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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 3, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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now we spend half a percent. and we can still get into space. >> trish: we'll leave it there. thanks for having me in all week. and don't forget to watch his show tomorrow, big day for the president. >> i'm jesse watters along with dadan mcdowell, richard fowler, dana perino and greg gutfeld. >> greg! [laughing] >> this is "the five." >> president trump blasting fake news while some in the media proving how biased they are. >> president trump: they can make anything bad. because they are the fake, fake, disgusting news. >> the president of the united states is completely unhinged. and getting worse by the day. >> more on the president's fight against fake news ahead. but first a new round of great
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economic news. as 157,000 jobs added in july, and the unemployment rate falling to 3.9%. trump touting all of the economic winning at his raucous rally in pennsylvania. >> president trump: our economy is soaring, our jobs are booming, factories are pouring back into our country, they're coming from all over the world. 3.7 million new jobs, including close to $400,000 jobs in the manufacturing world. remember, remember? the trade deficit just fell, think of that, for the quarter, $52 billion. nobody reports it. why don't you report that? republicans just passed the biggest tax cut in the history of our country.
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and the democrats want to lift them way up. remember that. >> the president also going after democrats for refusing to build the wall. >> president trump: we've started the wall, $1.6 billion. we're fixing walls all over the border. and we're going to start to get very nasty over the wall. the democrats, you know, anything i want and it's not even the republicans, i don't know if they care about the republicans, but they care about me. anything i want they want to oppose. you know i just figured out how to do the wall. i'll say i don't want to build the wall and they'll insist on building it. [applause] >> president trump: i just figured that out right now. [laughing] >> and trump slamming of course the special counsel's russia probe. >> president trump: now we're being hindered by the russian hoax. it's a hoax. i'll tell you what, russia is
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very unhappy that trump won that, i can tell you. >> i can tell you, greg. we've seen a lot of these rallies, he's ramping them up over the last couple of weeks. this performance last night i think was probably one of his most charismatic. >> unlike you, he seems to be really energetic. >> oh! are you saying i'm low energy today? >> a little low energy. i don't know why. but anyway, i feel bad for the critics. how can they spin bad news out of good. so i thought i would help them, help the people of cnn and ms nbc. there's bad news when people are working. you're tearing families apart. mom and dad, spending less time at home, the kids are neglected, low unemployment tears families apart. trump is anti-family, the republicans are anti-family, run with that. what the media is, there's a contrast here. donald trump is the good news conductor. you see his hands up there, 4 to 6 million new jobs. good news.
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and the media are good news fire extinguishers. he'll say, look, economy added 52,000 more jobs. they go like this, shhh. that's not as much as he said it was. then oh, look, the job growth appears to be sustainable. shhh, you don't know that. the labor force participation has increased among the native born. oh, that's just nativist. they're good news extinguishers. i'm out of breath. >> well said. >> really good performance. >> i think mika b. said he looks unhinged. >> that's next block. that's what happens when jesse is hung over. he skips to the next block. [laughing] >> what i was saying is that he seems very animated and not unhinged because of the great economic news. one of the things we have for you, we have these manufacturing jobs. created almost 400 manufacturing jobs in the country, since
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inauguration. i think obama lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs. these are good high paying jobs. that's why he's so excited. >> yes. do you remember my analogy where i said that might not have been on "the five" yet, but the press has to eat every day. >> pre-watters? >> the thing they hate to eat is their vegetables. they hate to eat their vegetables. if you give them dessert first, within the rally, that's what they're going to eat. their dessert is anything against the media when they talk about the russia probe and talk about the other things. they're like, oh, i'm going to eat that first and save the vegetables for last. >> if trump didn't give him all that stuff -- >> give them all vegetables. and that's all they would have to report on. >> do you think that's a good analogy? she might be right. >> i think dana is right. >> dana: of course i'm right. >> you are very smart, dana. >> dana: thank you. >> smartest person at the table.
