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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 8, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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are like that. rob: pretty funny though. jillian: don't reboot that idea. rob: nobody has a an original idea. jillian: we will remake this show tomorrow better. have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: if you close your eyes, another day, another criticism on the president. it's the same thing in one way. ainsley: talking about his visit to dayton, ohio and to el paso. a little mixed emotion. some people say they appreciate him being there. others wish he would have stayed home. pete: politicians are going to be politicians. the folks on the ground the first responders and the nurses and hospital staff you clearly could tell they appreciate it. ainsley: lots of videos with the thumbs up. pete: it's the name of the company is pocket square
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heroes. you have a cup perform these. brian: in fact i might have one. i didn't un sew this pocket. ainsley: y'all are very patriotic. i like these outfits red, white, and blue. brian: he is still sore. peter: better part of a week to recover. ainsley: everyone is talking about it. pete: survival. we move on we begin with this fox news alert. while you were sleeping new details revealed about the el paso shooter. ainsley: that's right. this coming in after the president visited texas and ohio. brian: all right. jeff paul joins us live from el paso with what we are learning about the suspect so far and why his mom called police just weeks before the attack at the walmart 11 hours from his house. hey, jeff. >> hey there, yeah. we are learning according to the attorney that's representing the family of the suspected shooter, they say the mom of the suspect reportedly called police
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before the shooting happened here at the walmart behind us. now, according to the dallas attorney that's representing the family, the mom called the city of allen police department strictly to ask some questions about the ak-47 type firearm her son owned. that attorney reportedly says the mom was only seeking information about the gun and the call wasn't prompted over concern of a threat. they also say she didn't identify herself or son on the call. a spokesman for the police department says they have no world of that call. texas governor greg abbott saying is he not aware of any red flags in the shooting. meanwhile president trump was also in town yesterday facing some protests as he met with first responders and victims at the el paso domestic terrorism. impacted by the dayton, ohio shooting. the president and first lady met with two families of the victims but didn't meet with any patients actively being treated at the hospital. trump says he is with el
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paso 100 percent and praised the city for its strength and response. >> we met with numerous people. we met with, also, the doctors and nurses, the medical staff. they have done an incredible job, both places just incredible. and the enthusiasm, the love, the respect and also the let's see if we get something done. >> but trump's visit did spark some protests and demonstrations throughout the day and night. some el pasoens feel the president's rhetoric violence like they saw at the walmart. 2020 candidate beto o'rourke didn't think trump should have visited and said simply that it was too soon. >> for the community at large to have been so regularly attacked and vilified and demonized by this president, for him to have created the conditions that made an attack like
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this possible and ultimately likely, it's very insulting to us that he was here. >> now, as the memorial behind us continues to grow, the first of what will be many funerals will begin today. the mayor here in town dean margo telling us he is trying to get through 22 funerals right now and sees that as the only way that this community can only begin to think about the healing process. back to you. ainsley: thank you, jeff. brian: thank you jeff. four minutes now after the hour. it didn't take long. the president on the ground i think he did the absolute right thing going and the same day. protests were not a surprise. went to two areas in which the president didn't dominate but was successful in the state of ohio. but i think showing up in the way he was received by hospital workers. by law enforcement shows a home run. but it didn't stop democrats for using the opportunity to insult the president. >> here are some of those
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democrats yesterday. >> you have been very clear that you believe the president is a racist. is the president a white supremacist. >> he is. this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> trump is really division his entire presidency and campaign. he has emboldened white supremacist. we need to speak out against president trump when he is wrong and demand accountability out of the senate. >> so from the highest office in our land, where we see in tweets and rhetoric hateful words that ultimately endanger the lives of people in our country. pete: that was just yesterday from democrats. it feels like the rhetoric ratchetings up and up almost feels unprecedented. someone who has been around politics a long time karl rove who is not initial lay president trump supporter but knows politics back to
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front. he says this is further anything he has seen before in rhetoric. listen. >> i have been taken aback by how many democrat candidates are basically saying the president is an accomplice to these murders in dayton and in el paso. cory booker said it, so did mayor pete buttigieg, so did robert francis o'rourke. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders both say the president is responsible and call him a racist and then both of them sent out fundraising emails drawing on these two massacres in el paso and in dayton. so, you know, talk about politicizing something that should never be politicized, these people are doing that. ainsley: the president says let's see if we can get something done. democrats want that republicans want that. he took pictures with the hospital workers with the first responders. he met one of the officers who was one of the first responders at the walmart in el paso. her name was officer rodriguez. she said she went. in she didn't know that her uncle was in there her uncle
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actually was one of the victims. he died in the walmart. and then her cousin is in icu. she said we went in completely blinded and we did what we had to do to respond. brian: sherrod brown in dayton, ohio, senator who took the tour with the president along with the mayor. they had casual conversations. both said that the president was warmly received. disparaging to say afterwards at which time the president came back by the time he landed in el paso and ripped back. maybe it would have been better for the president to stay above the fray for a couple days. is there anybody who could be somewhat more responsible? he is being hit by 25 different presidential candidates and they are saying the worst, most disparaging things possible about him. and you are asking the ultimate counter puncher to sit back and absorb it especially when they're accusing him basically of killing 31 people by his words, which is called he ran on reinforcing the southern border. if the northern border was a problem, that's what he would have run on, but it is
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not. pete: democrats in the media demand that he say certain things and denounce certain things. when he does, they find a reason why it doesn't count. right? no, no. he didn't mean that that wasn't good enough. this is a sign of desperation. when you listen to that montage of democrats and what they are saying white supremacists, white nationalist racists. they are like the guy on the street corner who sets himself on fire and the first day everyone is panicking. day two, day three, day four, this isn't shocking anymore. i'm not looking or listening. nothing you are saying is new or original or growrnsded in anything substantive. you are name-calling because you don't like his policy. ainsley: don't you think everywhere needs to simmer down. people died here. come up with a solution and stop with all of that rhetoric. and try to fix this problem so that more kids or more individuals, more walmart shootings, more school shootings are not happening. i think everyone can get on that same page. it's not a republican or democratic. pete: can't even get close to having a rational
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discussion what causes it when you are accusing the other person of being white supremacist. brian: beto o'rourke we don't want him here you don't want him here. you are not even the representative from el paso anymore. here is mollie hemingway. >> important to be clear what's happening here. two tragedies occurred this weekend, neither of which had anything to do with donald trump. and many people in the media and many democratic politicians are actually blaming him or accusing him of directly causing these horrible things. it's a very frustrating to see people so frenzied in their attack. most people in america have natural responses to. this their hearts are grieving. thinking about the families whose lives are forever changed. the loss of these precious lives. the bravery of the first responders. that's not what we are seeing in our media coverage or political discussion. brian: next stage is going to be any type of gun legislation it. makes the nra members recoil. the president on the phone 6:30 in the morning on monday with joe manchin to
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talk about what he is working on with senator pat toomey with background checks. ainsley: no conservatives, they love their guns but a lot of conservatives are worried about this, too. and not sure that ar-rifles should be in certain individuals' hands or maybe anyone's hands. brian: how would it work? how do you see this going? mitch mcconnell says i will bring everyone back if there is momentum to do it. i'm not going to bring people back and have nothing done. you can be a leader all you want. you cannot tell 53 republican senators and 47 democratic senators what to do. pete: the impulse to act shouldn't just be the only rationale. it's got to be something that makes sense that guards the rights of law abiding gun owners who have the right to own ar-15 and use it responsibly. brian: i would love to see the last 25 shootings studied and just tell me the gunmen, the commonalities, how would you stop them? are there ways to do it. get politics out it and and experts into it including
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psychiatrists. ainsley: last night we were supposed to be in bed pretty early. most of america stayed up or most of our viewers stayed up to watch sean hannity interview bill de blasio last night. he interviewed him for the entire hour and grilled him. they grilled each other basically. watch a little bit of that interview from last night. >> should every new yorker, should every american have the ability if god forbid the criminal element, invades their home, invades their property, to have a gun in their home to protect themselves? >> everyone deserves to be safe the answer is not for everyone to have a firearm anymore than it is for every teenager to have a firearm. sean: the answer is no. >> i believe we have rights. we need background checks and assault weapon ban. waiting period for purchase. sean: have a perfect mental health record and background check, would you agree that they have a right to have -- >> -- they have a right to be safe. sean: can they have a gun is a simple question if they at law abiding with k. they have a gun. >> you are trying to set up
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a reality where you get to paint a picture on your own terms. it doesn't work that way. pete: sean asked a lot of direct simple questions. mayor de blasio refused to answer single one of them saying i'm going to answer the way i want to answer it without an answer. brian: 28% approval rating in new york city. he wants to take that momentum and become the next president of the united states. [laughter] ainsley: listen, hat off to him for him coming on fox. he needs to you know his name and who he is because is he getting less than 1% in the polls. he needed this interview. he did answer the question though about insurance. should illegals get insurance and sean said why do you want this? you want illegals to have insurance? he said yes because they already get insurance. if they go to the hospital now, he said then they are seen. what else the difference? why don't we pay for them to have insurance? brian: if you are sitting there in el salvador or sitting there in nicaragua and you are saying i could go to new york city, the number one city in the world and get free health insurance with the best to come do tores in the world
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that's called a magnet. how you possibly ever going to control illegal immigration if you are inviting them in by giving them free insurance and promising you will never no repercussions if we catch you. pete: decriminalize border crossings at the same time. brian: cory booker's to do that. jillian: we begin with this. four people are dead after armed man with a machete-like knives many of them goes on a rom page in southern california. the mayhem began apartment complex in garden grove orange county. this whole thing ended two hours later at a 7/11 10 miles away. cops don't know what his motive was or if he knew any of the victims. they do say he was, quote, filled with anger. >> it's pure evil when this happens. and we don't see this happen every day. this is one of those things you see one time in a career. jillian: two others were wounded in the attacks. when we get more
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information, we will pass that along to you. now this: president trump very strongly considering commuting rob blagojevich's sentence. president telling that to reporters on his way back to washington from el paso last night. he says the former illinois governor has been treated unbelievably unfairly. blagojevich has served seven of his 14-year sentence on federal corruption charges. country music icon willie nelson cancelled the rest of his tour over health concerns. nelson calling off 30 concerts. singer tweeting overnight quote: to my fans i'm sorry to cancer my tour but i have a breathing problem that i need to have my doctor check out. i will be back. love willie. not the first time he has had to cancel shows. several issues over the years involving his health. keep you updated on that. brian: is he a legend. look what i found. it's my pocket square hero. pete: i knew you had one. brian: i had one. steve: it's not the nor
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rejanuary flag. brian: it was my inside pocket. i didn't have my butler unsew it before the show. jillian: butler must have had other things to do. ainsley: how did you unsew it? brian: i don't want to give it away. dozens of trump donors. >> it was meant to draw attention to the fact that we have got a lot of people in our community who are contributing to this guy that's using their money to fuel hate. ainsley: but, has he forgotten the trump supporters have been the target of the pac for years. gregg jarrett is here with a refresher coming up next. ♪ ♪ hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner?
