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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 12, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and tyrus. i love you, america. [cheering and applause] jon scott is up next. thanks for joining us. eric: have a good night. jon: we are learning more about the theft of a passenger plane that caused a major scare over seattle. authorities identifying the now dead suspect as an employee of horizon air saying he had a security clearance, but no pilot's license. good evening. i'm jon scott. you are watching the fox report. this was the scene above seattle last night after police say a suicidal worker stole an empty turboprop aircraft and took off from the international airport. people on the ground watching in disbelief as the suspect took the airplane on an hour-long joyride, flying upside down and doing loops over puget sound, getting chased by fighter jets, before crashing on to a nearby island. the impact causing a massive
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fire, killing the suspect. miraculously no one on the ground was hurt. but the incident raising major concerns about airport security. >> very unusual. it's not like we get this every day. he was able to take the aircraft and get it airborne, and we do know that he was in communication with air traffic control. jon: we have fox team coverage. ellison barber is following the federal response from washington. but we begin with jeff paul who is reporting from seatle. -- seattle. what's the latest on the ground there, jeff? >> well, jon, we know investigators right now are combing through the crash scene on a nearby island here in the puget sound. that's where the man who stole the plane ended up crashing that plane, after flying it for more than an hour. authorities telling us that they don't believe anyone was on that plane at the time of the crash. and they don't believe anyone on that remote island was hurt either, when the plane went down. now we also know the fbi has
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around 30 to 40 people on the ground, and that the ntsb is on its way. authorities tell us they don't believe any security safeguards were breached during this event. they say the employee underwent a background check, had access to secured areas, and really wasn't out of the ordinary for him to be around planes. >> aviation in america, the doors of the airplanes are not keyed like a car. there's not an ignition key like there would be in a car. the set-up in aviation is we secure the airfield, and then we have the mindset that we have employees that are credentialed and authorized to be there to operate, do their various job or responsibility. >> that employee was a ground crew worker which means that he was around planes a lot. he would help guide them, just before take-off or after they had landed. and also would unload cargo. again, what investigators are trying to figure is how this man
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was able to take off and fly as long as he did. jon: what about the motive? >> fbi and other airport authorities telling us that it is still very early on in this investigation and they preached that caution to reporters at a news conference a few hours ago, but what we can tell you about this particular individual is that there are some recordings from the air traffic controller and this man who stole the plane, gives us a little insight into his mindset. at one point, you can hear the air traffic controller who is extremely calm trying to guide this man and trying to help him land safely. take a listen. >> i've got a lot of people that care about me, and it's going to disappoint them to hear that i did this. i would like to apologize to each and every one of them. just a broken guy, got a few screws loss, i guess.
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never really knew it till now. >> our fox affiliate here in seattle says they have confirmed the identity of this man through their law enforcement sources identifying him as richard russell. but the fbi right now not confirming any names. jon? jon: it is good news at least that no one else was hurt in that crash. jeff paul in seattle. thank you. so federal agencies reacting to the theft and the crash. the national transportation safety board normally investigates all aircraft incidents. the ntsb says this time the fbi is leading the investigation and the safety board will support their efforts. a former aviation official says there are plans for this type of circumstance. >> just kind of surprised that, you know, we always knew something like this could happen, and when it does happen, we actually had a system in place where we had air traffic control immediately identify that this aircraft was not an authorized flight. they contact the military.
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the military scrambles. air traffic controllers clear the airspace. and then we just monitor to see what this fellow is going to do. it is a terrifying scenario. but, you know, there's always going to be of this level of risk with this kind of system. jon: for more on this, let's go to washington and ellison barber. ellison? >> hey, jon, yeah, federal agencies are reacting to this as are some lawmakers on capitol hill. the chairman of the homeland security subcommittee on transportation and protective security congressman tells fox news this incident highlights the compelling need to strengthen our insider threat detection and prevention measures at airports around the nation. as the chairman says he's made this issue a priority adding we will continue to take oversight and legislative actions as needed to ensure that the american public is kept safe from individuals seeking to exploit security vulnerabilities at our nation's airports. fbi agents are investigating this as are other federal
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agencies, like the faa and ntsb. this is considered a criminal act, so that means the fbi is taking the lead here, and ntsb says that they will act as support. >> -- happens in these situations is all the entities tsa, local law enforcement, etc. will do what they call a hot wash, they will review the incident, they will look at all the things that happened, they will look at the holes, why the employee had access and try to determine where the system possibly broke down and with that they will be able to strengthen the system. >> experts say preventing this sort of thing is not easy. this individual and most with jobs like his already undergo background checks. one former dhs official says there isn't a test that would prevent this. and he believes mental health needs a whole lot more attention. >> we're trying to find a needle in a haystack. it's going to cost us millions of dollars. and we'll pass that on to the consumer to find somebody.
