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tv   Hannity Fourth of July Special  FOX News  July 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> did you guys notice anybody from the theater leaving? to gate no. we we're in view of the theater. >> sir, what is your name? to get my name is robert. >> tell me what you felt tonigh compared to yesterday morning? did you feel it also yesterday? >> yesterday morning i was lucky . i was at work and i hadn't noticed anything at all until m coworkers or did you feel that and i said feel what. she was like well, we felt this. i said no. and then as i can later my boss called and said hey, can you make sure that there is no leaks , no breaks. i was like sure, of course, bu honestly i didn't notice anything at all. today it was the same thing. >> we are glad you are both okay .
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we thank you for taking some time to talk with us this evening. have a nice weekend to you both. we want to welcome to you what would normally be the fox news at 11 at 10:00 p.m. we have been on for coverage. here is the latest. we now have experienced a 7.1 earthquake that hit at 8:16 p.m tonight that makes yesterday's quake a pre- or a4 shock to today's quake which is now considered the main shock. this happened right in ridgecrest. >> the very same epicenter near ridgecrest, so wherever you are in you felt it, imagine what th folks in ridgecrest are going through tonight as they felt no a 7.1 quake. we saw footage of the one fires or reports of the fire there were trying to get more information. we keep noting the difference i times of the quake sprayed the quake tonight at night, the quake yesterday morning in the
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daytime. it's a whole different situation . >> we just got a briefing from caltech. we expect another briefing soon. our reporter seth women is they are. seth, walk us through some of the key points of this earthquake right now. >> good evening, christine and alex, we are in the seismology lab here at caltech where we just got an update from doctor lucy this eiseman is here on th 7.1 magnitude earthquake that w felt today. this was actually the quake tha happened today was the big event . possibly yesterday six-point fo being the prelude, the four shock to today's 7.1 magnitude that was about 10-11 miles nort northeast of ridgecrest. here in the seismology lab, they've been going over the dat trying to look at the probability of aftershocks because yesterday they did not know the 614 magnitude was just
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a four shock to today's and the probability of another one happening one happen while we were standing here talking, so little smaller but there could be more, there could be more that are bigger, it's just unclear at this point because i so hard to predict. she said this was a strike slip earthquake. we're not moving up were not moving down, but the ground is moving sideways expanding the ground, the california lien her is being expanded by these earthquakes that are strike slick earthquakes in nature. looking at the data they say they can't estimate when any aftershocks will occur, but they just left out of your takeout and analyze some of the data and promised to have an update for us within the next half-hour after they get a chance to look at some of that data and come back and give us more information. >> we should note that they wer saying yesterday that this quak was the strongest quake in southern california in 20 years and now you have yesterday
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six-point for and now you have 7.1 quake, so they also noted a that news conference that they don't get a seven very often, s let's hope that is the case, fingers crossed. >> the last seven was 20 years ago, the hector nine quake was was over a seven is well. the last time we felt that was back in 1999. scene reports of damage from different areas. oxnard checking income of ventura county with the docs there in. san bernardino county. so far la candy no major damage but we've seen some different power lines down and a reminder if you're watching this and a power line is down in your neighborhood if you come across
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that you're driving and you see it, do not touch it. that is deadly to touch a downe power line. let emergency crews know call 911, and try to get out of that area. >> ain't thinking two of the roads in the area we saw yesterday that there was a gap in one roof. they filled it right away. where hearing the 178 is is closed due to a rockslide. this is in the kern river canyo area. think lake isabella northeast o bakersfield here, as we look here, this is what caltrans was showing us this cluster of earthquakes here and the one ridgecrest, the aftershock 5.1 was far to the right there of your screen that bubble kind of there to the far right. >> the area that felt at that the worst was ridgecrest the area that felt yesterdays as well was ridgecrest. linda hill joins us on the phone . we have some pictures we want t
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show of what her home looks like . wind akamai thank you for joining us. how are you doing? and police describe your experience. >> well, i am doing okay. i think we are getting a little bit numb, i hate to think we're getting numb to it, but i just think that we're also tired and exhausted from not sleeping las night i think i've heard a lot of people say they've caught some catnap's this afternoon, but i literally was just headin to bed, i felt like okay, we're going to be okay now and just put my head on the pillow and i started. i couldn't get out quick enough the tv fell over on me. him cut up and bruised. i watched an antique curio cabinet of mine with all my treasures fall over with glass everywhere. dogs freaking out.
