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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 30, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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d.c. he will receive an amazing welcome in as well. trace gallagher continues coverage to the tribute of senator mccain from phoenix, up next. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. you can see the live procession for john mccain. it left the church about 30 minutes ago. it's arriving at sky harbor airport. it will be about ten minutes. john mccain's casket will be put open an airplane and taking its final trip from arizona. it was a day of respect for john mccain. today is a day to say good-bye. the arizona senator is leaving for the last time. people all day paid amazing tributes.
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we had high school kids along the roadways. they were let out of school to be along the procession route and say farewell, a fond farewell to john mccain. an amazing history lesson for a lot of these kid. the way this will work is, there will be one final ceremony at sky harbor airport. wh the building you'll see behind is a building that will be renamed the mccain terminal at sky harbor airport in dedication of john mccain. and then they will load the casket on the plane and it will fly to washington d.c. for ceremonies there. we've been watching this setup all day long. and it is amazing to see the outpouring of love and support for john mccain. one of the people that knows john mccain best as we get in this is the former new hampshire
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senator, kelly ayod. she was very close to john mccain. senator, i want your feelings as you watch the procession, go to the airport. john mccain leaving arizona for the final time what are your thoughts on this? >> i'm obviously really sad, but also to see the kid that have come out for senator mccain is incredible. he inspired me. when i got to the senate, he took me under his wing on the armed services committee. he will continue to inspire a whole generation of leaders going forward. to see the kids out is really fitting today. it's very sad for his friends and family. he has a wonderful family. my heart goes out to them today. >> trace: we saw yesterday, senator, how megan mccain broke
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down at the casket of her father. they had some 15,000 people come through from all across arizona to pay their respects. it's hot here, about 104 degrees. they waited in line for hours. the mccain family came out a few of them, to thank the people for coming down, paying their respects. they handled this with such supreme dignity. >> they are an incredible family. they're all a family of service. they are such patriots. of course, john really was the leader there. cindy is just so strong and an incredible woman as well. >> truly is. i just want to read this. we can release this because the motorcade has left the church. i want to read who will be on the plane. there's no pallbearers and no guests and the service will be brief. they say within ten minutes of
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the hearse arriving, the casket will actually be put on the airplane and the plane, as you can see there, a rendition of air force ii will take the senator back to d.c. that should happen no more minutes after the motorcade stops. the plane will have the mccain family, including cindy mccain, megan mccain, jimmy mccain, bridget mccain, ashley mccain, caroline mccain, shep mccain, his grandson, andy mccain, his son. lucy mccain, his son's wife. margaret mccain, andrew mccain, sydney mccain and jason sweet, one of the son-in-laws. the entire family is going on the trip and they will go through the ceremonies two, maybe three more times. he will lie in state in the
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capitol rotunda, senator ayotte for 24 hours and the funeral sunday. again, another moving tribute that i know you will be at on saturday in washington d.c. >> it will be a moving tribute. you know, i think it just shows you how close the mccain family is. for someone like john who gave so much to our country and we know his patriotism and his sacrifice what a leader he was but what a great family man. what a close knit their family was, to have them all on the plane with him. that's what he would have wanted. >> trace: and i noticed you said you believe that john mccain had more energy than anybody you had ever met. a lot of people echoed that in today's service, senator. >> i have no doubt. he woke up every single day
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early with a sense of purpose and passion like i have never seen with anyone else. then he would go to bed late and be up again doing the same thing the next day. he was tireless for everything that he believed in, in his country. i have never met anyone that has that much energy or worked that much harder than john mccain. >> you can see cindy mccain, megan mccain, the mccain family at the airport. they had done this at the state capitol at the north phoenix baptist church today where they sit and will wait for the hearse to bring the casket and the honor guard, the national guard of arizona, which has handled this casket from the time that it left the funeral home until it gets on the plane. then it will be handled by the national guard in washington d.c. cindy mccain is there. the casket will be loaded upon the plane and then they will all fly to d.c. it has to be, senator, a very
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somber and lonely flight back to the nation's capitol. >> i'm sure it's a very somber flight. but the mccain family is together. you know, they're wonderful people. you know, they have so many beautiful memories with john. i want to say also, you know, i used to love to hear john talk about his family because he was so proud of them. >> and he had reason to be proud. we're seeing the honor guard, the arizona national guard. let's listen.
