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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 25, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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a lot of fun, but i'll bet it's loud in there. that's how fox reports the 25th of august, i'm jon scott. "watters' world" is up next. [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. it's been nearly two years since president trump was duly elected. for every day for two years politicians as well as the media have made it their sole goal to stop donald trump and his agenda. it's not working. he continues to move forward in a way that hasn't been seen in years. now the left is in a panic mode. you can see that where they take
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the opposite position of donald trump. pan coulter, this book will be another best seller because your last 10 were. let's begin with the resistance. i noticed the resistance more nasty and disrespectful. why do you think that is this time? >> i think it's pathetic. they can't come out and say it's sow vulgar all the gold fixtures. they dress it up and say the nation is in crisis there is crucial collusion. the fact that they call themselves the resistance is interesting. hillary herself, the opponents are called the loyal opposition. she said she was joining the
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resistance. resistance is a military term. you are calling for the right-wing militias. jesse: they fired bombed a limousine during the inauguration. we documented that violence on a number of occasions. you mentioned the russia situation. >> is there you a sniff of collusion? how did this start? i forget. >> it's town go back and see how these things began. the first time the russia collusion thing was mentioned, it was an excuse by hillary clinton which she has and long history of doing. she blamed jennifer flowers in arkansas. she blamed monica lewinsky on the vast right wing conspiracy.
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there is always some mysterious outside actor. clinton later admitted what was proved by dna evidence to be guilty of those particular scandals. of course, when wikileaks and the dnc emails go up, democrats were furious. the dnc was in turmoil so she invents the excuse of the enemy the russians. her campaign manager first time it was ever mentioned was on the eve of the democratic national convention. at the time the "new york times" putting a picture of trump in a cloud outfit. they said it was a rye markable moment. no presidential candidate ever accused another one by a foreign
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enemy tour. mostly the media buried the stories, hillary would bring it up during the debate. it wasn't until trump won the election and hillary as it's described in shattered. jesse: they cooked up this excuse and pipe it into the bloodstream of the mainstream media. that's when you hear about the collusion and the corruption and the interference. >> not only that, there is still no evidence. and who cares. lots of countries interfere in our election. we interests fear in their election. george soros, i have a section on his interests force:in elections. spending $1 billion. it's all carefully footnoted. they have never produced
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evidence that it was russia that hacked. nothing has changed since robbie mook made this theory. they are saying where is the evidence that russia is been the one who hacked the emails and no one will produce it but they will nag to us death until we all agree. jesse: what do you think will make democrats feel better? do they want impeachment? do they want to go back to the obama years? what do you think would make the democratic party happy at this point short of literally removing president trump from office? >> as of november 8, 2016. trump was getting end independent counsel and mueller's name will be mud and they will be taking out fisa
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warrants on him if he doesn't produce something on trump. it's been two years and the best they can come up with is a campaign finance violation? if you look at the other networks. they are hysterical. they are echoes of watergate, it's a constitutional crisis. the world is on fire. as i point out in the book, john edwards would be executed by now if trump couldn't do what he's doing. the most of important part of a campaign finance violation, there are a lot of points, it was trump's own money. but to make this a campaign issue. it has to be pane expense that the campaign would not have spent but for the campaign. in john edwards case you have
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rich donors spending millions of dollars to support a mistress. are they still supporting riel hunter? the prosecution was ridiculed. the department of justice dropped other charges and you kind of have a case there. in trump's case -- i don't believe the women, by the way, but that's a separate case. there are nuisance lawsuits. he settled the trump university lawsuit. is that a campaign? jesse: so i you mentioned -- so you mentioned something in your book that it found interesting. you can't make jokes any more. the late night shows wrnts funny. they are hit jobs against the president. they lost their comedic timing.
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on the right you aren't allowed to make jokes because you are labeled a racist or homophobic person. everybody is against each other and you can't laugh sometimes at each other. >> we are not working together in the era of trump. but comedy, normally a joke is a joke. you recognize there is a clever little twist at the end. now comedy is a long strike of invectives and the number of syllables. you use a word like feckless and the audience applauds. jesse:ed the president said russia, if you are listening can we get some of hillary's emails? i think mueller is looking at that joke as collusion.
