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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 29, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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center of all of this soon. >> thanks for that reminder. >> martha: thanks. that's our "story" on monday night. see you back here. tucker carlson is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." over the weekend americans gathered in church and synagogues to pray for the 11 innocent people who were murdered in pittsburgh on saturday. they bowed their heads and asked god for healing and thought hard about how to bring the country together and improve themselves and be kinder to the people around them. that is the america you grew up in. a descent place full of decent people trying to do the right thing. there is the other america of cable news and twitter.
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political operatives rush to the seen of human tragedy to leverage it for political gain and make snap judges to implicate their political opponents in crimes they did not commit. they use here and rage to accomplish what reasoned argument could never accomplish. they commit moral blackmail. their aim is gun control. a crazy person committed an evil act so you must be disarmed. this time that's not their goal. their goal is more comprehensive. they want to take charge of what you are allowed to say and think. how? by blaming you and your opinions for the crime. watch. >> the fans of hatred were fanned by a president who kept talking about this caravan of refugees as if they were terrorists or coming to commit atrocious crimes in our country which they are not. >> tucker: the message was not
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subtle. the murderer was angry about illegal immigrants. if you are oppose illegal immigrants, you are like the murderer. your views inspire others to kill. you are implicated in this atrocity. you are a monster just like the lunatic in pittsburgh. you must change your beliefs. otherwise, you will be punished. this is how free speech dies and free thought. the range of acceptable opinion mimics the cnn script. there is no disagreement. there is only conformity. chirping the party line. that's the goal. after a century of defending free speech, the left is now its enemy. last week the southern poverty law center issued a list of demands for tech companies. anyone who disagrees with them must be prevented from operating a website or raising money on line or organizing events or expressing their opinions.
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that's an order they said. the southern comfort law center has no moral standing to make any of those demands. yet, the least virtuous are the most self-righteous. watch howard dean explain that american politics is no longer about politics, about competing ideas. instead politics is a spiritual battle between light and dark, god and satan him. >> it's good versus evil and the president of the united states is evil. >> tucker: evil. that's not the language of american civic live. it never has been. that's the language of holy war. evil people can't be reasoned with. they should not be listened to. they must be crushed and destroyed.
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did howard dean really mean that? we will assume for the sake of this country he didn't mean that and none of the other people talking like howard dean mean it either. we hope all have lost their senses and will wake up feeling ashamed and ready to rejoin the adult conversation in progress. that's our hope. either way, we do not plan to stop talking no matter what they demand. every american has an absolute right to express his views regardless of what twitter thinks. we are not giving it up on this show. you are always free to say what you believe even if we disagree with you. free expression doesn't cause extremism, it solves it. professor hanson, do you think that speech is at stake in our
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current debate? >> i think it is in a way. all of us want a safe space to use that left wing term. we don't want to turn on the television for nba and be lectured at. we don't want to spend thanksgiving like it's 1861. we want it to tone down, but we don't know what the rulings are. we established that james does not shoot steve scalise because of what biden or madonna said. it wasn't just what the opponents of donald trump said. with the latest 2 incidents with the pipe bombs and in sayoc and the synagogue shootings, we are told it's donald trump but we
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don't know about the cause and effect. we don't know if he was too pro, or anti-israel. the american people think i don't like hate speech, but i don't know what the rules are. it looks like it's a left wing ring of terror. these self-appointed facebook people can gio teen you. what are the rules of speech? what we have seen on facebook and twitter and youtube the masters of the universe lack the morality to tell us what is acceptable speech. if we go back to the sermon on the mount and say let's treat people the way we would like to be treated. tell that to hillary clinton. when mitt romney lost in 2012,
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he didn't say i won't be civil until the next election. when george bush was out of office in 2009 he did not go across the country as obama is now calling the president of the united states a liar. they don't the moral high ground. >> tucker: they don't have the moral authority to decide who speaks. i wonder if their assumption is right. are certain ideas so bad that they cause violence? i wonder if it's possible for any society to squelch ideas. not just left and right but a human phenomenon. if you prevent people from having thoughts don't you create extremism? >> yes, that's an age-old dilemma. we don't want the medicine to be