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i mean, i've always been of the opinion of there's an infinite way of people -- of ways that people can hurt us, but there's only a finite number of people that do that. the more money we can shift into the mental health, the background checks, the better off we're going to be. >> the department of defense was involved the initial response. fighters intercepted the plane and they were trying to divert it over the pacific ocean when it went down. jon? jon: ellison barber in washington. thank you. for more on this let's bring in ken christianson, a former nasa and air force pilot. former nasa liaison to the department of homeland security and cofounder of artificial intelligence and robotics company. ken, thank you very much for joining us tonight. you know, a lot of people are wondering how this can happen. cars have very very sophisticated keys these days, but you don't need a key to start this kind of an airplane, do you?
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>> that's correct, jon. and small airplanes have keys just like cars, but larger airplanes don't. they are in a secure area, and if you're in operations or in aircraft maintenance, you can absolutely start that plane by yourself. jon: and if you have the security badge that gets you where you need to be, it's pretty easy to walk into the cockpit and then from there it is all up to you; right? >> that's absolutely right, jon. and, you know, thousands of employees, airline employees all over the united states, all over the world that do the right thing every day, and this is a very small percentage, but you can see where just one rogue employee can really make a bad day for many people. jon: it's pretty clear that this guy took off not ever intending to land. there's a moment where the air traffic controllers are pointing out the runway at a big military
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airfield right there on the peninsula and he kind of spurns them and says he wants to do his own thing. i want to play this for our viewers. >> there is the runway just off your right side, about a mile, do you see that? that's the -- that's mccord field. >> oh, man, those guys will rough me up if i tried landing there. >> we're trying to find a place for you to land safely. >> this is probably like jail time for life, huh? i would hope it is for a guy like me. jon: i mean the tragedy is here he clearly had some skills. he at one point makes a joke if i land this plane, do you think alaska air will hire me as a pilot? he had some skills and he could have used them to good effect. but, you know, for whatever reason, mental illness, or depression, or something else, he decided to end his life this way. >> yeah. jon, it is very very tragic on what happened, but he clearly
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had skills. i watched the video numerous videos and it looked like he had coordinated fly through all his maneuvers, both the roll and the flying low to the water and pulling up just in time. so i don't know if he -- the end result he crashed intentionally or fuel starvation. i'm not sure how much fuel was on the aircraft. but i think the airports did a good job -- the air force did a good job corralling him, the two fighter planes did a good way of keeping him in an unpopulated area. jon: does that show the system works? they scrambled the f-15's out of oregon, i talked to a buddy of mine who heard the sonic booms as they intercepted this thing and yes they did manage to keep him away from populated areas, but then again, if he had wanted to fly, you know, into downtown seattle, i suppose he could have and they wouldn't have had much
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choice except to perhaps shoot him down. >> i think that's a great point. and the fighter planes, they practice for this. this is why they fly, and they intercept aircraft. this is what they do. this is why they train all the time. so the systems work. the fighter pilots work with air traffic controllers. the air traffic controller tried to assess the situation. the air traffic controller kept very calm, very professional. jon: yeah. >> and, you know, that's what the fighter pilots did. had that individual turned towards the populated area, there probably would have been other options at the air force's disposal that they could have done. i don't know if they had a cocktail of weapons on the aircraft or not, but they can do low passes and affect the aircraft flying in their vicinity. jon: will this change anything? i mean, will we start to see boots maybe put on -- you know, locked up on idle aircraft
