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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 23, 2019 1:00pm-3:01pm PST

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. that's all of you for watching. i'm pau paul gigot. hope to see you all next week. we're told a boeing 757 car gocargo jet has crashed in texa. it went down 30 miles southeast of bush international airport. the plane traveling from miami international to houston. the faa issued alert on the atlas air flight after it lost radio and radar contact. atlas air is a cargo operator. reports say there were three people on board. we'll have more on this developing story as we get it. meanwhile, there have been violent clashes in the streets of venezuela and the country's border today, as juan guaido vows to bring in trucks with aid, despite objections from
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disputed president nicolas maduro. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. guaido announced he's block -- maduro announced he's blocking the desperately needed aid from moving over the border. brian llenas has the latest now. >> reporter: there are at least two dead and 18 injured on the border between venezuela and brazil. according to a reputable nonprofit, that tracks violence in wednesda venezuela, private d gangs in support of nicolas maduro's regime opened fire on civilians, killing at least two and injuring 18. it's one of many clashes we're seeing on the border. this is a live look right now on the bolivar bridge, between colombia and venezuela. there have been trucks, tons of
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humanitarian aid from the united states in colombia, trying to make their way desperate venezuelans in venezuela today and as you can see, there are people here that have been trying to get that -- to get those supplies in. police fired gas canisters and they have at protesters throughout the day. we've seen clashes throughout that border. at the same time venezuela's president maduro gave a speech, vowing to he defend venezuela's independence with his life if necessary. he announced venezuela broke all diplomateic ties with colombia. juan guaido, who is recognized by the united states and 506 othe50other nations who is recod as the legitimate president of venezuela. he said some trucks have made their way into venezuela. he urged thousands ovens way of venezuelans to show up at the
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border to get the trucks through. they say military members are joining the opposition. john bolton retweeted the video, urging more venezuelan soldiers to join guaido. guaido tweeted this earlier today, quote, anyone who is not on the side of the people, and who prevents the entry of humanitarian aid is a desertingr who de. heatherbetrays our people.bordes continue. the opposition is trying to win the hearts and minds of the civilians. the maduro regime, they are vowing to stay. maduro is vowing to block humanitarian aid shipments. he sees this as a emplo ploy foe united states to overthrow him. arthel: thank you very much. eric: let's bring in jim carafano whavment do you think it will take for the military brass, the power in venezuela,
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to potentially turn on and abandon maduro? >> well, i think we're already seeing signs that desertions are happening and the pace of the desertions has actually picked up over the last week. i think mark this day on the calendar. we may have hit on a tipping point. not whether the regime stay, because i think maduro is a dead duck, but whether they get to exit with their money and get to live in switzerland or whether these guys are hung up in the streets by their thumbs because as the violence escalates, the likelihood they'll be able to make a graceful exit i think declines pretty quickly. eric: who would give him refuge? do you think russia? iran? because of the support of the socialist dick day dictatorshiy regime? what do you think will happen? >> i think there were a lot of options on the table. the united states -- i mean, widely reported there were secret negotiations with maduro. the united states is willing for
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him and the select elite to leave, take some of their money with them, go someplace, cuba, russia, whereever. the longer maduro sticks it out, the more violence escalates, the more potential that the military or people of venezuela will take things in their own hands and they will overthrow the government and they won't have a chance to get out. eric: what would happen if the military, the possibility of a military coup? >> i think that escalates every single day. eric: what would it mean if indeed that would happen and guaido would not then be seated as president? >> i think in all likelihood the military would quickly recognize guaido as president because there's such broad international support for that. the other option is they try to run the country by themselves. they would have to do that without international support and also without being propped up by the cubans and russians. nobody wants to try to do that. eric: what should the trump
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administration do? the president has spoken out about this. they have taken action. vice president pence going to colombia on monday. he's going to be right there in the region and we've seen top level officials at the border. >> this is really the undiscussed thing. what the administration's done here has defied every single caricature of this administration that you could possibly say, they can't get their act together, that trump's a puppet of putin, that these guys can't muster international support. this has been a textbook case of exactly how the united states can lead and bring people together in their own self interest, to work and get rid of a terrible dictator. this is so far been a case study. and compare that to the last administration, which essentially enabled maduro to continue in power. i mean, this is -- this defies everything the president's
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critics have said about him and really if the united states just keeps doing what it's doing, i think that's exactly the right policy he. eriche.eric:.eric: have they bo thread the needle so-to-speak, to have the carrot as well as -- not a big stick, as they've been able to sens sensitively navigae this situation. >> this is very trumpian. if you look at every competition, the president offers the other guy the off-ramp. there's always a way out. and then the administration has done that, they've done that repeatedly. i think they've done it quite brilliantly, saying you guys can exit and the country can get on with its life and i think that's been -- that's a hallmark really of how trump competes with other people. eric: you've got a much broader issue here that has to do with the legacy of hugo chavez and maduro and dictator socialist squelching,
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bankrupting of that once prosperous nation to the desperate situation it is in now, also denying russia and iran are two adversaries and certainly enemy, especially when it comes to the regime in tehran, from having a major foothold in our hem fear, our hr backyard, why is this so important, could this be a turning point that this administration is able to achieve that and that's huge beyond what it means for venezuela. >> this is a complete transformation of the geo politics of the western hemisphere. the united states is aligned with countries in the hemisphere. the united states and mexico and brazil, the super powers of latin america, essentially are working in concert and they've completely marginalized the cubans and nick ra nick and nic.
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we saw the flowering of democracy and we saw that implode. we're seeing it blooming again. it's happened under this president. and it happened consciously because of policies of this president. eric: president ronald reagan was able to achieve that in eastern europe, perhaps president trump will be able to achieve that same legacy when it comes to venezuela and those type of nations that are suffering from socialism and other ills like this and we'll see what happens and hopefully it will be a peaceful transfer of power as we watch this demonstration. jim, as always, thank you for tr your insight. we'll be on top of this for the next two hours. arthel: one-time trump campaign manager paul manafort sentencing memo has been made public. the redacted document filed by special counsel l sell robert mueller dropping this afternoon. david spunt picks up the story from washington. what can you tell us? >> reporter: a big document dump, about 800 pages in total including exhibits.
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this is the actual sentencing memo. see how the black lines are here, this is the redactions that you are talking about. 25 pages. i spoke with our justice producer a little while ago who says there are no major bomb shells today. many expected to find out a specific prison recommendation for paul manafort. there's no specific number mentioned. if memo reads, consistent with the practice, the government does not a take a position with respect to a particular sentence to be imposed. inned stead, the government sets forth its assessment of the nature of the offenses and offender and the applicable advisory sentencing guidelines and sentencing factors. this news about paul manafort comes as an official with the justice department told fox news just yesterday that the special counsel's report will not be released to the justice department this coming week, court documents allege that paul manafort shared polling data with an associate who authorities argue has ties to russian intelligence. back in september, paul manafort
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pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy related to his lobbying work in ukraine. as part of a plea agreement, mueller's team originally planned to offer manafort some leniency. that went out the window when a judge found that manafort lied to investigators after agreeing to work with them. mueller will turn his report over to attorney general bill barr. it's important to point out, this is not the only case on manafort's place. on march 8th, he will be sentenced in a virginia case in alexandria involving tax and bank fraud. arthel. arthel: and how long could manafort serve behind bars? >> well, in washington, we don't have a specific number. but in virginia that case i mentioned, 69-year-old manafort could get up to 25 years behind bars in that virginia case. in that sentences memo, right here it argues that releasing paul manafort from prison presents a risk of him doing it all over again. arthel. arthel: 25 years at his age is in effect a life sentence. all right. thank you very much.
