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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 11, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> kennedy: thank you so much to ari fleischer, we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. we are ready to go to harris faulkner and the power seat. >> harris: a pipe bomb detonated in a new york city subway passage between times square and the port authority bus terminal. one of the busiest transit hubs in the world during the morning rush hour today. that explosion injured three people and the suspected bomber and caused commuter chaos, filling the passageway with smoke, while it was crowded with morning commuters and sent many running for the exits as you may imagine. authorities say the suspect as of 27-year-old bangladeshi man who had an explosive device strapped to his body and may have set off that device by accident. a photo from the scene posted to
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twitter shows a bearded man crumbled on the ground -- crumpled on the ground, i should say, his shirt apparently blown off and the police officer holding a man's hands behind his back. while acknowledging this could have been much worse, new yorkers must not bow down to terror. >> if the reality turns out better than the initial expectation and fear -- this is new york, the reality is that we are a target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy, against freedom. let's go back to work, we are not going to allow them to disrupt us, that's exactly what they want. and that is exactly what they are not going to get. >> harris: rick leventhal joins us now live from the streets of new york city where this happened, we are just a few hours from another rush hour point here in new york city,
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people still on edge. what more have we learned about the suspect? >> that rush hour should be a little smoother this afternoon then it was this morning, the suspect has been identified as akayed ullah, still working to confirm his immigration status but we can tell you he did hold tlc license which meant he could drive a delivery cab. he told authorities after he was taken into custody that this attack was revenge for u.s. strikes on his country although bangladesh has certainly not been a target of u.s. forces. the device he set off according to authorities described as low tax, a pipe bomb strapped to his body with velcro, he did suffer serious lacerations and burns to his hands and abdomen, he is now being held under police watch at bellevue hospital, three other people were injured but very minor injuries, headaches and ears ringing from the blast that
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took place in that underground passageway between port authority and times square. >> harris: those are concussion related injury, most people recover fully. what about the arrest? >> according to the port authority police officers union, there were four port authority police officers who took down the suspect, jack collins, sean gallagher, drew preston and anthony manford but this was a massive response from multiple agencies including the fda, and the nypd and multiple divisions. counterterrorism division and heavy armor from the strategic response group and critical response command which were also sent to other transit hubs and other locations across the city as soon as this event happened, the fbi police also assisting here and with the investigation which has led them to homes
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connected to the suspect or his family or friends, the collection of evidence also includes collecting video footage. >> this incident was captured on transit video. after further review, and interview of witnesses is under way. >> you can probably tell, port authority bus terminal has now reopened down to the city set all the subway lines will be up and running by this evening rush hour. this was a horrific incident, or potentially a horrific incident that has everyone on edge. >> harris: thank you very much. i want to give you some new details that have come in from one of our correspondence and producers, our team is able to confirm through federal law enforcement sources that the suspect is actually originally from bangladesh. we did not know that for sure. we can confirm as well although this has been out there and you can see in the pictures, official confirmation that he
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was wearing some type of explosive device, obviously. this is sourcing is something we are still working on, we have at least one source on this so i will be careful however reported but it speaks to the issue of how this person got into the country and that there may have been some familial ties, as it is being reported, around he came through family, the dhs is running all of this, those particular details about how he may have gotten into the country. as we get more details on that we will report them as they become more solid. let's bring in former nypd detective pat rothman, there are some things here that i know pop out as red flags, what are they? >> there's a couple, first of all, hats off to the outstanding job by the port authority police and the nypd, we got lucky here, harris, really lucky, these guys are mentally deficient often times in my view and what happened here seemed like a
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premature detonation, that's the original fact that supports that premise by the bottom line is as we've discussed numerous times, these type of attacks are unfortunately largely nonpreventable. they are extraordinarily difficult, like in vegas, the savage who ran down eight people on halloween on the bike path, these are largely unpreventable, even if we had our intelligence people there and we are gathering relevant and actual intelligence as we should end as we must, we want to put our people and with them and gain their operating plans. if it's often the chambers of their insane minds and they are not conveying it to anyone else, how in gods name would we investigators ever learn? these are really difficult and slippery slopes and hats off to commissioner bratton and commissioner kelly over the years, they've stopped dozens of plans, oftentimes we don't even know they've stopped them and thwarted them through