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♪ ♪ >> it wasn't meant as a boycott. it wasn't meant to target these people. it was meant to draw attention to the fact that we have got a lot of people in our community who are respected by san antonio who are contributing to this guy that's using their money to
3:20 am
fuel hate. brian: that was congressman joaquin castro defending his tweet outing president trump donors. many are rushing to his side. are they ignoring the fact that trump supporters have suffered attacks like these? [shouting] >> shame on you. shame on you. >> you ain't [bleep] >> all right. here to react fox news legal analyst and author of the forthcoming book witch-hunt story of the greatest mass delusion in history. gregg jarrett is here. when you saw that list come out and joaquin who is running his brother's campaign. what your thoughts. >> i fear for the safety of those individuals. it's absurd for joaquin castro to say i don't want them harassed? >> of course did you. your brother's presidential campaign. target and punish those people though may have
3:21 am
supported donald trump for no reason related to immigration. might have been economic policies. i also find it hypocritical. why didn't joaquin castro tweeting out the names of supporters of elizabeth warren, shootner dayton, ohio was a warren supporter and vowed leftist, a supporter of antifa. the media has utterly marginalized that and joaquin castro has ignored it. he is nothing but a hypocrite. brian: he retweeted senator sanders tweet. workers in chicago almost killed steve scalise on that field that day. >> it's shameless exploitation and political manipulation joaquin castro and his brother. brian: if you are a donor of any candidate you cannot be indim at a timed by any of this. people say this worked and won't be able to stop. next, peter strzok is suing to get his job back. he says he was fired for political reasons by the
3:22 am
president's pressure. brian: here is a little of peter strzok reading his texts. you tell me if this is appropriate for fbi investigator. here he is reading this out loud in front of trey gowdy's committee. >> august 8th, 2016, ms. page said not ever going to become president, right? right? >> no. no. he is not we will stop it. august 15th, 2016, i want to believe the through out for consideration in andy's office that there is no way he gets elected but i'm afraid we can't take that risk. insurance policy in the unlikely event you i do before yodiebefore you are 40. >> he said i have no memory of that his paramour lisa page testified privately the insurance policy was the
3:23 am
fbi's secret counterintelligence investigation against donald trump that they were going to use against him if he were elected. he was. they did. brian: so he was fired. they recommended that he get demoted. >> right. brian: he says i want my job back. my fifth amendment rights were not guarded. the president put so much pressure that's why i was fired. does he have a case? >> no. he does not have a case. obtuse and clueless peter strzok has no sense of self-awareness. he has done more damage to the fbi than anybody in the last 50 years. he would not be welcome in the halls of the fbi. look, he claims his first amendment rights to free speech have been violated by his firing. that's not why he was fired. he was fired for three reasons. first of all he used an fbi device for personal reasons. 7,000 text messages, many of them to his lover, lisa
3:24 am
page. second of all, he was also sending fbi documents to his private email account. that's a violation of rules and finally his conduct was anymore kel to the fbi's interest. it's known as conduct unbecoming. hey has caused enormous shame and embarrassment on the fbi. that's why he was fired. he will not win his lawsuit. brian: not a legal temple but justerm butjust a thought. why would you want to relive this and re-litigate this again to get your job back? >> is he clueless. brian: absolutely but you are not, gregg thanks for getting up with us. >> thank you i love your pocket square. brian: thank you very much. it's something that's going to catch fire. >> bentley your butler took care of of that. brian: i fired bentley it's lurch: >> your car is a bentley. brian: the next question may soon come from your doctor. health department war on police. we will discuss that next
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pete: federal agents bust 32 people linked to two international drug rings in california. agents say many of the suspects are honduran nationals that poured heroin, cocaine and meth into san francisco. the first step in a year-long crackdown of crime ranging from drugs to sex trafficking feds are studying the dangerous side effect of videotaping. vaping. kids and adults suffering seizures after using ecigarettes. so far the fda has not caused an exact cause for
3:29 am
the seizures. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much. is the new york city police department joining the war on police. considers brief exposure to law enforcement officers harmful to the public's health. now the health department is distributing a criminal justice action kit to doctors to help them care for patients who have been affected by the criminal justice system. here to discuss this is former nypd lieu tenant and army veteran dr. darrin porcher associate professor at the nyu school of medicine dr. debbie num -- >> you got it. >> i will start with you. tell us what this kit is and why doctors are getting it. >> it's a little unclear to me but the idea is to see if people have had exposure to police or to the criminal justice system whether that might increase their risk of having medical problems. the reason to believe that it's strange to me is that it's just asking, seems to be about exposure, not necessarily the nature of things. we know that people who have more mental illness, people
3:30 am
who have more exposure to drugs or alcohol. people who live in poverty or homeless are more likely to have contact with the criminal justice system and have medical problems. i think looking to see if the exposure is what caused the problem is looking at it the wrong way around. we should look to see who is at risk for those medical problems and see what we can do to minimize their exposure to the criminal justice system to treat their actual health problems. ainsley: how do you feel about this, dr. porcher? you go to the doctor and hear do you smoke? how often do you have an alcoholic beverage? do you have any history of diabetes or heart disease in your family? i have never heard the question from a doctor have you had any contact with police lately? >> no, i haven't. i think this frarks the symbiotic relationship between police and community. we are trying to bring the two together. however, de blasio's administration is looking to separate the two. and i think this is a reemploying connection with his run for president. constantly we hear people
3:31 am
saying that the de blasio needs to fire officer pant lay owe. we need to bring both sides of the table together. if you separate de blasio from the bliss department as is he looking to do in his political campaign, he feels as if this is something that is going to elevate his numbers. the truth of the matter it's only hurting us as common new york city citizens. ainsley: have you ever seen a patient come in and suffered heart disease or extra stress because of law enforcement officers. >> well, i would say people who have had -- let's say, for example, they are being rescued by the police because of violence, they are victims of violent crimes. they could be more at risk. i have seen where trauma perhaps leads to medical problems. if there is some form of abuse or if they feel like they are persecuted by the police, then that could add to the stress and maybe contribute to problems. i agree with you. i think this is something that could fracture community relations. we should be looking at larger issues of who is at risk for violence.
3:32 am
who is at risk for these different problems that we could treat more effectively. and even if you get this questionnaire, let's say, a questionnaire, have some information that someone has had a negative contact with a police officer, what are you going to do about it? i mean, we should be looking at things that are cost effective to try to treat, you know, treat our patients. ainsley: what about law enforcement or first responders? we have heard testimony that of them who were down there on 9/11 have had exposure to certain illnesses other certain diseases or lung problems because of that we see the commercials all the time join our class action lawsuit if you are a first responder and had trouble breathe asking as a result. are people going in and say i am suffering because of certain things because of my profession? >> that could be a possibility. the truth of the matter teachable moments moving forward. you mention in the wake of 9/11 what's happened. there are comprehensive measures that are in place such as a barrier system as to what officers would carry when they're on patrol.
3:33 am
such as gloves, masks, things to that effect. in addition to that there is a system that officers have to adhere to, if in any way, shape or form they are exposed to something such as contagious disease something to that effect. what they do in a situation like that. take off line until they are treated and shown officers of optimum health and come back into performing police duties. so the truth of the matter is, the police department is very serious and very specific about the officer's safety and the medical conditions moving forward. no way shape or form there is no exchange of community control cable disease moving forward. ainsley: thank you both for being with us. we did reach out to the new york city health department for a statement but did not hear back. trendy gyms like soulcycle eke con knox. the chairman hosting a fundraiser. this morning the chairman is responding. "fox & friends" is going to the fair. carley shimkus is live at the wisconsin state fair.
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♪ ♪ with you ♪ like a river flows ♪ slowly to the sea brian: it's your shot of the morning and it doesn't get cuter than in this toddler just can't help singing his favorite elvis tune. pete: that's 2-year-old daniel on vocals with his dad air force staff sergeant congress on the guitar. ainsley: so cute. is he 2 his parents say he is usually very shy they were surprised when he memorized his father's song can't help fall in love. that video going viral. brian: i'm not an music
3:39 am
expert but seems he is perfectly in tune. pete: you are born with that. ainsley: we do that at night before she goes to bed. we have done that since she was a baby. she loves that song. brian: tape that and maybe she will be the shot of the day. ainsley: i don't know if she knows all the words though. i have to see. brian: get her a teleprompter for a birthday. everyone remembers their first teleprompter. pete: it's true. brian: couple things going on sometimes when you support the president of the united states you get blow back each when you are multimillionaire and owner of the miami dolphins equinox as well as soulcycle. ainsley: there have a lot of buildings in new york related his company. many of them you don't have to pay a fee when you move. in many nice buildings. many have equinox in the bottom of them. is he investor equinox and
3:40 am
soulcycle. is he a supporter of the president. pete: is he a billionaire and lives in the hamptons and hosting a fundraiser for president trump on friday. the media gets a wind of this. equinox and soulcycle people take their soulcycle very seriously. griff jenkins being one of them. every weekend he hosts on saturday he is at soulcycle like today is miley cyrus vs. brittany spears and -- he is in to it. he is in to it. ainsley: a fun class. pete: folks who go to these fitness locations who are not trump supporters up in arms about this. ainsley: billie agner. voice in the lion king movie. equinox what's your canceling membership when you find out your owner is enabling racism and mass murder? brian: meet at the library
3:41 am
and bring some weights. pete: attempt at humor. reached out to steven ross. he says i have been an active participant in the democratic process. while some prefer to sit outside of the process and criticize, i have engaged directly and support the things i deeply care about. i have known donald trump for 40 years. and while we agree on some issues, we strongly disagree on many others. i have never been bashful about expressing my opinion. i started my business with nothing and a reason for my engagement with our leaders is my deep concern for creating jobs and growing our country's economy. i have been and will continue to be outspoken champion of equality, and environmental sustainability. i have and will continue to support leaders on both sides of the aisle to address these challenges. brian: amazing you have to -- you support a presidential candidate who happens to have won in a major party and you have to explain yourself. you have to explain yourself as if you got caught doing something wrong. and just like everyone now
3:42 am
we are supposed to agree he a racist and sexist and complicit with mass murder? do people understand that not everybody agrees with that and maybe it's not at all true? mischaracterization only motivates the supporters of the president to fight harder on his behalf? brian: i'm glad he is not backing off. for $200,000 you can attend that fundraiser too. ainsley: $100,000 you get a picture with the president. $250,000 you get to sit at the round table and have a discussion with him. pete: probably raise a lot of money. and maybe soulcycle will get a whole new demographic of customers now. trump maybe a bunch of deplorables will descend on soulcycle and there you go. brian: what's the difference between soulcycle and spinning, do we know? pete: spinning with attitude.