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it's just chaos and it kept going and going and going until i could even get out the front door. >> i just felt your emotion whe we spoke with you yesterday being so close. how would you compare what you felt tonight compared to yesterday? >> yesterday was nothing compared to tonight. tonight its catastrophic. i can't even begin to tell you what it felt like. again, i don't ever want to go through it again and i don't think anybody should have to go through it. i think god that most of my family is up in mammoth. i've got great neighbors that are helping me out. water heater came off the earthquake straps the garage is full of water.
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water is turned off, gas is turned off, just the emotions are just unreal. unreal. yes i want to ball right now, but i'm not going to. >> not to be too overdramatic here but in that moment, were you fearing for your life? >> there was no doubt i was fearing for my life right everything was crashing in my bedroom and i had to get around my bed to even get out the door. i definitely was fearing for my life and when that t v came dow on the back of my legs, that is when i knew i was in trouble. >> linda, how much of this as w look at the photos how much cam down yesterday already? compared to what you then had fall off more tonight? >> o god, we're having another one part. >> hang in there, linda. okay. okay. >> and aftershock there?
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pretty much all last night the same thing? >> is, aftershocks. my damage yesterday was nothing compared to what it is today. nothing. this thing just kept going. and i just figured okay. we're all doomed. >> in the seismologists say tha today's quake was ten times stronger than the quake you experienced yesterday. can you talk about your neighborhood, your neighbors, have you checked in with people that live nearby? how is everybody doing? >> several people are thinking they want to head out of town i told him probably not a good idea because they don't know th road conditions yet. and i've gotten older gentleman across the street who just i've been out there sitting with him in his driveway. he's pretty shook up. so, everybody is just trying to come together and keep it together.
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there is the tv that fell on may . >> linda, we are so grateful yo would take time to speak with u both yesterday and today. i am wondering as you are livin through these earthquakes, what advice you would put out for th rest of us here. we know it's earthquake country being in california, when it comes to securing items at home safety and being kind of what w say is quake ready. what would you say to people having lived through this? >> i think the biggest thing i can say is anything hanging on your walls that might be heavy, put some kind of something to secure them. i never thought i had that much stuff that would fall over like this. that is one of the biggest things i could say. i'm sorry, i'm jumbled right now . >> linda, you are doing great.
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this is very real and all of us in southern california have fel some quakes at somewhere at som point in time. >> i think everybody is rooting for you and feeling you, and appreciative of you sharing you experience. it is so important for all of u to hear this to as a way to prime us for experiencing what inevitably will be a similar experience. >> any help i can give. you guys have actually been my sanity here tonight, i thank hi immensely for staying, texting with me, and reaching out to me to make sure i was okay. that was so thoughtful of him. >> bill being a reporter. >> s. wonderful reporter. >> for those of you who don't know where ridgecrest is, you mentioned mammoth, it is kind o the route to mammoth where
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people will sometimes start over . your community of about 30,000 people. are you feeling your community come together? i'm saying yesterday you witnessed this in the early morning around 1030. now it's nine and 10:00 p.m. at night i'm wondering how many ar able to connect at 10:00 p.m. a night, but how is your community coming together? >> i think the community is ver strong. there is a lot of people such a myself that were born and raise here. my phone has rang and text off the hook just checking to make sure i'm okay. and seeing if they can offer an help. i know the whole community is doing that as well. you just have to come together in times like this and, you jus kind of have to
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>> it went out for a little bit when the tv fell over and hit me , my power went out then, so i was kind of blind walking out and thank god, i don't know how i didn't step on any of that class. >> linda, i'm so glad to be talking with you because i send more of a column in your voice and really, i just want you to know that in southern californi we are sharing in this experience together. many of my neighbors and friend lived through the northridge earthquake. we come right into working we deal with this situation and share information and you are our eyes and ears there tonight and ridgecrest. do you have animals? >> i do, i have one dog, thankfully she is calm, fireworks don't bother her, thi isn't bothering her. >> did she react to the quake? >> no.
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to get my dogs did here in la. >> she's about four and a half years old, and nothing has been phasing her. she's just been a trooper, than god. i just couldn't deal with her o a leash and trying to make sure neighbors were okay and stuff and figure out what all damage had, so unfortunately she's out in the backyard, she saved, she can't get out. >> that is a reminder for those of us with animals if you have that to go kids we're calling i that quake hit, do you have extra leashes in that kit, do you have dog food, medications because all of that has to go with you. had you thought, are you thinking at all of leaving your place? i know there's a red cross shelter set up their. are you needing to leave or are you okay at home?
