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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 4, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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go to g got fell i think i will be am huntington books and long island on tuesday. check man. a special thanks to dana, tyrus and our studio troy balderson. "watters' world" starts now. jesse: i'm jesse waters. president trump speaking right now at a rally in lewis center, ohio. let's listen. president trump: i don't think they did it consciously. they didn't know what the hell they were doing. they had no idea. the globalists think it's wonderful when they close up a plant inio and move it to mexico or some other country. send it back into our country tax-free. those days are ending, tax-free. right? no good. we don't like that. we want our people. did you see a certain gentleman the other day said donald trump
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doesn't take care of foreign workers. i said he's right. that was charles koch. charles koch. he's actually a nice guy. members of my clubs. david and charles koch. he says donald trump doesn't take care of foreign workers. he's right. i want to take care of the american workers. i want to be america first. okay? [cheers and applause] but america's economic surrender ended the day i took office, folks. now after years of rebuilding foreign countries, we are finally read building our country -- we are finally read building our country. the. the great patriot from the our
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country. william mckinley from ohio was a great president. he understood the crucial importance of tariffs in maintaining a very strong country. people that followed him went down at great presidents because one in particular as you know, because he was given an economic behemoth created by mckinley. mckinley said we ought to take care of our own nation and her industries first. we want to help other people. but we don't want to help other people that are rich and not have them reimburse us. they are taking care of their military, we are taking care of their manufacturing. we are taking care of everything. a lot of these deals were made many years ago when they were weak and struggling. and they never changed them. but we are changing them now. changing them now.
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and troy balderson is going to be helping so much. thanks to our pro american economic policies. american steel -- one of the things i'm most of proud of -- american steel is making one of the biggest comebacks anybody has ever seen for any industry. nucor, a great steel company. the steel mills were closing up. nucor announced an $85 million upgrade in marion. charter steel announced a $150 million steel plant in cuyahoga heights. jsw steel is restarting the furnace and investing $500
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million. cleveland cliffs announced a $700 million plant in toledo. united states steel is building or renovating or improving over seven new plants. they never thought they would see a day when this happens. this all happened within a very short period of time. because we stopped the dumping. if they want to dump, that's fine. but they have to pay a 25% tax. amazing the impact that has on people who want to rip-off our industries. we also have taken historic action to protect our amazing farmers. i reached an historic agreement with the european union. we talked about them before to reduce barriers to american-grown products and
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vastly increased the purchases of ohio's american crop soybeans. coy bea -- soybean prices are sg to go up. we are standing up to china. we authorized up to $12 billion to help american farmers during this period of time where china is targeting the american farmer because china is smart and they know the american farmers love donald trump. and they say what can we do to stop donald trump because he's the guy, he got it right. he's bringing the wealth back to the united states. china doesn't like it. so they are spending a fortune on public relations and ads. did you ever see the ads? look at who is paying for them. and by the way, other countries. speak of china. it has just come out the democratic leader and the leader
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of the russian investigation, dianne feinstein, had a chinese spy at her driver for 20 years. and she is leading the russian investigation if that's what you call it. how about leading -- she is leading the russian witch hunt. a democrat-inspired witch hunt. isn't that something? dianne feinstein -- how come china never spies on us? there are those who say they are brutal. you should ask the people. not only china. it's a lot of people. we have to stop it. we have to stop meddling and stop everybody from attacking us. but there are a lot. rush i -- russia is there, china is there.
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we are probably doing well with north korea. i like dianne feinstein, but i don't like the fact she had a chinese spy driving her and she didn't know it. then she says to me, well, what did you know about this? i said give me a break. come on, folks. every day, with china not doing so well, it's only gotten worse. if there is any meddling or any problems, i guarantee you it will happen really big now because we are taking our wealth back. we are take our jobs back. we are opening up markets. every day we are setting new record. and we are keeping our promise. we have eliminated a record number of job-killing regulations. and that is so true. ohio is going to like this. we ended the war on clean coal. our miners are back to work. clean coal.
