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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 17, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> thank you to david bossi. that was lots of fun. and rachel is hosting fox and friends this weekend and jessica is hosting chinese food on our couch and making us all very hungry. we are back here at noon eastern on monday. here is harris. >> harris: let's begin with the fox news alert. president trump signaling who the next official to lose his security clearance could be, just two days after yanking former cia director john brennan's security clearance. let's go "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. the president told reporters that he will likely pull bruce ohr's security clearance next. fox news has obtained his notes showing he was deeply connected to the anti-trump dossier and is the author -- his author rather, christopher steele. his wife nellie also worked at fusion gps, the firm behind that
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anti-trump dossier. the president pointing to ohr as one of the many conflicts he sees for the russia investigation. watch him. >> president trump: that is disqualifying for a mueller and, mueller has a lot of conflict also, you know he is highly conflicted. and kevin is live at the white house with the latest. >> good afternoon. you get the sense the more the president is briefed on the particulars surrounding that steele dossier, and the players involved in its use, the more intense he is leading them out. bruce ohr is the target for the president and he made that abundantly clear out of his trip up there near that tri-state area, not too far from where you are for the weekend. by the way, he's calling this a working weekend in new jersey. former cia director john brennan
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and doa attorney bruce ohr are the latest to find themselves in the cross hairs of the president who today responded to criticism, harris, that he was using his power in an attempt to silence critics. >> president trump: there is no silence, if anything i'm giving them a bigger voice. many people don't even know who he is and now he has a bigger voice, and that's okay because i like taking on voices like that. i've never respected him, i think he is a disgrace and i suspect i will be taking it away very quickly. i think he is a disgrace with his wife, nellie. for him to be in the justice department and to be doing what he did, that is a disgrace. >> reporter: as you pointed out this is likely the first of many revocations yet to come, which is something we will be carefully watching here from the white house because as you can well imagine as the names come out there will be plenty of new surrounding that. >> harris: thank you very much. anthony scaramucci, former white house give indications director was watching all of that with me.
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the president calling out bruce ohr and his wife, nellie. were you surprised to see this tech along now or may be a second security clearance taken by the president? >> i'm not surprised because sarah went through a list of people that would potentially have their security clearance -- >> harris: there were nine. >> i understand the president is so upset, and i do believe that he gets exonerated by the mueller report. maybe there are some people on the periphery that the things that were inappropriate but i really believe that the president did nothing inappropriate and he will be totally exonerated, but he's upset. when he gets riled up like that, he's starting to take action, and he is starting to take action which you have to ask yourself, is it too partisan? because we've had 75 years since the end of the second world war were we've been a bipartisan team committed on national security. and and there is a democratic
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president in eight years, let's say, then they start doing the same thing because, for me having traveled to afghanistan on troop support and having traveled to iraq and understand the risk, full disclosure i had john brennan at our conference last year talking about these issues. i'm very close to general patriots and others in the intelligence committee but i just want to be careful that we are not going overboard because i do think the president is going to be exonerated. i understand he's upset, but you just have to be careful. >> that's an interesting point that you make it, you don't need to jump the shark, is that what i hear you saying? >> i think he's got a set of cards that are way better then -- i think you will get exonerated on the molar investigation, great success in the midterms, better than peoples expect and he's always
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like going to win reelection. with that in mind, i'm not taking anything for granted. and that's one thing i love about the president. >> but you are playing long ball. >> in a 745 year commitment, we brought down the berlin berlin. we are going to bring a herd to the iranian theocracy over the next five years, we are ending the denuclearization, and the president knows this better than anyway. he was here helping people after 9/11. and, he flew mayor giuliani down to the white house right after 9/11. the president could be more patriotic about this stuff, but i am worried that we bring in some partisanship to an area where even in washington it's
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been less partisan? >> you've been next to him, you know the challenges with going against an intelligence committee. what is that relationship like right now in your estimation, between the president of the united states and the agencies that he has openly criticized? >> i have told him this directly, and this is not a great scientific study but i know a lot of people in that community love this guy. the rank and file people love the president. the people of ice love the president. there's a couple of thoughts at the top of the spectrum that probably did things that were inappropriate and they perhaps weaponized areas of the agency because they didn't like him and didn't want him to become president. >> harris: because a text message text message to each other in some cases. >> yes. but what i don't want and to do is go so far over the side that he hits them. when the two police officers
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were shot here in brooklyn and mayor de blasio made those comments and the police started turning their back on him, that was a very bad moment for the mayor. we don't want our intelligence agencies to turn their back on their commander in chief who they generally and maturely really like. >> harris: you don't have to live on the east coast to remember that. >> anthony: as a president always says, be cool. >> harris: cooler than the other side of the pillow, when we moved to that list. two of those people in that list are peter strzok and lisa page and the question is not whether we should take away from security clearance for those individuals but may be why do they still have them? i know there's a case against them and they need to look at certain materials but, are there people on that list that say it's less political and more about what needs to happen, or not? >> there's no question now that we are forcing a reengineering and review of this entire thing. and who will keep their
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clearances or not keep their clearances, i think the point being made about suppression and silence is not really with john brennan. president did make john brennan more famous than he was prior. >> harris: is he doing that with bruce oyler bruce ohr bru? >> anthony: while he's saying if i'm going to get my clearance denied, i'm not going to speak out. i think that's where the deterrence is, by getting security clearance is denied. but having said all of that, the president is doing a great job on the economy, great job on national security. >> harris: and he is talking about that in the hamptons today. >> he cut the slack in the neighbor market, you have to give them credit for the hispanic-american unemployment situation. the country is growing and feels more vibrant and i predict right here on your show that probably come up for the beginning of the fourth quarter, we will have a deal stuck and struck with nafd it will be a phenomenal deal for the american worker.
