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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 9, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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we impacted all was good to podcast, you will love it. mike emanuel and the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> welcome to fox news at night, we begin with a fox news alert, political crisis in virginia worsening again tonight, lieutenant governor justin fairfax facing a second allegation of sexual assault. he says it is a vicious coordinated smear campaign but the second victim's attorney speaking out as a virginia democratic delegate introduced articles of impeachment, the latest break -- breaking details in a moment and criticisms of alexandria ocasio-cortez green new deal and they are not from republicans. even president obama's former
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energy secretary calls the plan impractical. more on the cracks within the democratic party later. sick around until the end of the hour, a "duck dynasty" start is here. has america lost touch with its core values, full robertson will answer that question but first let's go to allison barber with the latebreaking details. >> duke university tells us they asked justin fairfax to step down from the board at duke stanford school of public policy after a woman claimed the lieutenant governor raped her in 2000 at duke university when they were students, the law firm says mister fairfax's attack was premeditated and aggressive and miss watson shared her account of the rape with friends in a series of emails and facebook
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messages that are in our possession and went on to say we have statements from former classmates that miss watson immediately told friends that mister fairfax had great -- the lieutenant governor's that i deny this latest unsubstantiated allegation. it is demonstrably false. i never forced myself on anyone who died demand a full investigation into these unsubstantiated and false allegations which a couple hours after those two statements there was another one from the accuser's lawyers, they say the lieutenant governor is trying to smear their client and told reporters about an assault they claim the lieutenant governor used to justify his alleged actions. according to the statement coming in 2000 miss watson ran into mister fairfax 1-time after the alleged assault occurred and asked why did you do it? he answered i knew because of what happened to you last year you would be too afraid to say anything. two women accused the lieutenant governor of sexual assault,
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doctor vanessa tyson says he forced her to perform oral sex on him in a hotel room during the 2004 dnc convention in boston, the lieutenant governor says that encounter was consensual. coast democrats called on the lieutenant governor to resign. one virginia delegate says if the lieutenant governor fails to step down he will introduce articles of impeachment on monday. >> i believe these women. impeachment shall be for a high crime or misdemeanor. there is no question violent sexual assault clearly qualifies as a high crime. i would hope that no member would stand in the way of this process getting underway. my hope, my sincere hope is that this will not be necessary. >> all of this as fox news learns the governor told senior staff he will not resign over the racist yearbook photo despite the calls for him to walk away. the governor sent an internal email to government employees apologizing for causing what he
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described as a distraction. >> many thanks. so the top 3 virginia democrats are all involved in potentially career ending scandals but all of them refusing to resign at least for now. joining me now, former republican congresswoman from virginia barbara comstock, great to see you. is it only a matter of time before lieutenant governor fairfax is gone? >> yes. i also served in the state house for 5 years so this is very distressing for everybody in richmond and a small community in the state house we have the virginia way where we really work together and i like to point out when these allegations first came forward particularly about the second woman in october 2017 this was before the election and that means there
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were people who ignored these things and this is both of these women appeared to be, both of them are democrats, a lot of democrat activists and people knew and they had no reason to harm a fellow democrat yet their cases were ignored so it is troubling. i'm happy that virginia leaders called for him to step aside. i certainly said that before they did but i also think this needs to be looked into. of justin fairfax once people to look at this more closely i think we should. we should find out who knew about this and when they knew about it because this is the kind of things that if it came out in october 2017, the same time harvey weinstein's allegations came out this would have had an impact on the election, justin fairfax would never have been elected and our commonwealth wouldn't be hurting like this and going to this.