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intelligence that was gathered and conveyed it to the authorities. today we got lucky. >> harris: i keep hearing everybody use that word but i think the wider american public might wonder, what are we learning that maybe makes us more prepared than lucky and you are saying locked in the chambers of mind, how would you ever know this is going to happen? is a time for us to start having some really good discussions? i grew up military, i am just built that way, to spot the exits in closed environments, that's how i was raised. is it time to have those real-time conversations with americans now? i've heard you say this is the new normal, when you are in a subway do you have to be aware, we talk about people being injured in a stampede potentially but you do have to know where things are now. >> absolutely, one million
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percent, harris. it's time for americans as a collective group to divorce ourselves from outdated, completely irrelevant behavior that may be consistent or infer some type of bias. we have to recognize that we have to know what's going on around us. if you see a guy on a train wearing two park is in the summertime, tell someone. convey it, don't be changed to outdated and dangerous methodologies and thinking processes. it's a new world. you and i have chatted about this as recently as a couple weeks ago and it's really time. it begins there, know something, say something, convey it. the nypd, the port authority, all the agencies are nimble and fantastically responsive. the fact is that they've
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thwarted dozens of these attacks so we've gotten better. it's a new world, harris, to your point. >> harris: and you are having some microphone difficulties there, you may not have known it. you are talking about one aspect of say something, do something as i like to put it but i'm also talking about making people aware that when you are in crowded spaces, knowing where you are and knowing where the exits are, it's time to have conversations about being prepared for our own sake. thank you very much, let's bring in former cia officer buck sexton who has worked with the nypd's counterterrorism unit. we've had you on "outnumbered" but the other hat you've worn in your history is cia, what comes to mind as you look at what played out today? >> i have to reiterate much of what the detective just said, luck was a dominant factor in why we did not have a mass casualty event. >> harris: luck is not a strategy is what i am being told over and over.
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>> the incompetence of terrorists is not something we can rely on. the would-be times square bomber managed to get the explosive device into times square. the inability of some of these jihadists to execute on their plans has been the only reason we haven't had some mass casualty attacks. how do we stop this? i know people don't want to be told this is the new normal. the nypd in particular, something i was involved in in the intelligence division has been trying to run surveillance operations based upon criminal predicate and they run into a lot of resistance, people are very concerned about possible civil rights violations, there's been a bit of a pull back from that. the aclu has been suing, all the things you've seen in the papers. if you want to stop someone like
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the individual this morning, if you want to stop him from doing what he did, the only real way would be ten know he's planning it and stop him and that planning phase. once he goes operational you are really relying on luck and perhaps some defensive security measures that will always be imperfect. >> harris: that's a lot to take in. you are talking about relationship building and some of these communities, what do we know about bangladesh in particular? take me inside if you can. >> bangladesh has the biggest jihadist groups in the world operating there. you have an islamic state affiliate there and in daca, you had 20 hostages killed in a restaurant situation. is a manned radicalization exist in bangladesh just as it does in many other muslim majority countries. this individual, a very interesting point in all of this that we don't know yet, was he
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radicalized entirely here or earlier on? we may figure this out and get a sense of what his digital footprint is, we will see who he is in communication with but that will be a critical piece. did he come here, watch videos on youtube, see what's going on and decide i am going to strike? i think it's a more common problem, certainly and i think that's once we may be able to be better at neutralizing versus people that come here that have already radicalized. they are going to want to stay below the radar, they know not to share that information once they get here. we are not sure, we will see. >> harris: i want to have your optimism on the fact that if it's happening here people around them may have seen it but you know, i give you the boston bombing at the marathon, they had family members, with the people around those people have ever said this is going on in my house? >> a huge part of counterterrorism operations at
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this level, particularly on u.s. soil, is going to be does the would-be perpetrator make any mistakes, do they share their plans with anyone, and a lot of them will sometimes go online and brag about it, they think they are under some anonymity and that's where they can often get caught, the fbi does great work on this. but if their skill set is really good and they understand operational security and how to keep their communications relatively secure, it's not possible to prevent 100% of these. >> harris: buck sexton, always good to see you. we will have continuing coverage on the terrorist attempt in new york city including more information on the suspect in that explosion. all eyes on the state of alabama as raymore and doug jones are making a final push ahead of tomorrow's special election. stay close. >> don't let anyone tell you this is an election of choices,
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>> it's also part of the scheme of political parties today and
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political candidates and both parties, quite frankly, to degrade your opponent, take him down so you appear to go up. it's inconceivable to think somebody would wait 40 years because they were embarrassed or ashamed of something and then less than 30 days before the general election come out and make allegations. >> harris: that was alabama senate candidate roy moore defending himself against accusers as he is making a final push ahead of tomorrow's special election. this is a new fox news poll, showing jones is ahead by ten points, a two-point jump from last month. all that matters is what happens tomorrow, jonathan? >> it's all about get out and vote, roy moore is holding what he is calling a drain the swamp rally.
