standing for the anthem is customary to a country this student athletes now calls him. i love that sports can bring us together and so can the national anthem. you put your teammates above everyone. >> shannon: a booster had word with him. we want to make sure people see what the student said. he said he didn't many any disrespect. i am sorry to the school. i apologize for what happened.
12:54 am
he left the school now and there is controversy over whether it was his choice or the school's. he is gone now. thanks for checking in on two big sports stories tonight. coming up from the halls of power, he did it when night court convenience.
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>> shannon: time to convene night court, we present these to the jury for your consideration. from fighting the power to being at power, a black lives matter activist famous for his shirtless confrontation with cops in charlotte last year just won a seat on the city council, he was using his shirt to cover his face. the protests were over a shooting of unarmed black man by a black charlotte police
12:59 am
officer. officers were injured in the writing that followed. he was willing to quote "uncome and inconvenient conversations." atheists are suing an animal shelter for holding the blessing of animals. a woman showed up to adopt a puppy and was offended by the religious ceremony. the atheists say it's unconstitutional to hold a religious event at a shelter that receives public funds so they want the court to prevent future blessings of the animals. an embarrassing mixup, cops get into a brawl after a drug sting went bad. the dpd sent to different undercover units working on a buy sell operation -- the detroit police chief said it's the most embarrassing thing he's ever seen in the department for those guys are out there working hard. not easy, we appreciate the work you're doing.
1:00 am
most-watched, most trusted of most grateful that you spent the evening with us. we'll see you on monday, have a great weekend. >> welcome to this special edition of hannity, scandals playing thplaguing the democrat. i'm jeanine pirro in for sean. it's been a terrible week for the left. senator al frankson under fire after this photo was made public by radio host leann tweeden. she is accusing senator franken of sexual misconduct which he is now apologizing for. then with the uranium one scandal heating up, hillary clinton appears to be getting very nervous about the potential for a special counsel being appointed to investigate that


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