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>> i kid a nexus search about kimberly guilfoyle. it was mentioned by all these newspapers and they thought it was a great joke. either wearing or jindal the best line of the debate. but trump says it then we are taking him seriously it's a secret message to putin. jesse: all those people were crying when hillary lost. they were in tears when hillary lost, now they present themselves as these objective arbiters of truth and honesty in america and they nitpick everything this president says and they are suppose to be fair? they are working for the democratic party. when trump says you are working for the democrats, he says you
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are the even mist truth, the min of the people. they say we are in danger, we are under attack. >> it's like we are living in 1984. and actual conservatives are getting beaten up. conservatives are still, and trump is still telling jokes. but you are right, we are at risk of being thrown in prison. but liberals have always, especially in new york and vanity fair and "new york" magazine, they prided themselves on being cool. don't you have to be cool to be cool? they make fun of conservatives and conspiracy theories, they are the ones freaking and conservatives are perfectly fine. jesse: i think trump is cooler than they are, mortal ended and funnier and they can't take it.
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stay with their families until their 40's. jesse: michael cohen, trump's form attorney pled guilty to tax fraud and he pled guilty to making payment to a porn star and "playboy" model. >> did you know about the payment? >> later on i did. they weren't taken out of campaign finance. did they come out of the campaign? they came from me. and i tweeted about it. jesse: the president adding if you are looking at hard times you are going to flip and plead to whatever the prosecutors want to. >> i know all about flipping for 30, 40 years i have been watching flippers.
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everything is wonderful and they get 10 years in jail and they flip on the next highest one or as high as they can go. it almost ought to be out -- outlawed. if you say something bad about donald trump you will go down to 2 or 3 years, which is the deal he made. in all fairness to him, most of people are going to do that. jesse: the left ready to impeach. >> the likelihood of impeachment certainly win the. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> the president is clearly guilty of high crimes and misdemeanor. he should resign his office and be impeached. >> today the trump presidency took a giant step toward impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment implications are
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in the air. >> impeachment. >> if it is a crime, it's an impeachable offense. jesse: here to short things out, the host of "life, liberty & levin," the number one show on sunday night. this remind me of the john edward situation. a bunch of rich fat cats gave the guy 700 gs to help couch his affair and protect his wife. prosecutors went after him hard and the jury said this is personal. i look at this thing and i think why can't this be personal? what's the difference? >> it is. i was watching the president there and he's a pretty good lawyer. compared to the attorney in the second southern district of new
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york is a thug. let's say the president of the united states direct his private lawyer to pay in two cases. private funds and corporate funds. a matter that does not arise out of the campaign. that's the key. things shat that are alleged to have occurred before the campaign. it's not a campaign contribution and it's never been a campaign contribution. just because a deputy attorney and his assistant say it was intended to influence the campaign. lots of things influence the campaign, they get haircuts and buy new suits and settle lawsuits. this has nothing to do with campaign expenditures. jesse: if i'm running for president and i get my teeth wyanted and get new suits and ties and i pay for that out of my pocket, is that a campaign
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expenditure? maybe i want to look better. this is not a legitimate campaign expenditure. >> it's not a campaign expenditure because it doesn't arise out of a direct campaign event. but let me know on about this, how outrageous this is. mr. cohen didn't go to court. mr. cohen pled to cover his own butt. he was charged with five tax felonies, within two campaign felonies. his lawyer who is a hillary clinton hack was all over tv doing exactly what we knew he would do. it's about trump trump trump, not about his client. what this prosecutor did in the southern district of new york, he held a prosecutorial gun to cohen's head. we can give you 3-5 or 30. which do you want? i want 3-5.
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well you must plead guilty to these campaign events. then he said you paid for a story and then spied. do we consider that a campaign contribution. we'll give you immunity. but you have to say you agree. jesse: lanny's people at the clinton team are the ones who cooked up this disasterrier and got him all this attention where the prosecutors came after him. they are raiding his place, his home, his apartment and putting a gun to his head, and lanny is out there saying for the clintons, because this is to avenge hillary's loss. he says michael cohen may know something about the trump russia-don, jr. meeting.
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it's all lies. >> i want to focus on what this u.s. attorney is doing and how evil it is. cohen pleas. he doesn't have to -- there is no trial. then he gets the head of the "national enquirer" immunity. no trial. then he gets this guy weisselberg and whatever his name is. he says trump made the payments. perfectly legal payments. not reportable. so what is he doing, this prosecutor? if it's the position of the united states justice department which has been admitted by mr. mueller, you cannot indict a sitting president. what are they doing? now that they know they cannot indict a sitting president which i have been saying for a year and a half, what are they doing? they are piling up piling up piling up through their criminal
5:22 pm
investigations misusing prosecutorial tools items for impeachment. campaign violations, the use of funds, corporate funds, violating limits. and the president of the united states is the only citizen in the united states of america who cannot defend himself because he cannot be indicted. the left will say then indict him. he has to defend the office of the presidency. more than that. let me tell you another secret jesse that professors and the rest of them want to remind them in their next show. under impeachment, you cannot impeach a president for events occurred before he was president. i want the dummy who runs the southern district of new york to understand. all this work you are doilings for naught. that doesn't mean the mob of democrats who take over the house one way don't trite. but you cannot impeach a sitting president of the united states for events that occurred before he was president of the united states.