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republicans passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in american history. we saved our family farms from the estate tax also known as the death tax, and we saved small businesses, small farms, small businesses won't be paying the death tax any any more. the individual mandate is now gone in obamacare. that's where you pay a tremendous amount of money for the privilege of not having to pay to buy terrible, horrible healthcare that's overpriced. we have given you a lot of healthcare plans you can choose from. we are giving businesses the greatest ability they have ever had to join forces to buy much better health insurance for much less money including across
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state lines. and we just added and introduced a brand-new rule to offer renewable plants that could save patients 50% or more compared to obamacare. obamacare. that was a beauty. obamacare. it was repealed and replaced. and you know weighs we did, which i think is really great. it's really something. when you are really sick, it's called right to try. how many times do you know somebody, and you are reading about this potential cure, but it will be 10 more years of experiments and food and drug. and we have right to try. people sign a disclaimer, they sign an agreement for more liability. instead of traveling -- most of people don't have the money. right to try, it's passed. you wouldn't think it would be
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tough. but the healthcare companies had a problem. the pharmaceutical companies had a problem because everybody was worried everybody would be sued. you sign an agreement where you don't sue people. they want to get better. they want a right to try. we approved that. they have been trying to get it for 40 years. i signed it into law three months ago. right to try. so if they have something you read about that looks really promising. you don't have to wait 12 years. you know one of the reasons you couldn't use it. they say we don't want to use it because it could hurt somebody. the people are going to die. it might not work, and it might work. it's also a great test medically. right to try. we have it. i'm so proud of that one. to retore our security we increased defense spending to
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$700 billion this year and $716 billion next year. we are doing things that we have never done before. and we approved $6 billion for opioid. it's down 20%. $6 billion we got approved. thanks to our $2 billion investment in armored vehicles. workers at the legendary take plant in lima, ohio are now back on the job churning out m1 abrams tanks. churning them out. the great thing about what we are doing with $700 billion and $716. it's far more important in this case.
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but we are also providing massive numbers of jobs because we build all of that equipment in the united states. that's the one case where the jobs just aren't as important. but we are doing it all here i'm proud to report we have given our service members the largest pay raise in over a decade. i have also directed the pentagon to create the 6th branch of the united states armed forces called the space force. [cheers and applause] that's going to be great. so much is happening in space. i am not just talking about mars and the moon. i'm talking about tremendous offense capability. it's in space. we are going to do the space
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force. we passed the landmark va accountability act. now if a bad government workers abuses a great veteran, we turn to them and say, you're fired, get the hell out of here! you are fired! we also passed veterans choice. so if our veterans can't get care from the va in a timely manner, they have the right to go and see immediately a private doctor and get taken care of. they have been working on that one for 45 years. we got it passed. i'm good at getting things passed. we are going to get the wall passed, don't worry about that. the obstructionist democrats. the democrats are
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obstructionists. the only thing they do well. they are lousy politicians, they have stupid policies, let's get rid of law enforcement, let's get rid of the military. let's not build a wall. they are haters. they do anything they can to obstruct or resist. their word is resist, resist. i used to see that word, i said why are they doing senate but they want to resist. i withdrew the united states from the horrible iran nuclear deal. and so many things have happened. i also recognize the capital of israel and five months later we opened the american embassy in jerusalem. instead of apologizing for america, we are standing up for america, we are standing up for the heroes who protect our
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country. and we are proudly standing up for our national anthem. thank you. [cheers and applause] [crowd chants usa!] but to continue our incredible success, we must elect more republicans and we must elect troy balderson. we have to elect troy. so get your friend, get your neighbors, get your family and get out and vote for troy on tuesday. loyal citizens, great people like you help build this country. and together we are taking back this country. we are returning power to where
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it belongs, to the american people. from columbus to the queen city cincinnati where i worked, the queen city. from dublin to cleveland and from toledo to mansfield, ohio has always been the home of red-blooded american patriots, strong people, real workers. people i love. this state is the home of the proud. and we are, we are the home of the proud. we are the home of families and farmers and miners and manufacturers and airators and astronauts. ohio is the home of everything good. ohio is where the wright
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brothers invented the airplane and where annie oakley got her gun. and ohio is the state that gives us american legend and american heroes like thomas edison, neil armstrong, and john glenn. we stand on the shoulders of generations of american patriots who knew how to work, knew how to fight, and knew how to win. you know how to win. just like them we are going to keep on work. we are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep object winning, we are going to win so much you are going to get so tired of winning. you see what happening. we'll keep it going for a long time. we'll never give up, we'll never give in.
