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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 27, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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collected $41.6 million. that makes it the largest crowd sourced fund raiser in the united states history. thanks for joining us, everyone. don't miss "the five." i'm dana perino. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon in phoenix. today a spokesman red a farewell statement from senator john mccain. the nation honors an american hero from arizona. to the nation's capitol and the u.s. naval academy. we'll talk with someone that worked with the late senator mccain and whose father was in vietnam with him. and a deadly shooting in jacksonville. we're live there with the gunman and the motive. the pope should resign. so says a former high level vatican insider. the claim? pope francis covered up for a cardinal accused of sexual abuse spanning generations.
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now the pope responds. let's get to it. first from the fox news deck, the final words of senator john mccain. the wore hero and lion of the u.s. senate sending one last message to the american people. senator mccain died saturday after ending medical treatment for brain cancer. he had written a letter and his former campaign manager read it today. it's a message of unity that we're a nation of ideals, not blood and soil. >> fellow americans, that association has meant more to me than any other. i live and died a proud american. we weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that has sown resentment and hatred and violence in all the globe.
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we have always had so much more in common with each other than in disagreement. do not despair of our present difficulties. we believe always in the promise and greatness of america. because nothing is inevitable here. americans never quit. we never surrender. we never hide from history. we make history. farewell fellow americans god bless you and god bless america. >> shepard: the final words of the late senator john mccain. the nation is preparing to say good-bye to him from the valley of the sun to the nation's capitol. william lodge necessary on fox's top story live in phoenix. william? >> shepard, senator mccain represented arizona for 36 years. the people here are greatful. they want to show respects and the family wants to accommodate them. so the senator will be lying in state here at the state capitol on wednesday in the morning. private services. he will open up to the public in the afternoon and stay open
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until there's a line probably late into the evening. a big state. people are coming from far away. on thursday morning, a service will be at the north phoenix baptist church. joe biden will be among those that speak. later that day, the senator will be flown to washington d.c. he will lie in state at the capitol. vice president pence will lay a wreath where the casket is. on the way to the national cathedral, the family will stop at the vietnam memorial where they will lay a wreath there. sunday, he will be laid to rest not at arlington next to his father and grandfather but at the u.s. naval academy a spot where he chose where it all began where he said. near his old friend and ex-roommate, chuck larson. mccain row this. other friends have left, too, i'm tempted to say before their time. that is not the truth. what god provided is what we must accept. it's up to us to make the most of our time. my dear friend, chuck larson,
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who i looked up to since we were kids made the most of his. shepard? >> shepard: tributes pouring in long beyond politics. >> yes. mccain was a big sports fan. larry fitzgerald will be among those that speak here. yesterday at the diamondbacks game, the cardinals game, there was a moment of silence in honor of senator mccain. >> join in a moment of silent reflection of senator mccain and his tireless service to our country. senator mccain was intimately involved with his own funeral services. he chose opera singer renee fleming will sing "oh danny boy." he chose his eulogies former president obama and bush.
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megan mccain will give some remarks and the glee club will sing for him. he liked bag pipes. they will play as well. shepard? >> shepard: william la jeunesse live in phoenix. and let's go to senator mccain's former foreign policy adviser. his father was a prisoner of war with john mccain in vietnam. good to be here. >> thank you for having me. >> shepard: first your thoughts. >> i look back on a great patriot. this is a man who almost invariably did the right thing even if it was going to cost him politically. the few occasions where he thought he did wrong, he would own up to it. >> shepard: have you been in close contact recently? >> it's been awhile since we talked. but we've been very, very close for a long time. >> shepard: and i know close with your father as well. share with us to the degree that you see appropriate his
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discussions about your father in that time. >> well, you know, it's interesting. all the years i have known senator mccain, he rarely talked about his time in prison. if he did, it was only to tell a funny story. you can imagine there weren't many funny stories coming out of the hanoi hilton. he would tell me about my dad and what he and my dad had done in prison. they were put off in solitary in a corner of the camp. for about a year and some, they only had each other to talk to. so as i told others, they said they got to know each other very well, much better than their
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journalist said to me, he's john mccain, republican of media. he gravitated towards the cameras.
