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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 8, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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going to kiss them or not? >> they all do follow your advice. >> i hope that you were just watching us. have a great thursday. >> goodbye, everyone. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news. president trump firing back at joaquin castro. we track the story. good morning, everybody. it's thursday. i'm bill hemmer, everybody peered watching at home or on your mobile device. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. a big question this morning. is there double standard when it comes to social media bias? his attempt to shame from donors and the controversial tweet, coming at mitch mcconnell. gets locked out of twitter over a video. mcconnell's team responding in a statement to politico. "twitter will allow the words massacre match to trend nationally, but locks are
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account for launching actual threats against us." >> bill: one of the donors today, how he framed it. a moment ago. >> being on it as a contributor, but tying it to that horrific tragedy in el paso was appalling. and i just think that we all have our right. in america, we have the right to free speech, and i and a lot of people in support of president trump, we are not going to be called racist and of the other slurs without fighting back. >> sandra: reaction there. live in washington with all of this. good morning. >> sandra, good morning. the politician in the national conversation like a tweet from the president. and this might be the most focus on julian castro since his announcement for president. certainly one of the largest platforms his brother has ever
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had, and here is what the president wrote on twitter. i don't know who joaquin castro "i don't know who joaquin castro is other than the lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate (1%) who makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. joaquin is not the man that his brother is, but his brother, according to most, is not much. keep fighting joaquin!" castro wrote this. "we will keep fighting. we will fight every day against your behavior, corruption, and your ego, and we will win." now, this all began with a tweet by joaquin castro, listing 44 donors to president trump's campaign that are in san antonio. that is where congressman castro represents, and that tweet immediately opened him up to you charging that he was essentially adding these people and opening the donors up to possible
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protest, like the protest that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's house. it took an interesting turn when twitter blocked his campaign account for posting a video of the protest. because a video of the protest -- your account has been locked. there is a screenshot from twitter if you're castro denies that he is trying to inspire a similar protest against those from donors. >> i don't want anybody harassed or taunted. we put their names in public. that was not my intention. about these things are public. what i would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy who is peddling hate in this country. >> so whatever castro's motivations were, you can decide that at home. it has now involves the law of unintended consequences here in washington, which is very much alive. it turns out six of the donors on the list of 44th have also given money at one time or another to the castro brothers, sandra, and not surprisingly, a
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couple of them are none too happy and say that they are simply done not with the president but with the castro brothers. >> sandra: leland literate at the white house this morning. >> bill: fox news contributor. we have officially dropped into the land of the absurd. what is happening in america? >> yes, well, in america, i think things are probably more or less going just fine. here in washington and the land of politics, we have arrived in the land of absurd. >> bill: thanks for the clarification. >> it is absolutely -- i have never seen it like this, but what we are seeing right now, the very end game of what democratic politicians here in washington have sort of sought out for a long time, which is you begin by accusing your opponents of all being racist. and then you go after them and try to shut them down because they are racist. and then you go after anybody
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who supports them, and you harass them because you are -- by their twisted logic -- racist because you support a politician who is's supposedly racist. all across america, the idea of enforcing our immigration law and enforcing the border, that is racist. no normal people think that. a democrat politicians here in washington have very effectively ginned up their base into believing that, so that's why you wind up with the scenes like the scene outside of mitch mcconnell's house after he fell and injured himself. they are banging pots and pans so that he can go to sleep. i mean, it is absolutely absurd, but i do think that you know back home in normal america, people are still getting along just fine. >> bill: all right. here is the executive order. "to tackle silicon valley's alleged anti-conservative bias,"
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that kind of goes with the story there. what do we know? >> the biggest danger is that we don't know exactly what it is they are talking about doing, but this idea that somehow does she remember back when we have the so-called fairness doctrine, where broadcasters were -- there was concern about the rise of conservative radio. and the government wanted to require broadcasters to give equal place to both sides. well, the problem there was once liberals were being silenced -- liberal radio is just boring. nobody was listening to it. the situation that we have here in social media is different. this is far more like a public business. it is open to customers, and the government coming in, not telling them to create new content or anything like that. what they are talking about is coming in and regulating them to
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ensure that they treat everybody fairly. and they don't target people based on their politics or any other reason to silence them. and i don't like the idea of that. i don't like the government involved in anything. i don't think it is off the table. it is an interesting question. it is something that reasonable people could come together -- >> bill: in the mitch mcconnell case, the spokesman said -- newt gingrich writes this. "love to viciously attacked because he is successful. they are allies." so he is getting hammered because he is good at his job, charlie. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. every time you hear somebody say "moscow mitch" or "racist mitch" or whatever they want to call him, just replace whatever came before that with "successful."
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it is "successful mitch." he has been incredibly successful, whether it is dealing with regulations, this president, federal judges. mitch mcconnell has been the most successful republican we have had in -- certainly in a quarter-century or more. and that's what people are so upset about. with mitch mcconnell. it has nothing to do with those other crazy words that they are attaching to his name. >> bill: we will check back in a couple of hours. good analysis. here in washington, d.c., here is charlie hurt. >> sandra: breaking news on the el paso shooting investigation. confirm reports that the government's mother claims she called police weeks before the mass shooting expressing concerns about her son. but the local police department is now disputing that claim, saying that they do not have record of our call. jeff paul is following all of the live from el paso this morning.
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jeff. >> yes, sandra, the suspects mom reportedly made the phone call purely seeking information. the attorneys representing the family of the suspected shooter saying that she called the police department to ask about the type of rifle that her son owned. the concern from her being that he owned this rifle due to his age and his experience. it was not made because she thought it was any sort of threat. she did not leave her name, and she did not leave her son's name. thos's meanwhile, president trup was also in town here in el paso yesterday facing protests as he met with first responders and victims at the el paso domestic terrorism attack. those impacted by the dayton, ohio, shooting. the president and first lady met with two families, but he did not meet with any patients who are actively being treated at the hospital. trump says he is behind el paso 100%.
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he praises the city for its strength and response. >> we met with numerous people. we met with also the doctors and nurses, the medical staff. and they have done an incredible job. both places places, just incredible. and the enthusiasm, the love, the respect, let's see if we can get something done. speak about trump's visit did some protests and demonstrations throughout the day. his past divisive rhetoric helped to fuel such -- they, like beto o'rourke, didn't think that trump should have visited. >> for the community at large to have been so regularly attacked and vilified and dehumanized by this president, for him to have created the conditions that made an attack like this possible and
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ultimately likely, it's very insulting to us that he was he here. >> now the first of what will be 22 funerals begins today. sandra. >> sandra: jeff paul live from el paso. >> bill: the president meeting with police officers, responding first to the scene of the tragedy in el paso. she took action without hesitation. not knowing that two of the people shot were her relatives. >> we were blinded. >> one of the victims was her uncle. >> he passed away, unfortunate unfortunately. my cousin, he is in icu at the moment still fighting for his life. >> did you have any idea they were there? >> no. i actually answered her call. not expected to have any relatives involved in those shooting viewed >> bill: weighing in on gun control, once again saying he is open to
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expanding background checks for gun buyers. after the mass shootings that occurred last weekend. >> sandra: so how far is the state of texas willing to go in this push to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people? we are going to have a lot more next hour with her headliner, texas lieutenant governor dan patrick will be joining us live at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. a lot of questions over what the appetite really is right now, obviously with democrats. but with republicans, what we are hearing about their willingness to move forward with gun control. >> bill: the whole red flag too is intriguing. how you doing, how you stay within the bounds -- >> sandra: you and how it is already working in some states. >> bill: 's the fight against isis, saying about the terror group is now researching in syria. we are going to dig into that a bit later this hour. plus, here is this.
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>> what i'm focused on is actually helping run the city of chicago. i'm not going to be distracted by tweets from people who don't know what they are talking about. >> sandra: the mayor of the city of chicago blasting trump for tweet spotlighting the city's gun violence. after yet another deadly weekend in the windy city. chicago's kevin graham will be here live to respond. plus, did you catch this last night? >> so you want to do nothing? >> i didn't say i want to do nothing. >> how do you want to stop this? >> this hysteria -- >> you don't think that there is global warming? >> i think there is absolutely issues. we need to be good stewards. >> bill: sparring over the green new deal, sparring over climate change. just about everything. we are going to share that with you, coming up straight-ahead. e. and this is me now! any physical changes to this man's appearance are purely coincidental.
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>> bill: in case you missed it last night, here's a sample of sean hannity sean hannity's debate with the new york city mayor, presidential candidate, bill de blasio and prime time. watch. >> you're saying to me you do not believe in global warming. >> every economy in this world is run on oil, gas, and coal, and if america gets off of it, as the green new deal that you support has, and ten years, you will watch the greatest depression in the quickest period of time. >> we have to get off fossil fuels because it's causing -- >> how many years? >> i wanted to be as fast as possible. here's the bottom line. we can turn it renewable -- they said oh, the green new deal had nothing to do with climate change. it's about an agenda. >> bill: debating last night was sean hannity, the green new deal, sean mcmahon, small
6:18 am
business administrator. how are you doing, linda? good morning to you. how do you see that translating to american life and the economy? >> the president and this administration really want us to have a clean, clear environment. we want clearwater. we want clean air to breathe, but we also know that we can't take the radical steps in the amount of time that is being proposed by the left group. we would take industries under. our economy would sing, as with the global economy, just as sean hannity said. it is too extreme. we need to move in the direction of working with more of our renewable energy. but in the meantime, the world is run on fossil fuels, and our economy is strong. our industries are growing, but our industries have taken measures already to reduce their carbon footprint, and they are going to continue to do so.
6:19 am
>> bill: you would let the market determine all of this? that is what i hear from you. >> i think the market is determining it. do we need regulation and guidance as we move forward? yes, we do, but the left agenda is too extreme. the cost to our government and to our country would just be phenomenal. we cannot move in that extreme direction. let's proceed in the way that we are doing it now, growing our economy, it is strong. our industries are strong. and our industry is taking a mindful approach to how we keep our environment. >> bill: so much of this is determined by elections. so let's see when the next one comes around. calling about peter navarro, the recession. eroding economic growth. the point that the piece makes is that the president rely strictly on peter navarro, but all of those other advisors, to the detriment of the success that they have made so far in the economy.