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>> i'm not okay at home, but i don't feel like i want to leave my home. i don't know if that makes any sense. it is familiar for me, it is home up. i probably should go somewhere and get these things checked on my leg, but compared to probabl what some other people are goin through, it's nothing. they are fine. they are just scrapes and bruises. >> linda, i wish we were there with you because i would love t give you a big hug right now. >> i would love a big hug. just feel the hug from me and from christine. >> a fox news alert here. another earthquake hit southern california listening to coverag from southern california. let's go now to news conference in kern county that is underway. let's listen in. >> we have a lot of people that
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are here to help and we are currently taking action. we are just gathering information right now and takin action. with that, we will go ahead and i will open it up to questions. [inaudible reporter question] >> we want to recognize a coupl of folks you are here coordinating with us so we have i'm going to step out of the way . >> okay, we have congressman mc carthy's office here shannon grove's office as well as other supervisors across kern county are here to assist this operation and have given 100 percent support. we are putting together a plan right now. questions. >> what is the plan? >> to do a systematic search of
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ridgecrest for life and propert and address those specific issues. >> have you had any reported injuries? >> a lot of medical aid calls are out there. we know of no fatalities at thi time however there have been a lot of ambulance calls, medical aid calls for help. >> our there cruise right now that are planning on sending an more resources? yes, we are launching a lot of people. a lot of people are headed from a lot of different places. we have a strike team of engine that just arriving from our county as well as all of the local resources out in the desert are now in the ridgecres area. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> they're are many concerns, many concerns. we think of the dam, we think o buildings collapsed, people trapped, however we don't have any reports right now of a majo
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building collapses, however there could be some. we are going to search and that is the first part. the first part is finding out where those buildings are and gathering that information. they're are so many calls for help that we have a backlog of calls in the ridgecrest area. that is where we are at. >> what was your reaction based on what happened yesterday? >> you know, being here in bakersfield, the east side of town, feeling the earth move course, we're wondering where the epicenter was, where did it hit and find out the informatio we find out it was a seven-poin one and realizing that was more significant than the one that was previous, we started launching a lot of equipment. even though we don't know for sure what all the damages, we want more equipment because we know how catastrophic the last one was.
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>> we were getting reports that there was fire at the hospital, can you talk to that? >> i don't know about a fire at the hospital. >> would anybody else like to make a statement? any other questions? let's see. what time is it? it is 1030. if we have any more significant developments, i will be back ou at 11:30. >> how prepared do you think a you are at this point to take care of the situation? >> i am confident we can take care of the situation. people should be resting assure that we are taking action and w have sufficient resources in route to deal with this situation. i will be back at 11:30. >> okay, so here is now an update on what's going on in
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southern california. they're has been a second major earthquake. as seven-point one magnitude quake. the epicenter is around ridgecrest, which is the same area where we had that six-poin for magnitude quake that hit on thursday. ridgecrest is made up of a smal community made up of about 30,000 people and we heard from some folks they are a little while ago who said they were just panicked and for a while their power was out. our correspondent jeff paul is on the phone with us now. jeff, you were telling us power was out for you as well and you were charging your phone with your car battery. >> that's what happens in situations like this. you have got a very powerful earthquake and the power is usually one of the first things to go out. ruptured gas line, we don't kno if that's the cause of this fir that we saw, but almost minutes after we felt the very powerful earthquake you could hear the
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sirens and we looked off into the distance you could see a huge thing of smoke just going into the air as a mobile home was set on fire. by the time we got over there that's all it was was just fire. emergency crews responding in every direction. driving around town, that is th one constant the sirens, the ambulances, the police officers responding in its may be just not for calls related to the earthquake, but also just peopl that are sick or are needing medical attention. they still have to do their job during this event. we are right now trying to driv out the front of that is where we're hearing reports of a highway being closed down after there has been some features in the highway due to this powerfu earthquake. that is what we saw on the fourth of july the same area
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where the highway sort of split open and they were able to fix that fairly quickly. we are not able to confirm the amount of any injuries, but we do know we've seen at least one fire [inaudible] >> jeff, i think i'm losing you there on the phone. jeff powell are fox news correspondent has been on the ground in southern california. he was actually there when the quake hit. he felt it he captured the vide you're watching on the right-hand part of your screen. people inside of what looks lik a restaurant running out trying to get to safety outside as soo as they felt this quake hit. it is a much bigger earthquake than what was felt on the fourt of july. let's go ahead back to bakersfield where they're talking to some folks out there. let's listen to what's happenin