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so many reporters have said, you know, he will tell you what he thought, not necessarily what anybody wanted to hear. >> that's why it was called the straight talk express in new hampshire both times he was running. he was more than happy to hold fort but he had many views on issues. >> shepard: i remember during his presidential run, it was the very depths of that run. he would rebound significantly. but he was walking through sky harbor airport in phoenix. our local fox station there, fox 10, got a video of him walking all alone carrying his own bag, refusing to quit. he had no money. if he had supporters, they weren't with him. he would soldier on and he got the nomination. >> i told some of my friends at that time stick by mccain and i said to them literally this. if mccain has $5 and a hyundai and that's when hyundai were not high quality cars, john mccain
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would be in new hampshire and he wouldn't quit. >> shepard: he did not. i know there will be days ahead and all deserved. >> very kind of you to cover him like this. richly deserved. >> thanks. >> shepard: all the best. president trump decided against an official white house statement that would have called the late senator mccain a hero. instead, the president sent a tweet offing sympathies and respect to the mccain family but including nothing about his service to the nation. earlier today president trump ignored asked questions about the late senator. flags at the white house also back at full staff today. they were lowered to half staff as is customary over the weekend. they are still are at the capitol, which is customary until he's laid to rest. at the white house, full staff. john roberts is there this afternoon. john? >> shep, good afternoon to you. three times today the president was asked about his thoughts about john mccain.
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reaction to it. and he just ignored them. he was first asked about it in the oval office when he unveiled the new trade deal with mexico. he was asked about it again when the president of kenya came calling in the south portico of the white house. reporters yelling questions at him. he was asked in the cabinet room a third time when he was sitting there with the kenyan president. listen here. >> mr. president, do you have any thoughts on john mccain? do you have any thoughts at all about john mccain? do you believe john mccain was a hero, sir? nothing at all about john mccain? >> make that four times. i miscounted. that was in the oval office. the only thing the president said about john mccain is in a brief tweet that was issued on saturday night saying my deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of senator john mccain. our hearts and prayers are with you. the white house tribute to john
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mccain as you pointed out did not last long. flags were lowered to half staff after his passing for 1 1/2 days. they're now back at full staff. the white house said they were following the protocol keeping the flags at half staff for 1 1/2 days after a member passing. the president getting flak about that from veterans group why he didn't issue a proclamation to keep them at half staff for a longer period of time. the "american legion" sent a letter to the president saying mccain served honorably. they said they have not received a response back but we hope it will be in agreement. the "american legion" in the letter pointing out that the president issued a proclamation to lower for an extended period of time the flags for the passing of barbara bush and billy graham. shep? >> shepard: official statements from the white house have been
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the norm the last 30 years that i've been watching such things. it's my understanding that some of his closest advisers said we need to do this. >> yeah. the suggestion made to the president that in addition to the brief tweet that he sent out, that they put out in an official white house statement, john kelly supported it as did sarah huckabee sanders, other aides. they wanted to recognize his long service to the nation in the congress as well as his service to the nation in the military. his hero status that was conferred to him for surviving five years in a north vietnamese prison. the president who has probably had more bad blood with john mccain than the hatfields did with the mccoys decided against that. sent out the tweet. lowered the flags for 1 1/2 days and now moving on to other things. shep? >> shepard: john, thank you. gun fire, screams and silence. all playing out in a live stream as a man opened fire on a video game tournament.
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the shooting broadcast to thousands live and then many more later. ahead, what police are saying about this gunman and what we're hearing from a survivor, plus an update from police coming presently. stay with us. ♪ who would have thought? who would have guessed? an energy company helping drivers pump less. reducing emissions is our ongoing quest. energy lives here. get your groove on with one a day 50+. ♪ get ready for the wild life ♪ complete multivitamins with key nutrients that address 6 concerns of aging, including heart health, supported by b-vitamins. your one a day is showing.
