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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 25, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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judge jeanine pirro hosting "hannity" next. have the best weekend. we'll see you monday. ♪ welcome to this special edition of "hannity." the left agenda. i'm jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. for the hour, we will show you how democrats the deep state and the media are all working together against president donald trump. first we will address the special>>well, conservative agenda >>meanwhile, attorney general jeff sessions is nowhere to be
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found. he's recused himself from all things russia almost immediately after taking office. and now the relationship between president trump and his absentee attorney general is at an all-time low. today the president mocks sessions on twitter, writing, quote, department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political consideration. jeff, this is great. what everyone wants. so look into all of the corruption on the other side, including deleted emails, comey lies and leaks, mueller conflicts, page, ohr, and the phony and construct dossier, illegal surveillance of the trump campaign, and so much more. open up the papers and documents. without redaction. come on, jeff, you can do it. the country is waiting. former house oversight committee
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chairman is slamming sessions for perpetuating our two-tiered system of justice. take a look. >> donald trump is right and jeff sessions is wrong. jeff sessions -- to say he hasn't done any political considerations is totally false. he has nothing to go after what congress has been asking for an giving the documents up. he has done nothing to pursue what has known to be false statements to congress. i was the chairman of the oversight committee. we sent a letter over to the department of justice asking to look at hillary clinton lied under oath. never gave a response. that's because of politics, he's just not doing his job. >> even senator graham is questioning his ongoing tenure as attorney general. take a look. >> every president deserves an attorney general they have confidence in. as to jeff sessions, i've never
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met a finer man. he's been a good attorney general. but this is not working. so i hope the relationship gets better. if it doesn't, i would imagine the president is going to look for a new attorney general because what's going on is unsustainable. i'm not blaming anybody. i love jeff sessions. but from my point of view, the country is not being well served with this much friction. >> mueller's partisan team of democratic donors have aggressively targeted trump and everyone around him. it's merely an attempt to set up trump. and the wall street journal highlighted the fbi's one-sided investigation in a brand-new report, writing, quote, the country has watched the fbi treat one presidential campaign with kid gloves, the other with informants and eavesdropping. joining us now to break all of
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this down is former attorney general pam bondi, fox news legal analyst greg jared and former clinton poster and advisor mark penn. i'm going to start with what jason said that we just heard on that sound, where he talked about sending a letter to jeff sessions and saying he never got a response with respect to his investigation of all of the wrongdoings or parent wrongdoings of the clinton campaign. and i'll go to you, pam bondi. is mueller's probe a one-sided probe. >> well, of course it is because they're only looking at the president of the united states. that is their target. anyone who gets in the way is collateral damage. that's what they're doing. but all of these other issues have to be examined. we live in a nation of laws and
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we have got to look at the clinton emails, we've got to look at strzok, page, everything, the fisa warrant, everything. i'm sorry. they don't get off that easy. they have to be investigated. >> well they have to be investigated. but, greg, you and i both know there is no attorney general that's interested in investigating them. >> one of the fundamental principles of democracy is equal justice under the law. that's how important it is. but under jeff sessions and the previous department of justice, it is nothing more than a charade. the president rightly named more than a dozen things sessions should be investigated for, especially hillary clinton and
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her conduct. comey twisted the facts and contorted the law to clear her. both of them should be in front of a grand jury. >> you gave me two options. you said sessions is either an unwitting dupe or incompetent. or is it possible that people convinced him it's not in his interest to look at potential problems on the democratic side? >> that would go to incompetence -- >>that would go to being sold out. >> would be corrupt. for political purposes, you are making decisions about law and justice, which are two polar opposites. >> mark penn, i'll go to you on this. your article is excellent. i read it. but in terms of being someone that worked with the clinton. you know how they work. you know that there is a deep state here that is protecting
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them. am i right in that assumption? >> well, i don't know whether it's a question of whether they're protecting hillary clinton or not, but they sure are going after president trump. that's clear. >> back up. that's not the answer. what i'm looking for, is it the foundation that was not investigated, no one has had -- there is no kind of forensic accounting other than by people connected with the clinton foundation, that along with money going to the fusion and campaign funds being paid for a dossier that's totally fake. shouldn't she be looked at? >> every school child knows that the most cursory tools and investigations were done and you're seeing the absolute entire state machinery of prosecutors, fbi, cia all combined going after trump. there's no question that there's
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an unequal scale here that almost everybody in america sees. >> what do we do about it, pam? you're an attorney general. how do we resolve this kind of thing >>what should be happening right now, hillary clinton should be in receipt of a target letter. all of these people. and frankly, the american public shouldn't really know what's going on in a clean, honest investigation. so that's what should be going on. they should be under active investigation right now. >> yeah, but they're not. >> the only way to do that is to replace jeff sessions. you have lost the confidence of your boss, the president of the united states, who you breached that trust. the right thing to do is to submit your letter of resignation. he apparently did it a year ago but the president at the time felt it was unwise to accept it. >> that's president trump.