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mike: is it your perception that meredith watson will seal justin fairfax's fate? >> it's not just these two women that have given incredible corroborated stories with contemporaneous witnesses but many democrat activists and people involved in helping them. justin fairfax doesn't seem to have many if any democrats out there defending him which leads me to ask what did you know because it seems they all turned on him pretty quickly. these are the same people who told governor northram he needed to resign last weekend. and now it looks like fairfax may do the same. >> what about governor? will he be able to hang on to his office? >> i think as many democrats have said they have no confidence in him. how can they believe him and just this week there were reports that the governor and the governor's wife for calling
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justin fairfax and his wife, and mark herring who had his own blackface incident telling him hang in there, hunkered down so unfortunately it seems there are looking at political expediency at the expense of their own allies, these were women who worked with their cause and helped them, and naturally was distressing. these were violent crimes and if these were true the statute of limitations has not expired and if he wants to investigate, there would be, the consequences as well. >> thanks for your time. first it was republicans criticizing alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal but now new criticisms from democrats with some clear party
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divisions in emerging. jillian turner is following the latest. >> reporter: democrats on capitol hill are adopting the green new deal is the rallying cry. >> our planet is in peril, we need to be bold. >> the challenge is out there in the green generation is ready to politically fight for it. >> reporter: the deal details but it is generating major controversy. the center is aspirational, limitation of fossil fuel emission but it doesn't stop there. it is laced with proposals to eliminate plane travel, beef, and provide universal jobs and paid vacation for all americans was republicans are thumbing their noses. >> quite rich for congresswoman ocasio-cortez to point out that we need to ruin our economy and stop all air travel and stop all
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cars, this is green new deal has no chance of going anywhere. >> he wanted hard for people to visit their families on christmas, make electricity prices eight times what they are and you say you can connect with the average guy, a real problem. >> reporter: after yesterday after all out democrats lined up around the block to sign on. the list includes almost all 2020 hopefuls. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, kirsten gillibrand, but today some senior democrats are following speaker pelosi's lead and beginning to distance themselves, president obama's energy secretary weighed in publicly telling npr the deal is impractical and howard dean, former chairman of the dnc offered a cautionary tweet, you can propose a moonshot and we should but we also have to engage those who are not convinced or are frightened.
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the message from dean and other seasoned democrats to the new agency has asked a wing of their party is crystal clear. don't alienate american voters, the party will need to win over in 2020, dean and others recognized will be tough to offer working-class voters and rust belt states like pennsylvania and ohio and mason them running so morning from the party's elders to keep their eyes on the 2020 prize. >> thanks a lot. democrats in virginia bracing for the 2020 fallout, the deepening political crisis threatening to turn the democratic state back into a battleground state. time for tonight's power panel, syndicated columnist and author michelle nelkin, former ohio senate democratic minority leader and chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp. first of all, your reaction to the latest of elements in virginia and how many of these top 3 officials will be forced out? >> they are going to wait it out and i believe this is not the
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time to be depending on short memories and news cycles that will rescue these people. the left is basically built its own ideological pandora's box and i have to say i think there are a lot of us on the right who have seen so many of these tactics, the grievance card played, republicans and conservatives indulging in the bit of schadenfreude now. despite that i do have to caution as someone who has been an investigative reporter and out with false allegations for the last several years we have to be very careful about a bandwagon effect now and the timing of some of these accusations. it is true that some of these accusations were covered up by top democratic officials but whenever there is political expediency you have to ask the tough questions and allegations
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have to be subjected to corroboration. >> a tweet from tim kane calling on the lieutenant governor to go. i want to ask, what about the latest allegations against justice fairfax. is eternal should he be? >> he's on his way out. we are seeing a mounting group of individuals on the democratic side from terry, to tim kane and even fairfax himself is saying bring on an investigation. is what i say about this, democrats have to be careful because there needs to be a level of consistency. there were a lot of battle cries during the brett kavanaugh hearing. if we take a step back and we looked duplicitous, that is something to take into account, now where we are at at this point is this is a huge distraction for governing the
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state of virginia, to the attorney general and people who are sticking around right now being selfish and looking at their own self-interest, their political careers and reputations are already damaged, step aside, let somebody govern and if you want to process these are potential crimes in the commonwealth of virginia, let the judicial process give you do process, not the court from opinion. >> at the top of virginia government structure or should there be? >> there should be. i think there will be. what we are seeing is a fracturing of the coalition that gave democrats a lot of success in virginia. what is happening at the national level. i don't call it the democratic party anymore. it is the socialist democratic party, the green new deal and aoc talking 70% income tax and now you see a disgusting
