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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that's it for the "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum is up next in new york. ♪ >> tonight he talks to the first responders and he tries to strike a unifying tone before he left. he was out the white house and said he thought the common ground fixes in gun laws are possible. >> president trump: i think both republicans and democrats are getting close. throughout the day today, the 2020 candidates were in no mood for unifying language. they aimed at the president in some cases more than the shooters themselves.
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>> this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> so with the highest message in the land, how worried are you that with donald trump in the oval office something like this will inevitably happen again. >> martha: you get the idea. marianne williamson might be the only candidate to pull out a tiny bit of an olive branch, he or she is. >> does the love you speak about extend to the president? >> absolutely at a universal level. but as martin luther king said, god said i had to love my enemies, didn't say i have to like them. >> she >> the message is clear. they believe that whites of supremacy emanated from the white house.
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and that message is being driven hard in some areas of the media as well. >> people who are racist or who exhibit racism frequently don't admit that they are racist. >> 44 a white supremacist is not a moral choice. >> that means, if you support him, you bear some responsibility. >> so, heather mcdonald studies crime, she studies race in america, law enforcement. she looks at the numbers. she is the author of. good to see you. first of all, as you listen to all of that from the candidates and from the media, what went through your mind? >> what goes through my mind, martha is that we are getting an absolutely false picture of america. of course, this violence is
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appalling. it strikes the very heart of our civilized society here, but america is not a white supremacist country. the left profoundly misunderstands this country. white supremacy is a fringe movement condemned across the board. america's are bighearted, compassionate people. people of color the world over are beating down the doors to try to get into this country, because they know that it will be safer here than in most places on earth. the left knows it too. the left is the epitome of hypocrisy. it is encouraging mass migration from third world countries, people of color to come into this country. it would tell people of color the world over not to come to the united states. let's look at the numbers. the numbers back up this picture, martha, that this is not a country driven by racism or white supremacy or white
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nationalism. those numbers are all over the map. everybody has different counts. the official hate group monitors are very quick to label something as white supremacy. let's remember, in 2009, when army major middle hassan kills 13 people and wounded another 30. the government refused to characterize that incident as islamic terrorism, even though he had been radicalizing for years. but let's look at the numbers that we've got. the fbi reports in 2017 that 11% increase in hate crimes when you account for. blacks are 50% overrepresented among perpetrators of hate crimes. whites are 26% underrepresented among perpetrators of high hate crimes. the same goes for mass shooting shootings. when it comes to identifying
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white supremacist incidents, according to one source, there were 17 white supremacist homicides last year. that's .01% of all homicides in this country. it doesn't even register. >> martha: i think when people look at what happened in el paso and dayton, i think the american public is heartbroken because of the loss that this family suffered. i think that gets lost in the sort of crazy back and forth over the name-calling of what happened. but one of the things that they point to is that in el paso, the manifesto included words about the invasion of mexicans and latinos into our country. they point to that and they say, the president has said the same thing. that this man decided to take this gun and go to walmart and kill 23 people. >> well, as he set himself, this awful killer that i hope he gets
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the death penalty very quickly, he said this is not motivated by trump. we are use to this strategy on the left from academia. it categorizes any policy that it disagrees with as hate speech and bigotry. trump has not used racial terms. he is an opponent of open borders. he has a good faith disagreement with how the left has been running this country when it comes to immigration. he has never advocated for violence against minorities. this is absurd. by one count, there were a little over a thousand instances of white supremacist propaganda distribution. 1,000 last year. that compares to the daily
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rhetoric coming out of universities that we are white supremacists, white privilege, toxic masculinity country. that is the ideology that governs our day-to-day in every institution. as you say, martha, there is not one word of encouragement for this madman who was hate filled, but he does not represent the american people. >> martha: i think demonstrates sort of the encouragement of that. he was speaking to a republican leader in el paso, and hispanic background man. just listen to this quick response on the other side. marianne williamson is going to join me. >> how on earth can you call that a hoax? >> white supremacy is not a hoax, but that doesn't mean that it's a large group. there are pockets of radicals from any type of focus that you want to look at all over this country. >> martha: what do you think about that? >> of course, that's right. again, we are not a white supremacist country. every institution condemns this. the american people condemns us.
