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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> sandra: you're keeping track. maybe tomorrow is the day. we'll see. bill hemmer. see you tonight, right? and tomorrow, 7:00? thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: let's get going. new questions about the security of our elections ahead of the november midterms. the senate intelligence committee holding a hearing on foreign influence in social media. this, of course, just yesterday when we found out, follows it, facebook announced that it removed dozens of fake accounts after uncovering a coordinated effort aimed in interfering in our elections. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. republican strategist and senior fellow for the independent women's voice waving kindly, lisa boothe. former deputy spokesperson for the department of state, fox news analyst and host of "benson and harf," will she wave? i don't know. marie harf as well. >> marie: no wave. >> harris: also with us today in the center seat, the "outnumbered," the fox business network anchor david asman.
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the on-television spouse of the woman -- >> david: goodness! >> harris: on television! >> david: i wore the suit that melissa likes the best. >> harris: and to your spouses respectively at home, hi. let's get to the news. facebook says 290,000 users follow fake accounts. which were involved in "coordinated, inauthentic behavior." but the investigation is still in the early stages and we are told it's unclear who was behind the operation. today, senate lawmakers hearing from the social media experts on how to stop foreign actors from using social media to interfere in our elections. senate intelligence chairman richard burr says it's not about relitigating the 2016 election. thank goodness. but about the security of the elections moving forward. watch it. >> this isn't about who won or who lost. this is about national security. this is about corporate
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responsibility. this is about the deliberate and the multifaceted manipulation of the american people by agents of a foreign hostile government. >> harris: vice president mike pence yesterday blamed the barack obama administration for the current cyber crisis. >> vice president pence: in the face of these threats, the american people demand and deserve the strongest possible defense. sadly, previous administrations have let the american people down when it came to cyber defense. the outset of this administration became clear from early on in a very real sense we inherited a cyber crisis. the last administration all but neglected cyber security. even though the digital threats were growing more numerous and more dangerous by the day. make no mistake about it. those days are over. >> harris: that lit things on fire. former obama director of national intelligence james
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clapper is hitting back saying no, steps were taken. watch. >> the last administration did a lot to enhance cyber security. notably having someone in the white house responsible for cyber security coordination across the government which we don't have now. to president obama's credit, he did directly and pointedly confront vladimir putin about their interference. >> harris: meanwhile, ranking senate intel democrat mark warner announced senior executives from facebook, google and twitter will september before the panel september 5. this seems like, david, there is a ratcheting up of purpose and stakes here. >> david: there is. i don't like the stakes involved in the blame game that much because there is enough blame to go around. >> harris: we have to move forward. >> david: everybody is dropping the ball. what hasn't changed, though, is what russia has been doing. i used to cover the old soviet union. it hasn't changed.
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>> harris: i hear you saying -- >> david: it sounds like the m.o. it sounds like their m.o. but the fact is that for decades and, of course, we got to realize vladimir putin is part of the old soviet union. k.g.b. guy at heart. they have been trying to sow dissent in the united states since stalin was in power and even before that. they continue to do that. it's just the method of delivery has changed. that is what they're focusing on now. there hasn't been enough done in the past. probably isn't enough done now. i don't think it is ever going to stop. >> harris: senator lindsey graham says he is working to introduce a russia, quote/unquote, "sanctions bill from hell." >> go for it. trump has been tough on russia, as we should. so i have no problem to continue sanctions on russia. of course we have to take the cyber security issues seriously. we should make sure that the united states institutions are
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protected from the foreign interference. whatever it is. but i think that this intense focus on the social media is overblown. if you look at the impressions from facebook alone, 56% of them happened after the election, the majority of the ads didn't mention the united states election. you look at even $2,000 spent in wisconsin. it's a complete joke. i mentioned this before but jeb bush spent $3,000 per voter in the state of iowa alone in the republican primary. i think facebook has a vested interested in trying to get out in front of this in any way they can. because they have taken a huge financial hit recently. >> melissa: they do have an incentive and i'm not confident they are doing everything they could and should. i deleted my account before i came out on the air today. if it's still there -- >> david: was it tough to do it? it used to be hard. >> melissa: i hope i did it properly. i went through the steps. i didn't deactivate. i attempted to completely