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worse than the disease of senorship that tell us who can say what. we error on the side of free speech. the people who want to censor free speech don't want to do is symmetrical symmetrically. people are very, very angry and alienated. >> tucker: any time you have what is a religious conversation that begins with, i am a good person and you are not, how you can solve anything? if one side believes itself to be saved and the other damned? >> you can't. you have to be empirical. you have to say this particular act in this person's mind
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occurred because this person said something. nobody has been able to make that cause and effect. in a nano-second half educated people get on and say i accuse you of all of this. everybody is afraid. you and i are one nano-second away from having your head electronically chopped off. >> tucker: thanks, professor. >> you have to speak up against it. thank you. >> tucker: robert woodson is the founder of the woodson center and the author of the triumphs of joseph. thanks for coming on. the obvious question is what do we do? i don't think either side wants to see the level of political intensity we are seeing right now. >> we have been here before. during the '60s when 4 little
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girls were blown up in a church. we the bombings of dr. king's house. almost killing his wife and child. even in the presence of that, but it stimulated solutions with the civil rights movement engaged in debate within itself. there was debate what is the way forward? the fracturing caused each organization to develop an agenda to change it. we didn't demonize a political party. we came together around solutions. but, it was backed by a spirited debate. debate is missing now. the issues today, the loneliness and leading to suicide in record numbers. violence, isolation. right now, for fin to speak up
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to address that problem, they are vill vied -- vilified. you have to be on one side or the other. the answer is to give the people their own voice. right now people on the political left and right, the extremes, presume to speak for whites on the right and others for minorities on the left. i believe that whites in trailer parks have more in common with blacks and browns in these toxic communities. the woodson center has 3,000 of these groups that meet. and racial antagonism is never an issue. the groups we represent, they are not given a voice. they are represented by people who don't represent their real interest. these are intellectuals, elites,
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denigrating the values of this country. those values are used as political tools we the left and the right. for grassroots leaders, those principles are life enforcing. these falls are the foundation of the transformation and redemption. we need to give the people who are experiencing the problem their own voice. there is no place in this country where a low income white, black, hispanic can come together and say these extremes do not speak for us. woodson center is trying to promote that. >> tucker: people who claim to be our leaders were not elected by us. >> no. and the civil rights movement lost its moral authority. >> tucker: since you were there for the civil rights movement, the last time this country felt
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like it was coming apart as it does now, i wonder if that could have been peacefully resolved if social media existed then? >> that's a good question. it was a movement of inclusion and not exclusion. we held american to live up to its promise. right now people are denigrating those values and saying to black us because of the legacy of slavery and discrimination america to be over condemned. we reject that notion. blacks fought in every war in this country and not one was ever convicted of treason. because we believe. i was coming through the airport last summer and i saw 90 veterans being wheeled in to come to a ceremony here. i just swept. because i thought about the sacrifice they have made.
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blacks and low income blacks and whites are america's patriots. they are the ones who should be given the voice to speak for themselves and not let these extremists speak for them. >> tucker: i agree. thank you as always. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: free speech is discussed at great length in the book called ship of fools. off the front page for a couple of days but the migrant caravan is a real thing. there are actual people in it. it raises actual questions. as a citizen you have a right to debate openly. we will do that after the break. [ doorbell rings ]
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america's borders. washington has forgotten that. they are reminded with the migrant caravan coming through mexico. the president sent more than 5,000 u.s. troops to the border. this is an attorney and former obama campaign advisor. david, thanks for coming on. here's what i find confusing and in the spirit of trying to bridge the gap: why is it offensive for a country to defend its borders? >> we should. we don't have to let anyone into our border who doesn't comply with the law. it's hyperbole to call this an invasion. these are people in economic trouble and facing security concerns in honduras in and they
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are applying for asylum. >> tucker: how do you know that? we don't know their names or motives? isn't that the point. i am not calling them terrorists. we don't know, right? >> we know they don't have weapons. we know they are not a foreign army. some reporters have spent time with them. some are economically depressed. young children and old people. these are not people coming to attack us. they have don't necessarily deserve to come into the u.s. >> tucker: let's say -- and we are concerned about foreign entities affecting our life. we are concerned about russia, right? 22 million foreign nationals living in your own borders with fake documents. why would not be an invasion?
