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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 6, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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his musical >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." gun control saves lives. that's what they are telling me day and night on cnn. in fact, they are having a town hall meeting tomorrow night to tell you some more anyone who opposes gun control will tell you by implication of not directly that it's a bad person. a chalice, cruel, probably violent person be it someone who doesn't care about the safety of others. while, last night a bruise goes progressive activates took that very message to senator majority leaders mitch mcconnell's home. here's what they said. >> we are at mitch mcconnell's house. he's about to get some rest? not if it kills the children you are kidnapping.
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not if families are getting murdered can't get any rest. he's in that, nursing his little broken arm. he should have broken his wrinkled neck. it murder turtle! murder turtle! stabbed him in the heart! >> tucker: stabbed him in the heart. break his neck. that's the message to mitch mcconnell bid they are totally opposed to violence and that's why what they want to kill mitch mcconnell. if you are confused, you haven't been paying much attention lately. almost everything the left says these days is projection. in almost every single case, they accuse you of exactly what they are doing. and this week was no different. in the wake of two horrifying mass shootings, they've been telling us the president is a hater. he is using race to divide us, they scream! it's wrong! while, they are right about the second pack. it's actually wrong. but using race to divide us,
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that's of courts in and of the left. but on my politics the process of dividing people on the basis of immutable characteristics. factors that can control. and that's what the democratic party is at this point. it's an identity politics party. they promised some americans reparations, they denounce others for their skin color. they call it privilege. the entire country, they will tell you, is fundamentally racist and therefore evil. >> this country was founded on white supremacy and every single institution and structure that we have in our country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and jim crow and its oppression. even in our democracy. >> you can't do blind to the impact of generations of racism and white supremacy that were written into our laws over centuries.
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>> tucker: so they are buffoons. yes they are. they are down. of course. do they have any idea what they are really saying? probably not. but that doesn't make the cumulative effect any less sinister or damaging. what you are watching, what use on those tapes that you're watching every day, it's a systematic effort by the left to undermine the institutions that hold this country together. chief among those institutions in this and all societies throughout time is a law enforcement. our justice system. over the past 25 years, that's been a success story. america's cops have radically reduced crime across this nation. they brought our cities back to life. if you don't know that, you are obviously under 40. ask anybody who lived in new york city in 1991 what it was like. that person's honest. you will be grateful for what the cops did. but now, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, the left is telling us police are racist monsters. >> i have challenged our police department to recognize all of the ways in which the uniform that has been burdened by racism. we are going to crack down on
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police brutality and primarily people of color. >> training for police officers on implicit races why bias is denying to it exists is denying liberty and meant cases come alive. >> how can we continue to lose the lives of unarmed black men in the united states of america at the hands of white police officers question mike that is not justice. >> if you are young and black, you are treated differently. because of the color of your skin. i don't believe that it's just the case of a few bad apples. i believe that the system is broken. >> tucker: imagine if you were a cop or your dad was a cop or your son was a call. having to sit and watch that slander day after day. again come on the basis of no evidence they are saying that. it's disgusting. dividing is question mike oh, yes, they are dividing us. or how about our thousands of i.c.e. agents working to enforce law that the congress passed. congress passes the laws and then hires people. it doesn't pay them all that
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much. to enforce their laws. that out now democrats are calling those people. good people doing a thankless job that we need to have done. only to have some pampered like a causey of cortez savage them for clinical reasons. none of this is new by the way pure two years ago the clinton ran an entire presidential campaign on this premise. attacking the country itself and its people as immoral bigots. >> you could put half of trump supporter's into what i call the basket of deplorables. it racist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> tucker: that's the message of unity? no. it's the message of disunity. it's the message of hate. think through the applications of it. if racist, sexist, xenophobic, what you do to people like that? do you try to help them? to feel like they are countrymen, your brother's? no. they are horrible. you try to destroy them and they are trying to destroy them.
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yesterday, texas democratic congressman walking castro's, we are not making this out, by the way, tweeted out the names of 44 residents of san antonio who donated to the donald trump's presidential campaign. illegal activity. but then he tweeted out the names of their employers, too. why do you think he did that question mike heat you know the answer. how would you feel tonight if you were one of those people? would you feel sick question mike 21. that's fine with congressman castro though. his point is really clear. you know exactly why he did that. if someone gets hurt, that's on his problem. you can see where this is going. it wasn't that long ago that "the boston globe" ran an op-ed suggesting that restaurant workers poisoned the food of trump supporter's and of course democrats have been calling on people to harass and scream at people tied to the trump administration for years. go to the hilt today! get up and free? goat go up in the face of congresspeople.