3:43 am
ainsley: there are weights underneath your seat you pull those out. pete: sounds like brian kilmeade. brian: i don't think so i can wear a tight outfit. for more on this go to jillian. jillian: i have done neither. i have no idea what you are talking about, ainsley. let's talk about this story we telling you about the other day the loud noise and had people running for their lives in times square may have been set off intentionally. listen. yeah, that noise sounds like gunshots. but police say it was actually a motorcycle back firing. cops now looking for bikers who may have altered their mufflers to make that noise on tuesday night. those people could face charges. facebook locks a military dad out of his account after he tried honoring his son who is serving in the air force. he says he got the boot after trying to make this air force insignia his cover
3:44 am
photo. >> trying to post something that is purely american and purely for the military. and i don't consider that hate speech. i am really angry. extremely angry that facebook would consider this hate speech but really hate speech they allow to go through. jillian: says insignia violates community standards. brian: that? jillian: that's what facebook says. a hero in real life. danny trejo jumping into action to save a baby with special needs trapped inside an overturned car in los angeles. the actor and another good samaritan working together to get the child out of the car seat. >> and i started talking about super powers and he got it. super powers. jillian: no one was seriously hurt in that car crash. that is a look at your headlines. send it back to you. brian: incredible. 44 minutes after the hour. pete: that one story that is
3:45 am
the air force logo. brian: banned from facebook. pete: where are we going? the wisconsin state fair officially in full swing. more than a million people expected at the 168th annual event. ainsley: fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus got a look and she joins us from the wisconsin state fair. carley: good morning, guys. you said it. this fair has been going on for nearly 200 years. fast forward to today and it is the biggest summer event in the entire state of wisconsin. it is easy to see why. check it out. >> over a million people come to this fair every single year. it's all about food, family, and fun. let's check it out. what brings tout state fair? >> i go for the excitement of it.
3:46 am
carley: so what brings you here with your sheep, just like family and friends. it's a fun time up here. [cheers] >> deep fried cookie dough sunday. sundae. >> what do you have. >> there the italian stallian, fan favorite of the entire fair. what is in it? >> took all the goodness of beef sandwich and grilled it into wonto nton.
3:47 am
>> cheese kurds. carley: congratulations this taco that you created was just named the best food of the entire fair. how are you feeling? >> i'm on cloud 9. >> i'm diving right in. >> what do you have there. >> couple cheese kurds. carley: can i have some of your cheese kurds. >> absolutely. carley: cheers. they are entire building devoted to cream puffs. is this what people come to the fair for. >> i really believe so, yeah. people are lining up and watch them make it through the window. it's a wisconsin thing that's for sure. carley: so good.
3:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ carley: as you can see i did things out of order because i ate first and then went on all the rides. i wouldn't recommend doing it in that way. the agricultural showcase is a very big deal here. it's very neat. we will talk to some of the kids who take care of these beautiful big animals. i hear that the winning steer went for about $47,000. so, a lot of big money can be made at the wisconsin state fair as well. we will have all that coming up. a lot of fun to be had. brian: it's a lot of fun.
3:49 am
ask the farmers how they feel about things and the usmca. ainsley: brian, come on talking about the fair, fun. brian: carley take my advice or their advice. carley: i'm on it. brian: please, go with me. pete: cheese kurd taco. brian: usmca. pete: thanks, carley, appreciate it. brian, you are one of a kind. who do young people trust more? the military or college professor? survey says -- well, you have to stick around for the insane results. ainsley: i think they know. ♪ i will follow you ♪ (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast
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pete: welcome back. a new survey shows where americans put their trust and where they don't. young people trust college professors more than military police and religious leaders. here to discuss co-founder and education director of practice t.k. coleman. t.k., break this down for us, i think this surprising for a lot of our viewers young adults 74% have confidence in their professors, just 6%, 67% in
3:54 am
military and police. only 50% for religious leaders. will you explain for us? >> yeah. i'm not surprised by the results at all. in fact, if you look at that study, it shows that young americans are having trust problems all across the board. in fact, that same study showed that they don't even trust each other as much as their -- the previous generations do. i think there is a very simple explanation for this. this is a generation whose lives have taken shape in an entirely different information landscape unlike anything we have seen in history. this is the age of social media. this the is aim of decentralization. this is the generation whose motto is, don't trust, verify. they are used to questioning things and scrutinizing things in unprecedented way. when they log on to their social media accounts, they see multiple conflicting reports every five minutes there is a debate about news vs. fake news. they can't settle these debates by appealing to a single source of authority. so it's a lot more difficult to know who to trust when
3:55 am
you have so many sources from which can you choose. the older generations had fewer options but an easier time deciding who to listen. to say these younger generation has more options but comes with a tradeoff of information anxiety. pete: sure, do you think the professor number has something to do with access in relationship because they -- there is a transfer of information whereas you might not interact with the police and the military? those numbers being so low, i think raises some eyebrows for people. >> it definitely has something to do with access. it also has something to do with methodology. professors for many people are usually the first people to come along and adopt a so he cratic method for dialogue. it's the job of a professor to sit around and discuss big ideas with you and to debate those ideas. and young americans today don't just want to be told what to think. they want to argue with you. they want to hear when the philosophical underpinnings of your beliefs. that's just not what the military is in the business of doing. your beliefs about military are far more likely to be shaped by a professor i
3:56 am
think that resonates for people. pete: those of us worried about the indone trick neighboinindoctrinationcamps ha. pugh plus study looked at 91% have confidence in the military. 71% religious leaders and they don't trust the college profs the way the young students do. >> that's right. older generations it's an awesome opportunity. i'm optimistic about this. when i have see young americans having a difficult time trusting, what that tells me is that the world is changing and that they are shifting their perspective from a world oriented in credentialism and authority to a world oriented in being able to verify your results. and what that means is as leaders we have to approach trust differently. these young people are not about proof of status. they are about proof of work. we have to be able to have more transparency and demonstrate to them that we care about them, that we are on their side and we can
3:57 am
create value. pete: t.k., i appreciate your optimism i just don't want a world created by college professors. >> i'm with you on that. pete: more "fox & friends" on the other side. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection... the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection,... ...ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea
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tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. ♪ ♪ ♪ come on over ♪ brian: ainsley just assumed that pete did over the weekend. brian: did i not define it. ainsley: if you weren't awake with 6:00. we opened the show and brian said pete you are still sore from a few days ago. pete: at which i said i am. ainsley: everyone in the control room the viewer might not know what you are talking about. pete: we did not get in a fight. i happened to jump in the hudson river to raise money
4:01 am
for homeless vets. i failed to train about the event. i learned about it a week before. my body has been recovering from the event ever since. ainsley: very sore. >> hip flexors because you are kicking so much and shoulders and my back. right now it's screaming. brian: all for a great cause i can't believe you gutted it out. 0.11% who could have grinded it out. pete: these guys are super human. they pulled me through portions of it and motivated me to get through. these guys are the best of the best. ainsley: why did you decide to wear the wet suit. pete: so the cameras could see who i was in the water. after the first leg where i barely survived and didn't finish legitimately. i was like i have got to take it all off now because it was suffocating me. then i had the seal bikini on the rest of the time. apparently their standard apparel. that freed me to ride the current home to manhattan. ainsley: those guys are
4:02 am
jacked. pete: they are. we raised money for gi go fund. raised almost 200,000s dollars. brian: i apologized to everyone who watched in the first hour. great job, pete. two minutes after the hour. we begin with this fox news alert. while you were sleeping, details emerge about the el paso shooter. pete: that coming in after president trump's visit to texas and ohio yesterday. ainsley: jeff paul joins us live from el paso with what we are learning now about the suspect there and why his mom called police just a few weeks ago before the attack at the walmart. jeff? >> yeah, according to the attorney representing the family of the suspected shooter, they say his mother called the police department weeks prior to the shooting that happened here at this walmart. that attorney saying that the mother called the allen police department to ask some questions to get some information on the ak-type rifle that her son owned. the attorney also said she wasn't calling because she was concerned over a particular threat. the suspect's mother reportedly did not give her
4:03 am
name or her son's name and a spokesperson for the police department says they have no record of that call. president trump was also in town yesterday meeting with families of the victims and first responders of this domestic terrorism attack. trump says he is with el paso 100 percent and praised the city for strength in response. listen to this exchange the president had with one of the first officers who was on scene. >> we went in totally blinded. [inaudible] one of the victims was her uncle. >> he passed away unfortunately. my cousin he is in icu at the moment fighting for his life. >> did you know that when you were going in did you have any idea they were there. >> no. i actually answered her call. not expecting to have any relatives involved in the shooting. >> there were also protests and demonstrations in el
4:04 am
paso, some el paso denies ians feel the president's divisive rhetoric helped to cause. >> i think it's a disgrace. i have think he owes us respect. but the saddest thing of all is i don't think he realizes what he [inaudible]. >> ♪ [inaudible] >> the mayor responding to that criticism that he met with the president saying that it's part of his official duty as mayor of el paso. he says right now his focus is on getting through what is now 22 funerals. the first beginning today. back to you. brian: all right, jeff. thank you very much. so a lot of mixed feelings on the ground. the president felt as though
4:05 am
behind closed doors this went extremely well. he went there especially with the first lady had a chance to interact with those directly involved. law enforcement and others. amazing the amount of rhetoric coming at him. it went to is he a racist to a white nationalist. now he is a white supremacist. pete: these are clips of 2020 democrats just only collision from yesterday. watch. >> you have been very clear that you believe the president is a racist. is the president a white supremacist? >> he is. >> this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> division entire presidency and campaign. he has emboldened white supremacists. president trump was wrong and demand accountability. >> owed from the highest office in our land where we see in tweets and rhetoric
4:06 am
hateful words that ultimately endanger the lives of people in our country. brian: the had the pit back. he hit back at senator brown. he hit back at beto o'rourke. he hit back at joaquin castro and his brother. pete: how do you not when you are being called a white supremacist to your face? tough talk targeting vicious gangs. back at people that doesn't mean you are a white supremacist. let's talk about criminal justice reform which he has led the charge on to help young black men in prison too long for minor offenses. black unemployment, hispanic unemployment? he is really bad being a racist if that's what he is trying to do. ainsley: i don't think it's the time and place. we haven't had the first funeral yet. let us bury the dead. let us work together as republicans and democrats. the president said he wanted to do that get congress to work on this and fix some laws so we can have a safer country. karl rove reacted to this. he has been in politics for a long time. listen to this.