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hey, what are you guys doing here? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that tie. voya. helping you to and through retirement. >> shepard: there's breaking news now open fox news channel. jacksonville in a live look, the sheriff giving an update on yesterday's deadly shooting at a video game competition at the landing there. a contestant opened fire, killed
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two men and then himself. it also streamed live on a service amazon owns called twitch with thousands of people watching online. here's what they saw and heard. the audio from inside the hall. twitch took the video down and tweeted its sympathies to the victims and their families. one survivor said when you heard the gun fire, he thought it was a problem with the speakers and then a bullet grazed the side of his head. >> that's when i got hit in the head. instinct, just drop to the floor. that's when i looked back. i saw the shooter emptying rounds into the crowd of people. i was probably just 20 degrees
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to his right when he was shooting off to the left a little bit. i was balled up under the bar where i was playing my game. >> shepard: near him, two of his friends died. we'll continue to monitor the sheriff's update. first to rick leventhal live in jacksonville. rick? >> shep, crime scene tape still circles jacksonville landing and the pizza restaurant and the game bar that that took place. you can see vans out front where presumably they're documenting the crime scene and collect evidence there. while fbi and other law enforcement are searching the suspect's home in baltimore where he lived with his parents and looking for warning signs. the shooter, david katz, was trying to qualified for the madden national football tournament in las vegas. when he lost, he left, came back with a gun and shot 11 people, killing two before killing himself.
12:18 pm
>> we heard a pop. come to realization, that somebody was back there shooting. we got down and crawled out for our lives. >> everybody running for their lives. people being trampled. people hiding. everybody was screaming in fear. nothing that you expect to see in something like this. >> the two dead are taylor robinson and elijah clayton. both former high school football players. both were competing, shepard, in this tournament. >> shepard: what are we hearing about the survivors, rick? >> well, some of them were treated and released after the shooting. one is listed in serious condition. all the rest are in good condition and all expected to survive. obviously a traumatic experience a short time ago. i spoke with senator bill nelson who said that gun laws have to change. >> what i've advocated all along, use common sense. pass a comprehensive universal
12:19 pm
background check law. it would have caught omar mateen, who had been on the terrorist watch list. it might have caught the shooter down in the school and parkland because he had so many mental problems. >> florida governor rick scott challenging him spoke outside the hot last night. >> the first thing people want to do is make it political. we need to think about these families. people that lost their families. >> shepard, we'll get back to you when we learn more about the news conference this afternoon. >> shepard: rick leventhal. thank you. president trump announcing a rewrite of the nafta deal with mexi mexico. our neighbors to the north watching on the side line. what does this mean for the north american free trade agreement? it's next. like new crabfest combo.
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>> shepard: the president says the us and mexico have a deal to start reviving nafta. he's calling it a big day for trade, a big day for our country. the celebration is premature. analysts say it's too soon to declare victory. canada was not involved in the diagonal. mexico says they hope canada will stay in. president trump says we'll see. >> canada will start negotiations shortly. i'll be calling the prime minister very soon. we'll start negotiation. if they'd like to negotiate fairly, we'll do that. >> shepard: it's not clear whether congress will even approve this deal. it has 90 days before there can be any vote. mexico will swear in a new
12:24 pm
president later this year which could blow it up before it's even real. negotiations could be forced to start all over again. susan lee is here. what is in this agreement that we should never call nafta? >> this is a bilateral agreement between the u.s. and mexico. 16 years. a review after six years. the sunset clause is very controversial. that basically terminates the deal after a first amount of time, this is a review period where they have consultations and tweaks. autos was a big sticking point. so in this deal, 75% of auto content has to be from the u.s. or mexico. higher wages. 40 to 45% of the cars have to be made by workers making at least $16 an hour. locally sourced steel and aluminum as well. that is very important to the
12:25 pm
u.s. president as we know. as for canada, the foreign minister has cut short her european trip. she's on her way to washington d.c. to start the negotiations right away. this is canada's strategy. to let the u.s. and mexico in nafta negotiations work their differences and canada comes in. let's bring you an exclusive statement that they made when there were rumblings of a possible deal between the u.s. and mexico. they say canada is encouraged by the progress of mexico and u.s. and we're in regular contact with the negotiating partners and will continue to work towards a modernized nafta. we will only sign a new nafta that is get for canada, good for the middle class and canada's signature is required. >> shepard: it is. it was a three-way deal. canada still has sticking
12:26 pm
points. >> absolutely. i interviewed with justin trudeau. he said the biggest sticking point is a sunset clause. you can't invest billions of dollars into a deal that will terminate after a certain period of time. maybe there's some common ground to be found and how do you result disputes between three countries. arbitration systems, how the u.s. wanted to do is different from canada and mexico wanted to do it. if we can resolve the differences, maybe we have hope. >> shepard: maybe. >> not today. it's biliteral. let's be clear about it. there has to be three parties signed on to it. >> shepard: today is not the day. maybe it will come. >> maybe. ahead, north korea accusing the united states military of an invasion as nuclear talks go sour. we'll hear what one u.s. official has to say about that. first, the late senator john mccain not only a loss for his family and friends, but also for american politics.