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he is going to be joined by former white house chief strategist steve bannon who rallied with moore in fairhope last tuesday. the campaign is sending out a robo call recorded by president trump. >> roy moore is the guy we need to pass our make america great again agenda. roy is a conservative who helped me steer this country back on track after eight years of the obama disaster. >> a new fox news poll shows 49% of likely alabama voters believe the allegations compared to 33% who think they are untrue, with 27% on shore. here's the sampling of what's on alabama voters are saying. >> i'm still undecided. probably leaning to vote for roy moore but i'm really concerned about the allegations as well.
10:20 am
>> i disagree with the democratic life form, concerned about roy moore and the things he's accused of. >> i voted against roy moore three or times. >> it's my first time voting so i feel like there's a lot of pressure. >> doug jones campaign official confirms that former president obama and former vice president joe biden have recorded robo calls on behalf of doug jones, those calls going out to voters statewide today. harris, back to you. >> harris: i was going to ask about some of the other things happening on the ground in terms of the other side of the political aisle. a couple of questions for you on the ground, what's it looking like, are you seeing signs of the rnc that got behind roy moore kind of shoring him up? they said they wouldn't necessarily put extra staff on the ground but they were going to and sometimes you will see
10:21 am
that indoor knocks and phone calls. >> our understanding is they haven't sent grounds people but they are sending money in, after money had dried up for a while. shortly after these allegations surfaced rnc funding dried up but when you had president trump breaking his silence on the race, not only attacking doug jones but specifically naming roy moore as the man he wanted and that senate seat, you started seeing some of that funding coming back but as far as the republican establishment, it's still a lot of opposition to roy moore, something that steve bannon lashed out against at the last rally on tuesday and we are likely to hear more of it from steve bannon at this evenings drain the swamp rally. >> harris: even judge more,
10:22 am
even he has acknowledged exists, he said it feels like to him, parts of the establishment are not yoked to him. >> absolutely. roy moore says that is what he faces, that he is not only going against the democratic party but he is also going against the republican establishment which he says is trying to keep him out of washington, d.c. one of his most recent commercials that was updated over the weekend, he starts talking about what he stands for, these conservative social values, saying people call us bigots because we want close to borders and it goes on and he says people are afraid that i -- i am paraphrasing, may bring alabama values to washington and he smiles and says "i can't wait."
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>> harris: the day before the big special election in alabama, thank you for the reporting. video shows the frantic moments as police evacuated a new york city subway station near times square, not far from where i am sitting here at fox news headquarters. moments after a man detonated a pipe bomb and trust me, it was pandemonium on the streets as well because we all knew. the mayor called it and attempted it terrorist attack. we have continued coverage, keep watching. republicans are reaching pressure to reach spending deal with democrats while at the same time looking to get that final bill on a historic tax overhaul to the president's desk. can they do it? all in the next two weeks before christmas, stay close. >> this bill pushes a lot more tax relief to middle-class families, it works on making our country competitive again. we have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world.