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you get out and you'll get what you want. you tell them will come! >> tucker: so yes, these people are buffoons. and it's our fault, sometimes, if we are being honest, including the show, for highlighting what buffoons they are. because by doing that, we underplay how dangerous their rhetoric is. our democratic system only works when citizens are free to disagree. for you to say that their neighbors run separate pages but we will first uproot people. and not be afraid to say that. but the left is making us afraid to say that. the left demands total conformity. they don't believe in diversity. they will use censorship and threats to key people in line and in the short-term, they may work. they are hoping it works until next november. but over time, it's a big mistake. it's exactly how things fall apart. brian is a former cia officer,
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he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. the tweet from congressman castro, i try not to join the outrage and pretend like everything that the other side does is the worst thing that's ever happened and i really try not to overstate things because i don't want to be part of the problem but i got to be honest and say i am shocked that this guy did that. why would you do that? what is he saying by doing that? >> look brother. the jusco is back notches to history for many years ago. in the early 2,000, there was a book i was greeted by a bunch of democratic strategists that the emerging democratic majority entered for their to be a democratic base, we have to organize particularly women and people of color and folks and tell them a few things but one, you are persecuted, and so i can that america is fundamentally bad. so if you convince enough people that those two things are true, then the individuals who are responsible for your persecution, for making america bad, white folks, the patriarchy, men, usually
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straight folks, they are the enemy and they are bad. so the only way to rectify that is to bring all of those folks down here now, we have seen folks like castro and the seeds of that disgusting rhetoric now rear its ugly head but it's not of course just mr. castro. you are hiding others in the intro. we can do more of them. democratic governor of new york said it has never been that great. and we were called out about a year ago. of course, we have folks like cnn's don levin who said that white men are the greatest terrorist threat in the country good reports have this last fall, almost a year ago, the takedown of brett kavanaugh who was told that he was both a and a. now, of course, lou bader ginsburg has since come out saying he's actually a pretty good guy. and of course, less than about eight months ago, mr. causey of cortez, the illustrious socialist came out and said that if you are a trump supporter,
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specifically a white poor rural person, she's tired of hearing about you. she's tired of hearing about your story. what she wanted to hear about were black and brown folks and cities who embraced intersexual is on whatever the hell that is. the point is, the left to use to embrace the working class has now gone down this identity politics baloney that if you don't say it, not only are you out, but you are the enemy. so, let's take this to its logical conclusion brother. you highlighted it. it's violence. it right? i mean, that's the ultimate fear but in the meantime, what are we going to get? we are going to get division. that's a that's what we've seen. black versus white, versus straight, christian versus muslim, if you are a country boy or a slighty slicker, we are now going to holler at the fact that you are different and you shoule different. so that is the fear that i have irrespective of the fact that i'm an american and american. that's where this goes.
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>> tucker: you're absolutely right. brian, great to see you tonight. thank you for that. as a part of the day in their relentless bid to divide this country, democrats have been warning about white supremacy created relentlessly. after the el paso shooting, -- >> white supremacist being radicalized and when the leader of the free world can't condone that, we need to hear it from that person, strongly condemning and rebuking this ideology. >> what the president has done is that he has given agency to hates. and he has yet to denounce it and we need him right now to use his platform and say that we are all americans and we need unification. >> tucker: okay. so it's not the job of this show to defend the president and everything he says great somethings we are not going to defend. but in point of fact, he never endorsed white supremacy or came close to endorsing white supremacy. that's just alive.
