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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 17, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis. drink as a tomboy does to them in position to declare a national emergency of funding to build the border wall. >> the bottom line is this. you cannot conceive of a nation without a strong secure border. this is defending their own country. drink your former acting fbi or andrew mccabe under fire. lindsey graham vowing to hold a summit of the claim there was a serious discussion about using the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office. >> chicago police are pursuing a new line investigation of jussie smollett hate crime
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investigations. why they are no longer calling small at the victim. kristen: welcome to america's news headquarters in washington. and kristin fisher. trade you think about that yesterday. jonathan hunt said the story was changing by the hour and it's true today. i am leland vittert. the jussie smollett story in a minute. growing backlash over the decision to declare a national emergency on the border. word now that there could be protests across the country on presidents' day tomorrow. ellison barber here and it's not just democrats you'd expect going after the president. some republicans who worry about the precedent as well. reporter: they are talking about this in many ways. the party is divided in a lot of mixed reaction. we are expecting to see those in various states. one would expect the venice california.
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a state that is also expect to see the president over his national emergency declaration. on friday california's governor and attorney general hinted that a multistate law school hobby or becerra said they will file a lawsuit and that is an imminent. >> we knew something like this might happen and with our partners we are ready to go. we are confident they are at least a billion ways we can prove harm. reporter: they believe this is an appropriate use of presidential authority in the statute is in their favor. democrat disagree. they say it goes too far in some republicans are agreeing with them. >> our government was designed for the power to reside within congress and we shouldn't have an executive. i don't care if it's republican or democrat with his national merchants a declaration. >> democrats and critics say
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it's an abnormal use of the national emergency act because congress turned out a request for money and just disregard them out. stephen miller toward "fox news sunday" he does not buy into that line of thinking because congress has appropriate money for barriers on a number of vacations in the past and either way believes the president is adhering to the national emergency act. >> they passed a law saying the president can have this authority. that's a decision congress made. if the people don't like that they can address it. >> house democrats are going to vote on a disapproval resolution if it makes it to the president -- are you suggesting president trump will veto it or not will be his first veto authority make it to the white house. trying to diversity to the democratic congress a couple months then. thanks so much. kristin has got more on that. >> tennessee congressman chuck fleischmann. top republican on the appropriation homeland security subcommittee. thank you for coming on the
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show. >> was done for my pleasure. thank you. >> renée were critical in helping draft this bipartisan border security deal. i am curious, do support his declaration of a national emergency at the border? >> first of all, very pleased the president vanderbilt. i worked hard to get five points seven for the billion. we came up short. we got one point for but a lot of other things done in that bill. funding for israel pro-life writers and the like. thank you to the president for signing the bill. on the other situation the president has been very honest and transparent. we are going to build the border wall and keep our borders safe. i look at the existing law. at first i had some questions but we have constitutional precedent for the united states supreme court and we also have a situation where we have a federal statute right on point passed in 1976 the republican
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and democratic presidents have used. the president is within its bounds under the constitution to do this. would have approved it and appreciated more from the appropriations process? yes. we just couldn't get there. leland: whether or not he's legally within the mom to declare a national emergency are you glad he did it? was it the right move? >> i'm glad president trump continues to keep promises to the american people. this is a president is a man of action, works hard and pulled up all along this was not a surprise. he researched this in a while. in 1993 supreme court decision basically says presidents can reprogram money. i don't think democrats have any chance of beating encore. the $600 million in the two-point type. undeterred by failing dollar and the other fund is for the constitutional question may come out. when you look at the 1976
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statute, the fact we've used the statute 60 times in 31 of those times the national emergencies are still in effect. it was going to be declared unconstitutional would've been declare that way by now. kristen: several of your republican colleagues on capitol hill have raised concerns this is unconstitutional. it raises real constitutional concerns. lamar alexander said it unnecessary and inconsistent with the u.s. constitution. at the very least are you at all concerned that that's a bad precedent when a new precedent comes into the white house? >> if we are going to look at this and be honest and transparent with the american people, congress would have the right to revise the 1976 statute of the supreme court decision rendered in 1993 on reprogramming. basically play by the rules we
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have given him as a nation. any president would do that. if we are going to judge the president changed the rules, change the rules, but he's playing within the bounds of the law and i think he will win this. one issue on the reprogramming is very clear based on the supreme court decision he can do it. >> how about the potential impact on the military? this could impact construction and maintenance projects on military bases, u.s. military bases all over the world. are you worried about a declaration like that having a negative impact on the military? >> is an appropriate or i worked hard for increased funding for the military in the last few years because we broke to sequester the budget control act was visibly avoided for two years. were going to fall under that in 2020. hopefully we can break through that again.