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there. >> definitely, they called in extra law enforcement and firefighters and just for the holiday to make sure everyone stays safe, for that and then o top of that they had an additional resources do ridgecrest after that earthquak yesterday the six-point for, th four shock is what they're calling it, so they had all of their resources out there and they really gave a lot of credi to the volunteers who gave up their time yesterday to go out there and help because they wer spread thin trying to take care of all the masses with the fourth of july celebration's going on as well. those people we're in place tonight, they have been warned as much as they could be that this is a likelihood that this could happen, so they knew exactly where to go. there was one question about there being a fire at the hospital. you heard the police officer sa that they haven't heard reports of that so that is good news although the hospital is still not open from what i understand
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because there was some structural damage that they wer finding as they kind of inspected the building as well as some of the sprinkler system what first alerted them to the damage because they were dripping so they thought let's remove the patients and take care of these folks. they moved them outside to a mobile shelter and another hospital. >> that was from yesterday's quake so you can imagine that shape the hospital is in now after this seven-point one. i'm actually looking at the earthquake map right here and i our area, in that area, i am seeing another quake just three minutes ago a 2.9 aftershock, over and ridgecrest another one just four minutes ago at 3.0. another one just about ten minutes ago commit so right now i'm looking at it and i'm counting just in the last may b
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30 minutes or so, at least a couple dozen aftershocks here i not more all in that area, so the shaking continues here and again, we are starting to see a bit of a situation where this i exactly what the usgs predicted that this would continue, but the scary part of this has to b that they said this is going to continue not for a day, but for possibly a few weeks. >> the good news is they don't anticipate anything as large as tonight's quake to happen again in the future, however, just an hour after the seven-point when we had the 5.4, those are possible to be happening for quite some time as you you're looking at more video of these pools showing you just a little mini tsunamis here at some point , basically flooding yards because so much water is coming
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out of these pools. miles has been tracking all the aftershocks do. let's go ahead and turn things over to him with more information. >> well, we continue to monitor the shaking and what you see right here, this is hard to see this is from the usgs, you can see ridgecrest in the middle there. >> this is a fox news alert, we are doing coverage on yet another big earthquake to strik southern california. this time as seven-point one magnitude quake hitting just after 8:00 p.m. local time there . local authorities reporting multiple injuries and fires. power is out for many people on the ground. la fire reporting no major damage and lax airport reportin no major damage to their runway that is good news for the quake was centered about 11 miles fro ridgecrest it was felt as far away as las vegas and los angeles. the usgs also reporting it was
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felt as far away as mexico. they're have been more than 170 aftershocks in the area since thursday's six-point for magnitude quake. let's bring in fox news correspondent jeff paul who has been with us live all through the night. jeff, you we're on the ground. welcome back. you we're on the ground when this all happened. i know you're been having some phone issues. you had to get some power from your car battery. what is the situation on the ground right now? >> from our vantage point, is w are driving into different areas , we are starting to see a little more lights on which is good sign. things are starting to get back up and we are seeing fewer cars out on the road, but weather there are fewer emergency vehicles or people are starting to calm down a little bit, the other good thing i can mention is after this big one happened here tonight, just after 8:00 p.m., we felt a ton of
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aftershocks after that even a minute after that was another aftershock and another one. you can feel it as people tried to calm down there was really n time. i can tell you within the last half hour or so, we haven't fel one. that might be because we're moving around so much, but we were feeling them at a pretty good clip there. it was just a little after 8:00 o'clock we were inside a restaurant and you just heard the rumble and then everything started shaking. you heard plates falling off, people scrambling, knocking ove chairs trying to get out the door. i think one of the things we hurt commit you're not supposed to go outside during an earthquake and there we're so many people inside, there we're open grills with gas flames coming out of it to cook food, think everybody just wanted to
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get outside in case the ceiling we're to collapse or if there would be sort some sort of fire. once you are outside you could really see the emotion on a lot of people's faces. some people laying on the ground , some people crying. now we're starting to see more lines at gas stations is people try to fill up their tanks in a situation like this when you don't have power at home, but charges you have have to do wit this generator. >> and that's what you're feeling where your ads, think about the people, 30,000 people living in ridgecrest which is where the epicenter was. >> that is where we are. we are there. we've been in town and we been here for the last couple of days . we were right there when the bi win came through. that's where were seeing a lot of that video from and showing that video that we shot of us running out of the bus stop. it was a huge moment of panic.