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and we'll never back down. we'll never ever stop fighting for our families, our freedom, tore our great american -- or our great american flag. right? because we are americans. and our hearts bleed red, white and blue. we are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under god. and together as a nation we'll make america wealthy again. we'll make america strong again. we'll make america safe again. and we'll make america great again. thank you, ohio. thank you. [♪]
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jesse: president trump speaking to an overflowing crowd of thousands in lewis center, ohio. he's there to support troy balderson in tuesday's house election. and it was hot out there. president trump: even thought it's 110 degrees in this crazy room, if you can take it, i can take it. in all fairness to the hvac
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engineers and contractors. this room was not designed quite for this crowd. and you people are hot. so if anybody wants to leave. leave. there is a lot of people out there who want to get in, but don't leave. it is rather hot. you walk out and lose about 10 pound. you say that was very good. that beats going to a gym, right? it's hot. so much for my brand-new beautiful suit. jesse: here to react, former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski and gina loudon the head of trump's advisory board. one of my favorite moments is when he pits the people against the powerful.
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he talks about the elites. i believe he has stolen this trick from the democrats who always campaign for the little guy against the campaign business interests. he ripped that out of their pocket and now owns that line. president trump: msnbc is so corrupt and disgusting. i would say almost their worse, almost worse. they are a fake news group of people. and here's the good news. the guys that we love, right? they are blowing them away in the race. hannity, laura ingraham, tucker carlson, steve doocy. so many others. they are blowing them away in the race. oh, excuse me, i would have been
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in big trouble. the great lou dobbs. right? but you see, oh, maria -- maria bartiromo. i'm in trouble. i know i left out probably 10. but i didn't think i would be doing this. but they are blowing them away. cnn is down at the bottom of the totem poll. msnbc isn't even close to being next these shows. they are more elite than me? i'm more of everything they have, including this. and i became president and they didn't. [cheers and applause] and it's driving them crazy. jesse: judge jeanine is very
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upset because she was not mentioned by the president. i think i heard her throw a glass in the green room. besides that we wanted to get that in there. about the he athletes versus the regular folks. -- about the elites versus the regular folks that's so effective and they loved it. >> this president joined with the american people in ways no other president has. he said during this campaign, i want all americans to be as rich as me. that gave americans a vision of going back to work, reclaiming our economy both nationally and internationally. and those are the things he delivered on. so he has every right to say that to that crowd. jesse: he's saying these people in ohio, they are smart people, they own a business, they own land, they have families, they have savings, they have high salaries. they are doing great. then you have some little weasel
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making a tiny amount of money in manhattan and washington, d.c. he's got nothing going on and no action web's calling those people in the heartland deplorables, he's calling them toothless, and that's why people don't like the people in the media. >> it's not just the people in the media. it's the bi-coastal nature of going to an -- going to stanforr hash regard and look down -- or harvard and looking down on people who didn't go to ivy league schools. he's with the hard working men and women every single day in ohio who are seeing the benefit of the economy. he talked about the steel
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workers going back to work. they are better off than the professional elitists. jesse: under obama where the country lost 300,000 to 400,000 manufacturing jobs. and this president has added over 300,000 manufacturing jobs. dianne feinstein, the senator from california, i think she is one of the ranking members on the senate intelligence committee and leading the charge against collusion and all that kind of stuff. it was discovered there was a chinese spy, a mole, who was her driver, for 20 years, driving the senator around. good knows what he was hearing in the front seat when she was chatting on the cell phone. and she is upset with trump for being a national security risk? president trump: it just came