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he's doing a great job. >> harris: are you saying that because you've talked with the president, or because you are anthony and you are cool? >> anthony: it's both, i'm just giving you my opinion. i'm not being critical, i'm being constructive. >> harris: it's a fresh perspective and it's one that people cautioned each other who are close about, don't go too far to the edge, you may not even need to approach the edge. i hear what you're saying. let's talk about paul manafort. we are on verdict watch right now. his defense seems to think even though they didn't put up one witness that they are doing well. if this jury goes through the weekend and answer verdict on the other side, you would say what? >> anthony: we were talking about that in the green room. >> harris: either way we have a former prosecutor in our green room so i know that was high-level. >> anthony: i do think, one day we asked about the beyond a
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reasonable doubt, the threshold of evidence required by the government. i think that's a very telling and there is at least one potential jury member that doesn't think they got there. the second thing is if they do go through the weekend when people are deliberating like that, they like to give the benefit of the doubt to the defendant. so it smells that way to me. i give paul manafort huge credit for being the guy that he is. he's a principal guy and a huge foxhole p1 you called him a nice guy. >> anthony: i give him credit, he was in a foxhole by himself. i have an enormous amount of respect for paul. so we will see how this thing resolves itself but there is a learning lesson here related to paul manafort. he hung in there and stayed principal. >> harris: anthony scaramucci. >> anthony: can we get a shot of the shoes before i leave? >> harris: by the way, welcome
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back from italy. for more now on the president signaling he may revoke bruce ohr's security clearance, let's bring in at former doj official and senior legal fellow. he heard my conversation with anthony scaramucci just now about bruce ohr and what's going on with security clearance. by the way, why does he still have one? 's before he was removed from his post as the associate deputy attorney general when all of this started surfacing. here's the thing to keep in mind with bruce ohr. he violated the conflict of interest rules and regulations. if you can't be involved in a case in which you are a family member has a financial interest. the financial interest here was that his wife was being paid by the company that put together the steel dossier, and yet he
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was then getting that political opposition research and funneling it to the fbi to help convince them to start a federal investigation. that is such a basic violation to the conflict of interest rules that i'm he's even still working there. >> harris: so anthony was just talking about the, but don't jump, the shark logic he was implying. don't go after security clearances if you don't have to and certain instances. let things play out, and we are getting emails of a very close connection between ohr and christopher steele, there might be some stumbling that you don't need to ada. what's your take on that? >> hans: i don't really understand why he still has a security clearance given what
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seems to be the clear misdeeds here and the fact that he has been removed from his upper level position. so there's really no need for him to have a security clearanc clearance. >> harris: he is looking at this from political eyes and you are very basic on the fact that this man had a conflict of interest. bright line between what should have happened and what did happen. you are looking at it from the legality. what type of accountability do you see down the road from someone who has this conflict of interest. >> this is the kind of thing that the office of professional responsibility, which is the internal policemen and doj can investigate, and they can recommend anything from disciplinary actions to the suspension to termination. remember the opr office at the fbi that recommended the firing of andrew mccabe. but on the security clearance
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and the only reason for a government official, once they leave office, to have security clearance maintained is, if current individuals in the intelligence committee believe that they need to consult with that individual on operations that that person was involved in when they were a government official. it's not meant to enhance the marketability of somebody as a pungent, or for use, and that's criticism of the government and that's not the reason for it. >> harris: before i let you go, and i have to be careful about how i say this because we don't know all the details yet. but you hear this pushback of, on one side that person might be needed as you are giving the example of, so i don't believe that security clearance which is not a right but a privilege in
