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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 7, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us. be back at 11:00 pm eastern. >> as they grab my arm and told me not to come here? >> happening right now on the east coast, fueling the flames of division. and in el paso, texas, dayton ohio, democrats demand he cancel his plan. did the message of unity fall on deaf ears? or will both sides rise above partisan politics. the terrifying new warnings the caliphate in syria.
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that is not a grill but the steak is sizzling. the heated message from a mail carrier who used the hood of his trunk to cook a steak. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. we always appreciate you starting the day with us. donald trump is traveling to two cities reeling from the mass shootings but killed a total of 31 people. live from el paso, funeral preparations are underway. >> reporter: we are learning donald trump will land in ohio right before, right after 10:30 a.m. and spent a few hours there and head here to el paso
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landing just before 2:00 pm local time where he will meet with first responders and some victims and victims from the mass shooter. you can see the memorial outside. the candles and people you see dropping off flowers and praying. you can tell they are very much morning and that is why some people who live in this community say trump's visited too soon. they are still in pain and can't handle that right now. others who were present el paso say trump isn't welcome here because of his words and his actions. >> this community is full of hope and resilience and beauty. the other thing i heard, totally unsolicited from victim still in the hospital they grabbed my arm and tell me tell him not to come here. >> reporter: last night texas
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senator ted cruz met with victims at the hospital as well. he said it was a bigoted, hateful lunatic who struck a part of texas. he was also asked about those pointing fingers and blaming donald trump for the shootings. >> i think it is unfortunate seeing politicians trying to politicize a tragedy like this. sadly hate has no partisan alliances and we have seen, we have seen mass murders with people politically on the left or on the right but they all share a common mental illness, they are deranged and hateful and murderous. >> reporter: ask anyone in el paso and they will say they all want the focus to be on these people, 22 innocent people who were murdered in this attack, the youngest victim just 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, so many stories involving these people including
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jordan and andre who died protecting their infant son. we also learned today that there is going to be a protest event, one happening just after noon involving congresswoman rhonda escobar. heather: appreciate you joining us. additional information coming out as this continues to unfold, donald trump set to visit victims of the dayton shooting. we are learning new details about the shooter. his ex-girlfriend, several red flags prompted her to break up with him months before he killed nine people. caitlin johnson said he showed her body cam video from the pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting admitting that he sometimes got, quote, uncontrollable urges to do things. >> i am still working through the shock. i'm sure i will eventually feel it in full force but i wasn't surprised that he did something
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bad. i just didn't think it would be this. >> she says he tried to commit suicide several times. the fbi joining that investigation looking at the shooter's interest in violent ideology. ohio governor mike the wine is processing new laws on background checks for gun purchases and to restrict firearms for people deemed threats along with improving mental health laws. chicago mayor slamming ivanka trump after the city is deadliest weekend of the year. 7 people shot and killed, 52 others wounded, that is just one weekend, the president's daughter and white house advisor sent a tweet implying it happened near a playground. mayor lightfoot said that tweet was misleading. she did got the numbers wrong, the location wrong. that is the danger of trying to govern via tweet.
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they want to help, they should call. it is important when talking about people's lives to get the facts correct. which one could easy to if you cared about getting it right. >> reporter: too many different shootings in chicago, the mayor said she has not gotten a response from the white house. iran's president, chilling threat to the us over crippling sanctions. in a speech broadcast on state tv hassan rouhani accused the us of economic terrorism. >> translator: piece with iran is the mother of peace. war with iran is the mother of all wars. >> reporter: he also suggests shipping in the strait of hormuz may not be safe. iran has used three tankers in recent weeks. rouhani says iran is willing to talk to the united states if,
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only if all sanctions are lifted. to the white house, the white house and are in c is suing california accusing us of denying millions of americans their right to vote for donald trump. governor gavin newsom signing a lot requiring the president release his tax returns or else he cannot appear on the 2020 state ballot. todd pyro joins us with more on this. doesn't seem like it would be constitutional. >> that is what a lot of folks on the right and a lot of folks just in general are saying. i told you about the federal suit the california law was unconstitutional. that suit just got some big-time support. the new law requires presidential and gubernatorial candidates to provide five years of federal tax returns in order to appear on the primary ballot. gavin newsom insisting this is not targeted at the president. >> they have to disclose their
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text returns, to disclose conflict of interest. regardless of political party. you choose to do the right thing or choose not to do the right thing. >> reporter: donald trump and his campaign with the republican national committee are heading back. the complaint filed by trump and his campaign claiming, quote, newsom and the democrats in the california legislature who voted for it made clear they were retaliating against donald trump for his political associations and speech. the rnc suit saying, quote, a naked political attack against a sitting president of the united states. armor assistant attorney general john you agrees. >> obviously unconstitutional and everyone in california knows it. the constitution allows states
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access to the ballot, and term limits, states can't do it away the changes qualifications from federal office. >> reporter: rhonda mcdaniel leading the move doesn't bode well, heading into 2020 if they need to deny millions the right to vote. shannon: thank you so much, great to have you on. speaking of voters, showing more support for 2020, elizabeth warren. the massachusetts senator rising to 21% in a new quinnipiac poll after her performance in the second democratic debate. joe biden keeping his lead with 32 person. kamala harris dipping to 7%. 14 democratic candidates have less then 1%. hanging on to lead the democrat trump runner stirring up rumors of a potential running mate.