4:07 am
>> i have been taken aback by how many democratic candidates are basically saying the president is an accomplice to these murders in dayton and in el paso. cory booker said it. so did mayor purge pete buttigi. so did robert francis owe o'rourke. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders say is he responsible and call him a racist and send out fund raising emails. drawing on these two massacres in el paso and in dayton. so, you know, talk about politicizing something that should never be politicized, these people are doing that. brian: and that's what's going on now, many of which are 1% or 2% and perhaps see this as an opportunity. beto o'rourke says i'm suspending my campaign for a while to stay in el paso. he has already qualified for the next round of debates. pete: oh goody. brian: this news alert. is he not a racist. he is not a white supremacist and he is not a white nationalist.
4:08 am
dan patrick also knows the president pretty he will with is he lieutenant governor of texas. he weighed in on the rhetoric being rifled at the president. >> i spent a lot of time with the president. i was his campaign chair when he campaigned in the state in '16. he has been here many times since i have been lieutenant governor. he has been president. we have had quiet time together and personal time i have seen him in action. this guy doesn't have one racist bone in his body. he loves everybody. we come in the back way through the security kitchen. he shakes every hand. it doesn't matter what color you are or who you vote for. he loves everybody. this is a spur columbus attack on this president. it's hurting our country. we are trying to heal and they are trying to divide. ainsley: mitch mcconnell is trying to heal. remember he hurt his soldier. he is at home. all the protesters came in the middle of the night with all this rant. he tried to retweet one of those videos and he was suspended from twitter for
4:09 am
doing that. and they said until you delete your tweet, you are not getting back on. pete: his official campaign account. senate majority leader's official campaign account was suspended by twitter because he re-tweeted a tweet that showed the viciousness coming at him at their house. so apparently exposing what other people are doing to you is now offending twitter's rules. brian: guess. what again, tim ryan, somebody who i expected more of who has been on this show a lot who is really having trouble getting 1% in his quest to be the next president is now mounting a dare van to mitch mcconnell's house to get him to take up some type of gun legislation. he could call him. is he in congress. ainsley: mitch mcconnell's campaign manager said this is a problem with the speech police in america today. twitter will allow the words of massacre mitch to trend nationally on their platform but blocks our account for posting actual threats against us. we appealed and twitter stood by their decision our
4:10 am
account will remain locked until they delete the video. pete: i hope they don't delete the video and stare down twitter. what recourse do you otherwise have? we reached tout twitter for a statement. they have not responded to that they don't like mitch mcconnell because is he a stall wart in the senate both on judges and on frankly knee jerk gun legislation that a lot of conservatives and trump supporters don't want to push through just so they can take action. they hate him for it. brian: nra telling the president not for extended background checks. president has talked to joe manchin and pat toomey. he called joe manchin 6:30 on monday what does action proposing. he wanted a lot of detail. interested in what lindsey graham is putting forward for red flag law to get the lunatic in 11th grade that has the kill list on the wall in the bathroom. want to make sure he doesn't get a gun. how do we do that? let's see if there is a logical way forward there and nancy pelosi says we are ready to go back after the senate goes back. ainsley: chilling the mom
4:11 am
and el paso shooter called police a few weeks ago as we were mentioning at the top of the show because she was worried about her son having this ar. pete: we just learned we actually did get a statement from twitter about mitch mcconnell's official campaign account being suspended. it says the user was temporarily locked out of their account for a tweet that violated our violent threats policy specifically threats involving. brian: the user, senator mitch mcconnell's office? the user? really? by retweeting annual attack on him, he gets suspended. pete: yeah. as you said vile stuff you read on twitter people say towards mitch mcconnell or other political leaders. ainsley: that's what his campaign manager says. jillian: we are following this story now. let's begin with this fox news alert. four people are dead and two others hurt after a man armed with machete like knives goes on a stabbing rampage in southern california. the mayhem starting here at the suspect's apartment complex where he allegedly stabbed two men. and then it ended two hours
4:12 am
later at a 7/11 where he allegedly killed a security guard before surrendering to police. >> it's pure evil when this happens. and we don't see this happen every day. this is one of those things you see one time in a career. jillian: the motive remains unclear. arson in paradise. police searching for a person of interest linked to three hotel fires in hawaii. they say they were intentionally set at three high rise hotels in honolulu over a four day period. no one was hurt. but two of the rooms were burglarized. one of the fires caused nearly $2 million in damage. surveillance video shows the same man at the scene of all three fires. moments ago a rocket blasting into space with very important cargo. >> 3, 2, we have ignition and we have liftoff of the united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket. jillian: that rocket taking off from cape canaveral,
4:13 am
florida. it's bringing a satellite for the u.s. air force into space. the technology will help secure and assist military communications around the globe. you snooze you lose, right? some cruise ship passengers learning that a hard way as the crew member waves bon bulge. docked in saint martin those people missed the boarding time and the ship took off without them. do you believe that? pete: are we sure that was directed at that couple? is that something they just do all the time? >> i don't know. it's been a long time since i have been on a cruise. jillian: i haven't been on a cruise. ainsley: cruise ship story all the time. pete: would be really bad you sign up for a cruise and miss it. brian: stuck on a beautiful island. stay in the gift shop. 13 minutes now after the hour.
4:14 am
ainsley: democrat joaquin castro facing backlash for outing dozens of trump donors. >> i don't want anybody harassed or targeted. >> they will be because put their names in public. >> that was not my intention. >> but that's what will happen. pete: that was not his intention. one of those donors here to react live next. brian: yes, it was. [farmers bell] ♪ (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ at vand look great. guarantee you'll see great "guarantee". we uh... we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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for wifi with super powers, get xfinity xfi. and go see, fast & furious presents, hobbs & shaw. now playing. ♪ >> i don't want anybody harassed or targeted. >> they will be because you put their names in public. >> look, that was not my intention. >> but that's what will happen. >> these things are public. no, what i would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country. ainsley: democrat congressman joaquin castro defending the decision to treat tweet out names of trump donors in his district. pete: one listside mark hararnceo of aerospace. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you.
4:19 am
pete: your name is on this list you found out about it from your children who saw ton twitter. was the intended impact had on you? >> a little naive, i just was angered by the fact that anybody would -- i mean being outed as a contributor wasn't the problem but tying me to that horrific tragedy in el paso was gulling. it just made me sick to my stomach. so i was -- i was called by a reporter, i did agree to chat in regard to what had happened. ainsley: joaquin castro told willie geist it was not his intention to harass or target individuals. do you buy that. >> not at all. i saw the interview with willie geist and he started backpedaling a little bit. he knows exactly what he is doing. once again -- i mean, as
4:20 am
america is a free country my dad fought in italy for as a combat soldier in world war ii. and he was a big advocate of the first amendment. he always said that voluntary was his guide that he didn't what you said depend right to say it. i'm not free to support or think what i think is and to be bullied with slurs of racism. i think a lot of people of my generation that support the president are tired of it. pete: why, mark, does someone like joaquin castro and other democrats by outinouting your name can get to you not support a certain candidate. >> i think it's been going on for a long time. they spit in little trump's face and harass people at the restaurants and they think that is a tactic that will work. i have ---i don't really understand it.
4:21 am
i think it's demagoguery. ainsley: mark, what's happened since then? have you gotten phone calls or people called out and not doing business with you anymore? what's the fallout. >> there is a certain amount of skittishness. but mostly the millennial yum crowd. i work with a bunch of 20 and 30-year-olds. they will wanted to you lock the front door and i thought that was kind of ridiculous. we received some emails, i guess that were unkind. but quite frankly i think i haven't received -- all i have received is a lot of kind comments by people that know me throughout my life. i have been contacted by kids i haven't talked to for 30 years. pete: a lot of it is just surviving the social media heat of people you don't even know impugning your motives. let me ask you this, they say you are supporting a campaign of hate and racism, which is ridiculous. why do you support or have you supported president trump?