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place. politically, let's do that in a bipartisan manner. you are a former doj employee, so does it anger you that maybe the rules are being applied maybe this same way they would be to you? >> hans: my access to everything including doj files and current law enforcement operations was all pulled the moment i walked out the door. i don't see any reason to maintain security clearances on former government officials unless you think they may be needed on something going on currently. if need be, when they are consulted, you could temporarily reinstate it, but certainly people like susan rice, who is on the list to be examined, remember, she, for political reasons was unmasking the identity of individuals whose conversations were captured by
10:16 am
the nsa. that was an unbelievable abuse of the intelligence capabilities of the united states. why she still has her security clearance, i don't know. it's been one it was going after foreign people that we would have been watching and americans were unmasked and that was an even braver issue as i understand the situation. hans, thank you very much for being with me today. >> hans: sure thing, any time. >> harris: so we are on verdict watch in the paul manafort trial, as jury deliberations continued for a second day. the mysterious move prosecutors made during closing arguments, and the effect that it could have on jurors. with two times more detail than any other dna test... you can get a new taste of your heritage. only $59- our site's lowest price ever. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo!
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>> president trump is calling the paul manafort trial of "very sad." jury deliberations continue for a second day. yesterday the jury submitted for written questions to the judge including one question, one requesting clarification on the definition of a reasonable doubt. men manafort's top attorney or reacting to the news. >> i think it's all a good sign. >> harris: peter doocy's life outside the courthouse in alexandria, virginia, where they
10:21 am
are still at it. >> the jury has been delivering today for almost four hours and they are surrounded by a mountain of evidence that the judge says he will not help them organize. so they know which exhibit corresponds to which of the 18 charges and that something that the mueller's team failed to do in their closing argument even though a source in the amount manafort syed said they had a chart already to go in their closing arguments where they would make it easy for the jury to understand which piece of evidence is relevant to a charge. but for some reason they never use the exhibit. the manafort defense team has been waiting off-site for a verdict like the rest of us but they will know mike do believe the longer the weight, the better for their client, paul manafort. >> do you view the continued deliberation as a good assigned for the defense? >> is a great sign for the defense, thank you. >> [indistinct question]
10:22 am
>> i don't know. >> judge ellis said everything that's been under seal will be unsealed at the end of the case but a handful of news organizations filed a motion to intervene because they want the transcript as part of the men manafort trial that happened in a closed courtroom publicly released now so the judge will have arguments on that notion, commotion at 2:00 p.m. he did indicate if they didn't like his ruling today they can appeal through the fourth circuit. but judge ts ellis who has been such a stickler for a speedy trial toward the jurors again today that they can deliberate for as little or as long as i want. the one former federal prosecutor doug burns was holding court in our green room with anthony scaramucci and a few people. you guys were huddled. so the defense attorney says that this is a good sign for them, how do you take that? >> anthony: it's interesting because when you are in the middle of a deliberation,
10:23 am
everyone is so amped up and then lawyers have a serious a tendency to over read what they know it means. for instance, define reasonable doubt. on many levels, as a general rule, if that's true. however it could also be the opposite i would hate to have to tell everyone because someone could say, i'm not positive he's guilty. can we get a clarification of reasonable doubt? it doesn't have to be beyond all doubt. okay, then they vote guilty. >> harris: actually that wasn't the one i was concentrating on. the question i'm concentrating on is something that peter doocy just clarified. did the prosecutors stub their toe when they didn't do a matching? you know when my kids get dressed in the morning, we do matching. so they are asking for the list of indictments because they are trying to make evidence match with the charges so that they can make sense of it all. why did the prosecutor save them the work?
10:24 am
>> let me clear that up. what happened, and i wasn't in the courtroom but i've seen it so many times, they said judge, we want to use this chart as an aid to the jury only. and the judge said, it's not in evidence, right? and then the jury comes and says, we want that. well is not in evidence, that's what happened. >> harris: so you could hand them the indictment, right? >> anthony: they have the indictment. but that -- they want the exhibits to be correlated with each count. >> harris: why didn't they do that during the trial? >> anthony: i totally agree. >> harris: you don't want to make them work too hard so you use graphics and pictures. >> anthony: they could've put a chart in evidence. >> harris: we do it on tv all the time, that's why we have pictures to go with stories. >> anthony: and that's why supplication is key.