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before -- while they're sitting on the ramp? >> you know, it is funny you say that, jon. i was thinking just that thing after this incident happened. you know, you can put prop locks on them, like you see for smaller airplanes or with jet engines, maybe you could put an obstruction in the jet engine, like a two-man process, you need to clear the person that's going to fly before you remove this. so that would be an additional safety item, i guess that would have to go on a checklist or procedure for airlines. i think they are going to assess that to probably event this in the future or maybe nothing at all because this is so rare of an incident. jon: the good news the for those who fly is that professional pilots virtually would never think about doing something like this. ken christianson, appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you, jon. jon: well, president trump meeting with members of the
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group bikers for trump at his golf club in bedminster new jersey today, the president slammed the media and the fbi, commenting on former white house aide omarosa newman claiming he's a racist. with more here's rick leventhal near the president's golf club. rick? >> and jon, that was the one event open to the press today at the trump national golf club in nearby bedminster, that photo op with bikers for trump, which the white house describes as a group of nearly 100,000 members nationwide calling it a major grassroots organization that supports the administration's agenda. about 180 bikers were there today, including veterans and law enforcement. very relaxed event. a lot of handshakes and smiles and selfies. they moved inside the ballroom because of a persistent and often heavy rain today. at one point, the president called out the press and then he was asked about former apprentice star and former white house advisor omarosa newman who has a book coming out next week
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that's highly critical of the president. here's that exchange. >> does everybody like the press? >> no! >> do you think the media is fair? >> no! >> i better not go any further. i better not go any further. >> in a statement the white house press secretary called omarosa, quote, sad and disgruntled and said the book is riddled with lies and false accusations, jon? jon: the president i know was very active on twitter today, lashing out at the former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. what's that all about? >> yeah, he had a lot of tweeting this morning, but he did revisit the whole issue with andrew mccabe who as you know was involved in both the mueller
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probe and the clinton e-mail investigation and whose wife was running for the virginia state senate back in 2015. the president's tweets read, why isn't the fbi giving andrew mccabe's text messages to judicial watch or appropriate governmental authorities? fbi said they won't give up even one. i may have to get involved. do not destroy. what are they hiding? mccabe's wife took big campaign dollars from hillary people, and the next tweet reads, will the fbi ever recover its once stellar reputation so badly damaged by comey, mccabe, peter s and his lover the lovely lisa page and other top officials now dismissed or fired? so many of the great men and women of the fbi have been hurt by these clowns and losers. mccabe has denied the accusations of wrong doing in the past saying that the president was trying to destroy his reputation. jon, no public events scheduled that we know of tomorrow. and then the president's vacation, his working vacation will come to a close, we're
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told, on monday. jon: rick leventhal with the president in bedminster, new jersey. thank you. president trump will be a topic of conversation tomorrow when the counselor to the president appears on fox news sunday. check your local listings for the time broadcast in your area. soaring numbers of illegal immigrants showing up at the u.s. southern border, but not from mexico or central america. they're from a country nearly 9,000 miles away. we will tell you about that. plus, charlottesville, virginia, marks one year since that deadly white nationalist rally. the city coming together to try to move forward. we are live in charlottesville. >> we can't turn back the clock and undo the tragedies that occurred last year. nor can we take away the pain, both physical and psychological. we can apologize, which i will get to. but we can't undo. ♪ before you can achieve a higher standard of craftsmanship,
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2:21 am
president trump who was criticized for his response to the violence last year today tweeting the rye -- tweeting: >> we are live in charlottesville now. any sign of trouble today, doug? >> jon, almost none, i think you can attribute that to the massive police presence which has blanketed charlottesville with literally hundreds of local police officers and also state troopers. in fact, an indication of just how safe it was here today, there were only three arrests. we managed to catch one of those on our camera today. 64-year-old man tried to get through police security checkpoints with some razor blades that he claimed he just purchased from a local drugstore, not sure what he wanted those blades for, perhaps to shave his very long beard. another arrested for trespassing. another arrest for public drunkenness.