6:20 am
what do you think about that, linda? >> well, that is not what larry had to see a couple of days ago. he said that the entire economic team that's advising the president is behind him 100%. you know, our economy is strong now, but we have for years and years, decades, been on the wrong side of our trade deal with china. and they've taken advantage of us. we are an innovative company full of new technology, and china insist that we might have that transfer of technology. they are stealing from us and america. we cannot have that. we continue to grow and thrive because we are innovative. and if you're ever going to take a strong stand against a country, a government like china, you have to do it when your economy is healthy and strong, and that is exactly what president trump is doing. he is taking a hard stand, but he is not stopping and
6:21 am
negotiating while he is taking this hard stand, and i am hopeful that the chinese government will be here in september to continue with those negotiations. >> bill: we will see if we can get a win on this. thank you, linda mcmahon. we appreciate your time. >> sandra: i.c.e. agents describinagentsconducting what g described as -- >> the united states of america is the greatest nation in the world, but while we do love folks from other countries, they have to follow our laws. judgment
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>> sandra: federal prosecutor calling it the largest single state immigration raid in history.
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i.c.e. agents surrounding food processing plants in mississip mississippi, arresting 680 people. steve harrington calling the story from us from atlanta this morning. steve. >> sandra, this operation was planned for months. more than 600 agents were involved. they moved in on six different cities, smaller cities around jackson, mississippi. they were mainly targeting chicken processing plants. the agents what's around the perimeter of the plant and move in. they would check for proof of rivers an residency. their personal possessions were put in clear plastic bags. they were taken by bus to an airport hangar for processing. some will be arrested for crimes. some will be deported immediately, and others will be processed further. now, this raid comes out just hours before president trump landed in el paso to mourn the death, the murder of 22 mainly hispanic-americans targeted by someone linked to the internet
6:26 am
with hispanic hate. now, i.c.e. officials made clear that there was no connection between these raids in mississippi and the recent attacks in el paso. >> those who were detained initially and release for humanitarian reasons are being shipped back to the point from where they came. so whether it be canton or bay springs, if they are being released, they will be put back in the same situation they were found this morning. >> one of the problems, one of the complexities too with a series of rates as they occurred in many towns on the first day of school. that meant that some parents were separated from their children. local community scramble to try to do what they could to keep children safe. one jim opened up its doors for children, including some toddlers. some bus drivers were told not
6:27 am
to drop off children at homes unless they could be sure that a parent actually was at home. the chicken processing industry in mississippi has largely depended on immigrant labor. it's tough, hard, dangerous, cold work. i.c.e. officials were targeting not just those working illegally but those who knowingly hire them. >> sandra: thank you very much. we are going to have more on this coming appeared >> bill: also more on the immigration issue overall. tom homan will be our guest coming up on that a little bit later on this morning. >> sandra: meanwhile, president trump firing back at congressman or ken castro. the democrats stands behind his decision to shame trumped owners. is there a double standard at play? we are going to have more on that. plus, this. >> joe biden went out and gave the speech again, suggesting that the president was directly responsible for those murders. then immediately sent out a
6:28 am
fund-raising appeal based on his speech and his remarks. the one sounding off on democrats, calling the president or racist and other things. how does a nation he left her to delay mass shootings? donna brazile will take on that coming up next.
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>> bill: 9:30. wall street, we are open for business and of triple digits. more than 100 points know, stocks coming back from steep losses. we have seen a seesaw basically back and forth. just wanted to share that with you. now, 9:31. and there is this. >> the notion that i'm not free to support or pick what i think is -- to be bullied with slurs of racism, i think a lot of people of my generation that support the president are tired of it. >> sandra: that is a man named
6:32 am
mark hanrahan speaking out earlier today after he was identified as a trump donor. in a tweet from congressman walking castro. the president ripping the lawmaker as he -- donna brazile is a fox news tribute her. good morning to you. you made it very clear where you stand on this issue. did joaquin castro crossed the line with that move? >> as you all understand, every donor, when you decide in a political rally on twitter, social media, to put names out, you put people in jeopardy. you put them in jeopardy because you don't put the context. this is a first amendment right to contribute with the candidates. but when you begin to target individuals, as we found out just recently, when cesar sayoc was charged with sending those so-called pipe bombs,
6:33 am
individuals targeted during that process. i don't like this -- what i call people coming at you simply because you're doing your job or you're supporting a candidate. so yes, i have a personal deal that i don't want to target individuals, companies simply because of where they stand on particular people or issues, but it is public information. he made a decision to put this information out. now he's a target. the congressman. by those opposed to what he did, so i don't like it. i don't like this false equivalency, and i don't like this. >> sandra: he was given an opportunity to take that back, and he chose to double down on it. here he is. >> i agree. i heard. >> i don't want anybody harassed or targeted. their names were put out in public. >> that was not my intention. these things are public. what i would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy who's feeling hate in this
6:34 am
country. >> what i'm asking for is for people who are making contributions to that effort to think twice about it, and i'm directly asking the president to stop spending money on campaign ads that target an entire community and inspires shooters like the one in el paso to go do what he did. >> sandra: i mean, he continues to double down on that on the interviews that took place yesterday. "i don't want anybody harassed or targeted." what did he think would happen in today's environment? >> that's why i set a long time go to the president of the united states, stop it because we are going after each other. we are not talking to each other. we are accusing each other of things that we are not -- we are not changing the tone. we are not open enough. the idea that we can have conversations about these issues. it is happening on both sides. >> sandra: you are referencing both -- >> i don't like it. >> sandra: i want to move on
6:35 am
to some of the rhetoric that we are hearing on behalf of members of your party, in particular some that are running for president. >> this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. his low energy, big and i had mouthing of the words written for him, condemning white supremacist this week, i don't believe it fooled anyone at home or abroad. >> if the president is a white supremacist -- >> he is. he has also made that very cle clear. >> sandra: what do you think, donna? >> again, i go back to things that i have said over and over again. if we don't stop taking up the extremes on both sides, we are not going to find common ground. the president this week called for healing. yesterday was not a day of healing. it was on a day of healing for those who are still suffering. it was not for those who want to
6:36 am
figure out how to move forward, so i do believe what the vice president was saying yesterday, with his remarks, i listen to the president's remarks, but the vice president was saying words matter. i went to be on the rhetoric, i listen to the speech, i read the context. words matter. we should all be careful right now about our words. >> sandra: many would agree that it was appropriate for the president to go visit dayton and el paso -- >> i agree. >> sandra: which they did. many protested the president visiting those places. it quickly became very political in the wake of those shootings over the weekend, donna. nobody wants to see that, but that's what happened. karl rove takes that on here. >> i've been taken aback by how many democratic candidates are basically saying the president is an accomplice to these murders in dayton and in el paso. cory booker said it.
6:37 am
so did mayor pete buttigieg. so did robert francis o'rourke. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, they both say that the president is responsible and call him a racist. then both of them sent out fund-raising emails, drawing on these two massacres in el paso and in dayton. so you know, talk about politicizing something that should never be politicized. these people are doing that. >> sandra: but that it happened, and i hear you. i hear you referencing the heated rhetoric on both sides. i think as a country, we see this escalating, donna. how are we going to stop it? >> i do believe that it starts at the top. it is not just the presence of the united states, it is members of congress, and be on our politicians. we need every american to understand that our words matter. i mean, today, i woke up thinking about the little children of mississippi were getting up this morning without apparent through no fault of their own. i know that their parents may be
6:38 am
here with no documentation, but still, they have nobody to bather them, to comb their hair, to send them off to school. the owner of that facility where they are arrested, there is so much pain right now in our society. i want to figure out how i can -- you know, there was a time in my life when the only thing i knew how to do was to fight back. because that's easy to do. to fight back. when you feel pain, when you feel someone coming at you, you want to hit them back, but today, no. that's not the way. we are not going to heal as a country. we are not going to find common ground. i think about the 9-year-old girl that i was back in 1968 when martin luther king was assassinated. i think about how my grandmother taught us to get on our knees and pray for whoever did it. we have to love everybody pure love is the only way to solve these problems at a time like this. >> sandra: we could use some of that unity right now. appreciate it.
6:39 am
donna brazile. >> i'm still praying. i can't stop praying. >> sandra: already. we all do. bill. ♪ >> bill: do we have your attention? bernie sanders has the national secret, and he is willing to share it if he is elected. if he is elected, he will blow the lid off of the mystery of ufos. have you heard? listen. >> if you got into office and he found out something about aliens, if you found out something about ufos, would you let us know? >> my wife would demand that i let you know. >> is your wife a ufo not? >> now, she is not. >> you don't have any access? >> i don't. >> you will let us know, though? >> i will come back and be on the show. >> bill: it is actually kind of funny.
6:40 am
trolling for votes around area 51. donna would know about that. >> sandra: meanwhile, breaking news coming out of canada. the search for the two teens is now over. they were wanted for the murder of an american woman into other people. new details on the next hour. >> bill: secretary pompeo is saying that the u.s. is doing all of the right things. every surgeon of isis fighters in syria. dan hoffman on what to do about that next. >> this administration is incredibly mindful versus the success that we have had against isis and the challenge it continues to present to the world. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (avo) the three-row subaru ascent.
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>> we understand that the threat from terrorism more broadly than just isis continues to exist in the world. we are doing all the right things, including building a coalition like the beat isis
6:44 am
coalition, so that everyone can counter that whenever we find it. i am sure it is a case with those pockets that they become a little stronger. i can assure you that it is becoming weaker as well. >> bill: secretary mike pompeo's responding to reports, saying that isis is now regrouping in syria after the president saying that they had been defeated. fox news contributor, dan, good morning. we'll get to the statement in a moment. what do you make about the resurgence first? >> well, it is true that we destroyed the so-called isis caliphate, which was a magnet for regional and foreign fighters, but there are areas of concern, first being that roughly 14,000 or 18,000 -- that really goes back to the root of al qaeda in iraq. secondly, the ruthless leader of isis is still alive and still at large.
