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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 8, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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everyone who arranged this, everyone bonding together, you're all tonight's midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. >> we had an amazing day. i did an incredible job. the enthusiasm, love and respect. >> you believe the president is a racist, is the president a white supremacist? >> he is. >> thursday, august 8th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4 am on the east coast donald trump visiting shooting victims in texas and ohio. the 2020 democrats determined to divide. how the president is fighting back will staying focused on getting results for congress. while the country mourns the
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tragedies in el paso and dayton america's team is bringing the country together, how the dallas cowboys just changed their game plan. >> every morning is a coffee morning. >> this is a jumbo coffee morning. >> most people get their caffeine fix first thing in the morning. i know i do but why not drink coffee before bed? the study that could jolt your routine. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ wake me up. i drink coffee in the morning. i don't know if that would work at night but we will have that study coming up for you. good morning, you are watching
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"fox and friends first" on this thursday morning. almost made it through the week. thank you as always for joining us. let's begin with this, donald trump raising the cities of dayton and el paso overnight after meeting the men and women impacted by the horrific shootings. douglas 80 joins us from washington dc with mixed reaction from those visits. >> it was a long day for the president and the two grieving cities that he visited. he spent time with victims, first responders and hospital staff in dayton as well as el paso and that included this exchange with officers who were among the first to respond in el paso. >> in addition to that, one of the victims was her uncle. >> passed away, my cousin still fighting for his life. >> do you know at the time? >> know.
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i answered her call not expecting to have any relatives involved in the shooting. >> the president did face protests in both cities. a number of democratic presidential candidates criticized the visit and in dayton while the democratic mayor and democratic ohio senator sherrod brown praised the president's bedside manner they did take him to task over gun-control. >> the mayor and i asked the president call on mitch mcconnell to bring the senate back in session this week, to sell the senate the background check go already past the house, say that we will get things done. >> brown also called the president racist and the president shot back. >> they shouldn't be politicking today. sherrod brown in the mayor, they couldn't believe what they saw
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and they said it. never seen anything like it. i turned on the television in their they are saying i don't know if it was appropriate for the president -- same old line. >> as for gun control the president did once again say he's open to expanding background checks for gun buyers. he also said he would be willing to call congress back from its summer recess if they were closing in on a deal. >> despite donald trump's attempts to bring the country together the mainstream media continues to use extreme rhetoric. >> you have a president talking about exterminating latinos. he's inciting hatred and violence, inciting racism. this is a president who seems to want these things to happen. >> donald trump is giving them subliminal orders in their head. >> reporter: a media reporter at
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the hill says time for company bosses to step in. >> this isn't ms nbc. this is ms info wars. alex jones is watching that and saying even to me that sounds crazy. here is what has to happen. the only way this get salt, brian roberts is the ceo of comcast, comcast owns nbc universal. universal nbc news, msnbc news has a chairman who needs to get every important person under that news division into a room and say this is enough. you will be fired or suspended if you pedal these conspiracy theories, these people should not be on the air anymore as a result of saying that because this is the stuff that divide the country. >> according to a study by the media research center coverage of the president has been 92% negative. to another fox news alert.
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and urgent manhunt is underway for, quote, extremely dangerous escaped and made after a prison official was murdered. a convicted kidnapper curtis watson is a person of interest in the death of administrator debra johnson whose body was found in her home at a tennessee prison but 45 miles northeast of memphis. watson escaped on a tractor which was found a mile from the facility. he was serving a 15 year sentence. two bodies found in canada are believed to be those teenagers we've been telling you about, the fugitives, ending a weeklong manhunt. they are accused of murdering two people including an american tourist. >> it is huge to be to hopefully give some people an opportunity to exhale and hopefully go back to normal and not be afraid. >> on the aluminum boat leading offices to those bodies was
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recovered in some dense woods. an autopsy is underway to identify the bodies and the cause of death. the teenagers are accused of murdering a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend and charged in the killing of a canadian man. a new warning in the persian gulf, us officials believe iran is using gps jammers to confuse commercial ships into traveling through iranian waters. iran allegedly using the opportunity to attempt to seize the ships, this comes as iran is accused of seizing three tankers and shooting down a u.s. navy spy drone in international waters. nuclear talks could restart with north korea despite the regime's recent surge in missile tests. mike pompeo says he's hopeful to get back to the negotiating table within weeks. he also noted north korea's short range missile launches do