2:22 am
all of the calm here stemming from the governor's decision to declare a state of emergency much earlier in the week today -- this week i should say which enabled the expenditure of 2 million dollars to supplement the police force here. the governor obviously paying heed to that independent review done by a former u.s. attorney which highlighted the many many mistakes that law enforcement made here, a year ago. the review found, for example, there was no unified command. there was insufficient space for the opposing groups to face one another. there was failure to heed intel from other law enforcement agencies that dangerous white supremacist groups were planning on coming to charlottesville and a failure to ban or confiscate dangerous weapons including sticks, stones, rocks, coke cans filled with cement and a variety of other things as well. in a ceremony at university -- at the university of virginia this morning, the president of the university said they need to
2:23 am
acknowledge the mistakes that were made last year. >> let's be clear, this group of marchers represented an extreme group of lost souls who want to reject our values and aspirations, and they were emboldened, let's be honest yet again by a political climate that fosters the idea that those fundamental values might actually be up for grabs. >> and you're looking at a live picture now from the campus of the university of virginia, where a student group dedicated to social justice, uva students united are holding a rally to take back the campus from the white supremacists, which they say took hold of the campus a year ago. not much to really worry about tonight. there are no white supremacists in charlottesville anymore. in fact, the two groups which are gathered there, including now some black lives matters groups are apparently scuffling amongst themselves or at least talking amongst themselves in the absence of white
2:24 am
supremacists. jon, back to you. jon: beautiful city charlottesville, too bad it has that terrible stain. doug mcelway, thank you. there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people from one foreign nation illegally entering the u.s. across our southern border in the past ten years. that country is india. border patrol says those attempting to sneak in get help from smugglers who charge them thousands of dollars for the help. william la jeunesse explains. >> when trying to communicate, we are going to have to get the interpreter to get the entire story. >> most border agents speak fluent spanish, but in central california, agents apprehend more indian nationals than any group other than mexicans. >> very common area for indian nationals to be crossing. why? it's the path of least resistance. >> the number apprehended has soared from about a dozen in 2013 to over 3,000 so far this year. across the entire u.s. mexican border 2,000 miles it is this spot where more indian nationals
2:25 am
cross than anywhere else. why? take a look at the fence from the mexican side. we're only looking at maybe 5 feet. don't even need a ladder. officials say five to ten indian nationals cross here illegally into the u.s. every day. this this sector alone 70 miles of border with mexico is the lead sector with indian apprehension. we have over 3200 indian nationals that have been apprehended right here in one particular spot. >> how? agents say they travel through central america. >> they might get instructions from the smuggling organizations, cross here, cross there. >> in the process smugglers get rich, charging up to $25,000 according to the border patrol. but attorney judy wood, who has handled many indian asylum cases says they have legitimate claims. fleeing religious and political persecution while women marrying
2:26 am
outside their class fear assault. >> some of them are not allowed to participate fully in society. >> many indian immigrants end up at the local temple while they get a bus ticket while awaiting their day in court. william la jeunesse, fox news. is the confirmation of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh looking more like a done deal? the latest on the congressional vetting process. plus embattled congressman chris collins making a major announcement as he faces charges of insider trading. many are wondering what was behind the mysterious five-hour delay in the paul manafort trial? the latest on that and what it means for the larger russia investigation. >> in the almost year and a half that he's been at it, there's been no evidence brought forward or leaked out that there's been any collusion between the president or anyone on the campaign, and i think that that aspect of things should be put
2:27 am
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ask about vraylar. jon: a mysterious delay in the fraud trial of president trump's ex campaign chairman paul manafort. the judge on friday taking a recess for five hours without explanation. delaying testimony from special counsel robert mueller's final witnesses and pushing the trial into its third week. gillian turner has the latest on the manafort trial and its impact on the mueller investigation. >> president trump took to twitter this morning to comment in the ongoing mueller probe, first asking why the fbi isn't handing over andrew mccabe's text messages to government authorities, and then asking whether the fbi will ever regain its, quote, stellar reputation. this as andrew miller former aide to roger stone during president trump's campaign was held in contempt for defying a subpoena to testify in court earlier this month. meanwhile, across the river, in alexandria, virginia, the fraud trial of paul manafort rolled into its ninth day. democrats tying the hearing back