6:45 am
and third, iran's maligned influence. they are making it very difficult to mount any sort of an effective post-conflict and reconciliation campaign that would really tamp down on the insurgency. iraq and syria just don't have the capacity to deal with that. >> bill: here is the report. "isis carried out assassinations, suicide attemp attempts, and goals iraq and syria. in addition, isis established resurgence in syria and sought to expand its control and iraq." you mention this thing about melting back into society. that's a problem. >> is a problem, and to deal with that, we need some human sources. some collection of intelligence. and really the sweet spot that they always use to say is how much do we need to have overseas? military intelligence, diplomatic capacity in order to detect threats and then preempt them before they are visited on
6:46 am
our shores. the president has drawn down some of our capacity in syria, and the question for the administration is is this the right amount? roughly 1,000 troops with some intelligence capacity. it is always tricky when we outsource to these actors like russia and others who don't hold our interests at heart. >> bill: with this report on iran, the strait of hormuz, critical shipping zone there. we have had some problems over the last six months. now there's reports of the iranians messing with gps interference. how do you see that? >> this one team he appears to be quite an intelligent success on our part. we detected that they were making it appear that merchant ships passing through the strait of hormuz and in the persian gulf were actually in neutral territory when in fact they were -- the iranians were luring them into iranian water so that iran could seize them. so this amounts to indications
6:47 am
and warning that we were providing to those merchant ships, the united states and the u.k. royal navy are now working together to provide security and safe transport through the strait of hormuz. >> bill: so what you do, whether you are a british ship or an american ship, you confuse the captain. next thing you know, you're in iranian space. >> right. so i am sure that we are working with the merchant ships for the countermeasures in order to ensure that iran is unable to effectively lure those ships into iranian waters. and that is what this amounts to you. >> bill: thank you, dan. you call it an intelligent's victory. why do you use that phrase? >> well, i think the key to good intelligences detecting threats and then analyzing them quickly and then making the right executive decisions, and in this case, we detected that iran was using the gps to try to interfere with the safe passage
6:48 am
of oil. and then call them out. that is how we counter iran. we do not always require a military attack. in this case, sharing information is what keeps us all safe. >> bill: thank you, dan. dan hoffman in washington. we appreciate the analysis. >> sandra: more from the big interview last night with bill de blasio and sean hannity. this time over the new york city mayor's plan to make big corporations pay their "fair share." so, how much is fair? moneyman charles payne will be here to respond. more on those deadly shootings in chicago over the weekend. overlooked this weekend the nationwide debate on gun violence. the president of the chicago police union, kevin graham, will be here live to discuss the next.
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>> sandra: with the countries focus on tragedies in el paso and dayton over the weekend, the city of chicago was also reeling from deadly shootings. two people were shot and killed yesterday alone. for others wounded. last weekend, a total of 55 people were shot. seven fatally. here to talk about it is kevin graham, president of the chicago fraternal order of police. appreciate your time this morning, thank you. what's being done about this? what do we do? it just seems like it gets worse. i'm sorry, i'm going to just thoroughly statistics up on the screen because this is what we have seen so far in 2019. shooting incidents. at nearly 1200 in the city of chicago. that number is down from the same period last year, but still big. and homicides at the same point last year, down as well, but so far, 281. what are we doing to combat this
6:53 am
problem? >> there are several things that are going on. one of the things i was that we are now starting this week -- last week, i should say, we are starting to track the offenders who have been released by our courts and state's, lack of prosecution, those people have been turned out. we are now tracking those, and of course, the public defender's office criticized us very quickly saying that we should take that down. we shouldn't be tracking these people. we are going to track these people because they are committing crimes. we have a commission that is down in springfield. it is funded by the state of illinois, and they are letting out criminals at an alarming rate and turning around and then suing the city. we have to get a handle on these things. you know, certainly, i had a conversation with the superintendent yesterday. we are planning to do more to try and combat these crimes.
6:54 am
>> sandra: this is coming off of what we just saw in dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas. these horrific shootings last weekend. yet, you are not seeing a national spotlight on what is happening in chicago. coming off of this deadly weekend, working our way into the hot summer days of august year. fears that this will continue. why do you think that this doesn't get the media attention? >> what i think happens is that people get desensitized to the violence and the number of shootings that occur every weekend. certainly, we have plans to try and come about that. people talk about having more gun laws. they have to be effective. one of the things that we do need and that they can do immediately is invest more into the police and put more police on the street. they can invest more in mental health, which is critically important, and spend money on new training facility for police
6:55 am
officers. those are things that will have direct impact. today and long-lasting. >> sandra: the new mayor, mayor lightfoot, who we have invited on this program, she's chose to respond to ivanka trump, who did focus on what happened with a tree. she criticized that tweet forgetting some of the facts wrong. such as our proximity to some of the shootings and where they took place exactly. here is the mayor responding to ivanka on all of this. here is mayor lightfoot. >> they want to help, they should actually call us and ask for specifics, which we would be happy to share, and we would offer them specific ways in which the federal government can actually partner with us to help address the issues on the ground. >> sandra: so what is she asking for? how can we all come together and help the city of chicago? what's needed? a few seconds left here. >> first of all, i congratulate
6:56 am
the president and his staff for bringing the attention about the city. i do understand where the mayor sits. she needs help financially with some of the problems that we have, and i already listed some of those with mental health, training facilities, things like that. i think that this is about a war of words. i'm trying to get a contract for our members. they work extremely hard. >> sandra: it's a huge problem, and it's my fault for asking such a big question when we are up against a hard break. come back. let's keep talking about it. kevin graham. >> thanks very much. goodbye. ear old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates,
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7:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now. a new ray of hope for conservatives claiming bias. a brand-new report that president trump is working on a way to fight any signs of big tech bias and search results and on social media platforms. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good morning to you, sandra. i'm bill hemmer. politico reports president trump is considering an executive order to tackle with the administration believes is a bias against conservatives. all of this coming as he confronts the owner shaming tweets by democratic congressman joaquin castro. reaction moments ago on that. >> when you decide in a political rally on twitter,
7:01 am
social media, to put names out, you put people in jeopardy. you put them in jeopardy because you don't put the context. this is a first amendment rights, to contribute to any candidate. i don't like this -- what i call you know people coming at you simply because you are doing your job or if you are supporting a candidate. >> it is a free country. i am for you support and do what i think -- and to be bullied with slurs of racism, i think a lot of people of my generation, that support the president are tired of it. >> sandra: blake burman live at the white house for us this morning. blake. >> sandra, good morning to you. still, i around that by a white house official who told me about the white house is exploring "all policy solutions as a relates to what president trump sees as possible anti-conservative bias by the social media company." so that doesn't rule out the possibility of a potential
7:02 am
executive order or executive action. fox has been told that a drastic executive order has been circulating within the west wing for some time now. now, the president did allude to this possibility when he gathered some influencers nearly one month ago for what the white house described as a social media summit. listen here. >> today, i am directing my administration to explore all regulatory and legislative solutions to protect free speech and the free-speech rights rights of all americans. we hope to see transparency, more accountability, and more freedom. >> the president renewed his concerns with google earlier this week, pointing to comments that were made by the former google engineer, kevin, who says that google wants to make sure that the president loses next year's election. he ended a series of tweets by writing "we are watching google very closely." google responded to that. they made the "his claims are
7:03 am
absolutely false. as you know, the president has also expressed concerns in regards to twitter. >> bill: thank you. we want to bring in america's a-team. david asman, welcome to you. judith miller, full of surprises, and lisa boothe, fox news contributor. hello to you. what a panel, huh? >> i see this as overly defining defining moment for social med social media. twitter has become orwellian. going against the grain of what america is. what joaquin did with his public shaming of decent folk was horrible. the implication was that anybody on that list of course was a white nationalist, racist. that was terrible, but that is still up, then they take down
7:04 am
this mitch mcconnell account. i mean, that clearly shows their bias. americans are just fed up with that, i think. we were talking, sandy and i were talking before we went on. why isn't there an alternative? why aren't there conservatives dumb at conservative alternative? if a conservative out there wants to make a billion dollars, why isn't there an alternative? >> but there isn't because when a small company starts to provide an alternative, they are either brought up or quashed by these oligopolies. google, facebook, they have been censored by youtube, which of course is owned by one of these majors, i can tell you that the biases absolutely against conservatives, and i'm not even a classical conservative, but i know when i pose a disturbing question and it's taken down as provocative, there's something wrong with the system. these companies say that they are neutral platforms and that therefore they shouldn't be regulated, but they're not.
7:05 am
>> bill: have you personally had a post taken down because her mic yes, absolutely. where we live it into the war in iraq? i did a three minute video, and it was taken down. >> may be more in that particular question. >> also addressed the question itself, they didn't like the answer. >> of course they are biased against conservatives, so is the media, and so is the entertainment industry. this is something that we are aware of. but i think the broader question is that people were showing up outside of mitch mcconnell's home in kentucky, talking about stabbing him in his heart. the broader concern is that republicans were gunned down on congressional softball practice in 2017. the fact that a man was jailed for threatening to kill republican senators during the brett kavanaugh hearings, or the fact that just the other day, man was sentenced for 20 years for sending bombs to democrats.
7:06 am
by broader concern, the environment we are in now, not just over the rhetoric and the words, the actions that some of these unhinged people have been seeking in recent years. >> sandra: newt gingrich takes this on. "the left attacks mcconnell because he is successful and a chump ally. it is this relentless approach to identifying priorities that has made him so extraordinary. largely what is fueling the recent attacks on him. those on the left label him as a bogeyman for everything that they hate because he is so deftly outmaneuvering them in the senate." because i think he is right because it is kind of a badge of honor to be one of these people. but getting back to joaquin and what he did, joaquin castro's list, americans don't like the lists. mccarthy had a list of communist, which we never got to sleep you're next on how to list. now it is the liberal radical
7:07 am
left-wing fringe that has their own list. it goes against it -- as we said, just the grain of what americans like and dislike, and i think they have taken it too far. the guy that we ran a clip from earlier. what he said. i am quoting him. "there isn't a racist or white nationalist in that crowd on that list. it is just full of good, decent american citizens." when decent american citizens are called out as indecent, americans rally around them, and i think that is what is going to happen. >> bill: the campaign manager, he summed it up best. "the problem with speech police in america today, they allowed these two transnationally on their platform and do it four hours but locks out our account for posting actual threats." the president went to el paso, dayton, ohio, and apparently the media did not like it. here's a sample.
