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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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president has truly inspected them in a positive way. even if you don't agree with his policies you have learned of that you are making some money. >> thank you very much you guys. we will say good night, tucker is up next in d.c. and we will see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. thank you everyone. >> tucker: it is election night and many states and we already have a race to call in the state of florida. big show ahead about first chief national correspondent ed henry is live for us in miami. >> good to see you. fox news this projecting that congressman ron desantis is going to win the republican primary for governor. this is a big race, the trump factor front and center. we are projecting that it will be former congressman adam putnam, he's currently the state agriculture commissioner. back in june when fox news had a big debate between the two
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republican contenders, sanders was failing big time. we then saw him take a double digit lead in recent days at close of it, putnam had outraised him in the department, and there had been some expectations. we are projecting just the opposite. ron desantis, a key ally of president trump will win this republican nomination and primary battle. that we are not ready to recall, it is still too close to call. we will be back later this all power as more results come in. >> tucker: amazing, decisive. as you see, polls have closed in voting. voters there will decide a series of critically important primary contests and help define the fall midterm elections. we will have more on those races straight ahead. at first a lot going on in
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washington. ohr played a central role into the 2016 shrimp camping. catherine herridge has been covering the story since the very beginning and she joins us tonight. >> the closed-door deposition lasted seven hours with the consensus among republican lawmakers. the justice department official bruce ohr told the fbi there were issues with the trump dossier and its author produced by christopher steele. but the national security court was kept in the dark at when it a surveillance warrant for trump campaign. that does not line up with other witnesses. former fbi lawyer, that was paid by the dnc and campaign for the anti-trump research. with more than two decades of government service, the
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portfolio was gangs and drugs and not russia. the 2016 document shows or begins a back channel between fbi officials and steel after they fired him as a confidential source. >> mr. ohr, were you acting alone or did you have permission from the justice department official. did you have a time frame? >> lawmakers also told reporters today that he had a complex because his wife nellie ohr was part of that firm that put together the dossier and she specifically did russia researc research. tucker? >> tucker: mollie hemingway the federalist joins us tonight. we know if the fbi was aware that bruce or's wife nellie worked at fusion gps? >> the fbi -- that information should have been available to the court and it was not made
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available to the court. we still need to know what the fbi knew and when it knew. >> tucker: wanted to have a final answer to the question, to what extent the steele dossier allowed for this? >> we know it was used to secure a warrant to surveilled a trump campaign associate. and that is pretty explosive information when you think about it. when we started learning about this, the idea that this dossier which was hillary clinton funded and originated at campaign document, the idea that it would have been weaponized and used by our intelligence agencies was pretty explosive. now we have to acknowledge it was. >> bruce ohr seems like the critical link. this is a guy who is not a russia expert, whose main role seemed to be facilitating a connection between federal law enforcement agency and his wife's firm but the court never learned that.
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why is that not rotten, why is it not corrupt? >> he was not working on this fbi investigation. he was funneling the information after the fbi had claimed that they terminated christopher steele as a source. they claimed that they terminated him and that they would not use his information because they realize that he has been leaking to the media contrary to what his arrangement was, but they still manage to use this information. >> tucker: solo the fiercest trump opponent politically and still have grave concerns as a civil libertarian and american about the way this was conducted, couldn't you? >> your feelings about trump should have nothing to do with the feelings -- >> tucker: is aware are the civil libertarians? >> that's a good question and if this is something that could be done against angry oppressive campaign, perhaps there really is a good explanation for how this went down. but the idea that people should just be forced to accept that it
