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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 12, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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we'll have resulted in analysis. most-watched, most trusted, and was grateful that you spent this evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. we will see you at >> intentionally detonated that device. >> shocking. >> i want to make america great again with donald trump. i want to make america to be great but good and she can't be good until we go back to god. >> it is dependent upon me to set the record straight. ♪
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heather: good morning from new york city, quite a different scene, a couple hours after this show, "fox and friends" first, thank you for joining us on tuesday morning. let's get to that fox news alert. new information about support a 40 bomber who targeted the biggest transit hub in new york city, a bangladeshi native use chain migration to come to the us seven years ago and build a pipe bomb online and planned to do it in the name of isis. police swarming his home searching for new clues and that is where we find todd pyro life. why do we know, what do we know about his motive at the time, there are some discrepancies in
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things he said. >> a lot of things we will get to in a moment but you described the scene outside our building on avenue of the americas, a similarly eerie quiet seen in this neighborhood. a much different scene yesterday as investigators poured over every detail of this terrorist's like to get efforts to the questions, he lived here in brooklyn after entering the us in 2011 from bangladesh on a chain migration visa available for those with family in the us. a licensed cabdriver from march 2012 to march 2015 but it was not renewed after 2015. law enforcement said he was inspired by isis but did not appear to have the right contact with the group and likely acted alone. the 27-year-old is upset with way muslims have been treated by the us and recent israeli action in gaza and reportedly been
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radicalized by islamic state media. neighbors in this neighborhood described him as a loner. >> he always had an attitude. he would block the driveway and had an attitude. >> like he was better than everybody else. >> he allegedly packed of 5 inch metal pipe bomb and battery pack in the right side of his jacket before setting off at the nation's busiest bus terminal, part of yesterday's morning rush. he made the bomb out of an electric company. three people injured in the attack have been released from the hospital. through their lawyer the suspect's family says they were outraged by the treatment by police in moments following the attack or the attempted attack. we are going to hear more from that lawyer coming up.
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>> from the care organization. we will talk about that organization as well. live, thank you. new calls to abolish the controversial lottery program, a 1-way ticket to america. the swift and strong response from the president. >> reporter: the man accused of the bombing benefited from the extended family chain migration, that is when a person gets preference because they have a relative here willing to sponsor them and it is legal for now. >> we know the president's policy calls for an end to chain migration which is what this individual came to the united states through and if this policy had been in place then that attack would not have been allowed to come into the country. >> the president said in a
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statement, congress must act on administration's other proposals to enhance domestic security including increasing the number of immigration and customs enforcement officers, enhancing arrest and detention of integration officers and ending fraud and abuse in the immigration system. the suspect is from bangladesh but has lived in the us since 2011. lindsey graham says authorities need to gather as much intelligence as possible. to find out how people get radicalized and inspired by isis. you can't do that if you treat them like an ordinary criminal. >> he was trying to commit an act of terrorism. he should be held as an enemy combatant and interrogated. >> the department of justice will, for the first time, have detailed numbers about the immigration status of people housed in the us. >> live this morning, a very busy day today. speaking of busy alabama, all
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eyes on the senate election as voters head to the polls just hours from now, roy moore and doug jones facing off in an unlikely nailbiter that has captured the nation's attention. group jenkins live in washington dc with a fight to the finish. how's it looking so far? >> it is looking like it is going to be exciting. alabama voters haven't elected a democrat in more than a quarter of a century, democrats have one are presented in washington dc but despite the deep red state roy moore finds himself trailing in the polls as donald trump tried to rally the base yesterday with the rebel call leslie, steve bannon playing in for the third visit and the final push to rally more. he deny the allegations against him but absent the campaign trail, a message for his detractors. >> we talk about draining the swamp, difficult to drain the swamp when you are up to your
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neck in alligators. i want to make america great again with donald trump. >> doug jones got some outside help. former president obama and vice president biden, with charles barkley for a rally, continuing to frame this as a reference on more's behavior and something larger than one candidate. >> time to say no more to putting people down, no more to treating people as second-class citizens, no more to discriminating against the least fortunate among us, it is time to say no more. >> reporter: polls open in a few hours and it will be interesting to find out this year democrats are 0-5 in special elections but in alabama talking about