12:27 pm
the senator's legacy on capitol hill coming up.
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fda approved for over 15 years. >> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report and more of today's headlines. the head of the islamic state in afghanistan is dead. they say the leader died in an air strike in the eastern part of the country. they say u.s. an afghan forces carried out the attack. this is the third leader of the terrorist group in afghanistan to be killed in july of that year. a cruiseship rescuing three fisherman after their boat capsized and left the others for dead. and two whales are back in the ocean after the tide took them ashore this weekend. this happened off the coast of argentina. workers from the navy and other volunteers guided the orca back to water. after they did that, they learned another whale was stuck.
12:30 pm
they helped them back to the ocean as well. the news with shepard smith continues after this. you're headed down the highway
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>> shepard: updating fox's top story. the senate is set to convene top of the hour for the first time since senator john mccain's death. we're expecting to hear from senators from both sides of the aisle about his legacy and what is likely to be an emotional moment on the u.s. senate floor. members of both parties are praising the late senator for his certain as an american, lawmaker and war hero. he was willing to vote with democrats if he thought it was the right thing to do. a year ago as he began his treatment for brain cancer, he went against his party and sank efforts for the skinny repeal of obamacare. this dramatic late night moment on the senate floor, he gave the thumbs down siding with the democrats. he said republicans were trying to ram through the appeal and said that's not how the senate works. our chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is
12:33 pm
live on capitol hill. mike? >> senator john mccain was passionate about the united states military and thought the leadership would be the best it can be for men and women in uniform. they said mccain will be missed on national security issues. >> it's hard to fill the void without question. john mccain believed in american exceptionalism. he used that perch, the perch of american exceptionalism to challenge his fellow senators to look beyond themselves and to look into the future and make sure that we're design ago country that will be better for the next generation of americans. >> others are sharing more private moments when senator mccain took time to be kind to others. >> i'll never forget when my twin boys came on a class trip. i just had been a senator a few months. they recognized him. he took ten minutes and stopped and was kind and funny and
12:34 pm
engaging with this group of kids from a school here in delaware. he was that kind of a man. >> a number of senators have talked about mccain, a role model, teaching new senators about this institution. >> shepard: and mike, chuck schumer pushing to rename one of the senate office buildings for the late senator. >> you're right. there's three senate office buildings. this one is known as the russell senate office building. it's where senator mccain's office has been for many years. it's also where the armed services committee holds its meetings and conducts its business. chuck schumer said he wants future generations to remember the life and legacy of john mccain. >> so i'm introducing a resolution to rename the russell senate office building after john mccain. i'd like decades from now little children to ask their parents, who is john mccain? they'll explain his sacrifice,
12:35 pm
his patriotism and most of all his fidelity to do the right thing as he saw it. >> expect more tributes this afternoon throughout the week as washington and the nation prepare to say good-bye. >> shepard: thanks, mike emanuel. katelyn is here for axios. good to see you. >> you too. >> shepard: so many questions about how this will change the tone and tenor in the senate, especially as it relates to controversial matters from the president. >> mccain had a specific role in congress, especially in the senate. we were just talking about when he voted against obamacare repeal. earlier that week, last year, he gave a speech from the senate floor. speaking only the way mccain could. in a way that was critical of his colleagues for disengaging in tribal bickering and not
12:36 pm
getting anything done. there was no one that could talk like mccain. he walked away with respect of his colleagues. they listened to him. no member like him. >> shepard: you said his legacy will be deep and complicated. how so? >> he was a complicated man. he had his reputation as a maverick. he wasn't afraid to buck party leadership. you know, his legacy is untarnished. he voted down the obamacare repeal. he was an ardent supporter of the iraq war. he had a personality -- he was famous for his temper. he would raise his voice and come back and apologize. he would a champion for cam ppan financial reform. mccain was a politician that had a unique penchant for contemplation and self-reflection and being able
12:37 pm
