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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 27, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> got a huge roster of guests looking at john mccain and more and see you on the five tonight. wearing the same outfit. >> are you hourly? >> yes, i am. >> i will not change my clothes. see you tomorrow. >> sandra: 's stunning new details after two people are gonna down at a madden tournament, the scream shocking players across the nation as a came over their lives during. monday morning, i am sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom." >> bill: that's just horrible. i am eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. it's one of the home of that suspect believed to have killed two people at that game and wounding nine others. >> everybody started running, and the gunshots were everywhere.
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all i heard was the gunshots. >> everybody running for their lives. people were being trampled, people were hiding, everybody was screaming in fear. anything that you expect to see in something like this. >> eric: they identify the suspect is this young man, 24-year-old david katz. they say he killed himself at the scene. as we mentioned, agents are searching his home in baltimore. meanwhile back in jacksonville, the mayor they're praising the first responders. >> our local fire and rescue professionals rapidly responded running into chaos to start saving lives. local medical personnel at several hospitals responded perfectly. at terrible times, we see the best in people. and today, is no different. >> sandra: reporting live from jacksonville. who was the shooter well known in the gaming community? >> he was according to the announcer who was broadcasting the play-by-play of the tournament live on the internet
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yesterday. he says the gaming community is really a brotherhood, its family. people play the madden game with each other from around the country via the internet and the killer, 24-year-old david katz had won a madden tournament before. jacksonville was hosting the madden tournament regional at the jacksonville landing, and entertainment spot with bars and restaurants. the winner qualified to go to the championship in las vegas to compete for $200,000. according to the gamers inside, he was eliminated, left, and returned ten or 15 minutes later followed by ten to 12 loud pops. >> we know the suspect use at least one handgun to commit this act. we are working with our partners on that aspect of the investigation. >> witnesses say the whole thing was all over in just about 30 seconds, that is when katz after shooting and killing two gamers wounding nine others turned the gun on himself committing
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suicide. because of this was streaming online live, was their security at the actual venue? >> there was not private security hired for this weekend venue behind me. however, the announcer of the play-by-play said that typically, often times in the past, these tournaments will actually provide security there. the two people that were killed by the gunmen are taylor robertson, of ballard west virginia, and eli clayton of woodland hills, california. most of the gamers had flowed to jacksonville from across the country for this competition. there can be big money and gaming. some of the gamers are even sponsored. witnesses say it really was pandemonium yesterday, people scrambling to get out and people trampled and others hiding and other bars, restaurants, and bathrooms. the shares department continues investigating about some witnesses say the shooter was angry because he lost, investigators still are not relying on an official motive. if his handgun had a laser sight
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on it and you can actually see it in some of the video a red dot appear on one of the gamers chests, quite disturbing as you can imagine. all of this happening inside the good luck have fun gaming bar where gamers are doing just that, having fun playing the game they love and hang out with their bodies. their age ranges at this tournament, teenagers all the way up to men in their 40s. >> sandra: unbelievable. life for us in florida, thank you. >> eric: we are learning more details about how the nation will honor senator john mccain this week as tributes continue to pour in for the war hero and six term arizona senator who as you know lost his battle with brain cancer at the age of 81. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle remembering their colleague as a statesman who served his country in war and in peace. >> i remember john for his courage, his tenacity, and his wonderful sense of humor.
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>> i don't know if we'll ever see anybody who was like john mccain. i think is one-of-a-kind. i think we can certainly try to follow his example and seeing the good in our opponents. >> as you go through life, you meet very few truly great men. he was one of them. he was always willing to speak truth to power. >> he made very clear that he disagreed with the direction of this administration, that he was such a strong supporter of nato. his voice will be missed, but his legacy in that area certainly lives on. >> eric: clearly a giant has left us. live in phoenix. the late senator will lie in state and the capitol building this week. getting some more details this morning about what we can expec expect? >> we will. i senator john mccain, former campaign manager rick davis will be holding a news conference to
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give us more details on how these various memorials and services will work. as you mention, we do know that on wednesday, the motorcade will bring the late senator 's casket to the arizona state house to lie in state, a private ceremony will be held and the public is invited to pay their respects. tributes have been pouring in from around the world since word served surfaced that the veteran, p.o.w., and senate giant had passed. his friend leaves a void. >> john mccain is an american hero, he was an icon, he was larger in life in a state of arizona and i think he was larger-than-life in our national political debate. he's just someone who simply irreplaceable. his voice will be missed. >> he must appoint the person who will fill out the remainder of mccain's term. he said that will happen sometime after this week.
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once the arizona services conclude, the senator's casket will be flown to washington where he will lie in state and the capitol rotunda followed by a memorial at the national cathedral. if then eric mccain will be buried at the cemetery and the naval academy in annapolis, maryland, as per his wishes. >> eric: they're planning to honor him and hit their own way, tell us about that. >> absolutely. as you know, he has -- was greatly respected in the senate by both his friends and his adversaries. in the incident minority leader chuck schumer says that he will introduce a resolution to rename the russell senate building after mccain. >> he was always willing to speak truth to power at a time where they were so few people who do that. because he was a true seeker, he didn't let parties stand in the way of truth. be back in senator jeff flake
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said he would like to be the first republican to cosponsor this resolution. >> eric: that is the building where he had his office as well as his dear friend under ten can be. thank you so much. >> sandra: for more on all this, let's bring in national political correspondent for the national post. thank you for your time this morning. john mccain is a man you came to know very well over a long period of time. if what will his lasting impact to be on the senate? >> certainly there's a lot of legislation particularly in foreign policy that bears his imprint, he was the chairman of the commerce committee, the chairman of the armed services committee. there is the mccain finance legislation. but i think he was more than anything will be remembered as a force of nature. he was someone who was always looking for the next fight and someone who was really both
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defined an end at times haunted by a code of honor that he carries within himself. and i think that is the thing the senate is really going to miss more so than any imprint he may have had on any particular piece of legislation or policy. >> sandra: you wrote his obituary in "the washington post." it starts by you saying this is a man who was bred for combat. he went on to say a man who seemed his truest self when outraged. he reveled in going up against orthodoxy. the word maverick practically became a part of his name. >> that was true. he was always looking for the next fight. and it goes back to the fact that his name was john sidney mccain the third. he was the son and the grandson of the first to father and son pair ever to have made four star admirals in the united states
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navy. so in some ways, his destiny was almost written for him. but again, there was this code of honor there. if you asked him about his captivity in vietnam which he didn't like to talk about a lot, the worst moment for him was not all those years in solitary confinement. it was not being tortured and having his arm is broken more than once. it was when they forced him to sign sort of a stilted generic confession to black crime. and he said that that was the worst moment because he could only think what does my father think of me right now? >> sandra: it's fascinating you're look back on his life and you do take it from his family, his time in the military to politics. and about the politics of all of this, you do take on his relationship with the president and you note that once trump
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took office, senator mccain was one of the president's most vocal critics grade when he ran for reelection in 2016, he settled many in his political fan base but in the era of trump, he again became an outlier. >> yes, that all goes back to during the trump campaign when senator mccain made a comment that trump was seeming to fire up the crazies is the way he put it. and that brought back those now notorious response from president trump that he liked people who weren't captured and that sort of set the terms of engagement between the two of them. but more importantly, i think than any personal animus was senator mccain feeling that president trump was jeopardizing this country's place in the world. and in particular, he was very,
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very critical of president trump's relationship and his closer relationships with vladimir putin. don't forget going all the way back to the george w. bush administration when president bush said he looked in putin's eyes and saw his soul, he said i looked into his eyes and saw three letters, kgb. >> sandra: quite a difference there. obviously now, this tough task to replace him, will see this as the arizona governor has a very tough job to do to fill a very important now vacant senate seat. karen to multi, thank you for your time this morning. >> eric: as we continue to remember the life of senator john mccain, it's hard to ignore his very complicated if you can put it that way relationship with the president even after his death. former speaker of the house newt gingrich is on deck and he will join us about that among other things just ahead. >> sandra: accusations from
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north korea days after secretary of state mike pompeo strip there was called off. what north korea said the u.s. is now preparing to do, plus this. >> is everybody out? where are they at? there inside? people are inside that are trapped. >> eric: look at that compelling and heart rendering tape at home was up in flames. the family is inside that house. coming up, the story of the heroic police officer, that's his body cam who ran straight into the flames to save that family. >> once he realized that they were kids and babies involved, he did what he had to do. this just takes it to a whole new level of respect and thankfulness for what they do. how can we say when you book direct at
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inspirational beacon and defender of liberty, all human beings and their right to freedom and equal justice. that is the cause of that binds us and is so much more powerful and worthy than the small differences that divide us. >> sandra: that's john mccain on the senate floor last year where he called for bipartisanship and to also criticize president trump's policies. in the late senator and the president were often at odds with mccain living up to his reputation as a maverick who was never afraid to speak his mind. newt gingrich is the former speaker of the house and author of the new book trumps america in a fox news contributor. great to have you on the program this morning, my condolences to you, john mccain was a man you came to know very well and we are all remembering him this morning and we remember him as a man who was never afraid to speak his mind and he wasn't a straight shooter. >> i've known john in the congress since 1982 when he was
6:18 am
first elected, so it was a long experience. i worked with him in his campaign in 2008 and i have enormous respect for him partially because i'm very, very close to general chuck boyd who was a prisoner of war with mccain and who thought so highly of the leadership and the courage that mccain showed in the prison camp in vietnam. and that really colored my whole approach to john when you realize you went through, you realize how deeply he was patriotic and wanted to serve the country. and the only thing, did a great job just now, i don't think that john looked for fights. i think john was like theodore roosevelt, he spent every morning looking for causes which then justified a fight. he was a very cause oriented person whether the cause at one point when he took on the bush administration over the
6:19 am
issue of torture or obviously a unique standing or whether it was the fact that he sided with bush from strengthening our in iraq at a time when it was very unpopular and ended up ironically winning the new hampshire primary even though people didn't agree with him, they so much admired his courage and his candor that they voted for him in the republican primary even as he was telling them something they didn't want to know. so john had a remarkable ability to find issues and define causes that were worthy of fighting and was utterly and totally fearless. anyone who had a greater capacity for taking on anybody or anything other than john mccain. >> sandra: in the wake of his death, you have decided to write about why john mccain was such an inspiration to you, why was he? >> part of it was purely personal, i recounted an article that i wrote for,
6:20 am
literally i was on the floor of the house when dame when john was still in the house and i had been involved in some big fight with the democrats and two of their larger members, physically larger came over and they were sort of trying to psychologically push me and they said though, we know what you're doing and we are coming for you. i didn't realize that john was next to me. he instantly physically stepped in next to me, looked up at them because he's not that big physically, looked up and said if you come to him, you have to come for me, the name is mccain. if i am most felt i was watching the automatic behavior that he learned in hanoi in the prison camp ever since. i've always looked at him like he was a guy who will protect you and moment's notice. >> sandra: if i could ask you to weigh in on the discussion that is the relationship that he had with the president. he was obviously openly critical of the president and his policies and fox news is
6:21 am
reporting that the white house had drafted a statement on john mccain but then decided to never release it, although the president didn't tweet his condolences to the family. if what was that relationship between them mccain and trump? >> i think you have two very tough guys who very early on in the trump presidential campaign, mccain took a shot at trump and as you know, he's going to shoot back immediately. i think what trump said at the time was a very unwise and very inaccurate, but nonetheless by that point they're locked into this personal relationship and then there are genuine honest policy differences and i think that's part of what get when you have a disruptive new president, the two of them seem to find it impossible to unlock and start over. >> sandra: speaker newt gingrich, thank you. nice to see you.