10:25 am
>> harris: it isn't that it could go either way, it actually might be a good sign for the defense. >> anthony: i think the part about the jury saying can we have some help matching up the dead exhibits to this particular count in the indictment is very helpful to the defense, unlike the reasonable doubt thing. because the more confusing it is as dumb as this may sound, the better it is for the defense. >> harris: well and there is so much to go through. the volumes of material. >> anthony: and they asked a very in the weeds question about a foreign bank report. there was some telegraphing and that because they said, does a person have to own 50% or more of the company. so they are drilling down saying, wait a minute, i may be confused. so the defense has to hope they are in the weeds in this decision. >> harris: is a talk to me now about the timing and, the last little while, and, it gives them
10:26 am
more opportunity to do what? >> that first half is sort of a rule of thumb that doesn't mean anything, but they say one day of deliberation for every week of trial, people throw that around. that's not a rock solid rule, but that would take you into monday, certainly. but there will be a crunch time, where either you will reach a verdict or some kind of know it will indicate a possible minor slight deadlock or possible, judge, one of the jurors isn't interacting with us. and then it's either the verdict or a problem. >> harris: all right, thank you very much. the trump administration keeping up the pressure on iran with the creation of a new task force. will it bring tehran back to the negotiating table after our exit from the nuclear agreement? we will talk with now the brand-new head of that new iran
10:27 am
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>> harris: secretary of state mike pompeo has announced a new task force to crack down on iran. it's part of the pressure campaign by the trump administration to end iran's bad behavior. critics are calling it an attempt to destabilize a country and warned her that could backfire. >> the state department has consolidated its efforts to counter ironic. but officials say they are traveling to about two dozen countries and their governments about conducting business with iran. and, i'm committed to the whole of the government effort to change, can change the iranians regime behavior. the iag will also lead the way in growing efforts with nations that share our understandings
10:32 am
with the iranian threat. >> secretary of state pompeo has presented a list of 12 demands for iran saying it should act like a normal country, all to its ballistic missile development, and uranium enrichment. and, that is part of the 2015 iranian agreement. they are prepared to penalize other countries or perhaps even allies that refuse to comply with u.s. sanctions. european governments, and they are trying to hold the deal together without the united states and leading this effort is a top state department official, brian hook. they've spent the last several months talking and traveling to a number of these allies.
10:33 am
>> and we are about to have him on in a few seconds. and secretary of state mike pompeo talked more about the president's approach to iran and how it will differ from revia's administrations. >> for nearly 40 years the regime in tehran has been with multiple for violence against the united states. our allies are partners and indeed the iranian people themselves. president trump withdrew from the flawed iranian nuclear deal, or its campaign and president trump's instituted a campaign for pressure, deterring solidarity with long-suffering iranian people. our hope is that one day soon we can reach a new agreement with iran but we must see rank major changes in the regime's behavior both inside and outside of its borders. people in the world are demanding that iran may finally
10:34 am
act like a normal nation. >> self can a new task generate that kind of accomplishment, and brian hook, the newly named special representative for iran. thank you very much for being with me today. i have a lot of questions, first of all. how is what is about to happen with your task force different than how we have been handling iran to this point? >> iran is a very crosscutting issue and it involves things covering terrorism, terrorism finance, maritime aggression, missile pollute proliferation, human rights abuses and the list goes on and on with iran. the president's new strategy is to take a comprehensive approach so that we can address all of the threats to peace and security that iran presents in the united states and to our allies and partners around the world. secretary pompeo has now created an iran action group that will help coordinate a lot of the work that needs to be done
10:35 am
across the executive branch. >> harris: all right. so the action group will be looking at the pressure, if you will come up the maximum pressure that will now be applied on iran. we seen in foreign policy, the president has done this with different nations before. what does maximum pressure look like with regard to iran? we have sanctioned them, what more is down the pike? >> iran uses so much of its commercial revenues to finance terrorism around the world. and our campaign of maximum economic pressure is to deny iran the money that it needs to fuel terrorism and its nuclear missile program, and other activities which destabilize the middle east and make it more violent and make it less peaceful. these will be the areas that we are focusing on on the economic pressure side. we are also -- the president has put forth a much better future for iran if it is willing to change its behavior and we think
10:36 am
that the iranian people are asking for many of the same things that the united states is asking for. >> do you think we missed an opportunity if you years ago when there was a green revelation on the ground and a different administration in place that did not reportedly support as much as we could that revolution? and are reproached to to see another one? >> in 2009, it was definitely a mistake not to stay with the iranian people and the obama administration. this administration took the opposite approach and whenever there have been protests, the president, the secretary of state and the vice president, they all stand in solidarity with the iranian people to demand a better life, greater freedoms, better economy, and iran is a country with the reach rich and deep culture. the president has spoken repeatedly to the iranian people and shares their aspirations for a better life. the regime needs to change its