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he gives everyone a chance. you can even look at the one who just wrote the book. he gave her a chance and he believes in people and raising them up. but i'm going to go to you, mark. on your article where you write about cohen's plea deal is an attempt to set up trump. we know that cohen has pled guilty and at the end of the plea or one of the last pleas had to do with the reference to campaign finances. what was your take on that? how does it set up the president? >> look, i think given what the -- it seems the prosecutors found, probably cohen would have pled guilty to the lindeberg kidnapping had they asked him to. i think at the end of the day they said, plead guilty to this.
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we won't go after your wife. i think that was on the table. they can now create a co-conspiracy theory for impeachment on something that's not a crime. this was established with clinton and edwards. and had they paid them out of the campaign, they would probably be indicted for misuse of campaign funds for personal purposes. >> there's no question about what mark is saying, pam, and that is if you paid for it for personal purposes out of your own money, there's no campaign violation. they want to interpret it as meaning he was trying to meddle with the 2016 election. i find that stunning as a prosecutorment of >>and we see it. we see ceos and corporate executives all the time who women want to extort money from them. my advice is go to the police.
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what they do is they hire a private attorney and with that attorney they do a lock-solid nondisclosure. and that's a good attorney. this is a bad attorney who represented his client poorly. >> look at all the members of congress who paid money to accusers sexual harassment and in exchange for ndas. no prosecutor ever accused them of a campaign crime. >> that's very interesting. for all the people that paid off the young interns or whoever they sexually harassed, with our taxpayer's money. >> he said this isn't a crime. it's not a campaign violation. and it's outrages that jeff sessions and rod rosenstein would have authorized a plea guilty for a noncrime. >> and the truth is that there
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is no civil or criminal precedent to bring charges on something like this, is that correct? >> the precedent was edwards and he got off they ruled these payments were not properly -- one of them he's accused of coordinating, not actually even making the payments. if he coordinated a payment to stormy daniels to help hillary, then that would have to be a campaign contribution just as a not to air it would be a campaign contribution, which is why the whole thing is absurd. >> and in the end is lady justice -- does she have it in for donald trump? and are there two systems of justice in this country? i'll both of you. >> that's what we're seeing. that's clearly what we're seeing. we're seeing a vendetta against
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the president of the united states because he won an election fair and square. >> you know what's interesting, pam. we've both been prosecutors. we have to be believers. if we weren't believers, we wouldn't be doing the jobs that you're doing, that i did. and it is so frustrating because this is not the way justice is supposed to work. >> no. and especially when you see a guy like cohen. he is a zero as a witness. he's useless. he's told so many stories. >> partisans have ripped the blindfold off of lady justice and they have jumped on the scales of justice and they have tipped it in their favor for political purposes. >> so given that, don't you think that if we get no justice in our justice system, will we get justice in the 2018 election? quick, yes or no, mark?
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>> well, look, i fought strongly for president clinton. >> that's not a yes or no. >> we will get justice every time people vote instead of politicians locked with prosecutors. >> no way to know. >> good answers. anyway, great panel. thanks for being with me tonight. and coming up on this special edition of "hannity" the liberal media and democrats have been calming for president trump to be impeached. we have the tape, next. and don't forget to buy a copy of my book. we'll be right back.