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was okay without getting answers to basic questions about why this investigation started and when it started, and what was used. we do know something already very bad which is that hillary clinton funded and created research document was used by the fbi to secure a wiretap. >> it's unbelievable. so republican congressman mark meadows says that the fbi and doj have developed a creative work around in order to get surveillance warrants on people they want to target. >> we know that some people at the department of justice and fbi actually gave information to the media. then the stories were reported and they use those reports to justify further investigations. that's like saying we are going to incriminate on one hand and beat the jury on the other, it just doesn't work that way. >> tucker: so i should note, a lot of this is murky but the fbi
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appears to be pushing back against the storytelling fox news that this is actually incorrect, and this is not the way they went about getting warrants. what a sure deal? >> we are getting different reports about what is sad. we do know from the inspector general report, there is an epidemic of leaking at the fbi. it's so severe that the ig spun it off into a separate investigation because it is so bad that people with security clearances are having thousands of contacts with supporters. it's also anyone that have been paying attention, whether it was about the dossier with the briefing of the dossier to the president or about other matters such as mike flynn's confirmations. we do know that we have a very serious problem. when we do the leak, we are doing it for a purpose. we also know that from what we do know of the phis application,
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media reports were used in that fie's application. media reports that were sourced to the create and creator of the russia dossier itself. we should have a very high standard from what we take to the fisa court and how we use that in this report. >> tucker: you would think any sensible judge would laugh at an application that contained a report from buzz feet news or yahoo or any organization. >> they are also mentioning in the application and opinion story from "the washington post" which may not meet this standard that you ask for. >> richard goodstein served as an advisor to both bill and hillary clinton and survived. he joins us tonight. richard, we have established -- the left has been pretty clear on it, they don't have any problems since all the civil cl libertarians have left. so tell me if you would have a problem with this. the next election is coming up,
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a year and a half in the middle of the primaries for the 2,020 election. would you be okay with the trump administration authorizing a wiretap or surveillance of aides to the leading democratic candidate during the primaries? >> no. the one that would bother you? >> there was no spying, tucker. please. what there was was, carter page was identified by u.s. intelligence by somebody who was an agent of the soviets who was 1 of 5 people that donald trump said were his foreign policy advisors. >> tucker: you are blowing my mind because i've been on this for the last year and a half. i thought there was a phis a warrant to spy on him. but there wasn't really? >> of course there was. >> tucker: that warrants spying on him, doesn't it?
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>> it wasn't really spying. >> tucker: well, george papadopoulos bragged about the fact months before anyone had ever heard of carter page in our world about the fact that the russians had dirt on hillary clinton. he bragged about that and that was pretty alarming to u.s. intelligence so they -- >> tucker: he was charged with espionage, right? >> no he never was. >> tucker: but very quickly, to espionage, how is that not spying? if you get a warrant to spy on someone and surveying surveilled that person, that's not the definition of dishonesty. right? >> no. the trump people insist that carter page was not working the campaign, as of the time that
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the phis a warrant was authorized. and don't forget, it was several republican judges and only republican judges who authorized it time and time again. >> tucker: it so you would be cool if the trump administration got its department of justice to get a phis a warrant to not spy but surveilled for perfectly good reason the democratic candidate. we've set a precedent here and that's totally fine, so you are not going to complain about that one. >> you don't have enough time in the show, not just my segment but for me to go through all the elements that i see as collusion related. right? and -- >> tucker: has anyone been charged for collusion? >> nobody has. nobody has been charged. papadopoulos hadn't been charged when he first heard his name. all the russians were charged by mueller hadn't been charged.
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>> tucker: this is big, this conspiracy but i didn't realize part of it was taking place in aruba. >> we don't know -- you can joke about it. >> tucker: i think this is inherently a joke, but a bad joke, a sad joke. i want to get back to fax. at that point, is it okay to behave like this if trump is not the target? this is a very simple question. does any of this bother you at all? the obama people have done something that has never been done that i am aware of, they spied on a rival presidential campaign. would it be okay if trump did it to the next guy? >> they didn't spy on a rival campaign, they spied on a russian agent. a single russian agent. >> tucker: i think you are accusing an american citizen of a crime for which he has not
5:13 pm
