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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 28, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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senator lindsey graham give his tribute on the senate florida to john mccain. you can see the speech at fox news. he gave a report on the operation maverick. i'm dana perino. up next, shep smith. >> shepard: we're getting reaction that the president's former campaign chairman talked about cutting a deal before he was convicted. now paul manafort getting ready for a second trial. now word the vatican had knowledge of the cover up of the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children by priests in pennsylvania. the attorney general will join us live days after a former top vatican official called for pope francis to resign. let's get to it. first from the fox news deck this afternoon, a tearful
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good-bye to senator john mccain on the senate floor as his long-time friend lindsey graham stood next to mccain's desk draped in black with white roses. >> it's going to be a lonely journey for me for a while. i'm going to need your help. and the void to be filled by john's passing is more than i can do. don't look to me to replace this man. look to me to remember what he was all about and try to follow in his foot steps. if you want to help me, join the march. if you want to help the country, be more like john mccain. i believe there's a little john mccain in all of us. the little john mccain practiced
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by a lot of people can make this a really great nation. >> shepard: the tributes keep pouring in from both sides of the aisle and all corners of the world. for the war hero and lion of the senate that died over the weekend after ending treatment for brain cancer. mike emanuel knew him well. he's live on capitol hill. mike? >> good afternoon, shep. the one in particular we were waiting for is from republican senator lindsey graham. they were best friends. in the senate, graham called it operation maverick. he was emotional when he talked about mccain's example in terms of picking yourself up after failures. >> he taught me that honor and imperfection are always in competition. i do not cry for a perfect man. i cry for a man who had honor
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and always was willing to admit to his imperfections. >> plenty of democrats also emotional about senator john mccain's passing. we heard great emotion from democratic leader chuck schumer on the senate floor late yesterday. another colleague, chris coons of delaware talked about the impacts of mccain's passing. >> losing him has been something that although we all knew was coming at some point here has been i think difficult for many senators that served alongside him. it is my hope that we are not seeing the passing of the last of the great senators who are able and willing to put country above party and above self. >> losing john mccain was not a surprise after more than a year fighting brain cancer. but he was still actively engaged working the phones, calling his colleagues up until the final weeks. now that he's gone, the shock is beginning to sink in, shep. >> shepard: there had been discussion, mike, of changing the name of the russell office
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building where john mccain had his office and did business a long time. is that a matter of discussion? >> it is. chuck schumer has been leading the charge saying it would be appropriate to rename the building in honor of john mccain. john mccain's office has been in the russell building for many years and home of the senate armed services committee where mccain served as the ranking member and as its chairman. so schumer making the case it would be wise to change the name, a number of democrats are on board with it, so are some republicans. other republicans say they would like to talk to their colleagues about some other type of honor after the funeral once they have the possibility of speaking to his family and what they would like in mccain's honor. bottom line, it's an active discussion and one way or another, there will be a permanent tribute to john mccain here on capitol hill, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live for us. thank you. some breaking news. a live look at the white house.
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we're waiting to hear from president trump. we're told we'll hear from him in just minutes. he's hosting the president of fifa, the international organization that puts on the world cup and has had so much controversy. but we're expecting reporters to ask about more than just soccer. president trump has been facing enormous backlash to the response of the death of john mccain. now in what could be an attempt to distract, the president is stirring up a new feud with google, accusing them on twitter, of course, of rigging search results so that all the news stories that show up about him are negative. according to google, this is not a real thing at all. here's president trump's chief economic adviser, larry kudlow, that may not have heard about this when a reporter asked about the president's tweet, which said the situation will be addressed. >> does the president believe or the administration feel that there needs to be some form of
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regulation for google? what is the president referring to? >> we'll let you know. we're looking at it. >> shepard: it's not the first time that the president caught his advisers off guard from a tweet. far from it. john roberts is live there. you tell me. what is this? >> well, it's one of those things that happens almost every day where the president gets up, he doesn't like the coverage and he says something about it. he addressed it briefly in the oval office pool spray with the president of fifa. i have a quick little note on it. google, et cetera, treading on troubled territory. we'll get more when we get the play-out of that. the president thinking that google is involved in a conspiracy to put bad news about him high on google's search engine and suppress the voices of conservatives that might be more favorable to him. the president somehow going to twitter twice with the same
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lengthy complaints this morning saying, google search results for trump news shows the reporting of fake news media. in other words, it's rigged for me and others so that stories is bag. fake cnn is prominent. fair media is shutout. 96 results of trump news are from left wing media. very dangerous. google and others are hiding information and news that is good. they're controlling what we can and cannot see. it's a very serious situation. the white house didn't say how it would be addressed. if you do a google search and we did one in the last hour, what you get is a lot of stories about president trump and the new accusations about google. you get the stories on why trump can't perform his job. has he been a russian asset, stories about his marriage to melania and others that you put in the negative category.