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all week democrats and the liberal media have been hysterically calling for president trump to be impeached. last night one msnbc even argued that the founding fathers would support trump's impeachment. take a look at this. >> should they be talking impeachment now? >> if you had asked me that a few months back, i would have said no because we need to see all of the facts. and i still think that we need to see all of the facts, but i think tuesday changed things fundamentally in this country. i think democrats can start talking about impeachment, not saying we should just do it without going through the full process. but i think that now is when we can't talk about impeachment, when can we? the president was combimplicate
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a crime. >> one host claimed that president trump who was playing the politics of fear by mentioning impeachment. take a look at this. >> i want to get your take on what we heard from giuliani and president trump talking about impeachment. >> the president forced to address his own impeachment. >> it sounds like they're playing politics of fear. >> they are. rudy giuliani is not playing legal counsel per se to the president. he's playing political advisor. and in stoking these fears among the electoraelectorate, that's turnout. that's the message. that's a good fear for rudy giuliani and trump to convey to republicans. >> what they filed mention is that it is the left and the media that's been obsessed with impeaching president trump. they mentioned the word
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impeachment hundreds of times just over the past few days. here are just some examples. >> given the events of today, the likelihood of impeachment certainly went up. >> impeachment. >> he should resign his office or be impeached. >> today the trump presidency took a giant step toward impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment implications are now in the air. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> it is a crime, it certainly is an impeachable offense. >> impeachment is a word in play here in washington today. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> there are democrats who say there's more than enough to
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impeach. >> consider something as serious as impeachment. >> impeachment process. >> the president will be removed from office after an impeachment trial. >> impeachment right now. >> do not talk about impeachment. >> join us now with reaction is fox's contributor and washington times columnist charles, and ron desantis. i'll start with you congressman desantis. the truth is they don't like president trump and they want to impeach him for any reason. so i don't know if it's russia or if it's michael cohen or what it is. i mean, have they even come up with anything impeachable? >> well, judge, we actually voted down an impeachment chance in the house earlier this year that included things like his tweets and the fact that he
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criticized nfl players for kneeling. democrats wrote that in this thing. i was one of the guys who blew the whistle on what congress was doing by using taxpayer funds to pay secret sexual harassment settlements. and that was a bad practice. i blew the whistle on it. but we stopped it in the house. so congress does this stuff by using tax dollars and they're going to say a private settlement is somehow an impeachable thing. to me that doesn't make any sense. >> all right. and charles herd, i'll go to you. the truth is that they've been banging the drum of russia collusion for how many months has the president been in. anything on that out there? >> yeah, no, and it doesn't matter to them. they don't need a reason. they just hate the guy and they want to get rid of him any way
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possible. and they're stunned that american voters voted for him in the first place. that montage you just ran, if it weren't so hilarious, it would be truly alarming to think that these are serious people, many of whom who have been elected to a once-serious party in america. but i do think that it's important to remember we can have an argument about what high crimes and misdemeanors means. i would argue you would at least have to have a crime. we don't even have a crime. so i don't know how you reach this level. but one thing is for certain and that is that democrats are the ones who get to determine that if they win control of the house next year. and if they win, we know that's what they're going to do. they're going to pursue impeachment. and if republicans don't show up at the polls and keep republicans in power, then that's what we're going to be doing for the next two years.
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>> chris, don't you agree that all of this banging of the drum, impeach him, they basically hate him for any reason, they hated him before he even started, does that make the president in 2020? does that make republican candidates stronger in 2018? >> they've been looking to impeach him since election night. and fear and hate are the political playing cards of the left. as you work through the midterms, should the dems take the house, the american public will be set up with the lie wrapped around the hysteria of the impeachment request because it'll be 24/7 and fatiguing. people realize it's nonsense. i think the net effect will be actually to strengthen the president politically going towards that 2020 election. >> and congressman desantis, the reality of it in congress,
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given the makeup of the senate, doesn't make it possible. >> well, if the democrats take the house, they can try to do an impeach with just the bare majority of the house. i don't think you would get a single republican to support any of that. so this is all being driven by a very radicalized left-wing base. the democrat party has gone very far to the left. and that's what they're reacting to. so i think it is important that republicans come out to vote. we're making a lot of progress in this country. do you really want to go down with this clown car and have this political sideshow? i don't think so. >> and, chris, what the congressman is talking about is the fact that let's assume that the worst thing they have right now, they're talking about, oh, michael cohen, he's going to turn against donald trump.