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but he condemned it anyway. their response, he didn't really mean it. >> we have also called on this president to say the words that he finally inside today but they rang hollow when he cottle's white supremacy. >> he cannot now stand back and say old, i condemn white supremacy, i condemn racism, i condemn violence. >> it's the arsonist coming in saying they want and will put out the fire. >> tucker: but the whole thing is alive. if you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns, problems this country has, where would whites of primacy be on the list? right up there with russia probably. it's actually not a real problem in america. the combined membership of every white supremacist organization in this country was able to fit inside a college football stadium, i mean, seriously. there is a country where the average person is getting poorer and the tourists suicide rate is
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spiking. it's a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power. that's exactly what's going on. i senior fellow at the hoover institution joins a snake or professor, thank you very much for coming on. white supremacy, you know, i live here in 50 years and i've never met anybody who describes to white supremacy. i don't know a single person who thinks that's a good idea. i mean, they are making this up and it's a talking point which they are using to help them in this election cycle obviously because russia. but my question to you is, what does it do to the country? at what cost? >> well, i mean, we are the most racially intermarried and assimilated, integrated country in the world. are you and i couldn't go to china and say we are chinese because we don't look chinese. the mexican constitution is has an element inanimate in it that says it had to preserve its racial essences so what is this all about? elizabeth warren did not fake a
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finished identity. she didn't say i want to be the first finish professor at harvard and beto o'rourke didn't say i'm fritz. i'm for it so work because i want to take advantage of all of this white privilege. and people don't trail their names or compound names and what's the force of interest to or 23andme? it's to find us some background in this racially intermingled and assimilated society that we didn't know existed and they believe we can find something that's not white that we can translate into a careerist advantage in the fashion of the elizabeth warren or beto o'rourke and so, it's kind of a construct and when you say white supremacy, it serves for a very liberals and i think wealthy, minorities. it says i'm authentic even though i have privilege, it doesn't count because i'm saying that guy in bakersfield without poor white guy in appalachia is a deplorable or he is a klinger
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and he has privilege and therefore, it has clear advantages obviously. and we don't even talk about class anymore. and then, here we are, just think of it. we have cory booker who is a child of two ibm executives and we have elizabeth harris who has all the intellectual privilege in the warm pita both of her parents were phds. and we have elizabeth warren who states and ethnic identity who was a harvard professor and they are yelling about all of these people who supposedly have the privilege that they have feared and it sort of become an identity policy for wealthy people in the media, politics, and that condemning on that once you say you are virtuous, and you are spotting racists under every dad and he has supremacy and privilege, you can say almost anything and look what's happening to the presidential race. we have cory booker who just last week threatened to beat out the president of the united states. we have biden who said he wanted to beat out the president of the united states. we have elizabeth warren who has
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set all sorts of things and we had kamala harris say that she wanted to get out of an elevator without a live donald trump in it. she wanted him dead. as angry as people got with barack obama's health care at all of that rhetoric typical white person get in your face punish her and i mean is, i don't remember any mainstream republican candidates, not one, not a romney, not a mccann, not anybody, saying that i'd like to beat up the president of the united states. and they do that because they are virtuous because they have established this identity policy. and the insurance policy, if you will. and it's tragic because why these elites are doing this in the real ground level, people are intermarrying, their inner mean and lean, there is some lending and they are trying to make america what it is. there is a reason why mostly nonwhite population is trying to immigrate into his still population. it's not because we are racist. we are not stupid people. they are coming here because
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they understand that there is more racial tolerance and opportunity and economic opportunity than ever before. the fiery liar and is donald trump me think about it. i mean think about it. he is god's 3% record low unemployment. the employers will bid for your employment. you don't have to beg an employer. you have an opportunity of never had and that's something i've always wanted to do. >> tucker: thank you for that. leaders of the democratic party are happy to lecture you about your moral failings but those same leaders are happy to speak in a church whose pastor says gay people are doomed. trace gallagher has lead story, plus, tulsi gabbard is running for president as a democrat telling the truth left and right. she says kamala harris' entire presidential campaign is built
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5:23 pm