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>> so what is the advice now from officials for folks. i know it's the middle of the night now or it's getting to be time for bed, especially with the families that have kids. what is the advice. i know there are aftershocks still happening. they are predicting up to a six magnitude aftershock. what do people do now? >> i think the big thing for emergency responders is trying to get to is to try to figure out what's going on at the hospitals. you can kind of hear them yelling to get out of the way. so what we are seeing as we drive down the main drag here i we are seeing a lot of police officers driving up and down they don't have their lights on anymore so it feels like it has gone down a little bit. as we drive, there is just a
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huge batch of darkness where th entire street is outcome of the street lights are out. thankfully the traffic signals are still working so we're not seeing any major traffic jams o car wrecks because of that, but down certain patches, it is absolutely dark out here. this is about 28,000 is 30,000 people it's already dark out here with the lack of streetlights and then on top of that. >> jeff, i'm going to let you g for one second, standby. we're going to jump back into this conference at caltech. >> all that saying were having very robust sequence, not a surprise it's going to continue. there is no reason to think it' going to be stopping. so far in the last couple of hours we have reported to magnitude fives. 16 magnitude fours and over 15
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magnitude threes in just the last two hours. it does seem to be dying down a little bit that first hour we were seeing a lot of stuff. the ground is moving enough tha we're not seeing smaller earthquakes at this point, we'r not seen anything below magnitude three because the ground is moving enough from th force inside that you can't see below that. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> it's 100 percent that you're going to have the sequence ongoing. >> we have never seen a sequenc like this suddenly stop. so the aftershocks will continu it is following a pretty traditional pattern, but on the high side, so how many aftershocks, some of them have small number, some of them have a lot. we're on the upper 50 percentile . this is definitely a robust sequence, but it's far from unprecedented.
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it's just on the high side of average. >> can you assess the aftershocks again, the size of them and how many we have had? >> so far we have recorded two that are above a magnitude five. 16 above magnitude four and ove 50 that are above magnitude three. >> there is an estimate very preliminary estimate right now of about 10 percent, of one in ten chance we could have anothe seven within the sequence. that is calculated for the next week. >> the chance of something bigger than six is actually a bit over 50 percent. in the chance for a five is approaching certainty. it would be extremely unusual i we didn't have another five.
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>> these estimates are all for week. the most likely time is right now. the other thing to remember, th way they die office time and we are seeing it after the six and we seem to be getting into the die off. here, every number you have in the first 24 hours, the next 24 hours will have about half that many. the next 24 hours will have about a third that many et cetera. the tenth they will have one tenth as many as we have on the first day. what that means is it will go down pretty quickly and then we will have a really long tail where it will continue to have the risk for quite a while. the last time we had earthquake at this size we were seeing significant aftershocks for mor than a year for several years. >> so far everything we are seeing, we seem to be having some continued activity on the southwest striking part of the l-shaped, but the majority are up to the north.
10:35 pm
>> the color coordination there obviously the large is the main shock. >> wright, the colors, the reds reds are the most recent events. and so you can see. >> when you say recent? >> within the last hour. >> those we would say are all associated with the magnitude 7.1 bird those are all aftershocks. those are all spread out, but you did see it up to the northwest we speculate that is where the rupture may have stopped, but we can't confirm that until we actually have mor data and how people get reports back from the people on the ground brickey you said you had geologist on the ground there. >> we have not been able to get an indication it's going to be difficult actually to get out there because it's on the naval weapons station.
10:36 pm
so, there are some logistical challenges they are. obviously to commit these peopl we're right at ground ground zero for a major earthquake. so i have two indications are geologist and engineers are okay , but it's nighttime, there may be issues driving on the roads, there may be structures that are damaged. we have some confirmed reports of gas wires fires in the city of bridgeport and so forth, so there is a lot of other stuff t deal with that's much more important than trying to get ou and look at the fault. >> you said earlier it's trending away from certain time. >> i think it's worth reminding that were talking about the probabilities and we're talking about triggered earthquakes it' important to remind people mostly you trigger the earthquakes right where you hav the first one the ability to trigger dies off very quickly.