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>> it's not an invasion. we have illegal people here. we need to do something about that. >> tucker: but if you had 22 million foreign nationals living in your country under false pretenses, wouldn't you be freaked out? let's say they are from russians all from belarus. you would be hair on fire upset, wouldn't you? >> i would be on fire upset if they were doing things to compromise u.s. security. if they were doing things to compromise our foreign policy or to compromise our constitution and rule of law. many of these 22 million are gainfully employed. they have family and are in school. >> tucker: most are decent people. they come here because it's a great country. isn't the lesson of 9-11 you
5:22 pm
want to know who is in your country. 22 million people using fake documents and it's not a security concern because they vote democratic? >> no, that's a concern. that's why we need an immigration law that deals with these people. some need to be sent back to their country. some need to be processed to become legal. if i go down to my bank and try to open my account using fake documents, would the response from the cops be, you have a family and you are probably a good person. no! felony. jail. >> exactly. >> tucker: why are we allowing 22 million people to do that and i can't do it? why giving the benefits of the doubt to 22 foreign nationals
5:23 pm
and not american citizens? it's because the democratic parties hopes they will be democratic voters. >> you can't put this all on the democratic party. the democrats and republican party have failed to pass a lass. >> tucker: you are saying something that is basically true. the republican party that watched trump get elected on the promise of building a wall gets a lot of blame. you are right, they are both responsible. given that fact, which is like a complete disaster and makes a mockery of our laws, why shouldn't we be concerned about thousands of unknown people demanding entry. we have a right to come to america. >> none of them said that. they want to come to america. they are coming to america. they announced their presence. we know they are coming. they will come to the border to
5:24 pm
apply for asylum. many will and should be denied. it's important to note what they are not doing is what you are complaining the 22 million did. they announced their arrival and apply for asylum. >> tucker: they were released into the interior of the country and 90% stay, as you know. that's how people got here in many cases. if i want to apply for asylum, why didn't they do that? >> i have an easy answer. you can't apply for political asylum in the country you are from. >> tucker: there is not a war going on in honduras.
5:25 pm
it's just a poor country. apply legally like everybody else. >> they have to go to a foreign country to apply. why aren't they applying in mexico? >> tucker: why not apply at the embassy? >> because they know they will be denied. >> tucker: exactly. >> [overlapping talking]. >> all of these remedies are band-aids. we have to help countries like honduras fix the problems and the security problems so they don't come here. it's in their interest and our interest. we need leadership that neither democrats or republicans have showed so far. >> tucker: there are hundreds of thousands of americans sleeping on the street tonight in this country and relieving themselves on the sidewalk. our first obligation is to them. i think that. >> i agree with you. >> tucker: then way down the
5:26 pm
list would be the people of honduras. it's not america. >> you are talking about how worried you are that thousands of honduras people might come to the u.s. we could solve that problem if we help honduras improve the economy so people don't want to leave. >> tucker: that's not our job. our job is to watch over the americans. >> it's in our interest. >> tucker: it's super complicated and no one knows how to do it. look at the marshall plan after world war ii. we are out of time. sorry. i appreciate your coming on. mid-terms a week from now. every day brings huge changes to the campaign landscape. where are we as of tonight? we have the most recent polling numbers when we come back. ♪ at last,
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it senses our movements and automatically adjusts to keep us both effortlessly comfortable. so i'm at my best for this team... and the home team. sleep number proven quality sleep, from $999. >> tucker: san francisco was a great american citizen. but it has a lot of problem. housing expensive and needles litter the streets and the town smells like human waste. city officials are not interested in fixing these problems. they are fixing non-citizens vote in elections. the city spent $310,000 to sign
5:31 pm
up non-citizens to vote. officially just for the school board election. obviously it won't stop. there after months of trying this, the campaign managed to draw up a total of 49 votes. if case you can't do the math $ $6,323 for vote. that money should have gone to help the many americans suffering literally on the streets of san francisco. helping americans is why san francisco would not do. that they don't care. both parties doing everything they can to turnout every vote possible. races across the country going down to the wire. where are we in the mid-term elections? we go to lisa booth. without pinning you down to embarrass you on youtube, where
5:32 pm
do you think we are? >> i do a good enough job on my own. i think with the house, we went from there will be a big blue wave and now people don't know if there will be a wave. it's too close to call. the house is a toss up right now. i think that's good for republicans. you look at the numbers, democrats just need to pick up 23 seats in the house to take it back. there are 24 districts that are currentry in republicans hands that hillary clinton won in 2016. there are enough seats that lean democrat or toss up races for democrats to get to that number of 23. the path is possible. it's plausible for democrats to take back the house. but the fact it's not a conclusion bodes well for republicans. >> tucker: it's tough. a lot of retirements. most republicans.