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well, he can't get his story straight. he did one in front of a congressional committee and said the president knew nothing about that meeting at trump tower, and then he comes out and says, oh, yeah, he knows everything about it. and even his lawyer can't figure out with that truth is. it's about getting donald trump. >> exactly. look, at this point they're putting the squeeze on cohen, he would admit to being on the gras grassy knoll at this point. he would say anything to get out of the predicament he's in, and they know that. and they'll do anything to get the kind of scout they're looking for. and that speaks about a need to reform an incredibly corrupt set of leadership in both departments. >> i've got to tell you, charles, that when i think about the effort made by some congressmen to get rid of rod
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rosenstein, to impeach him, and then you've got the leadership in congress, ie paul ryan, who wouldn't even allow it to come forward, don't you think that it is about the establishment, that it doesn't matter, trump is still the outsider, party is irrelevant, facts are irrelevant, crimes are irrelevant. there's no crime yet. >> right. and i think you're exactly right. that's why all of these were cast literally on election night when all of these people woke up and couldn't believe that the establishment in washington, both republicans and democrats were being threatened by this outsider who really did intend to come in and shake things up. a lot of people voted for donald trump who maybe don't like his tweets, maybe don't like the way he talks, but they like the fact that he wants to come and change the way things work in washington. and i think think that the silver lining here for republicans and donald trump right now with all of this
1:29 am
impeachment talk is that while all of these democrats are going insane and making fools of themselves with all of this impeachment talk, and donald trump is talks about the economy, the border wall, all of these important issues that american voters actually care about, the juxtaposition plays very, very well for donald trump. >> all right. and congressmen, adam, do you ever run into him and say, gee, where is that russian collusion thing? the guy couldn't stop himself from running from front of a camera every 24 hours and talk about it. >> i was just going to say, judge, i don't think you can ever get to him except when he's in front of a cnn camera. but there's obviously been no collusion two-plus years and here we are. >> and finally my last question to chris. you guys are looking for all the evidence and all the facts. you get them sometimes quicker
1:30 am
than congress. what do you think you're going to be able to get in the next couple of months before the election? >> i think some ohr material that's going to be coming to us is going to be very revealing. he's the lynchpin between this entire game and we've already uncovered very damning messaging between steele and ohr freaking out about what comey was going to say under oath and their need to hold the firewall. this is very damning stuff. ohr is the lynchpin behind this all. >> but the interesting thing is that the more bad stuff comes out, the more the attorney general refuses to do his job and be objective and look at both sides. all right, gentlemen. thanks so much for being with me. coming up, president trump urged secretary of state pompeo not to
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travel to north korea next week due to insufficient progress on
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>>welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the left has a track record of bowing to dictators, but president trump maintains a peace through strength policy and that was on full display this morning. trump tweeted, quote, i have asked secretary of state mike pompeo not to go to north korea at this time because i feel we are not making sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearizati denuclearization. i do not believe they are helping with the process of denuclearization as they were once were, despite the u.s. sanctions which are in place. secretary pompeo looks forward to going to north korea in the
1:36 am
near future, most likely after our trading relationship with china is resolved. in the meantime, i would like to send my warmest regards and respect to the chairman. i look forward to seeing him soon. joining us now, morgan ortega and fox news contributor and retired cia senior intelligence officer dan hoffman. >> pompeo is going to north korea along with a special envoy indicating that we're ready to continue serious negotiations with north korea. now today something very unusual happened when the president asked secretary of state pompeo not to go. what happened and how do you read this? >> well, good evening, judge jeanine. great to see you as always. i think what we're seeing happen is that mike pompeo the
1:37 am
secretary of state briefed the president today and the president got fed up and is frustrated with what he sees as a lack of progress on these talks. like the singapore talks where he cancelled the meeting and then the meeting went forward. i think we're really seeing so many different geopolitical things at play. they did not seem to make a lot of progress over the last few days. the chinese are playing hardball but so is this president more than any other president has. we're seeing a strange dynamic, and that's the south koreans. the president is the barack obama of asia. and i think we have to be very careful about what the south koreans are doing.