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in?
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brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. "your world" fox news alert come out of afghanistan, and isis leader responsible for killing hundreds of people in bombings has died. according to u.s. officials, he was killed in an american drone strike over the weekend. the president of afghanistan identified him as compared over the past year, the u.s. military has doubled its air strikes in the region. >> speaking with his victims tonight, they came to town to
6:26 am
participate. they explained to us in a group that is very close, most of these people know each other, they came together, they have fun together, and now they are all traumatized. >> i've been telling them for a while that we need -- you need to make players feel safe. >> eric: there are those horrible and shocking moments of that video game tournament in jacksonville. the suspect in the tournament come on 24-year-old david katz opening fire killing two gamers and wounding nine others before they say he turned the gun on himself. his killing spree all because he had lost his round. former superintendent and chief of police joins us, he was also the incident commander for the boston marathon bombing. let's be blunt. what can we do about the shooters, young white males in their 20s for whatever reason, you can take your anger and resentment out and failures at the point of a gun, katz
6:27 am
apparently losing and responding by murdering competitors? >> we have a world of instant gratification where everyone's been giving a trophy for showing up and people can't accept failure. the challenge here is you've got a group of competitive group, money is involved, don't know whether alcohol was being consumed by the participants yesterday but all of those factors relate to a possibility of confrontation and you need to have security measures in place to deal with these issues when they pop up. as of now, we don't know of him broadcasting any of this, it looks like a spur of the moment act although the fact that he brought a weapon to this competition may be means there was simply sought to the idea that if he didn't get his way, he may engage in violence. >> eric: is a very perceptive point. the point is, it started to get a gun in maryland that it is in florida. is there any indication that he brought that gun from baltimore where he lives for the particular purpose of taking out his revenge if indeed he did lose? >> we don't know exactly what
6:28 am
happened yet. we know he showed up at the event with a firearm, clearly there were no magnetometers or anything preventing that. usually these situations can range from the bar situation we saw in florida to stadium events where they have full security protocols in place. but when you've got people who are in competition, hard feelings i can go along with that and the possibility of alcohol mixing in with that, you definitely need to address these issues and make sure there's some type of security measures in place to address anyone coming in there and engaging in violence or acting inappropriately. >> eric: you go to a ball game and they look in your bag, go to the theater sometimes and they look in your bag. should there be tighter security at any type of sporting competition, even this limited one? >> these sports events are huge. my children were scheduled to go to an event in nashville i've decided not to with a family situation we had but you have stadiums now that are filled with these individuals who are there to cheer on their fans
6:29 am
that are passionate, emotional, they want to cheer on their competitors. the competitors are competing for large amounts of money in these events are probably going to deal with security more along the lines of nhl or the mlb because that's the type of environment we are getting in. you and i will sit down on a sunday and watch football for 12 hours, gamers are watching these games play out on the weekends on their own personal time. that's the intensity of it. >> eric: it's a really intense activity. we don't know much about katz, the baltimore sun is reporting that he was affected by his parents divorced. the paper says that he had significant medical problems in health care needs and an announcer at a previous tournament said that he keeps to himself, he is not there to make friends, he's all business. any warning flags that we more than watch people look for? >> sound like a couple of them right there. we've seen personal loss being the trigger for a number of active shooter events in the country where people lost a family member, we saw in parkland, the loss of his mother
6:30 am
might've contributed to his. if there were some factors there whether they could've been caught, it's too soon to tell. >> eric: thank you for your insight, another tragedy that has unfolded in our country. >> sandra: meanwhile, pope francis under fire as a former vatican official accuses him of covering up reports of sexual abuse by an american cardinal. we've got those details just ahead. >> eric: lawmakers are preparing questions for the department of justice attorney bruce ohr and his possible connection to the author of the anti-trump dossier by christopher steele. lots of questions, will be here to weigh in on what he will be asked and if he's going to get any answers. >> the question always is the infamous question, what did you know and when did you know it? remember that this is not a saying that there is a problem with him, he's been demoted from being the highest ranking
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about cosentyx.
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>> he knew that christopher steele had been dismissed, he knew the information in that fake dossier shouldn't go forward. as an attorney, there are things you disclose or recuse yourself, he did neither. it is of the questions are about the things he clearly knew and did wrong. >> sandra: that's california congressman darrell issa who serves on the house judiciary committee weighing in on the significance of bruce ohr's testimony before congress tomorrow. it's bring in darrell issa, joins us now. thank you for coming on "america's newsroom" this morning, it's good to see you. so we know some things from the president, we know that he has referenced bruce ohr eight or nine times in tweets since august 11th alone, he has called him a disgrace. heading into this testimony tomorrow, which of the american people need to know about bruce
6:35 am
ohr? >> i think if you remember lois lerner who appeared to be a career professional but when you actually looked into it, you found a partisan operative, bruce ohr clearly is the same thing. he and his wife nellie obviously was working for the organizatio organization, fusion gps that created and worked for with hillary clinton and the dnc to produce this fake dossier, work with christopher steele, all of which then begs the question of why is that there are 16 texts between of bruce ohr and christopher steele, some of them even after it was dismissed for wrong behavior is inoperative? you look at all of that and say what we have is him as another link, no partisan is close to this is hillary clinton herself. >> sandra: do you think you're going to get any answers to those questions in the hearing tomorrow?
6:36 am
>> peter strzok gave us direct testimony under oath of bruce ohr's involvement, i things it gives us a strong opportunity to ask him for answers, expect those answers and if we don't get them, then bring them in a from a standpoint of real contempt. one of the challenges we've had and i don't want to pile on, but it's hard not to be frustrated that the attorney general is not more effective in ordering individuals for the department of justice to make sure the congress gets the fullest answers rather than off and they're sitting as they did with peter strzok next to him just before he was fired and instructing him he didn't have to answer for some reason that obviously wasn't in the best interest of the president and yet they were trying to claim immunity under effectively the president's umbrella. >> sandra: the president tweeted that it was a total joke
6:37 am
he said that bruce ohr has them up been fired from as you put it, jeff sessions justice department. he put justice in quotations. he still employed at the doj, is that correct? >> he is been demoted twice from being the highest ranking nonpolitical person there, somebody who was paid more than a u.s. senator, but he is in fact still employed. we would expect that he needs to be fired and possibly prosecuted, but the process is incredibly slow and the american people often complain when they find somebody on administrative leave with full pay, but that's usually what happens in a situation like this. in this case, i would certainly think you should be relieved of all authorities and powers until this investigation is completed at a minimum. if >> sandra: what specific questions, obviously the text messages are key for you as you just laid out for us, but this s a real opportunity for you and your colleagues to ask really specific questions to try to
6:38 am
change the outcome to we didn't get any of our questions answered. what you specifically going to ask him tomorrow? >> we want him to confirm what we already know from hard evidence, that he and his wife were part of a conspiracy to create this narrative of involvement and wrongdoing by the president relative to the russians. if the fake dossier certainly involves that, fusion gps including his wife nellie clearly involves and his continued involvement with somebody who had been dismissed for wrong behavior after the fact clearly gives that. so we have a lot of evidence. now the question is, can we get him to confirm the evidence or will he deny the truth right before it's in writing? >> sandra: we will all be tuned in for this highly anticipated hearing. thank you for coming on the program this morning. >> eric: a shocking claim of
6:39 am
from a former vatican official calling for the pope to resign. a sexual abuse by an american cardinal. the pope so far refusing to respond to those claims. joins us now with the latest on this. >> good morning. in an 11 page letter, former archbishop and vatican ambassador to the u.s. carlo maria vigano says the pope knew about sexual abuse allegations against the american cardinal theodore mccarrick for five years and the pope allegedly chose to do nothing about it. if mccarrick, the 88-year-old former archbishop resigned in july after a recent lawsuit by a 60-year-old man accusing mccarrick of decades of abuse starting when the victim was just 11 years old, and they found that it was a credible lawsuit. in the letter published, retired archbishop carlo maria vigano says he told pope francis in
6:40 am
june of 2013 that mccarrick had a sick dossier of sexual abuse allegations against him. he claims pope benedict had sanctioned mccarrick in 2009 or 2010, banning him from mass or travel but pope francis allowed him to travel on missions. now he is calling for the pope's resignation writing and is extremely dramatic moment for the universal church, must acknowledge his mistakes in keeping with the proclaimed principle of zero-tolerance, pope francis must be the first to set a good example for cardinals and bishops who covered up his abuses and resigned along with all of them. in ireland this weekend, pope francis apologized again for sexual abuse crimes by priests and for the lack of action by the church, but yesterday aboard the plane, the pope declined to confirm or deny the claims made in the letter. >> read the document carefully and judge it for yourself.
6:41 am
i will not say one word on this. i think the statement speaks for itself. >> his claims are unsubstantiated and critics point out that he is a conservative hard-liner who does not support pope francis and is known for his anti-gay views. >> eric: thank you so much. >> sandra: tension heating up between the u.s. and north korea. the north accusing the white house of double-dealing as nuclear negotiations come to a standstill. >> eric: and will have a lot more on the life and legacy of senator john mccain is impact on american foreign policy is a war hero and six term senator. general jack keane who was john mccain's friend joins us with his thoughts next. plus, will have this. >> there's people inside, i need help. i have people inside that are trapped. come on, the houses on fire, get out. but to the dramatic rescue of a family trapped inside their burning home and the hero who braved those flames to save the
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>> sandra: dramatic body cam footage showing a texas police officer running into a burning home to rescue the family insid inside. >> is everybody out? where they at? there inside? there are people inside that are trapped. the houses on fire, get out. >> sandra: that brave officer waking up a sleeping father in helping to get six children off to safety. the officer sprang into action despite orders to wait for backup. we are told he had no training in firefighting. >> eric: a fox news alert on more anti-american rhetoric from north korea. president trump as you may know cancel secretary of state mike pompeo strip there this week and the regime of kim jong un has responded accusing the u.s. of hatching a criminal plot to unleash war by bringing a smile on his face.