tourist is just a few hours from the las vegas strip. it's been run by robert e fowler for years and four years reverend fowler's comments have been well documented. if you google his name on page one you will find that reverend has said repeatedly being is enough to send you to hell. keep reading and you will find the reverend fowler also believes homosexuality and child molestation are comparable sins. and yet, presidential candidates while harris and cory booker both staunch supporters of lgbtq rights were front and center this week at sunday services paid last month, bernie sanders held a town hall at the church. a california clinical science professor who has written about lgbtq rights and religion and politics says, quote, no one is saying that you can't be an lgbtq rights supporter and also visit houses of worship and visiting a house of worship where the religious leaders are not supporters is a choice and it sends a message that those views are not important. they haven't yet addressed the
5:24 pm
issue with kamala harris campaign told them news that her support and advocacy for lgbtq equality has been unwavering throughout her career. she will continue to visit houses of worship across the country to address congregants about the pressing issues we face as a nation. equality california? an lgbtq rights group says the group should have used the opportunity to educate the pastor on the importance of supporting the lgbtq community. reverend fowler says the subject never came up. tucker? >> tucker: trace gallagher, thanks. they are such frauds. it's unbelievable get stop judging other people, maybe that's the lesson. last week congresswoman tulsi gabbard attached kamala harris' record on criminal justice because again, it was fraudulent. now, she says harris' entire campaign is built on alive. this is an interesting toy. lisa boothe is senior fellow of
5:25 pm
the independent voice and she is more on it. good to seo. in what sense does congresswoman gabbard say kamala harris' campaign is entirely alive? >> it's about her criminal justice reform record and i want to pull the boat from gabbard today that she tweeted out doubling down. here she says kemal is an entire campaign is based on a lie. that is attorney general of california, fighting for the press and criminal justice reform but her criminal justice record shows that her policies exemplified the worst aspects of her criminal justice system. and she really put senator kamala harris on blast last week and a second round of debates. watch this. >> she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. she blocked evidence that would have freed and is sent men from death row until the courts forced her to do so good she kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of california and she fought to
5:26 pm
keep past detail system in place that impacts the poor people in the worst kind of way. >> so a pretty brutal line of attack and tucker come as you know, senator kamala harris previously served the attorney general of california as well as the district attorney as of san francisco so tulsi gabbard they are putting those policies on blast and you had an opportunity to talk to senator gabbard after the debate and for those at home who missed it, here's what she said. >> she made decisions that ended up hurting people that ended up hurting minorities, hurting poor people in the state of california which is concerning to me for someone who wants to be the president of the united states and frankly was claiming to be a prosecutor president. speaker so there is senator gabbard laying out her n about kamala harris' record and what is interesting, if you go back to after the very first de, quinnipiac gold and they found the kamala harris actually sell
5:27 pm
and it was effective and she was pulling around 20%. so they just released a poll that has her at 7% overall that the big surprise is that back in the natural i pulled out and mentioned after the first debate, among black voters she was pulling a 27%, now she is at 1%. >> tucker: wow. fascinating. that had an effect. by the way, tulsi gabbard is not yet a senator. but maybe she will be. lisa, great to see you. peter strzok helped launch the fbi and i can slickly motivating campaign to help sabotage the presidential campaign and presidency of donald trump. struct was fired for that. now he's suing because his firing was illegal. we will tell you the briefing. plus, hillary clinton has a new book coming out. could it be a prelude to new for political ambition?
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we will investigate that question, next. ♪ (woman) somebody would ask her something and she would just walk right
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>> tucker: a lot had their lives completely ruined by the russian hoax. carter page was treated like a traitor. he served his country in the navy. the lease we could do to remedy this is to make certain the people responsible for the fiasco takes some price for what they did. at the eyes peter strzok was fired after he was caught in a politically biased text. now, struct is suing the fbi saying he should not have been fired in the first place. at a former cia analyst and a host of the buck sexton so, what on what grounds it sees doing? >> well, i think you have to ask a question, what did he get fired from the fbi? because he suing that his rights are being violated here and that he was essentially just another guy in government expressing an opinion. also there is due process that we set has been violated as
5:33 pm
well. here's the reality that he wasn't just a guy saying i don't like the presidents and to a normal fbi stuff, looking on cases of kidnapping and terrorism, he was investigating the president of the united states and the whole russia collusion hoax as we now know and saying this stuff on official devices bitsy really have a double whammy or purity of two things fit on one hand, it's how could this guy have ever thought it would be appropriate when he's involved in the most politically sensitive investigation probably of my lifetime. i can think of anything that would be equivalent. to the edge of the waxing philosophical about how anything would be better than this guy that he's investigating becoming president of the united states bid on you also have on the op side, he's doing this on at on fbi devices? it's hard to imagine someone who was a 20 year veteran of the fbi being that stupid. and i think that's also -- is there a level of incompetence that can get you fired from the fbi. you add these two things together and i think they made
5:34 pm