10:37 pm
there is some possibility as a few times the fault length. so we don't we haven't seen triggered earthquakes more than about three or four times the length of the fault. this looks to be about 25 miles long, so we are getting, may be out over 70 or 80 miles. would it be possible to see stuff? that is the extreme of it. >> do we know what triggered this one? >> it was triggered by the six-point for. this as an earthquake sequence. the earthquakes are related. if you do calculation of the chance that they're not related ended zero. >> guesstimating on the power, seven-point when being greater than the six-point for. >> you didn't go and redo the calculations did you? take it let me do this quickly in my head right i think it's about a factor of eight more
10:38 pm
powerful in terms of the amount of energy released during the earthquake. it is being released over a larger area. >> and a longer time, and i think that is folks here in the la region can attest to that th ground shaking was pretty long. we would estimate that the actual rupture for this magnitude 7.1 havlicek between 15 and 20 seconds for it to rupture to start at the epicenter and then propagate across the fault. until we get a chance to look a the data in detail we can't be more certain about that. >> 5-10, we have some data that showed it was a little on the slow side. >> this is probably about the same, the data needs to be downloaded and massaged, and it's friday night. >> the one question i find fascinating everybody talks
10:39 pm
about the information isn't in the earth surface doesn't help that research? >> we will go in and looked, bu i spent a couple of decades trying to find something that was different about four shocks than other earthquakes and neve found it. we will go in and looked, and w have more data we have much better stations now for this sequence than we've had for any previous for shocks we have looked at. if there is something there we will try to find it, but it's not obvious. >> [inaudible reporter question does that include the possibility that this could be another four shock. >> included in that approximately one in ten chance that's a seven-point okemos 7.1 7.2,.
10:40 pm
>> what is your plan over the next week or so. are you guys stationed here? >> he actually still has a paid job. >> yes, we are going to be working and analyzing data. there is a ton of information that is coming in right it is going to take a lot of work to get through it. and that is the information coming in digitally, on the computers, and then obviously the people in the field are gathering information as well. >> where are we with her early warning? >> early warning system worked well. the problem was the distributio to public and that was a policy decision that doesn't rest with us, it's being discussed whethe or not the threshold should be lowered to give out warnings.
10:41 pm
>> eve get really bright angle here. how often do you see? >> that's relatively common because if you squeeze somethin you'll often see cracks showing up. x-shaped cracks on the side of the building. there is a radiation pattern pair there's one direction with a moves. for instance pointing from northridge to pasadena turned out to be that minimum shaking direction and there was no damage essentially in northridg and pasadena for the northridge earthquake.
10:42 pm
nearby communities were badly damaged. there is that factor. there is also something called. you get a focusing of energy an directions moving towards. in the first one, we think that it went in the 6.4. at ruptured towards ridgecrest and there was probably some focusing energy in that direction. here it's a much bigger. >> nobody gets you interested i quick preparation. in the past 20 years you haven' had seismic activity at this size.
10:43 pm
overall for the state there are fewer people getting affected here. those people are suffering a lot , but the rest of the state can move into help us. move into help them and hopefully that is happening now. when we have our earthquake, we're going to have a lot more people affected by it and it's going to be harder to respond. it has been a significant route we haven't had an earthquake of this size for 20 years. in that time we have seen more emphasis and seismic safety especially at the city and county level than we've seen at any other time in california history. we don't have to have an earthquake to remind us to get things done, but it sure doesn' hurt. i think what we've been getting a lot going on perhaps at the community level, it is individuals, there is a lot of individuals for whom you forget
10:44 pm
and here is your opportunity. i think probably trying to get to the website tonight might be futile, there seems to be a lot of access to the sites, but tomorrow when you have some extra time and you remember wha happened earthquake has a lot of information about things you can do individually, but also consider doing it with some community groups. >> and the san andreas still hasn't ruptured past palm springs bread. >> the southern mart parts of the san andreas has to average in earthquake about once every 150 years the last one was on the mojave segment was 1857 the one on the southernmost part wa 1680. whatever is causing a long interval is happening now. at some point are luck will end. it will be happening to the san andreas at some point to. >> the san andreas, we said
10:45 pm
between a 6.4 and the 7.1 is about a factor of eight. 7.1 to 7.8 is the same difference and it will be that much bigger. is 7.8 on the san andreas is going to be eight times bigger than this earthquake and of course a lot of it will be closer to us, but this is only 10 percent the size of the san andreas earthquake is a pretty big earthquake. i don't think we should underestimate just because we didn't get hit that badly, just how bad it is right now. >> easter sunday of 2010, there was april 4th, that earthquake at magnitude of seven-point to, i haven't been including that because it wasn't in california. the rupture was completely within mexico so yes we felt it and probably a similar sort of distance well, it didn't feel quite as strong here since we were farther away, but it was not one of our fault system so
10:46 pm