6:46 am
retired four-star general jack keane joins us, german for the institute for the study of war and of fox news senior annulus. as is more meaningless bluster from pyongyang or they just not sincere? >> it is bluster to be sure and the same thing happened when president trump said they were going to come and have the cement so they're reacting to that and what they feel is a little bit of public humiliation and in the asian culture, they are very sensitive that, but what's going on here is clearly we have made demands of the north koreans to identify all your nuclear and ballistic sites where they're located as well, let some some people of independent authorities and to verify those locations and we have suggested to them the time schedule to denuclearize. they have balked at all of that and have not been forthcoming. so i think what the trump team is saying, we're going to take a
6:47 am
pause here, public diplomacy will remain. president trump hasn't given up publicly on kim jong un but certainly the national security team clearly understands that north korea looks like they're playing a hand that they played before and the security team will not put up with it. >> eric: when you talk about in the president that he was going to cancel the summit, that sense of blunt message to kim jong un and you think the snow has shaken them up at? >> it may. certainly the administration is thinking bring them back to the table and start to make some concessions. we have already made a fairly significant concession, not the exercise is because we can turn those back on anytime, the joint military exercises, but when we said that the time schedule that we had, we adjusted the desires and we actually defined patient diplomacy. recognizing that in that
6:48 am
culture, trust is important for them and it's going to take them some time. we are not going to stay and sit on our hands indefinitely and that's what the current administration is saying right now. they have not seen any intelligence that we don't have unlikely they have some intelligence that shows that kim jong un actually is advancing his capability as opposed to diminishing it. >> eric: that would be something to really hold their feet to the fire on. meanwhile, we've been remembering and thinking about john mccain all weekend. your thoughts. he appointed you to the national defense strategy commission, you testified in front of him at the committee. >> certainly, it sat for america my heart goes out to the senator's family and his close friends in the thousands and thousands of friends that john mccain had that really cared about him. we are going to miss him
6:49 am
tremendously on the american stage and on the world stage and certainly, it's extraordinary the years of public service both military and political public life that he had. that's almost unprecedented but really, what separates john mccain is the character of that service the fact that he saw public service as being noble and full of honor because he were committing yourself to the ideals that america stood for, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, equal rights. all the things that separates america from the rest of the world. he also believes so strongly that america was a country of destiny and particularly post-world war ii that because of the generosity of our people and the prosperity of our nation, we had an opportunity to influence the world so he became a proponent for american
6:50 am
leadership as others have been as indispensable in trying to promote stability, security, and prosperity in the world. and he had a moral authority and a clarity i believe in my lifetime that few presidents have. normally reserved for presidents to have that kind of degree of respect and i think some presidents haven't risen to the level that john mccain was able to achieve across this nation and also across the worl world. >> eric: as early as you said, so well said. general john mccain, a man of courage and conviction in american patriot of course. good to see you, thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert, the dow right now is surging, another leg up in the last few minutes here at the president tweets a big deal looking good with mexico. have the u.s. and mexico reached a deal on a nafta? several reports indicating they are closing in on a deal, does that open the window for canada
6:51 am
to rejoin talks? by some reports, the deal is just hours away sending stocks higher right now. we will have more on this coming up. in the dow at 186 points. is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit
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6:54 am
>> sandra: we are awaiting a judge's ruling on whether a texas man can have blueprints to create 3d printed guns online. the story from seattle this morning. >> federal court judge held a hearing last week here in seattle on whether to make a temporary restraining order for more permanent preliminary injunction against the code that would allow people to make plastic guns using a 3d printer. he said he would issue his ruling today. the case of the trump administration which struck a deal with a texas company to allow the posting in 19 states
6:55 am
which have sued to block the blueprints. they both agreed it's illegal to make our own plastic guns that could get by a metal detector. that's been the law for 30 years. that issue is whether these guns are so dangerous that they pose a threat to national security and therefore should be regulated under the export control act. they argue that these would not give another country any military advantage so they should be leg regulated by the commerce department and not the state department. they say because these games might be able to get past airport security, there is potential for terrorists hijacked a plane and kill america. they say that should be a no-brainer. >> nearly 80% of americans believe that this is an issue of public safety and want congress to do something about it including the large majority of gun owners and republicans. we don't think this is a partisan issue.
6:56 am
>> the owner of defense distributed argue that this is a free-speech issue but the doj lawyers never breached the first amendment. they also said the cat is already out of the bag that these codes have already been published. again, expected to rule extending that today. >> sandra: dan springer, thank you. >> eric: more terrifying stories from the survivors at the deadly shooting of the video gaming tournament in florida. new eyewitness accounts of the moment as suspect, one of the gamers who apparently was angry because he lost but the moment he opened the fire they say on n the crowd of contestants. attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day. let's do an ad of a man eating free waffles at comfort inn. they taste like victory because he always gets the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed, when he books direct at
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7:00 am
or... you could just trust duracell. >> sandra: federal agents swarming the home of david katz after opening fire at a gamers event in jacksonville, florida. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom, i'm sandra smith. >> eric: hello everyone, i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. we know the fbi so far has rated the suspect's home in baltimore, maryland. they are of course seeking clues as to exactly why he shot 11 people and killed two before taking his own life at the landing marketplace in downtown jacksonville. witnesses described chaos as both shots rang out. >> what happened was like we said, we heard a pop and we just
7:01 am
we basically got out for our lives. >> everybody running for their lives. people were being trampled, people were hiding, everybody was screaming in fear. anything that you expect to see in something like this. >> it didn't stop. it was like an automatic or something. all i heard was gunshots. >> eric: live at the shooting scene in jacksonville with the very latest. >> part of that shooting was streamed online live, you can hear the popping, some folks may find this disturbing, i'll warn you, you can hear it in the background just as players are playing, take a listen. and a red laser dot appears on one of the madden nfl tournament players, then policing a 24-year-old david katz from baltimore began shooting firing off multiple rounds from a handgun, killing two, 11 others
7:02 am
were injured before police say katz died from a self-inflicted gunshot. some witnesses at the shooting said katz appeared angry after he was illuminated from the tournament. however, there has not been an official motive released from authorities. >> we were 30 feet away from him and we actually caught a glimpse of him, we can see the face or anything, but we saw him holding a handgun and just walking back and popping shots. >> now police are looking for any clues hundreds of miles from the jacksonville scene, heavily armed federal agents reading the baltimore townhouse overnight which they say belonged to katz's father. but here in florida, the discussion turning quickly to gun reform is one day ahead of the florida primaries. if this is the latest major mass shooting in florida over the last couple of years, but florida's governor says now is not the time to point fingers at politics. >> the first thing people want to do is make it all political. what we need to be thinking
7:03 am
about is each of these families and the people that their families. to make the politicians need to wake up because people are dying on the streets and you guys are going to the same motions over and over and over again. does it take someone close to you to gun violence for you to wake up and do something? >> as for the injured, the u.s. jacksonville hospitals as of the six patients that they received, two are still at the hospital, one is listed in serious condition and at memorial hospital, there were were patients there. they say they are all in good condition and they believe one more patient will be discharged today. >> eric: that tape is so chilling and harrowing. >> sandra: meanwhile, there is an praise pouring as a nation honors senator john mccain after he lost his battle with cancer at the age of 81. a week of memorial events
7:04 am
planned before his burial at the u.s. naval academy where his service for our country began more than six decades ago. family and friends paying tribute remembering the decorated war hero and straight talking maverick has a patriot and all american original. >> he does have the courage of his convictions and he really was a true bipartisan champion, someone who has focused on getting things done for the american people and he had that political courage. even when his own party disagreed with him. >> you don't meet many great men as you go through life. john mccain was one of them for his patriotism, for his strength, for his ability to speak truth to power. >> people talk about they had a temper, was passionate, that certainly the case. but he would quickly forgive and move on and to see the good in his opponents, that is something that particularly these days we could use a lot more of. as a lesson that he taught
7:05 am
everyone. >> sandra: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel life on capitol hill. >> that morning to you, memorial events honoring the extraordinary life of senator john mccain are scheduled for here on capitol hill and in the washington area. senator will lie in state and the united states capitol rotunda on friday morning with a formal ceremony taking place in the rotunda that morning. on saturday, national memorial service will be held at the national cathedral with family, friends, congressional colleagues, staff, and some world leaders invited that on sunday, private memorial service will take place the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland, where mccain will be laid to rest next to his naval academy classmate and lifelong friend. his senate colleagues are remembering how he showed them how things are done in the senate. >> over the years, we had a wonderful relationship and he was a real mentor to me. i think this is the part of john mccain that a lot of people don't know about is that he took younger senators under
7:06 am
his wing and in my case, he taught me so much about national security and foreign policy, even when we didn't always agre agree. >> mccain has received a great deal of credit from colleagues for putting his country ahead of his political party being a maverick. that made summer publicans furious at times such as when his vote last summer defeated g.o.p. efforts to scrap obamacare. others are sharing their private stories of mccain. >> will never forget when my twin boys came on a class trip and i had just been a senator a few months and they recognized him and he took 10 minutes and stopped and was kind and funny and engaging with this whole group of kids from a school here in delaware. he was that kind of a man. >> many senators are still traveling back from their home states but you can expect the life and legacy of senator john mccain to be the dominant topic when they returned to the capital. speetwentytwo mike emanuel on capitol hill for us this morning, thank you.