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>> trace: you can see -- i wanted to point out that you can see planes taking off and landing in the background. the runways have not been shut down. the family did not want that. you can see here, it was loaded on to the lift and then soon be placed on to the airplane and taken to d.c. the mccain family with their
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hands on their hearts. the guard fulfilling their duty, having taken the senator's casket from the funeral home to the state capitol from the state capitol to the north phoenix baptist church and finally from the church to sky harbor airport and loaded on the plane and taken back to d.c. where john mccain will take flight, his last flight away from his loved phoenix. we saw the service, the memorial service and one of the songs was "arizona." the name of it was "arizona." john mccain hand-picked that song. it began with "amazing grace" and ended with "my way" from frank sinatra. and his sons have close ties with the school and it was a
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very sitting song for the people of arizona came from all over the state to come and pay their last respects. let's watch as the casket is loaded on the plane. as we watch the mccain family get on the plane, it's notable that you watch cindy mccain get object. it's harkens back to 14 years
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ago when we watched nancy reagan get on the plane and she turned and faced the crowd. it's difficult for the families to go through these series of services and remembrances. but in the end, they will all tell you it's exactly what the senator wanted, and they are fulfilling his wish to the fullest. the way this works now, they will very quickly get this plane on the tarmac and then off in route to d.c. i want to bring in, if i can, the former new hampshire senator kelly ayotte. we heard so many funny stories of john mccain during this service, senator. i wondering if you have a funny side bar that you would like to share about john mccain as we watch his casket being loaded upon the plane. >> john had a fantastic sense of humor. i think i could repeat in my sleep all the jokes that he told
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about running for president. because obviously in new hampshire, he won the new hampshire primary here twice. i think you probably heard many of those. but those people that were close to him, john would always just kid around with you all the time. you know, he -- you knew he liked you when he started calling you names. you started to appreciate that, you know. hey, how are you today, you little jerk? you would laugh at it because you know that that was him saying, you know, i really care about you. but he was very funny. also made fun of himself when he would say something that -- say it the wrong way. he would be the first to make fun of himself. he had that kind of humility and sense of humor to do that. so few people have that in public life. >> yeah. it was. he was very self-deprecating. you heard the speakers.
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his friend brought up, a theme of the past couple days, his friend tommy espinosa brought -- said that he wanted him to be co-chair of his campaign. he said you know, john, i'm a democrat. he said i don't care. i want you to be my campaign co-chair. tommy said because he was john mccain, i ended up being a co-chair for a man running for a republican office. it speaks to a larger theme today and yesterday and going forward. john mccain, the people that he invited, the way that he set up these days of remembrance and celebration, he wanted it to be very bipartisan. i mean, you had the former senators and current senators, there were 28 of them, 15 republicans, 13 democrats. the entire thing was set up so that cane cape would say, you
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know what? we can work together. your thoughts on that, senator. >> i think john was always about putting country first. he really was a true bipartisan champion. he wanted to solve problems for the nation he knew that you had to work together to do that. unfortunately that doesn't happen a lot nowadays. that's why you see people from both sides of the aisle, senators from both sides that loved him, respect him, respected him and, you know, even when john disagreed with you, you had to respect that he disagreed with you because he was so smart and so knowledgeable. so i think that that's what you're seeing. you're seeing someone who just is a rare, rare extraordinary person. we need more bipartisanship and john thought it was so important for the nation. he was willing to take risks and had a lot of political courage afternoon to take on big problems. >> trace: yeah. you mentioned nicknames.