when were talking about earthquake rates, what's happening on the faults, i didn't include that. >> yesterday you talked about there's no way to predict. >> that's right, all of this is random and it is something people don't like. on top of that random distribution, we add earthquake triggering. so when we talk about a random distribution, that is as sequences. this is still all one sequence for all that we've had a couple thousand earthquakes at this point. the account was about 1500 before the 7.1 happened at. >> seismologist from caltech an usd has giving us another updat on this 7.1 magnitude quake, th second largest quake to hit in the last two days. fox twos correspondent jeff pau is reporting live for us on the ground in ridgecrest which is the epicenter. we are finally seeing him now. jeff, i'm looking at the data
10:47 pm
right now it looks like you guy just had a 3.5 magnitude aftershock and you keep having these aftershocks. what do they feel like? >> every once in a while you will sort of sit there and feel their shaking in the vehicle you'll check around with the people around you and say, did you feel that? did you feel that clicks we are certainly feeling it here where we are at the local hospital. this has become sort of the staging area where you're seein a lot of ambulances show up, firefighters, just whoever migh need some care or need to be transported. where are the power is out. the hospital behind it still ha some lights on but if you look behind the shot where i'm looking straight beyond the camera it is pitch black. there is no power out here othe than passing car that has its lights on right now. >> so we're not out of the wood just yet, at caltech and the
10:48 pm
usgs seismologist telling us that the largest aftershock likely could be a i believe a six magnitude. we've already felt to aftershocks that have been abov of five, so what are people on the ground doing because as you said, the power is out. it is now nighttime, bedtime fo a lot of families, what do you do, how do you get through the night? >> i think a lot of the people right now are trying to collect their resources as we were driving up to the hospital, you see a car stopping off at any gas station that might have power. some of those credit card machines are down so it goes to having cash people are paying cash, whatever they can to get some food, it may be some water because they don't know how lon this event is going to last. there is still a lot of traffic on the road, several cars are passing up and down here, the
10:49 pm
occasional truck with a flatbed in case they need to get a vehicle or get some folks to safety, but it's hard to tell because it is so dark out just exactly the extent of the damages. shortly after that earthquake, we could see some smoke off in the distance just beyond the hospital here. when we got closer to it you ca see a home, a mobile home just up in flames. the flames we're shooting at least 40 feet in the air. firefighters were out there trying to knock down those flames. we went by there a few minutes ago on the way to the hospital and it seems like they have tha under control. we are only only hearing right now of a few minor injuries, bu those details are still developing as the night continues here in california. >> crews are going door-to-door and making sure that everyone i okay. i guess there is a dam out ther to that they are concerned about . a producers could bring back that video you shot earlier thi is compelling video, it shows the moment when this quake hit.
10:50 pm
you where they are. can you talk us through again what you saw and what was happening? what it felt like? >> just further down the street from here we were getting a bit to eat and there was an aftershock. you can kinda feel it rumbling inside the restaurant spend a few people in the restaurant sort of cheered like we made it through this within a few minutes later, that's when the big one happened that 7.1 or 6.9 , whatever they're calling it now. a very powerful earthquake. the whole building started to shake, i don't know if we could even play that audio from that video, i think if there was a time to play that, you could really get that sense of panic because people were trying to get outside because this is a restaurant that had several grills that we're firing off yo have gas lines, always a concer up ruptured gas lines. once we got outside, everyone was just trying to collect themselves people were out of breath, for some people this ma
10:51 pm
be the first time they've ever been so close in their minds to may be losing their life or being injured and you can see people on the ground just tryin to collect their breath. some people crying, other sayin we need to get home because we need to check on grandma, we need to check on other family members to make sure they are okay. >> one woman was telling our local affiliate that her tv fel and actually injured her so perhaps a word of advice right now is if there's anything hanging on the walls, take it down. make sure that you're home is a safe as possible. >> i think a lot of people righ now they kind of want to just b out in the open. where in a parking lot right here, there is nothing near us and i feel like people feel saf right now, i don't know if that's the safest thing to do, but when you're inside a house or a restaurant or on a second and third floor, there's always
10:52 pm
the potential of something falling on you, a building collapsing. the one thing about this that w should mention is a town of about 28 is 30,000 people so this hospital one of the bigges buildings in town, other than that a couple of hotels that ar maybe three stories tall, so comparing that to a major metropolitan area, the building are much smaller. >> kern county officials just had a news conference and they were saying that they've got a backlog of these calls from folks calling for help, and right now they're also going around the town looking for damaged buildings, what are you seeing? i can hear the sirens in the background spread. >> i was just going to say, you can see a fire or a police officer shooting down the road and that has been the norm tonight, there will be sort of silence and then you see those off in the darkness because it' very dark out here. you see the red and the blues and you hear the sirens.