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delete it. i think it's nefarious. when you read down in here, trying to incite violence. this is really serious. this is really bad for our democracy. it's really bad for our families, our lives. i deleted my account. that's that. i'm out of facebook. >> harris: with you and david on the couch, i want to ask about -- because you say you don't know if facebook going to get it right. why can't they get it right? or is it on them or bad actors. >> david: like trying to delete anything on the internet. >> harris: but i mean the process. this is a further journey for them now. >> melissa: it's not necessarily always in their economic interest to do everything that they would need to do. i mean there are some things, yes, they want to restore faith so people like i just did, don't delete their account. so that makes sense. at the same time, it's what drives the revenue. having more people there and more interaction. selling ads. that drives the revenue. they have a mixed incentive
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here. >> marie: like playing whack-a-mole. 300 more pop-up. the internet research behind some of those they deleted, a russian internet meddling firm basically. they are very good at this and they have people who can do it in their sleet. they delete some and hundreds more pop-up. it's like whack-a-mole literally. i think facebook is going through an internal crisis how to handle the issue. they are committed to free speech and people using the platform in ways. >> harris: twitter and others -- i'm coming at this -- >> this is a tough problem. >> harris: -- with a question mark. twitter and others have challenges the same way i imagine. >> marie: absolutely. >> harris: look at what twitter did a couple of weeks ago. they went on the egg head alert. look at accounts that were not real or bots or whatever and scrubbing them. people were complaining they were using followers but they weren't real anyway. >> david: let's focus on the
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editorial here. what it was that russia was trying to do. the groups it was trying to get -- >> harris: and the events organized. >> david: -- to get under the sphere of influence. it turns out that the call for end of i.c.e. was a part very much interested the russians or whoever is behind this thing. they were involved with a group called "stop ripping families apart. take over i.c.e. headquarters." they tried to arrange a rally in front of the department of homeland security and total of 131 people marked themselves as having attended the june 27 rally outside of i.c.e. headquarters. so it's very interesting. the soviet union, whether on the right or the left, they are always trying to find useful idiots in the west -- that is the term that lenin used -- here to carry over on their cause. >> lisa: you have 2 billion facebook users each month. >> harris: they did. i don't know if they are picking up like that. they are losing followers. >> lisa: you can find
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anybody doing anything with that many people worldwide using facebook. they haven't been able to tie some of the accounts to russia either. >> marie: but many have. >> lisa: there are people -- >> harris: there are people want to influence the democratic process. don't miss what david pointed to. they are dividing us along the culture and racial lines because they know we will fight in the streets before we ever love on each other enough to know the enemy is outside. >> david: they get more violence. >> marie: harris is right. may are trying to get more violent. this is bad for the democracy. facebook really has to take a look at what their business to be used for. >> harris: we have to look at what we want to be like as a country. >> david: bottom line is folks, i'm afraid to say, you cannot outlaw useful idiots. they were here in the early part of the 20th century and they will be here in the latter part of the 20th century. >> melissa: delete your facebook account. i'm out.
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>> harris: we said the same thing. >> time for self-reflection, america. >> harris: get along. >> lisa: be nicer to people. >> harris: it would be harder to divide us. another fox news alert now. >> melissa: chuck schumer, fellow democrats and the political activists holding a rally to call to block the nomination of president trump's supreme court pick brett kavanaugh. yesterday, senator chalmer repeated demands for release of all documents related to kavanaugh's time working in the bush white house. that request would reportedly surpass 1 million documents. watch. >> the senate must have the records spanning judge kavanaugh's career as a public servant. what are they hiding? why is there such an effort not to have the documents come forward when that has been the bipartisan precedent of this body >> harris:>> -- precedent of this body?
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>> melissa: despite the pressure, joe manchin met with kavanaugh and donnelly is planning to meet as well. majority whip john cornyn says senator schumer is trying to delay. watch. >> now we are engaged in what i call the "great paper chase." this leaves me with the inescapable conclusion this is all about foot-dragging and delay. they know that they can't attack him based on qualifications, based on his character. and now it's all about paper and delay and obstruction. >> melissa: interesting stuff. do you think this is the best move for democrats? >> marie: i'm sort of in the middle here. i do think the senate has a right to advise and consent on the supreme court nominees and any paper throughout in the history directly relevant to how he would do his job is something the senate should have. i think it's a fair ask to make. whether the documents are part of when he worked at the white house or not, i don't know.