the right call. there were some people said he should have made the right call in an amount of but if you are going to make an example of somebody, wouldn't this be an individual you would make an example of an fairness? do you they need to be above this kind of behavior. but it also would suggest a kind of entitlement. so i, he doesn't think that american taxpayers have the right not to pay him. he can give the finger to the country, make a mockery of justice, and we still are required to pay them. stickley, he could go to back after the commander-in-chief and there should be no real consequences for that? for those of them that think he got more than the benefit of the doubt, i think we should ask general flynn who by the way struck interviewed with part of that process and got him fired, got his reputation ruined and now has him facing criminal charges but we should ask general flynn if agent struct deserves to be treated like he's somebody who didn't do anything that's really that bad here but also by the way, just the perces
5:35 pm
and if the fbi and the intelligence committee were a stock, it would have been dropping since strom came into office because of stuff like this and they have to take action let your to set some of his right. it isn't just this sclerotic bureaucracy where everyone thinks they get to collect a paycheck and act on their own anti-trump arm out of your that's not the way this is supposed to go. >> tucker: no. no. the country collapses when he goes that way i would say. buck sexton, thank you for that. in her 2016 concession speech, lake clinton vouched to champion the cause of women in politics. >> i know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling but someday, someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. >> tucker: well, she clearly thought about running again in 2020. no one in her corporate want her to and so far she has stayed out but she seems to be determined to remain in the public eye and
5:36 pm
so this week, hillary clinton and her daughter chelsea, who was incredibly impressive, she went to stanford come on like you, will be releasing a new book honoring quote, gutsy women. >> the book of gutsy women is filled with assays that are reflections of our feelings about these women, what we think of them. >> we think it's always a great time to be celebrating and learning from and being inspired by gutsy woman. >> spun and setting, it's freshman, i think it's been particularly frustrating for chelsea. >> tucker: tammy bruce is the president of independent women's voice and reason enough to subscribe to the service. she joins us now. to make him explain for me if you could why i felt physically nauseous watching the clip we just played. >> you aren't the only one. this is watching these two women on their purchase of progressive privilege making a determination about who is worthy of being
5:37 pm
spoken about or written about. you know, if they had any guts, which they don't, they would write a book about the greatness of margaret thatcher. that is undeniable. it's clearly a political position that they have not necessarily agreed with but it's part of being a great leader is being able to recognize the value of other people but certainly of feminism. it supposed to be about all women and opening the doors to whoever we want to become and whatever we want to do for a living but of course, as he sat there at the show, you are talking about people who are frauds. they are not what they say they are. and this is a good example of that. so of course, they will highlight people that they agree with, they will not highlight women like margaret thatcher or melania trump who the entire feminist movement has worked very hard to ignore. they are the mean girls celebrating themselves so it doesn't take much guts to be there and to experience and
5:38 pm
enjoy your progressive privilege. to have that production. that largess and to put your nose up and sniff at everyone else but it also a message about who really counts here that you will only count if they touch you and decide that you are a person who is worthy of their attention. they are passe. they are of course an example of what is not feminism and what women should not become and that is why hillary clinton did not win and we will have a women president and that woman will be conservative and she will do a good job being the president. >> tucker: i think that's a prediction that is likely to come true. really quick, what's the point of this question mike these are two women that have had a lot of success doing i'm not exact they show up with a made of a ton of money. they are rich as hell. why are they doing it, do you think? >> it is certainly for the attention but you know, chelsea is going to need to have a job and she's not going to want to
5:39 pm
work in a corporation i'm sure or go somewhere nine to five like most americans. they expect chelsea to take on that mantle because, you know, they do see this country as a company that they should have inherited and now they are working very hard to work make sure the undeserving, those who do not conform to the liberal agenda, are pushed aside. and i think that this is more than anything about chelsea and of course, she will be disappointed. chelsea has the potential, i suppose, i'm delivering but only if she becomes, i think i'm on her own person and if she herself is willing to challenge the status quo that her parents and democrats like her have moved forward for now a couple generations. she could be the one who breaks out. i would love to see that but i don't expect it. >> tucker: know. yeah. i mean, she went to stanford and work ahead punch hedge fund. she's honestly brilliant bear to go get her twitter feed sometim
5:40 pm
sometime. amazingly revealing. thanks great to see you tonight. thank you very much. cnn is planning another propaganda rally tomorrow night to pushed gun control. we will tell you about it so you don't have to watch it. next. it ♪ when i was diagnosed with breast cancer, there was no hesitation, i went straight to ctca. after my mastectomy, it was maddening because i felt part of my identity was being taken away. when you're able to restore what cancer's taken away, you see that transformation firsthand knowing that she had options that she could choose, helped restore hope. my team made me feel like a whole person again. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now.