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google denies any political motivation or agenda in its search results. listen here. >> the search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results to any political ideology. every year we issue hundreds of rhythms to algorithms so they have high quality content in response to user queries. >> have to take google at their word. the only thing more secret than coca-cola is the google search algorithm. >> shepard: it's the original recipe. maggie and others report this president doesn't even use a computer. how does he know? >> he gets all the reports every day. what is interesting, the president is still one of those people that quaintly read the newspaper every day. i remember delivering a bundle of newspapers to sean spicer outside his office one day. i said why are you reading the newspaper? he said the president reads the
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number and i need to know as the press secretary how he is looking at the news. so i need to read the newspaper. he said did you see that story on a3? i know what he's talking about. and how does he know about the social media results? i'm sure they're passed to him. >> shepard: a lot of talk about trade today, john. >> yeah. the white house is putting pressure on two fronts here. first of all, on canada by boxing canada out of the deal with mexico. the president put pressure on canada to sign on or face tariffs of 25%. christian vreeland is visiting robert lightheiser today. and the second part, the new shot across china's bow. now the new rules on origin for
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car parts means that 75% of components of all car parts were made in mexico or the u.s. 75% of them have to be made in either the united states or mexico. that's definitely going to cut back on business that china has been doing. here's what larry kudlow said. >> we don't want china to come on and encroach. they won't let us in their place, so we're going to have to protect our own workers and on and on. i think it a very pro growth. it shows you two sides with good will can sit down and work out what is essentially a free trade deal, free trade, fair trade and get it going. >> all right. here's the game that the white house is up to. they're right now shelving talks about trade with china and the president is saying no reason to have them. he doesn't think they're going to go anywhere. meantime, he cuts a trade deal
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with mexico. he hopes to cut a trade deal with canada. hopes to cut a trade deal with the european union and japan to level out the playing field and then go to china and say, everybody else is playing ball with this. you better do it, too. shep? >> shepard: john roberts at the white house where the president just meet with the fifa representative. i'm told he talked about google. we're about to have a play back situation in a matter of seconds. we'll let you hear it in its entirety. >> thank you very much. we appreciate the fact that we have won a very important event. the world cup in 2026. we'll host it with mexico and canada. it's a very special event. i think it's probably -- certainly one of the biggest
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soccer has to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world. the job you've done is really fantastic. so thank you very much. i want to also pay my respect to carlos who as president in this country of soccer has been incredibly instrumental in helping us to get the world cup. he's worked so hard, so long and they were calling me constantly to try to get me to come on board. it only took one call. when i heard world cup, i wanted to do it. again, we want to thank you.
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it's all signed up and set to go. it will be a special event. i think it's going to be something special. and gianni, maybe you can say a few words? >> we want to thank the president for welcoming us here. it's a great honor to be here. thanks for everything you're doing to support our sport as well. obviously 2026, the world cup, the biggest event, sporting event for sure and even social event in the world. we just had the world cup in russia. more than four billion viewers. it's massive, it's huge. in russian, president said that he would organize the best world cup ever. right? and we did. in the u.s., together with canada and mexico, we want to organize the greatest world cup. would you agree? >> we'll do it. >> for this, we'll work together and do whatever we can to make sure it will be a fantastic
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event. i'm looking very much for it and the world is looking for it. >> very exciting. everybody is talking about it. very exciting. carlos? >> mr. president, thank you for hosting us today. for my part, from my federation, the u.s. soccer federation, representing u.s., canada and mexico, we're honored, deeply honored to be hosting this event in 2026. it's right around the corner. we look forward to looking for you and your administration. let me also thank mr. president for your help, support throughout the campaign. your written assurances. without that, we wouldn't have won quite a convincing victory. thank you very much for that. >> thank you, carlos. i have to also thanks bob kraft that i know you were working hard with. bob called me and he said what do you think of trying to get the world cup to the united states? i said i think we really like it. we got canada and mexico involved. we're going to have a great
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partnership. it's going to be very special. 2026. i won't be here. i won't be here. maybe they'll extend the term. if they don't extend, the media will be very boring. they'll be out of business, i guess. but we will be there. it will be a very important and a very special event. also having it in the united states is very important. >> it is. >> for soccer. >> especially in light of the fact that soccer has done well. >> and growing. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. i have a little lay for you. can i give it to you? >> sure. >> before the questions come. >> i have a question for you,
12:16 pm
too. >> thank you. >> we're part of the fifa team. >> that's good. that's good. great. thank you very much. >> and if i can get the u.s. jersey. >> look at that. >> and no less with the president's name. >> pretty good. thank you. >> thank you, carlos. very nice. >> one more thing. could be useful for you. in soccer we have referees and they have cards. the yellow card and red card. yellow card is a warning. when you want to kick out someone -- [laughter] >> that's true. very good. >> this could be used for i don't know. >> i like that.