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>> dana: well, yeah. [laughing] >> oh, wow. >> no, i think dana is right, if the president focused on the teleprompter and focused on his job numbers. >> dana: i didn't know he had a teleprompter. doesn't look like he needs one. >> if he focuses on the job numbers and the economy there would be no fuel. but now we're talking about other things. dig into the job numbers, which i did, and just a couple of things that we found. one, we saw that the average hourly wage went up, and we saw that the continue of things have gone up. purchasing power. >> here comes the extinguisher. [laughing] >> always the good news. >> these are facts. the american worker should be worried that inflation is going up and their wages aren't going up. >> you can always find something. inflation. >> well, the numbers are my dessert. the glass is up, let me pull my abacus out. this economy is en fuego. >> this is america. >> it is on fire.
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i think that's what it means. >> thank you. >> faster than 4 hrs last quarter, faster in the current quarter most likely. we're creating 250,000 jobs r month, that is faster than the pace for the first seven months last year. 90% of workers have higher paychecks because of the tax cut. and he is taking a pick ax to obama regulations. like the car emission standards, that's going to safe half a trillion dollars for consumers. even at the end of the day, if people don't like president trump's performance they watch that rally, watch the next one, and look at him and go, thank god it's not hillary clinton. would be standing on the stage going i'm keeping the economy down, making you dependent on government and raise your taxes because i spend your money better than you do. >> here's the question, dagan, the feds said possibly moving to an inflationary period.
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>> inflation is awesome. you know what, because it means your wages are rising. >> but the cost of things goes up. >> if you're making more money, then the cost of things going up, that is good news, if the people get theirtrousers in a knot about the federal reserve. the federal reserve is raising interest rates, it means the economy is doing extremely well. >> but if the cost is outpains wages -- >> it's not, we have the fastest job growth in 10 years. >> it's outpacing wages, no it's not. >> it is. the average wage 2is.7% --. let toll plaza talk about something more exciting than inflation. i thought it was great material on the wall. he said i know how the democrats are going to fund the wall, we'll put solar panels on the wall. now he doesn't want to build it, all of a sudden the democrats will jump on it. good stuff. >> these rallies are, i said this, it's like going to see a
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classic band play their oldith hits. you're not hanging on every single song but you see zz top. you get to tell people, going to see trump in these rallies is more about saying that you saw him and it's like a party, social atmosphere. i compare the rally, you know what a frontage road is? >> yes, i do. >> the media is freeway that's all backed up. the rally is basically his frontage road. he takes off and takes the viewers off parent the media, to the truth. >> we had a segment a couple of days ago that the celebrities were going to come out and try to campaign against the president. i think trump is the only celebrity he needs. he brings 40,000 people to a rally, no celebrity that can get out there, off script. >> it's interesting to think how they're going to combat this. i don't think they're going to match him rally for rally. 450edz earlier this week he's
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going to campaign six, seven days a week. he's happy to do that between now and november. he has the energy to do it. he's like on the frontage road, also he has a motorcade so he doesn't stop for stoplights, keep on going. it's hard to figure out a way to combat. >> that's he has an easy pass. >> it's hard to combat the donald trump bask of the rally. donald trump isn't on the ballot, it's lou berretti, the rally was about him. that's donald trump and the republican's number one problem. he has these rallies, he's the center of attention, he's the star, then he leaves and it goes back to normal programming. these candidates are still down. lou is down like 12 points in pennsylvania. >> at the end of the day this rising tide is lifting everybody's boat and filling it up with delicious goodies. you saw in the most recent jobs report, unemployment rate for women, down. unemployment rate for latinos in the country, down. people with just a high school education, down.