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eric? eric: we have an update now, emergency crews are on the scene of that 767 cargo plane crash that occurred this afternoon in houston, texas. that airplane believed to have been flying for amazon prime when it went down in trinity bay on approach to george h.w. bush international airport in houston, flying from miami international. jacqui heinrich is here to update us on more. hi, jackie. >> reporter: just getting new information on the status of this flight. it was an atlas airplane flying for amazon prime, one of 30 767s in its fleet. according to information on the tail number, the plane was 26 years old. of course, a developing situation, very little we know at this time. but we do know right now is according to the faa, three people were on-board. even though it's a large twin engine cargo plane, there's no confirmation of fatalities at this time. a local news affiliate is reporting there were no survivors, saying that they got that information from the
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sheriff's office. the faa and ntsb do not release the names of people on-board of aircraft. they wait for local officials to do that at the appropriate time. we're waiting on our own independent confirmation about the fatalities. the chambers county sheriff's office is on-scene right now. the local sheriff's office said it crashed into a river in texas. the yellow line on your screen there is where the plane was supposed to go. the green line is where it ended up and crashed. it was flying from miami to houston. the faa issued an alert on the flight after losing radio contact 30 miles southeast of houston's bush intercontinental airport. faa investigators are on the way to the accident right now. the ntsb has been notified. they will do the investigation into what ultimately caused the crash and according to atlas air, the plane can carry a maximum revenue payload of 117,000 pounds. the company's website says it
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operates the world's largest fleet of 747 freighter aircraft, so no officials have spoken on the identity or the status of the people, the three people reportedly on-board that plane. we will update you when we know more. eric: very sad, that three people likely of course the crew on-board that plane. we will get more information and bring it to you as we get it. arthel: r. kelly being held on $1 million bond right now in a chicago jail cell. the disgraced artist making his first court appearance this afternoon on charges he sexually abused four females from 1998 to 2010. prosecutors say three of the accusers were between the ages of 13 and 17 at the time. matt fin is in chicago with the latest. matt? arthel, r. kelly needs to post only 10% of that million dollar bond. r. kelly's attorney says the singer is so broke, he does not
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have $100,000 to bail himself out right now. so we're on an r. kelly watch to see if he comes up with that money and gets himself out of jail today. also under the condition of bond, r. kelly must turn over his passport, stay away from the witnesses and stay away from he anyone under the age of 18. right now, michael avenatti who represented stormy daniels claims he is representing one of the women in this case and he submitted a video to prosecutors that depicts robert kelly engaged in a sexual act with a 14-year-old girl. today the state's attorney says the victim's aunt confirmed that's her niece in the video. here is the state's attorney and r. kelly's lawyer. >> unfortunately, the state's attorney now succumbs to public pressure, to pressure from grandstanders like michael avenatti and gloria allred and brought these charges. mr. kelly is strong. he's got a lot of support. and he's going to be vindicated
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on all these charges. >> in the video, the victim repeatedly, repeatedly says she is 14 years old and the girl is identified as a niece, the victim in this case. >> reporter: if convicted, r. kelly faces three to seven years for each of the 10 counts filed against him. arthel. arthel: matt fin reporting there live in chicago. thanks, matt. eric: patrick shanahan is making a surprise visit to the u.s./mexico border. coming up, we'll show you what he's doing there as the pentagon announces more troops will be part of the security effort there. bernie sanders and former vice president joe biden were the two prominent names in the democratic field. one has announced. we're waiting to see if the other does the same, the odds in their canada d candidacies next. president trump says he's optimistic about a trade deal with china.
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prime, amazon's delivery service, has crashed on approach to george h.w. bush international airport. you're looking at what we're told is the debris field. this is 30 miles southwest of the g.h.w. bush airport in houston. this is the trinity bay area on the map of the trinity river, as you can see debris and aviation fuselage, parts, huge ones throughout that part of the bay. authorities say three people were on-board when this plane went down. obviously they are members of the crew. there were no word on fatalities. local reports claim no one has survived this crash of the amazon prime 767 flying for atlas air, one of the largest air cargo fleet airlines in the world. again, that 767 going down near stone. houston. we will have the latest information when there is a ntsb
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press conference or any other information to give you about this sad tragedy. arthel: record-setting snow in arizona, flagstaff, which saw a historic 36 inches of snow late this week. snow even hit the scottsdale desert. the national weather service in phoenix commenting in a tweet, it has never been this cold in phoenix on february 22nd. the last time it was almost as cold was back in 1897, eric. eric: now to the southern border. acting defense secretary patrick sahshanahan and joseph dunford e in texas today to visit border facilities. this comes after defense officials announced that 1,000 more active duty u.s. troops will be headed to the border next week to make a total of about 6,000 in that border security effort. president trump yesterday discussed the issues surrounding
1:23 pm
the border. >> everybody knows we need border security. we need a wall. i think it's a very bad subject for the democrats. we need a wall. we've apprehended more people than we have in many years, it's costing us a lot of money with the military. we have tremendous border control and border security there. eric: jeff paul is live in los angeles with more. hi, jeff. >> reporter: shanahan and dunford are working to understand where the gaps in protection are and what dhs specifically needs. they've just wrapped up a fly-over of the existing border fence in new mexico, across from texas. the area is two of the sites requested for prioritization for construction by the department of homeland security in a letter extent the pentagon last night. earlier today, the officials visited a national guard mission where they were briefed on border control capabilities including patrol vehicles, atvs, horses and weapons. it was this location where shanahan and dunford fired off
1:24 pm
some version of a pepper ball gun at the bear yesterday. this happening while the trump administration and democrats continue to square off regarding trump's national emergency declaration at the border and the push for a wall. nancy pelosi visited laredo texas, saying there is no emergency and that the declaration violates the constitution. >> the wall is not effective. it's very expensive. it's nothing more than a campaign for the president in one of his speeches. it has no merit in terms of effectiveness, cost effectiveness and does not support the values of our >> reporter: . >> reporter: the troops will help shanahan and dunford to determine how much money will be allocated from the military's construction fund. in that letter to the department of defense, dhs requested, quote, fencing, while the dod uses the term barrier. none of the officials use the
1:25 pm
term wall. eric: still, it's supposedly a steel barrier. jeff, thank you. arthel. arthel: a teachers strike in oakland, california continuing into the weekend. nearly all of the district's 2300 teachers walked out on thursday. they're demanding a 12% pay increase while the district has raised its offer to 8.5. leaders say they will resume talks tomorrow. separately, teachers west virginia, los angeles and denver schools have staged strikes over pay, class sizes and education funding this year. eric: the president meets china's vice premier. coming up, we'll look how this impacts the trade deal between washington and beijing. we'll have more on the release of paul manafort's sentencing memo that just came out as we await the testimony of the president's former personal attorney, michael cohen, next week. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical.