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biden, i can think of at least 6 or 7 people, 4 of them are women, who aren't in the race, qualified to be president. he did not mention any specific names. the former vice president also says he's open to picking a latino vice presidential candidate. space x successfully completes its ninth lift off this year launching a giant satellite into orbit overnight. >> 3, 2, one. 0. ignition. lift off. >> it twice used up falcon 9 rocket blasting off from cape canaveral, florida. the israeli satellite will provide communications over africa, europe and the middle east. space x recovering it second ever payload fairing. the nose condit protects the spacecraft that usually gets destroyed during a lunch.
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the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. kim jong un says north korea ave. missile test are warning to the us and south korea after joint military drills. the trump administration is not worried. the 2020 democrat handle the nuclear threat any better kick you our next guest says we need a maximum pressure campaign no matter who is in charge. doubling down, democrat joaquin castro sparking outrage for tweeting out names of dozens of trump donors. how the congressman is defending that move. ♪ one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans
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is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. jillian: the aclu going after the trump administration fast-track deportation policy. in a lawsuit they argue the
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policy which allows ice agents to deport illegals living in the country from us than two years is a violation of constitutional rights. they claim the action could lead to the putting us citizens. last month the trump administration expanded the policy to deport illegals living anywhere in the us before facing a judge. conservative watchdog group once pete buttigieg's emails, suing the administration in indiana for records linked to helping a latino advocacy group create id cards for illegal immigrants. it claims buttigieg planned to sign an executive order requiring them to accept the card as valid identification for illegals. this he allegedly not responding to earlier requests claiming they were too broad. let's go to north korea, warning it will, quote, seek a new road after firing its fourth-round of
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missile tests in two weeks. the trump administration says it is monitoring the situation. how will the 2020 challengers handle the rogue regime? thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. let's begin, if this is what they a creative approach and imaginative power beyond common sense we will be compelled to seek a new road as we already indicated. the us and south korean authorities, regarding repeated warnings, we will make them pay a heavy price which will in turn make them very much difficult. do we have the right response? it doesn't appear donald trump and his administration is very worried right now. >> reporter: over the past several weeks north korea has
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repeatedly violated un resolutions and the spirit of what it committed to at the singapore summit. we see them continuing to test and this should really cause we trump administration, where do we go from here. if anything this should cause the trump administration to say we need to remain committed to the maximum pressure strategy and forgo these photo opportunities granting kim jong un legitimacy without requiring him to take tangible practice -- bill: of military exercises with south korea, this isn't anything new. north korea responding, anything new? >> this is nothing new but this is a reminder why this administration should not have promised to suspend military exercises which the us and south korea used in order to maintain
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their defense capabilities in a preparedness effort. this is not as a scare tactic toward north korea. this is preparedness, the reality, there are tensions on the korean peninsula we have to be ready to respond to. heather: fewer americans see the nuclear program as a major threat. 75% in 2017 down to 53% and we were just discussing before we came on president obama told incoming donald trump that north korea was the greatest threat. >> reporter: north korea remains a significant threat, means we need to be on alert and focused and placing pressure on north korea in a strategic way. it is not maximum pressure today. we stop short of targeting many
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of the chinese states that are directly responsible for laundering money to the north korean regime. we should hold them responsible so north korea doesn't have access. heather: will be interesting whether or not the democratic candidates have a lot to say, they haven't been touching on foreign policy as much so we will see what their thoughts are. thank you for joining us. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. politicians looking for a blue checkmark on twitter may have to struggle getting noticed. the social media site is refusing to verify before their primaries. monica lewinsky working on a new show about bill clinton's impeachment scandal. carly shimkus with dramatic reaction building on social media. rts help people feel like they're part of a team. my name is timothy chi and i'm the ceo of weddingwire.