7:07 am
joining us now to remember his friend and colleague is today's headliner, south carolina senator tim scott who sits on the armed services committee which senator mccain chaired known as the maverick of the senate, what was it like to work alongside john mccain? >> it was an amazing experience to work right next to a true american hero, someone who was a prisoner of war who decided to remain a prisoner of war even though he could've gotten out about four years earlier because he felt like making sure that those who were prisoners before he got there were released before he did just as a lot about his character and it really did foreshadow how he served this country as a member in the senate and the armed services committee. john mccain was not just a senator, he really was a mentor. he took the time to talk about the meticulous details that make our country work and that's part of the reason why his passion for the military often produced
7:08 am
critique of the military. he did a really good job of having an equilibrium of moving our country forward while standing strong for those folks who could not stand up for themselves. that was part of the passion that he had abated >> eric: how did he deal with you personally? you started as an intern at one point in the senate before you became a senator, any difference with senator mccain senator mccain? >> i think the story you're referring to is that my brother who was a 32-year-old army veteran when he got out, he was looking for something to do as he transitioned into the private sector and i spoke with john about my brother's service and my brother quickly became john mccain's favorite, there is no question. it was a guy who served 32 years defending our country. the john mccain gave my brother an opportunity, a fellowship to work in the senate armed services committee for several months, unpaid of course because john and i are both cheap but the fact of the matter
7:09 am
is having my brother work underneath the leadership of john mccain was such a beautiful testament of his willingness to embrace soldiers. i remember one time, when lady, we had some constituents and from south carolina who thought he was the guy that hung the moon better than sliced bread and they were so nervous about asking for a picture, so i walked up with john about him outside. we were all frustrated, it was a long night, and john stopped his frustration, they started smiling and you felt this warmth overtake the room as john embraced his constituents who had waited just to take one simple picture with john mccain, it made their night and is and as the picture was over, we went back in there and started fighting over the issues. >> sandra: what is the senate look like? as we do hear his colleagues including yourself share these memories of senator mccain, what does the senate look like with his absence now? how have things changed?
7:10 am
>> it is hard to fill the void, without any question. john mccain believed in american exceptionalism. he used that perch, the perch of american exceptionalism to challenge his fellow senators to look beyond themselves and to look into the future and to make sure that we were designing a country that would be better for the next generation of americans and it was for the current generation of americans. he felt like he won the lottery of life born in america and he live that way. so there will be a huge void in the senate. it will be hard for us to have somewhat who brings both sides together. it will be hard to have someone who served our country valiantly and criticizes o'reilly's critiques military leadership in the way that he did. he had the ability to do so because everyone in the military respected his service to the country and they respected his ability to fund certain priorities within the military but he challenge those
7:11 am
priorities before funding them so he really had a complicated and complex relationship that inspired, incorrect, and produce the best out of each and every one of them. >> eric: use a complicated and complex relationship, and let's face it, he could be ornery at time and kick take off his colleagues. how did you guys deal with it, you knew that that was the way he was and he would let bygones be got bygones. >> as a new senator coming in five years ago, watching john operate was interesting. having a confrontation with him or to always left you wondering what in the world just happened number one and number two, will they ever overcome it? and by the next day, john was back to being john and i had a couple of those altercations that proved to me that his desire to move things forward
7:12 am
meant that he had to have a very short memory on things that we disagreed upon. >> eric: did you feel like ouch, i'm not doing that again? >> is kind of having a car roll over your feet and backing up and doing it one more time, you don't want to do it twice but the fact of the matter is he welcomed the type of challenge that people today do not. >> sandra: with a short time that we have left, obviously a lot of questions about how that a vacant seat will eventually be filled, the governor of arizona has decided not to name the replacement for mccain's seat until he was laid to rest. how would you like to see him fill that seat? >> there is no doubt that the governor has an amazing task on his hands. i know that there were three or four folks in the running, one of the things i like that the governor said is that everyone who is lobbying for the position before john was even gone have basically disqualified
7:13 am
themselves. so what he's looking for i think is someone who will serve the state of arizona and the nation in a similar fashion perhaps a more conservative perspective but from a similar fashion as john mccain, i think that's the challenge of the governor has finding someone who is rooted in the american dream, who has lived in and at the same time understands the conservative paradigm that makes this country consistently great. speak to widow's names has been whispered, that is another name that is out there. we will see. it's great to have you on the program this morning and hear your stories in your memories of him as well. thank you, have a great day. >> eric: thank you. back to washington for breaking news as we learned there could be a new nafta deal that may have been reached with mexico. a hearing with the white house and the official announcement could be coming shortly. the president tweeting a big
7:14 am
deal looking good with mexico. we will give you more as we get it. >> sandra: meanwhile, the dnc making a major change and its nominating process after the disastrous infighting of 2016. and trump approval ratings after a tough week last week and they are higher than what some may have thought. are a team plays in on all of plus this. the government teacher walked up and just spoke about how great of a person she was and how easy she was to get along with, how contagious she was, how easily she can make anybody smile and how mature she was for her age. she was a great person. >> eric: what her father had to say next.
7:15 am
7:16 am
7:17 am
7:18 am
>> eric: the father of mollie tibbetts telling members of the small community in brooklyn iowa to "turn toward the light." as he spoke to his daughter's funeral mass on sunday. the university of iowa student was found dead last week in a cornfield more than one month after she was last seen alive. her father rob saying this is the end of a long ordeal and that he said she was nobody's
7:19 am
victim. >> the family was very positive for what they've been through. the confusion, the hope, what they've been through, what they've done, they presented a positive message to all of us and encouraged all of us to remember the good things. >> eric: the suspected killer led police to her body. he has not been charged with first-degree murder. he is in our country illegally. >> sandra: meanwhile, president trump's approval rating holding steady in his new nbc "wall street journal" poll. it shows 44% of registered voters approve of the president's performance. a virtually unchanged from the previous week despite the criminal conviction of his one-time campaign chair and plea deal by his former lawyer. time for the america's newsroom marian marsh, for in your senior advisor to then senator john kerry. rnc spokesperson and
7:20 am
chris stirewalt, political editor. so that was a big weekend for that to be unchanged says what? >> it says that people are supporting the president and the democrats obstruction resistance is having precisely the opposite effect, it's pushing supporters towards the president. this number is higher than president obama during august of his second year, he was at 43%. and what i always look at is the right direction are in wrong direction which is the mid 20s for president obama, it's up to 40% for president trump's a pretty impressive. >> sandra: what if there wasn't a conviction or guilty plea deal? >> we have to remember and i'm not try to put myself out of a job here that polls have been remarkably static in this era. we are in a hyper tribal lysed super partisan toxic health scape of politics. it is an unhappy space and in that unhealthy space, people have retreated to very hard pockets of support.
7:21 am
there is nothing the president once famously said as a candidate, he could shoot a person on fifth avenue and his base would stick with them, he is not wrong. so for the core of the republican party, they are 90%, 90% of republicans backing him. the democrats are hard against him. but they have to be careful about and this is what is really going to matter going forward, now that there is the admission of ally, now there's been the acknowledgment of ally that came from this white house about all of this stuff, those independents which are sitting at about 39%, that could go sideways on them quickly. >> eric: that is key, i contorted out of the newspaper here. here's the article. as chris said, 39% of independents, 39%, way below 50 and the other issues has trump been honest about russia? 38% say yes, 56%, majority say now that he has not been honest. how can that boomerang in the election especially when dealing with what chris says with a
7:22 am
middle and undecided? >> here are the two numbers that matter. he dropped two points in this poll on a conviction with manafort and a guilty plea with cohen, he only need two or more of those to be down in the 30s. number two, the big number they keep touting is 90% of republican support donald trump. when you do the math, that's only 33.3% of all the voters in the country. you cannot win an election with 33.3%. the place to go shopping as independent and 58% of them don't like him. >> eric: almost 60% disapprove disapprove. meka saw a lot of panels of people telling the elections are a game of addition, you simply cannot win even with where the republican party, all of those predictions were wrong. pennsylvania, they were voters who did not want to talk to pollsters and i would consider among them the independents, the trump democrats didn't want to talk to pollsters who supported the president, he won the election despite that.
7:23 am
>> arizona and florida primary tomorrow, could learn a lot there. what do you expect? >> was so interesting that we see in every single one of these races is the power of the trump endorsement. he will see adam putnam, ron desantis, but he was ahead of the fox poll by to 15 points, president trump endorsed on junn the next poll, up by 17 points. that is the trump endorsement, it can swing elections by 30 points. >> eric: then in arizona, sheriff very close to the president and he's running. >> the white house has stayed out of this one. he is not a super bowl candidate. he would be a disaster and frankly probably kelly worden would be too. he has come through this quite admirably, this is a tough place to be for her. she's more moderate publican, certainly more balanced in her view and public utterances of the other two she has managed to
7:24 am
weather this. we recently moved in our fox news power index, moved arizona from lean democrat to a solid toss of just based on her performance. i also would tell ron desantis, we wash movement in those poles in florida, putnam has come back and we are looking for this to be a close race and we expect that to be a tight one. >> sandra: i know that you are excited to talk about this news, the dnc, changing the presidential nomination process. he was what bernie sanders had to say about that decision. he says today's decision by the dnc is an important step forward in making the democratic party more open, democratic and responsive to the input of ordinary americans. this has been a long and arduous process and i want to thank tom perez and all of those who made it happen. >> let me remind america that bernie sanders is not a democrat, he only became one to run for president and will probably try to do it again but he's not a democrat and democrats always fight the last
7:25 am
battle. they got bullied into this fight back i guy who is not a democrat. even if there were no superdelegates, hillary clinton would have been the nominee on march 15 just like donald trump because of a thing called math that matters and they both had backed up enough delegates. >> eric: what does this mean? does that mean it's not going to be in this? >> the math is hillary clinton and donald trump by the march 15th primary is for the nominees, you could not catch them based on what they had left. we met at the rnc, we watch the dnc battle over superdelegates with a smile on our faces when you have this group of empowered elites within the dnc, the elected delegates that give hillary clinton a 45 to one advantage before a single vote has been cast, that's not good. likewise this fight "the washington post" noted has gone on longer than u.s. involvement in world war i so democrats are duking it out with one another, let the elites choose your nominee. >> trench warfare indeed.
7:26 am
>> eric: thank you guys so much. >> sandra: take a look at the dow's urging hundred 22 points right now, we have a word that a deal was close with mexico in the united states on nafta and now the white house is saying that there will be a trade announcement at the top of the opera 11:00 a.m. a.m. eastern time, markets shirley are biting on that optimism right now, the dow above 26,000. we're going to bring that announcement to you alive when it happens. >> eric: meanwhile, a stern warning from iran to us. they claim that they now have full control over critical waterway. white or is putting the u.s. navy on notice and saying that we don't belong there. but you look at who is speaking out against president trump now. my tiger woods is saying this. >> you have to respect the office. welcome!