5:23 pm
this is diabolical. very evil. impeachment shown by the media's montage. the president has done nothing wrong. he hasn't violated campaign laws, he hasn't obstructed justice. he didn't collude with the russians. this is all a horrible spectacle. jesse: if he does try to fight back in an small measure he's accused of obstruction. he can't get rid of anybody, or tweet about anybody or make a comment about mueller or anybody, he's accused of obstruction of justice. they don't allow him to fight back over crimes most of people don't even believe are crimes and they are bloodying him up before the mid-terms. if the democrats retake the house, it's game over. >> the abuse of power by mr. mueller and the abuse of power in the southern district of new york, what is taking
5:24 pm
place here is unprecedented. when you see the media, the free press -- does it sounds like a free press? it sounds like a propaganda machine for the democrats. they are leading impeachment and leading these criminal issues. the american people need to stand up and defend the office of the presidency, the president, the constitution and their franchise. they voted for the president and these elitists and prosecutors have no right to remove him. jesse: "new york times" reporter compares president trump to a dictator and says he wants to murder people in the streets. wait until you see this next.
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reporter: this is a fox news alert. arizona senator john mccain we are just getting word, has died. mccain's death coming shortly after it was revealed that he was no longer seeking treatment for his brain cancer. mccain diagnosed with brain cancer in july of last year.
5:29 pm
that tumor discovered during surgery to recover a blood clot. he was born august 29, 1926 in panama, and u.s. territory at the time. time. the san and -- the son and grandson of naval officers. he volunteered for active combat duty. during 1967 his plane was shot down. he was captured and held a prisoner of war until 1973. for his service he earned the silver star, the bronze star, the purple heart, and the distinguished flying cross. after his release he then later served as senator from the state of arizona. mccain ran for president for the first time in 2000, but lost a
5:30 pm
heated primary season. to former president george w. bush. he secured the nomination in 2008 but lost the election to barack obama. senator john mccain dead at the age of 81. here is a look back at his life. >> he was born in 1936 at a naval air station in the panama canal zone. his father and grandfather were four-star admirals. the family moved often between bases on the mainland and abroad. he grad tbraitd the naval academy in 1958. as war broke out in street a number he volunteered for duty. he flew attack planes and escaped serious injury when a
5:31 pm
rocket struck his plane. explosion and fires killed 134 people. >> i felt this tremendous blow to my airplane and saw the fire coming out. i probably reacted more quickly than the planes near me. the planes near me didn't survive. reporter: in 1967 his plane was shot down in a bombing mission over hanoi. he was captured and moved to the hanoi hilton prison. >> fractured arms, broken knee, left arm was out of the socket. he had not been fed. and basically he was starving to death. reporter: his captors offered him early release because he was an admiral's son but refused. he endured torture and years in
5:32 pm
solitary confinement. he was steadfast, inspirational and the toughest of anybody i must have something to do with his iowa upbringing. reporter: he was awarded civil ever and browns stars, the purple heart and the flying cross. his bounds left him with physical disabilities the rest of his life. he moved to phoenix and got into politics, serving two terms in the house of representatives. he was elected to the senate in 1986 where he developed a reputation as a maverick. while voting with his party most of of the time, it became clear he would break with his party and vote with democrats. the keating five were implicated in a savings and loan and damage accused of corruption.