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approach to late-term abortion so let's go to the beginning of the virginia scandals, rape is disgusting and illegal and should not be tolerated. this all started with the governor of virginia saying, he is a pediatrician, that he knew exactly what happens in these cases, keep the baby comfortable, after the birth of child, talk to parents and if the parents don't want to keep the child alive you execute it, that is the beginning of this scandal and that is important because that's one of the things in a state like virginia that is fracturing even the left-wing democratic coalition. >> what about the green new deal, your thoughts on that and the impact it could have on democrats going forward? >> it is impractical, fantastical and it is dividing the elite of the democrat party from progressive rabble-rousers and i am enjoying popping my popcorn watching at all. is one important and serious
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ideological point you rarely hear which is these radical environmentalists putting forth these costly programs that are pipedreams turn out to be the worst enemy of future generations of children not only because of the cost these fantastical things will impose on future generations but most radical environmentalists are subscribers to population control policies that don't want children on the earth in the first place. >> your thoughts on the green new deal and the presidential hopefuls were quick to jump on it. listen to cory booker on the stump today. >> our climate is in pearland we need to be bold, when the planet has been imperiled in the past who came forward to save earth from the scourge of totalitarian regimes? >> don't ever invoke not these and try to compare them to
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anything else, don't do that but cory booker and the rest that signed the green new deal are looking to make sure they can compete in the progressive space in the democratic primary. i'm of the howard dean camp and the camp of the former energy secretary, former legislator of the state of ohio, the first to do renewable. we need to take some level of action but i can also tell you this is absolutely not realistic and if we want to have a real conversation about reducing greenhouse gases and combating climate change let's be serious. >> getting of commercial aviation, rebuilding every building in the country? >> we are going to get rid of all fossil fuels, curative cars, get rid of planes, going to just use bicycles and get on high-speed rail. i love this idea that the only part of energy we will have in our economy is electricity.
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how will we generate that electricity? these are details they might have thought about before writing this legislation. >> matt capri and michelle, thank you for being here on friday night. fireworks on capitol hill today during the acting attorney general's final days at the justice department. >> have you and asked to include any action to be taken by the special counsel? >> i see that your 5 minutes is up. i am here voluntarily. we agreed to 5-minute rounds. >> amid the contentious back and forth the acting ag said he's not interfered in any way with russia probe. stick around for more on the hearing. and the deadline with china is looming that after the
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president's second scheduled summit with kim jong un. we will talk about it with adam kinsinger after the break. ♪
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12:23 am
donald trump appointed matt whitaker as acting attorney general was terrain in robert mueller's probe. the chair of the house judiciary committee vowed that whitaker would be there first witness and today right out of the gate whitaker was asked why, if he was critical of the mueller probe in the past he did not recuse himself from the investigation. >> doj officials who advised you not to touch the investigation. is that correct? yes or no? >> i consulted with career ethics officials, senior staff, the office of legal counsel, it was my decision to make but i decided not to recuse. >> he was asked if he had shared mueller's report with the president or his legal team and if he supported the president's claim that the investigation is a sham. >> i've not talked about the special counsel's investigation
12:24 am
with senior white house officials. >> are you overseeing a witchhunt? >> the special counsel's investigation is an ongoing investigation so it would be inappropriate for me -- >> you wouldn't oversee a witchhunt, you would stop a witchhunt, wouldn't you? >> it would be inappropriate for me to talk about an ongoing investigation. >> the most contentious exchange game when whitaker called time on chairman nadler which caused some to laugh, others to gasp. >> of your been asked to approve any request to be taken by the special counsel? >> mister chairman, i see that your 5 minutes is up. i am here voluntarily. we have agreed to 5-minute rounds. >> never told reporters they might need to speak to whitaker against and she didn't answer many of the committee's questions, the whitaker's continued tenure as ag is likely less then a week. >> breaking tonight donald trump
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tweeting the location for his second summit with kim jong un, they will meeting in hanoi, vietnam, one day before the deadline for trade deal with china, issues of huge and present -- important for the president's legacy and the nation's economic and foreign policy but with the clock ticking down is there time to hammer out all the details. let's bring in republican congressman from illinois who sits on the house for relation committee. good to see you. donald trump tweeting north korea under the leadership of kim jong un will become a great economic powerhouse, may surprise somebody won't surprise me because i've gotten to know him and fully understand are capable use, north korea will become a different kind of rocket, and economic one. what is your reaction to that? >> i want to be clear, kim jong
12:26 am
un is a very evil person, he has killed a lot of people, he keeps people in work camps and the whole reason we're in this position is he trying to develop a nuclear weapons program. i'm uncomfortable when donald trump complement them but at the same time this will be a good summit i hope. one thing to keep in mind when the iranian nuclear deal was being hammered out i didn't like the deal but that was behind closed doors and we saw what looked like in the end, this process with north korea plays out in the public so there will be ofs and downs, there are high moments and low moments. i hope on february 27th we make some good progress but we need to see some pretty certifiable progress if we want to get off of a warpath with north korea. >> the summit and hanoi's 2 and half weeks away. what do they need to figure out before trump/kim 2.0? >> there's a lot to figure out a lot of negotiations behind-the-scenes, we know where they are sitting on some of them.