5:33 pm
the senate, where is that as of tonight? >> it looks like republicans will keep the senate. they might even pick up seats. north dakota kramer took the lead and he is up by double digits against heidi heitkamp. i think missouri and indiana look like pick up opportunities for republicans. you want to talk about the kavanaugh effect? that's real in the state of missouri. josh haldey ran an ad after the confirmation hearing and attackiattack ing claire mccaskill. heller has been up in some polls. i think republicans will retain arizona and nevada. >> tucker: that would be a huge win. >> i don't want to embarrass
5:34 pm
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>> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> tucker: it is impossible for a kid to grow up in america right now without constant exposure to screens. not only are children addicted to smart phones but public schools are filled with laptops and online homework. because silicone valley pushed that on our schools and profit from it. they don't want that garbage in their own kids schools. tech elite are keeping screens
5:39 pm
out of their children's schools and teaching them to play with real toys. they know screens are poison. they make them. this is a licensed psychotherapist. tom, i know you remember well and maybe some of our viewers will too, it was only 5 or 6 years ago that all of the dumb people were telling us the most important thing we could do was put ipads in every school in america and our kids would get brilliant. this was a lie pushed by apple. what do we know? >> we know that's absolutely false. something i lectured about for 10 years. stomping the ground to get parents to see what is happening. why we have so much anxiety and depression and the suicide rate is through the roof. now you have the tech executives who are preventing their own children from using these devices. i was thrilled to hear that. maybe we can educate other
5:40 pm
parents that are not as aware. >> tucker: phil executives never gave cigarettes to their own kids. none of these people are held accountable for what they have done. why? >> it must have something to do with behind-the-scenes lobbying. these tech execs, there is a large amount of students that go to the schools in silicone valleys. and they don't allow any form of electronic devices. it's all paper and pen. 70% are the sons and daughters of tech execs. they know things that the average parent doesn't know. >> tucker: but they sell the
5:41 pm
products any way and school district continues to believe that technology is the key to education. they never warned anybody about the threats they perceive? >> right. i worked at a school during the day. the biggest thing to get a handle is the mentional and emotional well-being of our children. now it's part mental health and part education under the public school umbrella. >> tucker: this is your world. how many educators to do you run into that been this threat? >> they see it firsthand in front of them. they need to read more. my book underscores everything. we need to get parents out there hearing experts like myself
5:42 pm
discuss the ramifications. not just mental health, but also the family system. an average family of four is more like four individuals living a solittary life. >> tucker: and people can't read anymore because their brains are trained to read 50 words at a time on iphone. thank you very much. well, hillary clinton just made an awkward racially tinged joke. should we give her the benefit of the doubt. does anybody get the benefit of the doubt anymore ever? mark stein joins us next to discuss. ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪
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>> tucker: some new video. this is hillary clinton sitting with one of the least impressive people in america media swisher last friday. clinton makes a small racially tinged joke. for real. >> what do you think of cory booker? >> i adore him. >> and saying kick him in the shins. >> eric holder. >> sorry. >> i know they all look alike. >> tucker: in this case we give her the benefit of the doubt. we don't assume she is exposing blatant racism. the question is: would hillary and any of the people who support hillary extend that same benefit of the doubt to you?