been charged. so i'm going to leave that between you and your libel lawyer to sort out. keep in mind, the person you accused of being a russian agent denied it and has never been charged with it, so there's no denial that he was. >> if he comes after me for libel, truth is a defense and i think i have the whole intelligence community of the united states backing me up. >> tucker: there's no intelligence community, there are a bunch of people that work for intel agencies and they work for us. we have a right to know what they are doing and what they don't. are you comfortable with that? >> that's why bruce ohr should have had a public hearing. >> tucker: i agree with that. >> otherwise it could be like benghazi and backfire in their face. >> tucker: what does benghazi have to do with it? >> because the benghazi hearings with hillary, it was shown even by trey gowdy's own admission that she hadn't done anything
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wrong. that is why they don't have it publicly. >> tucker: i think as many of these hearings as possible ought to be public. i think the rationale will be spying on an american citizen and accusing him of colluding with a foreign power, i think we should know all of that. i'm losing faith that our system is on the level. i'm beginning to think it's rotten and that the people who run it are corrupt. they would have my interest as a taxpayer and citizen in mind when they do these things. i'm just telling you, take trump out of this. this is scary stuff that obama did. i know we aren't allowed to criticize obama because he is holy man but let's be honest, you shouldn't do stuff like that because of the terrible precedent. >> is a presidential campaign, you should not be having your son and son-in-law meet with russians to get dirt. you as a russian candidate shouldn't be encouraging russians to to a break u.s. lao steal goods from your opponent. that's what shouldn't be
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happening. and if the democrats did, shame on them. >> tucker: hillary clinton and the dnc paid for information from the russian government to use against their opponent, there's no debate about that. but i'm just -- i don't even care about that, i just want to know what the next election is going to be like. i don't want the trump administration to spy on rival campaigns. and the unit on the left has created a precedent that would allow them to. and i don't want to live in that country. >> we have a fundamental disagreement. i think they undermine, as dick cheney said, it's an attack on the u.s. >> tucker: 's cnn had a huge story that turned out to be hugely false but they are not embarrassed. also breaking this evening, fox's track in the primaries in three states. there are two races that fox news has projected in florida.
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>> tucker: cnn is engulfed in something of a scandal tonight about ethics and accuracy that gets right to the heart of what they do. michael cohen's lawyer lanny davis claims that he fed this story to cnn. >> tonight, sources to tell us that michael cohen claims that donald trump knew in advance about the meeting in trump tower were which they were expected to offer campaign dirt on hillary clinton. crucially he is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel robert mueller. i should lanny davis declined to
5:21 pm
comment and chris, i know you are speaking to rudy giuliani, the president's attorney. >> tucker: and so on july 26th, cnn said with a straight face that lanny davis did not comment on the story. that was a lie. not only did he comment but that was a main source. he also says that he cannot actually cooperate most of the story. >> he said that michael cohen was meeting about the the trump tower meeting. he also said that michael: testify truthfully to the senate intelligence committee and according to the chair and vice chair of the committee, he told them he had no knowledge of the meeting. he either knew about them anymore he didn't know about the meeting. >> while i think, the reporting of the story got mixed up.
5:22 pm
and, keep in mind, facts first. they say they have additional sources supporting the story, not just the lawyer for the man at the center of the story. what do we make of the story? >> i find it to be, and, i've been on your show to talk about a lot these humiliating moments and this might be one of the worst ones yet. in addition to all the facts which you just said which is so crucial about this, after davis went on with anderson cooper and admitted everything that everything cnn had been breathlessly hyping was true, that michael cohen was there when trump learned about the
5:23 pm
meeting in advance. "the washington post" and new york post listen to that and said, wait a minute. we independently confirm cnn's story based on nonanonymous source and our anonymous source was lanny davis, who is now saying the whole thing is false. they did what they should have done which was they retracted the story and out of their own source. we now retracted because he says its faults. cnn couldn't do that because they lied to the entire world. they said as you just played that they tried to get a hold of lanny davis and he refused to comment. but in fact of course lanny davis was also there source and they don't want to admit that they lied to the world. they can't retract the story and they can't admit they lied, so they are continuing to stick to what everybody knows as alive but not a lot of people care because they think it was done for the right political agenda. >> it seems kind of stunning that they continue to claim that they are not retracting, and
5:24 pm