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>> harris: in case you are just tuning in, let's do a quick check in to the fox top story today. a terrorist attack steps from times square, law enforcement says it believes the suspect was inspired by the isis terrorist but had no direct contact with that terrorist group, they are now saying he was inspired and not told to do this. we will continue to see, the suspect was also carrying a pipe bomb which exploded early, burning his stomach and hands. those details coming forth, three people were also hurt who are in the vicinity, concussion related injuries, ringing years, that sort of thing, we are told they will be okay. the worst of the injuries were the man you see in the middle right now, the suspect who we are told is from bangladesh and they are looking into his familial ties in the united states to see how he came into the country. new york city's mayor says the botched attack could have been
10:29 am
worse. >> let's be clear, this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals. thank god our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation and make sure people were safe. >> harris: catherine herridge is in washington. catherine, i want to mention something i just heard from authorities, it's this idea of getting lucky, if this guy hadn't messed up, where would we be? what are you learning more about what led up to his ability to pull this off potentially? >> in the last hour we've gotten some new information about the suspect and his background, federal law enforcement sources tell fox news he is originally from bangladesh and they also tell us based on the evidence so far, he arrived in the u.s. about six and a half years ago through chain migration. we are trying to gather more
10:30 am
specifics about the family member who sponsors him but we are told it was just before his 21st birthday. if he had been older he would not of qualified. we are expecting a statement shortly from homeland security about the review of his immigration file. new york police commissioner said they are searching his residence and coming through other elements of his backgroun background. >> it was an effectively low tech device, anyone can go on the internet and download it garbage and vile information on how to put together a amateur level explosive device. >> back to your original question, based on what we've heard publicly so far, it does point to someone who got one of the how-to manuals off the internet to try to build explosive devices, it doesn't sound that it was someone who got the device from a professional bomb maker if you
10:31 am
will. >> harris: i want to go back to your report and remind everybody you are still sourcing this all around as we say, a spherical look, trying to source this. an early look at how he got into this country would have been through familial ties. i heard you mention that phrase, chain migration and we've heard that from the white house, the president, this idea that you link in from somebody who is already in the country or already positioned to be in the country. >> we are trying to get more information on those relationships so i don't want to get too far and speculate but we are told he came into the country when he was younger than 21 and that if he had waited a little bit longer he would not have been allowed to enter the united states under those immigration regulations. one other point if i can, i was speaking to a counterterrorism source this morning who said they are seeing a muted reaction online to this attack in the sense that there has been no claim of responsibility by isis and no evidence that isis
10:32 am
directed the individual as you mentioned but often in cases where an individual is inspired as this appears to be you get more cheerleading accounts that applaud what's happened but even that has been muted in this case as well. >> harris: what does that indicate? >> that he may simply have been real loaner online, not much of a digital footprint and there weren't others that were necessarily involved were aware of his planning. >> harris: catherine herridge, thank you very much. let's bring in in the former assistant director of the fbi in new york city, who led the investigation i should mention into the terror bombing of the world trade center. it's great to get your expertise today. no doubt you were hearing what catherine was saying, important details to bring out. you hear the term lone wolf and it doesn't necessarily mean he was the only person leading up to this event with that he carried it out alone, what are your thoughts?
10:33 am
>> catherine herridge is always right on target, she does a great job. my thoughts are this. this individual was totally unsophisticated in both objective and certainly in bomb making. with -- a pipe bomb is traditionally unreliable to deal with. they go off at anybody's women and i suspect he didn't push the trigger on this, he probably had a badly made bomb and the bomb went off anyway and he's the one that got hurt. with that said i think what we have to look at is who else can come out saying he didn't get it done but i'm going to try to do it. that is always a concern to me. the other thing that really concerns me is the fact that right now with the caliphate being basically disrupted, all
10:34 am
those rats that come out of those nest have to go someplace and they are more sophisticated at bomb making and causing evil than some kid like this. >> harris: that's an interesting thought, the scorpions that are nesting, they wanted to make their caliphate isis and we -- you were just listening to catherine, we haven't heard anybody step up and take responsibility in terms of the chatter and pop-up sites that give support to what's happening. one last question for you with regard to how we deal with this in the future, we may not have been able to prevent this but what we do at this point is really important. what are they doing right now, specifically what are they looking for that you think is illuminating? >> they are peeling this guy apart right now, taking all his electronics, cell phone, computer, anything he said at work if he has a job, who we came into the country with, who