7:27 am
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>> sandra: iran warning that it has full control of the persian gulf which are vital to the transport of oil of course. if tensions escalated over nuclear sanctions, benjamin hall his life for us. we met ever since these sanctions took hold, the iranian economy has been in free fall. or they are under pressure from inside and out and what we're seeing is then pushed back in whatever way they can. and that's military threats in some cases. that is denials of their actions, that is legal action in some cases to try and get the sanctions revoked. today, and escalating rhetoric, the head of the iranian navy announced that iran has full control of the strategic persian gulf in the streets through which 30% of the world's oil goes. the u.s. navy does not belong there. and i ran who recently carried out naval exercises in the region also suggested not for the first time that it could now take military action to block
7:32 am
oil exports in relation to those sanctions which the u.s. has always said it would certainly result in swift retribution. separately, the head of the revolutionary guard has also now taunted the u.s. saying they are afraid of war that they would never prevail because they know they would suffer. but it's iran that is suffering. the currency is worth half what it was the beginning of the year. food and medicines are all too expensive for the average person and with new sanctions do to hit oil exports in november, pressure now is constantly building on the government to change. today, iran even tried the legal route going to the u.n.'s highest court to have sanctions lifted saying that they had violated a little-known 1955 friendship treaty. iran called the sanctions naked economic aggressions of the u.s. want to damage the economy as best it could and change possibly coming from inside. the economic minister stepped on yesterday and now something really has to give. >> sandra: benjamin hall,
7:33 am
thank you. >> eric: another fox news alert for you from washington, demoted justice department official bruce ohr is slated to testify tomorrow before the house oversight committee. he will be a closed-door session. if ohr could provide more information on the salacious and unverified trump dossier. publican cumbersome and darrell issa on what he hoped to hear for more. >> we want him to confirm what we already know from hard evidence, that he and his wife were part of a conspiracy to create this narrative of involvement and wrongdoing by by the president relative to the russians. >> eric: catherine herridge is live in washington with more. >> good morning. at tuesday's deposition is scheduled to include a handful of senior republican lawmakers as well as staffers who will question the doj official about his decision to break with protocol and bypass doj leadership to share information with the fbi from the former british spy behind the anti-trump dossier. fox news has learned that
7:34 am
investigators will focus on ohr's relationship with former british five christopher steele who compiled the controversial dossier and was later fired by the fbi over his contact with immediate and the final months of the 2016 campaign. ohr oversaw again and narcotics investigation, russia was not part of his perp stomach official portfolio. they are also probing ohr and steele's with glenn simpson. who says fusion gps was paid by the dossier project. also employed ohr's wife nellie who was a russia specialist and contributed to the dossier. in the president recently singled out the couple. >> i think that bruce ohr is a disgrace. for him to be in the justice department and to be doing what he did is a disgrace. >> separately, 2017 text messages obtained by fox news suggest he asked ohr to be his go-between with a russia special counsel, saying "we are
7:35 am
frustrated with how long this engagement with the bureau and robert mueller is taking steel. anything you could do to accelerate the process would be much appreciated. three months later, ohr confirmed that he has passed along his questions as special counsel contacts. if he describes mounting legal pressures and the constant stress of media scrutiny. i am presuming you've heard nothing back from your special counsel colleagues on the issues you kindly put to them for me. we have heard nothing from them either. to say this is disappointing would be an understatement. asked whether they engaged with ohr or used ohr as an intermediary, a spokesperson for the special counsel declined to comment. the justice department has also declined to comment on ohr in a deposition tomorrow. >> eric: there will be a lot tomorrow, thank you. >> sandra: carrying on a conversation with bruce ohr right now, let's bring on "america's newsroom" a team to respond. a former senior advisor to then senator john kerry, rnc spokesperson, chris stirewalt needs no introduction. the me first ask you about the
7:36 am
fact that he is still employed there because you got that frustration from darrell issa when he was on the program a few months ago, saying that he is frustrated and his colleagues are frustrated that the attorney general can't do more when forcing these individuals to cooperate. >> the government is annoying and the bureaucracy especially. we have a lot of layers in the justice department to prevent it from becoming hyper politicized for whistle-blowers getting nailed for doing the right thing. so does go slowly. they have put him in the penalty box, they've corralled this guy just as they did with mccabe, just as they have done with strzok and others as you move
7:37 am
through. he finally have the bad actors, you isolate them and you work through the bureaucratic process to get rid of them but the upside for the president, the upside for the republicans is as long as you got him, you can just beat the stuffing out of him. as long as he's still there, you can go after him hammer and tongs and try to use him. >> sandra: is not going to happen tomorrow? >> he is going to have such a rotten day in the good news for americas is not going to be televised. >> eric: will probably hear about it because of leaks. what was bruce ohr doing? he was not part of the russian investigation, reported 60 contacts with christopher steel steele. did he cut a back door to the fbi, was there conspiracy? >> everybody forgets that it was the late great john mccain that turned over the dossier to the fbi because comey wasn't dealing with a fast enough. you hear the story time and time again, the dossier started with the free beacon, republican outlet. then went to two republican primary contenders against donald trump. those of the facts. >> free beacon was working with fusion gps not on the dossier. the dossier was an exclusive democratic product being worked on by the wife of someone in the justice department, feeding a
7:38 am
bruise or information who phases of the fbi even after the fbi cut off relationships with christopher steele. this is corruption at its finest. are you not concern that christopher steele as he wrote in his notes that christopher steele is concerned about being exposed? what does that mean to you? but do we have to finish it up here and get to tiger woods. >> eric: do you think there was a conspiracy by officials? >> sandra: so bruce ohr i'm a lot happening with him tomorrow, closed-door hearing obviously we will learn a lot more as that goes on. we've got to get to tiger woods because he finishes 72 holes of golf and asked about the president and he says this. >> no matter who was in the office, may like or dislike personality for the politics, but we all must respect the office. >> sandra: he was asked by a reporter especially colored
7:39 am
immigrants are threatened by him and his policy, would you say to people who might find it interesting that you have a friendly relationship with him because we do know that they do have a history of golfing together. >> is a fairly simple concept, i respect the person in office, what a great answer by tiger woods. yes, he is a friend of the president but that generic acknowledgment that yes, i support the opposite the presidency of the united states. if he succeeds, america succeed succeeds. >> eric: i can't believe a celebrity is being generic when it comes to speaking out about politics. >> sandra: he then went on to say we played golf together, had dinner together, i've known him pretty presidency and honestly during his presidency, than the reported try to get more questions in and he said i just finished 72 holes of golf and i'm really hungry. >> eric: we should just say, politics is what we do to avoid killing each other. the purpose of politics is that we can resolve our disputes and our conflicts with each other in
7:40 am
a peaceful respectful way. politics should not be allowed to infect and touch every other living thing in the world because it kills what it touches outside of the proper mode that we keep it in. so just keep it in the moat. >> but it is now, and i think he made a different decision then tom brady did. he has no trump for a long time, trump even said he wished that ivanka had married him but tom brady did not show up at the white house when the patriots won back the super bowl so i think some athletes are trying to get out of politics, some athletes are protesting and rightfully so when they have that right and others are trying to just stay away. >> meanwhile the nfl is losing ratings. >> was to point out the most important here, go patriots. >> sandra: glad you got that in. >> eric: think you guys so much. meanwhile, down on the wall, take a look at those numbers, the dow up nearly 200 points,
7:41 am
word has filtered out that there's a new trade deal with mexico. plus some brand-new details that we are waiting statement from the president in just a few minutes, so keep it right here s? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it. they're moving forward with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms of an infection. or if you have received a vaccine, or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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>> sandra: the dow running higher as we speak as news that the u.s. and mexico are close to a new nafta deal. president trump is expected to make an announcement at the top of the hour. the dow continues to search up triple digits, 211-point gain, a couple of points now back about 26,000 with the rest of the u.s. stock market hitting record highs today. the president tweeting earlier "a big deal looking good with mexico." joining me now is susan from the fox business network. thank you for coming on, this is a big deal in the white house as the president will make this announcement at the top of the hour. what do you expect? to back it is a big deal, investors love this as you see
7:46 am
the reaction of the stock market, it's been the big overhanging trade concern for investors putting more money into stock market because big american business is doing really well, making a lot of money, that's not necessarily being reflected in the stock markets because of a trade overhang especially with nafta. >> sandra: this market has bounced back. the dow is climbing back up. >> we could even be up double digits given the performance of corporate profits, corporate sales and how well they're doing but nafta is a $700 billion trading relationship, 3.6 billion move across borders every day and automobiles apparently were the biggest sticking point to watch for that sector to really react to this, how much of it is made in north america, higher wages. >> sandra: seems like there was one sticking point, the mexican economic minister said he said there is still one very important issue that they were hashing out before this announcement. >> i would bet it would be the
7:47 am
automobiles, how much of that is made in north america versus sickle. >> they wanted to tariff on mexican vehicles. do you think that will be in the final deal? >> i don't know about that. i would imagine right now, 60% in terms of the vehicle parts made in north america compared to mexico. i think that might go up a little bit more, also arbitration, how do you resolve disputes in this nafta deal? canada and mexico had different ideas than the u.s., another big sticking point as well. >> sandra: speaking of canada, how does this bring them back into the conversation? >> i just basically got a statement from the canadian trade minister on this impending deal with the u.s. and mexico. she says progress between mexico and the u.s. is there a requirement for a nafta deal, we are in regular contact with our negotiating partners, they will continue to work towards a modernized nafta but they said that they will only sign a deal is good for canada.
7:48 am
>> eric: so they will be in talks next perhaps. >> they have to. there's a sense of urgency between mexico and the u.s. because of the mexican president only has one week left to get a deal through. then they have to wait until the next president of mexico to come in. because this is largely going to be seen as a big victory for the trump administration. while streetlights with this president is doing. >> absolutely they do, that's a top loading issue, how big is the paycheck and how much do you believe it in american economy. >> sandra: we are being told that they are gathering now in the white house and that announcement should be should be coming in the next few minutes or so, we will bring that to you when it happens. susan lee, we will keep watching it. big announcement there. >> eric: meanwhile, millions of high school students said to be targeted. why their personal data is at risk of being sold off when they apply to college.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> eric: other stories making headlines this morning, a crew of one, let alone, this has to do with college info might you not only have to worry about the s.a.t. and act and getting into the college you want, but your
7:53 am
information is being leaked? >> your information is being taken and sold to the highest bidder as we are learning more and more. we have less and less privacy especially as we do things online. my college options is the survey in question, students would go in and answer questions that would give them information about student loans that they might be able to apply for, it would give them information about where and how to take this s.a.t. and act. but though this is legal, we have no privacy legislation, that's part of the reason why this is legal. federal policy prevents schools from obtaining your privacy or obtaining your private information and selling it, but it doesn't prevent their vendors from doing that and that's what's going on here with. now these kids are finding out that they've been answering these questions that are supposed to give them guidance about what school to go to and some of the questions in question are things like your religion and health information about your families background and things of that sort.