there is a pretext for not retracting it according to them, which is that they have other sources were telling them that this happened. wouldn't lanny davis as a personal attorney and the man at the center of the story, wouldn't he be the most basic of all the sources? >> it makes no sense. theoretically it's possible i guess. in the most theoretical sense, that michael cohen is telling carl bernstein or wolf blitzer or whoever on the side, something that he is then having his own lawyer go deny it, which is that i have dirt on donald trump, and then having his lawyer deny it. like it's theoretically true but of course that didn't happen. what other sources could cnn possibly have given with the claim is? the claim is, michael: intends to go and tell robert mueller that he was there when trump got advanced knowledge of the trump tower meeting. if lanny davis is saying that his own client has denied that
5:25 pm
under oath of congress twice, both last year and then again after the cnn meeting, how could any source possibly end up being in that the position to dispute that? the entire posture of cnn. >> tucker: it very quickly, you've been in journalism a long time. doesn't cnn have some sort of obligation to viewers to explain what this is all about? >> that to me is the real issue. journalists rightly demand transparency from powerful institutions, that's our job. but how can cnn have any credibility to do that when you call them and ask them what happened here, as i did and everyone else did it come up and they say talk to our p.r. spokesperson who refuses to answer any questions. they have zero credibility if they don't provide transparency themselves. >> tucker: that is the standard, hopefully we can all lead up to it. store mike it looks like hillary clinton's illegal private email
5:26 pm
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>> tucker: lunatics and dumb people in washington have wasted the last two years of your life in a frenzy over russia's suppose that influence in our elections. lost in the hyperbole and commotion and hysteria has been a real story, china's active and pervasive ongoing espionage against our country. most of the pressings completely uninterested in that but we are interested in it. now according to a new report by "the daily caller," the chinese company successfully hacked hillary clinton's private email server, the illegal one that we talk so much about. and by doing that, real-time access to the email she sent and
5:31 pm
received as secretary of state. dr. michael pillsbury is author of the hundred year marathon, china's secret strategy to replace america. we have a story about this that seems solidly sourced. my question to you is broader. doesn't seem possible, does that seem likely and doesn't shock you? >> hillary clinton had a lot of problems with the chinese and they often seemed to know her moves in advance. i remember she was criticized by the blind lawyer who she negotiated for his freedom and finally got him out. he was abandoned at a critical moment in the process, in the hospital where he was, and the chinese begin to treat him quite badly. if the story is true and it's a single intelligent source telling the story, if the chinese could in fact read her emails for four years, this will cause us to rewrite history of
5:32 pm
the pipit. remember president obama want to the pivot to asia, during more about. if the chinese were reading the secretary of state's emails for four years, it makes it look quite different. it looks like they would know a lot more about what obama and hillary were up to and they could plan accordingly. so yes, i was shocked by the story. it's quite surprising to me that it's taken three years to come out. the story seems to be saying that fbi agent scott intelligence that hillary's emails were being copied to a chinese company, and they went over and warned no less than sally gates herself. and she wouldn't do anything about it. then, when comey testified in public about the whole story, he knew, if the story today is accurate, and he left that out of his testimony. there is a vague reference in his book to things that are still classified but i just checked tonight, tucker. the word china in the index of
5:33 pm
jim comey's book, there's nothing there at all. >> tucker: this is one of one oe story is that, if it is true, i think will be the scandal on the next level. another story i don't agree or hearing a lot about, but is also fascinating. feinstein acted as a spy for a personal aide and a driver for two decades. so why would that be a member of the senate committee employing someone working for chinese intelligence? >> it surprising and it's a bit ironic. senator feinstein has been quite outspoken for more than 20 years, as a champion of china. when she was mayor of san francisco, shanghai was the sister city and she visited there a lot with her husband who does business in china. so this amounts to spying on a friend of china.
5:34 pm
senator feinstein is not the hawk on china, but a critic. more recently she's been changing her views and she actually supported the so-called reform to crackdown on chinese investment in america. if the chinese were worried that she slowly is beginning to get more concerned about china, they would have a spy for 20 years. i hate to use the words five. she said it was just her driver and he had no access to classified information. but he could certainly listen in on what the senator was doing with china. this will cause us i'm afraid to have to rethink what's going on in the u.s. and china relations in the last ten or 20 years. >> tucker: and we so naive. >> they may have outsmarted us beyond what we claimed in my book. >> tucker: thank you for your perspective. we will take you to florida where we will bring you a live report from the election and progress poles that have closed.