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heather: twitter taking heat for refusing to verify accounts of political candidates unless they win their primary. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has the online reaction. this is something i thought of. carley: an interesting story. they will not verify any congressional or gubernatorial candidates running in 2020 until they win their primaries. that means a lot of contenders, some not as well-known are going to try to swim upstream because they are trying to get attention without that blue checkmark. twitter says this policy was put
1:24 am
in place to highlight serious candidates. we appreciate that twitter is an important tool for politicians to communicate to the electorate and verification is an important contextual signal for the public which is why we have been very intentional about this policy but ray buckley of the new have the democratic party criticized the policy saying it will make it easier for fake accounts to potentially sway the election. a lot of people talking about this. weiss were using its platform as a political tool? nevermind. i know the answer. michelle says russian bots tweet freely without any help from twitter. how does that work? laura says any account that wants to verify their identity do so. i would rather be able to turn on a setting that would allow me to only direct accounts i know are real people. this hurts small grassroots campaigns but at the same time twitter is doing the right thing in waiting -- >> they could give them a temporary blue checkmark.
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purple or something. >> it should be purple. heather: monica lewinsky, we were discussing not in the day and age of twitter, doing something new. carley: she signed on to be a producer for an upcoming epic show about bill clinton's impeachment trial. a lot of people talking about this. it is called impeachment, sarah paulson, you told your story so beautifully in the past but thank you for lending your voice, a beautiful new chapter in altering the collective consciousness around your narrative. some praise. another twitter user set all the real-life political drama i don't want it on the primetime tv schedule. this twitter user says i would rather hear hillary's side.
1:26 am
she has done a lot in terms of anti-bullying and she is excited to finally tell the story. >> american crime story did o.j. simpson. carley: and sarah paulson -- she was -- heather: let it snow, she's an amazing actress and it will do a great project. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump set to visit dayton and el paso in a few hours but not everyone is welcoming him with open arms. >> the other thing i heard totally unsolicited, they tell me tell him not to come here. >> democrats demanding he canceled his plans was why can't
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both sides rise above partisan politics. the unity they need to. our panel will debate that up next.
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heather: today donald trump will visit the grief stricken communities of el paso and dayton as democrats demand congress head back to the hill to address gun-control. griff jenkins joins us with details of his trip and why some want him to stay away. >> reporter: white house aides are defending the trip as he embarks to dayton and el paso in his role as consoler in chief but critic of the local and national about our painting the visit with worries his comments are divisive. >> i can only hope that as president of the united states that he is coming here because he wants to add value to our
1:31 am
community and recognizes that is what our community needs. >> reporter: congresswoman veronica escobar says he is not welcome. >> this community is full of hope and resilience and beauty but the other thing i heard, totally unsolicited from victims in the hospital, they grabbed my arm and told me tell him not to come here. >> reporter: el paso's gop chairman strongly disagrees. >> look at what o'rourke is doing and escobar is doing, they are making this a political issue and trying to enhance their opportunities by making a political issue. that is absolutely wrong and very disappointing. >> reporter: the president decided just before midnight to directly engage in the criticism tweeting beto, phony name to hispanic heritage, aurora who is embarrassed by the last visit the great state of texas where i trump him and is even more
1:32 am
embarrassed by pulling 1% in a democrat primary should respect the victims in law enforcement and be quiet. an hour later the 2020 hopeful shot back 22 people in my hometown i did after an act of terror inspired by your racism, el paso will not be quiet and neither will i. the visit comes as renewed calls for gun-control grow louder. escobar penned a letter signed by 50 democrats urging nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell to end recess and return to washington to taxable gun legislation and condemn white supremacy. heather: why can't both sides unite around the president's visit to el paso and dayton? former assistant secretary of state under obama joel rubin and republican strategist joseph opinion. thank you for joining us. i will start with you, joseph. what do you think of this? democrats are saying, what the
1:33 am
mayor saying? >> i was 10 years old when we had the oklahoma city bombing and i remember vividly when president clinton stood up and said you lost too much but you have not lost everything and you have not lost america. i still remember those words. they are seared into my mind. the notion that we would say in this moment, this time of need for healing that we would not want the president of the united states to stand before the people of this nation is lunacy. america is about showing up. that is what we do. when you have george bush talking about the people who took down these towers, these are the moments that bind the nation. democrats don't understand that, then hate truly has already won. heather: i will let you respond to that. the people of dayton and el paso, those victims in these mass shootings, you don't think
1:34 am