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some might not be relevant. i argued, the democrats, sorry to say, we'll lose the fight and he will probably be confirmed. if that is the case i don't think that the democratic party should draw it out closer to the midterms because all it does is fire up the republicans. if we are going to lose anyway, let's lose quickly and move to the issues we want to talk about on the campaign trail. i don't know if the democrats in the senate are listening to me on this but that's where my analysis is. >> lisa: i agree with you. >> marie: fox news alert! >> lisa: we're having a moment on the couch. marie harf and i agree. we're in uniform, my friend. >> david: pull back. >> marie: we can go home. >> david: he is nowhere near as conservative as antonin scalia was. antonin scalia was the most conservative justice in my lifetime to be on the court. you know what he was confirmed by? 98-0 by the u.s. senate. 98-0. much more conservative than brett kavanaugh.
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what are the democrats complaining about? >> harris: a different political climate. disagreeing with the opposite side of the aisle didn't mean you had to hate them. there is mean-spiritedness on capitol hill. not everybody but enough of that disease thinking that it gets everybody saying no, i'll retreat to my corner. what marie said is interesting because not only does the fight hurt the democrats as it gets closer to the midterm, it hurts everybody. people will just decide not to vote. to me that is the greatest crime and the greatest heartbreak in all of this. no matter whom you vote for. there are people who gave it all so we could go to the polls. suffrage, gave life. get to the polls and believe your vote counts. when you see both sides like this, it's over an issue that is settled. >> david: it used to be about the qualifications, whether somebody was qualified or not. not on the basis if they were on the left or the right. it was based on the qualifications and it's no longer based on the
9:14 am
qualifications. it's based on the abstract ideologies. >> harris: look at the capitol hill rally going on now? we should tell everybody. >> melissa: we said in the beginning that this is the rally going on. and why we are doing the segment. they are right there talking about brett kavanaugh and not wanting to have him confirmed. >> i think merrick garland would think they should wait for a while. >> lisa: the white house released more documents from kavanaugh's executive branch experience than any other supreme court nominee before. they have been transparent to put the documents out. obviously schumer, his interest is doing whatever he can to throw it out there and slow the process. i agree with marie. we had a moment. >> harris: it was lovely. >> these are the individuals that voted for gorsuch. and rand paul is on board. this is happening. >> marie: i don't like it's happening. >> lisa: but it's happening.
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>> melissa: it's interesting and sad it's completely political. like you said, merrick garland. and before that, it has now come dun to are you going to support my position or not as a supreme court justice? that is not what the supreme court was supposed to be. they resisted it. >> david: democrats in red states have to bend to the reality -- >> harris: joe manchin met with him yesterday. >> david: as well. heidi heitkamp, et cetera. there will be a handful of democrats. but now that you have rand paul there is virtually no opposition. we don't know about mccain but there is no opposition among republicans. >> melissa: president trump calling on congress to fund the border wall or face a government shutdown. is the president going a good job of banging the drum on an issue important to his base? or could his threat backfire with less than 100 days to go before the midterms? plus, president trump could soon up the ante in the trade
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battle with china as we learn the white house is considering new tariffs on beijing. so will the president's plan to narrow the trade deficit work? we'll discuss that coming up. >> president trump: this has been too many years of abuse. $500 billion a year. $500 billion. we have helped rebuild china. we can't do that anymore. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers]
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>> president trump: democrat party, they want to abolish i.c.e. in other words they want to let ms-13 rule our country. that's not going to happen. every day the brave men and women of i.c.e. liberate towns from savage gangs like ms-13 that are occupying our country like another nation would. we want maximum border security and respect for our heroes, i.c.e., border patrol and law enforcement. >> harris: president trump ripping democrats over the immigration in his rally in florida. this is after he threatened to shut down the government as democrats in congress refuse to support funding for the border wall and other immigration proposals. the president tweeted --"
9:21 am
"i don't care what the political ramifications are. our immigration laws and border security have been a complete and total disaster for decades and there is no way that the democrats will allow it to be fixed without a government shutdown. border security is now national security. and national security is the long-term viability of our country. a government shutdown is a very small price to pay for a safe and prosperous america!" he likes the exclamation point. yesterday, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he supports the president's border wall but he does not want to see the shutdown. >> i support what the president is trying to do on the wall. most of my members do as well. we are trying to go through a normal appropriations process that prevents a big vent at the end of the face -- big event at the end of the fiscal year that is too common around here. >> harris: he and the house speaker and the house feel this way.