7:54 am
this is just the brave new world that we are living in but unlike the facebook scandal with cambridge analytica that we were doing various things online and that data was being captured, this is literally a survey that you're filling out that is then being used against you. >> eric: who did they say about all of this? >> the company as of right now has no response to this so that is some bad news. this is terrible because it reminds me a little bit of when you go into a college campus and they give you credit cards and you get a free t-shirt and i don't really explain to you how a credit card works or the zero interest is only for now and in a year from now, you're going to end up paying hundreds of dollars for something that would have otherwise just cost you 50 or $60. it was a bit troubling that they're also going after teenagers because in a lot of instances, the parents have nothing to do about this because they are over the age of 18, so there legal adults. >> eric: any college parent knows that when they go off to college, sometimes you just can't be in control.
7:55 am
>> also the excitement of going to school and all of the things that you want to do. >> sandra: thank you very much. we've got breaking news for you that we are watching, we have reached a tentative deal on nafta. we got word a short time ago that the u.s. and mexico were drawing closer to a deal, perhaps just one sticking point and now we are hearing officially from the white house that an announcement is coming at any moment. the markets like the prospects of this. the dow is urging 212 points back above 26,000. the nasdaq is at a record above 8,000 for the first time ever, things are looking good for a possible deal, we will hear from the white house and moments.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> sandra: breaking news of the white house where we are waiting for a big announcement from the president on trade. a potential new nafta deal. good morning and welcome to an all-new hour inside america's newsroom on this monday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: so good to be with you this morning, i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. sources tell fox news that the white house has struck a tentative deal with mexico on nafta. president trump tweeting this morning that it could be happening soon. >> sandra: chief white house correspondent john roberts live from the north lawn, what do we know? >> as i walked out of the white house just a moment ago, the pool as it's called which is
8:00 am
a small group of photographers and journalists, television cameras were about to go into the oval office for what is expected to be an announcement on some sort of provisional agreement with mexico on nafta. we are also expecting that the u.s. trade representative and mexico's economic minister will be there as well. this is not a full revision of nafta, so let's make that absolutely clear. what they've done is probably little more than tinkering around the edges, but they've rewritten some of the provisions that exist in the deal of the deal with the united states and the mexico relationship that this has nothing to do with the canada side of the relationship, only between what happens across our southern border. the president in ohio at a republican party dinner stressed the need for the united states to renegotiate nafta. listen to what he said here. >> we are negotiating now with mexico and we are trying to make a fair deal, not a deal like people forget, nafta was a
8:01 am
disaster. does anybody remember? they emptied out entire states, now it's like nafta is so wonderful. nafta is a terrible deal for us. terrible deal. >> three way talks between the united states, mexico, and canada were not producing the results of the president wanted so he went at it in a working together just with mexico and we have come up with is provisional deal now which clearly is going to put more pressure on canada to come to the table. if we have a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs from canada speaking on behalf of the canadian foreign minister saying canada is encouraged by the commute continued optimism, it is a necessary requirement for any renewed nafta agreement. we are in regular contact with our negotiating partners and we will continue to work towards a modernized nafta. we will only sign a new nafta that is good for canada and good
8:02 am
for the middle class. because this is a trade treaty, anything that the white house comes up with whether it be with mexico or whether it be with mexico and canada is going to have to be ratified by congress. we do not yet know the finer details of what the united states or mexico have agreed to, but just on the surface, the markets are pretty happy with, the dow up 200 points is morning. >> sandra: your mentioning that this is bilateral and it could open up the door for canada to now reengage in these negotiations. that will be a big question as we await that announcement and yes indeed, the dow's urging 220-point gain there. john roberts of the white house for us and more on that coming up in just a moment. meanwhile, america morning after the death of john mccain. the arizona lawmaker losing his battle with brain cancer this weekend, friends and colleagues remembering him as a giant of american politics who was also a lot of fun.
8:03 am
i do believe that was probably the sound of kelly on the sunday show on fox news sunday yesterday, she did talk about how he had a great sense of humor as many of his colleagues are remembering him today. reporting live from phoenix. >> also, senate minority leader chuck schumer says he plans to introduce a resolution to rename the senate russell building after his friend and colleague just one way that our nations senators plan to honor their colleague, and we are learning more about how things will go. we are being told by our senior producer for capitol hill that when the senate needs today at 4:00 p.m. eastern, we can expect an indication that will touch on the passing of mccain from senate chaplain very black. this will happen right after the senate comes to order. senate minority leader mitch
8:04 am
mcconnell and minority leader schumer will likely make some remarks on their friend. the timing of this of course will be up to the senators. also according to custom, they will drape a black cloth over mccain's desk and place a bouquet of flowers on top. when the senate adjourned tonight, it will likely adjourn in honor of mccain. today, we are getting an update on how he will be memorialized in arizona. he will lie in state at the capitol building. there will be a public viewing after a private ceremony with his family continuing the ceremonies on thursday, mccain's motorcade will leave the state capitol grounds for a service at the north phoenix baptist church. responsibility of filling his seat in congress lies with governor doug ducey, a longtime family friend of the mccain's. >> john mccain is irreplaceable. this week in arizona is going to be about honoring him and his legacy, comforting his family and the other arizonans and we will deal with that responsibility at that appropriate time.
8:05 am
>> at the conclusion of what his office is calling a celebration of his life and legacy here in arizona, mccain's casket will be flown to washington, d.c., where he will lie in state at the u.s. capitol rotunda on friday. saturday is the memorial service celebrating the life of senator john mccain at the washington national cathedral. and as per his wishes, he will be buried at the cemetery at the naval academy in annapolis. >> sandra: thank you. >> eric: senator mccain was not just a washington fixture, but also a mainstay on a sunday morning public affairs news programs. during his more than three decades serving on capitol hill. of course, that includes many appearances on "fox news sunday "fox news sunday." >> i found in my life that when i do and i think is right, for example on marriage amendment, it always turns out in the end okay. when i do things for political expediency which i have from time to time, it's always turned
8:06 am
out poorly. i've been blessed to be able to serve for many, many years both in the military and in public office, it's one of the great honors of my life, but it doesn't mean that i was meant to be president. it just means that whatever time i have left, i would be of service to the country. i'm the luckiest guy you have ever interviewed and will ever interview. i'm the most fortunate man on earth. and i thank god for it every single day. >> eric: the luckiest guy. let's bring in fox media analyst and host of media buzz. he was a gift to folks like us, he respected us, he respected our trade, we respected him but if we take them off, he'd say that's a stupid question or don't be a jerk. >> that happened to me. i first got to know john mccain and i knew him well in 1999 and 2000 when he was a presidential candidate with no money, running around new hampshire talking to reporters for eight, nine, ten hours until they all exhausted
8:07 am
their questions and talk about sports and movies and sometimes he would make the statement, nobody had ever done anything like that before. it really helped him. however, because he was taking on george w. bush of the g.o.p. establishment in that campaign which he obviously lost, the press swooned over him. in 2007 when his campaign seemed to collapse, the press. i'm often in 2008 when he was running against barack obama, a lot more negative coverage because he was running against obama and because now he was more of an establishment republican and not the maverick which was the image the press for the like. >> eric: when you covered him and dealt with him, it seems increasingly rare to have that sense of interaction with candidates who are so heavily managed, they have all these aids, and want to know you're going to ask them, this was a different type of guy that hearkens back to the way it used to to be. if >> everything so tightly scripted now, you only have a five or ten minute visibility, e rise of twitter in 2008 is why
8:08 am
mccain decided to not be as accessible in the second presidential campaign but he was a man of contradictions. he aspired millions of people but he had a very wicked temper as others have observed in some journalists have sometimes felt. he was beloved by many democrats but he alienated many republicans especially in the trump rev. john mccain was a crusader for campaign finance reform but that was rooted in his own ethical breach in that banking scandal and he said a liar and a coward for not taking on the confederate flag during the south carolina primary that he was trying to win. so he often fell short of his ideals, he never said he was a saint at the same time, a mantra which i heard so many times, serve a cause greater than yourself and i think that touched a lot of people. >> eric: talk about that and speak to that, the man of character and confidence, a conviction an american patriot who because you knew what he went through in vietnam and the torture for so long that you always had that in the back of your mind.
8:09 am
>> in some ways, it defined him even though he went on to several decades as a career as a lawmaker. for example during the bush administration, he fought and he had the special standing to fight against american forces using torture techniques because he felt it didn't work and he had been a victim of it. at the same time, he helped bill clinton and gave president clinton political coverage and normalize relations with vietnam where he obviously had spent five and a half years in such an unhappy circumstance. there was something about that experience and especially as everyone knows, he declined early release, he was an admiral's son, he didn't feel he should come out of order that gave him a standing and a gravitas that didn't always help them in his political career. he made political mistakes especially that 2008 campaign but i think everybody, reporters, democrats, anybody who crossed his path felt this was a man who was not your typical politician. he was very candid and very funny at the same time he was too candid for his own good.
8:10 am
if we went on a much lighter note, talking about someone who is and dealt with reporters, he would grill hog's breath on the chicken and the ribs, here's what the come columbia review wrote, no talking about politics during his grilling. he must go down easier with a tour of the grounds and he made ribs. apparently, prohibited good reporter from telling readers in return for dropping. they got the entire swing and frank sinatra on the deck. how many candidates would go for you? >> i never made there, but i grilled him on occasion. he actually enjoyed the company reporters. he enjoyed the back and though sometimes when he wrote something he didn't like. it was almost a harbinger of a different year because everything is so carefully
8:11 am
choreographed. >> eric: that is absolutely for sure, we will always remember. >> sandra: meanwhile, this fox news alert, we are waiting for the president to make a big announcement regarding trade from the oval office. it will happen any minute now. we are told in this after source told fox news that the u.s. has struck a tentative deal with mexico on nafta. then again, this is just with mexico not on the canada side but you've heard the president say before all he wants is a fair deal. he has called nafta a terrible deal. will this put pressure on canada? all those big questions coming up but a deal has been reached, markets soaring on this. 24-point gain on the dow right now, hide of the session as we await the president. and up next, we are awaiting this fox news alert on the new details on a shooting that happened in jacksonville,
8:12 am
florida, . >> everyone running for their lives. people were being trampled, people were hiding, everybody was screaming in fear. if anything that you expect to see in something like this. >> sandra: just moments from now, we're going to talk live to an eyewitness to that rampage as shots rang out in a video gaming tournament. >> eric: a horrible thing. meanwhile, a suspected extremist muslim compound in new mexico, a couple arrested and never cruised of plotting. >> sandra: plus, what happens if democrats regain control of the house in november? the plans nancy pelosi and her party may have when it comes to the trump presidency.