it would benefit them to know the president is therefore them in the country is united behind them? >> joseph is right, we need unity but what we don't need is to have language coming from the white house that promotes disunity and a concern here is the president hasn't said i have created a climate of fear in the latino community, particularly in el paso, which is causing such a reaction. he never said i will stop using incitement language, stop demagogue inc. against mexicans and immigrants. when he goes to el paso he will find a population afraid of him. that is not unity. we need more clarity and language coming from him but shows he recognizes the power of his words. heather: we know the date and shooting, that individual based on information that has come out was a supporter of elizabeth warren and supported antifa. he had a completely different ideology when it comes to
1:35 am
politics. >> we need to confirm white terrace -- heather: which the president did condemn. >> he has not called it terrorism. we had incident after incident in my hometown of pittsburgh at the tree of life synagogue, terrorism, white supremacy, the president has not called it that. he took the fbi away from this case. heather: do you think anything the president could have said would be enough for democrats? let me bring up beto's original tweet the cause that interaction, you can respond, you helped create the hatred that made the tragedy possible. should not come to el paso. we do not need more division. we need to heal. he has no place here. who is causing the division if the president wants to go and be part of things and support people and the democratic candidate says don't come? they are the ones being divisive. >> this is a time for assault paths and say what is it we are
1:36 am
going to allow to define this nation? to your colleague's point, as a member of the republican party, democrats would not call it islamic terrorism, we do have to be able to call out white nationalism by its name forcefully and say it has no place in america but when you have democrats like congressman joaquin talking about individuals who have given money to the president and at a time we have great divisiveness, putting a target on the backs of private citizens i don't think that is in the name of healing, don't think that is the name of unity. when you have the president of the united states saying i'm here, present and ready for duty to stand up and be a unifying force that is something we should applaud.
1:37 am
>> this is a president who personally identified and targeted four members of congress, african-american neighborhoods, called them infestations, and invasion, that is the kind of language he has to stop if he is going to get to unity. >> it's not about the president. >> he has created -- heather: that is the thing. i agree with joseph. this is supposed to be about the people who lost their lives, these communities hit by these mass shooting so both sides should come together and allow that to happen. thank you for joining us. some other stories, a warning from the pentagon isis is making a comeback just 5 months after donald trump declared victory over the terror group in syria. the report claims partial withdrawal of us troops is impacting the fight saying allied forces need more support now than ever. the president says the small amount of us troops will remain in syria indefinitely. a chairman slammed with accusations of harassment and unethical conduct after jerry ned the request documents on supreme court justice brett
1:38 am
kavanaugh's time in the bush administration. democrats claim the senate only received a fraction of his record before he was confirmed to the court. kavanaugh faced criticism from democrats, sexual harassment accusations in the weeklong process. congressman doug collins causes an inquiry into the justice, quote, another fishing expedition to tarnish his good name. just jussie smollett wants a judge to drop the city of chicago's $130,000 lawsuit against him. the officials say that is how much was spent on police overtime to investigate jussie smollett's claims of a hate crime. a lot of time investigating. jussie smollett's lawyers slamming the suit calling a perverse tactic by the city. prosecutors dropped all 16 charges against jussie smollett. this was then. ♪
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heather: remember it well. this is down. beverly hills 90210 is back. the long-awaited reboot is finally here but the cast says the original is still relevant. >> crosses generations and just like we are talking on flip phones, the younger generation -- heather: bh 90210 premieres tonight on fox. we will be watching. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. congressman castro doubling down after dozens of trump donors on blast. fellow lawmakers says he went too far, how he is pushing back.
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(danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. heather: texas congressman joaquin castro doubling down after tweeting the names of dozens of trump campaign donors. the democrat who is the brother of julian castro listed 44 people who contributed the maximum amount to donald trump. the move sparking backlash from gop members like steve scalise who tweeted people should not be personally targeted for their political views, period. the president's campaign comedic asian director accusing castro of inviting harassment of private citizens and encouraging violence. castro defend his actions saying the president campaign has, quote, stoked fear of brown
1:44 am
skinned immigrants. castro points out he did not reveal any private or personal information. much on that today. former congressman trey gowdy is calling out peter stzrok pursuing the fbi and doj about his firing over anti-trump text messages. >> peter stzrok need blame no one but himself for writing what he wrote. he was unfit to investigate either of the presidential candidates. i don't know anyone republican or democrat who thinks that is a law enforcement officer that should be handling a school crossing much less counterintelligence investigation. >> he claims the bureau cave to, quote, unrelenting pressure from donald trump when firing him. heather nauert he led the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private email server. no responsibility there.