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not violate the terms of an agreement between donald trump and dictator rashida tlaib. kim has said the tests are a warning about joint us and south korean military drills. some bad news if you're willie nelson fan, the country music icon will apparently cancel the rest of his tour over health concerns, nelson calling off 30 concerts after performing in toledo, ohio last night. the singer tweeted this overnight, to my fans, i am sorry to cancel my tour but i have a breathing problem i need to have my doctor check out. i will be back, love, willie. this has forced him to cancel tour dates in 2016 and 2018. let's hope he will be okay. national purple heart day, families of eight followed american heroes are reunited with their purple heart medals. >> the ultimate sacrifice, thank you for carrying that love forward and that personal sacrifice of that loved one so
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we can be here is a free nation, 123, welcome home. >> reporter: purple hearts reunited bring some misplaced, lost or stolen metals. another purple heart was returned to the organization during the ceremony. great for those families. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. congressman walking castro defending his move to release the names of dozens of trump donors. >> it was meant to draw attention to the fact that we have a lot of people in our community contributing to this guy, that is using their money to fuel hate. >> i democrats forgetting trump supporters have been under attack since 2016? next guest says the left needs to do some real soul-searching, plus would you eat a bug taco? know. carly shimkus actually tried
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>> welcome back. democrats rushing to the defense of walking castro who tweeted out the names of trump donors in an effort to shame some. congresswoman rashida tlaib saying the public needs to know who funds racism and lawrence chiming in there is no basis to complain about what representative castro is doing to shine light on it but i the ignoring how trump supporters have public attacks like these how long they have been dealing
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with them? joining me now is trump 2020 deputy director of communications, thank you for joining us this morning, really appreciate it. here's the deal. he put out this tweet including the names of 44 people including 22 retirees, including the homemaker. those were not public and that is one of his defenses in terms of what he did. >> it wasn't meant as a boycott or to target these people. it was meant to draw attention to the fact that we have a lot of people in our community who are respected by san antonio who are contributing to this guy that is using their money to fuel hate. >> what do you think? >> i think what representative castro did is absolutely appalling. he is trying to what?
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at best intimidated at worst incite violence against supporters of donald trump. these are his own constituents, these are people he represented he thinks the best course of action is to try and scare them from supporting the president, to silence them? donald trump supporters since day one have been targets of the liberal left and extreme fringes and that kind of dangerous rhetoric, that kind of dangerous behavior put lives in peril, what did he expect would happen when he put this out? it is important to note a couple things about this, some of these people gave money to mister castro himself. is he going to return money? >> one person donated to his campaign, correct? has he responded to that? >> know. the silence on the left is appalling. he either has support from the extreme in his party or the silent support of nancy pelosi. where is the speaker of the house to condemn this kind of
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targeted supporters of the president, this kind of stuff has got to stop before it goes any further. >> including their addresses as well and as we know that has proven dangerous on many counts, steve scalise who was targeted at baseball practice and baseball games, he said i know this is dangerous. democrats continue to slam donald trump for his visit to dayton and el paso. you said they need to stop this. what will happen if they don't? how will americans respond when it comes to the election? >> when it comes to the election we know one thing to be true. wholeheartedly. donald trump is going to win a second term. unfortunately for democrats in their never-ending trump derangement syndrome they have yet to accept the results of the 2016 election. you see across the board with democrat socialist party at this point, you see them continuing investigations on the president's election, you see them calling him a possibly
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russian spy for years and this is a president who has nothing more than try to stand as commander-in-chief is the chief executive of this country to stand and bring us together. beto said i'm not thinking politics and in the same breath calls the president a white supremacist. that kind of rhetoric has no place in this country and the president has every right and should be standing up for himself like he has because he is trying to comfort first responders who went in, engaged a shooter, responded to mass casualties, to the victims, their families and those who lost loved ones who are grieving, democrats need to get over themselves and put america first. >> usually unfortunately we can see usually because this has happened multiple times before, through other presidencies, other administrations, a moment when we all come together, that does not seem to have happened this time around, democrats are not letting it happen. thank you for joining us.
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have a good day. the time is 17 after the top of the hour and sean hannity and bill diblasio facing off in a heated one on one. >> i'm never going to agree with you, you drive me crazy. >> see what it is up there? doesn't say diblasio. >> we have highlights. a fiery interview with the new york city mayor and fun, food and games, wisconsin state fair in full swing and carly shimkus getting behind-the-scenes look at the fairgrounds. good morning. >> good morning. what could be better than sending a summer day at the fair. we are right outside milwaukee, wisconsin at the wisconsin state fair. the fairgrounds are massive and yesterday we spent all day walking every inch of them to bring all the sights and sounds.