4:22 am
>> i was raised in iowa iowa went 10% for trump and three issues. i had kids in my neighborhood that went to vietnam and i'm 1,000% against overseas wars i want to bring all the kids back. trade wars. we used to have manufacturing all over town. it's all gone. the last is illegal immigration. my grandmother was a mail order bride from ireland. i treasure the people around the world. i am in an international business and i visit all parts of the world. and i have nothing against immigration. i think the world of the people who come here to -- the people down -- the cubans built a wonderful city in miami. i just think that you should come to america legally. i just don't three things that trump stood for resonated throughout the rust belt where i'm
4:23 am
originally from. ainsley: mark, it's unbelievable, the president of the united states, you might not agree with him, agree with him. you can give money to whoever you want. there are 22 democratic candidates. people are giving money to different ones and they have different messages. that's okay. we live in america. where do we go from here, mark? >> i pray that some of the joaquin castro is treated like he should be treated. he wasn't just publishing a list of donors. he was hoping that they would be discombobulated or harassed. i just think we all have a right. we have in america a right to free speech. and i and a lot of people that support president trump are going to be called. we are not going to be called racist and the other slurs without fighting back. i think it was just a matter of time. i think if it hadn't been trump, it would have been somebody else. the working class of america
4:24 am
was not going to sit still forever. and i think they have their man. pete: mark handrahan thank you for your courage for standing up to the mob which people have to do these days. thank you. appreciate it. ainsley: thank you mark. >> thank you very much. god bless. pete: largest raid in a decade. some democrats are still calling to break up the agency. ainsley: democratic senator chris coons agree? we will ask him next. pete: plus anthem kneeler colin kaepernick is back. he has a message for the world. oh, boy, i can't wait. that's coming up ♪ i want to rock ♪
4:25 am
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4:28 am
♪ ♪ one thing i could tell you ♪ is you have got to be free ♪ come together ♪ right now ♪ over me. ainsley: it is time now for your news by the numbers. first the 50th anniversary today marks half a century since the beatles took their iconic abby road photo recover for the album that all four members participated. in 500, that's how many stores that pizza hut is planning to slice the company telling food business dining restaurants low sales on the chopping block. pizza hut shifting focus to delivery and carryout. sorry, pete. and 1,000 bucks. that is how much you can make -- you will like this story, pete, as a bacon taste tester. the farmer boy's restaurant
4:29 am
chain wants to hire someone to be their bacon intern pete says he will do it. but you have a job here, pete. we need you here. brian over to you. brian: thanks, ainsley. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. time to bring in democratic senator our of delaware. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. brian: shootings and business by the business in both those cities el paso and dayton yesterday. by all accounts inside it went well. how do you feel overall the visit went? >> i think it's important that our president, when we have a tragedies, national tragedies make a visit be with those who are suffering. be with those who are trying to make sense of these tragedies. i think it's also important for all of us, who are elected to serve our nation, to find ways to come together and to address the problem. it's a great to provide comfort and prayers but it's more important that we take
4:30 am
bipartisan action. brian: are you disappointed at the presidential candidates attacking the president personally in probably the most severe way possible, white supremacists, white nationalists and, of course, racists? >> look, i was pleased to hear president trump directly denounce white supremacists and say that hate doesn't belong in our country. but i also think he needs to address his rhetoric. and i think that we are in for a rough presidential season if there is more and more divisive rhetoric on both sides. i was puzzled by the ways in which the president attacked some of the folks, the mayor of dayton, senator sherrod brown after their visit. there seems to be a disagreement about who said what about whom and when in those visits. the larger point frankly here is we need to find ways to legislate together. the president's leadership on taking real steps on background checks will be
4:31 am
critical. beet the governor of ohio mike dewine, the congressman from dayton mike turner and the republican senator from ohio rob portman have now stepped forward and called for more decisive action. there is regulation we can take up and pass. brian: let's talk about that specifically. turns out the president picked up the phone 6:30 in the morning and called joe manchin. >> yes. brian: what are you putting together with pat toomey on background checks? can i get behind it essentially? he evident i wil wanted all the details on it. what would beings paned background checks look like and would you get behind that. >> absolutely. pat toomey picked up the phone and called me. i was encouraged because senator toomey and i have a bill the innovation act that chairman gram of the judiciary committee which i also spoke also said can and should pass. all my bill with pat toomey would do is make sure state and local law enforcement is
4:32 am
promptly noferred. if someone who is a convicted felon, someone who is predicted by law from buying a gun goes in to a gun store and lies and tries to buy a gun. in my state and more than 30 other states, currently that information goes nowhere in pennsylvania state police are the intermediary with the system. they know about it in some cases they act promptly. broader background checks, such as the manchin-toomey bill would close some of the loopholes that currently exist. the gun shell loophole, for example. this is broadly supported by americans who are democrats, independents, republicans by a majority of gun owners. because it simply means there would be one more layer of protection to ensure that those americans who are exercising their second amendment right are doing so responsibly and that we are taking action to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them. brian: absolutely. would you actually add this if a 11th grader has a kill list and a rape list and writes it on the bathroom
4:33 am
wall, his or her, but it's usually his record should not be expunged at 18. i mean, is there a way to do privacy and not be too strict and give people an idea of a fresh start but, still, protect us because at 24, this guy is killing. at 17 he is talking about killing. what would you do on that? >> that's a great question. back in march, we had a constructive hearing on the senate judiciary committee about these emergency risk protective orders or so-called red flag laws. we have one in delaware. i think we can and should have one federally that allows family members, that allows law enforcement with due process to take notice of the fact that an individual is doing things like you just referenced, making kill lists and threatening to kill people and speaking to their teachers and classmates and parents in a way that's genuinely disturbing. the parkland shooter was someone who engaged in that
4:34 am
kind of a pattern. his own family, if i remember correctly, had called the police and said he is going to do something terrible. we need help. we have to make it easier for families for healthcare professionals and teachers due process emergency situations to take action. i think brian we need to do you will of a these, background checks, red flag law. this will take leadership in a way president trump can bring us together is to show leadership on this issue. brian: as long as we do what you do, not do personal attacks, study what happened. try to stop what happened any way possible. things can get done. when it gets personal, everybody goes into gridlock mode and goes into their corners. senator, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. great to be on. brian: 26 minutes before the top of the hour. the nation still healing from shootings in el paso as well as dayton. how do would get here? tim kennedy up next.
4:35 am
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4:39 am
man's achievements, what we are seeing is the most vile form of that rage being realized. masculinity is about being a protector, masculinity is about integrity. ainsley: tim kennedy joins us now from austin. good morning, tim. >> top of the morning. ainsley: top of the morning to you. ufc fighter and special forces sniper. and you have said america doesn't have a gun problem we have a young angry male problem. elaborate on that, please. >> yeah. the fact that someone is saying there is a toxic masculinity problem when there is not enough masculinity. we are built, we are hard wired to do incredible things protect is one of them. when you take a boy in school and say you can't act this way and can't be energetic this way you can't explore and do dangerous things. you are messing with the hard wire in their brain. everyone is made different but men have to be men.
4:40 am
boys grow up to be men. when you give them adhd medications and tell them they can't go climb a tree and can't be busy in a classroom, those are the results. you have to let boys be boys. ainsley: some patience might hear that and those kids might need those medications. >> [inaudible] medications. i do. according to every single teacher or doctor at the time this kid has an adhd problem get this did. parents are going to be we are going to put him in sports and martial arts give him activity that become constructive and very healthy way to use and channel that energy. now special forces sniper, ranger, green beret, ufc fighter, actor. i don't know what i'm going to do. i still have that great energy. that's a great thing that got us to the moon and defeated the communists and stopped the fascists and the real nazis in normandy. those weren't little boys and girls that were storming
4:41 am
the beaches. those were men. men that met a call and had they not had that characteristic hard wired in them we would be speaking german and real supremacists here. pete: in the military fighting for something greater than yourself. alongside raising real men how do we purchase understanding of oneself into young men. >> masculinity is not this like bravado tough guy chest pounding thing, right? it's not a punch of apes walking down the street going raw ra rah rah rah rah. that purpose is to serve something. sometimes it's to protect. sometimes it's to provide. sometimes it's to be an explorer, to be a creator. and all of those elements right now are being demonized by our culture. like no, no. it's not okay for you to a protector. not okay to hold a chair or open a door. it's not okay to imagine yourself going to the mars. those are exactly the things
4:42 am
that we should be doing. that is exactly what we should be telling our young men who aspire. to say when we have the lowest participation in high school sports right now, special operations across the board, navy seals, green berets, when you are struggling to find recruits because this new generation is just being hammered about what they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be a is beautiful realization of growing into a man. brian: there is a difference between men and women we should admit that. >> a beautiful difference a beautiful difference. brian: one thing i would like to bring you too reporting on and become almost routine and sad. labeling a president or people racist, white supremacist nationalists. where do r. we going with these terms? >> ignorance. that's what it is. somebody that is unable to form an argument and put into words how they disagree with somebody. easiest thing is to name-call. in my house hold name-calling was the lowest form of communication.
4:43 am
that means you cannot form an argument. you cannot articulate what you want to say. instead i will start name-calling. it's idiotic. what it is is fear. it's fear that this man is making changes. you know, trump might not be perfect but what he does do is care and he is trying to make positive changes in this country ohio he see how hes them. people who disagree says he is a bigot. i love the era where if you call the president a racist or coward you would be at the end of a dual. i would not say pulling out swords and guns each other at the white house there should be cobs sequences for your words. if you are a congressman in san antonio and start publishing donor's names. that's a problem. when you start calling a president a coward and a racist and a white supremacist and can't come to el paso, no, that's not okay. there should be consequence for your words. brian: there is consequence. then they fund raise off after they say it. quickly send off email trying to raise money. the president has major decisions to make.
4:44 am
is he pulling us out of syria while rushing to peace talks in afghanistan while the taliban flowage blow up the elections in september. in syria right now the kurds are about to be ambushed it looks like like the turks. and assad is going after christians. in the area and we find out isis is back with 18,000 fighters in that region. for a guy who fights these wars. what's your reaction? >> send me. that's scriptural. that's what we are supposed to do. men have to be able to answer that call. men and brave women serving across the globe are fearless and go and face this enemy. we do not want that enemy here. this enemy is real. you know. from 2010 to 2018, it was ideology is not a problem. this extreme -- these extremist fanatics that train to conduct 9/11, they
4:45 am
trained. that's what it has been overseas was trying to stunts them coming here to do these attacks if we allow that evil to grow. it will grow. it will do just that we have to stop it. i will tell you first hand i will go over there on a plane if we get to do real work. i don't want to go overseas and sit around and guard land but i will fight evil anywhere that it exists. pete: it's growing. brian: sadly. tim kennedy thank you very much. pete: appreciate it. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: a story out of tennessee right now. let's begin with this fox news alert. as an urgent manhunt is underway for extremely dangerous inmate after a prison official was murdered. watson is a person of interest in the death of administrator debra johnson. her body was found in her home at the tennessee prison about 45 miles northeast of memphis. watson escaped on a tractor, which was found about a mile
4:46 am
from the facility. he was serving a 15 year sentence. a new movie about killing deplorables sparking outrage. some calling it evil and commented. lunting human beings for sport. >> they are not human beings. [laughter] >> the hunt is about liberal elites who stalk and kildee plocials for sport. universal studios reportedly pulling ads for the horror flick mass shootings. the movie is expected to come out next month. colin kaepernick wants the world to know he is still ready to get back onto the field. >> 5:00 a.m., five days a week for three years still ready. ainsley: kaepernick posting this workout video he has been denied work nfl 889
4:47 am
days. he hasn't played since 2016 sparking widespread national protest. brian: with his lawsuit over i wouldn't be surprised someone gives him a shot. 31 years old. we will see. pete: his problem wasn't being in shape. it was hitting a guy open receiver on 15-yard out. that was his problem. brian: struggled with the short passes. ainsley: i thought teams don't like controversy and the focus on one player. brian: that's the negative side. the positive side is he did bring a team to a super bowl one play away from winning that game. we will see. it would bring a lot. janice dean is outside. she does not want to talk about sports. janice: hi, i just want you to see my friends that came to see us on fox square today. will you guys come to the summer concert series tomorrow? [cheers] janice: thompson square is going to be here. that is fantastic. we are setting it up. take a look at the maps and see what kind of weather we are going to be dealing with a beautiful mostly sunny day. gorgeous 69 in new york city. 71 in chicago. we do have the potential for
4:48 am
showers and thunderstorms especially across the interior northeast, parts of the plain states as well. we could see some large hail, damaging winds. we certainly had some thunder boomers here last night across new jersey. there is the forecast. a lot of hot, humid hears temperatures across the south. where are y'all from? >> maryland. >> maryland. >> do you want to say hi to somebody. >> absolutely i promised my mom and dad i would swing by and say hello they are watching right now back home in pittsburgh. janice: hi mom and dad in pittsburgh. >> thank you. janice: all right, everybody. say hi to pete. ainsley and brian. >> go army. pete: heard it. brian: special thanks in pittsburgh for giving the jets -- ainsley: hello. do you have coffee before did you go to sleep? are you mindlessly scrolling through your phone? could those bad habits actually be good for you? pete: let's hope so. dr. nicole saphier and her husband dr. paul sapphire join us live to separate
4:49 am
fact from fiction. brian: all right. ♪ ♪ with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask... what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels.