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something other than football for one day. heather: i think football will be worked in somehow. new overnight the department of justice requesting emergency staff to stop the acceptance of transgender approved in the military. donald trump announced in july he was directing the pentagon to halt the acceptance of such rep recruits. a federal appeals court ruling the military must accept them starting january 1st. >> the reviewing the re-legal options to ensure this should be implemented. >> reporter: the doj's is excepting transgender recruits places additional burdens on the military. and apocalyptic mushroom cloud hovering over southern california has raging wildfires in golf the state for a second week in a row as firefighters are fighting shoulder to
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shoulder working to tame and break six infernos burning strong. this is the fifth largest in-state history growing by the hour and bigger than new york city and boston combined. on top of high winds, no rain in the forecast for this week and they could use it. that is amazing. the white house fire back after three women accused donald trump of sexual harassment again. they claim he groped and kissed them and are calling for congressional investigation but the white house denying their stories. >> the president has denied these allegations as have eyewitnesses. the american people knew this and voted for the president and we are ready to move forward in the process. >> the white house claims there are political motives behind their accusations. new overnight more allegations of sexual misconduct to tell you
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about this time leading to suspensions at the nfl network, bloomberg news reporting marshall faulk, keith and sent ike taylor all named in a lawsuit by a former female employee of the league owned network, the accusations range from groping to inappropriate texts. another x player and former network employee donovan mcnabb was also named along with a former executive. three miami dolphins players kneeling in the national anthem on monday night football, the dolphins pulling off a surprise victory over the new england patriots 27-20 as ratings continue to show more fatigue for sunday night football despite the thrilling ravens/steelers matchup, down 11% in viewership from last weekend philadelphia eagles learning their star quarterback is done for the season, not good news for them. the team confirming he has a torn left acl.
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the eagles reportedly showing no interest in signing colin kaepernick to fill the spot. we will answer that before you ask. fox news alert, we know the porter 40 bonner came into our country legally through chain migration, donald trump demanding an end to this dangerous immigration policy is a wise and congress listening to you our next guest is a national security analyst who says the port authority bombing could have been stopped if donald trump's immigration policies were in place. the individual who killed kate steinle trashed in one of the most liberal -- while you were sleeping merriam-webster rolling out its word of the year. can you guess which one it is? the big reveal ahead. ♪ ♪ i know they don't sound the way ♪
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heather: we are learning more about the one of the suicide bomber behind the new york subway explosion, he came here from bangladesh in 2011 on a visa available to certain relatives of us citizens. national security analyst joins us to weigh in. thank you for joining us this morning. speaking of families and ways in let's talk about the statement that has been released via albert fox, legal director for care who issued the statement from the family and in the statement if you can pull it up, they are not very sorry, they say we are heartbroken by this attack on our city and allegations being made against a member of our family but we are also outraged by the behavior of law-enforcement officials during the investigation.
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we have seen our children as young as 4 years old held out in the cold, denied as their parents were questioned or detained and these are not the actions we expect from our justice system and we hope to see better in the days and weeks to come. what do you think of that statement? >> how could they possibly say something like that and make it sound -- those are the statements radicals make. when a member of your family are responsible for raising tries to commit terrorist attack you apologize, cooperate with authorities, don't bash the police and spread the same radical islamic propaganda that created the terrorist incident in the first place. jillian: authorities went to brooklyn which is where he lived and they were going through talking to family members, neighbors, they alleged one of the 4-year-olds was taken outside, that is what that had to do with.
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>> they are setting the stage so they can say if he is radical it is because american society is so awful and if they are immigrants from bangladesh how grateful do you have to be to say that, you are in here. >> tell us about bangladesh and immigrants coming from bangladesh. >> through the chain migration process which that the family member in a country like that, you come into the united states, 140,000 people from bangladesh of come since 2005, look at the polling data, bangladesh is a country where 26% of the population, suicide, terrorism is often justified or sometimes justified. imagine that, a significant portion are radical and we do not have the vetting process in place to look for extremists, it focuses on terrorists, now extremists of the type that are popular in bangladesh and i heard that from a bangladeshi
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religious cleric in this area that all this was going on. jillian: it has increased if you look at those numbers between 2005, and 2016 the numbers that have come in via the chain migration way to come and the country, and at that lived here. >> the same family. >> make a cut off by a couple months from what i understand, 20 her goal at the time he was able to come in here. >> one thing you will see develop, if you look the family background especially with this statement you will probably see a connection to a supposedly nonviolent extremist movement we should be getting people for because they are radical like one of these other groups that are popular in bangladesh and if we find that out you are going to have a big scandal because the vetting was curtailed under the bush administration and then stopped under the obama administration in 2012.