5:33 pm
an investigation found that though he used poor judgment, he was not guilty of wrongdoing. mccain said that inspired him to sponsor the mccain-feingold bill. mccain published a memoir "faith of my fathers" that became a best seller and later a film. he announced his candidacy for president. but after defeat in south carolina. george w. bush gained momentum and he lost 9 of 13 primaries on super tuesday. the senator threw his support behind president trump and the iraq war. he became the first republican senator to demand defense
5:34 pm
secretary donald rumsfeld's resignation. >> we are in a heck of a mess in iraq. the american people told us loud and clear they are not happy with the course of this war. neither am i. reporter: mccain and democratic senator ted kennedy make a push for comprehensive immigration reform. with president bush's second term coming to a close he announced his candidacy for president. >> i do so mindful that i must seek the responsibilities for reasons greater than my self-interest. reporter: this time mccain won the majority of delegates giving him the lead he needed to secure the nomination. the surprise pick of alaska governor sara palin for vice
5:35 pm
president. but obama gained momentum and ultimately defeated mccain in the general election. >> these are difficult time for our country. i pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us with the many challenges we face. reporter: mccain remained active and foreign policy. pushed for democratic reforms in egypt and called for withholding u.s. aid to the egyptian army. he publicly criticized the obama administration for its handling of the september 11, 2012 attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. >> we are holding the president of the united states responsible. he has given contrasting vergses
5:36 pm
of events -- contrasting versions of events to the american people. reporter: he became chairman of the armed services committee and pushed for a presence in iraq and syria. >> we need a strategy to win. the strongest nation on should be able to win. >> as the 2016 election candidates began to emerge. he pulled his endorsement of done there are citing their policies on national security and his controversial remarks about women. he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. he remained a dominant voice in the senate. including going against his
5:37 pm
party's efforts to end obamacare. he cast a no vote that killed the gop measure. a brutally honest assessment of his highs and lows, personal and professional. he offered this candid assessment writing, i'm not sure what to make of president trump's convictions. flattery secures his friendship and criticism his enmity. he reflected on what he considered his unfinished legacy. >> maybe i'll be gone before you hear this. my predicament. but i'm prepared for any contingency, or at least i'm
5:38 pm
getting prepared. i have some things i would like to take care of first, some work that needs finishing and some people i need to see. and i want to tuck to my fellow americans one more time if i may. reporter: john mccain is survived by his wife cindy and 7 children. marianne: if you are just joining us, senator mccain dead at the age of 81. we are going to pause now to allow our fox affiliates to join us. this is a fox news alert. arizona senator and war hero john mccain has died. his death coming shortly after it was revealed he was no longer going seek any treatment for brain cancer that he was diagnosed with in july of last
5:39 pm
year. the tumor discovered during surgery to remove a blood clot. he was born in the naval station in panama that was a territory at the time. he's the southern and grandson of four-star admirals. he graduated from the naval acad any in 1960. sat the start of the street a number of war he volunteered for combat duty. his plane was shot down and he was captured and held as a prisoner until 1973. he earned the silver star, the bronze star weren't purple heart and the distinguished flying cross. he served as a republican congressman and later as a senator from the state of arizona. mccain ran for president for the first time in 2000, but lost a
5:40 pm
heated primary season to to george w. bush. but he secured the nomination in 2008, but lost the general election to former president barack obama. let's go to fox anchor bret baier joining us live from washington, d.c. what can you tell us. it was expected. we heard a statement from the families. but now as we just said, john mccain dead at the age of 81. >> there are not many john mccains out there in the world. and he was unique on capitol hill. his ability to stand up to not only his party, but his ability to reach across the aisle and have relationships and get things done in an environment in washington that is obviously increasingly partisan. john mccain was a unique figure. he always was, not only from the
5:41 pm
time he served in vietnam and spend the time at the hanoi hilton as a prisoner of war, but also as a senator where he fought vigorously for the u.s. military and counter-terrorism efforts against al qaeda and terrorists around the world, and he fought for regular order in the united states senate. he's a figure that's a lion of the senate. if you think of the senate, ted kennedy, orrin hatch, john mccain is a big name when it comes to the u.s. senate. the 2008 presidential nominee taking a lots of controversy. some conservatives had a problem with his vote on obamacare late in the night on the senate floor with the thumbs down and repealing and replacing obamacare. he gave one of his most of compassionate speeches saying
5:42 pm
regular order had to happen. and that it wasn't about stuffing legislation down lawmakers' throats. he was somebody who stood up to power. he was a unique figure in american history. i think you can't really put your finger on many people who everr served as much or the kind of service john mccain has served the united states. marianne: even though you didn't hear from him as much in the last year or two when he was fighting cancer, he was still have much involved in the major votes going on on capitol hill. bret: he was. considered coming back for several of them. the defense bill that passed was named for john mccain. the chairman of the armed services committee. i covered the pentagon for 6 1/2
5:43 pm
years. there would be, you know, different branches of the military who would have to testify in front of the armed services committee and specifically john mccain. and they would shutter because he would get after them about pricing and what exactly they were doing for the betterment of u.s. military. he was a big, big figure on capitol hill. and tonight i think there are people on both sides of the aisle an outpouring of support, supporting the family. marianne: we are going to come back to you in just at moment. our coverage will continue now on fox news channel and cable and satellite. if you are just now joining us, john mccain dead at the age of 81.