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we have had unprecedented funding, good funding for the night it's military. they have plenty of dollars. the best part donald trump study does and look to see where these funds were available so would not cause harm. the question on the constitutionality is one that he has researched here are the key standing on high ground. leland: thank you so much. >> a pleasure. leland: now withdrawing her name from consideration for nomination of united states ambassador. gillian turner joining us with this. confirmations could longer than expected but this certainly not expected. >> definitely took a lot of diplomats by surprise. sources telling fox news her decision to withdraw resulted from concern over past employment as a nanny who was
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not legally allowed to work in the united states. it is true than in a question? the appropriate work visa to do the job for which they had hired her. the state department has confirmed this element of the story for fox news. they said only the nominating process around traveling around the world between d.c. and new york theater family grew to be too much. this echoes what she herself said in a statement yesterday. the past few months have been growing for my family and it's the best interest of my family that i withdraw my name from consideration. it is unclear whether she will remain in her role as spokesperson for the state department or not there were subsequent statement from her boss secretary pompeo seemed to bid her farewell. i wish her nothing but that the best golfer future endeavors and know she will continue to be a great representative of the station in whatever role she finds herself. president trump had selected a handful of candidates back in the summer.
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[inaudible] as for the vacant position. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. soon. other nominees in the pipeline now include names president trump had previously considered. kelly craft, current ambassador to canada could record now, ambassador to germany and dena powell and john james, former senate candidate from michigan, you've interviewed him a whole host of times. leland: will see what happens. thank you so much. >> the former acting fbi director inner mccabe is seen in a 60 minutes interview tonight that the deputy ag rod rosenstein discussed the 25th
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amendment to remove president trump from office. phil keating in west palm beach with more. >> welcome to sunny and warm palm beach. 82 degrees out here. not necessarily good conditions for golf. over at the trump international golf club. later today expected to conduct further trade talks about china in upcoming negotiations. a lot of talk about the 60 minutes interview where he candidly talks about the time right after president trump fired the fbi director. he discussed with james baker and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about positively
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possibly invoking the amendment to remove the president and secretly considered recording the president over concerns about his actions and motives regarding russia and u.s. policy. >> discussion on the 25th amendment is simply rod raised the issue in discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an offer. >> rosenstein was actually openly talking about whether there was a majority of the cabinet would vote to remove the president. >> that's correct. counting votes or possible votes. >> according to baker, rosenstein told him they guess as you just heard were also ready to remove from office. mccain himself pushing back a bit on how his interview is being promoted over the past few
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days. a statement by the spokeswoman, quote, certain statements in interviews associated with the release of his book have been taken out of context and misrepresented. to clarify at no time did mr. mccabe participate in any extended discussions about the use of the 25th amendment nor is he aware of any such discussions. tomorrow the president will make his way down to miami florida international university at a rally with venezuelans who live in the drought area of the metro area of miami all to try to push further president maduro, tater venezuela out of office and offer u.s. support again for opposition leader lawn guiado in the scourge of socialism. kristen: i can always come you to provide a report in the white house, whether in golf conditions on one hit.