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>> they are talking about how he allegedly became radicalized once he was here, learned how to make the bomb online. does that make a difference? he has made it clear his allegiance is to isis. >> it doesn't matter because this starting point the family are espousing, the idea the united states is an evil place that mistreats muslims and a terrible place for minorities and that could be the starting point because of the justification for jihadi and demonizing the united states, you take those ideas and get involved in an extremist movement and later a terrorist group and is the process you probably saw. >> the statement from the parents, a lot is going to be said about that, we will have you back for sure. firing back, sarah huckabee sanders shutting down cnn's jim acosta as he interrupts her daily briefing, listen to this. >> journalists make honest mistakes, that doesn't make fake news. >> there is a difference between
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making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the american people. >> carly shimkus is here with her epic response to the fake news media and officers who through their bodies on top of the new york city terrace aspect to remove a device from his body before more damage could be done.
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for years, at&t has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back, sarah huckabee sanders firing back at cnn's jim acosta who interrupted her daily briefing. the white house press secretary accusing the mainstream media of purposely putting out false information. carly shimkus with serious xm
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115 here with her response putting out this information. >> a fiery exchange between jim acosta and sarah sanders a big topic of conversation on social media yesterday. addressing recent errors made by the media when acosta said the false reports should be called honest mistakes instead of fake news. listen to her response to that. >> when journalists make honest mistakes they should own up to them. >> we did! >> a lot of times you don't. i am not finished. there is a very big difference between making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the american people. >> reporter: sanders, some praise for speaking up for herself and the president, i love this woman, she knows how to command a room, another twitter user says god bless her, like dealing with elementary school kids. these people are given the
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responsibility of reporting the news to the american people, how embarrassing and nikki on twitter says acosta needs to have the designated seat in the back of the room. it does seem he is trying to make a name for himself, she pulled out the mom, i'm not done yet, what all moms have and use very well. speaking of kids and homework and that type of thing, homework obsessed parents, a middle school in gurnee, illinois, answering questions about hitler seemed homework assignment called if you give hitler a country, it is modeled after the children's book if you give a mouse a cookie and asked students to create a comic strip for little kids that exemplifies europe's appeasement toward hitler but some parents say it appears they were making light of the horrible things hitler did. facebook, i was born and raised in germany and moved to the us and became a citizen and a teacher, for this to be called
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educational you have to be some kind of odd, simple know, marcia on facebook also said parents need to take back our schools and children need all the facts, all sides of the issue, it should be done in a respectful way. the school has apologized and said they did not mean the homework assignment to be taken in the way that it did. a lot of students talking about this, the miriam webster word of the year is feminism, the dictionary says searches for the word raised 70% over last year but this coming with controversy. james said i guess people had to look up the word because feminists have skewed it completely and made it about hating men and playing the victim. a pretty political word. >> nobody knew what joetired
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was. that was a good one too. thank you so much, appreciate it. time is 26 minutes after the top of the, port authority bomb squad, second attack on new york city in six weeks, the attempt eerily similar to the airport attack in his temple when terrorists strapped explosives to their body. what can we learn from attacks overseas? our next guest hundred terrorists for a living, how to combat soft target problem. ♪
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heather: isis inspired bomber taking game at new york city with a failed rush-hour attack at one of america after the is transportation hubs, a senile too familiar around the world, what can we learn to crush the danger here at home?
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joining me is a member of his last several operations counterterrorism unit, thank you for joining us today. looking at these headlines as they cross social media, attempted suicide bomber in new york city, what were your initial thoughts? >> i am not surprised. how many truck attacks have we seen in europe? over half a dozen. another truck weapon eyes and used in lower manhattan a couple weeks ago. just happened a month and a half ago. 15 years after 9/11 we still have the tsa making people take off their shoes, time to get real about our security, soft targets are the new security threats. that means targets that don't have a lot of have very little
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security and are targeted by terrorists or muslim groups, we need to put together a soft target plan. >> because the attacks run the gamut now, you mentioned the attack six weeks ago on the west side highway where terrorists used a truck to drive through people and now we have this terrorist who strapped a bomb to himself and tried to blow himself up, luckily he wasn't able to follow through with due in part to some brave officers we will get to after we talked with you, but what can we possibly do? >> a great question. the fact is anyone, any idiot can put together a pipe bomb if they can figure out how to do it online and walk into any crowded area like we saw at the central bus station, 46, 47th street. we have to look at all the soft targets and begin to look at all
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the security resources. my recommendation if i was advising donald trump would be the only measures that will effectively combat terrorism is predictive behavioral profiling. the only technique used for all of his relapse l all flights and national airport in israel. there is a reason cameras, technology, none of it can predict behavior. we need to tap into private security sector, getting ourselves out of this $12 an hour observe and report mindset and let's get these guys trained. it only takes a couple of weeks but they need to be armed. if you are dealing with terrorism it is a statistical fact in israel that you have to meet the terrorists with equal
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amount or more force. someone comes at you with bomb you have to respond with a weapon. >> absolutely. let me ask you because this will come throughout the day the chain migration issue where this individual was able to enter the country due in part to an aunt he had living here. in terms of chain migration will tougher immigration laws if chain migration had not been allowed would this have happened? >> it wouldn't have happened and chain immigration needs to be squashed, group family immigration needs to be squashed, the fact is that intelligence gathering which is what americans have to learn very quickly, we learned in israel, a 60 year process we have been learning with hamas and hezbollah this is an art form that takes years to get together, americans are figuring