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their hearts are open. if you want to see a radical ideology, academia is telling white males across the country that they are worthless. that is creating a sense of resentment, but it is not leading to violence. the violence in this country, if you want to save the lives, you go into the inner city and you work on policing and make sure that people committing drive-by shootings are off the streets. there's 11,000 gun homicides a year overwhelmingly committed by drive-by shootings by street crime. the number of white supremacist killings, every single killing in this country should not exist. it is irrelevant if you want to save lives, support the police, and care about the inner city for the overwhelming victims of gun violence in this country. >> martha: several years with law enforcement in inner-city
4:09 pm
documenting this. heather, thank you. it's good to see you tonight. thanks for being here. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: marianne williamson, marianne, thank you. great to have you with us. we started off the program tonight showing the presidents visit to el paso and to dayton. do you think that it was the right thing for him to go to those places as president? >> well, of course. i think it would have been wrong of him not to go. absolutely. >> martha: representative escobar came out. said people don't want him here. as president, if he didn't go, the criticism would be that if he didn't go. >> i didn't know that the mirrors had actually asked him not to go. so that is relevant.
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i guess they had had a good conversation on the phone when all of that happened. when you look at some of the other candidates who are running for the democratic nomination along with you, they were very outspoken today. certainly, one of the major themes was that they believe that the president is fanning the flames of white supremacy. we know that in dayton, that killer supported another candidate, democratic candidate. they are drying a link between the president and this whites a promising movement. >> marianne: i think they are two different things. fanning the flames is separate. >> martha: how so? >> marianne: he has from the beginning talked about mexicans the way he did. he has talked very disparagingly of people. let's be very clear here. to me, the should not be left-right issue. >> martha: he is a totally
4:11 pm
different person. >> marianne: he's a totally different person. my point is that this criticism is not based on his politics. this is based on the way he speaks about fellow americans. absolutely, i believe that he has fanned the flames on some of the worst aspects of the human character. >> martha: okay. i think that the supporters of the president would say that he is not as elegant in his speech as some of the people that you mentioned. but his motivation has been pretty clear in terms of wanting to make the border a place where you can come through legally, but not illegally. here's what he said when he was asked about that. let's play that. >> i think illegal immigration is a terrible thing for this country. i think you have to come here legally. ideally, you have to come here through merit. there are many companies coming in to our country.
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>> marianne: i don't disagree with anything that he is said. his speech was quite beautiful. the problem is how often his words and his actions have not been the same as the statements he just made. legal immigration. you know, i heard your forecast talk about how lefties want open borders. no we don't. it's the one that's what the president wants. >> marianne: it that's what he just said, but if you look at his actual policies. separation at the border. >> martha: we saw that under the obama administration as wel well. some of the pictures that were used by the media or pictures that dated back to the obama and administration. there are more of them now, because what has happened is we've seen a flood of people coming across the border with children. in some cases, they are not even their own.
4:13 pm
>> marianne: that's all the more reason why you don't adjust to separate the child from they adult, because -- >> martha: sometimes you are helping the child by separating them, because that child has no connection with that family. >> marianne: we have trained people at the border who know how to bet that. do they know how to ask the questions. you need that agent there with the child and the adults to ask those kind of questions that would absolutely let them know for sure. so actually, yes. there are those of us -- >> martha: the ports of entry are not closed. >> marianne: he has closed them. he absolutely has. this flooding, the pouring through is because of humanitarian crisis in guatemala, in honduras, , and el salvador. traditionally, americans care. when there's a huge humanitarian crisis, traditionally, american
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policy, immigration policy has been, give me your huddled masses. >> martha: legally. >> marianne: of course, legally. >> martha: you say legally, but people are coming in illegally. >> martha: so you think that we should just let them through. >> marianne: we definitely need more agents. we definitely need more ports of entry that are open. we definitely need more technology. we definitely need more ways to handle. >> marianne: all of the things that you just mentioned are things that the president wants to do. >> marianne: it's not about the things that he has said that he wants to do. the problem is with things that the president has already done. i do not agree with you and i don't think that facts bear out up separating children from their parents -- >> martha: i agree with you. that's not something that anybody wants. >> marianne: hundreds of these
4:15 pm
cases -- >> martha: i want to move on to some other issues, but if you were president, how would you get both sides to come together? because i think there's a lot of americans in this country who think that there are reasonable solutions. even the president has said, let's get democrats and republicans in the room. we can solve this in 45 minutes. how would you bring them together? >> marianne: i think americans need to be aware of what our history is. ronald reagan gave 8 million people. until 1973, if people were undocumented, they simply want to a registry office. what i want as president is two and one chapter and begin a new one. every undocumented person who has not committed a crime of transgression or a felony against an american citizen, i think there should be a path to citizenship, the kind of efforts that we need to make at the border from this point forward, and let us move on to a new chapter.