10:37 am
behavior. >> brian hook is just named as a specialty from this action group for iran. when the president pulled the united states out of that iranian deal, it certainly caught the attention of our allies. and what people may not know about you that is so critical as you step into this new role, you actually have been leading the charge to work with our european and asian allies to come on board with us. tell me about that process. >> we have been working with nations around the world, but principally with our european allies since december of last year. that was an effort to not only talk about the deficiencies and the flaws of the iran nuclear deal, but also to broaden the conversation to include intercontinental ballistic missiles, terrorism, maritime aggression, funding of lebanese hezbollah, the militias across the middle east that iran found
10:38 am
the answers and supports. >> and on the ground in syria. >> syria, iran, lebanon. so in my conversations with other countries around the world, we are trying to expand the conversation beyond just the nuclear program. iran presents a much greater threat to peace and security with than just an missile program. >> harris: we talked about normal nation, can they get there? brian hook is a person task now to take us forward. we appreciate your time. president trump is denying he was trying to silence a former cia director john brennan when he yanked his security clearance. in fact he says he has given brennan an even bigger platform to express his thought. power panel, up next. ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point,
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>> president trump: there is no silence, if anything, i'm giving them a bigger voice. many people don't know who he is i know he has a bigger voice, and that's okay with me because i like taking on voices like
10:43 am
that. i've never respected him, i've never had a lot of respect. >> harris: president trump denying that he was trying to silence a critic as he was getting ready to board marine one, when he stripped cia director john brennan of his security clearance earlier this week. the president is now signaling that current doj official bruce ohr could have his security clearance yanked, and we've been talking about that this hour because of his connection with the antidrug dossier. bringing in the power panel, david webb is the host of the david webb show. i loved having him because he's talking to the viewers like this on the radio. michael told him and former senior aide to senate minority leader chuck schumer was leading the charge and i imagine he will add security clearances to his list. >> eyes expect so, or maybe not. security clearances are nonnegotiable and once they are taken away it's near impossible to get them back so i think the president has come onto
10:44 am
something that touches a nerve in the electorate, and the narrative of national security, and people shouldn't be talking. and that's something that people in washington and the official take very seriously. >> harris: from the democrat side, -- is that problematic to begin with? maybe this is late in the term. >> keeping your security clearance when you have left the administration, and you are out there opining on issues of the day, that's part of the elite, sort of permanent, government. >> harris: that makes you a political issue. >> that's a the reality, when you are giving a security clearance you are trusted with that information. the administration has made a
10:45 am
decision that john brennan is not going to come back and advise them in any way. they keep it because they can be called back, they can be reissued on a temporary basis. >> harris: and what michael said is a it is not easy to get it back. >> we've had these conversations with secretaries like rumsfeld and others, one of the great advisors brought back was former cia director jim woolsey who has gone back to speak to many in the past and government because of his experience. the difference is, they didn't all go out and turn into a partisan battle, john brennan has not been suppressed and it free speech is not the issue. he speaks his mind and he is portraying that image and so are these other directors who assigned to that. >> harris: for the president may be right about this and others who have said it, when the president targets with either a tweet or his words, in a way that lifts up a person's
10:46 am
name, he actually may have a bigger platform now. >> i agree with pretty much everything you said, and as often the case with this administration if the president may be spoke less this and let his acts and his conduct to define the conversation rather than speaking about it, he might be different about it. >> the press corps is going to ask because we know that there are other people on the list, and he is the second one now. you have bruce ohr, and you have that second person today. >> well he had five talk shows in one day and then lied to the american people so why do they have their clearances? >> harris: my guest earlier this hour, a former doj official said, it's bigger than that. this is a person who went on air and unmasked americans. >> the unmasking of americans,
10:47 am
people who have been involved in targeted, like james rosen, our colleague here. so when you look at this broadly, clearance is back to trust. and if you are not needed or wanted for advice, there is no reason for your clearance. >> harris: off the top, anthony scaramucci was here and he actually cautioned the president president not to jump the shark. those aren't his exact words but he said, don't go further than you need to hear because these things will come out and it doesn't need to look like you going after people. >> i agree with the underlying activity as of sort of discouraging the politicizing and using their security clearance to be out there doing this. the president should, though, doing it perhaps for good reason, less political about it himself. we were chatting in the green room about it. >> democrats escalating their battle over brett kavanaugh. the legal action they are now threatening to take if they don't get the documents they want.