2:32 am
to president trump himself. >> look, there's no honor among thieves; right? you don't know who to believe. you don't know if you can believe president trump. you don't know if you can believe rick gates, paul manafort, stone, you don't know if you can believe my of them. -- any of them. this is one of those things where we have to trust the jury system and see what comes out of it >> the trial got off to a late start yesterday by nearly five hours and today it is still unclear as to why. >> i don't know what the delay is about. but the mueller team has taken some hits this week, there's no doubt about it. their big star witness, rick gates, really got beaten up a little bit. >> we do know the presiding judge received a motion from mueller's team in which they complained about a comment the judge made in which he should stop asking about loans manafort has been denied. no clarification from the judge as he resumed proceedings. the team wasn't able to rest their case yesterday as they
2:33 am
planned to do. next up in the trial when it resumes monday, one or two more government witnesses and then on to closing arguments which judge ellis has already restricted limited to two hours each. jon? jon: gillian, thank you. be sure to catch president trump's attorney rudy giuliani when he appears tomorrow on media buzz. that is at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. a turn about for new york republican congressman chris collins. he is now sus pending his reelection campaign, after he was charged with insider trading this week. collins said in a statement that he will fight the, quote, meritless charges against him, and he looks forward to being cleared. joining us now with more, bryan llenas. >> just three days ago republican congressman collins held a defiant press conference in his district just hours after he pled not guilty to charges of insider trading and lying to the fbi. he called the charges meritless and vowed to stay in the race and to work hard for his
2:34 am
constituents. well, this morning he still proclaiming his innocence, but he tweeted a letter explaining his decision to end his campaign for reelection. quote, democrats are laser focus on taking back the house, electing nancy pelosi speaker and then launching impeachment proceedings against president trump. i have decided it is in the best interest of constituents of new york 27, republican party and president trump's agenda for me to suspend my campaign for reelection to congress. his challenger democrat mcmurray had about $81,000 for his campaign. he said tens of thousands of dollars more have come in since the indictment was announced. in a statement, mcmurray said collins need to do more. quote, it is a continuing disgrace that both parties have not said with one clear voice resign mr. collins and do it today. well, let me do it for them. mr. collins, suspension is one thing. but it is time for you to resign. do it today.
2:35 am
mcmurray making the case that collins and republicans are corrupt, jon, and that they betroyed the 27th -- betrayed the 27th district. jon: do we have a replacement candidate yet? >> not yet. the republican party say they have to choose. some names have popped up is the erie county comptroller and also the ceo and founder and ran against governor andrew cuomo in that race. he lost handedly. now the 27th district in new york includes buffalo's suburbs. it is regarded as probably the most republican district in the state. trump won by more than 25 points, jon, in 2016. jon: we will keep an eye on whatever race turns out to come of that. bryan llenas, thank you. well, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee grassley says confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh are set for september 4th. democrats are accusing republicans of rushing the
2:36 am
vetting process relying on files from george w. bush's lawyer instead of the national archives. republicans counter that democrats are just playing politics. let's bring in media and breaking news editor for the daily caller. so it looks like democratic opposition to judge kavanaugh is crumbling just a bit, amber? >> that's right. they are really out of options here, jon. of course a lot of republicans are saying that the reason they were requesting so many documents is that they were really just trying to stall the confirmation hearing until after midterms in the hopes that the democrats would take the senate and be able to block the nomination entirely. republicans are not buying that they actually want to see these documents considering the people behind the request, particularly senate minority leader chuck schumer are already expressed their intention to vote no on kavanaugh. so they are going to go ahead with the confirmation hearings. they've pointed out they have already requested close to a million pages of documents to come out. so republicans are in good shape here. democrats have really run out of
2:37 am