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this out going through security puberty. these immigration laws need to be completely restructured, congress needs to lay off this president and he needs to get tough with countries that harbor terrorism and have 15 to 20% belief that suicide bombing is acceptable like your last guest was talking about. show a point on these countries. a joke point on these countries. jillian: that is going to be talked about a lot throughout the day. the city including new york city boosting security in the wake of the attacks. new york governor andrew cuomo increasing security at high profile locations including airports, bridges, tunnels and mass transit systems. of the big cities across the us following suit. in boston there will now be an increased police presence at all transit stops. officers and canine unit standing by at north station and south station, philadelphia, stepping up patrols across mass
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transit lines. k9 and police around suburban stations in center city. authorities beef up security across the country, we are learning about the four heroic cops but took down the new york city bomber, port authority police officers, sean gallagher, jack collins andrew preston credited with making the split-second decision and putting their lives on the line to save others running towards the panic, leaping on top of the suspect and removing the device before he could set off another explosive. thank you to those four men. roy more making a last-minute push hours before voters hit the polls. >> i want america great but i want america good and she can't be good until we go back to god. >> can he win over the faithful? pastor robert jeffers says christian voters cast their
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ballots with a clean conscience. avoiding a christmas catastrophe, warning from the faa about the destruction caused by your decorative lights. ♪ heather: care bears for college students, the new way to help stressed-out snowflakes. ♪
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>> difficult to drain the swamp when you are up to your neck in alligators. that is where we are. we are up to our neck in alligators. i want america great but i want america good and she can't be good until we go back to god.
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jillian: roy moore making his last-minute pitch to voters for the alabama senate seat but as people head to the polls in a few hours can we expect evangelicals to turn out for the embattled republican candidate? here to weigh in is senior pastor at first baptist dallas pastor robert jeffers, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. voter turnout is going to be key in this race. do you think evangelicals will turn out in numbers needed to support roy moore? >> that is yet to be seen. only god knows how this will turn out but i think we need to lay out what evangelicals are facing, christians have a 0-tolerance for child abuse of any kind. jesus said better to have a millstone around your neck and cast into the sea than to harm a child but here is the problem. evangelicals can choose roy moore who vehemently denies allegations of child abuse from 40 years ago or they can choose
1:42 am
doug jones who openly and proudly embraces the most severe kind of child abuse and that is abortion. doug jones does not believe there are any restrictions on abortion. if the mom doesn't like the gender of the child. and tired of it, get rid of it, evangelicals hate that. that is what is going to send them to the polls. jillian: aside from the abortion issue which is key in this race and in the state of alabama. if you are evangelical in alabama, all these allegations even though they have not been proven, these women claiming this happens to them, you vote for someone who possibly did these things? >> everyone has to follow their own conference but christians above all people understand all
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of us are flawed. and this is more about the future than it is about 40-year-old allegations. at the end of the white house christmas party donald trump asked me to come to the stage to say a few words and i talked about why evangelicals love donald trump. he is pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro-conservative judiciary, evangelicals love this president, they want to see his agenda continue to succeed and they know roy moore and not doug jones is the key to making that happen. jillian: if you were in alabama would you vote for roy moore? >> i don't endorse candidates at the senate level, it would be a hard choice, i understand sat, i
1:44 am
would vote for roy moore not because i embrace child abuse in any way but because i'm against the murder of children which doug jones believes in and i went to see the country go in the direction donald trump is leading. >> i'm sure that is being held across a lot of breakfast tables as people head to the polls and we have the results on fox news. we appreciate it as always. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the arabic coin sweeping the financial world with dreams of getting rich quick but how does it work and what happens if it gets hacked. digital pickpocketing. and funerals, supposed to be a celebration of life but one funeral home is dying to party with booze. ♪ celebrate good times come on ♪ celebrate good times come on ♪
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>> cashing in on chaos, uber and lift under fire for a price surge in the subway attack. on foxbusiness, here with what the countries are doing to make it right. >> reporter: riders with uber and lift were complaining about the two companies charging surge prices during this chaotic time as much as 2.5 the normal rate, away from the port authority after yesterday in new york city, both uber and lift said they stopped the pricing immediately and will respond to
1:49 am
customers who were charged. heather: i haven't heard about that until you brought it to our attention, the faa warning a popular christmas decoration could cause problems. >> reporter: could potentially blind pilots, distract. those are those laser themed holiday decorations meant to light up your home come you don't have to do much, just display for lights. the faa is saying these displays can distract and potentially cause blindness to pilots as they are flying. they are urging homeowners to make sure the lights point to the home and not up to the sky where they could potentially harm pilots. jillian: oreo announcing three new flavors. >> reporter: they let the fans come up with three new flavors that will be out in stores, may of 2018, cherry cola, piña
1:50 am
colada, i don't know about this. fans will vote on these flavors, which when they like to have. stick around. heather: i am a can - fan of kettle corn but not in oreo cookies. thank you, appreciate it. be going bonanza sweeping wall street and headlines but do you know enough about the digital currency to invest your money? here to break it down is small business advocate jean marx, thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. heather: begin by explaining what is big coin? >> i get asked this a lot, best way to explain it is what is the us dollar or dollar bill? the us dollar is a piece of paper people subscribed value to as a currency in a large community, it the us government says it is worth something.