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arthel: president trump says he's optimistic about a trade deal with china after hosting china's vice premier at the white house this week. >> is it more likely that a deal happens or doesn't happen? speaking for the united states, i would say it's probably more likely that a deal does happen. but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. arthel: allison barber at the white house now. allison, what came out of that meeting? >> reporter: according to the secretary of agriculture, china promised in that meeting to buy an additional 10 million metric tons of u.s. soybeans. that agreement repor agreement e during a conversation with the vice premier. we didn't get a whole lot of detail. >> where do things stand with huawei and zte? >> zte paid a big fine of $1.2 billion which nobody's heard of before and we want everybody to compete and i guess
1:31 pm
it will be somewhat of a subject that we're talking about here. >> would you drop criminal charges against huawei? >> we'll be talking to the u.s. attorneys, we'll be talking to the attorney general and we'll be making that decision. right now it's not something we're discussing. >> your officials mentioned there was a deal on currency. can you explain to us what that is. >> we'll let you kno know at the appropriate time. >> reporter: negotiators are working on six areas for a broad agreement. those areas include forced technology transfer and cyber theft as well as currency and nontariff barriers on trade. tariffs on roughly $200 billion worth of chinese products are set to increase by 15% unless there is a deal by march 1st. but if progress is made, substantial progress, president trump said he is open to considering extending that deadline. arthel. arthel: before you go, what's the talk about president trump's new nominee for u.n. ambassador. >> reporter: ambassador kelly craft, she's well liked here.
1:32 pm
she played a role in helping renegotiate nafta, the new deal, the usmca, the u.s., mexico, canada agreement. she was involved in those talks and was seen as a tough negotiator. she went through senate confirmation, was formally sworn in as u.s. ambassador to canada in september of 2017. fox news is told she has a decent working relationship with senate democrats and the foreign relations committee and since she was already and recently confirmed through the senate confirmation process, the thought here is that she'll have a smoother confirmation process and less vetting issues. the president announced the nomination on twitter. just before that tweet we're told that ambassador craft met with president trump as well as secretary of state mike pompeo and john bolton. arthel. arthel: allison, thank you. eric: eric: now to politics. surprising news we're told for senator bernie sanders as his presidential campaign launched
1:33 pm
with a massive fund raising this week. voters in new hampshire, a new poll shows the vermont senator trailing joe biden who has not even announced yet by 8 points. an emerson college poll shows sanders leading biden by 2 in the state. the granite state is home to the second democratic presidential primary in 2020. amy walter says this, there are warning signs for him. the intensity of support for him doesn't match that of the other universally known candidates in the field. one, joe biden. let's bring in alex vogel, democrat strategist jason nichols. let me start with you, jason. back in 2016, senator sanders was the one progressive, now he's in a crowded field. what are his challenges? >> well, i think you stated one
1:34 pm
is that many of the people in the establishment have co-opted his ideas. he has to go up against elizabeth warren, someone who mirrors him in a lot of different places. i think he's going to have trouble there. also, he has an issue with african american voters. they don't necessarily trust him. he got s shellacked throughout e south. he lost south carolina by 50 points in 2016. i don't think much has changed. he's going to struggle there. his strong point was in the mid midwest. i think if sherrod brown gets into the race, he's really strong in the midwest, being from ohio. and then you have joe biden, scrappy joe from scranton, who i think will also appeal to those midwestern voters. so i think he's got his challenges ahead of him. eric: do you agree, alex? it seems the democrats are going to start carving each other up. >> everyone remembers the line from the president's state of the union, america will never be a socialist country.
1:35 pm
that was not an accident. 2020 should be in any normal dynamic a referendum on president trump's first term. that's really the sweet spot the democrats are looking for. here, you have sanders getting in, self-described socialist, and if this race becomes and bernie frankly helps make it this way, if this race becomes referendum not on president trump's first few years in office, but instead freedom and democracy on one side and socialism on the other, that's a pretty good path for the president to go through to get reelected. i think that's the biggest challenge. eric: you can see that happening already. you've got videos of senator sanders back in 1988 when he came back from the soviet union, praising the communist system, praising cuba. i mean, is that what the american voters are going to want? >> well, i think that is somewhat of a challenge. but i also think younger voters don't view the world the same way. they're not afraid of the s. word. they don't remember bread lines
1:36 pm
and the soviet union and the eastern bloc. they don't think about those kinds of things. what they're thinking about is an expansion of the welfare state and they want the things like free college and they want universal health care and these are things that i think are going to be very popular and these are things also that even the establishment democrats are embracing. so i don't think that socialism -- the president is going to try and peg the democratic party with that but i don't think it's going to affect the excitement for the party. eric: there's a whole other issue going on with amy klobuchar the senator from medicinminnesota, that has to dh her tone, let's say, some say that the attacks on her and reports are sexist, that she has anger and she mistreated allegedly some members of her staff. here's what kamala harris said
1:37 pm
about the allegations today in iowa. >> a lot of have spent the last two years yelling at the tv, sometimes throwing things, individual and group therapy. [ laughter ] eric: alex, you have a republican in office now who is not known to be a shrinking violet. what do you think of these type of reports? >> look, i don't think most voters are going to make up their minds based on how a given candidate treats their staff. that's historically not been a real driver. i will say the real issue for senator klobuchar's campaign here is these stories are coming from people who used to work for her. and that's obviously not helpful as she tries to roll out her candcannedcandidacy. she has to deal with it. one of the stories that came out was her yelling at someone because there was no sil silverd she had to eat a salad with of
1:38 pm
comb. she may have to explain to the voters why she would do that with a comb, more than whether or not she yelled at swufnlt i think that's probably a weirder issue. eric: let me read the campaign response. the senator has acknowledged she can be tough and much people hard. the anonymous stories, some of which are ridiculous, don't overshadow the countless experiences of people on the senator's team who she has been proud to work with. i've got to tell you, you're going to have to watch "saturday night live," you know what's going to be on "saturday night live" tonight, eating salad with a comb. that's disgusting. maybe she wasn't eating- >> how would you know? have you done that. eric: i would never eat salad with a comb. >> was that a used comb? eric: she apparently took out a comb, she ate a salad and told an aide to clean it. that's the story. >> i think number one, you can't say you're fighting for american
1:39 pm
voters -- excuse plea, american workers and then treat your own workers poorly. i think we've seen other candidates, i would have to disagree with alex a little bit, i think in 2008 a lot of people hit john mccain with his temperment and saying he did not have the right temperment to be president. i think that actually hurt him. did it decide things? is it a terminal issue? i would agree with alex that i don't think it's terminal. but i do think it's going to hurt her because you can't claim that you are for american workers and a lot of american workers work in offices, kind of like klobuchar's and if she's treating her workers that poorly i think that will resonate with some voters. eating with a comb, i'm not sure how you do that personally. i'm trying to figure that out, actually. eric: alex, you take the comb out of your pocket, maybe you just like start using it like a fork. apparently there was no fork. >> i will say, jason mentioned
1:40 pm