1:45 am
stocks bounced back after their worst day of 2019. tracy carrasco here with the rally. >> recouping losses from monday which was the worst trading day of 2019. the dow jones industrial average climbing 311 points. the s&p adding 37 and the nasdaq rising 107 points was all three major averages up by 1% so what fueled yesterday? we saw the china currency stabilized, this after the us accused china of manipulating its currency on monday by letting it fall to its lowest level against the us dollar in a decade so that could give china and unfair trade advantage but we saw that stabilizing, looking at futures we are seeing futures pointing higher this morning.
1:46 am
heather: what china has been accused of doing and about called out ford. let's talk about amazon. robots, self driving robots. >> reporter: self driving delivery robots expanding to another city in irvine, california after amazon started using this in a suburb of seattle earlier this year. that is scout, a small little robot about the size of a small cooler. you may see scout in your neighborhood delivering packages. scout does have the. go around people to make sure it doesn't run into anybody or any trash cans but this is something they are testing as they tried to move toward their own delivery service instead of relying on others like fedex or ups or the postal service. todd: 1 talked about that last night. appreciate it. it is national purple heart day,
1:47 am
a day to honor those who put their lives on the line for our freedom. will introduce you to a recipient who nearly died and an explosion in iraq. why he says this instills a deep sense of pride and honor. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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>> today is national purple heart day when millions of americans will honor our fallen and wounded heroes who put their lives on the line. you trickling white was an important days purple heart recipient and bilaterally beauty chris lee. thank you for joining us, appreciate having you with us. >> a pleasure to be here and i'm thankful to fox for being a good
1:51 am
sport. i have a lot of other project. heather: our viewers help out a lot. in terms of the purple heart that is awarded to people who are wounded or killed in action. you being one of those recipients, share a little bit about your story. >> i have a unique upbringing. the military academy. a lot of my mentors were purple heart recipients. always had a sense of our inspiring but also never wanted to be the recipient and after becoming wounded in combat in 2008 in iraq i realized the purple heart isn't an individual award but a community award, the actual honor for veterans, bringing that. heather: you mentioned purple heart recipients were mentors to you, that you looked up to them.
1:52 am
what about those people who look up to you now? what does that mean to you? >> it means a lot especially working in long island, they have a lot of ability to forge a lot of people. a lot of kids are challenged or have other types of disabilities. the veteran community or any servicemembers can be a mentor for the next generation and give their stories pretty much. of the 20 later today you will be headed to long island. tell us what you are doing. >> there is a young gentleman in glen cove, for his eagle scout project doing this incredible project, to crowd fund because it is about 12 times bigger than
1:53 am
anything else in the area. the gentleman met a polish boy scout who was in poland and world war ii and when he was an older man it became this eagle scout project and now there is a big star in the middle of town, each of the bricks dedicated to different purple heart recipients. heather: how can people help out? >> i don't want to mess up. heather: we will put it on our website. >> i'm doing the event. look at the glencoe of global boy scout chapter. a really great school. heather: you have a great story, thank you for joining us and we appreciate it. to you and all our servicemembers and their families when you go out and serve for us and fight for our freedom and freedoms around the world, appreciate it and congratulations.
1:54 am
the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. masked men toting an assault rifle, and ambush in armored truck in broad daylight. the robbery and the shootout costs on camera. in arizona, not what you might think. postal workers using the steak as evidence for dangerous working conditions. for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> it shows the moments to armed suspect attempt a bank heist. the brazen bandit targeting an armored truck making delivery. the masked men are running into a philadelphia bank, when carrying an assault rifle and grabbing 2 bags of cash. they started firing shots, and one of the suspects driving off of it. and, to help find them. and glendon gulliver, they are in their flight to new jersey. didn't enter a plea. the copilot was released without charges. the reason why is unknown.
1:59 am
under scottish law, one drink can put them over. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a football star honors american hero baker mayfield stopping to give autographed, soldiers at training camp in cleveland. he refused to leave until he visited with all the troops. now the bad. the iconic beige bolt supposedly may cause cancer. a new study says the material contains nonbiodegradable links to the disease. and fda regulatory guidelines. finally the ugly. so hot in arizona you can cook a steak in your car. a postal worker using her dashboard as a grill to show how hot it gets in the delivery
2:00 am
truck. many don't have air-conditioning. a state representative pushing for an investigation into the hazardous working conditions. temperatures in arizona expected to reach triple digits every day this week. thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. it is wednesday, august 7th. fox news alert, hours from now donald trump will visit with victims and first responders in el paso and dayton. rob: partisanship has dominated the conversation since those shootings. >> tell him not to come here. >> everyone in the political arena ratcheting down the rhetoric. that's not good for who we are as texas. >> twitter said was sorry, without permission.


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