5:44 pm
bret, we are back with you now. we have been discussing the distinguished career and life of john mccain. you were talking about the fact he had a reputation for sometimes going against his own party, against the republican party, earning that nickname the maverick. can you talk about that? bret: i think he relished it. he liked doing it. because he wasn't a traditional figure. he ran some races in arizona as a staunch conservative. obviously he had very conservative views. but also reached across the aisle and tried to make deals and tried to make, you know, different things happen that perhaps were not where the republican party was at one moment. in the year 2000 when he ran for president against george w. bush, he rode the straight talk
5:45 pm
express. his bus with reporters. and he was catching fire there are for some time. he fell short in south carolina but then got the nomination in 2008. lindsey graham just tweeting out, his good friend -- marianne: i think we just lost bret baier. we'll try to get back to him for more on this in just a few moments. john mccain has died at age of 81. he was an arizona senator and war hero. his death coming shortly after it was revealed he was no longer going to seek treatment for his brain cancer. he was diagnosed with brain cancer in july of last year. but the tumor was discovered during virg to remove a blood clot. he was born in 1936 at the naval
5:46 pm
station in panama which was a territory at the time. he was the son and grandson of four star admirals. he graduated from annapolis in 1958. at the beginning of the vietnam war he volunteered for combat duty. in 1967 during a bombing run his plane was shot down and he was captured and held as a prisoner of war until 1973. for his service he earned several top military honors, the bronze star and purple heart. we have bret baier back. we want to talk about john mccain and his distinguished career serving the people of the united states as a congressman and senator from the state of arizona. he sometimes went against what was popular in his own party and
5:47 pm
voted his conscience. can you talk about that? bret: sure. his good friend lindsey graham just tweeted out, america and dream lost one of her greatest champions and i lost one of my dearest friend and mentor. i will need some time to absorb this, but i want cindy and the entire mccain family to know they are in my prayers. when john mccain ran for president, lindsey graham and senator joe lieberman, independent from connecticut, they were the three amigos campaigning. in part campaigning on reaching across the aisle. yawn mccain was a driving force, especially when it came to u.s.
5:48 pm
foreign policy and military policy. and obviously the party, the republican party, believed he would be a strong candidate in 2008, and obviously fell to barack obama in that election in 2008. since then he has been a force. he has always been a force on capitol hill. and continued to be up to his last days. marianne: you talk about him being a force. you often hear people talk about the fact that he always voted his conscience and voted against the repeal of the affordable care act. tell us how that affected how he was viewed on capitol hill. bret: on capitol hill was one thing, in the white house was another. i don't see a statement yet from president trump. but melania trump just tweeted
5:49 pm
out, our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies to the mccain family. president obama put a statement out, saying john mccain and i were members of different generations, came from different background. for all our differences we shared the fidelity and ideals for generations of americans have fought, hard and sacrificed. he goes on to say our heartfelt condolences to cindy and the family. the healthcare vote sticks in the craw of president trump. he thought he had everything lined. you. had it not been for john mccain's vote, that would have moved forward. we don't know what that would have led to legislatively.