9:22 am
democratic senate leader chuck schumer says he is working with republicans and he just wants the president to butt out. >> we are making very good progress. the fly in the ointment here of course is the president who keeps brandishing his sword and threatening. >> harris: the president is set to meet with the republican senators in the oval office today. and the subject of immigration is sure to come up again. so, you have paul ryan, speaker of the house. mitch mcconnell on the republican side and democrats saying no, no, no to shutdown. is this swamptastic behavior or should the president hold on until after the election. >> david: it is swamptastic. schumer was blamed for the last shutdown. there are two sides. political and the economic side. i went back to the economic side and the markets do well in the partial government shutdowns. markets don't do so badly,
9:23 am
particularly if the economy is doing well. we know the economy is booming now. we just had a wage figure of increase 2.8%. we haven't had an increase like that in ten years. the economy is booming. markets are doing okay. i think the economy, politically as i said, schumer was blamed for the last one. 2013. there was a shutdown that republicans were blamed for but it didn't hurt them in the 2014 midterms. who knows? >> harris: marie, i want to go to you. before we talked about the previous issues and you said it doesn't behoove us to argue about these things. let's just get through it. do you feel the same way about the shutdown? >> marie: i think there are a lot of republicans in congress who do not want to shut the government down. five weeks before a midterm. particularly in the house over funding for a border wall that as their constituents reminds them mexico would pay for, not the u.s. taxpayers. i think he will hear from the republicans in congress politically who say wait a second. there is no way we are going to get all of what you want. and shutting it down will hurt
9:24 am
the party chances in the midterm. i don't know if trump actually wants to shut it down. >> melissa: i think he does. >> marie: or it's negotiating tactic. >> melissa: if you talk about who is going to pay for it, remember the tariff. this is how all of this ties together. the tariffs are revenue coming in and it then goes for the wall. money is spongeable, all going in the game bank. >> marie: that is not what he said. he said mexico would pay for it. >> melissa: there are different ways to account for it. but he tried with the yummy, yummy carrots and said here is daca. do you want the yummy carrots? they said no. >> now he has a big -- >> harris: what is the other hand? >> melissa: swamp. swamp carrots. swamp said no. so he pulled out a giant stick and said now i'll smack you with this. you are right. it's the republicans and the democrats. both sides. everybody who is swamptastic. >> melissa: a curious point. >> harris: you are using
9:25 am
that carrot and the stick analogy, whether or not the president becoming tough is enough to answer back to the swamp. i mean, look, you have both chambers with republicans saying no shut down before midterm. >> lisa: i think president trump is doing this because the democrats are in the minority and charged up for the midterm elections and trump knows immigration is a huge base issue. what president trump is trying to do is get the republican base up charged up and ready to vote in the mid-term elections. think he knows republicans and the democrats will ultimately come together on a spending bill. this actually pushes the democrats to want to work with the republicans more, get something done. i don't think he would veto whatever they come up with. so he sort of gets his cake and eats it too that he charges up the republican base. ultimately they come together at the spending bill and get it done before the midterm election. i think it's a win-win. >> harris: what i love about what you are saying, lisa -- >> lisa: thank you. >> harris: the democrats are struggling to figure out who the base is. your party is splitting.
9:26 am
it's advantageous for the republican for the president to handle it this way. interesting perspective to bring forth. >> marie: the polling on the midterm shows voters particularly independents, think washington can't work. >> harris: yeah. >> marie: republicans are in charge of both houses and the white house. to an independent voter who says they can't even keep the government open, i can't go to the national park? that is what they see. >> david: something that has to change is a broken immigration system. we are letting the wrong people in. too many illegals come in that don't assimilate well in the future and too few good legals who do it the legal way to come in. we have to make it easier for qualified immigrants who want to work and assimilate in the country to come in. >> harris: the word " assimilate" i have to let marie come back on. >> marie: good immigrants and assimilate -- >> david: that means being willing to work instead of taking welfare. it means specific things.