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everybody is feeling better. and so they get to watch these rallies, love him or hate him, and be entertain ed. >> he goes into the local market, he'll dominate the news coverage, raise as ton of money for the local candidate. they're probably registering voters and organizing -- >> remember, this isn't -- remember, president trump didn't just go there for lou. he went there for president trump's re-election campaign. pennsylvania is a state he's concerned about. perhaps for good reason, his numbers are down there. you'll probably see him in pennsylvania quite a bit. >> here's the problem, though. he has another rally saturday, correct? and it's during your hour, jesse. which means you're going to get a better rating than me and it's going to be unfair. i'm going to try and call trump to tell him to move it up to 5:00. >> okay. >> moving away from 7:00 p.m. >> okay. [laughing] new example of media bias, up next. surance that won't replace
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>> president trump: the nice part, we're doing better in all
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of these states than we did on election night. despite only negative publicity and negative stories from the fakers back there. in helsinki i had a great meeting with pew tan. tin. they wanted me to walk up and go like this. they wanted me to go up and have a boxing match. >> dana: president trump taking aim at the media. some members of the press continuing to prove his point. >> no way anyone who knows donald trump but has not bought in could watch him last night and not come away with the feeling that the president of the united states is completely unhinged. and getting worse by the day. >> dana: how is the rally from last night different than any other rally? i don't understand where he shis something is different. >> he was so good she had to call him that. >> nice spin. >> she's jealous. it takes a lot of talent to do what he does, to read a crowd
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the way he does. it's not some one that's unhinged, it's some one so focused and so in tune to the crowd and their reaction, the timing, the sensibility of the way your words are going over with the crowd. and the way you perceive the crowd. if they're losing patience or losing interest, to jolt them back at it. that takes timing that takes precision, not a lot of people are able to do that. in order to discredit him, she can't discredit him on policy, she has to discredit him on his personality. you know they don't have a good personal relationship. it's sour grapes. >> dana: it wasn't just personality, listen to one more sound bite from that show. >> is it okay, it sounds like maybe he's got, losing his mind. is this a stability issue? because i feel like some might argue when you see him off prompter, he doesn't really seem to be there. >> what do you mean? >> doesn't really connect with the reality of the situation. >> dana: it's not the first time
2:18 pm
that questions have been raised, we understand she has a book coming out, says something similar about stability. amorosa. >> who's that. >> you know who it is. >> in regards to mika, a good rule you can always use. boring people think interesting people are crazy. and by comparison, she's, you know, effectively boring. the only thing interesting about her is her last name. be honest. and i think you can be harsh about her, because she offers no medical evidence, she offers no, had no medical expert there, she's not a doctor, you talk about somebody's stability, and by the way in some serious tones, this isn't like, when trump says, yo, bernie is crazy. he's basically trash talking on the street. she's actually making a fairly serious accusation that could
2:19 pm
push some one to do, to, like, my god we have to do something about this president, he's dangerous. >> dana: like the 25th amendment or something like that. dagen, not responding on policy but being frustrated with his delivery, is what i guess she was upset about. >> everybody is lazy. they don't have to do any reading or understand anything about what's really going on. you just come in and play like you're a psychiatrist in an airport kiosk. again, what of these screeching, preening pea cox going to do when president trump isn't in the white house any more? they'll go back to genuflecting and rump smooching to get an invite the the white house christmas party. my dad told me, i think this is playing out in america when i first started working as a financial journalist, he said okay, honey, you are below repo man and people who work in
2:20 pm
carnivals and irs auditors in terms of what people think. enjoy that the rest of your life. this is nothing new. people hate the press. >> dana: is it effective with democrats though? >> no. it's not effective with democrats. i think mika is just one outliar. the president has basically made the mediate punching bag. he's called them the enemy of the state. >> fake media. >> enemy of the people, same difference. and i find that to be a problem. go ahead, jesse. i'm waiting for you to jump in. >> i find you problematic too, buddy. [ laughing ] >> a lot of people go to the white house every day that do really good work and really good journalists and not there to be lumped in and to be called enemy of the people. you have pbs, cnn, our white house correspondents that do good work.
2:21 pm
john roberts is like am i an enemy of the people, too. the president and the white house have to be careful, they say they believe in the constitution and first amendment enshinroed freedom of the press. >> doesn't the press have to be careful of their receipttor yak? >> the job of the press is to ask questions. >> we're conflating two things. >> in the briefing room -- >> mika isn't in the briefing room. she's, like us, she has an opinion. the thing, though, there is something when you are saying that somebody is seriously mentally ill. there are people who are mentally ill, it is just, you don't play around with that terminology lightly. that's what i guess bugs me about it. >> president trump unveils his new nickname for bernie sanders. will the divide up end their plans for the mid terms. still nervous about finding a new apartment?