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>> tucker: montgomery county, maryland, right over the border you from what she is one of the richest places in the united states thanks for federal tax dollars pouring in. the county is also not surprisingly very liberal. voted 4-100 clinton over trenton 2016. so with you is like that and so much money to go around, you might think they would be eager to put those views into practice and embrace diversity. but you would be wrong wrong, of course. the average home price is more
5:45 pm
than $400,000. building new cheap homes in liberal areas is almost impossible so instead, the county is trying to cope with by allowing residents to buy new apartments in their basements or backyards. more than 1500 residents signed a petition denouncing the blender they said it would alter the appearance, density, and value of our neighborhoods. they complained it would make their communities feel like the slums or fill them with unfamiliar strangers. in other words, it would give them a taste of what has been happening to the entire rest of the country with severe approval. not in our neighborhood, they said. diversity for the but not for me. perfect. following the parkland shooting, cnn hosted an event to discuss gun control. they called it a town hall but that is a lie. it was pure propaganda. marco rubio lashed with the designated sandpit watch would have been viewed >> i think what you are asking about is the
5:46 pm
weapons ban. so let me be honest with you about that one. if i believe that that love would have prevented this from happening, i would support it. but i want to explain to you why it would not. >> could you tell me right now that you would not accept a single donation from the nra? >> i wish the nra lady i could've talk to because i would ask her how she can look and then we are considering the fact that she has children. >> let me answer the question pretty gun shot me down when i'm finished let me answer the question. you should have been barred from getting a firearm. and he should not have been able to. i would've done everything in my power to prevent that. >> you just told this group of people that you are standing up for them. you are not standing up for the them. >> i want to thank the nra and also sheriff's got to listen your questions.
5:47 pm
>> tucker: of course, cnn won an award for that garbage that they are of planning town hall. the left is getting bolder on the subject after this week's shootings. joe biden led the charge to bring back the assault weapons ban of the 1990s. watch this. >> so to gun owners out there who say well a binding administration means they're going to come for my guns -- >> and go. right. the fact is they should be illegal grade. the you can't buy a bazooka. you can't buy a flamethrower. >> how would you deal with all of the assault weapons that are already out there? >> i would institute a national buyback program. and i would move in the direction of making sure that that in fact was what we try to do cute. get them off the street. >> tucker: right. so you would turn millions of
5:48 pm
law-abiding citizens into felons and then send armed federal agents to their homes to take their guns away. civil war, anyone? what a nutcase. by the way, the assault weapons ban which ended in 2004 was studied by a lot of different groups including the justice department and it was found in the end to have no effect on crime. so why would we want it again? great question. dana loesch is a former nra spokeswoman and host of the danish show and she joins us. thanks a lot for coming on. so for us, to cnn town hall, it's been a while now. i imagine you must feel better about it. i feel better on your behalf just watching not take it we played. how do you feel knowing that they are going to do this again and will you be participating this time? >> no. i wasn't asked to participate and, you know, i always go everywhere good discussion is happening or where i think i can have some kind of impact in terms of bringing factual
5:49 pm
arguments and resumed based arguments to the subject because it's incredibly important. so they didn't ask me. but, to be fair, i don't have the highest expectation that it's going to go well. i mean, i hope that they would have learns from some of their mistakes at the previous town hall but that's just not a good faith way to have a genuine discussion and, you know, with all due respect to andrew cuomo who is going to be hosting, he's pretty publicly partisan about his ideas where it concerns, and the second amendment" unquote assault weapon so now they're putting him in this very neutral position of being a moderator and i think that's asking a lot of viewers to sort of suspended their reality and accept him as that neutral individual. i don't think they can. >> tucker: wealth, there is nothing neutral about him at all. what do you make of joe abundance of prominences?