john mccain, i was yelled at by john mccain. that's not an experience you forget. i was still pretty confident he was prepared to lead the country. eric: all right. well, i bet he never ate -- >> he didn't win, though. eric: i bet he never ate with a comb. alex and jason, thank you. i can't believe presidential politics we're talking about eating with a comb. would you eat with a comb if you didn't have utensils? arthel: if you're not allergic, put the salad down, just eat the peanuts. you know, a comb, i don't think so. we move on. we go to this. paul manafort's sentencing memo is released. special counsel robert mueller's document calls out the president's former campaign manager for repeatedly and brazenly violating the law for many years. manafort admitted to money laundering and is facing prison time after pleading guilty to conspiracy against the u.s. and conspiracy, witness tampering. for more on this, attorney and fox newsradio white house
1:41 pm
correspondent john decker joins me now. hello, john. >> hi, how are you? arthel: i'm well. you probably know this, that yesterday special counsel l sell mueller requested to file the memo under seal but judge amy berman jackson told mr. mueller okay, but you must also file a redacted version on public docket. so will the special counsel's sentencing recommendation shed more light on how manafort factors into the overall mueller russia investigation. >> i read the memo which was released today. there's a lot of redactions there. so to answer your question, no, based upon the redactions that are in this sentencing guidelines memo released by the special counsel's office. if we see what's behind the redactions, we may get an answer to your question. but although there's no recommendation that the special counsel is putting forward, there is a suggestion that judge jackson follow the sentencing guidelines which would call for
1:42 pm
mr. manafort to be sentenced anywhere from 17 to 22 years in prison, keep m. >> neil: in mind he's 69 years old. there's also the sentence in the eastern district of virginia as well, that could call for a sentence in the amount of 20 years or so. so we're really talking about mr. manafort potentially spending the rest of his life behind bars. arthel: even in virginia, is that still a federal crime, federal filing? >> that's right. that's federal district court in the eastern district of virginia. that has to do with bank fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, not filing as a foreign agent, a foreign lobbyist. these are all issues that were covered in the d.c. trial as well or d.c. plea actually as well. there was no trial in that particular case. arthel: quickly, want to ask you then, that's why i wanted to clarify this is federal, will paul manafort be eligible for a pardon by president trump or
1:43 pm
could he be too risky for the president to touch? >> well, you know president trump has actually expressed sympathy for what paul manafort is going through. there is the potential for a federal -- for a pardon by the president or commutation on his sentence which means he would serve no prison time. we read reports that the district attorney in manhattan is considering charges of his own. mr. man r fort wa manafort was e resident of new york state. if the president pardons him for federal crimes, that doesn't cover crimes he may have committed in new york state. he could potentially still face prison time in new york state. arthel: let's talk about michael cohen. he will speak to the house and senate intelligence committees behind closed doors tuesday and thursday. on wednesday, mr. cohen will testify in public before the house oversight committee. there's a report in the new york times saying michael cohen
1:44 pm
provided investigators new information on, quote, irregularitieses iirregularitiep family business. should president trump be concerned about any of this? >> there will be testimony which will be a circus this week, before the house oversight committee. we'll see mr. he cohen, he'll be asked a variety ofs questions from democrats and republicans on the committee. i think we're going to be disappointed. i say that because the answer that mr. cohen or his attorney will give throughout that hearing is i can't give you an answer to that question, congressman, because i've been advised not to do so by the special counsel's office because of his ongoing investigation. that's why i think we're going to be disappointed in terms of the content which comes out of that particular hearing. arthel: interesting. john, thank you very much. we'll see you next time. >> absolutely. thanks a lot. have a good day. eric: there's shocking revelations amid the catholic church sex abuse scandal. the pope's summit, what they're
1:45 pm
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1:49 pm
eric: there's new developments at the vatican sex abuse summit in rome. a top leader revealing documents have been destroyed and he's urging a new culture of accountability to try and restore trust. chief religion correspondent lauren green is in rome. she's been covering this at vatican city. >> reporter: the documents you've been talking about, that's in one di diocese in germany. they don't know how widespread this might be. the last full day of the summit had the bishops focus on transparency. they were facing the ugly truth that they had not been as transparent as before and they covered up many of the abuses and abuse victims marched through the people's plaza today as part of the ongoing presence for the summit, putting the pressure on the bishops.
1:50 pm
it included a delegation from pennsylvania, where there was a grand jury report on sex abuse last summer sparked the crisis. >> our journey here has just been to bring awareness to what really is going on. they say they want to help victims but ultimately they're not. >> reporter: today bishops got a bit of a tongue lashing from a nun from knee vee nigeria said h leaders acted as hipp hypocrite. bishops said today they're seeing the light. one admitted there was a blatant abuse of power. >> they could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible, they were destroyed or not even created. instead of the perpetrators, the victims were regulated and
1:51 pm
silenced. >> reporter: even though there is no document coming out of this summit, the bishops are asking for some kind of guideline that they can take back with them. they're going to create a handbook that they can take back with them to their countries. eric. eric: lauren, thanks so much. we'll be right back. ♪ tear up ticket. find the cat. [ meowing ] mittens! make it rain. [ cheering ] [ singing opera ] change the music. ♪ when i move, you move beep. beep. use the rocket. [ sputtering ] if only everything in life listened to you like your new a-class. hey mercedes. [mercedes-benz voice assistant] how can i help you? change color. make it cooler. play my music. the a-class... ♪ remember when we all used to go to the cafeteria and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch."
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arthel: this is a fox news alert. we now have live pictures from chambers county, texas, where an amazon prime plane destined for houston went down in trinity bay which is southeast of the city. we're told three people were on-board this amazon prime plane at the time of the crash. those are the details we have now. we will have more for you in minutes. eric: the southeast has been bracing for severe weather tonight. rainfall causing flooding in states such as georgia and tennessee. we're told that's not all. meteorologist adam klotz live in the fox weather center with that. hi, adam. >> unfortunately, the system will get a lot worse before it gets better. this is the setup the last 24 hours. a lot of moisture rolling off the gulf of mexico. you can see rain, actually the backside of this same system, some very heavy snow, likely blizzard conditions across portions of the norther norther.
1:56 pm
focusing on the southeast, a large area from memphis, getting down into southwestern tennessee and down into portions of mississippi, all areas we're going to be paying close attention to tonight as we could see not only big severe thunderstorms but possibly tornadoes in this area, this could linger into early sunday morning. eric: thanks so much. arthel: r. kelly has his day in court, facing charges over alleged encounters with four female victims, three of them minors at the time. we're live in chicago. (danny) let me get this straight.
1:57 pm
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hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. eric: at this hour your following said breaking news in texas. a 767 cargo plane flying for amazon prime has crashed in the trinity bay in texas about 30 miles south of houston. the picture on the left is a live photo from trinity bay. the fuselage wreckage. the photo on the right is jason rabinowitz, airline fire. he took the foot of what he believes in the aircraft that crashed. he was taken at miami international airport this morning. just before the prime air departed. initial reports say three people were on board the aircraft when the plane went down.