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grant wood, his former attorney general from arizona talked about how john mccain would call him "boy" for several years. he would go up. he ran his first congressional campaign. he talked about the fact that john mccain used to love to drive everywhere. he wasn't a very good driver. the fact that john mccain made a gaffe of calling leisure world, he called it seizure world. the people there didn't like it. when john mccain went out there to apologize, there was a man at the front gate that gave john mccain the finger on his way in. he still went in and apologized to the people in the senior community. >> i'm sure he did. john had so much courage. i bet you he laughed about it, too, after the guy gave him the finger. that would be john. if he was wrong, he admitted it. how often does that happen in politician? to be that honest. >> trace: yeah, very true. we should note, there's 150
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members of the air national guard, 150 members of the army national guard on hand. the national guard in arizona, john mccain relied heavily upon. he was a very big fan of the national guard. he was a very big fan of the military in arizona everywhere. specifically in arizona. there was a famous story going back where luke air force base on the edge of maricopa county, encompassing phoenix. back in the developmental days when the real estate was booming, they were building houses very close. they were pushing on to luke air force because. there was one thought, you know, the air force base doesn't need this land. john mccain said, look, we're keeping luke air force base. he fought tooth and nail, senator ayotte to keep luke air force base and it's still one of the preeminent training grounds for fighter pilots in the united states. your thoughts?
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>> absolutely. my husband was an a-10 pilot. he had a special bond with john as well. john thought when the air force wanted to eliminate the a-10 at davis monthan and get rid of them in general, he knew they were a great fighter plane for the nation. he fought tooth and nail. the other thing about john as the chairman of the armed services committee, if he saw waste in the military, he would go after it. he would go after it to make sure that the resources were going to the troops. there wasn't a place around the world that troops were deployed to that john wouldn't go to visit. he loved the military, understood how important it was for our nation and our security. >> trace: you bring up a very good point. john mccain was against pork barrel politics. he did not want the bills fills with special favors for each of these senators home states. a lot of people in arizona say that was to the detriment of his
12:21 pm
home state of arizona. over the years, he could have gotten a lot of goodies for the state of arizona. he said no, we're not going to do that. i'm not about to fill these bills with pork barrel politics for my state when i'm against others doing it. so because he took a stance, it was sometimes to the detriment of his own state. >> i don't know took principle stands. he was an early one to be against ear marks, before it became cool, right? john was someone that whenever he saw waste, he would go after it even if people got angry with him. also, you know, the debt. something that he focused on. to me, i think that's so important when you think about the challenges we face with the fiscal state of the country, that john was willing to stand
12:22 pm
on principle even if it was tough to do it. >> trace: senator ayotte, stand by, if you would. i want to bring in doug holtz eakin. he was director of economic policy during john mccain's 2008 campaign. he knew this photo very well from a staffer reunion last year. doug, welcome to you. you see this. i heard you talk a few times about this. i want your thoughts as you watch the ceremony today and you watch this ceremony at the airport. there's the great picture of you and senator mccain. i want your thoughts on how you believe this was handled. >> i think it was a chance for the whole world to see the lesson that was his life. one of the things i'm most pleased about is that even though the senator's passed,
12:23 pm
people are seeing all of john mccain. before that, people saw the john mccain that advocated for the surge or the john mccain standing up for immigration reform or the john mccain that wanted the pows to come home. they saw a glimpse of him. he was an extraordinary figure and a very complex and fantastic man. i think there's a greater appreciationing having listened to him. just what a fantastic individual he was and how great it was to be around here. the privilege of my life. >> trace: you mentioned larry fitzgerald. he said, the famous wide receiver for the arizona cardinals, as we look at the air national guard at sky harbor airport. larry fitzgerald got up and very funny. he said what an avid sports fan john mccain is a huge cardinals
12:24 pm