options in terms of stopping this nomination. jon: on a related note, california senator kamala harris said she wanted more documents, and she got kind of an interesting response from republican senator tom cotton of arkansas. he wrote this, he said, you've already said you're voting no, without a hearing, or even meeting with him. your mind is made up, senator kamala harris, you don't need any more documents. that's kind of an interesting counter to her argument. >> right. well, i think he makes a good point. if you are already voting no and you are already getting a significant amount of documents, why do you really need more if you've already made up your mind? and the other interesting part of this is that there's kind of a split in the democratic party right now because there are three democrats in trump supporting states who are up for reelection, senators donnelly, heitkamp and manchin, who is the majority of the voters in their state say they want them to
2:38 am
confirm kavanaugh. so senate minority leader schumer has kind of backed off of those democrats and is going to allow them to basically vote whichever way they choose. i wouldn't be surprised if they end up voting in favor of kavanaugh in the hopes of boosting their reelection chances. so on one hand, you have these hard-line democrats who are trying to stall the confirmation, and on the other hand, you have some who might actually vote in favor. jon: yeah, here's what the washington post wrote regarding the democratic strategy and the box that chuck schumer finds himself in. it says, some activists fighting kavanaugh's nomination wonder whether the urgent mission they began a month ago has been reduced to a symbolic exercise, and they have lashed out at the fellow democrats including schumer for not embracing their cause with more vigor. schumer opposes kavanaugh's nomination and has been critical of the g.o.p.'s handling of the nominee's extensive paper trail, but he has given his red state democrats space to make up their minds, rather than using hard
2:39 am
ball tactics. that's not necessarily a popular strategy, among democrats, is it? >> it's not a popular strategy, but it is really the only strategy that they have. they don't control congress. so they really don't have the option of blocking the confirmation really any other way. and it's important to note that those liberal activists would have opposed anyone that trump nominated for the supreme court. it's not just kavanaugh. you saw that when they sent out their statements opposing his confirmation, they kind of sounded like they had just filled in the name based on who trump chose to nominate. and i spoke to people at a supreme court rally, just about a month ago, when trump was making his decision, and they told me that they were going to oppose whoever trump nominated, any single person that was on his list. so i think the fact that those people are basically more anti-trump than they are anti-kavanaugh means that their message isn't really resonating with the rest of mainstream america. jon: yeah, as we close out this discussion, just a quick note, that at this point in his term
2:40 am
thus far, president trump has appointed 51 federal judges. president obama had appointed 42. so president trump in the lead there. amber from the daily caller, thanks. >> thanks, jon. jon: the u.s. is ramping up pressure on turkey imposing new sanctions on the nato ally. why turkey's leader blames president trump for an economic war against his country. plus, iran test fires a ballistic missile for the first time in more than a year. u.s. officials say the islamic republic might be sending a message, but why now? and here's jesse with a preview of tonight's watters world. >> a crazy left wing professor -- [inaudible] -- also against my better judgment we brought in greg gutfeld, tonight. when my hot water heater failed it rocked our world. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do.
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jon: turkey's president accuses the united states of waging economic war against his country. those remarks come after the turkish leader took another dive on friday, the currency down more than 40% on the year, on top of that the trump administration has just sanctioned turkey over the imprisonment of an american pastor. the two sides held talks on the matter this week, but failed to come to a resolution. u.s. officials say iran has test fired a ballistic missile for the first time in more than a year. it happened last week just days before president trump reimposed sanctions on iran, after pulling the u.s. out of the 2015 nuclear deal. kitty logan has more from our london bureau. >> this missile was fired on friday as part of an iranian naval exercise but there are questions about the timing so soon after the u.s. imposed
2:46 am
sanctions on iran. this anti-ship missile was launched dur iranian naval drills. the test-firing happened within iranian waters. iran has confirmed it has been holding military exercises in that area over the past few days. it says these war games are intended to prepare for what it describes as possible threats. there was nothing to suggest the missile test was unusual within the context of these exercises, but just similar to those iran has held in the past. but it does raise questions about whether this was designed as a message perhaps to the u.s. iran is of course angered about the u.s. government's decision to pull out of the iran deal which was agreed in 2015 and limits iran's nuclear activities. the government in tehran is also unhappy that washington decided to reimpose stiff economic sanctions earlier this week. and while u.s. iranian relations appear to continue to
2:47 am