7:08 am
>> the president is talking about exterminating latinos. he is inciting hatred, inciting violence, inciting racism. this is a president who seems to want these things to happen. >> donald trump is giving them subliminal orders in their head. >> bill: that's the media. that's not even the politicians who are jumping on this bandwagon. karl rove summarizes this. >> i've been taken aback by how many democratic candidates are basically saying the president is an accomplice to these murders and dayton and in el paso. cory booker said it. so did mary pooh-pooh to judge elizabeth warren and bernie sanders both call him a racist and say he is responsib responsible. drawing on these two massacres in el paso and in dayton.
7:09 am
so talk about politicizing something that should never be politicized. these people are doing that. >> bill: that phrase, accomplice to these murders. >> sandra: is a surprising? this is what the left as to their opponents. we saw it with john wu, accuser john mccain of fostering an atmosphere similar to george wallace. we saw mitt romney be accused of being a sexist. this is what they do. they weaponize words like racism, sexism against their political opponents, and someone like joe biden, i wonder if he has words of condemnation for his former running mate and our former president, who has been photographed side-by-side with known bigot. or the fact that joe biden launched his presidential ambitions in this election cycle although the lie that somehow president trump said that neo-nazis and kkk the premises
7:10 am
were fine people, but it takes just 5 minutes to read the transcripts. this has been pushed by many in the media, and it is an outright lie. >> sandra: in the middle of this, here is joe biden's words and iowa. >> with the words of the president matters. they can move markets. they can send our great women and men to war. they can bring peace. they can, nation in turmoil, but they can also unleash the deepest, darkest forces in this nation. and that is what i believe donald trump has chosen to do. >> well, i happen to agree with joe biden because i am sorry, lisa, i have to disagree. it is not only liberals and the left to use incendiary language. when i president talks about a mexican invasion, when he categorizes mexicans as criminals and rapists, when the
7:11 am
shooter actually uses the same word of hispanic invasion in his posting, that is fair game. they have every right to mention it, and ordinary people who favor gun control overwhelmingly in this country have a right to say that. >> but then by your same logic, would you lay his dayton shooting at the feet of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren? that is the logical conclusion that you would draw if you are laying the blame of the el paso shooting at president trump's feet. i hate to even bring this up because i don't think we should give any of these killers any sort of attention, but even the manifesto says that the policy positions on immigration predated president trump. he also has short positions on climate change, saying that we need to reduce the amount of people here in the world for the climate. so i think trying to somehow make sense of these killers who clearly have something wrong with them is a disturbing trend. and then by the same logic, you
7:12 am
would happily lay the dayton shooting at the feet of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, which is i and same. speak out the criticism of mitch mcconnell for blocking legislation, which has already been approved by the democratic majority house of representatives, and blocked by mitch mcconnell, it is appropriate for democrats to criticize mitch mcconnell for the position. it is not just politics. >> bill: fair discussion. we are out of time. but we appreciate you. one final comment. speak out gun control is a big word. there are a lot of things that fit into the rubric of gun control. the president is talking about some aspects of putting more controls on guns then we have had in the past, but i think what some on the far left want to do is actually take guns away and repeal the second amendment, and i don't think that america wants that. >> the killer is the one who
7:13 am
pulled the trigger. >> bill: 's thank you. lisa. thank you. >> regarding the motive, it is going to be extremely difficult for us to ascertain definitively what the motive was. obviously, we will not have the opportunity to speak with these individuals, and again, the examination of the area where they were located today is still being dealt with answers. >> sandra: well, the manhunt for the suspected killers is now over. police in canada say they are confident that they have found the bodies of those two teenagers they believe killed three people, including an american woman. we have more on that. jackie. >> good morning, sandra. the community breathing a sigh of relief that they are no longer in danger of tripoli spend more than a week and zeroed in on that tiny town where residents don't normally lock their doors. they say that they found bryer schmegelsky and kam mcleod's bodies in thick brush just a half a mile from the shore of the nelson river, where they found a banged up
7:14 am
aluminum boat and some of their personal items on friday. that was the first clue since july 22nd when police found a car that the teens allegedly stole from one of their victims, 64-year-old leonard dyck. using tracking dogs, thermal imaging drones, even military aircraft. but no sign of the fugitives until that boat turned up on friday, which led police to the body's five days. >> is huge to be able to hopefully give some people an opportunity to exhale. and to hopefully eventually go back to normal and not being afraid. >> so far, no answers on their cause of death. the autopsies are being done in winnipeg today. and police have much work to do in figuring out why these teens allegedly killed three people, including a young woman from north carolina, chynna deese, and her australian boyfriend, lukas fowler. the couple was on a road trip across canada when police found them shot to death near their
7:15 am
broken down van in british columbia. police have not yet charged by teens, but they say that option is not get off the table. they were already charged for murdering leonard dyck. police say that they covered about 2,000 miles over there three weeks on the run and take more than 4500 man-hours to find them. sandra. >> sandra: it is over. jacqui heinrich, thank you. >> bill: thank you, jackie. [chanting] >> sandra: this is really happening. he is now taking some heat for planning to host a chump fund-raiser. now that trump campaign is responding. we will bring that to you next. >> bill: also the mayor of new york city telling sean hannity about the rich need to pay their fair share, but what is fair? keep counting. you might need a calculator for this one. charles payne, the moneyman has got this one.
7:16 am
>> what do you think corporations do? >> they have to pay their fair share. for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. 'she nior living. together we'll make the right choice.
7:17 am
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7:19 am
>> corporations don't pay taxes. you are right. >> you think it's okay that the ceo is making 300 or 400
7:20 am
times -- >> you're talking to the wrong guy. i'm a blue-collar guy that worked 25 years. >> do you think it is okay that they are ceos in america, making 400 times what an average worker in a company makes? >> i am so happy that i gave you the numbers. and i gave you the numbers for trump. >> sandra: sean hannity going at it with bill de blasio last night. he believes, bill de blasio, big corporations need to pay their fair share in taxes. charles payne. there was a lot of criticism by the new york city mayor of capitalism, questioning ceo pay, among other things. >> it's interesting. i like the part where they talk about should anyone be working for less than $50 an hour? 50. 5-0. we were greeted in new york by the story about how the new $15 minimum wage is crushing small businesses, small business owners, the workers who are
7:21 am
working either fewer hours or in some cases getting fired, and the consumer, particularly poor new yorkers, who have to pay higher prices. it is not only just our official -- but it turns everything upside down, and big corporations that he says he is so worried about, they can withstand a lot of this nonsense. it is the smaller businesses out there, the blue-collar worker that cannot handle the bill de blasio dream. it would be upside down. we saw it, by the way. >> bill: we have more of this. >> sandra: here is that exchange. >> i want working people to get their fair share. should anyone be working for less than $15 an hour? >> i don't like the minimum wage. >> you describe your life as a working man. respect that. $15 an hour in today's economy -- >> no, because it hurts the ki kids. we now have a record low unemployment. youth unemployment.
7:22 am
>> talk about people trying to support their families. you don't think that folks who are working hard should get $15 minimum wage. come on. >> again. there was this notion that you would get into the labor force as a youngster, perhaps a teenager, someone working your way through college with a very limited skills, and you would get a salary. you would get into the labor force. he would have supplemental income, but you weren't necessarily the breadwinner. what bill de blasio is saying is that the head of the household should have these jobs, and i think that we should live in a world where the head of the household has opportunities for jobs. this is a conversation that we are not going to be having -- because they have a skill set that they are making big money already. this is a problem. we are talking about lowering the common denominator, rather than lifting it and lifting all people along with it. and i think that this is the focus. when you start talking about
7:23 am
higher minimum wage, it is so oxymoronic and destructive, they don't know what they are saying. no poor person would vote for somebody who says hey, i am going to get them to higher minimum wage. >> bill: the top of the progressive pile. one more click here about redistribution. >> i say that there is plenty of money in this world and in this country. it is just on the wrong hands. how did it get there? because the federal policy that took from working people and give it to the 1%. >> bill: you hear that sometimes throughout these debates. in the meanwhile, we have the debate here in new york city about whether or not you can hold a fund-raiser for the president. go ahead, sandra. >> sandra: the billionaire behind soulcycle and equinox was revealed obviously has a big supporter of the president. now there are calls to boycott soulcycle, going to the gym. equinox putting out a statement. neither equinox nor soulcycle have anything to do with the
7:24 am
event later this week and do not support her. she is a passive investor and is not involved in the management of either business. he was going to host a big fund-raiser out in the hamptons. >> bill: still is. >> sandra: the trump administration has responded with this. "he's a great american exercising his first amendment right." and he has. >> they so that they were going to boycott a lot of businesses, and you have a right to do that. i don't think it ever amounts to a lot, quite frankly. i do worry when they go a step further, like the walking cast or type of, when you are saying hey, hint hint, this is where somebody works. targeting them for more -- particularly these individuals. very successful. i think that he will weather the storm, but you know, we have seen it before. people don't want to -- >> bill: why did they put out the statement? they do not support it. i don't know why that last
7:25 am
portion is even necessary. mr. ross is a passive investor. >> sandra: because they are worried that people are going to go to their gym. that they will not show up. >> they are trying to get ahead of it. corporate virtue signaling is big right now. and of course, if you happen to be -- and all of the soul cycles are in cities that have mostly predominant land progressive cities. conservatives actually help to build that gym in your neighborhood. maybe we could all get along. maybe there is some good from capitalism after all. >> sandra: several celebrities have also come out in the wake of -- >> the guy who voices the lion king. that is dangerous stuff when you say you are supporting mass murder. that is dangerous. that should be squashed. if someone doesn't want to g goo soulcycle because of this, that is on them. >> bill: me and michael moore.