12:27 am
a lot of work is being done. it is one thing to map out where we want to go from here. here are some deliverables to walk out with. what i'm concerned about is it is time for some deliverables, i'm worried we will end the end to declare the korean war, and without getting something verifiable and certifiable. i think donald trump is doing the right thing on this path because the alternative is really bad and we need to do everything we can but it is time for kim jong un to give us and certifiables. >> michael hanlon suggested the president should be pragmatic, do a deal that eliminates their ability to launch more bombs in exchange for a partial lifting of sanctions. what do you think of that idea? >> there stuff but i'm uncomfortable with, any kind of a deal like that because it means we have to give something
12:28 am
to a very evil man. it is incumbent on us to remember is a very evil man but there's going to be some give. the president's point that the north korean economy can be good if we come to a footing of peace instead of war, it is possible. there's got to be some carrots in this but there are also sticks. we have the ability to destroy north korea's nuclear weapons but we would much rather see them on a path to peace and prosperity, helping its people, pulling them out of work camps than the alternative. mike: we are a week from other funding deadline. what are you hearing about the talks? >> it is going to be something where nobody is happy but everybody is happy. we are not going to shutdown. democrats are giving a little bit from what i'm hearing. they will have to give a little
12:29 am
bit and we will not shut the government on because we shouldn't. we need to build a wall, get border security. we are on the path but i'm an optimist, 87% of the time i optimism is wrong. >> hopefully you are right this time. it and consider, thank you, have a great weekend. amazon's ceo claims he was being extorted and blackmailed by the national enquirer so jeff bezos is fighting back, we have the latest on this tawdry tabloid tail and we will discuss the legal ramifications of this case. and a little later, fox news at night, "duck dynasty," when phil robertson and his beard stop by, keep it here.
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12:34 am
beyond the accusations, american media which owns the national enquirer now faces questions by the justice department if they violated their agreement with the feds. we start at the beginning and work our way to this point. the national enquirer ran a story about the amazon founder's alleged affair with steamy text between jeff bezos and his lover, the world's richest man and launched his own investigation help the tabloid got the pictures and looking at whether the national enquirer's long-term from the relationship with donald trump has anything to do with their motivation. now jeff bezos is releasing emails to american media which owns inquiry, threatening to publish compromising photos him including selfys him as he drops his investigation and, quote, there is acknowledgment from the parties through mutually agreeable news outlet affirming they had no knowledge or basis for suggesting the coverage was politically motivated.
12:35 am
bezos fought back rather than capitulating to extortion and blackmail i decided to publish exactly what they sent me despite the personal cost and embarrassment they threaten. federal prosecutors say the publisher of the inquirer paid a woman to kill her story claiming an affair with donald trump before taking office, trump also attacked jeff bezos for his ownership of the washington post and its coverage of him but today the white house was silent. >> we are not going to get into a conversation about something between jeff bezos had a tabloid magazine. >> the new york post had this to say, it is a reference to the type of pictures the inquirer had, from john cassidy, memo to the honchos at the national enquirer threatening one of the world's richest men by saying you have sexual exquisite selfys, don't have your lawyer and top editor put the threats in writing.