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>> a fired-up president trump going after his thee receipt clal 2020 rivals in pennsylvania. >> president trump: let's say i'm running against pocahontas or crazy bernie. i got to hand it to bernie. i saw him up there, the other day, that hair getting whiter and whiter and he's getting crazier and crazier. he doesn't quit, that's okay. crazy bernie. he is one crazy dude. [laughing] >> this comes as democrats apparently cannot agree on a mid-term message. politico reporting progressives are meeting in new orleans with mans to push the party toward impeaching him. dana is that a loser? >> dana: yes, it's a loser. i picked this today -- >> that's why i went to you. >> dana: thank you. there's so many people working in the democratic party trying to figure out, the third way
2:27 pm
guys, dnc, pelosi saying, she says we're not doing impeachment. we're not talking about it. there you have tom starr, this billionaire, why isn't anybody taking me seriously, i was going to give you money, i want you to say impeachment. they say please don't do this. politics by the billionaires is not good. i should go to richard but they're frustrated with the democrats, you haven't done enough to go after president trump. i think that the democrats do have time to figure out a way to figure out a mid-term message, they have another month or so, get to labor day, then drive it home whatever they decide they're going to do. turnout is really important. turnout matters more than any other election. if you don't have a good message your turnout won't matter. >> a couple of things. i agree turnout is very important. i think the talk of, they're talking about the conference they're talking about is net roots, similar to cpac, it's activists, the far left, just like cpac is the nar right.
2:28 pm
they have conversations, they come up with far left things. i don't think that's where the party is going to go. but it's an opportunity to rev up the party, build up the big mo, build up the momentum. the issue that i think we'll boil down to is going to be healthcare. here's why. president obama -- president trump promise read peel and replace. he didn't repeal, he didn't replace. in october when they announce the new obamacare premiums, through the roof, the one party can you blame for that is the gop. and i think democrats are going to run on the fact that healthcare is more kshtly and costly under trump, that's very potent argument. >> so far that's not the case. the premiums are not coming in nearly as high, even falling in some states. they've been reported at the state level, the insurance commissioners have been finding out. also, you have this initiative this past week in terms of opening up the market and letting individuals buy short-term health plans.
2:29 pm
especially against the law based on obamacare, something the trump administration is rolling back. run on people's money, you lose, the economy is so good. >> there's cheaper options with healthcare, after president trump came out with these deregulations. they're slowly chipping away at obamacare. then trump is lighting things on fire and the media looking that way and he's digging that way. it's funny, watching bernie and pocahontas, he calls her pocahontas. i can't imagine trump losing a are with a of words against whoever the democratic nominee is there. 's no way bernie sanders is verbally equipped to go toe-to-toe with the president. i think pocahontas -- i think elizabeth warren, is quick with the twitter. she's tight, she keeps it focused. but i think verbally she doesn't have what it takes. she doesn't have the charisma, the game. >> in front of the crowd. >> the trsh talking, i haven't
2:30 pm
seen it. >> she's never going to be the nominee. joe bay biden is going to be the nominee. and in the most recent poll -- >> he'll take him behind the gym. >> he was up seven points against donald trump in the polls. >> their platform is impeachment -- >> not true. >> abortion and open borders. >> that's not true. that is not true. >> that is a winning trinity. >> what we hear the most about every party has an angry fringe right and left. but it's less of a fringe, it's the whole chris. the -- whole dress. the party has to pick a side. once that party is going to be sur ser vee interest. you i want to talk about the frash talking, mika talking about the mentally ill and trump calling bernie crazy. he's giving bernie a nickname over his beliefs. the idea he's a socialist in america is crazy. it's always, it's socialism is a
2:31 pm
destructive practice that's chosen by incredibly rich people, they can survive it. the rich liberals in california, rich liberals in new york city can embrace a socialist candidate, very liberal leaders, they're wealthy enough to sustain the punitive policies that nobody else can. that's crazy. that street talking trying to stick it to bernie as opposed to saying he's clinically mentally ill and i worry about the staft country. >> one point? >> no, richard, you can't. i'm kidding. >> the one point is that the republicans get mad when we call them the party the rich because you guys, not saying you are the party of the rich. we get mad when you say we're open borders. we aren't. barack obama spent money protecting the borders. stop say being believe in open borders. >> he wore a t-shirt that said i don't care about the borders -- >> he's one person. he's not the entire party. >> medicare for all, medicare is going broke in eight years. medicare for all is going to be $33 trillion.