7:26 am
[laughs] >> pleasure. >> bill: president trump getting mixed reactions. he had a great trip, as he put it. how far are officials willing to go to try to get the gun matter under control when it comes to these massacres? the texas lieutenant governor, lieutenant governor dan patrick has a lot of ideas. he is up next. >> sandra: plus on machete rampage leaving to dad, what they say spark those attacks. we will have that for you straight-ahead. this is the first time i have ever seen something like this where we have a suspect killed four people in one day and other people who are innocent victims. it is pure evil when this happens. maria ramirez?
7:27 am
7:28 am
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7:30 am
>> we have two victims that are staffed with serious injuries. the male and female are expected to survive. and then we have our four
7:31 am
deceased victims. >> sandra: horrific wave of deadly violence in southern california and a suspect and now under arrest for allegedly committing a series of robberies and stabbings and multiple locations. marion rafferty has more from los angeles. >> bill and sandra, the stabbings appear to be random. badly wounded within just a period of hours. they say it appears to be five related knife attacks have in debt -- that is in orange county around 4:00 in the afternoon, they responded to a burglary in progress. one person was fatally stabbed, and then from there, the suspect went on a violent rampage. a local bakery was robbed, saying that the suspect had both a knife and a gun, but no one was hurt. then an insurance business was a hit. a female employee with staff, but she fought back and is expected to make a full recovery. around that, it was a
7:32 am
check cashing business that was robbed. no one hurt there, but moments later, man was violently attacked at a gas station. his nose was almost severed in the attack, but he also surviv survived. a minute after that attack, he was spotted at a 7-eleven where he stabbed and killed a security guard and took his hand gun. on the last target and the rampage, a subway restaurant. the man in there also fatally stabbed before police closed in and arrested the suspect, described as a 33-year-old latino man. >> i have worked here in garden grove for 30 years. this is the first time i have ever seen anything like this where we have a suspect killed four people in one day and attack other people that are just innocent victims. it is pure evil when this happens, and we don't see this happen every day. this is one of those things that you see one time in a career. >> police say that there is no apparent motive, that all victims are described as hispanic.
7:33 am
the weapons were recovered, including a machete. bill, sandra. >> sandra: marion rafferty, thank you. >> they have done an incredible job. both places, just incredible. and the enthusiasm, the love, the respect, and also let's see if we can get something down. and republicans want to do it, and democrats want to do it. >> bill: there is the president and el paso. the first responders, including the gunman who was stopped by the police officer. we want to bring in our headliner, dan patrick, lieutenant governor of texas. we see the memorial set it behind you. just give us the description of what you saw yesterday with the president and the first lady. >> first of all, bill and sandra, everywhere i went, the president was warmly received. people came up to me and said please tell the president thank you for coming. i really don't understand these
7:34 am
mixed reviews of stories out there. this is a town of about 700,000 people. there were several hundred that protested here that is a very small number, but everywhere i went, i went with one of my democrat senators, from this area. and everyone that we ran into at the blood center said thank the president. i talked to him yesterday, they are at the hospital with the senator, and he said also everyone greeted him the same way. this is a warm community of friendly people, and they respect the office of the president. whether they voted for him or not, and many did, they received him. it was very positive feeling. law enforcement appreciated him being here, so it was clearly a positive event yesterday here for the president. it was the right thing to do. he made the right call. >> sandra: now a big debate continues, lieutenant governor, over what to do and how to stop guns from getting into the hands of dangerous killers like the
7:35 am
one in el paso and dayton. >> well, and texas, we are a little different on the federal government. we actually sit down and try to solve problems. after the shooting and the santa fe school, we had three roundtable discussions with experts and victims family and people involved in law enforcement. we came up with 44 recommendations after that. we passed 25r's this past session that just ended, impacting that appear in mental health programs, more school security, et cetera, so we work together in a bipartisan way. yesterday, the governor and i met with the democratic senator from this area, and the five or six democrat representatives from this area, and we sat down to begin the discussion. we are not railing against each other in the media. we are not doing what we see on the national stage as the ten democrats running for president are doing. i don't even want to dignify these comments so they are making. they are not helpful at this time, but in texas, we work together to solve the problems. when i finish this interview, i
7:36 am
am going over to visit victims in the hospital. we will sit down, think clearly, because that is what people expect us to do, and we will look at the ways that we can make society safer. we can never make it totally safe. there is evil. the stabbings in california. >> bill: to the point -- >> yes, sir. >> bill: why did none of those 25 laws stop this deranged killer? >> well, bill, great question. the laws were focused on our schools. we had to do a lot from infrastructure, metal detectors. we had 1200 school districts in texas. about -- we looked at those programs. mental health programs. a long variety of bills, really focused on schools. this is a different shooting. so, we do not normally pass laws to restrict the flow of commerce and tell walmart or any other story whether they should have security guards, armed guards, and now we will look at all of those issues, not that we will tilt private business what you
7:37 am
do, but the school was a different issue, just like church shootings, just like dallas was a different issue. now we will look at how best we can protect our citizens. >> sandra: how would you assess the temperature or the willingness out there from members of both parties right now, lieutenant governor, on changes to our gun laws at the state level and at the federal level? is there a growing appetite for change? >> i think, first of all, i support what the president is doing, trying to bring congress together to look at these issues. many of those are federal issues. background checks need to be strengthened. i think that there is support that if it is done correctly. red flag laws are difficult. you have to be very careful that you are not taking away someone's rights while also being sure that people who shouldn't have guns in their hands do not have those guns. it's a very difficult issue, but
7:38 am
that's going to be discussed, and i do think that everyone in this country, including elected officials want to find a way without attacking second amendment rights, but protecting the public at the same time, and i am working on those. for example, most people who buy a gun have federal background checks. >> bill: there is the report that the mother of this deranged killer, according to the attorney who represents her, call the police several weeks ago. what can you tell us about that report? >> yeah, well, we are a few hours ahead of you in el paso, and that story just broke this morning. i don't want to make a judgment on the family or the police department, so to be very candid with you, bill, i need to look at that, but if that is true, she did the right thing by calling the police. >> bill: i understand. we don't have much detail, and the police department apparently -- let's see where that story goes.
7:39 am
you mention red flag laws. >> we will see where that goes. >> bill: whether it is the mother or the ex-girlfriend of the killer in dayton, ohio, gave a tv interview and basically said we all saw it coming. so how do you take red flag laws and meet the qualifications for someone who goes public and suggested this guy is nuts, so then you've got the authority to go in there and either arrest them or take away his guns -- how do we define this? how do we get an understanding for how those laws would work, sir? >> well, bill, that's a long -- that's a long question and a long answer and allow to study it because there are so many questions. i mean, are we going to have ex-spouses say i don't think that this person should have a gun. an angry employer, angry neighbor, angry boss, how do we walk through that due process, which you must have. do we take someone's guns away before they have due process? at the same time, innocent until
7:40 am
proven guilty. i think the universal background check is being strengthened. an issue that we can gather around. i think about the red flag laws will be a little bit more difficult. the issue for me is that this is not just about guns. it's not just about mental health. it's about our culture. a culture where we have lost our moral compass. it is about video games. is about dark webs like -- it is about social media bullying. they talk about all of these people. this kid was a white supremacist. clearly. he came here to kill mexicans. that is what he's told police. we have to look at that. parents said that they brought him up, he was a loner. because of the web, there are no more loners anymore. they are all connected to each other. they feed off of each other. they keep score on their games.
7:41 am
how many head shots did they get? how many points did they score? this guy is going to be a martyr on the dark will, just like the shooter in santa fe was held after his shootings because he carried it out. remember this manifesto, this young man, this alleged shooter said to fulfill your super soldier fantasy, which is in the call of duty video game. there aren't people with guns. so there are no more -- they are connected by this evil dark web. so we have to look at all of these issues. it is not just about mental health, not just about guns. it is our culture. i was here -- i came in yesterday, but on sunday, everyone was going to church in america, praying about this, and the next day when their kids went to school, they weren't allowed to pray or bring it up. we are a society that is good, good people. black, brown, white, with extremism on both sides. evil around us, and we as a
7:42 am
country, god-fearing, god loving country, we have to take control of our own society. how do we allow a dark web like 8chan to even exist? >> sandra: he saw that the bottom line, there is much to be done, and there is a need for speed. lieutenant governor dan patrick. we really appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> sandra: new details and then missing mother of five, in the jennifer dulos case, they are asking for a gag order while at the same time, her estranged husband's attorney says that they should be more concerned about law enforcement lakes. our attorney will be here to talk about all of that next. al, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye.
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7:47 am
her estranged husband says that they should be more concerned about law enforcement leaks. i am sure that i messed something out there. straighten it up for us. what is happening with this case that we were following for so long? what is changing? >> well, he is charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence because police say that he was seen dispersing 30 different bags around connecticut, and some of those bags contained her blood in them. a name to law enforcement sources that are saying one of her blood insurance wasn't that bad, right after she disappeared. now, one of the defense lawyers say that jennifer may have actually faked her own death, and the prosecution is saying about that is a reckless statement, and they are trying to stop them from making statements like that. they can't comment publicly, no one on the defense team can comment publicly, and on the one hand, you have a right to defend yourself, and the defenses think
7:48 am
that a lot of the information from law enforcement is coming from unnamed sources, so they say how come we can talk about it but you can? at the same time, some of these statements are very inflammatory. there is a lot of blood evidence in her home that she was attacked there, and with some of these bags that were found. all of these public statements are now influencing a possible jury pool down the road, so getting information into the public that will come from there, they may get conclusions based on what the prosecution is saying. >> sandra: would feel like this case has been moving along slowly. has it? >> it is in the way that they haven't found her body. who knows? we don't know where her body is. we don't know for sure that she is deceased, although all of the evidence points to that fact get she hasn't been seen a lo long time. they certainly have not been successful in finding a body yet, and that's why you haven't seen a murder charge. we have seen tampering of evidence, and during a prosecution.