12:36 am
it is unclear how the national enquirer obtained the racy pictures and steamy texts in the first place. but they put out a statement saying they fervently believe they acted lawfully. >> quite a story, thanks a lot. let's take a closer look at the legality of the situation with the legal eagles, the former chief counsel to senate majority leader alex vogel, gentlemen, good evening. the richest man in the world evidently sends compromising photos of himself to his mistress and they end up in the hands of the national enquirer. is american media in deep trouble? >> absolutely. when you mess with the us attorneys and try to make them look foolish for a deal they cut four months ago you are in big trouble. when you cut a deal not only is it the sort of thing where you've got to abide by the law
12:37 am
of the deal but you have to continue to abide by the law and if you so much as jaywalk you are in big trouble. >> stephanie cutter worked for president obama and i will get you to respond. >> i had plenty of encounters with the national enquirer and i'm a strong defender of the first amendment but it is a stretch to call that journalism. they started to panic when string started to pool. >> there is an impression in washington, don't pick a fight with a guy who sings by the barrel. we have two guys here, the difference is bezos can also deliver to your house within 12 hours, they picked the wrong fight. it is a new chapter he has written in the top five shoot the hostage, i won't negotiate with terrorists. it is not a first amendment issue.
12:38 am
i heard arguments that they were operating on journalist activity, that is a stretch, that is not journalism. i have heard arguments about classic statutory definition of extortion. it's not the normal case, usually it is a threat in exchange for money. if i was a prosecutor i would dig down pretty hard on this and i think there is a great deal of jeopardy and that's before we get to the issue of how they acquired these pictures. i'm pretty sure he didn't leave his phone unlocked in a park bench and the best case is someone gave them to him. the worst is they engaged in illegal activity. there been allegations about government involvement, that would blow this open but even the more traditional ways to do this are likely legally problematic with him. >> he thought back about this embarrassing incident.
12:39 am
>> most people don't and one of his argument is he wants to turn this over and see what comes out. i'm guessing what will come out in addition to the fact of this case are number of other instances of similar behavior and it is frankly as he says his argument was if i, the richest man in the world can't do this, who can stand up to this? a lot of people are very appreciative of that. >> do you think the inquirer was going after him as a political attack? >> whether it is a political attack or not they're going after him in exchange for it and that matters. when you talk about extortion it is a textbook law school test exam. when somebody tries to get something of value in exchange for not ruining your reputation that is extortion so whether it is political or not, if you go to the depths of what is going on you have the actual general counsel who used to work for
12:40 am
amazon sending those emails so if there's something personal or political it is beside the point, it is extortion. mike: have a great weekend. democrats control the house, they have major impact on whether the government shutdown again in 7 days because of a major will change under the new speaker's impact, the deadline for when a bipartisan deal can get done. >> we are pretty close but not close, not that close. mike: phil robertson joins us for a compelling conversation about life lessons he shares in his new book the theft of america's soul, stick around.
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♪ >> mike: new optimism tonight for a compromise deal over border security funding but the cloc mike: new optimism over the deal on border security funding, the clock is ticking to a possible
12:45 am
government shutdown because there is a major change in the house, a new rule that mems must post the text of bills 72 hours before a vote. chad program explains. >> americans expect members of congress to read what they are voting on, whether it is changes to the health care system or barrier along the southern border. you never know what is tucked deep inside the legislation, nancy pelosi stoked the country's i are as congress stumbled toward approving obamacare. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. >> reporter: republicans biden open, read the bill became the mantra. >> if you read the bill? have you read the reconciliation bill? >> reporter: in place to democrats for president obama's economic stimulus plan, a climate change measure clocked in at 1200 pages and this.