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>> the next media session. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. thank you very much, everybody. >> the wall will be paid for easily by mexico. it will ultimately be paid for by mexico. >> [question inaudible] >> yeah, i think google has taken advantage of a lot of people. it's a very serious thing and a very serious charge. i think what google and what others are doing, if you look at what is going on at twitter, look at what is going on in facebook, they better be careful. you can't do that to people. you can't do it. we have tremendous -- we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in. you just can't do that. so i think that google and twitter and facebook, they're really treading on troubled territory. they have to be careful. it's not fair to large portions of the population.
12:18 pm
thanks very much, everybody. >> shepard: well, mexico will pay for the wall. as we all know. and this new thing, today's new thing, not a thing, but a thing, google is taking advantage of a lot of people. google, facebook and twitter, you can't do that to people. they're treading on troubled territory. which means nothing. john roberts, what is he talking about? treading on troubled territory? you can't do that? do what to people? >> i think what he's doing, shep, he's just venting. he doesn't like the coverage that he sees, particularly in the google search results. we pointed out some of what the president may have been seeing or had relayed to him. he sees a lot of facebook postings -- >> shepard: i don't blame him. >> but the twitter thing to me
12:19 pm
is a little strange. because -- >> shepard: let me tell you. >> nobody is more prolific than him. >> shepard: as one that might not like twitter for reasons that would be obvious, anybody that ever went there and put my name in. what he doesn't like is the news. it's not the people delivering it or the platforms on which they receive it. seems to be the news itself. around there, the news is not good except the fake news. the fake news seems to be good for him. the real news is unpleasant. >> every once in a while, an organization makes a substantial mistake. we saw one the last 24 hours. by and large, he doesn't like the tone of what he sees in terms of the coverage. he doesn't like the comments that he gets on twitter. nobody punches harder on twitter than the president does. so might not like what he sees on google or facebook but he has a fair fight going on on twitter. >> shepard: there's people that punch harder, john. there are definitely that. >> i haven't met them yet. >> shepard: but you don't feel
12:20 pm
the punch from the twitter. it's a sticks and stones kind of thing. thick skin is required. john, thanks. one more time. read this to you again. mexico's paying for the wall. google takes advantage of a lot of people. google, facebook and twitter, you can't do that to people. you're treading on some kind of territory. i lost the page. you know what, didn't make sense and doesn't make sense now. information on how to build guns that are untraceable and undetectable is now available to you, to anybody willing to pay for it. the man selling that information says he's not violating a court order but critics saying he's putting lives at risk. later this hour, we'll talk to a man that helped lead the investigation against the
12:21 pm
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>> shepard: right now, if you want to, you can make your own untraceable guns with no background check, no special license required, no problem. all you need is internet access, a 3-d printer, a good one and cash. that's because the owner of a company that makes those guns is selling blueprints and instructions about how to build them. yesterday a federal judge blocked a trump administration decision to allow those instructions online. officials from 19 states and the direct are fighting the feds citing safety concerns. the owner of the company says
12:25 pm
he's not violating the court order because he's not posting the blueprints on the worldwide web. he's selling them. casey stegall live in dallas. casey? >> yeah, shepard. this guy is in austin, texas, by the way. this afternoon he held his own press conference. in it he essentially said the court order is not going to stop him from getting these blueprints to those that really want them. in other words, he says that he believes the injunction prevents him from selling them online nor download, so instead, he's releasing them through other channels like selling thumb drives or via e-mail downloadable links. because he says his argument from the beginning has been the information he's providing is also out there, either on other websites or in other published materials like periodicals and
12:26 pm
books. >> there's no different between going to my website and getting the file by e-mail versus going to my website and clicking the button and getting the file delivered to your browser. >> he went on to say in the first 30 minutes of the conference, more than 300 orders came in. we have no way to verify that. this concept has raised so many eyebrows. not only gun opponents but those in support of the second amendment. some groups have come out and said that this just is a public safety issue and a lot of folks, shepard, are calling on congress to act. listen. >> we don't think this is a partisan issue, this is a public safety issue. we believe it needs to be addressed now before the technology advances to the point where, you know, printing a 3-d gun is much easier. >> since news of this broke today, we've called around to various attorney generals