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out democratic leader and the leader of the russian investigation, dianne feinstein, had a chinese spy as her driver for 20 years. and she is leading the russian investigation. jesse: it's so funny the democrats, they get hacked, podesta gives his password which was password to th the enemies. she has a mole in the front seat. debbie wasserman-schultz has some crazy i.t. guy. >> this is what the american people are watching and they are seeing this hypocrisy. and they say you have got to be kidding me. do they believe their own lies? the only place they believe the lies is on the coasts and the
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d.c. bubble. the people in the heartland see all of this. they know it, and this is what elected this president. this is what will deliver the mid-terms for him i believe again too. jesse: let's play sound from the president. he made a prediction. here it is. president trump: they are talking about this blue wave. i don't think so. i don't think so. maxine waters is leading the charge. maxine. she is a real beauty. maxine. a seriously low i.q. person. seriously. max seen waters. -- maxine waters. she is leading the charge. all throughout the country, 125 years, whoever has the white house, that party tends to lose
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the mid-terms. i don't know why. maybe it's comply season i. maybe you win and you are a little complacent. but that was two years ago. i just said why? we have the greatest economy in the history our country. we have things that never happened before. look, the democrats get in, they are going to raise your taxes, you will have crime all over the place. you will have people pouring across the border. i think it could be a red wave. i think it should be a red wave. jesse: corey, what do you see happening in the mid terms? >> i think you will see republicans gain seats in the u.s. senate. the math for the republicans is very favorable. particularly in those places where donald trump won two years ago where democrat incumbents are running for reelection.
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you will see a gain of 2-3 minimum. on the house side there is a possibility the republicans will keep that house in the majority. it will be a slimmer majority. but the republicans will hold the house. the reason for that is what donald trump outlined. are you better off today than you were two years ago? unequivocally by every metric the answer is yes. unemployment particularly among hispanics and african-americans are at the lowest levels ever recorded. all those things point to putting people back in office. i think you will see a republican majority come november. jesse: they have a democratic generic lead in the head-to-head congressional matchup. i don't think trump supporters talked to pollsters. so that's baked in there. it will be a lot tighter than people think.
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this was his third big campaign rally this week. we have so much to play for you. we are talking about the elections. let's talk about even further. 2020 the president name sod potential matchups and here is what he had to say. president trump: imagine running against pocahontas or crazy bernie. i have got to hand it to bernie. i saw him up there the other day, that hair is getting whiter and white and he's getting crazier and crazier. he said we'll stop donald trump. we are stopping him. i looked at my wife and said you have got to hand it to that guy. he doesn't quit. and that's okay. crazy bernie. he's one crazy dude. jesse: one crazy dude. what do you think about that one? >> he's cutting right into the base.
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even some of those who might have considered themselves pretty far left. jesse: on trade. >> and if you look at the jobs numbers, unemployment is down, even among high school dropouts. the party of the little guy. the party of the guy house the have nots. this president is coming along and making their lives better. what are the democrats going to do with that? what are the socialists going to do with that? jesse: the president said i love the poorly educated. i think he was saying that with love. >> he was. but look at the numbers that came out this week. african-americans are now supporting this president at 30%. if he gets double digits in the 2020 election -- jesse: black support for president trump has gone from
11:32 pm
16% to 29% according to rasmussen. guys, unbelievable. gotta run. coming up, president trump versus king james.