4:16 pm
>> martha: i want to take stomach speak to you about a new topic, which is reparations. a 500 earlier fund that would be dispersed over 20 years. you want to have a console that decides how the money is dispersed. how? how would that work? >> marianne: should be very clear. that is for purposes of economic and educational renewal. but i believe that within that, although it is extremely important, it should be strictly adhered to, i think there is a moral principle here. if i owe you money, i don't get to tell you how to spend that. 3250 people is what i recommend. culture people who are known for. who make the kind of decisions, whether it has to do with historical facts. whether has to do with housing.
4:17 pm
whatever it has to do with. it would be the black community deciding how they wish to spend that money. >> martha: you got a lot of contention in the debate. as you were speaking out, a lot more people became familiar with you. what's your cutoff point? at what point would you say, how do you grow your campaign? how do you get from 1-2% to seven, eight, 9%? you see that happening? >> marianne: montana, because the montana governor was there. you are the one who talked about the breakout. i think that's going to continu continue. >> martha: are you going to get into the next debate? >> marianne: yet. anybody listening can go to marianne i need donors by august 28th. this is democracy.
4:18 pm
i think it's healthy for our country. i think it's healthy for the democratic party. i think it's good. let americans here. >> martha: well, republicans, you're right. thank you for coming in. good to have you. marianne williamson. at the top of the hour, we told you that. moments ago. watch. speak of the doctors, the nurses, the medical staff. they have done an incredible job. both places, just incredible. the enthusiasm, the law, the respect, and also, let's see if we can get something done. republicans want to do it. democrats want to do it. >> martha: next. ♪
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it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> martha: president trump spends a lot of time, but he might be about to do something that some people might not be on board with. some might be disappointed. he's open to expanding the closing of loopholes on background checks for gun purchases paired he wants to make sure that some of the mentally ill are not able to buy guns. >> president trump: there is a great appetite, and i mean a very strong appetite for background checks. i think that we can bring out background checks like we had before. >> martha: does have already
4:24 pm
passed in the house. they are waiting on action in the senate. good to have you here this evening, sir. what do you agree with them that? what don't you agree with and that? >> the answer is not. the answer is not broadband's on firearms for all law-abiding americans. it's a fundamental right in our constitution and is just as important. it absolutely has to be protected. we absolutely want to be able to keep firearms out of the mentally ill, the deranged. they shouldn't have them. absolutely. but all lot of these databases are flawed. a few years ago, they air force did not communicate with the fbi properly. the systems have to be executed appropriately.
4:25 pm
we do have the baker act, which is a red flag law that a lot of people do support. but, we do have to get into deeper why these men are committing these heinous acts. these shootings are new, and it's this generation. i think we have to take a strategic look at how we get these young men off the couch, author video games, and out -- >> martha: how would we do that? >> i think that when we look at the difference, it is a national service that we've moved away from. i'm proposing a bill that will incentivize us to get back to national service. if you look at the benefits that we've moved away from, you took kits from the inner city, from middle america farms, from l.a., you name it. they were hot taught how to le,
4:26 pm
how to follow, how to work together in teams. they went back into society after learning to serve a bigger cause for their country and for their community. that's not a draft. that could be tutoring, that could be elderly care. >> martha: we've been talking about that a lot over the last couple days here. i just want to clarify that i mischaracterized your take on the assault weapons ban. i apologize for that. but mike turner has a 97 paren % approval rating. he is now calling for an assault weapons ban. he had voted against the background checks. his personal experience with his own family has changed his mind completely on this issue. what you say to your colleagues? >> look, there is a fundamental difference that we will see debated over the next months and
4:27 pm
years in congress. there is a difference between keeping firearms out of the hands of people who absolutely should not have them and then just outright ban. so i do not support going that route. i think it is much more nuanced to look at how we enforce the existing laws. but, get out why these people are doing this in the first place. getting that focus, we will move away from this societal ill. >> martha: congressman, sir thank you. good to have you here tonight. >> thank you. >> martha: house democrats have a new investigation target rewinding nearly 20 years to dig up dirt on brett kavanaugh and his time at the white house. congressman geraldo rivera take this on next. >> when i worked in the bush white house, 84 women signed a letter saying that.