2:32 pm
we would have to double the amount of money that we take from the american people in terms of taxes and it still wouldn't pay for it. that's crazy. >> you aren't going to pay healthcare premiums any more. >> one crazy dude. >> up next parents forking over cash to help their kids get better at video games. so, i needed legal advice, and i heard that my cousin's wife's sister's husband was a lawyer, so i called him. but he never called me back! if your cousin's wife's sister's husband isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal. no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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was like for him at school. greg? >> um, okay. i know a lot of people think this is probably very bad idea but it's not, it's a great idea. video games for a child are superior to golf, it takes up less room. golf is a selfish sport, it takes up acres and acres. better than football, don't have injury. better than soccer can you use your hands. the most important thing about video games, is that you have a child or teenager playing it has a chance for a lucrative career. this is a huge industry not just for players, if you have tennis coaches, why don't you have video game coaches. with video games it's a multi, multi billion dollar industry. may go, designing, marketing, selling, it's a huge arena. they should do this. it's a great idea. the video game industry, know where to find me. >> they do. [laughing] >> they got mad at me. >> one time. but i told them, i said if i
2:38 pm
were you, i'd leaf greg alone. >> everybody says that. >> i buy that. in terms of, like, the industry of the future if you're trying to think what are the jobs going to be in 20 years when your kids are playing. here's something else, it's so obsessive, and also turning criminal, one young 8-year-old was pressured into people playing online to go into his mother's purse, pull out her wallet, get her driver's license and credit card, take pictures of them and send them to people of the people that asked for them had not done anything with them, police say there's nothing illegal about giving private information out. but getting out of control. >> don't blame the game. >> i'm not, but -- >> if it was an older 8-year-old that wouldn't have happened. >> college is unaffordable to a lot of people. invest $50 and they can get $1,000 scholarship i'm all for that, that's an investment. i worry about them frying their eyeballs.
2:39 pm
if you are staring at screens and wiggling your little fingers, in the house all day, i disagree, go play golf, soccer. go play football. i'd rather have my kid in sunlight sweating. sitting on a couch. >> you're on tv saying this. people are at home watching you. you don't want them to go outside. >> i want them to watch me then go outside. [laughing] >> kids should be building forts and playing in a stream somewhere. what has video game -- i played video games. it teaches us how not to look people in the eye when we speak to them, doesn't teach them how to give a firm handshake, teachles it's okay to wear pants with elastic in the waistband and that's not all right. >> we might make history, i agree with you, jesse. >> then i change my opinion. >> get with the times. no turning back on this. >> but we didn't include the
2:40 pm
story earlier parents were hiring psychologists to come and talk to their children because their fear of losing was basically overwhelming them. >> it's creating jobs for psychologists. >> it's about, i remember boeing a kid and going outside and throw around the football and playing street hockey with my friends and built team building, camaraderie. >> but if you don't like sports. >> childhood obesity is a thing. you sit in front of the television playing video games, and eating. >> if you play fortnight for a long time you forget to eat. >> the parents are paying for the kids coaching and fortnight because they're embarrassed by their kid because their kid can't play that well, they don't want their friends saying your kid stinks. >> this is like those courses for s.a.t.s. that's what it is. >> really? >> i think it is. video games will make a kid smarter than studying for the s.a.t. >> no, it doesn't make you
2:41 pm
smarter. >> i wholeheartedly disagree. >> i have published papers on this. i'm lying, but -- >> i think it's more important to know math. >> a squared plus b squared equals c squared. >> i have that in my phone. i don't need to know anything, it's in my phone. >> only in greg's world. >> i like pong, i'm old. >> only in greg's world. don't go anywhere, fan mail friday is up next. (video-game dance music) (burke) abstract accident. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> fan mail friday. it's polka, polka, polka. this is a great question. jesse, if you were on the front page of the newspaper what would the headline be? >> in a major upset watters wins the presidency. >> of what? >> in a major upset perino fired for her potty mouth. >> dagen? >> woman arrested for stabbing the tires of all four vehicles