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jesse: a war of words between nba superstar le bron james and president trump after le bron had this interview with cnn. >> i believe our president is trying to divide us. but i think kind of, yeah, he is. not only kinda. he's dividing us. what i noticed the last few months, he kindsa used sports to kinda divide us. i would never sit across from him. >> you would never talk to him?
11:46 pm
jesse: the president responded saying le bron james was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, don lemon. he made le bron look smart, which isn't easy to do. i like mike. anna, i don't think this is that big of a deal. i don't know why people are getting so worked up about this. the president hits back when he's attacked. le bron james said something he didn't like and he hit him back. what's the big deal? >> i will say this, jesse. thing about kneeling during "the national anthem" was the original purpose why it was done. it's no longer a topic of discussion. sports athletes did it to shed light on police brutality. now the focus has changed to the level of disrespect to service
11:47 pm
members. jesse: it gets lost in the symbolism because of the time they chose to express themselves. and you understand that. they totally misread what they were doing. didn't see it was hurting their cause, and now they are trying to flip it and act like trump is being divisive when it was them who brought the disunity by kneeling. >> that is incorrect. the president's comments are beyond the pale as the president of the united states and the freed world. le bron james has been a stellar model of' sportsmanship, he spent his money to build a school for at-risk kids. he levied a judgment. [all talking at once] jesse: ladies, one at a time. >> i don't know you, but don't cut me off. jesse: we'll do this nicely and
11:48 pm
with class. wendy, let me respond to something you said. i agree le bron james has been very kind and generous and charitable off the court with his school and all he has done for young disadvantaged children. with that said, it's not right to say president trump has done nothing. he's created hundreds of thousands of jobs and given lots of opportunities to disadvantaged people. so i don't think that's appropriate. >> not only is it divisive, it's borderline racist. jesse: why? >> he called out by name colin kaepernick, stephen curry and le bron james. jesse: wait a second, anna. i can name about a dozen white people the president has attacked personally. >> what about what he's facing
11:49 pm
on twitter? why don't you listen to what i'm saying? >> you need to tell me actual facts. jesse: this has turned into something completely ridiculous. we are unable to have a conversation so i'm going to the next segment. thank you guys have much. the "new york times" hires a blatantly anti-trump racist to be a member of their editorial board. we'll react to that next.
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jesse: the "new york times" under fire this week, hiring a new member of their editorial board who is an admitted anti-trumper who posts racist stuff like this. are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun? and this. f'ing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire
11:54 pm
hydrants. here with reaction. terrance williams. i don't even have any words for that. take it away. >> that's a nasty woman. so of course the nasty "new york times" would hire her. but would they hire roseanne? no. i would tell them not to read the "new york times," but it's too late because nobody reads it anyway. i would get my news from nickelodeon. i don't know if this lady is chinese, japanese or crazy-nerks se. they are a bunch of hypocrites. jesse: they say she was being harassed by racist people on twitter and she responded to
11:55 pm
that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her harassers. so they are saying people said racist stuff to her so she said racist stuff back to imitate them. does that make sense? >> that don't make no sense. there is something wrong with the fortune cookie that she's eating. jesse: terrance, i think you got yourself in trouble. i gotta run. we'll be right back. i have got to go to break. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! oh yeah! he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 10 or 14 percent below msrp on 2018 silverado pickups when you finance with gm financial. plus, during truck month make
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no monthly payments for 90 days. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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[♪] jesse: that's all for us tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. by the way, she never threw anything against the wall in the green room. i was kidding. that was a joke. judge jeanine is the best.
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we love her, i love her and i think she knows that. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight. president trump doing what he does best. firing up the crowd at a campaign rally in ohio wrapping just a short time ago. welcome to "justice." i'm jeanine pirro. thanks to all of you for making justice number one last weekend. we have a big show on deck with brand-new reaction to president trump's rousing speech. and my open is just moments away. but first, some highlights from the president's rousing rally in ohio in support of congressional candidate


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