fan and diamondbacks fan. how larry fitzgerald once said, the things that john mccain and i had in common, there were a lot of them. i was black. he's white. i'm young, he's old. he ran for president, i ran out of bounds, a funny line from larry fitzgerald. and i remember you, doug, saying, you know -- he was famous. john mccain was famous for his bad temper. you said that john mccain never lost his temper over human error. what did you mean by that? >> i saw him under the stress of the campaign, which was very real. when there were enormous stresses on our country. you could imagine someone just getting mad because you're late for a meeting or you screwed up on some project that he wanted or things didn't work out. i never saw that. i saw him get mad only when as vice president biden said it, he thought you didn't have the right values. you put yourself ahead of the country. you weren't serving the cause that we were pursuing. that's what angered him and
12:25 pm
that's what i saw in the campaign. a great lesson in life. one that i took away and value to this day. >> trace: yeah, i want to -- while we're watching, i want to play from the service, if i can, this sound bite, which i think is very, very touching. watch this. >> when he ran for the senate the first time, he called me on the phone. he goes, well, boy, i think i might have screwed up. i go why? he said i was talking to these students at u.a. they said how come you're the only politician that comes down here? they only go to the retirement places. he said, well, it's because you guys don't vote. okay? [laughter] the other dudes vote 100%. you want people to come down here, you need to vote like they vote at seizure world. i said, you didn't say that, did
12:26 pm
you? there's this big retirement community called leisure world in east valley. they weren't real happy with their new nickname out there. >> trace: that was the story that we recounted about leisure world and the man holding his finger up at john mccain. very quickly. go ahead. >> one of my favorite remembrances, he would do a town hall or appearance or something and get excited and exaggerate or get something wrong. i'd have to call him up. he would open up the old motorola razor flip fun. he said, what did i said? he had the best sense of humor. he would fix it. >> trace: he did. doug, if you could stand by. senator kelly ayotte, stand by. we're waiting for senator mccain's plane to get off the tarmac and on the runway and head to d.c. we're going to take a very short
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>> i'm lea gabrielle. more ahead awe await senator john mccain's final departure from arizona. first, more of today's headlines. the feds are supporting a student's group in a discrimination case. they claimed the university capped the number of asian students that it admits. a jury in texas sentencing a former police for the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. officer roy oliver fired five rounds hitting jordan edwards. he thought the car was heading towards his partner but his partner said he didn't any his life was in danger.
12:30 pm
the u.n. nuclear watch dog said that iran is complying with the nuclear deal. they said they had access to the site they needed. the u.s. with drew from that deal in may. we'll be right back.
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>> trace: it wasn't about politics. john would disagree on substance and the underlying values that animated everything john did. everything he was. you could come to a different
12:33 pm
conclusion, but where he would part company with you is if you lacked the basic values of decency, respect. knowing that his project is bigger than yourself. >> trace: former vice president joe biden that spoke at today's services. he went on to say that he and john mccain considered themselves brothers, except brothers that had a lot of family fights. we're still looking at sky harbor airport. the army national guard on hand there. the flight we can note is about 13 minutes late right now. the original schedule was for the plane to take off at 20 minutes after the hour. then it was scheduled to land in washington d.c. at 7:30 eastern time tonight. then senator mccain's casket
12:34 pm
would be taken to the capitol rotunda where he would lie in state for the better part of 1 1/2 days there. the funeral is saturday and the interment is on sunday. we should note as we look at this, the diplomacy, the reason we stop and watch the casket being brought on the airplane and being brought off in various venues at the heart is pause there's a certain cadence. it was hard to hear at sky harbor because we didn't have the microphones close enough but we certainly heard it here at the church and the state capitol. there's a cadence, every foot step. you can hear the heels. it's about tradition and symbolism. nobody deserved that tradition and symbolism more than john mccain. it is kind of -- it really is, just gives you chills to see it. we'll see it again a few times in washington d.c. we wait for the plane to get on
12:35 pm
the runway and take off, bringing john mccain back to d.c., final time he will leave arizona. i want to bring back in kelly ayotte, if i can. there's so many things that you can talk about, senator, about how john mccain really impacted his state. i know you were close with him and you looked at him as a mentor. it's just amazing to me when i meet these people, i was talking to senator ben sasse from nebraska. he talked about the impression that john mccain had. jeff flake said he was like his big brother, nobody would mess with. you had the same feeling about hanging out with john mccain. >> i did. you know, he took me under his wing on the armed services committee. you talked about his passion for arizona. the beauty of arizona. he loved the grand canyon. he loved the beautiful spots in