2:01 pm
hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters", i'm eric shawn. arthel: i am arthel neville. the aircraft flying from miami to houston when it lost radar in radio contact shortly before reaching his destination. jackie heinrich is following the street from our new york city newsroom. jackie? reporter: the local sheriff's office reporting there not found any survivors at this time. they do not expect to find any. three people on board the plane. we're just now getting the first look at the recipe they described this is total devastation. debris and landing gear scattered all over the area where the plane went down. it is a mighty march in trinity bay known for duckhunting. the marshlands make up for a difficult recovery as investigators search for victims and the black box. >> the first thing that i saw the minute i got there was just floating debris. everything from bedsheets to women's clothing to cardboard boxes to a lot of fiberglass. then as we got closer we
2:02 pm
started seeing plane debris. the largest chunk of the planet could visually put my eyes on is probably not much larger than about 50 feet. reporter: this is the plane before it took off this morning miami. the 767 is one of 30 in the amazon fleet. it was 26 years old according to information on the tail number. the cargo flight was heading from houston to miami rather from miami into houston and according to radar, it gained considerable speed as it plunged into the water and there was also no distress call. the faa issued an alert after losing radio contact. the weather in houston was clear so visibility should not have been a problem but the plane may have crossed through some storm cells on its way into texas. the ntsb will ultimately investigate the cause of the crash. local officials say the clean up an investigation could take weeks.
2:03 pm
eric and arthel. arthel: thank you very much. very sad story, thank you. eric? eric: new information special counsel robert mueller 's sentencing memo about paul manafort. that was released to the public today. according to the heavily redacted memo the former trump campaign chairman quote - repeatedly and brazenly had violated the law. david has more on this from washington. reporter: good afternoon. heavily redacted is accurate. the deadline was last night at midnight. it was met but documents were not released until just a view hours ago. there were 800 pages in total. that includes all of the exhibit documents. the actual sentencing memo right here just 25 pages and it is redacted as i mentioned. i spoke with her producer who says there were no major bombshells here. in fact many expected to see approval recommendation forpaul manafort but it was not mentioned. they said he continually
2:04 pm
knowingly -- nevertheless was intimately familiar with. such as the foreign agents registration act better known as fara. this comes as an official with the justice department told fox news yesterday the special counsel report will not be released to the justice department this coming week. court documents allege manafort shared polling data with an associate or 30s argue has ties to the russian intelligence community. back in september last year, paul manafort pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy related to his work in ukraine as part of a plea agreement. they offered leniency but it went out of the window when the judge found out that paul manafort allegedly led to investigators after going to work with them.the court pointed out this is not the only case on his plate appeared on march 8 in a few weeks will
2:05 pm
be sentenced in a virginia case involving tax and bank fraud. the 16 annual paul manafort can get up to 25 years in that case. the sentencing memo wraps up arguing that releasing paul manafort from prison presents a risk of him doing it all over again. eric: meanwhile, he showed the reductions where they hide stuff. is there any possibility some of the reductions could be made public? and we can find exactly what's in it? >> a lot people want to know exactly within it. the juicy parts of the document. it is not likely will happen until the mueller report is totally released and the manafort case is closed.we are told it could be wrapping up soon. he's going to be in court here in the next month. eric: we will see when that report finally comes out david, thank you. arthel: thank you.a chicago judge has sent the r&b star, r. kelly 's bond at $1 million after being charged with 10 counts of felony sexual abuse.
2:06 pm
his real name is robert sylvester kelly pete has been in police custody since turning himself in last night. prosecutors say that kelly abused four women. three of whom were minors between 1998 and 2010. kelly 's lawyer accuses the women of lying. >> right now he is presumed innocent. we have not seen anything, any reason to believe that these allegations are credible. arthel: matt finn is following this live from the courthouse in chicago. reporter: r. kelly needs to post just 10 percent of the million dollar bond but his attorney says, the singer is so broken he does not have $100,000 to get himself out of jail. so right now, we are having a standby to see if he can find himself out of jail. as part of the bond he must also submit his passport, stay away from witnesses in the case and also anyone under the age of 18. celebrity attorney michael avenatti who represent the
2:07 pm
stormy daniels claims, his rep sending at least one of the girls in the case. he says that he submitted the video to prosecutor that depicts robert kelly engage in a sexual act with a 14-year-old girl. today the state attorney says, the girls and confirmed it is her niece in the video. here is michael avenatti and the attorney for r. kelly. >> there also, there's also a scene on the tape during which mr. kelly engages in choking the 14-year-old victim as well as other simulated sexual acts. which i'm not going to get into the detail of because they are so -- >> you know there is this whole # movement. just because someone says something now, and it is 2019, it does not make them credible. and it just because they said something now and they have not said something longer, it does not necessarily make them incredible. >> prosecutors now say r. kelly met one of the girls in this
2:08 pm
case at his previous sexual assault trial when he gave her an autograph and he met another one of the girls on her 16th birthday. the girls mother tried to intervene but she ended up contacting r. kelly. r. kelly faces three to seven years for each of the 10 counts that he is charged with. arthel: matt finn, thank you for the update. eric: new developers now in venezuela. the fight for the very future of the embattled nation. we are told a number of the nations troops are abandoning their posts at the columbia border with venezuela amid continued violent clashes with protesters.the demonstrators backed by venezuela opposition leader, juan guaido. they're trying to get humanitarian aid sent by the u.s. and other nations into venezuela. but disputed present nicolas maduro, is refusing to let the material in we are told to bryan llenas is following the developing story from the heartland. reporter: trucks carrying the
2:09 pm
much needed humanitarian aid were lit on fire this afternoon by the venezuela national police before the aid could reach desperate venezuelans. we are told these trucks were lit on fire on a bridge in between colombia and venezuela. we told that venezuelans jumped on the burning truck to try and salvage as much food and supplies as they can. opposition leader, juan guaido, was seen on one of the humanitarian aid trucks earlier today pete had declared victory tonight. claiming that some trucks made their way into the country. though we cannot confirm that. juan guaido, the man united states recognizes as venezuela is true president, not nicolas maduro, tweeted moments ago in spanish. quote we continue to receive the support of the international community.which has seen with his own eyes how the regime violates the geneva protocol where it is clearly stated that destroying humanitarian aid is a crime against humanity. standoffs are continuing throughout the borders between
2:10 pm
libya and venezuela as well as brazil. and the military and guardsmen blocked just to prevent it from being brought into the country. opposition has encouraged venezuelans to flood the bridges in the hopes that this will force the military to allow these much needed humanitarian aid trucks pass. venezuelan security forces have been firing tear gas canisters in the venezuelan city where they lit a bus on fire. at least two people have been killed today. 18 were injured on the border between venezuela and brazil. reportedly from pro-maduro -- this was tweeted earlier by juan guaido. he shows soldiers deserted maduro in favor of the opposition. president trump, vice president mike pence and national security advisor, john bolton,
2:11 pm
have all tweeted their support for juan guaido and venezuela today. meanwhile, president nicolas maduro, he gave a speech in caracas, urging the united states and president donald trump to keep their hands off of venezuela. he also said, he is prepared to give up his life for a free and independent venezuela. eric: all right we will see how this progresses.thank you. arthel: meanwhile at home, acting defensive terry patrick shanahan, making a one-day trip to el paso, texas. to visit the troops there. he traveled with general dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. as the pentagon considers allocating money for the construction of a border barrier. jeff paul is live from our west coast bureau now with more. hi jeff. reporter: hi arthel. shanahan and dunford just wrapped up the visit to the border. they were to determine how much money will be spent of the $3.6 billion allocated for the military construction fund. they said they were checking
2:12 pm
the board just outside of el paso going to portions of new mexico. by air and on the ground. they got a tour and they were showing any gaps and protection are and what dhs specifically needs. while visiting a national guard mission, both at one point even fired off some version of a pepper ball gun at the barrier. all of this happened while the trump administration and democrats continue square for guarding the presence national emergency declaration at the border. and his push for a wall. the house speaker, nancy pelosi, just visited border town of laredo, texas saying, there is no emergency in the declaration violates the constitution. >> the wall is not effective. it is nothing more than expensive and a campaign for the president. it has no merit with effectiveness, cost effectiveness and it does not support the values of our country. reporter: in a letter to the department of defense, it's interesting to know that dhs requested quote - fencing and
2:13 pm
the dod has said determined barry. they stayed away from using the word wall. arthel: thank you very much. eric: we're getting information about the timing of the mueller report released. when that could be. and also with the president says he expects to read in it. plus it caused a bit of a stir. dianne feinstein putting rank on a group of students. but what really happened? could be something the senator will not soon forget. >> there is no way to pay for it. you come in here, and usa it has to be my way or the highway. i don't respond to that. i know what i'm doing.