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>> 22 minutes after the top of the hour, 700 people under arrest following the largest state ice raid in us history, hundreds of agents at 17 processing plants around mississippi to take undocumented workers into custody. those people will be interviewed about their immigration status and if they have deportation orders. this video shows the inside of one of those plants after this prize rate with personal belongings all over the floor. federal agents bust 32 people
1:23 am
linked to two international drug rings in california. agent say many of the suspect are honduran nationals, apps, cocaine and meth into san francisco, the first step in a year-long crackdown of crime ranging from drugs to sex trafficking in what is known as the tenderloin district. the dea says many truck dealers were homeless people drugs in exchange for holding onto their products. much more to come on that. some good news. wisconsin state fair officially in full swing, more than 1 million people expected at the 168th annual event. carly shimkus got a firsthand look and she joins us live at the wisconsin state fair. you got to let us know about this. carley: the bug taco was an interesting twist i did not anticipate but this fair has
1:24 am
been going on nearly 200 years. abraham lincoln spoke at this very fair in 1859. fast forward to today and it is the biggest summer event in wisconsin and it is really easy to see why. check it out. over 1 million people come to this fair every single year, all about food, family and fun. let's check it out. what brings you to the state fair? >> i am right here. the excitement of it. >> what brings you here? >> family and friends. it is a fun time appear.
1:25 am
>> reporter: deep-fried cookie dough sunday. forceful and only one name. what have you got? >> the italian stallion. >> the italian stallion is a fan favorite of the entire fair. what is in it? >> all the delicious goodness grilled into this, we incorporated oktoberfest here. >> congratulations. this taco you created was just named the best food at the entire fair. how are you feeling? >> i'm on cloud 9. >> i'm diving right in. >>, god.
1:26 am
>> can i have some of that? >> absolutely. >> let's do it, cheers. >> got some favorites. >> they have an entire building devoted to creampuffs. this is what people come to this fair for. >> i believe so. you can watch them make it through the window. it is a wisconsin thing. >> so good. ♪
1:27 am
>> hopefully you road those rides before you make the food. >> reporter: that's what i was going to say. now, we ate and rode the rides. i wouldn't recommend that. there is this exotic food stand here and they serve python and bug tacos. the tacos had silkworms and crickets, very interesting experience. a lot of other more normal foods, the creampuff. i will dip into second. todd: 1 did you say was in the taco? >> silkworms and crickets. very crunchy. >> i would imagine. great for breakfast. >> reporter: having a blast.
1:28 am
heather: have fun. the time is 27 after the top of the hour, donald trump says he supports red flag gun laws after the shootings in el paso and dayton. should we take away someone's constitutional right over a prediction? genitalis as it depends on how the law is written and she is live to break it down. e loan fo. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va. they can close your loan in as little as 30 days. so call newday usa. they look at your whole financial picture,
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>> welcome back, half past the top of the hour. an urgent manhunt underway for an escaped inmate in tennessee after prison official is murdered. curtis ray johnson is a person of interest after the body of administrator debra johnson was found in her home at the prison. donald trump traveling to dayton and el paso in an effort to unite two grieving communities following the mass shooting. the democrats are views to stand behind the commander-in-chief,
1:32 am
protesters and local leaders accusing the president of racism and even partially blaming him for the attacks was on twitter the president described his visit as, quote, warm and wonderful. today iowa state fair begins with democratic hopefuls taking the stage, lieutenant governor and former vp joe biden are the first on the political soapbox, that time of year again. new york city mayor bill diblasio going head to head with sean hannity in an exclusive interview. the 2020 presidential hopeful grilled on everything from gun control to immigration and how he plans to take on big corporations. aishah hasnie joins us with more. >> reporter: i would call it must-see tv. gun control of course on the heels of two mass shootings in 24 hours. the mayor not quite answering whether he supports the second amendment. >> would you agree that they
1:33 am
have a right to have a gun in their house. >> they have a right to be safe. >> do they have a right to a gun? >> the safest way to do it -- >> you are not answering. >> you don't get to tell other people there answers. >> when it came to illegal immigration diblasio said he supports border security, just not a wall. >> i support for security but not walls, no walls. >> how you start them? >> you create an actual border security mechanism. >> you have to have a sanctuary city. >> i want to talk about facts. >> here is the fact. >> adding under his plan he could give healthcare to illegal immigrants as well and diblasio taking on big corporations saying they need to say -- pay their fair share for what they are and.