4:28 pm
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♪ >> martha: so after the molar here instant exactly go after democrats wanted them to, they have set their sights on another target for possible impeachment of brett kavanaugh. jerry nadler is demanding 18-year-old emails from brett kavanaugh's time. good to see both of you. let me start with you. what do you make of this move
4:33 pm
from jerry nadler of new york? >> it seems to me almost like he is in morning that the russia hoax did not play out. after all his years, he was planning on being the center of attention in an impeachment hearing. he wanted the president to be guilty of treason. just like peter did back in the day, he wanted to be famous finally, jerry nadler did, as chairman of the judiciary committee. they are focusing now on brett kavanaugh, a guy who was collateral damage in the war. they scavenged his reputation. i still can't look at him without thinking of matt damon on saturday night life jargon beer. >> martha: i bet he can't either. let me bring you in here. when you look at some of the
4:34 pm
issues that they are digging around for in these emails, possibly memos that were written by roe v. wade and whether it could possibly be overturned in the future. immigration profiling during the post-9/11 period. discussion about that. is that something that could ever happen in our system? >> this is an effort to delegitimize brett kavanaugh, despite the fact that he was nominated and confirmed. someone should remind him that he's not a member of the united states senate. brett kavanaugh is a member. they tried to relitigate the russian investigation. now they are trying to do that with the brett kavanaugh
4:35 pm
investigation. we really do have serious issues to address with the judiciary committee, like reforming our asylum laws, the efforts that senator graham has tried to ignite. those are the issues that the american people want to see. they don't want to see us going backwards to do with the congress had done previously. they want us to see them moving the american experience forward. >> martha: i was looking at memo earlier which laid out that the federal judge dismissed 83. the supreme court is very unique. once you are confirmed on the supreme court, any sort of ethics issue that may have been brought up in the past is pretty much considered something that cannot be relitigate it. i mean, has anybody told jerry nadler this?
4:36 pm
>> that's why justices are appointed for life. to remove them from the grip, the dirty, sleazy grip of partisan politics. they get appointed to the high court for life. he's been confirmed by the united states sent to dominic senate. now, he is on the high court. he's got a critical job to do. i want america to focus on, we just suffered two mass murders. it's time america pulled together in one direction to solve a problem, rather than continuing these partisan contentious fights. >> martha: quick thoughts before we go. >> giraldo's right. we do have serious issues to address. frankly, i hope that we are able to get beyond this instead of gauging people on the substance of their ideas. we try to defame, demoralize,
4:37 pm
and delegitimize. that's why we got to fix. >> martha: thank you. we'll see you soon. still ahead tonight, democrat, castro, defends his decision to tweet out the names and phone numbers of high profile trump donors in his district. >> i don't want anybody harassed or targeted. that was not my intention. there are 11 retirees and one homemaker. ♪ what about him? let's do it. [ sniffing ] come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month
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4:42 pm
our country is doing very well. we are going to see how it all works out. china was taking hundreds of billions of dollars a year out of the united states. somebody had to make a stand. the >> martha: he also insisted that china is not the issue. it's the fed. the president sounding off again against the central bank, saying that they must cut interest rates. susan, good to see you. i don't think anyone has ever been an open opposition. this is pretty open. is the president right that china's economy is really in trouble? thousands of businesses are closing customer >> i would say that china's economy is definitely slowing down. they have the worst growth weight in over a quarter of a century. now, is there economy collapsing? no. but do they have economic
4:43 pm
problems? yes. as you know, it's not a democracy over there. however, it is not a one person dictatorship either. president xi also had to reach out to get consensus as well. >> martha: president xi backed out. his president xi getting heat from his own leadership? >> they were 90% of the way there. he took the deal back. it is not a one person dictatorship. it is a one party system in china, but some of the hardliners and the lower tiers of government said, why are we agreeing to this? what do we get back? >> martha: we've got a major standoff here. >> that's a hard call, because
4:44 pm
president trump has said. joe biden, when he gets into office, maybe he will adhere or sign some sort of trade deal. but, i think that china has a very high pain threshold. >> martha: next up, democratic congressman joaquin standing by his decision to tweet out what some are calling a potential target list of people in his district who are supporting president trump. ♪ you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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>> martha: democrat congressman joaquin castro from texas, presidential candidate julian castro, facing mounting backlash tonight after he tweeted what some are calling a target list of trump donors, who he called out online from his district. news correspondent, has a story for us tonight. >> high martha. congressman joaquin is still standing by his tweet, saying the san antonio residence he listed were not targeted or harassed and that his tweet was not a call to action, except some were targeted and harassed. many did view the tweet as a call to action.