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much appreciated. thanks, phil currently land. leland: criminal defense attorney assistant u.s. attorney alex little to talk about this. leave it to a bunch of lawyers to rewrite history, rewrite it again and spin it. in the interview you've got mccabe talking about how there were discussions, now you have a statement saying mr. mccabe didn't participate in any extended discussion. why is there so much parsing of every word here if there wasn't anything done at various. >> would have to put this in context. at the time they were high government officials and having a conversation they probably realized was incredibly high stakes. at the same time it's important to think about why they have the conversation. with his explosive is coming
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after my diet or not. these are the two individuals who would've know most about the counterintelligence investigation going on in intelligence about what russia has been doing over the past six months and they were incredibly troubled by what the president had done. the basic question i don't think we should be concerned or public figures are having discussions. actions may be important but we want to question what's happening. leland: this from katherine harris this morning. goes beyond pbs. based on his conversations with the cave-in leisa page that two cabinet officials were ready to support the 25th amendment at her. that change anything? >> is certainly should shock us we have two people picked by the president quickly after inauguration. >> is the discussion about the
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25th amendment in the purview of the deputy attorney general in the acting fbi terror? it is the vice president. it's not a bureaucratic mechanism. >> yap, the question is why would they go that route. if the president was sick and he had a stroke you would presume that would, through his medical staff to the cabinet. here the disability they were concerned about was being compromised by a foreign intelligence service. that you would expect to come out way. leland: this is mccabe on that point. take a listen. >> of the president committed obstruction of justice, fired the director of the fbi to negatively impact or shutdown our investigation of russia's malign it to be and possibly in support of his campaign as a counterintelligence investigator you have to ask yourself why would a president of the united
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states did not. leland: that is mccabe to your point explaining exactly why he would do it. lindsey graham talking about how he views the situation and will get you to sum it up for us. take a listen. >> we're a democracy. people enforced law can't take it into their own hands. i attempted bureaucratic coup and i'll do everything i can to get to the bottom of the department of justice towards president trump. leland: that doesn't exactly seem to jive with what you're saying about it is okay for bureaucrats to have those conversations. >> lindsey graham is a politician mentor mccabe is sent. he doesn't care necessarily about some of the harm to the greater public that helps him in his. politicians have done that for centuries. that's not new. the question is whether the structures we have an civil society. this is one that protects us whether republicans or democrats across presidential administrations. leland: and now some serious
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questions to whether that was done in a nonpartisan way. >> there's going to be debate about that and it's an important debate. leland: annan is what lindsey graham is talking about. appreciate your insight and expertise as always. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. kristen: now to one of the more bizarre stories of the week. attorneys for jussie smollett are pressing on claims of the actors staged his own assault after police released two men from custody that they say provided new information that change the course of their investigation. mike tobin joins us from chicago with more. what are you hearing? >> despite all the anonymous sourcing in this case, the official police spokesman told me last night that jussie smollett is no longer considered a bit done. as i suspect at least not yet. please want to get into the station asking more questions. a statement that came out last night that information received from individuals questioned by
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police early in the case has in fact shifted project tree of the investigation. we reached out to the cast members attorney to request a follow-up interview. individuals are a couple of brothers from nigeria. one of them worked on the show empire. one of them was his personal trainer picked up at o'hare airport in question by chicago police. official sources say the brothers are cooperating with investigators and into evidence resulting from interrogations they were released and drop as potential suspects. anonymous sources say they were paid to stage the attack, that they even rehearsed it together. official channels have not confirmed any of that. on january 29 t. was jumped by two white men who shouted racist and slurs and chatted this is make america great again tree. donald trump junior tweeting today i'm wondering if someone harris still wants justice.