12:36 pm
arizona. he was very passionate about the state and making sure that the men and women in uniform were taken care of in arizona, but also the natural beauty of the state was something that he cared a lot about. >> yeah, the natural beauty of the state. yesterday there were a couple of people that mentioned that. people that don't know that much about arizona. they know the grand canyon and they know john mccain. it was said yesterday in a couple speeches at the ceremony. you think that really is fairly accurate. we were here 20 years ago, senator, covering the funeral of barry gold water. john mccain took barry goldwater's seat. it is amazing where you think, well, this is one of those moments that arizonians and americans will remember forever because i think -- because of the symbolism and what this man meant to the state of arizona, which contiguous 48, arizona is
12:37 pm
the new estate of the lower 48. >> john had a tremendous impact on arizona. it reminds me of the joke that he told. mothers tell -- if you're from arizona, they tell their sons or daughters not to run for president. john ran and barry goldwater ran. he talks about others that ran. he had this joke about arizona and running for president. but he loved the state. his legacy will be one that will never be forgotten in arizona. his impact has been so great on that state but also obviously for all of us in the country. >> trace: yeah, arizona and across the country. doug, i'd like to bring you back in as we watch the plane. it appears the stairs have been removed from the back of this plane. that means -- you saw the guard moving. it means the plane is likely to very soon move towards the runway and take off. john mccain, there it goes.
12:38 pm
doug, i want your thoughts as we watch this plane kind of start moving toward the runway. >> i think it's been a gorgeous send-off from the state of arizona. the service this morning, just a fabulous tribute. what he's given to the state and gave in the right way. i think it's worth repeating the research you made earlier. he could have gone after the goodies for arizona. that's not the way he did business. there was a larger purpose, the governance of the united states and things would be right for arizona. that's how he saw it and that's what happened. >> doug, senator kelly ayotte, very good of you both to join us. a remarkable day. my mistake. the plane is not moving. the camera was moving. apparently the plane is still static. so we're still waiting. we're going to take a fast break and come back. if the plane moves, we'll come
12:39 pm
back. we're going to take a fast break and continue our coverage of john mccain, the tribute to the former senator of arizona. >> many people might wonder what an african american kid from minnesota and a highly decorated vietnam war hero turned senator might have in common. i thought of a few. i'm black, he was white. [laughter] i'm young, he wasn't so young. [laughter] how does this unlikely pair become friends? he didn't judge individuals based on the color of their skin, their gender, their backgrounds, the political affiliations or their bank accounts. he evaluated them on the merits of their character and the contents of their hearts. he judged them on the work they put in and the principles they lived by. (man) managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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>> trace: a very sad and yet fond farewell to senator john mccain. he is taxiing towards the runway in his plane. his last departure from arizona, the state that he loved so much and the state that loved him so much. people came from out of the wood work. we told funny stories about back in the day when he ran for congress, how john mccain would go up to these small out of the way towns that had fewer than 100 people population and hold town halls there because he believed everybody's viewpoint was important and every vote was important. a lot of the people in return paid back the favor. they came and sat in the heat, 104, 105 degrees and sat for hours. the reason they did it, because they believed that senator john mccain did so much for the country, so much for the state of arizona they thought it was incumbent upon them to come back
12:45 pm
and at least pay their respects to him. we see the guard there, so instrumental in pulling off these services. this was all orchestrated by john mccain months ago. he called former president obama, former president george w. bush and asked them to deliver eulogies. he picked the music, "amazing grace", "my way" by frank sinatra. a.b. stoddard is here with us now. as you watch the plane and about to leave here, give me your thoughts what has happened the past couple days. >> i heard you talking about people waiting in 102 degree heat. john mccain has been our story for so long. he's attracted this groundswell of mourning and solidarity
12:46 pm
because of the person he was for so many decades. >> the plane is lining up on the runway. it will soon take off. let's watch. john mccain, final flight away from arizona.