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>> tucker: for years the dnc has maintained quotas for men and women in his community is, and now they have had another category. we are supposed to think of this as a great and on one level it's not a good deal, but most americans could care less on how people dress or look or call themselves. this is a highly tolerant country but there is a much deeper issue there. you start to see people deny biological. they are constructs imposed by society. this is more than that, more it's an attack on science, this new orthodoxy. and on reality itself. the rest of us have an obligation to say that not to
5:40 pm
hurt anyone's feelings but because it's important, telling obvious truths isn't bigotry, it's essential. otherwise we would all go insane so we should be honest. this is a fox news alert, polls have closed in the state of florida and voting is underway and a handful of other primaries including oklahoma and arizona. ed henry has been following all of this from his base in miami tonight and he joins us now. >> tucker, we may have a big surprise in the democratic for primary governor, but also may be a surprise on the republican side. ron desantis the congressman's president trump's endorsement has won the primary, not by a little but a lot. adam putnam has actually conceded and the bottom line is in several of these races we are seeing the power of the president's coattails, including the power of a single presidential tweet. that's exactly what we thought on this primary for florida governor. ron desantis beating out adam putnam in what we specifically
5:41 pm
saw as a dramatic turn around. mid-june, mason-dixon polling had putnam beating him. then about a week later you say the president tweeted his endorsement of desantis. putnam had a big fund-raising advantage and had been knocking on thousands of doors and still lost a big tonight. then, look at the binary tonight. republican senator jeff flake retired at in large part because he is at odds with the trump agenda and couldn't get reelected. in fact he's so toxic to republicans he endorsed congresswoman martha mcsally and she said she doesn't want the endorsement. she is competing over who is more pro-trump. the winner of this g.o.p. primary is likely to face congresswoman kyrsten synema, which is why mick sally has been making the case that if she wins she can be a firewall against
5:42 pm
liberals for the president. back here in florida, rick scott has easily won the g.o.p. nomination for senate seat against incumbent bill nelson who may be in more trouble than democrats originally anticipate anticipated. interesting because there is some big issues here in the sunshine state. red tides killing died of marine life, that has come up. toxic blue-green algae messing with the water and air quality here. so the fate of the trump agenda is kind of the dominant issue but as you know tip o'neill famously said that all politics are local. i mentioned the democratic race, look at the numbers. almost 80% in. when graham is about 31.9% for the democratic race for governor and andrew gillam who has the support of bernie sanders on the socialist side at 33%. he's actually winning and he may get the nomination to face ron desantis, this big trump ally, for governor is to succeed at rick scott. you may have to summon more on
5:43 pm
the socialist side facing ron desantis, some fictive elements here in florida tonight. >> ed henry, a lot going on there. first time we got an update from south africa. according to news reports the south african government has withdrawn its farm land redistribution bill less than a week after we initially reported on the story. the south african government hated our segment and said so and they also hated president trump's response to it. he tweeted out a response. they had counted on not being criticized particularly from america. but the story is far from over. politicians are still planning to seize land without compensation on racial grounds and it seems to be underway. south african media report that one of the first farmers on the list is a man called johann steen camp who owns a game preserve. now apologists for the south african government say the point of seizing land is to address historical injustices and there have been a lot of those in south africa.