10:20 am
smollett has flared up. his lawyers say he is devastated, angered, the demise again by the people who doubt his story. no work from a legal he will submit to more questioning. >> so interesting. mike tobin, thank you. leland: will see if he shows up for the next police interview. talk radio panel on how democratic residential candidate someone harris, were they to condemn president trump supporters. we'll take a look in the past couple of weeks. plus, the white house gears up for second with kim jong in vietnam. a look at the stakes. my that one of the most horrible areas on the border. see what is being done to protect our country. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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10:25 am
approaches. how did these issues played not as fairly with primary voters general election voters. ceo about the strategy scott, good to see you as always. but it says about how popular it is in terms of taxing millionaires commending those making over $10 million weird you heard alexandria ocasio-cortez, elizabeth warren. higher tax rate on those making more than $10 million the year. 56% of americans support. is that something they're willing to vote on? >> i think it is when we look at data in the iowa, new hampshire primary state. an issue that polls above 70% in age groups like 18 to 35 in iowa over 90% and over 70% on medicare for all. leland: pretty stunning numbers. is that something that's enough
10:26 am
to drive democrats not only in the primary but then also in the general? >> i think so. democratic candidates have endorsed the great new deal. something inside of an ounce videos. it's certainly going to drive us and motivate people to come out and that will be their rallying cry throughout the cycle. leland: another thing we've seen from those cosponsoring medicare for all. but the poll enough on there. nationwide polling on medicare for all support. dirty 3.8% opposed on this one is 44%. is this one of the issues where we see huge support in the democratic primary base not so much inside the general election base. >> correct. look at medicare fraud states like iowa, south carolina polled above 50% and especially older age groups, 45 plus over 60% in
10:27 am
south carolina. over indexed for those types of voters. trade do what is the danger for democrats on the trail saying i'm willing to go all in for medicare for all. how did they then walked out back come the nomination? >> that's a good question. they're going to have to win some independents here to make it happen and it certainly doesn't go over as well as it does with democratic voters. so it's something they have to work on. trained a lot of reporting president trump statement messaging to figure out how they are going to combat this and in a way take advantage of it. here's one of the lines they're trying. take a listen. >> because the democrat party has never been more outside of the main stream. /they're becoming the party of
10:28 am
socialism, late-term abortion, open borders and crime. sure into how does that play? >> is great for a space. as much as taxing people over a million dollars, those are the issues that play well with the republican base and he needs his base to win again in 2020. the fact and you can see how much it's spending on advertising for his campaign already testing different outcome of states, things like that, his team is working on that today. true to your polling speaks to the specific policy ideas over $10 million medicare for all windows $10 million. the nebulous term of socialism and how that plays in the polls. it is only 25 to 10. 59% unfavorable. if that were president trump can sort of blast everything of socialism and pick up on those unfavorables? >> especially medicare for all
10:29 am
taxing of a million dollars a socialism. then those will be dragged down and branded as such. we will see how it all works. i think it will be helpful to the campaign. trained to resent his surrogates on the trail. optimists consulting. good to see you as always. kristen: today all of us are remembering fox news contributor patrick caddell. he passed away from complications in the home state of south carolina. advice is considered a key fact here in the successful 1976 presidential campaign. he is survived by his daughter, three grandchildren, brother and sister. pat caddell, 68 years old. than . on average, we'll live in eleven homes.
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>> new jersey senator and presidential hopeful, cory booker campaigning in new hampshire this hour. he is not the only 2020 candidate on the trail this weekend. we have the latest on what all of the 2020 candidates are doing this weekend. it is a very busy weekend! reporter: it sure is! lots on the campaign trail of the beacon playlist with elizabeth warren. she is been busy. yesterday she was in georgia when she got heckled by him in the audience who asked her why she lied about her native american ancestry. he was escorted out after she asked the crowd to quote - be easy. minnesota senator amy klobuchar did not have much of an easier time when she was campaigning in wisconsin. she was forced to defend her yes vote on the president's spending bill but she made it clear she does not support declaring a national emergency. >> is going to take money from
10:35 am
emergency measures probably we do not know yet, but things that are really there to secure a country. where there is things with the military or things with disaster relief, whether it is putting fires in the west or protecting our land from hurricanes. reporter: kamala harris campaigning in south carolina yesterday. we are seeing elizabeth warren but kamala harris was out on the campaign trail as well. she was in south carolina and she feel the questions at a town hall. one witness she could be the one candidate to be president trump. she says yes, in part, because she knows how to fight. >> i believethis is the most time that we need fighters on the stage. we know how to fight. i do . [applause] and also, having the desire to
10:36 am
lead. reporter: later, the woman asked the question told reporters, she was not sold on the answer but would continue to give harris a chance. finally, new jersey senator, cory booker has now been working the crowd in new hampshire. yesterday he hit hard on the issue of a border wall which he is squarely against. [inaudible] okay so the president was wasting his time with money for a border wall and mexico would pay for it. clearly they are not as strong. while senator bookers on the campaign trail today as we speak, in manchester met new hampshire, at a party with young democrats. senator elizabeth warren, she is in las vegas. trying her luck. back to you. >> thank you. leland: while a number of the present hopefuls were quick to sound off on the ledge hate crime against jussie smollett, many of the same democrats are
10:37 am
now pretty silent on the recent elements that we heard from mike tobin earlier that chicago police now say the empire star is no longer considered a victim. with that would bring in our talk radio panel. we will take a look at a couple of the tweets. kamala harris, this is attempted modern-day lynching no one should have to feel for their life because of sexuality or color of their skin. kirsten gillibrand, this is a sickening and outrageous attack. horribly, the list of too many crimes against lgbtq people and people of color. cory booker saying this was an attempted modern-day lynching i'm glad he is safe. to those in congress who do not feel an urgency to pass antilynching bill, designated lynching is a federal hate crime i urge you to pay attention. a reference to the rope that jussie smollett said was around his neck.