8:13 am
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>> eric: awaiting a big announcement from the white house any moment now. sources tell fox news that the white house has a new tentative deal on nafta with mexico covers a variety of areas from the internet to trade to tariffs on cars and vehicles that are manufactured there as well as trading between the two nations. when this is announced, it will be big. look at what is done to the stock market, the dow jones up already. as well as the potential economists say to affect jobs. it should be a good thing for our economy. when the president speaks, we will bring it to you live. >> sandra: with the midterms little more than two months away now, what do nancy pelosi the democrats have on the pitter
8:17 am
sleeves when it comes to winning back the house in november? a new report says there was a plan to launch dozens of investigations into the trump presidency and house republicans have seen a spreadsheet detailing those plans. the article on this headlines republicans secretly study their coming hell. if joining us now as governor, former white house chief of staff to president george w. bush. what you think about that? >> morning. it will be hell if nancy pelosi gets control and puts into play all of these investigations that she is bragging about privately and the republicans are now becoming aware of. i think that it's actually in the long run the possibility of this will help republicans energize their base and might be a significant -- the awareness of this would be a significant positive thing in the 2018 election for republicans. >> sandra: let's first
8:18 am
establish where you stand on the prospects of democrats regaining control of the house. what you think? >> historically, their prospect should be good. but with the party having so much of it running to the socialist side, i think there's actually a much better opportunity for republicans to stand against this thing in the 2018 election than most of the pundits are giving them. i think the chances are good that republicans will be able to hold the house and have significant enough were five senators gained in the senate. >> sandra: here's how they have the plans laid out, they say things to their control of congress, republicans have blocked most of the democrats investigative requests, but if the house flips, the g.o.p. loses its power to stymie. lawyers close to the white house tell me the trump administration is nowhere near prepared for the investigatory onslaught that awaits them, and they considered among the greatest threats to
8:19 am
his presidency. what does that tell you? >> it tells me this is important. and it tells me that the republican national committee and each of the congressional campaigns across the country ought to resonate a message of concern the republican voters and make sure that they don't stay home, but they turned out to defend what has been a very important economic recovery. i think the republicans ought to go as far as communicating in the minority communities that have benefited so significantly from the economic recovery and remind them that if the president's hands are tied, if congress goes to democratic leadership, all the incentives from the tax program that have created these jobs could be killed. >> sandra: finally, if i could get your thoughts on the passing of senator john mccain as we say good-bye this week. >> as you know, john mccain
8:20 am
who grew to love new hampshire. he became a friend to all of us here in new hampshire. some of us supported him in campaigns, some of us didn't come up with the fact is, you always knew you were dealing with someone who cared about the country. his commitment to the national security needs of our country i think were part of why he was so successful in new hampshire, but he also adopted a face-to-face campaign style here and certainly john mccain will be missed not only in arizona but in new hampshire, country in the world. >> sandra: twice he won the primary there, we spoke to the former senator really laying out his love of campaigning in that state. >> kelly knew john mccain better than anyone in new hampshire. john mccain embraced kelly, tried to help her in the process of the senate and actually made her one of the three amigos of him and lindsey nelson. so she knows him well.
8:21 am
>> sandra: lindsey graham of course. the vendor, thank you very much. if >> eric: a lot more on the senator coming up. meanwhile, instructions for making 3d printed guns soon be available online? >> this is a public safety issue and we believe that it needs to be addressed. now before the technology advances. >> eric: we are awaiting a federal judge to make a major ruling on that. >> sandra: plus, hawaii dodged a direct hit from hurricane lena but the storm still devastated parts of the state. we will have more details on this next. hi i'm joan lunden.
8:22 am
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and got them this wi-fi is fast. track. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> sandra: we are awaiting a major announcement out of the white house on trade involving nafta and some sort of agreement
8:25 am
has been made we are told between the united states and mexico. the latest that we are hearing on the white house as the president is on the phone with the outgoing mexican president. that phone call continues as we await that announcement. there were reports that they were still one major sticking point in coming to some sort of agreement. if the president called as a terrible deal, he wants a fair deal. he's on the phone now. we are expecting him to go into the oval office and make a statement shortly. meanwhile, optimism on wall street, the dow was urging 216 points. we will bring that announcement to you when we get it. >> eric: now waiting for a judges ruling thereon whether a texas man can put blueprints online for making a 3d printed gun. the cases raising concerns regarding gun control and free speech. dan springer has a story from seattle. >> federal judge heard arguments here in seattle last week and said he would issue his ruling
8:26 am
today, expecting at the top of the hour. he will decide whether to make a temporary restraining order against publishing the codes for making plastic guns with a 3d printer a permanent ban until the trial or let it expire. if the trump administration has sent conflicting messages. it was the state department that struck a deal with a texas company that would allow the codes for making plastic guns to be published on the internet. and in federal court last week, a justice department lawyer back that decision by arguing that these plastic guns are so small and unreliable that they do not pose a national security threat and should not be regulated under the arms export control act. but the day after the judge issued this, the white house supported the ruling on the president tweeted that plastic guns don't make any sense. >> this administration supports the decades-old legislation already on the books that prohibits the ownership of a plastic gun.
8:27 am
>> 19 states are trying to block it from the internet. >> eric: what are the arguments for leaving these blueprints online? >> the main argument seems to be the cat is out of the bag. defense is repeated in texas has already published the codes. he says this is a free-speech issue and that the ruling stifles innovation when it comes to manufacturing guns, but over the last 30 years, it's been illegal to make and possess guns that are made of plastic and undetectable by a metal detecto detector. democrats have introduced a bill that would go even further, banning the publishing of digital files that program a 3d printer to make a firearm. the judge said last week that the issue demands legislative decision and he will make his decision in about an hour. >> eric: when he does, we will bring that to you, thank you. >> sandra: john mccain's impact on u.s. foreign policy during his three decades on capitol hill, how the senator's strong belief in american exceptionalism helped define his political life.
8:28 am
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>> sandra: we are now told the president has gotten off the phone call with the mexican president and that he is now making a statement that we will turn around and bring to you as soon as we have it. he is speaking in the oval office and saying it is a big day for trade. it's a big day for the country. the united states has reached an agreement with mexico to enter a new trade deal. and it will go by another name. he's expected to announce the united states and mexico trade agreement rather than its original name, north american free trade agreement. he also talks about canada, we will see if canada can be part of the steel. there are reports that canada is going to begin discussions and
8:32 am
negotiations immediately after this announcement is made, but possibly to a separate deal since we are talking about it being named the trade agreement. the president is speaking now, we will bring his comments to human moments. >> eric: might be the united states and canada. meanwhile a fox news alert on a deadly shooting at the florida video gaming tournament. we are getting some about that gunman and the possible motive. the whole were sadly played out in that chilling tape online has police say a losing player there, 24-year-old david katz open fire during a madden nfl video game tournament happening in fort lauderdale. two gamers were killed, nearly a dozen others wounded. before police say katz turned the gun on himself. federal agents leaders formed the katz family home in baltimore looking for clues as the game community is now struggling to come to terms with
8:33 am
this tragedy. >> speaking with these victims tonight, they came to town to participate, they explained to us in a group that is very close, these people know each other, the game together, they have fun together. but now they all traumatized. >> eric: live at the scene of this horrendous crime in jacksonville. >> the killer, david katz had actually won a madden tournament before and according to the announcer who was inside behind me behind the gaming bar doing the play-by-play announcing online, he said katz lost, was limited to, he left in about ten or 15 minutes later, he returned and started shooting. all of this happening at the madden series regional and entertainment hot spot with about a dozen bars and restaurants. the winner qualified to go to the championships in vegas to compete for 200 grand.
8:34 am
according to the gamers inside, when katz came back and, suddenly there were ten to 12 loud pops. the mapping of the suspect used at least one handgun to commit this act and we are working with our partners on that aspect of the investigation. >> the two people killed by the gunmen are taylor robertson of baylor west virginia and eli clayton of woodland hills, california. most of the gamers had a phone across the country to compete. witnesses say the whole thing was over in about 30 seconds when a katz after killing two and wounding nine turned the gun on himself. there can be big money in gaming and some of the gamers are even sponsored. witnesses say it really was pandemonium yesterday, people scrambling to get out, people getting trampled, others finding under the bars and restaurants and bathrooms. all of this happening inside the good luck have fun gaming bar which is exactly what all these gamers were doing, having a
8:35 am
great time playing the games they love and hanging out with their friends. >> eric: just terrifying, thank you. >> sandra: our next guest was a witness to the shooting. joins us now. thank you for coming on the program. it's been such a short time now since this horrific event played out. what did you see? 's to make a little he had just stepped out to make a phone call has the whole thing happened. so i wasn't in the room, the second i was outside, i just saw on the door busted open and if you girls fall over themselves to get out of the bar and at that moment, i could just tell by the look on their face that something was serious, so i started to get ready to move away and then all of a sudden, i heard a good friend of mine yelling from a distance i'm hit, get help, i'm hit. and he just kept yelling it over and over again at that point i started to run. >> sandra: what did you think was happening when you heard that? >> i didn't hear any gunshots i didn't know what was happening. i didn't know if it was in the bar were people were walking
8:36 am
from behind the bar along the pier that they had guns, but he didn't hear any shots go off so i didn't know what was going on. i just decided to run. >> sandra: did you ever think something like this could happen at an event like that? >> and ever, and i don't think anybody would ever think that. in the, i know there were a lot of people upset about it, but there really close community and it's heartbreaking that this all happened especially so close to people that i really care about. so everyone is heartbroken. >> sandra: i'm sure your family is so happy to see you safe and have you home safe. we witness that horrific playoff that shooting, thank you for your time this morning telling us what you saw. meanwhile, we've got to get to this news right now looking live at the white house. if the president has now made this announcement regarding trade from the oval office. sources telling fox news right now that white house and this
8:37 am
was prior to this, numbing of the president has made this news. he was on the phone call with the mexican outgoing president, he joined by phone, but in the oval office, the mexican foreign minister, the mexican economy minister jared kushner, john kelly, u.s. trade rep all making this big decision on trade with mexico. we are going to pause now and let our fox stations join us. this is fox news, and sandra smith in new york. president trump set to make a big announcement on trade. we are being told now that the united states and mexico have reached a deal when it comes to a new deal on nafta. it is even expected to bear a different name. the president has called the deal with mexico and canada a terrible deal. he's been looking for a fair deal. he says it's a big day for trade, a big day for our
8:38 am
country. u.s. stocks like what they're hearing so far, the dow has been surging 223 points right now in anticipation of this announcement. this deal the president says with mexico is very special for manufacturers, for farmers. he called this this has been a key point for this president, you heard him talk about this through his campaign, this would be seen as a big victory for this white house. the big question however would be canada's involvement in all of this. having said that, the united states has reached a deal with mexico, will this automatically open the door to negotiations with canada? the new name of the deal is expected to be eating at estates mexico trade agreement, of course bearing a new name from the original north american free trade agreement. the president surely looking like he is distancing himself from that. in this is going on inside the white house right now. we are told the president took a phone call from the president to
8:39 am
hash out some of the final details of this trade agreement. drained also by other members of his staff. here is the president and the oval office. >> president trump: it's a big day for trade, big day for a company. a lot of people felt we never get here. because we all negotiate tough, and so does mexico. and this is a tremendous thing. they used to call it nafta, we are going to call it the united states mexico trade agreement, and we will get rid of the name nafta, it has a bad connotation because the united states was hurt very badly by nafta. for many years, and now it's a really good deal for both countries and we look very much forward to it and i believe the president is on the phone. henrique?