10:48 am
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>> i'm dana perino. tgif. more on the manafort jury watch after the jury asked some questions. so what side benefits if they don't decide today? plus, what the campaigns of both republicans and democrats
10:52 am
advertise about this primary season. anna, do you know someone who uses too many exclamation points? while we have some advice for them on the daily briefing. >> harris: senate minority leader chuck schumer is that he plans to meet with supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh next week. isn't that your old boss? >> the senator, not the judge. >> harris: it right. he and the democrats are warning that if they don't get additional documents they requested, they will sue. the senate judiciary committee receiving 60,000 additional pages of documents yesterday. here's senator schumer. >> today we are announcing that we stand ready to sue the national archives for judge kavanaugh's full records of necessary if the foia request isn't granted. the american people deserve a methodical and thorough nomination investigation of a nominee to the supreme court. >> michael, your old boss they are, do you think it's a good
10:53 am
idea to sue for these documents? >> and, i think what they are raising the specter of, and i don't have any insight on this, but it's my guess, my educated guess, as staff secretary in the white house, was he attached to hot button issues of the day? torture, reproductive and women health rights, overseas activities, what was he involved in? my concern there is, that's an executive function and he was doing his job there, it's not a judicial function and that's what he should be evaluated on. so it feels a bit of an overreach approaching them in terms but -- >> harris: overreach in terms of grabbing those documents? by consistent criticism has been, this is the same group of people that didn't read all the health care legislation that they want to go through all these documents before september date we are working with. >> this is the politics of
10:54 am
resist, the politics of delay. suing the national archives could go on forever or be dropped at a moment's notice so it wouldn't happen at any time soon. and that is where chuck schumer is. it's not really a vetting of the candidate who, by the way has 300 decisions roughly. public records, they've been at the bush library where they can read a lot of this. if they get things that are classified, what are they actually going to do with them? >> it is attached to the vetting of the candidate but even if they found something that was distasteful, it was in the judge's role when he was not a judge and executive function. >> that would be involved in the actual vetting of the candidates saying, we read his decision. but that's not what this is about. they've had 300 roughly public decisions, more than most other judges. and by the way, ruth bader ginsburg echoed the words against schumer's tactics when she talked about not going through a judge's record and not
10:55 am
going after them for what they did previous. >> harris: very quickly, why is it, and i see chuck schumer is now going to do this, and we know that there are fewer than a handful of red state democrats i feel politically they need to sit down with judge kavanaugh, but why other democrats? why are they not sitting down? >> i can't speak to that. i think it is irresponsible not to meet with the nominee, agree or disagree and whatever your ultimate vote is. i believe that as a former assembly man and as a longtime member of congress, the senate grew into a leadership position, he understands to not deny and look into the process and never look responsible. i'm encouraged to see this and i don't think senator gillibrand has yet met with him and at other senators, if they are watching now, they should do so. >> this is more about the political narrative, even outside of judge kavanaugh, i
10:56 am
would say, those issues will be brought up. and i think it is going to be confirmed. >> that's an opportunity for democrats, but not just bipartisan but also getting some information from someone who would sit there for decades. >> meeting is always better and i would say it's always something you could bring into the midterms. >> harris: elena kagan. in susan collins, by the way, i met her. we will be right back. today, 97% of employers agree . attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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>> harris: great to have you along on this outnumbered overtime on a fine friday, hope you are enjoying your summer. thanks for checking in on all the breaking news at 1:00 p.m. eastern. i'm harris, here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert on day two of jury deliberations underway on day two of the paul manafort trial. trump's former campaign chair faces 18 counts of bank fraud. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is the daily briefing. the manafort trial is the first big test of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. peter doocy has been following the trial for us and outside the courtroom in alexandria, peter, how is the defense team spending their day? >> they are just hanging out, essentially waiting like the rest of everybody else. they have been spending time off


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