2:14 pm
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2:18 pm
declaration. she says she will bring a resolution to terminate the executive action. the measure to be introduced next week is expected to easily pass in the democratic-controlled house but the numbers could come up short in the senate. let's bring in usa today congressional reporter, eliza collins. >> hi there! >> tell us more about this resolution are enough lawmakers on board with it? will house give it the green light on tuesday? >> right. it looks like it will pass on tuesday. never say never but we expect it to pass. so far more cosponsors than the number needed to pass. then it goes to the senate. this holy privilege resolution. which is really important because it's different than normal resolutions. basically, it means once it passes the house, they have to bring up in the senate. normally, the house kansan of legislation if the majority
2:19 pm
leader mitch mcconnell does not want to bring it up, he does not have to. he has to bring up this bill. and also does not require this filibuster 50 votes to pass -- 60 votes to pass it is these 51. echopass house and senate. the democrats are all expected to get on board. senator susan collins, a republican, says she will support it. they very well, it's possible there are some other republicans that could support it. but of course, president trump said he will veto it anyway. arthel: if it runs into a red light? what happens next. and what is the precautionary tail in all of this? >> this is a messaging resolution of course. democrats, also with nancy pelosi at the border saying there is not an emergency, pushing back at president trump in republicans saying that there is an emergency. basically democrats are hoping to make republicans uncomfortable. the national emergency has split the republican party
2:20 pm
because mom president trump talked about possibly declaring a national emergency, it made some republicans uncomfortable that said they thought this could be an overage of executive power. and in the future, democratic president could have a resolution about climate change or gun control. and they were vocal about that. now that he's declared the national emergency, we really have to see if they are going to vote to stop it. especially when the whole thing is going to run into a veto even if it does pass. arthel: in the end, can congress put the brakes on the veto? and also, which party faces the most political damage in the aftermath? >> i really do not know! i think polling so far has shown that americans generally side with democrats on this. they did not support a wall. this is likely to go to the course because while congress is trying to stop this on their own, the president is expected to veto it. if by some chance it makes it
2:21 pm
out. it is not likely congress can pull together the two thirds majority to stop the president veto. but there are other options appear they are already lawsuits filed to try and stop this. it's going to go to the courts, it's not going away. we had to see where the public falls. arthel: yes. you make a good point all of those points. eliza collins, and you're pretty red dress, and me in mind, together we look like christmas! >> exactly! thank you. >> thank you. eric: eight group of kids got a harsh lesson when they confronted senator dianne feinstein. this is a group for climate change. they demanded that she support the green new deal. but she does not back the proposal and said she was not going to be lectured by schoolchildren and then the clip went viral.
2:22 pm
>> trying to promote green new deal. >> there are reasons why i can't. because there's no way to pay for it. you just can't go in and say okay, we're going to take hundreds of millions from here and hundreds of millions from there. it just doesn't work that way. >> scientists have said that we have 12 years to turn this around. >> well, it's not going to get turned around 10 years. eric: that was a slice of a 15 minute conversation but the senator was criticized for her tone. she later issued saying that she wanted children to know that she heard them loud and clear. she is committed to doing everything she can to enact real meaningful climate change legislation. and they point out the whole video shows a longer conversation. that part well, they did not release that it seems. what they did release they say, kind of unfairly showed the situation.
2:23 pm
we -- so there. arthel: yeah. moving on. we are moving closer to the release of the special counsel russia report. how the president is reacting. we will talk about that when we come back. could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here? that is definitely not for sale! is this a yard sale? if it's in the yard then it's... for sale. oh, here we go. geico. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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in them therr hills on your vacation. but we can guarantee the best price on this rental cabin. or any accomodation from hotels to yurts., booking.yeah arthel: and atlas air 767 cargo plane flying for amazon prime has crashed on approach to bush international airport 30 miles southwest of houston. authorities say three people were on board. no word on fatalities though local reports claim, no one survived. the sheriff's office described as total devastation peer there is debris and landing gear scattered all over.the area where the plane went down is a muddy marsh and trinity bay. known for duckhunting. the marshland is making it difficult for recovery as investigator search for victims and the black box. this is the plane before it
2:28 pm
took up this morning, the 7067 is one of 30 in the hours our fleet. it was 26 years old according to information on the tail number. boeing has issued a statement. saying in part, we are concerned about the safety of the three people reported to be on board. boeing is prepared to provide technical assistance to the ntsb as it investigates this accident. eric: just so sad. meanwhile the special counsel robert mueller investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election as we are told is winding down. the justice department officials expect to receive a report sometime soon. but how soon? reports predicted it would be this coming week but then justice department officials said no, not yet. no matter when it is out, president trump says he does look forward to reading it.