to admit his mistakes and make people better. >> shepard: when people veered to the extreme, he tried to rein him in. we've seen with the campaign rally back in the day. we were on the air at the time. the lady said what she felt were disparaging remarks about him. he said no, ma'am. i'll never forget it. >> right. he wasn't afraid to do the thing that was not the most politically popular or get him in trouble with his base. that's unique. mccain wasn't like that. he did bipartisan immigration reform. the campaign finance. i think he is unique among american politicians. when he felt something was wrong or he felt he had a value, he made every effort he could in most circumstances and he would tell you if he messed up. he made an effort to do what was right instead of what was politically expedient. >> shepard: i've seen workers
12:38 pm
that work the hill showing old clips of their off camera interactions before they get to the live coverage. so often -- you've said that his personality was disarming and it's clear in those moments. >> it is. we as journalists, our job is to report on these people. not to get personally involved. mccain reached across. you couldn't help it. he would ask you about your life, your wedding, your injury. he breaks that gap between media and politician to being people talking to each other. >> shepard: no one is -- the governor has said there will be no discussions about who to appoint for the position until there's an election coming up in 2020. but certainly i'm confident there's a lot of talk about it there. it will be an important appointment at an important time. >> it will be, right? i think there's the -- the governor is facing a tough choice. mccain was obviously one of --
12:39 pm
if not the largest republican critic of the president but among elected officials. so i think governor ducey of arizona has to appoint somebody in the role of mccain and doesn't support the president or question him. >> shepard: we'll know soon enough. always nice to see him. >> thank you. >> shepard: new sanctions taking effect against russia for poisoning a former spy and his daughter in england. the russians continue to deny the nerve agent attack. officials from france, the united kingdom, germany and others all say that they agree, that it's highly likely russia was responsible. the russian president, vladimir putin, said the kremlin is deciding how to retaliate for the sanctions. he said president putin has on numerous occasions will do what it takes to protect our country's interests in the wake of unfriendly steps.
12:40 pm
rich edson with the news live at the state department. >> good afternoon. senior officials say the sanctions could touch at least hundreds of millions of dollars of trade between the two. it bans certain sales of electronic items, circuits. there's some exemptions like getting equipment to the international space station. this is the first round in respond to this alleged chemical weapons use. there's another requirement that more sanctions come in about three months if russia doesn't change behavior that they're not expected to change or allow certain things to happen. this is part of the united states campaign, multiple rounds of sanctions, not only for the alleged poisons but for the invasion of crimea, the seizure of crimea, interference in the 2016 election. the administration says they will keep those sanctions and implementing them so long as russia continues their current
12:41 pm
behavior and members in congress that are looking to put more sanctions on russia, shep. >> shepard: north korea now accusing the united states of planning an invasion. >> it has. this was shortly after president trump cancelled secretary of state mike pompeo's trip to pyongyang. the korean workers part daily newspaper writes "we cannot but take a serious note of the double dealing attitudes of the u.s. as they are busy stages secret drills involving man-killing special units while having a dialogue with a smile on their face." that reference as south korean report that u.s. forces flew from japan to the philippines. officials say the idea that that represents preparations for an invasion of north korea is farer fetched. the president says he asked secretary pompeo to go to north korea because of a lack of progress in pyongyang's surrendering their nuclear weapons program. pyongyang has responded that they want concessions along the way. they want peace between the two
12:42 pm
countries. they want the economic benefits as it does so. the u.s. spoke with their allies on this. secretary pompeo speaking with japan and south korea. the read out on that inside the state department saying the two pledged to maintain close coordination and agreed that pressure must continue until they denuclearize. the u.s. saying they want to keep up existing sanctions on north korea until they scrap their entire program. you have countries like china that are looking to change that a little bit. that's something that the president said in his remarks as to one of the reasons why some of the pressure was relenting, is because of china. china is stepping off the gas on this. the u.s. also sanctioned russia for providing oil to the north korean violating sanctions. shep? >> shepard: thanks, rich. iran's military claims they have taken full control of the planet's busiest shipping route for oil. last month they threatened to
12:43 pm
choke off the world's oil supply by closing the strait of hormuz in the united states tried to block iran's oil exports. if iran does close that strait, it could mean higher gas prices around the world. a former top official at the vatican says pope francis should resign. he claims the pope knew for years about abuse allegations involving a former cardinal and covered up for him. details. now the pope's response next. come here, babe.