12:47 pm
>> trace: that is a sight we see often. planes taking off from airports around the country. it doesn't often have the symbolism of that one. one of the great americans of all-time being lifted away from arizona, back to the nation's capitol where he had not been in several months because of his illness. of course, the entire mccain family, grandkids, children, everybody is on board that plane heading to d.c. for two more days of ceremonies, celebration, the legacy of john mccain. a.b. stoddard, back to you. pardon the interruption. but you were saying, your
12:48 pm
thoughts about john mccain. >> it was john mccain not only the sacrifice but deserves the reverence. because of the decades, the stories that he's been a part of, he's in a way more known to americans, more accessible than even a president. i wasn't surprised to see people wilting in the heat waiting. it would have been fitting just to have a service just in washington as it wouldn't have been fitting just to have a service in arizona. there's people waiting him to see him lie in state of the capitol and pay his respects. this will go through sunday where there will be a private burial. james mattis will be a pallbearer. he's known about it awhile and deeply honored. there's not only a big mccain family traveling, seven kids and many relatives but about 25 people that will be a part of the entire five days starting
12:49 pm
yesterday and through sunday. this man was just so beloved as we saw from the breadth of different speakers in arizona and we will again saturday. john mccain, if people studied his life, is really a story about a heart. not just the man on television or twitter. if you know his life and studied his life, it's about gratified he was about the higher calling that he always spoke about. that he wasn't duty bound to it. it gave back to him and made him joyful. i hope people will listen more to those stories about what it meant to him. it was president difficult sacrifice but meaningful patriotism that inspired everything he did. i hope it will inspire future leaders paying attention to the story of john mccain. >> trace: yeah, i hope so too. thanks, a.b. >> thank you. >> trace: moments from now,
12:50 pm
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>> trace: amazing the past 48
12:54 pm
hours, john mccain has lane in state at the arizona state capitol. now he's on a plane bound for washington d.c. i want to bring in mike dennehy, a former campaign chairman of john mccain's new hampshire campaigns. we talked about this a lot. john mccain wanted town hall after town hall in new hampshire because that's where he believes his presidential aspirations began. >> it's true. he had 114 town halls in 1999 and 2000 and 106 town halls in 2007 and 2008. it didn't start off that easy. in fact, the very first town hall we had in peterboro, new hampshire, we had to have free ice cream to get about 13 people to the town hall meeting. >> trace: yeah, it's amazing. you heard the stories of the people that ran his early
12:55 pm
congressional campaigns in arizona. he had republicans, democrats. he didn't care. he just wanted you to work with him because he loved you. >> that's right. that's exactly right, trace. the one thing that i don't think people fully grasp is how much new hampshire meant to john mccain because of his experiences in 2000 and 2008. everyone knows john mccain is an american hero because of his military service. but because of what he was able to accomplish with these town hall meetings starting from an obscure senator to become being practically the nominee in 2000 and then 2008. he became a political hero to many in new hampshire and many across the country. >> trace: i have 10 seconds for you. give me one quick remembrance of john mccain. very quickly. >> yeah, i'll say he gave everyone an open mic, even the
12:56 pm
people that came to protest to town hall meetings. he loves people. >> trace: yeah. right. we remember that. thanks, mike. thank you. continuing coverage, legacy of john mccain next. i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release its own insulin, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen. and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of a serious allergic reaction,
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is. >> trace: my first television job was in arizona. my first story was covering john mccain. it's been an honor covering the last two days. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. neil cavuto is in next. ♪
1:00 pm
>> neil: it has been a sad afternoon, but it's now back to politics for the time being as we hear that senator mccain will be making his way to washington. politics hot and heavy as the president gets set to go to indiana, a state that he won by a lop-sided landslide, 19 points. he will be arguing on behalf of mike braun, the business turned republican candidate that is trying to take down joe donnelly. we'll spoke to him momentarily. we had a lot of activity on wall street. the downtown 137 points on growing fears the canadians might not be able to cobble a deal tomorrow by after all. and then reports that there's a possibility we'reg