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pete: a couple questions for you as you wake up. did you have coffee before bed? are you mindlessly scrolling through your phone. listen up. brian: some of your bad habits can actually be good for you. ainsley: joining us now for fact or fiction bad habits edition husband and wife team dr. nicole saphier and dr. paul sapphire. brian: first time have you ever appeared together is that true. >> first time in a few years. ainsley: good. good. ains. >> question number one get your cards ready caffeine is worse than alcohol for getting good sleep, fact or fiction? brian: that is fact. pete: fact. will. >> actually wait. coffee is not bad for you. fiction. so caffeine is not bad for you, worse for you than alcohol. in fact, having coffee a couple hours may make a little bit jity but you will sleep. alcohol a couple hours before. you will not sleep as well.
4:54 am
shaves almost an hour hour of your sleep. personal study having little kids come no your bedroom -- ainsley: alcohol and kids in your bed. >> like the worst combination ever. can lower the risk of dementia. pete: fact. >> all right. guys. fact. it's definitely a fact. >> stimulating. >> here's what it is. recent studies are showing that adults 50 to 60 years old who are active on social media have decreased chance of getting dementia and also
4:55 am
for adults that have dementia it actually helps them function better. the key to this is not digital or social media. it's reaction. my husband knows more about the brain than i do. >> we are social animals and need to react with each other. active and passive recreation. watching television or listening to music. active is playing an instrument or interacting playing those little mind games, those teaser games on the internet. brian: all right. next. ains. >> this is going to be pete's favorite. vapeing is safer than smoking on traditional cigarettes. fact or fiction? pete: 100 percent. >> it is a fact. however, massive caveat. we all know that tobacco cigarettes have thousands of toxins in them directly related to lung damage, cancers. vapeing chose to have fewer
4:56 am
carcinogens. there are still toxins in vaping. vapeing by no stretch of the imagination is no healthier for you. healthy alternative sure i do want you to do it. no. we are seeing increasing cases of severe lung damage in people who are vaping. we got all this knowledge from cigarette smoking decades after supreme started smoking. we will see in decades the true fears when it comes to vaping. >> healthy is healthy. >> well, pete. >> ainsley: thank you. >> thank you for having us. brian: we have stuart varney hope he remembers to wake up. dana loesch will be there. that's a fact, too ainsley. both live next hour. we have other people. i don't want to give up their names. ainsley: that's fiction. we don't have anyone else. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ melissa: all right. home sweet home. brian: justin more playing. on the friday concert. ainsley: it was this summer. brian: can't wait for tomorrow's big show. are you going to questions me or not is the song they promised. it is not a question. ainsley: looking at pete when you said that. brian: i never felt so awkward. meanwhile, they're going to sing that song. pete: we got them.
5:01 am
brian: new details revealed about the el paso shooter. pete: after president trump's visit to texas and ohio. ainsley: jeff paul live from el paso what we're learning about the suspect. why his mom called police several weeks ago. reporter: according to the attorney representing the family of the suspected shooter. the mom called the police department a few weeks before the shooting at walmart behind me where the attack happened. according to the attorney representing the family. that the mom called the allen police department, get a more information about the ak type rifle that her son owned. they also say that during the call that there wasn't any sort of concern that she expressed to the police department. she just wanted to get a little bit more information about that gun. they also say she didn't identify herself or her son on the call a spokesperson of the police department says they have no record of that call. president trump was in town
5:02 am
facing protests as he met with first-responders and victims of the terrorist attack. he visited those impacted by the dayton, ohio shooting. the president met with two families of the victims. he didn't meet with any patients being treated at hospital. president trump says he is behind el paso 100%. he praised the city for its strength and response. >> we met with numerous people. we met with also the doctors and nurses, the medical staff. they have done an incredible job. both places just incredible. and the enthusiasm, the love, respect and let's see if we can get something done. reporter: trump's visit sparked some protests and demonstrations throughout the day and night. some he will pass yoians feel the president past rhetoric is racist and divisive that helped
5:03 am
fuel the attack. they like other el paso natives like 2020 candidate beto o'rourke should have visited and it was too soon. >> for the community at large, to have been so regularly attacked and vilified and demonized by this president, for him to have created the conditions that made an attack like this possible and ultimately likely, it is very insulting to us that he was here. reporter: now as the memorial behind us here near the walmart continues to grow today, it will be the first of what will be 22 funerals. the mayor in el paso is just trying to get through the funerals, hoping it can be the first crucial step towards healing. back to you. brian: unbelievable. beto o'rourke feels like he can speak for everybody. it is very insulting for us for him to come here? he speaks for himself. he is not even a congressman from el paso.
5:04 am
pete: he is running for president. which means he will say whatever to get attention. he is saying to the camera, president trump is reason this happened. he is a white supremacist. that is why the gunman did it. that is the level of our rhetoric. ainsley: law enforcement were taking pictures. he was posting video. here is one of the pictures posted on the white house's page. you had senator sherrod brown, nan whaley the mayor of dayton, as soon as he left, he went to el paso. they had a press conference t misrepresented everything that took place. it was fraud and about what happened. he talked about this is bipartisan effort. that democrats want change and republicans want change. brian: here is a statement from the president of the hospital. it was an authentic visit. the president was attentive. president extremely accommodating. it was warm and wonderful. so that is according to the president of the hospital. pete: if you're a democrat, you can't admit say anything good
5:05 am
about the president these days. so he is kind to them. they're kind to each other. they have a good moment outside the hospital. they have to come to the cameras to disavow it, to remain popular inside the modern hate trump democratic party. brian: one thing we agree on we want to stop the mass shootings, whether in schools or work places, wherever it has to stop. everyone on the seam page. lawmakers in positions in many cases to get something done. that is where at right now. the president has been looking at the red flag laws, expanding background checks. that has senator chris coons intrigued to his credit stayed away from any personal attacks during the entire interview which is rare these days. listen. >> it's great to provide comfort and prayers but more important we take bipartisan action. we need to find ways to legislate together. the president's leadership taking real steps on background steps will be critical this is broadly supported by americans who are democrats, independents,
5:06 am
republicans, by a majority of gun owners. it simply means there is one more layer of protection to insure americans exercising their second amendment right are doing so responsibly. that we are taking action to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them. pete: it was a grate interview, brian. in moments like this inevitably conversations are had about guns. we're having conversations about white supremacy, they are obsessed hating the president. i think the whole thing misses picture, oprah and interestingly often does, has another take. ainsley: we're asking ourselves how did this happen, how is this happening more and more. why is it happening this is what oprah said on extra. >> i think what people are missing is a moral core center. churches used to do that. a place you can come to, core center of value, way of living, being in the world. until we return to that, however
5:07 am
that is, and whatever form, we will continue to be lost. that is why i actually believe story telling is a form of a new religion. because it's a place where people can gather and be inspired, see themselves and get filled. ainsley: gosh, her show was so good. she always has a way saying exactly what people are thinking, don't have the exact words. she is absolutely right. we're missing that core center that moral compass. in my house we found that in church. other people find it just doing the right thing. but, you know when our parents were growing up they didn't deal with this. pete: everyone jumps to gun. we have purposeless young man problem. parenting by device, no purpose, online identities, media amplification of these things, violent games, whatever you want to say, drifting young men
5:08 am
gripping for fame and purpose, with no moral center, or otherwise they find their way to get their hands on something legally or illegally, me as legal gun owner should have the right to have, the gun control conversation immediately goes in the wrong direction, we never have a deeper conversation. i love what oprah is talking about. people without purpose can be very dangerous. brian: meantime you worry the next fair, the next bar you go into, the next time you drop off your kids, if they're going to be under fire. the thing that i think really give us progress, if we examine each and everyone of the shootings, all panels and community get together, can we get one, get politics out of it, get experts into it, find commonalities straight through. in terms of the background checks thing, president said called me monday, tuesday, pat toomey. the red flag rule senator graham put forward with president's a.