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ok. nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! >> shepard: here's a thing. this is the white house and you may notice the flag on top. it is now back at half staff. we've been reporting throughout the day -- we have another angle on this now that we can show you. there you can tell. the reason for this is the white house had lowered the flag to
12:47 pm
half staff in honor of the late senator john mccain and had done so for 1 1/2 days as the white house said was protocol. many in congress, including senator mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer asked that it be lowered through his interment. we got no response from the white house. the president asked repeatedly four different times, reporters asked him today if he had thoughts about senator john mccain and offered none. it's no secret the two of them were political enemies or something of the sort. we don't have a reason that this has happened, whether the white house -- the president has decided with pressure on just had second thoughts about the whole thing or exactly what it is. we've reached out to the white house for reasons for this. you can see what we can see. the flag that was all the way up is now at half staff in honor of the lion of the senate, the late
12:48 pm
great john mccain. former high ranking at the vatican said pope francis knew about the sex abuse allegations involving the one-time archbishop of watching on the. the former official says the pontiff did not do a thing about it. now he's calling for pope francis to resign. trace gallagher has this. trace? >> shep, archbishop vigano says in 2013, he personally told pope francis that arch bishop mccarrick had corrupted generations of seminarians and priests and pope benedict xvi ordered him to leave the seminary and withdraw to a life of prayer and penance. but the archbishop said that pope francis covered up mccarrick's crimes and made him
12:49 pm
a trusted counselor. on board a plane after visiting ireland, pope francis says people should read the allegations and draw their own conclusions. watch. >> i read it and i will say sincerely that i must say this to you and all of you interested. read the document carefully and judge it for yourselves. i will not say one word on this. i think the statement speaks for itself. >> it's notable in july archbishop mccarrick was the first in 100 years to resign after allegations that he sexually abused a teen 50 years ago. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace. there's word companies are targeting teens private information. teenagers. there's nothing illegal about it. what they're looking for and how they're using that information coming up.
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>> shepard: as millions of students head back to school, some companies are targeting them for personal information. this is according to "the new york times." it reported that students are filling out surveys that come with tests like the sat and college applications and other companies buy the results of the survey. it's all perfectly legal. laura ingle is here with more. >> hi, shep. a lot going on here. these kids are being asked about the religion, income, politics. they even are being asked about their weight and if they are depressed. all of this is basically a gold mine to these companies. the personal information that these students are basically giving away for free. it is perfectly legal. they're giving the information up themselves. as questions are usually asked,
12:54 pm
what looks like a marketing pitch with the surveys that makes it appear as though they will become more appealing to the colleges that they're applying to. the answers provided then unknowingly are shared with data mining companies and sold or shared with third parties. listen. >> the student thinks this is a good thing. not necessarily recognizing how detailed and intimate those profiles can become. >> we talked with one person that has been seeing the effects of this. alice linehan's daughter took the survey. they have been getting mailers and spam. listen. >> creating a dossier on every child for third parties to use for profit. as a mom, i find that appalling. >> some parents say their kids just don't realize, shep, they're giving away this information and the surveys are
12:55 pm
optional. there's no way to track down the information they have given and take it back. >> shepard: and no demerits for not filling it out. what do you do to protect? >> read the fine print. look closely at the wording. that's what the experts say. look closely at the wording. we talked to a fordham university law professor. he's researched the student data mining practices. >> how can a parent find out? the bottom line is it's almost impossible. the marketplace is very opaque. we were able to identify about a dozen companies that were purporting to sell student information. >> currently there's no federal law regulating consumer data brokers. the college board, which administers the standardized test, the sat and the surveys says the information is never shared without student consent. part of a statement that says
12:56 pm
when we hear concerns, we investigate diligentldiligently. we have terminated accounts that have violated our authorized use policy. >> shepard: read the fine print. >> that's right. >> shepard: take five or six hours and read the fine parent. >> that's right. >> shepard: thank you. we'll be back in just a moment. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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1:00 pm
is dateline from the associated press. man accused of video game competition has been hospitalized. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world with neil cavuto" starts now. >> neil: all right, you are looking live on capitol hill right now where a special moments to remember senator john mccain. of course, he passed away on saturday. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world" ." they are expected to deliver the invocation remarks. we will hear from mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. we will hear all of that life. it was 51 years ago that the plane was shot down over north vietnam where he was held prisoner for the better part of 5.5 years. and the last few years, beaten badly. for two years, this very summer, america was div


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