12:27 pm
offices around the 19 states involved in the suit. we can tell you that the pennsylvania attorney general says they're exploring all of their options here to prohibit sales, distribution and any of this information from being put out to the public. >> shepard: casey stegall live in dallas. a new report shows that hurricane maria killed more people in puerto rico. thousands more than the government estimated. according to an independent study, nearly 3,000 people actually died within six months of that storm. that's more than double the government's interim estimate of 1,400. the official death toll that is 64. the studies show the poor and the elderly face the biggest risk as they do in every crisis. researchers say the low numbers early on were partly because doctors lack training on how to confirm deaths during a
12:28 pm
disaster. the hurricane devastated much of puerto rico in september. two weeks ago, official there's announced all power had been restored to the island. that's 11 months after the storm. the man that released the grand jury report accusing priests of sexually abusing hundreds and hundreds of children in pennsylvania now says the cover up went to the top, all the way to the vatican, all the way to the pope. we'll talk to the attorney general of pennsylvania live in studio next. truecar is great for finding new cars. you're smart, you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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. >> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. imagine cutting into a pineapple and finding a whole bunch of drugs. police in spain say they found 150 pounds of cocaine inside hollowed-out pineapples in a market in madrid. they said the drugs came from
12:31 pm
costa rica. meantime, firefighters battling a flare-up in southern california. officials had lifted the fire as fully contained before it started again. they said the flames are not threatening any homes. and another flare-up in california, this time from an e cigarette. a man was shopping for tvs anaheim when sparks and flames exploded from the e-cigarette in his pocket. he had serious burns but managed to get to the hospital. shep will be right back.
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hey, what are you guys doing here? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that tie. voya. helping you to and through retirement. >> shepard: the pennsylvania attorney general says the vatican has knowledge that the church leaders were covering up abuse by priests in a scandal that reaches to the vatican. a spokesperson from the vatican says they need nor details before they respond. the details are in 400 plus pages from the grand jury.
12:34 pm
we'll ask the attorney general more details. he's here with us. this weekend a former vatican official said the pope did know about the sexual abuse accusations and should step down. the attorney general's comments came after he released a bomb shell grand jury report. in it, 300 priests were accused of sexually abusing thousands of children over several decades. we reported on the accusations. the vatican responded in a statement that reads -- >> shepard: several of the diocese in this collective report released similar statements of sorrow and promised to work to stop the
12:35 pm
abuse from happening again. while some of the officials accused of covering up the abuse deny the accusations. now more with the call on the pope to revine. the former ambassador to the pope said he told him about the accusations and that the pope covered for the cardinal. pope francis did not confirm or deny the claims. he told people to read them carefully and decide for themselves. >> i read it and i must say this thou and all of you that are interested, read the document carefully and judge it for yourself. i will not say one word on this. i think the statement speaks for itself. >> shepard: the former vatican official says pope benedict xvi put sanctions on carl mccarrick
12:36 pm
said several priests accused him of sexual misconduct. the vatican did not even confirm the abuses existed. mr. shapiro, thank you for being here. this 400 plus page report is like nothing i have ever record. they con to the conclusion that they have documented through the church's own records, more than 1,000 victims and 300 accusers but the grand jury believes there's thousands of victims and the vatican won't even admit what it knew when it knew it. >> shep, this is the most comprehensive report ever written on this horrific subject. as you pointed out, 301 predator priests. the grand jury said there was over 1,000 child victims and probably thousands of child victims. what the grand jury also found
12:37 pm
is not just widespread sexual abuse of kids, but a systematic cover-up at the highest levels in pennsylvania, including bishops and now one cardinal. as you pointed out in your opening piece, all of this abuse, all of this cover-up, they lied to parishioners, they lied to the public, they shielded these predators from law enforcement and documented all of it and shared those documents with the vatican. that is incomprehensible to me. >> shepard: you don't share something with the white house and not expect it to be shared with the president. you don't share things like this with the vatican and not expect them to make their way to the pope. now he won't say one way or the other. it seems based on statutes of limitations, not much can be done. >> first off, i'm the chief prosecutor in pennsylvania. ideal with facts and evidence and apply the law.