5:48 pm
author mark stein has some ideas on that question. he joins us tonight. do you think if you said something like that hillary clinton would say, mark stein, he is probably just kidding? do you think she would say that? >> no and she would not say it if you had made that remark either. nevertheless, i am inclined to agree with you. there are 40,000 reasons to hound hillary clinton out of public life, but this is not one of them. i go back to what victor david hanson said at the top of the show. he used that line the cure is worse the disease. the cure is worse than the disease. a society that destroys people over one remark like this is actually a very ugly and evil society. whatever wrongs it might think it is trying to right. hillary -- by the way i will say
5:49 pm
something else. hillary is not the most sophisticated communicator. she is someone who can tell cory booker from eric holder. one has a mustache. it's not difficult. she is not using the line that all black people look alike to her. she is teasing about an old cliche that she is not using for real. actually that ironic sense has been obliterated from public life. if you say something sly you are assumed to meaning it for real and you have to be hounded. >> tucker: exactly. what gets me, i hope they always have a chance to explain what i meant. it seems that nobody has the right to have an apology taken seriously. we caught you; it's over!
5:50 pm
i don't know who makes these rules. >> well, one of the consequences is that everybody then winds up going around tip-toeing on eggshells. you can never tip toe enough. steve martin made a joke and tweets 1,000 times. he had no idea one joke would have people urging him on twitter to go kill himself or obliterate his cooer. -- career. we can't have that. we have to let hillary survive her they all look alike joke. the price of living in a world where one little remark destroys you, the cure is worse than the disease. >> tucker: and all of these people encouraging the mob.
5:51 pm
look at this horrifying image. this is cnn's lester holt of nbc dressed up as susan boyle the singer. he changed his appearance in a way that is controversial. megyn kelly was just fired for suggesting it was not bad to dress up as a member of the opposite race. i don't think there an equivalence between the two. there is a long history of one and not the other. i don't think there are like 5 people in america who would be offended by what lester holt did. i am not offended by this. if you dress like that, maybe you should be less self-righteous in the face of other people's transgressions. >> that white face is offensive to northern english women of a
5:52 pm
certain age. it's not about anything real. the black face tradition in america is dead as a doornail. ben in 1942 wore black face for a lincoln number. then an entire tradition no longer became respectable. again the cure is worse than the disease. i was in australia when a kanye west fan. she went to a party. he was her favorite celebrity. she went there as kanye west. and the australia media wanted to destroy her. this is evil. i would like lester holt to do the news for susan boyle for a week. >> tucker: let people apologize.
5:53 pm
if there is no forgiveness, you can't have a functioning society. thank you very much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: one of the mueller's investigations top witnesses now says he doesn't want to cooperate and said he was framed and would like to get out of the plea deal. george papadopoulos is that man. he joins us next. surance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ [2.
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5:58 pm
no evidence you spied for russian. you met have a professor. where is this man today? >> thanks for hosting me, tucker. this is a very important person in this investigation. this professor is allegedly a russian agent who had information that the russians possessed hillary clinton emails which he passed along to me. new information has come out recently from this man's lawyer. what his lawyer is telling the world is that this person, joseph, you not working for russia when he was interacting with george papadopoulos and the trump campaign. he was the under the guidance of the fbi. this information if it's true and there is no reason to believe that his lawyer is slandering his client, if it is
5:59 pm
true, this information alone upends this entire investigation in my eyes. and the narrative of any russian conspiracy. >> tucker: that's for sure. now i wish we had an hour to talk. we have about 45 seconds. where is this guy? why isn't he on capitol hill explaining himself? >> first of all, i did not receive certain evidence that if i had that information beforehand i would not have pled guilty. that's another issue. this person is hiding somewhere in europe according to his lawyer. he is represented by a top law firm in london dealing with his negotiations with the special. counsel. he will come out after the investigation is over. >> tucker: having wrecked our political system and your life.
6:00 pm
i hope you will come back. thank you. we are out of time. that was a packed hour. back tomorrow. 8 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. sean hannity right now. >> sean: good show. a packed show as well. terrorists strike pennsylvania anti-semitic. and the mainstream media and their friends on the left are twisting the tragedy and rushing to politicize it. they are blaming president trump for the senseless actions of a madman who hates president
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