1:51 am
big coin is the same, an electronic piece of paper and ever-growing community says has value. i will trade you some of this, no different than anything we traded for thousands of years as long as a community of people think there is value in it. jillian: the community of people is growing, we can show you big companies using big coin, microsoft, paypal, dish network, you expect this to grow? >> it is extremely volatile. a lot of people made a lot of money on big coin. it was worth 3/10 of one cent in 2010, if you spent $100 in 2010 on big coin it would be worth $567 million right now.
1:52 am
we missed out on that opportunity. a lot of the companies are bike into it. companies like microsoft and expedia, that gives value to the digital currency. heather: why what i want to use big coin versus my credit card? >> there is ease of use for one thing. it is quite secure but also anonymous. big coin became popular because it can't be tracked or traded. a lot of people like the anonymous transactions online, not for the best of reasons but you could be invisible. the other thing is small business owners, i wrote about a company in new york accepting big coin to save on credit card fees. for a lot of folks there is a big benefit. heather: what about getting hacked? could it coin get hacked? >> if anyone tells you anything online is 100% safe they are
1:53 am
lying to you but big coin itself is pretty secure. it uses block chain, every transaction has to be validated multiple times we a limited -- you got to be aware of a couple things. but coins are stored in a digital wallet, you can buy it coin on square for cash but those digital wallets could be hacked. the biggest cause of concern is it is a volatile market. there are 1000 people that own 40% of the bit coins out there. if you have potential for large investors to buy this currency, that is as bad. heather: people heard what you said, manipulated is not good for sure. appreciate you joining us, see
1:54 am
you later. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour, midair meltdown. >> i will kill everybody on this plane! i will kill everybody on this plane! heather: you will never believe what set this woman off on a plane packed with people. if you thought safe spaces were bad, college campus using care bears to help snowflakes. ♪
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heather: streets of new york city live outside the studios on avenue of the americas. a few more stories, a woman caught smoking in an airplane bathroom and absolutely lost it when flight attendants tried to get her back to her seat. >> i will kill everybody on this plane! i will kill everybody on this plane! >> reporter: she was arrested
1:59 am
when the southwest plane from portland to sacramento landed. she said she was smoking to calm her anxiety. apparently that didn't work. spanish officials making an alarming discovery at a border crossing, 65-year-old man attempting to smuggle a 12-year-old boy into the country by stashing him in the dashboard of his bmw. officials detected his heartbeat using a special sensor while screening of the court, took it apart and found the boy. the driver was arrested, the boy is expected to be okay. indiana funeral home want you to honor your lost loved one with a drink or two. scott funeral home got a liquor license and serving booze to mourners. alcohol is served during visitation, employees will look out to make sure the drinking doesn't get out of hand. remember the care bears? ♪
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♪ send they wish out to the air ♪ reaches one college and listing them to help out stressed out students. a dorm at the university of massachusetts putting up this display. a sophomore posting this picture, each very giving advice like surround yourself with the burning people, make time for fun and get enough sleep. that wraps it up. "fox and friends" first continues, see you. >> somebody live next to you building a bomb. >> wounds to his body, detonated that device. don't live in fear. jillian: tuesday, december 12th, new york city on edge after donald trump condemns the attempted isis attack. what we just learned about how the port authority bomber got into the us


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