2:46 pm
when individual cuts woman off. >> oh, oh! >> finishes first. >> oh, the headlines. >> local man arrested for walking a dog without a dog. frenchie world. >> jesse, what question would you ask a fortune teller. dagen? >> if i eat this spaghetti am i going to have a stomach ache tomorrow? >> that's a good one. mine would be will i get the runs. i need a fortune teller for my stomach. richard? >> come back to me. >> no passing. everybody be quiet. >> who color will i wear on
2:47 pm
monday. >> will i retire by age 55? >> about three years away. we will be right back. no, i'm kidding. jesse? >> i would not ask a fortune teller anything, i'm terrified of fortune tellers. i don't trust them and i'm squared of them. i don't want them to tell me something bad. >> i don't believe any of it. >> i don't they are. >> i would ask a fortune teller what time do you get off work? >> would they know? could be a busy night, i don't know. are you a phony. they're always dressed poorly. but they should be gazillion airs. first date, walk down the street -- >> not a good thing on a first date. >> really?
2:48 pm
>> not a good thing. >> christine d., about the date. anyway, what sound or noise do you hate? >> so many. >> i know what you hate. >> when my phone pinnings during the show. >> the pinging doesn't bother me. but anyone who has eye phone clicks, i don't like listening to people type, listening to people gum chewing, i don't like listening to the headphones when you can kind of hear the music but not really. i don't like tapping the pens, kicking the table, change in their pockets. >> i love the sound of money. makes me hot. i'm capitalist, jiggle that change. >> i have an answer. the sound of chewing wanter chris, the sound that the watercress makes. >> not romaine or cale? >> just watercress. >> dagen?
2:49 pm
>> the pile driver across the street from my apartment. and hillary clinton laughing. [laughing] >> did i ask you jesse? no, i didn't. i don't like that noise you make. >> which one? oh my laugh. i hate the sound of a child asking why do we have war. >> so annoying. >> you know what i hate? people on twitter, the noise i hear on twitter when people put questions into their kids mouths. billy came up to me and said why is donald trump so mean. never happened. i hate that sound. i hate a lot of things by the way. donald f., who is the most interesting person you've ever interviewed, dagen? >> oh, god, you got to go to me first? >> i'm looking at you. >> metd or interviewed? >> interviewed.
2:50 pm
i can't change the questions, i get fired. >> um, mm, buzz aldrin. >> good one. >> he went to the moon, i think, right? somebody get back to me. producer says he went to the moon. we'll check that in the break. dane? >> dana: dierks bentley. >> of course you would. >> dr. sebastian gorka, he fascinates me. >> he was supposed to be on my show but he changed his flight and that flight got cancelled. >> gorka! >> i'm the consolation prize. >> do you have hannity tonight? all right, well then, richard. >> i interviewed a group of the tuskeegee airmen. >> that is great, great. >> very impressive. they blew me away. >> i would saying iy pop. about 15 years ago, iggy pop. it's like three hours. i was drunk. i was very nervous. bradley stein, sounds familiar,
2:51 pm
if there was a yearbook superlatives edition of "the five" you would be most likely to what? this is a great game show. can i go to you first? this the longest facebook segment ever. most likely to what? >> get bleeped. [laughing] >> yeah. adult edition. >> now do him. >> most likely to read a book. >> very funny. >> not nice to make fun of some one who can't read. amazing you got this far. >> yeah. >> made for tv movie. richard? >> best guest. >> oh, wow. >> dagen? >> since this the first time i've been on the show, most likely to get asked back a second time. >> oh! >> i have to take issue with best dressed. richard was wearing overalls with a t-shirt, one of the overall straps was coolly
2:52 pm
hanging off the side. >> i looked amazing. >> that was the best dressed. >> were they shorts? >> no, no. >> you have short overalls? >> no. i do have a male romper. >> oh, no. sean connery wore a maim romper. >> i'm most likely to burn a male romper. >> i'll buy you one. >> i own a unicorn romper. one more thing, up next. so you have, your headphones, chair, new laptop with 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. save $200 on this dell laptop at office depot officemax.