1:38 am
they're trying to build this peninsula. they want to land bridge to china and the rest of asia. i'm worried that the south korean president and his very liberal stance is trying to push a position that is counter to the u.s. in the region. >> in his own country, what are the dynamics that are going on there? >> we've submitted proposals for a pathway and timeline for denuclearization. he's resisted those. he's trying to have maximum gain without giving up -- and he has to play to his own stakeholders. and the military -- you may recall that just before the submit kim jong-un removed
1:39 am
officials. he's got to be very concerned and aware of the reaction of his own military base. he's been ruthless about suppressing his own people and killing people in his own way. >> i'm going to stay with you, dan, for a minute. if he's in a free fall, the economy, how does he juggle all of this? >> it's a delicate balancing act, but he's getting a lot of help right now from china, as well as from russia. and that is -- i agree with the president. that's the real challenge for us is we need to step up those sanctions. i think it might be a time for us to consider reinstitute those military exercises to put more pressure on kim jong-un and also china and russia to show them that we're serious. >> i'm going to go back to you
1:40 am
on the interaction with china. how do we juggle that? >>it's an incredibly complex issue, but i think the way president trump is countering china is the single most important thing he will do in his presidency. we have not had the stomach to do what it takes to counter china. we look at trade, sanctions, and these issues and silos. i think what's smart about what this administration is doing -- and a lot of people would disagree with me on this, but i think the fact that we're looking at the chinese, sanctions on north korea, and trying to negotiate with them in a package i think is a smart strategy. but mind you, this is not something that's going to happen that president trump is going to win in the next month or maybe even the next year. this is something where we have to have sustained pressure against the chinese because most of the world thinks that when the going gets tough, that america cuts and runs. that's certainly our reputation for the last eight years.
1:41 am
look what happened in the middle east. our reputation is that when it gets tough we leave and people don't believe president trump is necessarily going to keep the required pressure on china and north korea. i believe he will. i believe this is a president who means what he says. and the chinese and north koreans are wrong to test him >> what do you think the long-term game plan should be with respect to north korea and china by the united states? >> well, i think morgan's points are spot-on. the north korea challenge for us is intertwined with everything else in the region. there's no question that china and russia would like to reduce if not eliminate altogether our military presence in the region. we also have to have realistic expectations. he had andy kim in the room when he made the decision.
1:42 am
he's the chief of the cia's china mission center. this shows the president making a very deliberate decision based on intelligence and the best diplomatic advice he could get from secretary pompeo. and i think we should be reassured by that process, which was spot-on. >> what about the satellite imagery that seems to indicate that they are still working on -- north korea's still working on its nuclearization? don't they know we can see that stuff >>you would think they would know that by now for sure. and we saw that pompeo went to the un just a few weeks ago and called out the russians and chinese. so i think that the president might need to consider going back to the maximum pressure campaign. i think clearly from his tweets today he's still trying to keep a relationship with kim jong-un, but it might be time to go back
1:43 am
to maximum pressure. >> great discussion. thank you guys. >> thank you, judge. >> up next, we have highlights of president trump's speech night in ohio. he warned what would happen if the democrats win in november. we react next. and don't forget, pick up a copy of a book if you look what you're talking about tonight. li
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>>it's interesting. we have the strongest economy in the history our nation. we are doing better now with jobs. today there are more people working than at anytime ever in the history of our country.