5:50 pm
but he was someone who would do that. and kind of relished that role, to stand on principle, and he made his case on the senate floor, the last speech he gave, saying the country should get together and solve things we agree on first, argue about thing we don't agree on, but fight by the in a process in a civil way on the senate floor. marianne: that's what we heard a lot. him never following. he always went in his own direction earning that nickname the maverick. making that case on the senate floor we should come together and find a way to agree. you talk more about that with us, about the fact again in the last year, even when he was fighting cancer, with you would still hear from him and he seemed to be involved in what
5:51 pm
was going on. bret: i had the honor of covering him in 2000. i covered him ever since on capitol hill. i tweeted this out. i said he was an american hero. he was a maverick in the way he dealt with folks who stood up to his party, that he acted in congress. he was someone who could move the ball on both side of the aisle. there are a lot of people on capitol hill who believe that there should be more john mccains who can be able to do that. and on this day as we say good-bye to this american hero, a lot of people said it who have worked with him for years who long for people like him. marianne: you said it very well. american hero indeed. a distinguished career as a navy
5:52 pm
pilot. for anyone who is just now groining us. we want to let you -- just now joining us, senator john mccain dead at 81 after a long career serving the united states. he's serving -- he served four decade. he retired in 1981 after a distinguished career in the military as a navy fighter pilot. he was a prisoner of war during the vietnam war. he had a reputation for sometimes going against his own party and often voting his conscience earning him the nickname maverick. joining me on the phone is chad pergram, our senior capitol hill producer. you are on capitol hill every day and you have seen john mccain in action. what does all of this mean to you? >> this is a moment people thought for a long time was
5:53 pm
inevitable. they talked about this in hushed tones, when you talked about what might be next for john mccain. people did not want to talk about it. the last time he voted in the senate was the 7th of december. we continued to hear from him. his presence was very obvious on capitol hill, even though he was far far away and was convalescing from cancer. we would see the statement from him on a regular basis. policy statement. not things from his spokesperson, but john mccain weighing in on major pieces of legislation. there was a statement on the jawb mccain defense bill. there was a statement on a tribal water issue in arizona. he was very involved. that's why we got the statement
5:54 pm
from the family yesterday morning. we thought that was a signal. this was not from john mccain. he made his position known on the cia director. he was concerned about her record on enhanced interrogation techniques, torture some might call it's he said he thought she should be rejected. he thought his colleagues could follow his lead. i remember talking to jeff flake who said that carries a lot of weight. dianne feinstein from california said the same thing. they confirmed gina haskell, but they were looking for him to weigh in. even on brett kavanaugh. he didn't say how he would consider brett kavanaugh. he didn't say he was going to meet with brett kavanaugh.
5:55 pm
but he says i hope the senate considers him in due course and does a thorough vetting. that indicated back in july we didn't think we would see john mccain come back to vote. marianne: we talked about the fact that he did have conservative views but he reached across the aisle several times. can you talk to us about the significance of that? >> one of the most of significant pieces of legislation that has his name on it is the mccain-feingold campaign finance law. the one signed into law was a house version. but basically when you see the television ads and they say i'm so and so and i approve this message, that all came from that piece of legislation, and working with a pretty liberal
5:56 pm
democratic senator, russ feingold of massachusetts. i remember he was appalled by how many lobbyists. he said i don't think i have ever seen so many lobbyists in the capitol. and that concerned him greatly. he was part of the keating five, five senators who got in trouble for some indiscretions with the savings and loan crisis in 1989, taking trips and so on and so forth. the ret thinks came down -- the ethics committee came down hard on some of the other senators. and he survived. that kind of changed john mccain. he he involved in that sense.
5:57 pm
i got a message this morning from the former republican senator from ohio and he told me something i didn't know about john mccain. mark dewine is running for governor. he said we came in as freshmen in 1982 in the house of representatives. he says john mccain was our class president. he said he was a leader even then. i didn't when he became the freshman in the house he was the class president. marianne: always a leader and reaching across the aisle to come to agreements and make things better. we are going to come back to you later. but now we'll take it to alicia acuna joining us live from phoenix, arizona. what is the mood there? >> you know, this was expected
5:58 pm
at some point. but it's still incredibly difficult for the people of arizona who he represented in the senate and capitol hill since 1982. we are hearing from his wife of 38 years on twitter. she is writing, my heart is broken. i'm so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years. he passed the way he lived, on his own terms vunlded by the people he loved in the place he loved best. she is referring to the family ranch. it's south of the he don'ta, arizona. they have a vast family ranch. one of his favorite places on earth. he has been there since december. he made his last vote in the senate december 7. he returned to arizona and has spent time with doctors and in
5:59 pm
hospitals. but it's his favorite place in northern arizona. he has been receiving family and friends. visitors have been going in and out of the ranch area this week. we heard from meghan mccain, his daughter. she on twitter issued a statement. posting it by first saying i love you forever my beloved father. then explaining she was by his side when he left this earth just like she -- just like he was by her side when she was born. there will be plans to be made to honor this man, this hero, this american hero. at this point the family is simply in mourning. marianne: we are seeing pictures of megyn with her father.
6:00 pm
many bring -- many tributes coming in. we have continuing coverage here on fox news channel. we are going to toss it over to jeanine pirro. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking news. arizona senator, war hero and former presidential candidate, john mccain as diedt died. i'm jeanine pirro. mccain's death comes just a day after it was revealed he is no longer seeking treatment for brain cancer. he was diagnosed in july of last year. he was southern august 29, 1936, the son and grandson of four star admirals. he graduated from the naval
6:01 pm
academy in 1958 and


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