7:49 am
>> bill: back in court tomorrow. tomorrow. >> yes, as is his then girlfriend, seen dispersing these bags around connecticut right after jennifer disappeared. they were seen according to law enforcement getting rid of what police are saying is evidence related to her killing, but they haven't so that he was directly involved in the killing. they haven't been able to say that he had. >> bill: dan schorr, we will see how it moves along. in a moment here, the white house has a meeting with internet companies. will it help in the fight against online extremism? we will have a look at that coming up. >> the perils of the internet and social media cannot be ignored, and they will not be ignored. with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals,
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7:53 am
>> bill: so then in the news from dayton, el paso dominating our news. internet and tech companies on violent extremism online. a former chief information officer for the george w. bush administration with us. teresa, good morning to you. what can be done? >> well, for starters, what we really need is talking and action. something like the group, which administers domain names and addresses, they have a forum
7:54 am
that some of the social media companies have joined. they should take that, start, expanded to all domain names that are registered, that allow social media interaction and create a new set of rules of engagement where global law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the social media companies can have rules of engagement and a clearinghouse to be able to share intelligen intelligence, action, and perhaps -- >> bill: it sounds all good, but how to you prevent that from being the speech police? >> this is a tough one. obviously, somebody like me, i hear that somebody wants to stop it before it happens, i think about the movie "minority report." nobody wants to go there, but there are some telltale signs that we can have some type of the fusion center, where if somebody report some kind of red flag, their loved worker, coworker, let's make sure that we get them counseling. if you can correlate that with
7:55 am
behaviors on social media and see that they are being radicalized, being manipulated, perhaps you can actually send them alternative messages. as for counseling, different things, send as i'm different messages. i know that we have a propensity to save we need to flip the switch, and we need to shut people off from this, but i think what we learned is that the better we have incentivized companies to flip the switch, they just go to the darker recesses of the internet. >> sandra: so we want to reroute them is what you are describing. what are you hearing and seeing as far as willingness from the tech companies to work with government, to work with our leaders, to enact these exchanges? because a lot of these private companies, they don't want to be told what to do. >> they don't want to be told what to do, and this is actually a course of another business model, which is connecting individuals, giving them more of what they want. there is a revenue model based
7:56 am
on that, but i know that they want to make sure that we come up with the right answer. but they know it's not a quick answer, and the easiest way to see that is that they report this silicon valley executives do not allow their children to be online, and they have instructions around that. >> bill: we will see who attends tomorrow too if you think you, theresa payton, for your inside there. charlotte north carolina. >> sandra: targeting food plans, rounding up hundreds of undocumented immigrants. brand-new reaction on what could be the largest enforcement reaction of its kind. retired i.c.e. director tom homan will be just ahead on "america's newsroom." top of the hour. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart-racing. the heartbreaking. that's what life is all about... showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say...
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now pure new reaction to one of the largest reads in our nations history. welcome back to "america's newsroom." brand-new hour. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. sandra, good morning to you. rounding up almost 700 undocumented workers. the d.a. office assisting with warrants to execute. >> the united states of america is the greatest nation in the history of the world. and it's no wonder that people from around the world want to come here to our country. but while we do welcome folks from other countries, they have to follow our laws.
8:01 am
>> bill: steve harrigan has more on this story. we picked it up from atlanta, georgia, today. steve, good morning. >> bill, good morning. i.c.e. officials are calling this the longest series of raids in history, as many as 600 agents were involved. the target was mainly chicken processing plants and small cities around jackson, mississippi. now, the timing was difficult. it happened in the hours before president trump arrived in el paso to mourn the murder of 22 people there, gonna down in part because they were seen as hispanic immigrants. they were quick to say that there was no connection between the rates and the attacks in el paso. that these routes were planned up to one year in advance. as for the raise themselves, the agents around the parameters of the factories and the chicken processing plants. they checked people for proof of residency. those without proof of residency had their hands tied behind their backs, their personal belongings placed in clear
8:02 am
plastic bags. they were put on buses and taken to an airport hangar for processing. some were arrested for crimes. others will be deported almost immediately, and still others, depending upon humanitarian reasons, could be released with ankle bracelets. >> i'm told that those who were detained initially and released for humanitarian reasons are being shipped back to the point where they were detained, so whether it be canton or bay springs, if they are being released, they will be back, put in the same situation that they were found this morning. >> another difficult detail about these raids that occurred on the first day of school. that meant that some parents were separated from their children while the children were at school. it has created some real sadness, some confusion, even some panic. the small girl says her father
8:03 am
was taken away. >> i want to say something to my dad. i want my dad to be free and everybody else. i am scared of this. >> the communities in mississippi were scrambling to try to do what they could to help, especially the children. bus drivers were told not to drop children off at home unless there was physical proof of a parent actually being home. if not, they were told to take them back to school. it was clear that they were targeting not just illegal workers here in mississippi but also targeting companies that knowingly hired them. >> bill: steve harrigan on that. >> sandra: for more on this, let's bring in tom homan, retired i.c.e. director.
8:04 am
tom, thank you for being here. can you add to what we are hearing about this raid? one of the single biggest raids in our nations history. >> a couple of things. i directed -- hsi actually surpassed out about 420%. continuing that work today for a couple of reasons. it's a magnet that draws everybody -- they get a job, they keep coming, which of course is not only one of the reasons that a reporter is out of control. it puts themselves in harm's way, hiring criminals. 30% of women are being sexually assaulted. children are dying. the specific operation, this is a criminal operation. people need to understand that. we are talking about identity theft, tax evasion. it is illegal. it is a violation of criminal statutes. it is a felony to conceal and harbor an illegal alien on the
8:05 am
premises. this is going to help a lot of u.s. citizens whose identity has been stolen, credit has been ruined by illegal aliens stealing their identity. >> sandra: how do you respond to the little girl we just heard from? through her tears, her father was taken away and this read. she says my dad didn't do anything. he's not a criminal. it pulls at your heartstrings when you hear that. >> you know, it does, and i have done this for over three decades. it is always controversial and emotional, but the blame needs to be placed on the father. her father came to this country illegally, he brought his child here illegally. whether or not she was born here, he put his family in this position of being here illegally in violation of our laws. he should have protected his family. if he is the sole care provider, there is no other parent available, he will be released on ankle bracelet to go take care of his child. if there is another parent
8:06 am
there -- during their interviews, all of these employees -- one of the first questions that we ask them, is your child under the age of 18? where are they? how can we contact them? i.c.e. does an awful lot. separations happen a lot. when american citizens get arrested, they are separated. it's sad and unfortunate, but you can't blame the men and women of i.c.e. for him to come out and say that this is about hate, he needs to read the very laws that congress enacted that makes it a crime to knowingly -- >> sandra: i want you to respond further. here's work in castro's statement on the i.c.e. raids. "let's be clear. i.c.e. raids of this scale are not conducted for the purpose of enforcement. striking fear in the hearts of our community when latinos are already living in terror." continue your response to what
8:07 am
can castro. >> he is wrong. he is so wrong. this is about immigration law. laws that congress enacted. creating laws, enacting laws. as a lawmaker, he needs to do one thing, go back and read the very statutes that -- he is a lawmaker. if you don't like it, change it, but don't vilify the men and women who do their job. >> sandra: i want to add this criticism from donna brazile. a former interim chair of the dnc. she joined us last hour. the 9:00 hour and said this. >> i woke up thinking about the little children of mississippi who are getting up this morning without a parent through no fault of their own. i know that their parents may be here you know was no documentation, but still, they have nobody to bathe them. to comb their hair, send them off to school, and yet, the onus of the facility, where they are
8:08 am
arrested. >> sandra: can you address that, tom? >> yes, the owners are under criminal investigation, absolutely. they want to make sure that the child has some sort of day care provider. >> sandra: an investigation, or were they arrested? >> this is a criminal investigation. the message that we want to keep sending to the rest of the world, get job. get separated from your child for a time while you are being processed, if that is the message that you want to send, that we are not serious, you're never going to solve the border crisis. more women are going to be rap raped, so you can't have it both ways. you either enforce laws, or you don't. this country doesn't want open borders. >> sandra: to be clear, the owners of the facilities, where they take in well?
8:09 am
>> i do not know that for sure, but i can tell you that this is a criminal investigation. that started on identity theft, tax evasion, our bring. so if they can prove their case against them, they will be charged. all work site investigation started as criminal investigation and ends with the prosecution of those who would knowingly harbor it illegal immigrants. >> sandra: i know that we will in the coming days. we appreciate you coming on to react to this. tom homan, thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: new reports from the pentagon now, showing isis getting strength again in syria. the president insisting on removing u.s. forces. dan hoffman spoke with us a bit earlier today about the report. >> the president has drawn down some of our capacity in syria, and the question for the administration is is this the right amount, roughly 1,000 troops with some intelligence capacity. it is always challenging when we
8:10 am
outsourced to foreign actors. >> bill: lucas tomlinson picks it up from there. lucas, what do we have? >> bill, and a press conference yesterday afternoon, secretary of state mike pompeo said he has not read the report but didn't appear too worried about isis. >> this administration is incredibly mindful of the success that we have had versus isis and the continuing challenge. we understand that the threat from terrorism, more broadly than just isis continues to exist in the world. we are doing all of the right things. >> the new report, isis is coming back, returning to its insurgent routes in iraq. there are 45,000 isis supporters and family members with minimal security watching over them according to the report. it also states "the iraqi military holds forces recaptur recaptured, and fighters in syria still lack personnel." 10,000 fighters remain detained, but many countries are reluctant
8:11 am
to take back the foreign fighters. last night, britain's new top diplomat issued the following morning. >> are you worried that isis is making a resurgence? >> i think the one thing that we learned about, terrorism and al qaeda, i think we are likely to see extra troops deployed in that area. >> the u.s. military has cut roughly half of their forces in syria. they want the u.k. to step up. now, that doesn't appear to be happening. the report also warns of an increased threat. the pentagon says iranian forces are jamming the gps devices in the persian gulf. to lure them into iranian waters. bill. >> bill: thank you, lucas. lucas tomlinson for the pentagon there. >> sandra: attempting to shame them for backing president trump. >> you know what this does. he was hoping that they would be
8:12 am
discombobulated or harassed or whatever. and i just think that we all have a right in america, a right to free speech. >> sandra: meanwhile, congressman what can castro is still defending the move. "wall street journal" -- on de deck. >> bill: reigniting the push to do more on guns in america. president trump says he supports more background checks, so willed on both sides put aside their rhetoric and actually work toward significant change. we will hear from the 2020 campaign on that coming up next. >> we will sit down, we will think clearly, because that is what people expect us to do, and we will look at the ways we can make society safer. so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it was two years, fours years, or nearly thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is a va mortgage benefit that lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value.