10:53 pm
you could tell earlier when we were driving around there we're police officers out there, not with their lights on but just going around because while the town doesn't have the biggest population, it is rather spread out and in some spots it's rather rural. to take the time to go from all of the town is going to take quite a while to make sure everyone is accounted for. >> i'm not sure if you know thi but do you know anything about this dam that that officials ar concerned about? >> we haven't heard any reports on that from where we are at think the main concern is to make sure that there aren't any other fires sparking up. the one thing that the police chief told us earlier today whe we talk to them he said he really had felt like the community during this latest is the six-point for magnitude earthquake on july 4th. he felt that they really dodged a bullet.
10:54 pm
they wanted to make sure they kept their resources in town in the event that we did have this more powerful earthquake inside beyond that, i think it's going to take some daylight to really tell the extent of the damages. we're also seeing every once in a while, choppers up. i'm not sure what agency that is , they are shining lights down on the ground to get a better vantage point to see what is happened after this earthquake. >> anybody on the ground tellin you what their plans are. what are folks telling you thei plans are to get through the night. that's not their job, but they're making sure that the most in need people are getting
10:55 pm
those services. you kind of see that from time to time when you cover stories unfortunately like this in smaller towns, everybody gets together to make sure everyone gets back on their feet. you get a sense of that. are you hungry, i think that's where we're at right now. live and on the ground and the epicenter of this massive secon earthquake to hit southern california. a seismologist saying it was a 7.1 magnitude quake hitting jus after 8:00 p.m. local time. local authorities are reporting multiple injuries on the ground multiple fires as well and as jeff was reporting, power was out for a whole lot of people there in southern california. la fire reporting no major damage to buildings, lax airpor also reporting no damage.
10:56 pm
away from ridgecrest which is where jeff paul was. which is also the same place where we had that six-point for magnitude earthquake on thursda on the fourth of july thursday morning this is near the mojave desert about 150 miles away fro northeast la. the 7.1 was felt as far away as las vegas, los angeles, and the usgs now reporting as far away as mexico. >> physical things would be replaced. in moments like this parrot. >> thank you for joining us and keeping us updated. after that 7.1 magnitude earthquake we felt earlier this
10:57 pm
evening just an hour later ther was a five-point for aftershock and those are likely going to keep coming. we've had a number of significant aftershock sprayed the 7.1 is the primary aftershock and yesterday's six-point for was the for shock to the sequence of earthquakes. here you see a five pointer and a 5.3 that was the one that was about an hour later. also a number of 4.2 magnitude earthquakes continue. the biggest and worst of it was up in the red area just to the north of ridgecrest. you see the bottom down there. that is the indian wells valley and the pager program is a program it's an acronym that stands for program that estimates what this earthquake, based on where it is, how many
10:58 pm
people where they are, the type of ground, what sorts of injuries, what sort of fatalities might be expected an they have come up with a 30 percent chance that 1-10 fatalities will take place with this and 65 percent chance as you can see in green there that nobody will be killed. there is a slight chance, 4 percent that up to 100 people could have been killed by this. 7.1 once again a huge earthquake . more than five and a half times stronger than yesterday's six-point for. they're shaking on the chic scale nine, which is severe damage. we've already seen multiple reports of fires, you've seen the pictures and heard the stories. a moment ago talking to one individual he was talking about a lot of property damage from houses. a lot of damage they are. of course it's nighttime, the sun comes up tomorrow morning about a quarter to six at that
10:59 pm
time we will see the real damage . not much in the weight of any damage here in the bakersfield area. the canyon is closed, there has been a lot of bolder action there. that would probably be the case through the night as more aftershocks of fours and fives continue to occur. you can see everybody filing ou of the building they have an evacuation plan in place for when something like this happens . again, this 7.1 magnitude
11:00 pm
earthquake, haven't seen anything like that since 1952 i kern county. this is definitely a historic earthquake and definitely here the 1999 is the last time we sa an earthquake of this magnitude in this state. here is my backyard, this is what my pool look like. a lot of splashing going on there. this is toward the tail and so it was much heavier than this once it was happening. my yard was flooded, you can kind of see they're going their going down the drain, but yes, my dogs were spooked to. charlie was very tentative in coming out with mayberry she didn't know if it was safe to come out, but just a very violent. you can feel the role and then see see that chandeliers start to sway. this is what i saw when i went outside so i can handle a littl bit of this build pool water, but it was scary at the time


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