5:50 pm
what would happen if you did that? >> wow. i -- i'm amazed at this argument from individuals who say that you can't support people was under the country illegal lead because there's too many of them but at the same time, they say you can go door-to-door to millions of homes and you can take a perfectly legally owned legal to own object from law abiding innocent people. enter correct joe biden calley obsolete can get a flamethrower but that stood beside the point. you are, getting guns by force. where are you going to use to jacob was gone? what is joe biden going to use? >> tucker: right. so if you cared about this country wouldn't say things like that. you wouldn't suggest something like that, would you? >> well, i think that not only if you care about the country but if you care just about actual simple scientific data and you cared about research and you cared about real solutions
5:51 pm
and finding an answer to this ongoing problem then i think that that's not something you would say, particularly when you are also, as joe biden's, trying to have this criminal justice reform as part of york of presidential candidates image but the assault weapon dan, as you noted, it did not work. it was unsuccessful. and for those that try to attribute a decrease in crime, everyone needs to realize that crime was already on a downward trend beginning in 1992 and in fact, gun, side and gun crime are down by 49% but that's not what most people in legacy media want you to know. >> tucker: it's true. and department by the way, it was the clinton people that conceded the nra had no effect people. it is seo. well, "the new york times" stepped out of character for a moment last night and try to daring experiment. they ran a pretty objective headline. could you imagine what the left did? the young times will not repeat that experiment. they have failed.
5:52 pm
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>> tucker: will come and took "the new york times" a daily newspaper published in new york city less than a day to end a bold new experiment yesterday running an objective headline. this morning the papers print headlines summarize presidents answer to el paso. quote "trumper urges unity versus racism." but online, the left went crazy. even crazier than usual. cory booker apparently still running for president accused "the new york times" of somehow putting lives at risk. alexandra boccaccio cortez, the pampered that she has, said the paper was enabling white supremacy through cowardice so f course, the paper caved in later versions of the article were headlines, sailing hate but not guns. mark, i'm worried because i
5:57 pm
think every country, this one particularly, deserves, you know, to sites that are both saying and capable of rational conversation. if you believe the "the new york times" is carrying water for right-wingers, you are delusional i think. >> look. you could think that either headline was okay but the process of the headline that was factually correct and frankly was unifying after this horrifying event would then be complained about by one political faction and change, that is an astounding development and journalism. i've never seen it and maybe it's happened before. why don't they just run the headlines in front? why don't they run the headlines before aoc runs them down and not get into this situation? of never seen anything like this. i mean, that would be the way to go to avoid this kind of trouble. is that journalism today? i don't think so. >> tucker: isn't the appropriate response -- co-op know. i it's up yours. we will write the headlines we want, it's our paper.
5:58 pm
whatever happened to that attitude? >> law, that was the old "the new york times" that i knew. i used to complain when i was working with hillary about the headlines all the time. i never got one change or maybe i got a paragraph change but you know, they were the paper of record, they said how they thought and that was that. to actually bend after it is printed to a political faction is to cave in a way that i think will haunt them for some time to come. >> tucker: so what is change? as a social media? >> well, one their social media but regardless of whether their social media, the paper wanted to please a constituency and they weren't willing to stand behind their own headline and were then willing to change it for that constituency. that is incredible. >> tucker: it is. it is incredible. so, i mean, you've been in washington an awfully long time and known a lot of people in power here. have you ever seen anybody under
5:59 pm
30 with as much political power as alexandria ocasio cortez? "twitter storm" no. i -- it's not political power. you see, pelosi is right. pelosi runs the house. but when it comes to media power, and to influence across our work culture and society, she is a phenomenon that is really quite powerful. and she could change the headline on "the new york times "the new york times." >> tucker: now. it's like a child with a firearm. she's scary. i'm glad i'm not nancy pelosi. that's probably the first time ever thought that. i mean, how would you like to deal with that? i almost felt sorry for pelosi. almost. we are out of time, sadly. life is like that. he goes by faster than anything. we will be back tomorrow night, a pmp that's a good nose. the show that is the sworn enemy, totally and sincerely, of lying, pomposity, smugness, and especially groupthink which is everywhere in case you haven't noticed. here's the challenge to you
6:00 pm
tonight. dvr the show. if you can figure out how to operate it. and if you can, send us a letter, handwritten. tell us how you did it. in the meantime, have a great evening. sean hannity is live at 9:00 p.m. from new york city. here he is. >> line, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, all horrible adjectives for anybody. our attacker. great show, good to see if you are what buckle up. welcome to "hannity." we have breaking news all over the place tonight. including a new discovery from our friends at judicial watch showing the absolute depths of corruption inside the highest levels of the deep state. also, we have a shocking development from the hyperpartisan, yeah, the vial truncating fbi lovebird, the guy that said hillary should win a hundred million to zero and we are a bunch of smalley walmart shoppers. peter schrock. probably make your skin crawl that we will report appear before us, we turn to the mainstream media


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