4:49 pm
a barbecue restaurant faced a backlash with users threatening to boycott. here's mid american ceo who was also outed by castro. watch. >> i don't have these business affairs in san antonio, but in all some of the people on the list, and they are people who helped build that community. he's a demigod. >> and it gets worse. some people on the list didn't just donate to trump. they also donated to congressman joaquin castro. so, castro actually outed his own supporters. he said that elective. "this is dangerous by any campaign."
4:50 pm
he called it awful. even msnbc kind of challenged castro. watch. >> the first thing is i don't want anyone harassed. >> that was not my intention. these things are public. no, what i would like for them to do is think twice about fueling a guy who is feeling hate in this country. according this isn't a game. it's dangerous and lives are at stake. i know this firsthand. martha. >> martha: chase, thank you very much. coming up next, shootings across america. it is a return to church at least part of a potential solution and answer? bishop robert baron joins me. ♪ so i only pay for what i need.
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♪ >> it's our cultural fault, and part of what we done, we've created a culture in which we've said there is no god. and human life isn't really worth that much and life is expendable. there are lives that are it's possible. >> martha: mike huckabee, who's also a pastor, suggesting that it could be one of the factors of the violence we see in america today. as the nation searches for answers in the wake of yet to more over the weekend, mass shootings in our country. a recent poll has found that church attendance is that an all time low. just 50% belong to a religious institution. that's down 20% over the last two decades. my next guest is a very well-known person, they are
4:56 pm
where he reaches millions of people. i'm one of them on a good day. in his newest book, letters to a suffering church, he encourages catholics to stay and fight for their faith and their church. bishop, thank you very much. good to have you with us tonight. >> martha, thanks for having me. >> martha: so talk to us about your thoughts on the violence we have seen. the horrific loss of life. the president went to be with some of those who are wounded. where does this evil come from? >> of course, it's never right to find simply one cause. you could analyze it culturally, sociologically, anthropologically. but obviously, as a priest, as a bishop, i would look at it spiritually.
4:57 pm
spiritual undergirds the whole of life. and so, something like this is always a sign of some kind of a spiritual rupture, a loss of contact with the deepest source of meaning. you said it earlier, the loss of faith, the decreased religious practice around the country. when i was a kid, about 3% of our country would have claimed no religion. now it's up to 25%. i don't think that that goes without some consequence. there is a coarsening when you lose contact with god, who is the source of moral value, the source of meaning, and finally the source of human dignity. i don't think it simply a trivial matter when people are in a very consistent way, staying away from god and the things of god. so i would point to that is certainly an important cause in some of the social trial that we see. >> martha: yet. i think when people look at these, they try to find some reason, right.
4:58 pm
people talk about video games and people talk about accessibility to guns and the family. a lot of these young men, when you look over the course of these shootings, a huge number of them grew up in families where there father wasn't really present in their lives. how much of that do you see as what ails the country right now? before it plays a very important role. i mean, the family, which plays a very important part of society. when the family is compromised, the family as a whole is compromised. the larger sections of society tend to break down. i'm not surprised at all that many of these shooters come out of that kind of environment. i trace it back further. carl young, the psychiatrist sl problems are spiritual problems
4:59 pm
problems*. >> martha: if you could leave everyone with one message tonight for why you think they shouldn't may be rediscover going back to church. some people may not be interested at all. what would be your pitch to the them? before you. because the deepest longing of the heart is for god. there's nothing in this world, wealth, pleasure, power, honor, that can satisfy the deepest hunger of the heart. when you set yourself apart from god, you are frustrating the deepest longing of the deepest part of you. and so that's the reason why you should go back to church. that has ramifications across the whole of your life, including, and especially the respect you show to other human beings, who have the song longing that you do. so that's my principal argument it satisfies your heart. >> martha: bishop barrett,
5:00 pm
thank you. thank you so much, the shipper baron as always, the story goes on. we will see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. have a good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. 12 words become incitement? at what point do political attacks become so unhinged that you can no longer healed the divide with politics and forced people toward something darker? it's hard to know exactly when that point is, but the left is getting very close to it. we can give you many examples of this. we can began with last night on msnbc. he is accusing the president of the united states of sending secret messages to neo-nazis. speak of these people feel that they are the


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