12:46 am
is obamacare. >> have you read the manager's amendment? know you haven't. >> reporter: the same your republicans pledged to make a change requiring three days to read bills if they won the house, not quite. a closer reading of the rule only mandated the house post some bills for parts of three days sometimes described as a 24-hour into second rule, you could post at 11:59:5:09 pm on a tuesday and vote as early as 12::00:01. >> we need to restore the integrity institution. >> reporter: napa nancy pelosi has the gavel again they say they will read the bill before they vote. the new rule says most garden-variety bills must be available for all to peru's for 72 hours before debate and vote. >> the fairway to proceed, people should know what they are voting on. >> bills were only a page long
12:47 am
and it was only a copy, some members were illiterate. they were the bills out loud so everyone could hear the legislation. the house is supposed to do that today but always waves from. in college, just because the professor assigns the book doesn't mean students read it. the same is the case with reading a bill in congress. on capitol hill, chad program, fox news. mike: a special guest coming up, author phil robertson spend quality time with shannon discussing the big issues. >> the age-old struggle between good god and evil. the devil.
12:48 am
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>> mike: has america lost touch with its core values? mike: has america lost touch with its values? phil robertson says yes and in order to make america great again we should start with god. shannon bream caught up with the "duck dynasty" patriarch. shannon: phil robertson has a new book, the theft of america's all, blowing the lid off the lies destroying our country. great to have you with us, how are you? >> good to be with you.
12:52 am
shannon: you know this book will rub a lot of people the wrong way and you are talking about cultural fights and issues there and you go through the book and talk about lies being presented in society and how you want to challenge them. i thought we withdraw couple of those up and get your thoughts. the first one, god is dead. what is that about? >> i've noticed different human beings, the started back when i was in college, when human beings started saying god dies and god is dead, i noticed they are the ones, humans are the ones who are dead. like ephesians 2, you once were dead in your sins and transgressions when you followed the ways of the world and the spirit of the kingdom of the air who works on those who are disobedient so i am trying to remind people god has always been and always will be.
12:53 am
all he asks us to do is love him and love each other. i don't see the downside to it. >> what about the fact that it is old-fashioned, you mentioned seeing, that doesn't come up in dc a lot. a lot of people think this is outdated and that is over. how do you respond? >> you read the definition of sin, everyone who sins, and all do, breaks the law. sin is lawlessness. if we can't look at our culture, if we can't see lawlessness, what in the world would it take for us to see it? we are in the streets, hollering immorality, murder, rape, mayhem. you would think people would say you've got a point. the bible has a point. we don't seem to be very loving.
12:54 am
the brett kavanaugh hearing, the way people went on and on in their attacks and the language we use these days. the afterword has gone mainstream, perversion is mainstream, immorality is mainstream and we are suffering debilitating diseases that come from all this stuff but we carry on and say don't tell me anything about living a life of restraint, a life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. don't tell me about those things because that is bible stuff. i am looking at them and thinking what have we turned
12:55 am
into? i never thought i would see america look like it does now. never thought i would see that when i was on the earth but i'm looking at it. i wrote the book to say at least investigate, one guy trying to force us to do good when i get up in the morning. tough sell. shannon: the book is interesting, you are the guy to do and it will spark interesting conversations of people will give it a chance and you are willing to have conversations. you mentioned forgiveness? i needed every single day and i know you would say the same for yourself. we wish you the best and come back soon. mike: time for the midnight hero, abigail areas has always dreamed of being a police officer, doctors told her she has incurable kidney cancer so the police chief and freeport police department made her dreams come true, they swore her in as an honorary member of the force and she promised to keep fighting the bad guys until all her cancer is gone. we salute abigail areas in the
12:56 am
freeport police department, tonight's midnight hero's. most trusted, most-watched and most grateful you spent the evening with us, happy friday night, good night from washington. i am mike emanuel in for shannon bream. (ala♪m goes off) wake up sweetie. ♪ doctor dave. see ya. ♪
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good night from washington. "hannity" is next. this is a fox news awe letter. we have major developments on the political chaos in virginia. hang on to your seats. it will be a wild night. this special edition of "hannity," "the left in crisis." i'm dan bongino in for sean. in the scandal rocked commonwealth of virginia governor ralph northam and attorney general mark herring fating calls to resign after being embroiled in the blackface scandal. tonight. a second woman accusing lieutenant governor justin fairfax of virginia of sexual assault. trace gallagher has the latest. trace? >> good evening, dan. the second accuser is meredith watson who says the assault was in 2000 while they were both under grads at duke university. watson says the two were friends but


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