10:35 am
he associated with, all of those things are being exploited right now and i will guarantee you throughout the country no matter where these people are there are some interviews and surveillance going on right now in relation to this guy. we tend to say it was a one-off, he probably wasn't really good at it, it still concerns me that it got done and of these transportation as you well know, buses, trains, subways, horrible targets for anybody to exploit. >> harris: thank you very much for your time. speaking of time, it is crunch time for lawmakers in congress who have a busy couple of weeks ahead of them. republicans in the final stretch of their push for historic tax overhaul as negotiations continue between house and senate lawmakers over their respective measures. looking to get a uniform bill, come together in the middle to the president's desk by christmas. here's kevin mccarthy on the
10:36 am
topic. >> the house and senate have two different bills, structurally there pretty similar, they are going to work out those differences, hopefully they can get that done this week, come back next week and vote on it. if >> harris: differences, are they little or large challenges? susan collins whose support was critical to passing the senate's plan now says she is undecided about supporting the final tax reform bill. meanwhile the clock is also taking down for republicans to reach a spending deal with democrats to avoid a government shutdown. a lot going on, doug collins is the man we bring into help us get through it all, vice chair of the house republican conference, good to see you today. let's talk tax reform a little bit and where we are. the house and the senate talkin talking, what topic? >> a lot of it is behind the scenes, what they are dealing with is the things we've heard before, ironing out details, we
10:37 am
are looking at the way we can balance this out so we can get the votes we need to get throughout the house and the senate and right now they are doing those, smoothing it out, putting it together and i think we are doing with the president asked for, tax reform that not only transforms the individual but also gets our business is going. >> harris: i like the way you put it, smoothing it out because it was bumpy is the way you are describing it. let's talk a couple things, you mention state and local taxes, the big chunk of money that will come out of people's ability to deduct in those high tax states. i've heard the political responses, vote on a different mayor, can't really do that before christmas so what do smoothing it out look like? >> i'll tell you what it is, the real issues, states like new york, illinois, california, they tax their populace to death and hide under letting them deduct money on their federal income taxes. i agree with you, that's not
10:38 am
something we do before christmas but we can can begin to look at where they have deductions, i think the kind of things that help get the states into where we can see a benefit for everybody and that's what we're trying to do. will everybody still like the final product? probably not but at the end of the day we will have something, individual tax reform and corporate tax reform so -- >> harris: will be watching to see if there issues are met. a four letter word that people look to the g.o.p. to come down strong on his debt. what are you doing to meet the concerns about debt? >> there are two parts, i've
10:39 am
been looking at that with committee members. i agree with the president, donald trump is right when he says you've got to have growth. the growth component is going to come from tax reform. they can make you might help us deal with overcoming the deficit. that some thing on very strong on. after we get tax or form that is where we are headed next. >> harris: critics say why do it now, why do you need tax cuts? >> i've heard democrats talk about this, they never want tax cuts. what we are simply saying is if we got to start going with regulation reforms, president, people who are saying let's make our business better, we have the
10:40 am
best workforce, the best intellectual property. we've got all the things we need, the worst tax code. let's move us into this next generation. >> harris: doug collins from the great state of georgia, i'm a little biased because i come from there. thank you sir, great to see you. our coverage continues on that attempted terror attack in new york city, police are searching for answers and what could have been devastating deadly situation. we will bring you the very latest as news breaks on it. alabama voters set to go to the polls tomorrow morning and our much anticipated senate special election but the state's senior republican senator says he could not vote for his party's nominee roy moore. could his candidacy be in trouble? our power panel will weigh in, thanks close. ♪ what i want, you've got,
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♪ but it might be hard to handle ♪ ♪ like the flame that burns the candle ♪ ♪ the candle feeds the flame ♪ topped steak & twisted potatoes at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ >> harris: the alabama senate candidates make a final push
10:45 am
today ahead of tomorrow's special election. we've been talking about this, it's a big event tomorrow in alabama, but some republicans are struggling with whether to support their party's candidate who faces allegations of sexual assault. the states senior senator says he still cannot vote for him. >> i would rather see another republican in there and i'm going to stay with that story, i am not going to vote for the democrat. i did not advocate for the democrat but i couldn't vote for roy moore. the state of alabama deserves better. >> harris: president and ceo of the political consulting's firm squared communication and ceo of the political nonprofit american majority. we just heard from a member of the republican party on this, where do you put where this is going politically? >> that's a big question. in regards to tomorrow night's election are the party after the election? i think roy moore does win.