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8:16 am
>> i support what the president is doing, trying to bring congress together to look at these issues. many of those are federal issues. background checks. strengthen their support for that if it is done correctly, not only by gunowners but the general public. the red flag laws are difficult. you have to be very careful that you are not taking away someone's rights while also being sure that people who shouldn't have guns in their hands do not have those guns. >> sandra: texas lieutenant governor dan patrick saying that he is open to new gun laws flooded by president trump already, and we are losing them like learning that the president
8:17 am
did speak to wayne lapierre on tuesday. director of strategy communications 42020. good morning, have you been given any information about what transpired on the phone call? >> not specifically as it relates to that phone call, but he is considering weighing various policy options to hear from all sides on these issues, and obviously, something like this, the nra would have the communication, and thoughts on those issues, so it makes sense that the president would hear from them as he is considering all of these options. >> sandra: what are you hearing about willingness on the part of the president and other republicans to come forward and show their willingness to change some come law gun laws in this ? >> there is a great appetite, especially on the red flag laws. we have already had examples where these kinds of things have worked. see something, say something post 9/11. i would even add "friends don't
8:18 am
let friends drive drunk." we have it in our heart in america to be able to reach out when we see someone close to us i may be going down a dark path or we see something out of place, notifying the authorities and then letting that process play itself out. i think that is what the president is talking about here, and if we can stop somebody from going down that path, being a threat to themselves or to other people, i think it is something that a lot of people would take advantage of, and it could save lives. >> sandra: there is a lot of discussion about where the two sides can potentially come together to enact some sort of change. senator chris coons was on fox earlier today and said this. >> we need to find ways to legislate together. and the president's leadership on taking real stops on background checks will be critical. both the governor of ohio, mike dewine, the congressman from dayton, mike turner, and the republican senator from oh ohio, rob portman, have no steps
8:19 am
forward, calling for more decisive action. there is more legislation that we can take. >> sandra: believes the big question, still, what can be done? does the question need to be political to keep the guns out of the hands of people like the killers in ohio and texas last weekend. >> i think the president is taking the right approach, that there is no single thing that can be done. we have to do and all of the above. the president has already taken strong action to close these loopholes, and more may need to be done. he is willing to have that conversation, but when you add a red flag laws, and other things like the president has done, like banning bum stocks, we can work together on this, but the mental health that has to be part of this discussion. we have to get out of this partisanship that blames politics for what is going on. anytime we are not blaming anyone other than the shooter, we are doing ourselves a disservice.
8:20 am
>> sandra: ; for bipartisanship in the wake of the shootings, a couple of presidential candidates, the front runner, joe biden, and beto o'rourke saying this this week. >> as the sitting president, trumps anger, hate, and divisiveness, pitting americans against each other -- >> the epidemic of guns is fueling a literal carnage in america. >> how worried are you that was donald trump still in office, something like this will inevitably have it again? >> it will happen again. >> sandra: he says is going to happen again if the president remains in office. biden talking about the president fueling literals carnage. what is the campaign's response to that? >> i mean, this is absolutely shameful. the president is trying to bring our nation together. there are reports now coming out when the president was down on his knees so children could hug him while they were visiting hospitals. you heard obviously even the
8:21 am
mayor of dayton talking about the warm reception on the love that he received, and the first lady received, and for them to take partisan shots on a day when we are trying to come together, it's just cheap. end is not even sure what the vice president was saying. and of course to the former congressman from texas, i mean, this is just blatant scare tactics that the left always tries. it's not going to work. let's stop it with this and get back to trying to heal and come together, rather than tearing people apart. >> sandra: our thoughts remain with those communities trying to heal together. we appreciate your time. >> bill: there are developments this morning on a new hollywood movie that depicts the killing of trump supporter's. will "the junta" still be released even after the mass shootings in el paso and dayton? we will look at that in just a moment. ♪ ♪
8:22 am
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>> bill: after the shootings in el paso and dayton, universal pictures now pulling ads for a movie called "the hunt," which depicts wealthy americans -- it is build a satire. here is an image from the film. "warning, only designated people may be hunted in this area." now while the ads have been pulled, the movie is still set to open next week. guy benson, political editor, host of the guy benson show, good morning to you. i haven't seen it, i know you haven't seen it. what you make of what is happening here? >> i think at the very least, it is the right thing to at least hit the pause button on promoting this film. i think that the country is in a pretty raw place. we have dozens of people shot, many of them killed over the last couple of days. last weekend, so to have a movie, even though it is satire,
8:26 am
that depicts americans hunting and killing americans, i think that is maybe not an image that a lot of people want to see at the moment. >> bill: pretty much a step too far, huh? >> i think in terms of -- you have to think about this within the context of the new cycle. this is satire. i am not someone who supports trying to ban movies are called for movies to be pulled completely because they depict things that are very uncomfortable or even rather quite offensive. this is how satire work sometimes, even though it is very dark. i just think when you are marketing a movie like that in this moment, given what happened, you are going to really offend a lot of people. they are i think rightly stopping the promotion for the moment. >> bill: here is apparently a little bit of the back and for forth. the second character says at least the hunt is coming up, nothing better than going out
8:27 am
and slaughtering a dozen deplorables. you are a little bit cautious when it comes to the speech police. i can hear that in your answer. here's what universal said. "out of sensitivity to the recent tragedies, we have temporarily pause in the marketing campaign and are reviewing materials as we move forward." you score that as a smart move, guy? >> yeah, americans don't want to turn on their televisions, especially right now, and see trailers for a movie again that shows a certain group of people being hunted down and shot by other people. even if it is satire. you are absolutely right. i am not in favor of saying let's go watch the hole, let's have a giant boycott. these types of movies aren't allowed to be made in america. i think that there is a sensitivity that the studio needs to have when it comes to promoting the film, and i don't know if it is already finished, but if they want to add a twist
8:28 am
to the movie, perhaps they can write in a character of a democratic congressman releasing a list of deplorables to find around the country to be hunted, perhaps. >> bill: we will see if they are taking ideas. guy benson on that from washington. >> sandra: meanwhile, the fda launching a new investigation, raising concerns now. our doctor will be here on that. plus, new followed after congressman joaquin castro tries to shame trumps donors on twitter. the president is firing back on that. kim strassel is here to react. >> i don't want anybody harassed or targeted. >> you put their names out in public.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> quite frankly, maybe i was a little naive, but i just was angered by the fact that anybody -- being there as a
8:32 am
contributor, but tying me to that horrific tragedy in el paso was galling. it just made me sick to my stomach. >> sandra: he was named by joaquin castro on twitter. texas democrat and a brother of 2020 presidential hopeful julian castro. it turns out that some of those donors gave to the castro brothers as well. leland vittert is live with all of that at the white house. >> it is not unusual in politics for donors to give money to members of both parties. it is very unusual, though, for a politician to name and shame one of their donors on twitter. it turns out joaquin castro did it to a number of them. of the 44 donors, that castro called out, it turns out three of them gave thousands to castro's campaign as well. in fact, close to 12,500 to him
8:33 am
and another three donors told the "washington examiner" that they gave to his mayoral campaign. not surprisingly, one of them, when hartwell, not so happy. i was also on the list of people like you to castro, he said, "and if he doesn't like me enough that he wants to put my name out there, i am not going to give money to him again. obviously he feels strongly against me. nothing elevates a politician to the national conversation like being treated about by the president." joaquin castro was probably more talked about than he ever has been before. here's what the president had to say about him on twitter. "i don't know who joaquin castro is other than the lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate (1%) who makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. joaquin is not the man that his brother is, but his brother, according to most, is not much. keep fighting joaquin!" that one person refers to julian castro standing in the latest poll for the democratic
8:34 am
nomination. coupland wrote this. "we will keep fighting. the american people will fight every day for our nation against your hate, corruption, and ego, and we will win." now, that castro's may pledge to keep fighting, but at least right now, it appears that they are going to have to continue that fight with one less donor. >> sandra: leland vittert out the white house for us this morning. >> bill: we want to bring in kimberley strassel from "the wall street journal" board. we have been reading about this. what we heard from that donor a moment ago, you can tell that people -- the massacre in el paso. >> red. there were two fouls here. it is irresponsible and inappropriate for a public official to out and then target donors, especially in this day and age where we are seeing so much violence out there. we know what comes from that.