5:44 pm
but that doesn't apply here at all, and a lot of these cases, but specifically this one, it does not apply. he didn't steal his land from anyone. in fact he says he bought it legally 21 years ago. that's significant because 21 years ago, it was over. the government is taking out what it away from him anyway because he's a one color and western liberal support this. barack obama supports it and so does theresa may. so pretty much our entire ruling class, they are all in favor of collective punishment based on race and that is the real story here. much bigger than what has happened in south africa, the west response to it. it's terrifying. chuck schumer wants to rename a an office building after his colleague, john mccain. why? dana perino joins us after the break with her view on
5:45 pm
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>> tucker: it wasn't that long ago, it was actually exactly ten years ago that a lot of democrats and their faithful allies and the press corps were slandering john mccain as a racist radical, a white ring wg buffoon. now they want to name buildings after him. >> i will be introducing a resolution with senator blake to change the name of the russell building to the mccain building. but it need not be the only way we honor senator mccain. we can honor him by trying to carry out the principles he lived by. >> tucker: you wouldn't want to question the sincerity of chuck schumer but you have to kind of wonder what this is about. dana perino is cohost of
5:50 pm
"the five" and she joins us tonight with her view of it. >> high hi tucker. >> tucker: i enjoy them moments of bipartisan comedy as they call it but i'm starting to wonder what exactly this reaction is about. how sincere is it would you say? >> dana: it's sincere but also very politically clever on behalf of senator humor. if you think back that democrats love john mccain when he was going against president bush in the 2,000 campaign, they could not stand him when he was against obama. if it they loved him loved him again when he was the foil against president trump. i believe that mccain has such an impact on many lives in the senate. and richard russell, -- if there is the main senate building, there's three of them but that's where the senior senators are. he's named after a guy that today, absolutely. he was question whether or not a
5:51 pm
building should be named after him against the same standard. so on the merit, you could see where that would be true. the other thing was that senator schumer has ensured that republicans are going to be divided on this issue. today, a bipartisan group was put together by senator mcconnell talking about a range of issues, and the way that the senate could honor mccain. the renaming of the building was not on it. senator schumer was asked, does mcconnell support renaming the building? he will have to ask him. all of these candidates will be asked, are you for renaming the building and they will face two things. one, it's a distraction. they'd rather talk about the accomplishments of the trump administration and the republican congress. number two, it ensures that, members of the congress, do you think they want to get on the record talking about this when president trump is watching? one tweet from president trump could make a huge difference, and you could win by 27 points
5:52 pm
in the primary. >> i wonder, just as a matter of justice, there was one member of the house that compared john mccain to george wallace and try to tie him to the 1963 birmingham church bombing that killed those little girls. certain people who said things like that apologize at some point maybe? >> i know you had that in your monologue last night on your tribute to john mccain, talking about the hypocrisy of it all. i admire politics and i think that senator schumer has very few cards to play especially on the biggest issue of this fall and that is the nomination and confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. he can count those just like anyone else. but there's one thing that the deck democrats know how to do and that is to inject something like this into an election cycle to try to hurt republicans. >> tucker: that's a good point. and very smart. >> dana: and it might be that that building should be named after john mccain but i think because it will become
5:53 pm
political, that's probably not one of the ways that they will honor him. >> tucker: i think you're probably right. >> tucker: that's why dana has two shows, 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. every night. american college student otto warmbier returns from a north korean prison in a fatal. now his parents are taking action on possible sanctions on. north korea. his father joins us on the set, next. ♪ right? which is why esurance hired me, dennis quaid, as their spokesperson because apparently, i'm highly likable. i like dennis quaid. awww. and they want me to let you know that, cue overdramatic music, they're on a mission to make insurance painless. excuse me, you dropped this. they know it's confusing. i literally have no idea what i'm getting, dennis quaid. that's why they're making it simple, man in cafe.
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5:58 pm
north korea. they are called secondary sanctions. these will be powerful in that they -- when somebody does business with north korea, they transact into u.s. dollars. this will target those. this is a good tool for our government to have to affect change with north korea. i think what was important for cindy and i, we were walking the other night. we went past a tree that was planted in otto warmbier's memory. there was a small plaque there. we said: do we think we could have done more for otto warmbier when he was first taken? we let north korea completely control the dialogue. we were silenced with fear. we were not pro-active. they controlled everything. they forced him to confess to things that were completely false. they used him as a political
5:59 pm
pawn and a political prisoner. we made a decision we want to do something positive for otto. we don't want this to happen to any other family or anyone else. that's what motivates me to be here tonight. >> tucker: you said something to me in the break that resonated. you said if this becomes law, every time north korea violate they will have to say his name. >> that's the important reason to me. the first one our government needs tools to pressure north korea. pressure is what brought north korea to the negotiating table. this is an additional tool that can pressure them to affect change. >> tucker: the story of your son got a bigger response from our viewers than anything i have done at 10 years in fox.
6:00 pm
fred, warmbier. great to see you. that's it for us tonight. join us tomorrow night for the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. we mean that. sean hannity live from new york. >> sean: send my regards to the family. you won't believe what we are about to tell you. it will take the full hour. twice the motive. doj bruce ohr was grilled by republican lawmakers for 7 hours. and the information he revealed is blowing this case wide open in terms of fraud committed against the fisa court to get donald trump and his campaign and undermine his presidency. everyone who signed off on these fisa requests signed off on fraudulent documents and


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