2:29 pm
>> everybody knows it's a hoax, one of the greatest ever perpetrated in this country. i look forward to seeing the report. if it's an honest report it will say that. if not it won't. eric: will we see the whole thing or will be under wraps? and we have our guest with us today. -- under bill barr, nothing about regulations. but they do say that when congress gets report so do you think it will be fully released? or will they keep it under wraps? >> based on what the attorney general said himself, the confirmation hearing, i believe he will release as much information as possible about the mealy report that is allowable under the law. if there's something classified in that report is something that otherwise should not be disclosed, that is one thing. but in general, think the attorney general is going to
2:30 pm
disclose as much of the report as possible and allowable under the law. eric: what do you think? >> you know, i think is important to have confidence to some degree of comfort with the amount of information that they are getting. the report is over the american people and we've got taxpayer dollars in it. it just needs to come out. i think the attorney general will be faced with the knowledge that now that we have a democratic controlled house that there will be committees, subcommittees that connection with that and other information might come forward. i would not think you would want one of his last legacies being that he tried to sweep something under the rug.>> in terms of coverage you just mentioned, here is a senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano saying any member of congress, can really sit on the house for a guess. here's what the judge said about that. >> here is what will happen though. once congress gets its hand on
2:31 pm
that report, any member of congress can bring it to the floor of the house where the floor of the senate and release it with impunity. eric: is probably going to happen. >> i think what the judge is talking about, i'm assuming is a speech and debate clause. and he's right on one hand that is a technical matter, any member of the house can go to the senate floor and effectively say anything they want without fear of prosecution or other consequences. in this case, i think would be more likely that certain members of congress would want to leak certain aspects of the report but not do it wholesale. i think they would rather leak it and not know who the source was if they decide to do that. eric: michael, selective leaks, wouldn't that be worse and opposed to letting the whole thing out? it could be areas of the report where someone is written about not charged. and you know under doj regulations, they generally do not do except of course, in two famous cases with hillary
2:32 pm
clinton and james comey. >> and it is true, i mean, what other reason -- federal grand jury secrecy. he didn't want to go in and destroy someone's life or reputation or career for conduct that they were not charged with. was interesting to me, i think we need to watch out for even as you lead is our segment, the fact that the president is already attacking the report. is it really making comments about it being a hoax and basically skewing it as it is there. i'm not sure that i'm worried about leaks and things coming from members of congress. we may see things coming from the white house. remember this, all through the investigation is been remarkable the way bob mueller 's team has basically been clear leaks. there are plenty of other leaks in washington d.c. that seem to be out of the special counsel office. eric: you raise a good point. critics say there's a writ of inclusion and coordination among meetings with the
2:33 pm
russians and trump officials. they say with known intelligence and communications, they've been charged with this type of thin . what if it comes out and it clears the present completely? how does he say, you know is a witchhunt then? >> and i think that is an interesting idea. usually when somebody has sort of a clear conscience they do not come forward and attack something before it comes out because they know they will be exonerated by the information that comes forward. i think what you have to look at and in the public sphere what we are ready know, you've got michael flynn information, you have whatever will come from michael cohen, we know but the trump tower meeting, we know data was shared with russian operatives we know about the idea of building a tower in moscow that was not disclosed and contacts and business associations there. we know somehow for some reason we do not have the presidents tax returns.
2:34 pm
from the taxpayer cytosine with this information there that there may be some context of the president had disclosed in the think that is why we are watching him attack bob mueller. he attacks investors, lawyers, legal staff and the investigation. now the report that none of us have seen, is a ready taken shots at it. eric: on the other hand, the wall street journal wrote this, quote - the collision us need a new phase. signs that they will release the donald trump take them. they had said mr. miller will provide all of the answers. now it seems they will not like his answers, democrats and media insist any report will likely prove anti-climatic and inconclusive. so then, if they know what they want, will they come out and say it is finances and everything else? >> i think what will happen is, if the report is issue and it does not have the gotcha
2:35 pm
moments before. i think particularly the house but also the state attorneys general, they will take whatever information is in the mueller report that for jurisdictional of the reasons mr. miller cannot pursue, they will pursue it and they will probably take this into the next couple of years. eric: and on the other side, the chairman of the intelligence committee has been a longtime critic of the president.he wrote this in a special letter to republicans. early -- special counsel robert mueller soon will conclude his investigation and report. depending on what's in the report and we find in our own investigations. donations may face even greater challenge. why i am alarmed at we've already seen and found the presence conduct and that of his campaign, i continue to reserve judgment about what consequences should flow from the eventual findings. i ask you, republicans, to do the same. michael, what do you think will happen and what do you think no matter what's in the report?
2:36 pm
>> sure, i would say if i were in the administration, i would take no great comfort in the memorandum to come out, the document that came out today for paul manafort. bob mueller has played this exact position is talking about defendant by defendant. we take cumulative evidence as a whole you see things that were not disclosed.they have information we don't have. some of the intelligence committee has information we don't have. bob mueller so his information that we don't have yet. so just from the information out there would take no great comfort in it. i will say this, there has been a lot of debate about whether or not the president can be indicted. i appreciate my calling to document what state attorneys general. there is nothing that would prohibit a report and guidance memo that would suggest presidents business could not
2:37 pm
be charged in some type of conspiracy.that it couldn't happen there. again, i just reset i don't see anything to really give much, there is not a lot here that changes. we do know things from the past that i just don't think i would take great comfort in it if i were a presidential detractor what would i take great comfort in it. this information will continue to come out. i don't think we are near the end. i think there will be other charges in indictments, some may be sealed now. maybe some robert mueller lays out in the weeks ahead. eric: that's a great point, michael moore and chris staszak.the prosecutors still have their claws into some of this. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. arthel: florida judge ruled federal prosecutors working under then miami u.s. attorney, alex acosta, broke the law in 2008 when they concealed a plea agreement from victims of sexual abuse by wealthy hedge fund manager jeffrey epstein.
2:38 pm
what this means for the more than 30 underage victims. reporter: once seen as a rising star in the trump administration, labor secretary, alex acosta, on the defensive after federal judge ruled prosecutors under his control broke the law back in 2008 when acosta was in miami. the case in question regards jeffrey epstein who faced up to life in prison over allegations he sexually molested dozens of underage girls at his palm beach mansion after they were hired to give him massages. epstein never went to trial. his lawyers reached with the miami herald called the deal of a lifetime with prosecutors. who judge found failed to discuss the arrangement with more than 30 young victims. the present was asked about acosta in the oval office. >> i really don't know too much about it. i know he's done a great job as
2:39 pm
secretary and it seems like a long time ago. >> the deal allowed him to plead guilty to just two state prostitution charges for an 18 month sentence and registered sex offender status. he also had to pay restitution to some of the victims who were kept out of the loop during negotiations. florida federal court judge, kenneth morrow wrote thursday, particularly problematic was the government decision to conceal the existence of the agreement. and mislead the victims to believe the federal prosecution was still a possibility while the government spent untold hours negotiating the terms and implications of the agreement with the epstein attorneys. scant information was shared with victims. >> the judge did not overturn the plea deal. instead, he give federal prosecutors 15 days to confer with victims and their attorneys to come up with a settlement. it is still possible the case could be reopened and epstein and others could be criminally charged. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. eric: well, they will be meeting again! but what you really expect to come out of this second nuclear summit between president trump and kim jong-un?