1:34 am
>> the help of very government friendly policies, not taking away your work but the rich have gotten richer for 40 years and corporations of america pay nothing in taxes. >> not sure this interview will help or hurt him but he is bottoming out at 1% in most polls so the only way is to go up. >> thank you so much, appreciate it, house democrats are suing former white house counsel don mcgann to force him to testify. there laws it calling him the most important witness other than the president on russia probe. the trump administration claims executive immunity after he refused to testify in may. this comes after half of house democrats voiced support for impeachment inquiry. a republican congressman says their demands are, quote, further proof they are only interested in the public spectacle of an investigation but not actually in obtaining
1:35 am
any real information. the dallas cowboys in the nfl stepping up to help those impacted by the deadly shooting rampage in el paso. the cowboys and then a foundation each pledging $50,000 to the el paso victims fun. the money contributed will go to the families of the 22 people killed in those shootings, more than 2 dozen were injured. a bipartisan red flag bill we have been discussing with you could hit the senate floor as soon as they return from recess, the proposal getting support from the white house but some fear this could be a threat to our constitutional rights. you to break it down for us is constitutional law attorney and trump 2020 board advisory member genitalis read. thank you for coming back. >> thank you for letting me continue the discussion. >> it was discussed a lot yesterday. the white house appears to be
1:36 am
behind this. it could come up very soon. could actually do this in terms of the constitution? >> of course everyone would support a well-crafted bill that would allow do process and actually would restrain those people who would be mass shootings but would make sure to leave in place the gun rights of law-abiding citizens but such a well practiced law i have not yet seen. out of the state that currently past the red flag laws they are being challenged in court, deprive law-abiding citizens without due process and what i mean by that and we have to say the constitution requires due process because this is a fundamental right, not just a privilege. that is where liberals and conservatives disagree. legitimate and meaningful
1:37 am
because when we are comparing this to things like domestic violence, restraining orders are civil protection orders i have been on both sides of those in court and often judges will give each side maybe 20 minutes to present their case. the evidence doesn't have robust due process, there are so many problems implicit in those types of restraining order situations:people are analogizing this and saying this is the same as a restraining order we need to understand what we are talking about and understand how those types of restraining orders are not actually even providing due process. >> so many questions come into play. let's bring up the states that have these red flag laws in place. you mentioned those, they are being called into question right now, and other states are proposing them. you then have to ask about people who turned these people in, people who say this person shouldn't have a gun and the reasons behind it. is a personal issue between people.
1:38 am
how do you determine this? so many questions? >> that's another problem, there is not really a uniform standard of criteria that we can go to and say these are worthy enough indicators that we will preemptively deprive you of your rights. in the context of domestic violence restraining order typically you will have meaningful over threats, some kind of physical evidence of abuse but often where the liberals position is honest, they're getting republicans to buy and if you just feel attacked, if you feel that way then you can go into court and deprive someone of their right so remember the oregon case of the client for example, when the court in that case held that because the lesbian couple in that case didn't perceive the same message that was intended by that couple then that can cause an award of damages and so if we are going to court and saying migrants are contingent on how you feel then we are not providing fundamental due
1:39 am
process, that is the danger here and -- >> perceptions, feelings, how you define those, if you can make them equal across the board in terms of all different states that you make this a federal requirement. >> it is so problematic and we have to remember this is very reactionary and we shouldn't be looking to the federal government to solve our cultural problems, we need to get god back into society and make sure we are valuing that every human being as life is made in the image of god and make sure we address this on a cultural level, don't just say government, step in and solve our problems. >> thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, well said. do you have allergies? you taking any medications, have you had contact with any police officers? you may hear that last question from your doctor.
1:40 am
new york city founder joe says it's another way to demonize police and he's here live to weigh in.