10:38 am
time for those same people to walk those statements back? >> first, glad to be back. look, the real question here is not whether or not these candidates said something that reflected how they felt about the information they had. which really, what kamala harris said, anybody that is a person of color or lgbt should feel safe in the country. the question is not whether or not the candidate should have said it, it is, where is a gop when something like this comes along? why are they saying something? >> knew the gop was waiting for the facts to come out, before rushing to judgment. >> we didn't have a person of interest in this. they are talking about attacks on people of color. and lgbt. look, the fbi numbers show the attacks are up. they are up especially since the president took office. >> josh, go ahead, do these candidates at least over the country the time and decency to wait for the facts to come out?
10:39 am
>> of course.anytime they got and issue some kind of statement condemning somebody on the basis of engaging in racism or hatred without the facts is bad. the democratic party needs an issue. this is in the words of this cheney, property of karl marx. the policies are so far to the left now trying to win the nomination. we'll get to general election under think they can win. in less they try to paint the president as the bad guy. the objective on that part of democrats and the reason i sound off so rapidly when they see a story like this case, they needed to be true. they want it to be true. because the policies won't work. they are not selling. the idea is instead of saying vote for me, i am for this, they say vote against the guy because he is the spawn of hell.because of they talk about that what therefore, medicaid for a lower tax bracket, many oppose them. leland: this is what jussie smollett told abc a couple of
10:40 am
days ago. listen and will get your reaction. >> it feels like if i had said, it was a muslim or a mexican or someone black, i feel like they would've supported me a lot much more. leland: this is smollett making it about race and politics. not the gop. >> yeah, look.there is obvious he something wrong with this guy. but having three straight white guys talk about was like to be a person of color, lgbt, is pretty difficult to imagine that we would know. leland: hold on, hold on! is it wrong. >> let me finish, please. leland: let me ask you a question. is it wrong for us to talk about the truth and whether or not politicians should wait for the facts before making statements or not? >> there is obviously a problem in this country. especially with republican party. they don't do with the issue appeared look at what trump has
10:41 am
said about trans and gays in the military. he is lied, we've hundred 50,000 gay and trans serving in the military.leland: how to get from there to here? >> chip, your answers basically, it doesn't matter if smollett light of the boys are not guilty. donald trump are still racist anyway. >> don't put words in my mouth. i didn't say that. >> he said a moment ago. >> i did not say that. >> let me finish. you said a moment ago noah came out and condemned this on the republican side when everyone believed that smollett had been assaulted. in fact is not true. the united states president said, the day that trinity wanted good morning america, he said this is as bad as it could get and repugnant. >> so why aren't you talking about the president? why are you going after kamala harris and others?
10:42 am
they are good people speaking to the real issues. >> the question -- [multiple speakers] >> i guess this explains why this is such a heated issue and why perhaps, the story came as such scrutiny. good to see both of you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. kristin: up next. in over a week all eyes will be on the second summer between president trump and the north korean leader, kim jong-un. but will they be able to find the path for denuclearization? we will break down what's at stake.