1:48 am
i don't think there's going to be blue wave. i hope there's a red wave. they keep saying that whoever's president doesn't win the midterms the. i don't get it. you have left-wing headquartate radicals trying to disrespect our flag, our law enforcement, i.c.e., i remember schumer when he was like somebody you can talk to. but he's so far left, he's not even rational anymore. but we're not going to let it happen because we need our law enforcement, we need respect for our national anthem and for our flag. >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." that was president trump earlier tonight at the ohio republican party state dinner slamming the
1:49 am
left ahead of the midterms for their obstruction and attacks on law enforcement. joining us now with reaction, fox's contributor -- i was struck just then by what the president said about senator chuck schumer from new york. he said that he's been brought left. i wonder if he's been brought left and what was the president trying to say? he seemed relatively calm about schumer. he used to call him crying chuck and chuck has been an obstructionist. >> i think the president understands that for him to fully succeed, he needs some degree of bipartisan success legislatively. and if they don't cooperate, it makes it tougher and tougher. and i see schumer move to the
1:50 am
left and the president is not correct in saying that he's moved left. >> but, david, the chances of schumer moving to the left are like slim to none. i mean, moving to the right, i mean, in an effort to have some kind of bipartisan efforts in congress. i mean, it is resist and obstruct on the part of the left. >> schumer is not going to move towards the right and he's not looking to work with this president, but it was completely appropriate that the president today is in ohio where we finally got declared the winner of the ohio 12 special election, which was the republican nominee troy balderson. you may remember this was the definitive race that was going to show that democrats with going to clean the slate this year and republicans didn't have a chance. and what happened? the republican won. which goes along with the other news we found out this week that
1:51 am
in wisconsin is within the statistical margin of error. rick scott is up in florida. kevin cramer is up in north dakota. race after race, particularly in the senate, the republican is beating the democrat. this big discussion about the democrats picking up a whole lot of seats, today those numbers don't seem to be there. >> but given what david is saying, the truth is that the more the left pushes and pushes, i mean, michael cohen and then you've got david getting immunity, all of these other individuals that seem close to trump, they're pulling all the stops right now. >> and that's really the problem the republicans have because the answer to the question the president posed, why won't there be a red wave? if all of the news is about
1:52 am
pecker, cohen, manafort, the economic news doesn't come there and the polling shows that the house is likely today to go democratic. if the republicans don't have a unified message, there's not going to be a red wave. >> but they do have a unified message. and it appeared the president is banging the drum saying, we've got more people working than anytime in history. he's a smart man and a tough guy. this isn't going to get him off his game. he knows, he talks about law enforcement, he talks about the flag, he talks about the economy. those are almost like buzzwords. >> every time someone opens up their investment account or paycheck, or gets another benefit at work, and goes to look for a job and realizes there are more jobs than workers right now in america, they get that it's been this president
1:53 am
and the republicans in congress that have put those policies in place. and let's also not forget, there is a reason why the democrats and many in the media need to talk every day about investigations and impeachment and the president is not up for being president because if they actually focused on what democrats say, they have no shot. you've got the senate candidate down in texas who is out saying that nfl players should kneel before if they feel like it. you've got elizabeth warren with absolutely disgusting comments about immigration on the day we find out that mollie tibbetts is killed by an illegal immigrant. >> doug, one of the things that david mentioned is this democratic senate candidate in texas who talked about how great it was to take a knee. >> acceptable and appropriate for the choice to be there.
1:54 am
>> yeah, yeah. i disagree totally. but is that going to fly in texas? isn't that stupid? >> polls now show him within two to four points, judge. so he's doing pretty well and ted cruz is in trouble. if there is something of a blue wave, cruz could lose? >> is cruz in trouble based on something he's done or is it a changing electorate in texas? >> cruz is not going to lose, just as it would be disappointing if republicans don't pick up two or three senate seats this year. let's go through the numbers again. republicans are running strong races. >> >>i've never heard him say
1:55 am
anything that suggests that the democrats have any chance to win anything, yet the democrats almost certainly will win the house, win a bunch of senate seats. >> guys, i've got to go. more of this special edition of "hannity" right after the break. stay with us. and
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back or knee brace? there's only one way to find out. call: >>welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening, but be sure to pick up a copy of my best seller liars, leakers, and liberals: the case against the anti-trump conspiracy. chapters 2 and 12 of my book cover trump's negotiating skills and how he's applied them to his presiden presidency. ties right into the news tonight. and president telling mike pompeo not go to to north korea.
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and don't forget to watch justice tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. i hope you'll tune in. sean's back


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