1:41 am
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1:43 am
julie: new york city health department joining the war on police. it now considers exposure to law enforcement officers to be a threat to public health. a blue lives matter new york city founder is here to react this doesn't make sense. >> i would think paying car bills is more hazardous. and example of an attack on police officers, the individuals being stopped have nothing to do with your health whatsoever. it is probably -- you would think it would be shot down but what about the drugs, what about
1:44 am
that? it is crazy? >> the lives they are saving. we need to get to the statement from the department of health, the data shows involvement with the criminal justice system even brief contact with police or indirect exposure is associated with lasting harm to people's physical and mental health and there are some numbers that back them up, 29% reporting threat or abuse by police had poor physical health. >> before they interacted with police officers, sue the city of areas where they live and make it look like police officers are demons like they've been doing the last couple years. >> then we wonder why police are attacked with water and things like that where they walk away and don't do anything. >> people who are misinformed, i will say that i was abused or subject to this or that and they do their job to the best of their ability, treated like an old family member and take their meals and stuff and a bogus
1:45 am
thing they claim happened, more incentive to that. >> listen center for people to go into law enforcement. >> maybe other police officers second-guess every single time they do interact or work with somebody. shannon: we want to talk about this. a movie that contributes to the anti-cop sentiment, moves like this. new survey shows young americans trust college professors more than military police or religious leaders. >> i feel like our generation was taught to respect authority, to respect the military, no matter what war or what was going on in nowadays children are being taught that and all these professors, it is not factual evidence from textbooks
1:46 am
but opinions, go out and viable -- don't worry about going to school and they are enabling this and it is a terrible effort, several stories of professors completely going in, disrespect and i don't know what is going on but sooner or later we've got to turn that around. >> we constantly do stories about professors and some of these universities and how they are so left leaning in the importance of bringing family and religion back and to talk more about that, that would help in terms of respect for law enforcement. >> any business you work in you will have some bad apples but even when you talk about the city of new york so many great law-abiding citizens that a very small amount of people break the law. same in law enforcement, so many awesome people every day and putting a stop to what is going on, this narrative and the stories we hear and we are not going to go in this direction. >> it is a minority, not the majority. thank you so much, appreciate
1:47 am
it. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour and two massive business chains under fire because their grandchildren plans to host a fundraiser for donald trump. the calls for a boycott and how the executive is responding this morning and apple now up against a major legal battle after admitting their employees listen to your conversations with theory. the iphone owner who says they flat out broke the law. your hom. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> donald trump firing back at walking castro for blasting the names of trump campaign donors on twitter tweeting overnight i don't know who walking castro's
1:51 am
other than the lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate who makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth was the congressman was grilled about this. >> i don't want anybody harassed or targeted but i would like them to think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country. >> at least one of the donors on that list also donated to his congressional campaign. castro's that is. people are threatening to boycott equinox over its chairman's ties to donald trump. the luxury brand coming under fire after the washington post reported steven roth, a real estate developer and investor is planning to host a fundraiser for the president. in a statement provided to us he defended the event saying in part some prefer to sit outside the process and criticize i prefer to engage directly and support with things i deeply
1:52 am
care about. i have known donald trump for 40 years and while we agree on some issues we strongly disagree on many others and i've never been bashful about expressing my opinion. they say the brands do not support the fundraiser. how about some business news. apple getting slapped with a lawsuit over claims that they are innovating user's privacy. tracy carrasco is here with the legal battle brewing. they've been listening to us. >> reporter: this is a class-action lawsuit filed in san jose, apple is accused of violating california privacy law that prohibits recording people without their permission. apple like so many other companies, amazon and google, they have been accused of having company contractors listening to portions of conversations, the
1:53 am
siri conversations, using them as a way to improve how their voice recognition service, they use those small samplings of the recordings to listen to them, they say there is no identifiable information but in some reports there were cases that contractors had access to the location of the user so the concern is privacy and recordings you think maybe no one is listening but could be someone on the other end not listening necessarily to what you are saying but trying to gather things from that conversation which is alarming. >> let's talk about this. bacon if you love bacon everything is better with bacon, there's a job offer that people would love. >> they are looking for a bacon in certain they will pay you $1000 for one day of work, 8 hours of bacon. i can only imagine 8 hours, the things that they will have you
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>> for many people coffee is a great way to start the day. >> every morning is a coffee morning. >> this is a jumbo coffee morning. i need coffee and an iv. >> it is not just a morning during. a new study shows drinking coffee and tea at bedtime does not impact a person's quality of sleep. i don't know about that. alcohol, cigarettes and raping are more likely to cause insomnia.
1:59 am
time for the good, the bad and the ugly. as always a good. police proving dreams do come true by taking 25 kids to disney world. >> what he looking forward to most? >> disney world. >> we are going to disney world! >> teachers and principles helping the cocoa florida police department. the force is not with this guy. a man named luke skywalker is behind bars in tennessee because he violated his probation after being arrested for stealing 50 road signs in 2017. finally the ugly, this will make your skin crawl. hundreds of to land crabs taking over a street in florida. look at that. heavy rain forced the crabs from where they typically burrow underground.
2:00 am
that is like a horror movie along with the bug taco. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> the love in that place, talking about the job you have done and i wanted to come and thank you, very special people. rob: august 8th, donald from visiting survivors and first responders of the el paso and dayton shootings reminding them the country stands with them. >> officially begins the investigation takes a major turn. live with the missed warning from the mother of one of the killers, weeks before the attack. >> a veteran's what was told to kick her patriotism to the curb but she's not backing down. >> live with her fight to those who fight for our country and bernie sanders promising the world. >> is


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