5:09 am
enemy senator blumenthal. it is advancing provide grants for red flags, to get the next flag 24-year-old who gives the video after mass shooting to a girlfriend. that girlfriend will be compelled to go forward, i'm a little worried about this guy, to maybe stop the next shooting. that is one thing we would like to do, get the lunatic stopped before he attacks. pete: the challenge with red flags laws due process. i don't want my rights stripped away from me because someone said something. how could you do you safe guard that? brian: go into it with that mind set. ainsley: do you think there needs a bipartisan compromise when it comes to assault rifles? pete: i don't. as legal gun owner, i have a right to characterize, most lawmakers don't use those. ainsley: what do you use those for? pete: personal protection. i'm not a hunter, i believe i should have the right to have a rifle to defend myself. brian: nine minutes after the
5:10 am
hour. another element of this sorry, is a bunch of democratic candidates dying for some attention. joaquin castro is a congressman also head of his twin brother's campaign which is going nowhere. he has got 1%. so far has not qualified, i don't believe for the final, last debate. he has decided, joaquin, frustrated to publish san antonio's biggest donors to donald trump's campaign. pete: did that on twitter, a big backlash including a response from president trump yesterday. he tweeted this, i don't know who joaquin castro is lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate, less than 1%, who make as fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. joaquin is not the man that his brother is, but his brother, according to most is not much. keep fighting back, joaquin. ainsley: julian castro responded back. joaquin and i will keep
5:11 am
fighting. we'll fight against your corruption and ego, we'll win. brian: one of your tactics vilifying 63 million people voting for him, maybe more that will? other people looking at major party, republican party and support they should be vilified by the other side? don't you see the danger in doing something like this? the democrats have gone boycott crazy. now viliification crazy. i will not soulcycle, because steven ross has fund-raiser for president of the united states, who knew him for 40 years. knows i imagine he is not sexist, racist, white supremacist. ainsley: we'll get to that in a minute. a guy in san antonio on the list. we interviewed him earlier. here is what he had to say. >> being outed as a contributor wasn't the problem but tying me to that horrific tragedy and el paso was galling. just made me sick to my stomach. america is a free country. i'm not free to support or think what i think is, and to be
5:12 am
bullied with slurs of racism are just, i think a lot of people of my generation that support the president are tired of it. pete: very quickly, clearly, laid out why he supported the president in the first place. he didn't want endless wars. he thought our trade deals were terrible. he believes in legal, not immigration -- illegal immigration. brian: how dare he. pete: joaquin castro targeted individuals in his backyard for political purposes. ainsley: this guy is not buying it. brian: he exposed one of his open donors on the list. good job. ainsley: jillian with more headlines. jillian: we follow a story out of california. start with this fox news alert. four people are dead, two others hurt, after a man armed with machete-like knives goes on a stabbing rampage in southern california. the mayhem starting at the
5:13 am
suspect's apartment complex where he allegedly stabbed two men. it ended two hours later at a 7-eleven where he allegedly killed a security guard before surrending to police. >> it is pure evil when it happens t doesn't happen every day. this is something you see one time in a career. jillian: the motive remains unclear. president trump is considering commuting rod blagojevich's sentence. he says the former illinois governor has been unbelievably unfairly. blagojevich has served seven of his 14 year sentence on federal corruption charges. holm alone is getting a reboot, but the iconic character isn't a fan. >> ah! jillian: look at your screen right now, mccawley culkin posting this hilarious photo of himself saying quote, what updated home alone would
5:14 am
actually look like. picture on social media, reminding many of this iconic scene. lauren on twitter said, kevin became a filthy animal. referencing one of kevin's favorite insults. it is funny. so. brian: thanks jillian. sean hannity grilling bill de blasio about his plan to tax the rich. >> you want to tax the hell out of people. >> i do. >> what should the federal tax rate be? >> for individuals 70%. over $2 million. >> 70%? >> 70%. ainsley: stuart varney says the man's plan would chill the economy. come on in. ♪ so any plans for this weekend?
5:15 am
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5:19 am
>> that means everything. you take 70 cents out of every dollar? ainsley: democratic hopeful bill de blasio rolling out his plan to raise taxes on the wealthy, aiming to bring their total top tax rate as high as 70%. pete: he is still hoping. our next guest blasting this move as legalized theft. brian: stuart varney, "varney & company," fox business network. for a first time in long time he gave a preinterview so we know what you're talking about. >> where does that come from? brian: i'm not sure. >> shall i go on with this? it is flat-out immoral for any government to take more than half of your income, i don't care what you make. brian: he said they used to do it during the eisenhower years? >> yes. there were all kinds of deductions being back then that allowed you to lower the taxable income before the nasty 70% threshold. today all the deductions are fon. if you make that kind of money, bill de blasio gets his way, you will lose. ainsley: why he is in the 1%? >> ask yourself this, why would
5:20 am
you move, if you're a high-paid executive, get a job in new york city, why on earth would you move here? you're going to pay 70% tax rate or something pretty close to it, state taxes, city taxes, pretty soon, you are going to lose 80, 85 cents on every dollar you make. you're not going to move here. if you are here, with that kind of money, you're moving out as people are already. brian: pete: stuart if bill de blasio could wave a magic wand, 70% top individual rate, 40% corporate tax rate, and 15-dollar minimum wage if not higher what does that world look like? >> that looks like depression. any concept of economic growth goes out the window. this concept of prosperity we have now because of a strong economy, that bows out the window. the stock market, i'm not going to say crashes but comes way down. that means the 401(k) ain't worth what it is now. it will be disasterous. tell me this, if the government takes much of your money, do they use that money better than you do?
5:21 am
i don't think so. you let me keep more of my money, i will do more good with it for this economy and other people than the government will. brian: president, excuse me the mayor and sean hannity talked about health care and he said, we have to be able to give illegal immigrants free health care because they're using our emergency rooms anyway. what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction what about native-born americans don't get free health care as matter of right? what about us. brian: what a magnet for other countries giving people free health care in the number one city on planet. >> that is open borders, come on in, especially with a health condition, we'll fix you up just fine. it is invitation for mass my phrase. ridiculous. pete: absolutely. your reaction, you talk about it on your program politics all the time, the rhetoric of white supremacy, what, have we hit the bottom of what the left is willing to say? >> sounds like it, doesn't it? i really don't like to have
5:22 am
"the new york times" or "the washington post" or anybody in the media labeling my president as a racist, big got, white supremacist, but we've come to that. that is subjective opinion. that is your opinion about the man. but you're stating it as a fact. brian: no pushback. >> journalistically so unprofessional, so wrong, i'm not sure the profession of journalism will recover after this nonsense. brian: i think it is interesting. there was one positive story about donald trump, but 92% negative. page a-11, trump's approval rating rising, will it matter. >> saw that. brian: approval rating never helps the president win an election if it goes up. >> that article, or one like it, his approval rating in real-time polls is actually going up. brian: right. >> it is higher now than 2016. brian: he won that election. >> i believe he did. brian: thanks to the russians. >> stop it. thank you. pete: stu varney mentioned a
5:23 am
number of democrats slammed president trump as he pays tribute to the el paso shooting victims. >> you've been very clear you believe the president is racist. is the president a white supremacist? >> he is. ainsley: my gosh. dr. alveda king, says shame on beto. she hereth live next. and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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♪ ainsley: here is some quick headlines for you. the white house could soon make a major step to address allegations of anti-conservative bias on social media. president trump reportedly considering executive action. unclear what this entails. major companies like facebook, twitter, google, deny having political bias. fema now planning for the possibility of the entire internet shutting down. the agency testing a nationwide
5:27 am
emergency alert system to send widespread warnings in the event of a massive internet outage. similar to the new presidential alert system. only announcements would be sent through tv and radio, instead of smarr phones. brian: or send an email. which would be useless. democratic hopeful beto o'rourke slamming president trump as both men were in el paso paying tribute to shooting victims. >> you've been very clear that you believe the president is a racist. is the president a white supremacist? >> he is. he also made that very clear. he dehumanized or sought to dehumanize those who do not look like or pray like the majority here in country. pete: our next guest the niece of martin luther king, jr., says shame on him for race baiting as the president pays his respects. fox news contributor dr. alveda king. doctor, thank you for being here. >> hi, everybody. pete: good morning. i want you to respond to the rhetoric you're hering these
5:28 am
days. >> i'm hearing this rhetoric and calling our president a racist. president trump is not a racist. i've had the experience going head-to-head with genuine racist in the 20th century. i was a youth organizer, at the time my uncle, reverend martin luther king was killed, my dad, a.d. king was killed next year. a racist believes their race, their category of humanity is superior or different. beto, biden, all of them are saying, why doesn't he renounce or denounce white supremacy which he has done several times. they're not even being honest saying he hasn't. one thing getting to me, i would like you to get into this, the race-baiters who want to stir up fear and hate, want us to be think different if we're one blood, human race, president trump says we're all the same, very clear on that. he has done so much for all americans, african-americans, they like the name
5:29 am
george wallace. governor wallace was a racist. at the end of his life he recanted, repented. he had great remorse. he changed his mind earns had a change of heart, began to receive all humans as brothers and sisters. they want to use george wallace i was there when governor wallace was doing all of that by the way. i was in a home that was bombed. so my uncle was shot. my daddy was choked and killed. my grandmother was shot. i was in a home that we were bombed, i went through all of that, but president trump is not a racist. he is not a white sue sprem sift. i like anyone to call him that, have they ever met one? brian: it is interesting people have no problem saying it. you have bernie sanders. you have elizabeth warren. and beto o'rourke, every other sentence saying it. what does it do for the actual term when it flows off people's tongue like that. >> there is a wonderful little boy in texas at that massacre
5:30 am
where 22 people were killed, the death count, he got up there, it went viral. i think you guys, some of you had him on as a matter of fact, he says, let's do 22 good deeds, 22 acts of kindness for each one of them. so what president trump and first lady melania did was go down, offer condolences, kindness, look for solutions. we have to overcome evil with good. when we hear that, don't laugh at it, don't agree. when people are calling each other racist, all of that, we are one blood, one human race, different ethnicities. we're not color-blind. we can see, that is the purpose of appreciating each other. and we have to do that. ainsley: maya angelou said we're more alike than we are different. oprah weighed in on extra, she says we need to return to the core moral center, return to our values. our churches used to teach this. what is your reaction to this? >> core moral values. everyone who is calling
5:31 am
president trump a racist and white supremacist, most of them support killing in a very brutal way called abortion, the youngest, the weakest, the most beautiful of us, our children in the womb. so how immoral is that? they're using that word moral, but they're doing some of the most immoral deeds that america and humankind can ever see. morality means kindness. it means compassion. it means to console when people are grieving. we have to keep doing that. to encourage, to up lift us, president trump is actually doing that with his actions. better economy, hbcus get a good shot in the arm. criminal justice reform. his pro-life work. so really, just, don't buy into this racist banter, this race baiting. it is not really the thing to do. brian: dr. alveda king, thank you very much. thank you for your perspective. pete: thank you. brian: meanwhile in our final
5:32 am
half hour, still ahead, gyms, equinox, soulcycle facing calls for a boycott because the chairman is hosting a trump fund-raiser. ainsley: dana loesch es fired up about it. she will join us live next. ♪ there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy.
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♪ >> i'm a proud female firearm owner. do you believe a woman has the right to choose whether or not to defend her own body, and in the manner she chooses? >> i do believe in a woman's right to choose. when you get into area by any means she chooses. i don't know what you mean by that. there are laws, only certain circumstances can resort to deadly force. >> i want to see less guns on less people, period. >> those lives seem not to matter to folks in the nra and other. >> we can't continue to be this stupid. it just defies common sense. brian: did i say less people? ainsley: less guns for less people. that is what she said. let's bring in dana loesch, nationally syndicated raid show show host. hi, dana. >> good morning, everyone. ainsley: what was the response
5:37 am
to the town hall? >> well, i'm, hmmm, one of those, one of those times where i guess, i don't know, i should learn my lesson for being hopeful about stuff, but at least they had a better format, wasn't set up like wwe, no one was cued into walk into a black eyed peas song. that is what happened first time they had the town hall. the audience was thoughtful and restrained. however, i, i still was about, well, let's ban guns and ban some more guns. apparently now people as well. i appreciate the viewpoints of everyone arrives at this decision from different route. obviously i came to my decision on this because of a personal traumatic experience when i was a kid. there are a lot of other individuals grateful for our right to defend ourselves. i don't think that this is still the best way to showcase this, nor do i think chris cuomo was the best host. this is, best moderator for it. this guy said ant teach fa is a good cause, he is moderating a
5:38 am
townhall about firearm ownership he decides to go on this crazy monologue t was bad moderation, i feel as though, i don't know if we solved anything. i don't know if we solved anything. i appreciate emwere being very careful. they were very recognizant of everyone's different opinions on it, however, one of the things never discussed is defensive gun usage. how often will we have the conversation in the country, yet we ignore the fact, defensive gun uses vastly, vastly, outweigh criminal usage. will we discuss the fact in these instances red flags laws are being considered, i hope everyone really considers inversion of due process they're threatening they wouldn't have actually helped existing laws implemented could have been followed. these could have been prevented in some of these horrible, horrific cases.