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♪ >> jesse: it is finally time for "one more thing." [laughter] >> dana: i want to talk about the 96-year-old fabulous lady. she was a girl scout. she received an honorary degree from cedarcrest college. veronica originally enrolled at school at cedar crest college after world war ii but she had to drop out when her work with the girl scouts forced her to move out west. she joined the scouts in 1931. she's been an active member for 87 years. during her tenure, she trained countless scout leaders, chaperone trips to the caribbean. she grew, coordinated and international girl scout camp in 1976 to celebrate the country's bicentennial. she was awarded her degree in recognition of the profound contributions she's made to the lehigh valley community. congratulations. >> greg: i've been there. used the pool.
2:57 pm
i did. >> dana: legally? >> greg: this time. >> jesse: god, this show. here's a real show. "watters world." saturday night, we'll be covering the trump rally, in addition to that, i know a lot of people are stressed out and they have trumped derangement syndrome. now people are turning to therapy animals, like many horses. we brought in many horses, and i am putting a mini horse because i'm very stressed out. >> dana: you do this segment every week. >> jesse: we private squirrels, ducks, peacocks, llamas, now the mini horse. something crazy is going to happen. i might get kicked in the teeth. >> greg: "watters world" is fast becoming a local news program. [laughter] >> jesse: its a variety show, greg. i just need a studio audience. >> greg: cooking segment? >> jesse: next saturday. >> greg: my microphone? >> jesse: use hers. >> greg: i need a microphone.
2:58 pm
[laughter] >> greg: anyway, i will be in dallas -- i will be in fort worth, texas, tomorrow at a barnes & noble. i will be in dallas as well at a barnes & noble. then i will be in woodland -- i can't believe it. i will be -- >> jesse: everybody is going down. >> greg: "the greg but failed to show." superlative program. dana perino is on because sebastian gorka's plan got canceled. ""buffy the vampire slayer"," and of course -- >> dana: they didn't even make the graphic! >> greg: you look like sebastian. thank you for the microphone. >> jesse: dagen, please. >> dana: lord, have mercy on my soul. boise, idaho, 7:00 a.m. on a friday morning, got your cup of joe, you look out your window, and there are 118 goats in your yard. adult goats, baby goes, just grazing. the neighbors, nobody knew where they came from. it turns out they got loose,
2:59 pm
they were in a nearby field. they were owned by -- we rent we rent goats -- they are not therapy goats, although, baby goats hopping around. very uplifting for the spirit. they are used for grazing, and eating grass, and -- >> dana: a good way to mow your lawn and get p.r. >> jesse: richard fowler, everybody. >> richard: a couple of weeks ago, i had the privilege to visit israel. too many, the middle east was viewed in black and white but when you go there, you really realize that it's 100 days of gray. check out my daily episodes from the holy land by visiting my instagram page, or visiting our youtube channel. show. that is me going, driving to the golan heights. >> jesse: are you wearing a sleeveless plaid shirt? >> richard: i surely am. but that is in the old city. >> dagen: just like people at the trump rally's, i will fit
3:00 pm
right in. >> richard: go to instagram, catch my daily updates and instagram. it's amazing. >> jesse: welcome back. that is it for us tonight. we'll see you back here on monday. [laughter] "special report" is up next. >> bret: i have nowhere to go with my microphone goes down. thanks, jesse. china targets a $60 billion worth of u.s. goods for new tariffs in the latest skirmish in the trade war. the president's top diplomat says north korea is still violating numerous u.n. security council resolutions. whatever happened to the year of the woman? remember that political movement? this is "special report." ♪ good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. tonight, it is china's turn to threaten new tariffs in the emerging trade war with the u.s. beijing is talking about penalties on $60 billion of american goods. that unpleasant pos


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