8:35 am
we have seen the consequences from it in the past. that is one thing. then to tie anybody who expresses a political favoritism via donation as tying them to extremist acts and acts of violence is also totally inappropriate. and i hope both castro brothers, who seemed to be unrepentant about the fact that this happened, that they are willing to take responsibility for any consequences that come from these actions. >> bill: well, you're right about that last point. they have not back down, and they have given no indication that they will, either. here is donna brazile with sandra earlier on our program. >> when you decide in a political rally on twitter, social media, to put names, you put people in jeopardy. you put them in jeopardy because you don't look at the context. this is a first amendment right to contribute to any candidate. >> bill: a couple of things that she said there. i don't know if they are in jeopardy, but the first
8:36 am
amendment right is indeed a fact. it's free speech. >> yeah, she is completely right. there have been some people out there who are suggesting well, this is public information, so if your game. well actually, the reason that we have campaign finance disclosure laws is to hold government accountable, to make sure that politicians are not engaging in bribery. it is not to hold the citizenry responsible for their political views. it is not to try to intimidate them, use it as a tool to try to scare them out of expressing their political views. people are getting that completely backwards. >> bill: how about the irony that six of the donors give money to the castro brothers in return? i want to turn to this tech meeting at the white house tomorrow. i am not sure who is going to attend. not sure what the invite list looks like, but this is the president earlier in july on this. >> i'm not speaking for our si
8:37 am
side, assuming -- i don't even know if you are on our side here you could be some of the most liberal people in the world in this audience, and it's okay. i don't care. but we are talking about it for everyone. a big tech must not censor the voices of the american people. >> bill: 's part of the reason that this is coming up is because of this mitch mcconnell thing. people went to his house. they were quite loud and rude with their language. they were held back from doing that, but at the same time, there is a list online on the twitter handle that goes after mitch mcconnell. what his campaign says is that you can't have it both ways. i think the tricky part in all of this, how do you police this? and can you do it fairly and appropriately? >> well, look. i think the tech companies have got a big challenge ahead of them. they are going to need to become pretty proactive about this.
8:38 am
there are a lot of politicians on both sides of the aisle that are currently unhappy with big tech for a variety of issues, and if they don't step up in trying to handle this proactively and privately on their own, they are going to find themselves regulated in ways that they are not going to appreciate. >> bill: hmm. so they have to make the first move? >> yes, absolutely, and this is an issue, the censorship of conservatives. something that was just grumblings among others of the conservative community to you becoming a top and overriding priority in the party. and i don't care who you are in big business, what your political beliefs are, having an entire party believe that you are gunning for them when those people have some measure of control in washington and the state legislator, that is just not a place that you want to be as a business. it is why businesses give equally, et cetera. so they have a real problem when half of the country believes
8:39 am
that they are biased against them. >> bill: 's kimberly, thank you so much for your comments today. generally stressful, nice to see you today. >> sandra: robert mueller drawing scrutiny right now. why some are suggesting mueller may have misled congress. we are going to hear from former deputy independent counsel sol wisenberg. he will join us next. >> your may 29th the press conference, did it have anything to do with the fact that the previous day, the judge threatened to hold your prosecutors and contempt for misrepresenting evidence? >> no. attention veterans, if you own a home, newday usa can help you turn your va mortgage benefits into an important part of your retirement plan. newday veteran homeowners take out an average of over $50,000 or more to consolidate credit card debt and get some breathing room by lowering their payments by an average of $600 a month. newday can also show you how to pay off your
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8:43 am
september. it will be told from the point of view of the women involved in the investigation. >> sandra: meanwhile, raising questions about robert mueller's testimony to congress last mon month. rebuked mueller and his lawyers for overstating evidence that the kremlin directed key parts of the election interference. one day later, you will remember, this moment, holding the news story, doubled as a cleanup effort as ordered by the judge. and they say mueller possibly committed perjury by denying that when he appeared before congress. sol wisenberg, fox news contributor. sol, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: some members of congress are alleging that mueller may have perjured himself when i came to the timeline and what may or may not
8:44 am
have happened. do they have any evidence of that? >> no, not really. there are some concerns about the suspicious timing of things. apparently the day before mueller's press conference, the judge excoriated in a private hearing, the mueller team for a certain portion of the mueller report that was broader than what we had. and mueller in his report basically states that it was directed by the russian government. the judge said hey, that goes further than what is in the indictment. you are prejudicing these indictments. if you guys make any statements in the future, you better not repeat that, what you did in the mueller report. he happened to go up the next day, the day that he announce the ending of his investigation, and he was very careful to say about the operation is not connected to the russian government, so people are
8:45 am
putting those two things together and saying he must have perjured himself and his testimony because he was asked whether the calling of the press conference has anything to do with the church's criticism, and he said no. but that is really all that they have right now. suspicious circumstances. >> sandra: let's take into that. tom mcclintock with robert mueller during his testimony last month. >> why did you suggest russia was responsible, when in court, you have been unable to produce any evidence to support it? >> i'm not going to get into that any further than i have. >> they left a clear impression throughout the country, that it was the russian government, yet when you are called upon to provide actual evidence in court, you failed to do so. >> sandra: so we do know that the u.s. district court judge called on attorneys prosecuting this case, and it was a closed hearing, and the judge made the case that mueller had overstated the evidence when
8:46 am
he was applying in that report to congress that the trolls were controlled by the russian government among other things. so, could republicans lay out evidence that robert mueller perjured himself in the testimony? >> first of all, they would have to show -- she would have to show in a court of law that his testimony was even false. then you would have to prove that he intentionally -- intentionally lied. look. let's face it. let's be real. there is never going to be a criminal referral of bob mueller for that exchange. there is never going to be an indictment of bob mueller for that exchange. what i think is interesting is that we all give a person like bob mueller the benefit of the doubt in this situation. but isn't it interesting how nobody gave jeff sessions the benefit of the doubt? he misspoke when he testified in front of the senate about his contacts with russians during the campaign, and andrew mccabe apparently immediately opened
8:47 am
up -- at some point shortly thereafter opened up a perjury investigation of jeff sessions. it's too bad that sessions wasn't given the benefit of the doubt. perhaps general flynn should have been given the benefit of the doubt, that is going to be given to bob mueller here, so is there a double standard? was there a double standard? there was in some situations, but bob mueller is in no danger whatsoever appeared >> sandra: well, the the cases very clearly laid out and this real clear investigation is that you can see here. you can see exactly what the judge was directing to happen there. this is mcclintock in that real clear investigation piece on mueller's testimony. "it certainly doesn't pass the test. "i think this would be of interest to the u.s. attorney investigating conduct in this matter and the inspector general's office, but you say bob mueller will never
8:48 am
be prosecuted for perjury. a final words question marks because there is not even going to be a referral. all that they do is lay out a chronological timeline. they haven't even shown that mueller said anything false. he didn't call the press conference because of what the judge said. it is not unusual to you call a press conference when you are closing down the office. they haven't made the case. >> sandra: sol wisenberg. thank you. always nice to talk to you. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: disturbing reports about potential side effects. we will tell you how the fbi is responding on that when our doctor checks in next. moving is hard.
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8:52 am
crash. he and another bystander springing into action to save the baby trapped in an overturned vehicle. they were able to rescue the baby, still buckled into the car seat at the time. we are told thankfully no one was seriously injured. >> bill: good stuff there. well done. announcing a new investigation into vaping, looking into more than 120 reports of people having seizures after using an e-cigarette. dr. marc siegel, fox news contributor. good morning to you. high number. >> much more than expected. they started this investigation in april, and they asked people if you had a seizure, vaping and e-cigarette, please let us know. that is more than expected. the question is why. and i actually like to use these cigarettes to help smokers quit, so i don't think it is completely back, but we have an epidemic among our teens. 1 out of 5 high schools now vaping. some of them are vaping all day
8:53 am
long. at jewel, to name one company, the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. some middle schoolers may use two or three a day. juul has said that it is 2-7 times faster than a regular cigarette. so here's my question. does nicotine cause seizures? is that the problem? answer, we haven't proven it, but if you accidentally ingested one of these paths, you could have a seizure from the nicotine. nicotine has been associated with seizures, so if you've got it into your brain faster or more of it, but it cause a seizure? i think it's possible. >> bill: it's possible. inconclusive at the moment. the amount of nicotine in a cigarette is pretty standard, correct? >> correct. >> bill: is the amount of nicotine the same in one of these e-cigarettes? >> very good question. highly variable. it depends on which e-cigarette. and of course, that is what we
8:54 am
are worried about. the nicotine. it causes addiction. then you use other tobacco products. the tar that has been associated with cancer, emphysema. but the nicotine draws you in. it is variable. it is a lot. >> bill: should we know? should that be part of the regulation? >> you bet it should be. very important point you are making. that is the whole problem. it is not regulated. under the age of 18, and all states, you're not supposed to be able to access and e-cigarette. i don't want our teens with these e-cigarettes. that is the epidemic. less tobacco smoking, more e-cigarettes. >> bill: why is this exploding? why is this becoming popular? >> because it is so trendy. we always talk about this year on the show. social media. my friend is doing it, i'm doing it. flavors. >> bill: that's a big one. >> menthol is one, but you have mango, you have meant, cream.
8:55 am
creme brulee flavors. all of these flavors are trending. the paths look like something that you plug into a computer. very space-age, so it is very trendy among middle schoolers and high schoolers. i don't think people realize it is actually a public health epidemic. i am begging our teens out there watch out for the stuff. it will addict you to nicotine. >> bill: you believe that this is an epidemic? >> 1 out of 5 high schoolers is an epidemic. again, i like it better than cigarettes. i use it to you get cigarette smokers off, but i schoolers don't need any additional drug. like a nicotine, that jazz is them up, increases their heart rate. it can have long-term health effects and can lead to cigarette use. three to four times the amount of teens will end up smoking cigarettes that start with e-cigarettes. >> bill: thank you, doctor. >> good information. >> bill: marc siegel, thank you very much. >> sandra: fox news, new
8:56 am
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>> i have never been a quitter. to leave office before my term is completed is important to every instinct in my body but as president, i must put the interests of america first. therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> sandra: the end of a political scandal in today's "newsroom news vault" come with president nixon announcing his resignation on this date back in 1974. the very next day he became the only american president to ever step down. impeachment proceedings against him were underway at the time over the watergate break-in. tapes where nixon could be heard or to get back to how that investigation came out days before he made his historic
9:00 am
resignation announcement. 45 45 years ago today. >> bill: some kind of american history. we've got to roll. give hemmer and smith the rep. >> sandra: "newsroom news vault" five starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, a new showdown over president trump's push to enforce existing immigration laws after massive ice rates in mississippi target several businesses in what's being called the largest single-state immigration enforcement operation in u.s. history. this is this is "outnumbered" am melissa francis. here today is that host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy herself. fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. former ohio senate democrat minority leader, capri cafaro. joining us on the couch, chris wilson. former poster for the ted cruz 2016 campaign. you are "outnumbered." you are wearing very festive socks.


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