2:40 pm
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you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> if i were not elected
2:44 pm
president, you have been in a war with north korea. we now have a situation with a relationships that are good and no nuclear testing, no missiles, no rockets. we have our hostages back. we have many of the remains back and coming back rapidly. arthel: president trump different than the results of his first summit with chairman kim jong-un. as he prepares for his second nuclear summit with the north korean leader in vietnam this upcoming week. with analysis on what we can expect the spring retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel, daniel davis. thank you for being here. >> always good to be here. >> thank you. what you make of the presence comments that if not for him we
2:45 pm
would be at war with north korea? >> i'm not sure that we can really say what may or may not have happened had he not commit to office but what you can say for sure is that we are ardent opportunity right now and we have a chance to possibly even reach peaceful outcome of this war which we have not had in decades. he's absolutely right on his comments that since he's coming tooffice there hasn't been a missile test, nuclear test. we've gotten hostages back , all those things. they are positive things all that lower tensions and increased chances of peace. he does deserve credit for that. arthel: very good! what should be the presence number one objective in this second summit? >> without question, the number one objective is the search towards peace. many people are saying she be the irreversible nuclear deterrent in all of those and that should not be the primary objective because if he set that is your primary objective is you don't get it because people say than that we have to
2:46 pm
look back to the military option. i will tell you, we do not need to keep us say because we are safe right now. our nuclear deterrent keeps us safe no matter what happens with these. but the second meeting especially does give us genuine chance to reach a peaceful outcome which would even eliminate the concern about future possibilities if it goes well. arthel: a professor told eric earlier not a confrontational manner but forcefully, president trump shall chairman kim in the eye and say, tear down this wall of deception. kim jong-un, his family has been playing a game of deception for generations. why should we expect them to be on the up and up now?what is changed for north korea? >> well, certainly have been that. but they've also been a very rational thinking administration. especially since kim has come to power. and i think donald trump is
2:47 pm
right that has the ability to negotiate with him. however bad kim jong-un is, he's done terrible things, he also wants to survive and live. he will be willing to make you know, negotiations and engage in diplomacy but if he can be convinced that over time, it can work to his favor. and if it lowers tensions and removes a chance for work, it benefits everyone. i will say we have to really also understand everyone needs to know, this is something that will take time. we are not going to go in there and get this full after the meeting will take a number of years and i think people need to understand that. >> it will take years you said. >> and probably will. because we have to build trust in both directions. this is been going on decades. arthel: you mentioned trust. that is the thing though. can we trust the kim regime to allow the u.s. full and unfettered access to any and all suspicious nuclear sites to see if in fact, they are beginning to denuclearize? and that kim jong-un is not just showing us you know where the agent there, only the size that he does not need anyway.
2:48 pm
>> to kind of paraphrase ronald reagan, if you trust but verify. we can trust and hope that they will end up with some written guarantees and promises but it's all going to come down to what actually happens and do they produce that? do they allow the inspections? and i would best intelligence, can they find out, it's whatever they declare, is it the sum total or is there more? but i reemphasize that no matter what happens, when he does or does not come fully clean, our deterrent will always keep our country safe so that is not at risk here at all. arthel: i will give you 30 seconds on this. we're talking about what is different this time with north korea. kim jong-un seems to crave a certain amount of celebrity. perhaps, that might be what is different. that he wants to be seen in a
2:49 pm
more favorable light somehow worldwide. and so now you have president trump, who is a celebrity. meeting with this guy and kim wants what donald trump had in terms of his celebrity. does that play into this at all? >> absolutely right! i think it is actually undervalued. all these things with diplomacy and wanting to have the world stage, it shows that he wants to live meaning that he will not use the weapons that he has which you consider a deterrent on an offense of way because it would immediately result in his destruction. and so he wants to live so we can use that to our advantage to make sure that he does continue to live by doing what we need him to do. coming clean on this nuclear issue. arthel: colonel daniel davis! thank you so much always a pleasure. >> thank you.eric: in the southeast severe weather this weekend. with parts of some states already underwater. adam klotz is on deck with our extreme weather forecast, straightahead. ( ♪ ) so, every day,
2:50 pm
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it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. the one flooding causing major concerns and parts of the mid south and southeast this weekend. adam klotz has been tracking the remnants and the storm from our fox news weather center. adam: hey, there! this is a large storm and it will give different folks a different type of precipitation. snow moving across the upper planes could turn into a blizzard. the real concern immediately will be this across the south
2:54 pm
flooding, potentially big severe thunderstorms and maybe a couple tornadoes before it's all said and done. this is the severe that overnight proportion of tennesseeinto mississippi. it means biggest thunderstorms with hail, strong wind possibly tornadoes. we zero in on this , the exact same area we have a high risk at least a tornado or two spinning up in the region. it will be something to pay attention especially if you're across northern mississippi and portions of memphis. some of these areas. you want to watch this overnight tonight. otherwise outside of this area is a large slow-moving system that means there will be a lot of flooding. we are already seeing a move across the nashville area and places towards the west.this will continue to be a problem with the system eventually stretching in the mid-atlantic. a lot of very heavy rain, rivers will run higher than generally flooding in the known area. on the backside of the system, the air is a lot colder where it's turning into snow. everything in the red, stretching up into the upper midwest, all of the red, those
2:55 pm
are blizzard warnings. visit ability will be done under 1/4 of a mile. went up to 35 miles an hour. white out conditions. and it will with the same area again and again. not a very wide area but some spots were talking about getting up to 12 inches or 24 inches of snow. it will be some of the white out conditions from omaha up past minneapolis and portions of northern wisconsin. all areas to pay attention to. wind, this the future radar, here is where we currently sit. this will mostly be tonight into early tomorrow morning. there is the movement of this, this is midnight, still some thunderstorms moving across the southeast. still heavy snow moving across the upper midwest. eventually by sunday it does run up along the mid-atlantic. i think at that point this is not as big of a system so the people in the middle of the country, those are the ones have to pay attention tonight and early tomorrow morning. eric: the south in midwest tonight and tomorrow, just be
2:56 pm
on the lookout. thank you.arthel: violent clashes breaking out at the venezuela border. opposition leader, juan guaido, works to bring in trucks filled with aid from neighboring nations despite objections from president nicolas maduro. the very latest in the next hour on "fox report". age-related macular degeneration, amd, i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision. preservision. also, in a great-tasting chewable. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. great news for anyone wh- uh uh - i'm the one who delivers the news around here. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance
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♪ when cravings hit, hit back. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna. >> never fear mars curiosity rover is making new discoveries after nasa worried and may have been down for the count last week last friday the spacecraft had a hiccup that knocked out of
3:00 pm
comights but now back to normal after a reboot curiosity is one of two to the mars surface. up next with the "fox report." ♪ we begin with a deadly plane crash in southeastern texas earlier today. the cargo jet a wide body boeing 767 reportedly on its way to houston from miami at least three people are believed dead in the crash. more on this story coming up. >> but first violent clashes amid a standoff over humanitarian aide thousands of rival protesters take to streets as tensions in venezuela reach a boiling point. i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." convoys carrying ten of millions of dollars many emergency supplies struggle to get into venezuela after a country's contested president nicks last maduro closed all border crossing claiming aid is part of a u.s. led cue. this as more members o t


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