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10:47 am
author of the nuclear showdown, gordon chang. >> hi kristin. kristin: a few weeks ago the chinese president xi jinping attended a concert put on by the north koreans in beijing. you say that it is a bad omen for the summit. why? >> yeah, sure that the chinese are trying to reinsert themselves into the denuclearization process. china over the course of decades has armed north korea both missiles and nuclear programs also they've given a lot of diplomatic protection to the kim regime. kim jong-un and his father. i don't think that the chinese trying to say look, here we are, is a good sign for a spin we can maybe have some progress. if we have good discussions with north korea. but with the chinese government becomes a probability just drop so low. kristin: this is now the president second summit with the north korean leader. when are you looking for? what should happen so that president trump can come out of this and say, this is a win for the united states. what would be a win? i think there are two things we
10:48 am
need to get. a basis for all future of them is a declaration of all north korea missile and nuclear facilities. tell us what you've got.the second would be a timetable for disarmament. if we get those things that's a big win for the president. if we don't get them i think this is really just groundhog day. kristin: what about reports that kim jong-un is ready to accept the dismantlement and inspection of a pretty high-profile nuclear plant in north korea? have you heard anything about it? and what do you think is the likelihood of that happening. >> it is easily possible for kim to say that giving up their reactor the place with a produce plutonium phrases. that was started in 1979. finished in 1983 or so. it is dangerous for the north koreans to operate. they have got to close this anyway and so we should not be giving them anything that they would do on their own.
10:49 am
we should not be making concessions for that. >> that would not be a big enough win for you? >> no. i don't think is a win at all for us. kristin: i want to play a quick soundbite from the president earlier this week. in which he described his first son with north korean leader, kim jong-un is very successful. listen to this. >> a lot was done in the first summit. no more rockets going up, no more missiles going up, no more testing of nuclear. the remains of our great heroes from the korean war. and we got back our hostages. but we hope were going to be very much equally successful. i'm in no rush. >> he says that he's in no rush for speed, should he be there? >> i think so. it is not only north korea threatens us with its missiles, the other thing is that if we delay, forgiving kim jong-un and south korean president more time to conspire, moon is very
10:50 am
pro-north korea. kristin: we appreciate that we will watch next week. >> thank you. leland: to the southern border next as hundreds of central american migrants are closing in. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪
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washington continue to argue over what a national emergency on the southern border is or isn't, jackie heinrich is in eagle pass, texas where border patrol says, they are now facing a massive influx of migrants over the next couple of days. hi jackie. reporter: highly limp your room i see a surge of migrants trying to cross into the u.s. this week after mixing and authorities and also was a they will be shutting down the shelter 1600 central american migrants have been held now for more than two weeks. 1500 of the people were granted papers to allow them to freely move around mexico. where they may attempt to pass them into the us, is quite another issue. border patrol in a pass since since they arrived they have seen a spike in river rescues. 17 people rescued him one day last week. the weight to cross legally is
10:55 am
indefinite. eagle pass all his resources to process about 27 cases per day. mexican authorities try to break up the caravan by pressing large groups to other border cities hundred miles away. 400 have really taken to other states in mexico and 70 people were deported back to their home countries. but with this closing many will continue their journey into the us. , we never should have come here. should've gone walked across there to the united states. they don't give you the main dietary and visa your never getting out of the shelter. reporter: meanwhile patrick shanahan says he is not yet determined whether the border wall is a military necessity or how much pentagon money would be used for it. even with the president bypassing congress with a national emergency, nothing can help with military budget money unless the defense secretary decides that it is a military
10:56 am
necessity. >> all this morning has been assigned for other purposes. really it comes down to what are you going to trade off? when they say trade-off there really is a trade-off. there is something that had planned to be done. reporter: president trump national emergency is still of course, raising some challenges. from the courts. leland: jackie heinrich, eagle pass, texas right now. i think this topic will come up with stephen miller and chris wallace sit down. kristin: just a little bit. if you have nothing interview already have to see it. it is coming up next. leland: both of them really at their best since they laid out the administration feelings. chris wallace and the "fox news sunday" team is next. we will see you next weekend. ♪ hoo
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chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump declares a emergency to go around congress and build his border wall. ♪ ♪ >> we're talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gangs. chris: what showdowns lie ahead in congress and the courts? we'll ask one of the president's top immigration hard-liners, senior adviser stephen miller. then -- >> the only reason we're up here talking about this is because of the election. because they want to try to win an election which it looks like they're not going to be able to do. chris: we sit down with rush limbaugh for a rare live television exclusive t


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