9:27 am
i know a lot of immigrants. i know a lot of good immigrants who have been trying to come in for years, decades to get in the country who can't because the immigration system is broken. meanwhile, millions of the illegals are not good for the economy come in. >> marie: but some of the words used not by you but other people to in very not good terms, in terms of the history of immigration in this country and -- >> david: racism? >> marie: absolutely! >> david: that is b.s. >> marie: let me finish, please. you talked for two minutes. >> harris: let her talk. >> david: i don't want to allow anybody to suggest that the words i -- >> marie: i just said you didn't. i said that is not what you said. i said people use those terms in the immigration debate in ways that i find deeply offensive. >> david: there are crazy people and bad people everywhere. >> marie: some of them are running the immigration policy now. >> lisa: that is unfair. >> david: miller -->> -- it nes to be fixed.
9:28 am
>> marie: when you talk about "good immigrants." >> david: people who are willing to work and assimilate to what this country is. it's that simple. >> marie: they give up their entire culture? >> david: no. assimilate so that we don't have the kind of situation they have in europe where people stay completely isolated in their own communities and don't assimilate in the culture. it's simple. >> marie: the language is charge and we need to be careful. >> harris: thank you for the team in the booth to let it breathe. i wanted to hear that. it's important to get there. meanwhile, the president is touting his popularity among republicans in tampa. it happened last night. whoo, it was fiery! the president plans to wade in a hotly contested special election. the high stakes for republicans in a race that could tell us a lot about the upcoming elections in november. stay close. don't you move. >> president trump: they just came out with the polls. did you hear? the most popular person in the
9:29 am
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which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgment; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. >> president trump: they just came out with a poll. did you hear? the most popular person in the history of the republican party is trump. can you believe this? [applause] but to keep it going we need to elect more republicans. we need more votes. and we need to elect ron desantis as your governor. [applause] >> melissa: i love when he speaks of himself in the third person. rallying the g.o.p. base in tampa touting his popularity among the republican faithful as he stumps for congressman ron desantis running for governor of florida. trump's power to boost g.o.p.
9:34 am
candidates becoming evident and now he plans to jump into ohio special election amid g.o.p. concerns of a tightening race in a reliably republican house district. the president will travel there saturday to trump for balderson who is battling o'connor. a loss next tuesday could raise fears among the g.o.p. of democratic blue wave in november. david? >> david: in florida, nobody would agree with the president more than ron desantis who is doing everything -- he practically has trump tattooed on his forehead. ron desantis believes -- >> marie: it's on the shoulder. >> david: maybe. close to the forehead. he believes aligning himself with the president is the right strategy. not only for him. there is a very close senate race rick scott, the former governor of florida, is going against a try and true democrat who has been there
9:35 am
for a whale. bill nelson did have the lead. now rick scott has the lead. apparently allying yourself with the president as the president himself said is not a bad strategy. marie knows more about ohio. but florida, boy, it's not doing anybody any harm to ally themselves with the president. >> harris: i have two things to say quickly about florida. rick scott, you know, led the state at times like the pulse nightclub shooting. he has been there and had leadership through the moments. >> parkland. >> harris: sides on both political aisle sides say that he did a good job in those terms. so he has got his own to bring to the table. >> david: he does. and economically he helped the state. they have 300,000 new entries every year because people are flocking to the florida. >> harris: quickly, putnam in the race against desantis is someone we -- we had the
9:36 am
strategist on and it plays differently. >> marie: this is my home district. i grew up here for decades and it's a republican district. pat teaberry's old district. they sent trump and pence, the republicans are pouring in national money. this race for the republicans should not be that close. early ballots look good for the democrats. the polls of the likely voters have a democrat even or up. lisa, we talked about it earlier, this isn't a swing district. this is not one that democrats thought they could pick up. the fact it's so close should be a warning sign to some republicans. danny o'connor, i would point out, the democrat has pledged not to support nancy pelosi. he is one of the democrats in the midwest that said i'm not supporting pelosi. >> lisa: messed up in an interview recently where he was pressed on the issue and he eventually said he would vote for whoever the democrats put up, even if it's nancy
9:37 am
pelosi. >> marie: nancy or a republican. >> lisa: that is a big slip. the republicans have been trying to tie him to nancy pelosi so that will be used against him. but she is right. i'm nervous at looking at some of the special elections, the p.a. special election with connor lamb or arizona eight where debbie lesco. >> david: are you having another moment? this is the time you had a moment. >> lisa: i'm worried. the republicans have seen so many members leaving the open seats that are more difficult to win. i worry if the republican base is charged up or not which is back to my point regarding the immigration. it's part of president trump figuring out ways to get them excited. >> melissa: this is also why we see president trump out there and working so hard. i heard a poor misinformed person sitting around another network, i won't mention, saying what the president likes to do is campaign for the job but he doesn't like to actually do it. >> david: not true. he loves it. >> melissa: that's why we
9:38 am
see him out there campaigning. that's the fun. campaigning is hard and painful. he is doing it for someone else to help him have the numbers that he really needs. but this is something that is the responsibility of the person who is at the head of the party. lisa, tell me how important that is for the candidates. >> lisa: republicans have to do everything they can. they will have to work so much harder than democrats to turn out the base for the midterm elections. we have history against us. dems are in the minority so they are charged up. the president and the republicans will have to do everything they can to get folks to show up at the hold. >> david: does the g.o.p. hold the house? >> lisa: i don't know if we will lose the house but it's tough. >> melissa: we are awaiting the white house press briefing where we could hear more on the news that the president is considering raising a proposed new tariff on $200 billion on the chinese goods from 10% to 25%. we will bring it to you live.