8:40 am
you can hook them up. tell me when. a lot of people waiting. hello? you want to put that on this phone please? hello? thank you. >> congratulations, that's a really fantastic thing, we've all worked very hard. a brilliant representative sitting right in front of me, i
8:41 am
thought we would congratulate each other before he got out and i know we will have a formal news conference in the not-too-distant future. >> translator: thank you very much, president trump. i think this is something very positive. for the united states. it is to celebrate the understanding we have had, with both negotiating teams. on nafta. the interest we have had for quite a few months now.
8:42 am
to renew it, to modernize it, to update it. and to generate a framework that will create productivity in north america. it is our wish, mr. president, that now, canada will also be able to be incorporated in all of this. i assume that they are going to carry out negotiations on the sensitive bilateral issues between mexico -- between canada and the united states.
8:43 am
and i am very grateful, mr. president, i want to say that recognize in the moment your political will and participation. and on this same path, i want to bear my testimony, mr. president is my acknowledgment to both negotiating teams. especially the team that is headed and led. and also the accompaniment and the support we have had from the house through jared kushner.
8:44 am
and i also extend this recognition to the mexican team. they are listening to you, they are close to you right now. the foreign minister and a secretary of the economy.
8:45 am
and this is with the negotiation that has taken place, it's been difficult, complex, and a very hard negotiation altogether with difficult moments of course, but i truly acknowledge now we been able to reach an agreement that we are about to make public and this is the result of good understanding and good work, and of course, i am quite hopeful that now canada will start working with the united states. with a sensitive bilateral issu issue. congratulations. i'm very grateful and i am attentive to your comments. >> president trump: mr. president, thank you very much, it's an honor. he been my friend, been a long time since i traveled to mexico where we got to know each other quite well and we actually had a good meeting and met some people weren't sure but it was a good
8:46 am
meeting, that i was. i had a lot of good meetings that a lot of people aren't sure if they were good or not but it's been a long time and is a something was very special for our manufacturers and for our farmers from both countries, for all of the people that work for jobs, it's also great trade and it makes it a much more fair bill and we are very, very excited about it. we have worked long and hard, your representatives have been terrific, my representatives have been fantastic too. they've gotten along very well, and they worked late into the night for months on a constrained link complex bill and it's something that we will be talking about for many years to come. it's good for both countries. as far as canada is concerned, we haven't started with canada yet, we wanted to do mexico and see if that was possible to do and it wasn't. i think it wasn't from any standpoint something that most people felt was even doable when
8:47 am
we started and you look at it, you're a member at the beginning, many people thought that this was something that just couldn't happen because of all of the different factions, all of the different sites and the complexity and we made it much simpler, much better, much better for both countries. canada will start negotiation shortly calling the prime minister and will start negotiation. they like to negotiate fairly, they have the tariffs almost 300% on some of our dairy products and we can't have that, we are not going to stand for that. i think with canada, frankly the easiest thing we can do is to tear up their cars coming in, it's a tremendous amount of money and a very simple negotiation that could end in one day and we taken a lot of money the following day. but i think we will give them a chance to probably have a separate deal. we could have a separate deal we could put it into this deal. i like to call this deal the
8:48 am
united states mexico trade agreement, i think it's an elegant name. i think nafta has a lot of bad connotations for the united states because it was a rip off, it was a deal that was a horrible deal for our country. kind of think it's got a lot of bad connotations to a lot of people and so we will probably -- you and i will agree to this. we will see whether or not we decide to put up canada for just a separate deal with canada if they want to make the deal, simply steal is more or less already made, very easy to do and execute. but i will tell you that working with you has been a pleasure, speaking with and working with president-elect lopez has been absolutely a very, very special time. you both came together for your country, you work together, i think that's important for the media to know when we have a small amount of media in our presence like everybody and the
8:49 am
media should know that the president and the president-elect worked very closely together because the president felt it was important that the president-elect liked what he was seeing and our teams work together, our teams were really well unified and your team is very well unified, i was very impressed with the fact that the two presidents came together and worked out something mutually agreeable. so it's an incredible deal, it's an incredible deal for both parties. most importantly, it's an incredible deal for the workers and the citizens of both countries, our farmers are going to be so happy. the farmers have stuck with me, said i was going to do this and mexico was promised to immediately start purchasing as much farm product as they can. they're going to work on that very hard. and as you know, we are working on related to this, working very much with other countries, china
8:50 am
is one want to talk much is not the right time to talk right now to be honest with china. it's too one-sided for too many years and too many decades, so is not the right time to talk. but eventually, i'm sure will be able to work at a deal with china in the meantime, we are doing very well with china. our economy is up, never been this good before, and i think it's only going to get better. mr. president, you've been my friend and you have been somebody that's been very special in a lot of ways. we talk a lot about this deal and i like to congratulate you and the mexican people. >> translator: thank you very much, mr. president . i recognize this especially because of the point of understanding we are now reaching on this deal. and i really hope, i wish a pact
8:51 am
with canada will be materializing in a very concrete fashion. that we can have an agreement with the way we would propose this from the initiation of this renegotiating process. but today, i celebrate the united states and mexico. because we are reaching a final point of understanding. and i hope that in the following days, we can get the formalization of this agreement. something additional, mr. president .
8:52 am
an involved and committed participation of that administration and the president-elect of mexico. as you know, we are now going through a period of transition. and has made it possible to create a highly unified front. between the negotiating team of his administration. the people appointed by the president-elect of mexico.
8:53 am
to participate in this agreement and this understanding. to reach the point we are now preaching. the president-elect has been aware of everything that has been happening and i have also had the opportunity of talking to him directly and personally on the proper being made. you have also had direct conversations with the president-elect. the thing that i have to do and i hope we have the space to do it would be to sign.
8:54 am
to celebrate this understanding. >> president trump: , i think that's exactly right. i think a good relationship that i've already established with the president-elect, i was very impressed with him. i must tell you, he was terrific in every way and he loves your country like you love your country. you want to do the right thing. and we are really doing the right thing for all of us, so i really enjoyed that. please send him my regards and i will speak to him very shortly but this was great that you were able to do it together. i think doing it mutually as opposed to just you doing it or even just him doing it, i think a mutual agreement between your two administrations was a fantastic thing. i suggested that early on and i think it was immediately embraced and i think it was a really fantastic thing that you were able to do and with great spirit, great coordination and spirit. so i think that is really just great. and what are the things that i'm
8:55 am
excited about is you're going to be helping us at the border, going to be working together with us on agriculture, going to be working in many different ways and if we are going to be working with you in many different ways, very comprehensive agreement. so i will see you soon, i think we're going to have a very formal ceremony. this is one of the largest trade deals ever made, may be the trade deal ever made and it's really something very special that two countries were able to come together and get it done and i just want to thank all of my people, bob and jared and gentlemen, you have been really great the way you've worked so long that i know you've been going up until 3:00, 4:00 in the morning and then getting in a 8. so on behalf of the united states, i want to thank you very much and i can say that mexico is very proud of you. thank you all very much. i'll see you soon come out talk to you soon and congratulations and job well done.
8:56 am
>> president trump: thank you and congratulations is about to you. and to the negotiating side of both countries. we've been waiting for canada to be integrated into this process. >> president trump: a hug for me would be very nice, thank yo thank you. so we've made a deal with canad canada, they are starting, made a deal with mexico and we are starting negotiations with canada pretty much immediately. i can't tell you what is
8:57 am
negotiation has gone, it is a smaller segment as you know, mexico is a very large trading partner. we have now concluded our deal is being finalized and when would you say would be formally signed? >> at the end of november. a 90 day layover period because of our statute. we expect to submit our letter to congress beginning that process on friday. if >> president trump: so that starts the process. >> 90 days later, it will be signed. >> president trump: we have an agreement where both with canada and with mexico, i will terminate the existing deal. when that happens, i can't quite tell you. it depends of the timetable is with congress but i'll be terminating the existing deal and going into this deal. it will start negotiating with canada relatively soon. they want to negotiate very badly. but one way or another, we have
8:58 am
to deal with a negotiated deal. and frankly, a tariff on cars is a much easier way to go but perhaps the other would be much better for canada. we're looking looking to help our neighbors grade we are going to start that negotiation for us imminently. with prime minister trudeau in a little while. i want to thank everybody, i want to thank you, what a great job you've all done, it's been a long one, but a lot of people thought this was not a doable transaction. it's going to be great for our people and again, i want to thank you folks. we will see what the signing and see you many times before that, i'm sure. so congratulations to the people of mexico, great job. thank you very much, everybody.
8:59 am
>> that was president trump announcing what he said was one of the largest trade deals ever made with mexico. please stay tuned to fox news channel and the spock station for continuing coverage of the story. i'm sandra smith in new york. president trump terminating nafta and like negotiating a new deal with mexico, calling it a big day for trader. president trump calling at the u.s.-mexico trade agreement, and that's the name he's using saying he wants to get rid of the name nafta because it has bad connotations. as for canada, we will see if they are part of this deal. the mexican president joined by speakerphone in the oval office there. >> presidential phone call. >> president trump congratulated him and the mexican people on this deal.
9:00 am
and by the way, dowell continues to surge to new highs of the day, now of 263 points. >> some specifics, 2.5% tariff could go to 25% and we will have more on this throughout the day. that's it for us, outnumbered starts right now. >> the president making a major announcement from the oval office and the u.s. and mexico have reached an understanding that could lead to an overhaul of the north american free trade agreement. a name that president trump doesn't even want to keep around, the president now putting canada on the spot. this is >> "outnumbered." i'm dagen mcdowell. katie pavlich, democratic strategist, jessica tarlov, and joining us on the sofa today, conservative radio


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