deteriorate, iran has turned down the idea of high level talks with the u.s., saying it doesn't see any reason for them. jon? jon: kitty logan, reporting from london. thanks. a wave of deadly shootings prompting a new response from chicago police. the measures that department is rolling out now. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new (wienermobile horn) to put a better hot dog it's oscain every hand.ion and that's just what we do. with no artificial preservatives, no added nitrates or nitrites, and by waving bye to by-products. so you can get back to loving them. for the love of hot dogs. (wienermobile horn)
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jon: chicago police are rolling out new measures to try to prevent gun violence after a spike in shootings last weekend left 11 people dead. mike tobin has more from chicago. mike? >> and jon, that new effort is simply to put more police officers on the streets. still since the sun came up this morning, four people have been shot here in the city overnight, 17 shot, two people killed. that effort is to put some 600 officers on the street. community activists say that will deter the violence, only where the police are present. it doesn't remove the desire to shoot. and the head of the fraternal order of police says the officers know their lives are at risk, they can be sued and they feel rahm emanuel does not have their backs. >> it is a deterrent for them to go out and do their job every day. the men and women of the chicago police department are extremely hardworking people. they put their lives on the line every single day, and it's
2:52 am
really terrible that the politicians in this city don't stand up and back them up. >> the big street gangs have all broken up into cliques, and those cliques will often do battle with other cliques from within the same gang. there is no strong man. there's very little in the way of hierarchy. the end result is chaos and endless cycle of vendettas. something as simple of a perceived act of disrespect over social media can result in bloodshed. jon? jon: mike, thank you. some drivers left stranded at a pennsylvania shopping center after a massive sinkhole swallowed up six cars in the mall parking lot near east lancaster. a woman was inside one of those cars when the hole opened up. she says it felt like an earthquake. bistanders helped get her out safely. -- bystanders helped get her out safely.
2:53 am
they did manage to pull out the other cars with the help of a crane. a california groundskeeper dying from cancer wins a major case against a business giant. dwayne johnson awarded 289 million dollars by a jury on friday, a big judgment, mostly to punish monsanto, the maker of round-up, a popular weed killer. johnson works for the san francisco bay area school district and claims round-up gave him non-hodgkin's lymphoma, after he was exposed to large amounts of the weed killer during the spraying process. monsanto says it plans to appeal the precedent-setting ruling. well, a milestone for the ford mustang. details on how the iconic muscle car rolled into the history books. and nasa's new solar mission stuck in the starting blocks, due to a technical problem. so will the probe get its chance to fly near the sun? to fly near the sun? ♪
2:54 am
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>> nasa's first ever mission to this and has been delayed. this was scheduled to launch this morning from cape canaveral florida but it was scrubbed because of a helium pressure issue. the unmanned spacecraft now expected to lunch tomorrow. it will travel 430,000 miles per hour and in temperatures up to 2500 degrees.♪ ♪ [music] automotive history made in michigan as 1/10000000 ford mustang is just off the assembly line. this car has a similar look to the first one built 54 years ago. we have a peak. >> the car 54 years in the making. the 10 millionth ford mustang
2:57 am
came off of the line in michigan. the best selling sports car of all kind. >> it is what's great about america. around the world. in a way that's what we are selling, the idea of freedom. >> it is white just like the first one in 1954. it was purchased in canada by an airline pilot named stanley tucker. it was back and forth -- millions of mustangs have followed and manufactured in several locations over the years. since then over one half million have been built. 9 million cars in 2008. took 10 more years to get to 10 million and the surge after the 2015 introduction of the sixth generation mustang. and expanded sales globally
2:58 am
sold half a million to 2018. then 10 million in the showrooms, they'll be putting it on promotion for a while and then will go to a museum before an auction block. they will be big changes before 11 million where they will build a hybrid mustang. and in all electric suv. in just a couple of years. fox news. >> one of my sisters had a 68. that is how fox reports this saturday, august 11. i am jon scott, thank you spending time with us this evening. stick around for "watters' world" coming up. [national anthem]
2:59 am
3:00 am
. he is very pleased that more information is coming out, that you can now connect more dots between these people who were trying all these shenanigans even after he was elected . >> the president tweeted the big story that the fake news media refuses to report is steele's meeting with bruce orrr. >> four people shot here in the city of chicago. federal investigators in seattle looking into how an airline employee was able to steal an empty plane and fly it for an hour before crashing. >> to our knowledge he didn't have a pilot's license. to be honest with you, commercial aircraft are complex mach


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