9:39 am
democrats in search of someone who can beat the president in the 2020. the advice from the bernie sanders' former campaign manager and he says look to your left. whether that is the way to go, we will debate. let's take a look at some numbers:
9:40 am
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9:43 am
as democrats search for a candidate to take on president trump in 2020 and some party leaders call to abolish i.c.e. and maybe socialism, far left candidate may not be out of the question according to bernie sanders' 2016 campaign manager jeff weaver who is telling democrats that left is the only way to turn. >> i think if we are going to be successful defeating trump and being this -- beating this
9:44 am
abysmal administration, we need to nominate progressive. the party needs to move in a bolder and more progressive direction. >> marie: i think i still have a 2016 hangover with the bernie sanders team and it's hard to listen to jeff weaver give my party advice on anything but i'll set it aside. i think what he says is interesting. what do you think? >> melissa: he might be right in the sense that you look at the candidates that are picking up momentum. i'm jealous. martha maccallum tonight on "the story" -- i saw an ad for it, so i hope i'm right -- sarah smith. she in the ninth district in washington state and somebody who is in the mold of ocasio-cortez in new york. young, millennial, dynamic. somebody who came up in the shadow of bernie sanders and backed by the same national organization that gave money here in new york. i just, i really think that going broad in anything
9:45 am
whether it's television or politics, doesn't work anymore. it's about being targeted, being specific. really firing up the people who believe in that. and that we are such a bifurcated society, set of viewers, whatever it is, you have to pick a lane and drive hard in it. i think they would be successful but you could have somebody who is moderate, who had an issue and was really dynamic. you know, it's just about you have to be on fire. >> lisa: i was going to tell marie to get a breakfast sands witch and a coffee for the hangover. >> marie: i need it! >> david: after a year and a half. >> lisa: you could see a socialist emerge in 2020. i think what we will see from democrats -- democrats -- >> marie: not for president. >> lisa: for the democratic primary. i think you have so many candidates running in 2020. one thing that democrats lost and we have seen in this election cycle they are not as good at maintaining the primaries. we have seen a more
9:46 am
progressive candidate enter the primaries. they used to be good to clear them out and now they are not as good. you could see democrats running. if you have people like corey gardner, kamala harris and what's her name from new york. kirsten gillibrand. who all represent this camp. >> marie: elizabeth warren. >> lisa: you could have somebody come up like you saw with trump outside the main stream and is unique. >> david: economics matter. >> harris: we are being shouted out on twitter. i said, there is a clip already, i said can democrats really fire up a base coming out of -- who is the base? and people are pointing out well, they had record numbers in certain areas. but it's not, as lisa is saying, it's not widespread. >> marie: there is a huge part of the democratic party is moderate. running in the midwest, running in the south and the plain states. my party will have a fight in 2020 for who we want to put forward. >> harris: that's what i
9:47 am
said! >> david: you go back and read some of what bill clinton was saying the last time he was running. a couple of years after that. talking about how the year of big government is over and everything. you put together also, you add that the history of the democrat, the moderate wing together with what the socialists are talking about. frankly the old democrats are more similar to republicans than the new democrats are to the old democrats. >> marie: all the parties are mixed up now. we are on that note awaiting comment from the white house about potential increase in tariff on chinese goods as part of the president's plan to end what he calls "abusive trade practices." why some are concerned about a trade war and how it could affect consumers and businesses up next.