12:38 pm
for each one of those 301 predator priests and those that covered it up, we ran a statute of limitations tests. unfortunate given our weak laws in pennsylvania, i can charge two predator priests. one has plead guilty. the other will be in court this fall. as for the vatican, ideal in facts and evidence. the facts and the evidence in this grand jury report clearly show that bishops and other church officials notified the vatican of these predator press. what happened after that, i don't know. the outrage that i hear, i think it speaks to a broader issue here. individuals put the reputation of their institution, in this case, the catholic church, but could just as easy be hollywood or a university or some government agency, they put the
12:39 pm
reputation of that institution ahead of the people they're supposed to be protecting. in this case, kids. it's absolutely unacceptable. that's why this grand jury report is so important. that's why grand juries are so important, to allow us to unearth this information so people can be held to account even if they can't be criminally charged and as the grand jurists did, recommend changes to laws so that something like this can never happen again. >> shepard: after they lied to the parents and lied to the church and lied to the police and persuaded prosecutors not to investigate and people not to answer questions, did they remain as priests in many cases or connected to the church? >> in many cases they remained in active ministry. in some cases, they were shipped to some other state or some other church. they looked for a benevolent
12:40 pm
bishop to receive these predators and allow them to be in ministry there, or allowed them to live a time of prayer and penance there. you know, the horrific abuse is shocking. the fact that these individuals covered it up in such a systematic way is really horrifying. it was done very purposefully. it was done to not only shield the church from bad press and bad, you know, coverage and sort of bad opinions, but it had a purpose behind it to shield them from law enforcement. so folks like me couldn't charge these predators. so folks like me couldn't charge these church officials with the cover-up that they should have been charged with. so it was systematic and purposeful, shep. >> shepard: a corporation that did anything like this would be destroyed in civil court and left to bankruptcy. should the catholic church be? >> i believe the four recommendations to the grand
12:41 pm
jury should be passed immediately by the pennsylvania legislature. for example, there should be no statute of limitations when it comes to child sexual abuse. about 40 states have done away with it. we also need to look out for the victims. we have a 18-month-old girl that was assaulted by a priest. we had a boy when he was 12 or 13 that was assaulted by a priest. he didn't share his truth until he was almost 80 years old. these individuals throughout their lifetimes deal with drug and alcohol issues, they deal with other ailments and other things that require counselling and services and help. they should get some resources from the church to help deal with the challenges that they face. we shouldn't allow the church, says the grand jury to use confidentiality agreements to force these victims to not be able to talk to the police or law enforcement and share their
12:42 pm
truth there. these are common sense changes that i can't imagine any lawmaker in pennsylvania could vote against after seeing the kind of horrific detail contained in this report in pennsylvania. >> shepard: you think they will? >> i have confidence that our legislature will rise to the occasion, will put aside, you know, the heavy lobbying -- >> shepard: a lot of pressure from a big church. >> the heavy lobbying from the church and the insurance lobbyists and other powerful interests and do the right thing. it's time for people to do the right thing and the right thing is siding with these survivors. the right thing is putting people before powerful institutions. that's what we did in pennsylvania and that's what i'm hoping now the legal changes can come in our commonwealth. >> shepard: where i come from, if a big corporation had people that were doing bad things
12:43 pm
within their company and moved them to other areas where they can do bad things there, that corporation would be sued out of existence and left dead in bankruptcy. why shouldn't that happen to the catholic church? if this is as systemic as it says your grand jury says it was. if we've seen it in other jurisdictions and other diocese around the world, what is a better way? >> this is a moment of accounting for institutions in this country and specifically for the catholic church. how they respond to this, how they support victims, how they ensure that something like this can never happen again is still the story that has yet to be written. we've seen powerful words from the pope. i'll be curious to see the actions from the church. you touched on this at the outset. there's bishops in pennsylvania tod today, there's a cardinal in washington d.c. that denied there was a cover-up. they believed they did the right
12:44 pm
thing. when the church's own documents, the church's own documents disprove that. it's time for accountability. we're doing everything we can in law enforcement, the pennsylvania legislature will do whatever it can. it's now time i think for global accountability. >> pennsylvania attorney general, josh shapiro. thank you. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: the news continues next. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia.