10:46 am
i am looking at five or six points that he wins, a poll last week saw 86% of likely republicans out the allegations were likely false. i do think it will be closer than it should be. it leads to a broader conversation, how does mitch mcconnell react, and ethics investigation, et cetera. >> harris: do democrats have to be careful not to overreach here? >> alabama is a state that the president carried with 62% of the vote. the idea that we are sitting here in december talking about a democrat and that anybody knows his name outside of alabama is remarkable. a fox pool today had the race ten points up for the democrat. it's hard to predict, polls flux but the question is who comes out and vote and why? i think the people of alabama will probably vote on what they think in alabama. >> i think one of the sleeper
10:47 am
issues is going to be the abortion issue. a lot of people have been struggling about roy moore, they are going to take roy moore. >> harris: democrats -- and you saw al franken as he said he was going to be resigning in the next few weeks from the senate over allegations of misconduct on his own part. part of the sun umbrella conversation is being had a right now across the country and particularly on capitol hill. democrats it would seem our tying their game to look at the republicans across the aisle, are they risking and overreach? >> i don't think this is about left and right, i think it's about right and wrong. if you are boss and you have got to be held accountable. every workplace in america -- >> i agree but i think you've got to be very careful because
10:48 am
at this point used to be allegations were false until proven true. i think where we have to draw the line is there a photographic evidence, are there actual payments? obviously this person has to resign for moral reasons. >> harris: i want to step in and say why i am asking this. there may be a move to try to unseat him when he gets to congress. your thoughts? >> my thought on this, i don't want to be overly harsh and say it is a little cynical, the governor of minnesota as a democrat and they are going to replace him with a democrat. it's become heavily politicized in such a point that people are starting to question, are people trying to force people out because of cynical reasons? >> harris: will be right back. [ keyboard clacking ]
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino. we are awaiting the white house briefing as we get new details on how the times square terror suspect may have entered the united states. plus we will take a new dive on the alabama senate poll as condoleezza rice weighs in on the race in her home state. the pentagon announcing whether transgender people will be allowed to enlist in the
10:53 am
military. all that and more on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: president trump ramping up his attacks on the mainstream media over the weekend, tweeting "the fake media is out of control and they are a stain on america." "washington post" reporter had to apologize for posting a misleading photo about the crowd size at trump's friday rally. early this month abc suspended a reporter after he incorrectly reported michael flynn testified that president trump directed him to make contact with russian officials and cnn was also forced to issue a correction on friday after reporting donald trump jr. had access to the dnc documents before they went public. this is a hot mess sandwich. and the president is calling it, is he winning on this issue again? >> i think this has been one of the worst weeks for the opposition party for the mainstream media.
10:54 am
it's been a terrible week and i think it's got to the point that we can have an honest conversation about who they are. i want free press, i want an honest press. i think many of them have been masquerading their opinions, some of them are democrat operates but don't act like you are moses when you are just another guy with an opinion and a different a different worldview driving your own story line. we can now i think hopefully start to really have that conversation. >> harris: i want to get michael in here. one of the things you can look at, these stories have to do with president trump, they are against president trump, your thoughts? >> i think the news media in those cases admitted to a mistake and corrected it within a very quick amount of time. whether you believe in the point of view or not but we live in a world of blurred opinion and news these days. this has been happening over a generation and this is where we are at.
10:55 am
the president got himself to the white house by running against the mainstream media. >> harris: i hearken back to the early days, when they let all those reporters and, do you remember when that happened? it's got a flavor to it, if you will, is that fair? >> i think it's very fair, i think they've become almost a propaganda machine for the democratic party. just be honest about who you are. i would respect them more. i think the truth dies on the editing floor half the time. >> harris: really quick with regard to what ned just said, if the facts are so strong on your side of the political aisle, you could make friends with some of the media. do you need an echo chamber? >> in this day and age of twitter and everyone else, everyone walks around with a camera, it's increasingly
10:56 am
becoming less so. >> harris: that was a quick answer, good to have you guys. we will have continued coverage of the investigation after a man detonated a pipe bomb near new york city's times square. stay with us. ♪
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>> harris: we were talking tax reform at this hour and so, the conference committee will continue to produce or try to produce one bt to the president's desk on
11:00 am
wednesday, they began the first public meeting of that. we will watch for that. that is an important news point. of course, we are on the story that rolled out, breaking news at times square, attempted terrorist attack, here is dana perino. >> dana: fox news alert, we have breaking new details on the attempted terror attack in the heart of york city. one of the stories we are following and wait a white house briefing. hello, i am dana perino, and disses "the daily briefing" ." ♪ the suspect from bangladesh set up a pipe bomb strapped to his body in an underground passage wait near times square sparking chaos at the height of rush hour on one of the busiest transit hubs. the 27-year-old man is in custody amid a fast-moving investigation. reacting from governor . >> this is


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