9:48 am
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>> melissa: fox news has been closely following the search for missing iowa university student mollie tibbetts. the 20-year-old was last seen jogging two weeks ago in a rural central iowa town. now fox news is talking exclusively to her boyfriend dalton jack. here is just part of that. >> do you have any theory of what might have happened? what do you think happened? >> i mean everybody has their own theories but i'm just leaving it up to the law
9:52 am
enforcement to try to figure that one out. and just don't want to go racking it through my brain thinking of what happened, what happened, what happened? just driving myself insane. because i know everybody else around here is. and you just got to lead by example and try to just let the law enforcement do their job. >> melissa: we'll have more from the exclusive interview in a live report from iowa that is coming up in the next hour of "outnumbered overtime" with harris. >> lisa: while we are awaiting the white house press briefing we expect to hear more on news the president considering plans to slap 25% tariff on $200 billion of chinese goods. a big jump from the initial proposal for 10% tariff. the tariffs target food products, chemicals, steel, aaluminum and a most of consumer products. is this enough to force china's hand? >> david: what is forcing china's hand is their economy is desperate right now. the markets are smashed. they were over blown before but they have come way down.
9:53 am
consumption is way down. people are eating at very minimalist levels down there. so they are not going to be importing much goods if we try to send them there. they are down. we are putting our foot on their neck. that is the trump approach is that while they are down we can get the concessions that the government, the communist chinese government has been so reluctant to give us. like forcing them to end this practice of stealing our technology as a price to pay for doing business in china. >> lisa: i know you are saying this is a negotiating tactic. i agree with that. but do you president trump had the meet withing the e.u. president -- i think last week. it moves fast these days. can president trump point to points on the board right now? >> melissa: he can say a lot of people said if you listen to him for a long time he really does believe in tariffs and he believes they work. he is trying to, you know, wall in the whole country both on the borders and economically. he has now demonstrated that
9:54 am
that is not what he is after. he has repeatedly said that what he wants is zero tariffs everywhere. he said it at the g7 and again with the e.u. that is a really hard thing to do because before we were allowing them to collect on us while we weren't collecting on them. so to get them to give that up, you have to recreate leverage where others before you have given all the leverage away. so it's not an easy job to do. but the one thing we know now for sure is what his intention sincerely is. >> lisa: president trump has gotten a lot of criticism on the tariff and the trade of late. but if his ultimate goal is to try to get concessions on the deals how else does he extract it with the tariffs? >> marie: we'll see if the theory is true. so far we don't have new trade deals. we have pulled out of some and we don't have anything new. no points on the board as you asked melissa about. you are hearing republicans in congress trying to take legislative action to force the president's hand on tariffs because not only do
9:55 am
they think it's bad economic policy, they think it's bad politics. if they have folks in the states soy bean farmers and people in the steel industry who have seen good economic news because of the tax cuts or the stock market and suddenly are hit with the tariffs that impact them, we have already seen it impacting farmers across the country. i think politically republicans are like hey, man, why are you doing this right before the midterms? you are hurting our own people with the tariffs and you are not getting anything done. they are not willing to give him unlimited time to negotiate new deals. >> lisa: staying on the politics. soy bean is north dakota's largest observation -- largest export. so you look at china exporting the soy bean to hurt trump in the districts and the states he has done well in. you are talking to people every day. what do you hear on that front? >> harris: on the front of talking to lawmakers in the states where they are hearing from the constituents. so the president may have thought he had some time with his base. he still does. but that is what i he threw
9:56 am
out the $12 billion safety net if you will. we have to wrap it up. we have breaking news. >> melissa: all right. so that white house briefing is set to start any moment now. when it starts we will go there live. we'll be right back. high protein
9:57 am
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10:00 am
same communist that was in power in the 1980s, my sister-in-law is going back there on friday. we wish her the best. >> melissa: we will be praying for her. thanks to you guys. we will be back here at noon eastern tomorrow, here is harris. >> harris: we are awaiting the start of the daily white house press briefing amid a barrage of breaking news developments we are also keeping an eye on, including rising concerns of new perhaps russian meddling in america's election. and possibly heavier tariffs on china, and much more. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. at any moment, sarah sanders is expected to field a lot of questions on facebook's discovery of a "sophisticated effort" to undermine u.s. elections, possibly linked to russia ahead of the midterm elections. the senate intelligence committee's hearing from social media experts right now on


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