5:39 am
none of that was discussed either. i don't understand how you can have a national conversation on this issue without addressing those two points. pete: day that, you've been a strong supporter of the second amendment, are we having the white conversation? we're talking about white supremacy, we're talking about ounce about. we're barely talking about the young men. brian: shooters. pete: what society is doing to create them. how do we have the right conversation? >> that right there is the absolute best point on this because we aren't. everyone always, i understand, believe me, everyone always wants to figure out what can we do to stop it what can we do to stop it, that is great, what we should look at and we need workable solutions to have impact. terrorism is terrorism, being white person, black person, it is still terrorism. you will always have evil with you. what you also have are existing laws that can be followed and implemented. we can discuss civil commitments. talk about tros, all the missing warning signs.
5:40 am
for instance in parkland that individual could have been arrested before legally purchase ad firearm if they followed the law. that doesn't come up. what is happening with young men in america? what is happening with respect for life in this country? we have the society that celebrates lack of respect for life. we have a society that celebrates attacking masculinity. we have a society celebrates the breakdown of the family. yes i choose that word family, that is what society does. we have not addressing any of the symptoms or any of the root causes. we're only looking at symptoms of the problem. we always had firearms. we have a gun homicide rate period, has been dropping, dropped by 49% since the '90s. more guns in hands than ever crime rate is going down. doesn't make sense. numbers don't add up. brian: quick other thing that is adding up, number of boycotts and protests of people who support president trump. latest is joaquin castro. the other one what is happening
5:41 am
with stephen ross, owner of dolphins, many things, multibillionaire. he owns buildings that have soulcycle as well as equinox health club train. celebrities are coming out, they're looking to boycott him because he is having a fund-raiser, both those establishments, having a fund-raiser for them this weekend in the hamptons. >> i have never seen people decide to boycott being healthy. that is what they're doing targeting soulcycle. god forebit he has privately owned opinion. not like i is doing soulcycle fund-raiser. think purchase a lot of things made by people, owned by people, that support president trump. as it relates to joaquin castro. i hope this happens. make a list of gun owners with red flag laws, you want people to give the ability to ajudicate them unfit without them being in court. look how joaquin castro is
5:42 am
abusing a list of his own donors, some whom are retirees. those are the same people that want to be able to determine whether or not you have firearms, that you even being present in pa court of law. these are terrifying things. ainsley: dana, thank you so much for being with us. have a good one. >> good to see you. brian: jillian you have more stuff to tell us. jillian: good morning a man is under arrest for threatening to blow up the atlanta braves stadium a worker at suntrust park is also accused of saying he would shoot everyone at the sports complex after getting into an argument with his boss. a spokesperson for the braves says he worked for a third party and is no longer employed. he is also facing charges for making tariffs threats. this is update to a story we showed you earlier this morning. royal caribbean crew member going viral for this good-bye as the trip pulls out of port in st. martin. some speculating if he is waving to folks that missed the boat.
5:43 am
royal caribbean was not waving at the guests on the pier. she was waving at our sister ship anthem of seas in the port. common tradition of nautical camaraderie. we neglect the experience they. departure times are routinely announced on board, posted and ship board newsletters and gangways to keep our guests informed at all ports of call. and a villain on the big screen become as hero in real life. actor danny trejo jumping into action to save a baby with special needs trapped inside of this overturned car in los angeles. look at that the actor and another good samaritan working together to get the child out of its car seat. >> i let him kind of hug me and i started talking about superpowers. he got it. superpowers. everything good that ever happened to me has happened as
5:44 am
direct result of helping someone else. jillian: good news, no one was seriously hurt in the car crash. sent it back to you. ainsley: nice guy. brian: great under pressure. janice dean is outside. hey, janice. hi, everybody. how are you? look at this amazing crowd. will you come tot summer concert series tomorrow? yes you are. hi, what is your name. >> cory. janice: where are you from? >> minnesota. janice: do you have a birthday? >> yes i do. janice: can gratlations on your birthday. what is your name? >> noel. janice: i see you want to be a budding weathercaster. very nice. she wanted my microphone. i might give it to you. look at the maps real quick. it is a beautiful day here in new york city. we had big storms last night. even tornado report outside of newark, new jersey. thankfully the storms exited.
5:45 am
we saw hail and damaging winds. much better forecast as we go through the next couple days. we could see a potential of showers and thunderstorms for interior northeast, parts of great lakes and plain states. very warm across texas. my friends, wave to pete, brian ainsley. whoo-hoo. brian: big crowd. very disciplined. pretty much in line. ainsley: okay. cheese kurds, creampuffs and even alligators. carley shimkus is getting the taste of the wisconsin state fair next. brian: let's check in with sandra smith for what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning, everybody. brand new reaction president trump firing back at julian castro in on going dispute of publication of trump donors. what the president is now saying about that. and team mitch, locked out of twitter for a post showing protesters outside of his own home. what we are learning this morning about a new report, the
5:46 am
mother of the el paso gunman went to police weeks before the shooting, with concerns about her son. we've got a big three hours coming up on a thursday morning. come join bill and me, live from "america's newsroom," see you top of the hour. can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed it can... with your sleep number setting. can it help keep me asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's your last chance to save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday.
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♪ so the wisconsin state fair officially in full swing. more than a million people expected at the 168th annual event. brian: you know how we know? carley shimkus is there, counted them. she is with channel 115 on sirius. hey, carley. reporter: we have a cow walking through our shot. ainsley: that is what happens at the state fair. meteorologist henry dicarlo i'm sitting at coliseum. this is about agricultural showcase and food. the wisconsin state far at its 66 new items to the menu. i had a ton of fun sampling all this fair has to offer. watch. ♪ we're in wisconsin, which means we have to eat cheese curds
5:51 am
right? can i have some much your cheese curds? >> cheers. wisconsin favorite. carley: this was named at best food at the entire fair. how are you feeling? >> i'm on cloud nine. [cheering] >> i'm diving right in. >> this is supposed to be messy. carley: oh, my god. it is so good. we have the italian stallion. which is the fan favorite of the entire fair. >> good job. >> took all the delicious goodness in italian beef sandwich into a won ton. carley: that could bring tears to my eyes. what have you got there? >> a turducken. is it good? >> very good. >> all the fruits and vegetables. carley: here is to the corn.
5:52 am
what we're in front of exotic foot stand. >> gator bites. carley: honestly tastes like chicken. is this made of python? >> absolutely. carley: i have to try it. this is pretty good. they have entire building devoted to creampuffs. do you like the creampuffs? >> i love it. carley: how you like the creampuffs? ♪ carley: see if the hype is worth it. so good. i want to give you a hug. hmmm. amazing. you know, it is really funny, when i woke up this morning i was hungry again. so strange how that happens. thanks for feeding me.
5:53 am
this is the ceo of the which is state fair. i was impressed walking around yesterday, how neat, organized everything is and how much stuff there is to do here. what kind of work goes into putting on something of this magnitude? >> we work tirelessly all year long to put on the 11-day wisconsin state fair. it is truly the 11 days that we showcase everything that we should be so proud of in wisconsin. the horticulture, the agriculture, the food, the entertainment. we are on day 8. it has been a great run. we had a wonderful night last night in the coliseum. we're very proud what we do. our beautification you saw is model looked at all around the country. carley: that's right. when i was walking around it is like taking a step back in time. it is such american tradition to go to the fair during the summer. why do you think it is important to keep traditions like this alive? >> this is where families come together. the youth of our great state work tirelessly to get themselves where they are last
5:54 am
night. to show these wonderful animals. all of those dollars go towards scholarships for the future. it is that one time where everyone of all ages can have a full day and everyone will have fun. carley: so well-said. agricultural showcase is really big deal for the wisconsin state fair. this is riley and lauren. they both showed their cattle and won big as you can see with this gorgeous purple-winning sign here. so what did you win? >> i won the grand champion steer. carley: what about you? >> i won the reserve grand champion steer. carley: you guys are such hard workers getting these animals ready for the big show. what kind of works goes into something like that? >> a lot of hours and long days. carley: i bet. you have school on top of that too, right? >> yeah. carley: what time wake up in the morning? >> usually 5:30. carley: do you want a job on a morning show? i think they're ready to go. what is your favorite thing
5:55 am
about the wisconsin state fair? probably winning. >> yeah i enjoy showing a lot. carley: quickly, what do the judges look for in an animal like this? >> he look for like, they want a big back, how well they can move. carley: big back, big belly. this animal here is pregnant. congratulations to you. congratulations to you. we have pregnant cow. creampuffs a whole lot of fun at the wisconsin state fair. send it back to you guys. brian: carley might not come back. great job. ainsley: so fun. bringing back some memories. pete: nothing says august like state fairs and county fairs. i might go to the minnesota state fair. brian: talk about the usmca. we'll be back in just a moment. ♪
5:56 am
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5:59 am
♪ >> she looked at him and said not? >> one of the many. >> they sing that song for the summer concert series. >> if you want to see us live, it is fantastic. sign up now. and you can be in contention to see us live. it is probably the most fun that we have. >> go to our website, and you can sign up there. >> before or after the news? >> it is a very exciting review. >> a lot of them wander am i
6:00 am
going to kiss them or not? >> they all do follow your advice. >> i hope that you were just watching us. have a great thursday. >> goodbye, everyone. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news. president trump firing back at joaquin castro. we track the story. good morning, everybody. it's thursday. i'm bill hemmer, everybody peered watching at home or on your mobile device. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. a big question this morning. is there double standard when it comes to social media bias? his attempt to shame from donors and the controversial tweet, coming at mitch mcconnell. gets locked out of twitter over a video. mcconnell's team responding in a statement to politico. "twitter will allow the words mass


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