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12:48 pm
maricopa county might ask the court to let some polling places stay open passed 7:00 p.m. we're still waiting to see how many weren't ready to open. the one we picked to be at at 6:00 a.m. local time did not open on time. somebody asked us if we were there to help them fix the equipment, which we were not. this is a big primary. the one that outgoing senator jeff flake said he was not p participated in, so he retired. he thinks the gop's only chance of winning is if martha mcsally is on the ballot. mcsally sees the seat critical for republicans keeping the senate. >> arizona is a fire wall state. if they have any chance to flip the majority, it goes through arizona. tim fire wall to make sure that chuck schumer, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are not in
12:49 pm
charge in the senate. >> mcsally is the clear frontrunner. a position held by the conservative dr. kelly ward who is now trying to explain away deleted facebook posts saying the mccain family tied their announcement and the late senator ending his treatment to damage her campaign. she blames the backlash on the media. >> i'd say there's a concerted effort to turn everything we do to the negative. look at the press and the social media the last three years since i started running against senator mccain. and i ran against him because i dislike him as a possible but i dislike his modpolicies and dise his votes. >> and the winner expected to face off in november. >> shepard: thanks, peter. live in tempe. the man that shot up a video
12:50 pm
game tournament in florida and killed two people had been treated for serious mental illness. yet he was able to buy a gun no problem. now investigators are looking into the reason why. that investigation with our senior correspondent rick leventhal is next.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
>> shepard: lawyers for some of the victims of the shooting at the video game competition in northeast florida say they're filing a lawsuit over security issues. they didn't name the targets of the suit or who the clients were, so sounds like this is early. police say the gunman killed two and killed himself. rick leventhal is live in jacksonville. rick? >> shepard, this shooting could cost jacksonville landing many
12:54 pm
millions of dollars. now his intention to file a negligent security lawsuit on behalf of the company. he didn't name the targets but said they need to invest more to ensure customer safety after a dozen were shot and two killed here at this open air mall. >> proper security measures can be a significant cost for business owners and event organizers. the safety of americans should always come before any cost consideration for businesses and event organizers. it always must be people over profits, always. >> electronic arts announced they were cancelling the next three madden qualifiers. the company made $5 billion this year, shep. >> shepard: rick leventhal, what else do we know about the
12:55 pm
gunman? >> well, clearly, david katz had a troubled upbringing. hospitalized twice in psychiatric facilities, prescribed medication for mental illness. documents filed during his parents divorce reveals that police were called to the family's home more than 20 times for domestic disputes with the mother complaining the son threatened her, being disrespectful, put a fist through the door to get back video controllers. authorities said he didn't bathe for days and would play until 4:00 a.m. didn't go to school, failing all of his classes. the fbi searched both parents homes and are cooperating with the investigation. >> shepard: rick leventhal, thanks. been watching the dow for you. all right. the governor, ricardo rocello has done something that is about
12:56 pm
hundreds of days overdo. puerto rico's first death toll was 64 last hour. now the official death toll is 2,975. following the new study, it's now official from the state of puerto rico. 2,975 people died in that storm and in its aftermath and in a place where for 11 months the entire island had not been returned to full electricity. puerto rico deserved better. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up in just a few minutes on the network that america trusts for information and news on america's cable. with tender dungeness crab. or try crab lover's dream. but hurry in. 'cause crabfest ends september 2nd.
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my name is courtney mckinney, and this is my ancestrydna story. now with 2 times more geographic detail than other dna tests. order your kit at >> neil: mr. president, there are many in your party who are salivating at the midterms. many of them are mentioning the letter i word, impeachment that they get to the house. what you think of that? >> not me, i don't talk about impeachment. i think that is the wrong thing for democrats to do. >> neil: a word of advice from democrats from one of their own, go slow. while former president jimmy carter says it risks backfiring. that is not all the longest serving nations present said, listen to what president jimmy carter thinks about what


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