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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 8, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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eastern. right now, melissa francis in for harris. i'm a little early. >> melissa: fox news alert, new fallout after the chair of a democratic presidential campaign outed trumped owners in an effort to publicly shame them. this is "outnumbered overtime" and i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. democratic huntsman joaquin castro, who chairs his brother julian's white house bid, under fire for posting on twitter the names of large trumped owners. one of those donors serious had this to say to fox. >> he knows exactly what he's doing. america is a free country. my dad fought in italy as a combat soldier in world war ii. he was a big advocate of the first amendment. to be bullied with slivers of racism, i think a lot of people in my generation who support the president are tired of it. >> melissa: all this as the billionaire owner of soulcycle and equinox is facing backlash over his support for the
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president with celebrities calling for boycotts and pulling their memberships. leland vittert has more from the white house. >> hey, melissa. going after the businesses of major donors to president trump is really a new page out of the playbook of celebrities wanting to take on the president prespeaking of that fund-raiser, hosted by stephen ross, some of those tickets are going to go for a quarter million dollars a year, his hampton home. he's not a household name but some of his companies are. luxury fitness giant equinox, where memberships go for 200 plus dollars a month. soulcycle, a single class can cause dolomite cost $30. they said they have nothing to do with the fund-raiser and do not endorse it. but they have a few less customers. chrissy teigen -- "everybody who cancels their membership, meet me at the library and bring weights." once a friend to the present, now a host of "morning joe" on msnbc, "no more soulcycle, will
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never go there again." so far there are not any celebrities calling out for the boycotts on businesses that the 44 trumped owners that joaquin castro called out on twitter owner. but castro come over the past 24 or 36 hours, has spent every minute almost defending those tweets, calling the donors out. >> i don't want anybody harassed or targeted. >> but they will be because you put their names in public. >> that was not my intention. >> but that's what will happen. >> these things are public. what i would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy who was fueling hate in this country. >> know we have the law of unintended consequences. it turns out three of the 44 donors called out on twitter by castro gave thousands to his campaign as well. close they are, as you can see come to $12,000 among those three. another three donors told the "washington examiner" they
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donated to castro's mayoral campaign. not surprisingly, one of them wane our will. senator new real real estate executive. not happy. "if he dislikes me enough that he wants about my name out there against trump, i'm not going to give money to him. obviously he feels pretty strong to me. does he feel that way enough to give the money back and neck we ask that question. the president weighing in and raising this to a national level of conversation. here is the tweets. "i don't know who joaquin castro is other than the lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate. 1%. who makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. joaquin is not the man his brother is, but his brother according to most is not much. keep fighting, joaquin." that 1% refers to the polls in the democratic nomination. he writes this.
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"joaquin will fight every day against your hate, your corruption, your ego, and we will win. #adiostrump. that's pretty clear the castro brothers are now without a couple of donors. >> melissa: to be clear, they did not immediately stand up once he realized it and instantly refund that money to those donors who they think are horrible people. they didn't do that, the castro brothers. we haven't heard from them yet. >> that's correct. >> melissa: thank you for that, leland vittert. for now i'm joined by trump 2020 campaign looks person, at kayleigh mcenany. thank you for joining us. does this have an impact now these businesses are being targeted? new york magnates care about their business is paid that's fair, it's what they put their life into. have you seen anybody pulling out of going to the dinner, or few people wanting to host? has this had any kind of a chilling effect?
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>> no, we haven't seen that at all. you have historic fund-raising. we expect that to continue. one donor who was targeted, who was on that list, anonymously told "the daily caller," "this is having the reverse impact. it's emboldening our donors." she said she was on the phone with donors, friends, who were not yet donors but said that because of this they are donating to president trump. when they do this, and target trump supporters and donors, they embolden our base. they embolden our donors and it will fuel our fund-raising. >> melissa: that's a part of the people are talking about as much. they see these people maybe targets of violence and that's horrible, but the real point was to make people afraid to donate money in the future and are free to raise their hand, afraid to come forward and support a political candidate because they might be treated to the same kind of boycott that these folks are. so that's really the idea behind it. you are not seeing any of that? it's hard for me to believe that anybody, that you are bored
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would go to you and say -- for example, in the soulcycle situation, i've met the founders a number of times. they strike me as being very liberal. when i've heard them talk about politics. they would not want to be associated with president trump. the fact that there backer, who is stephen ross, that he's a conservative, that's a big difference between these two groups. that's going to cause friction within that company. i would think that would make people who are heads of companies concerned about making donations. speak of the heads of companies know what we are up against. a socialist agenda that would wreck and ruin their businesses. the livelihoods of americans. but this economy we are seeing, versus the trump successes we've seen. so they are motivated. nothing is changing that. but i will tell you, melissa coming at the nail on the head at the top of your comment there. the motive of this is to make this as painful as possible to be a trump supporter.
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the left does not want president trump holding rallies. they don't want him receiving donors. they don't want us out there talking about illegal immigration's. so what do they do? they demonize anyone who is not a supporter. it's whaler clinton called us all deplorable. it why joe biden's idea are the dregs of society. it's why maxine waters said, "if you see a trump cabinet official, push up against them in a business." marcia fudge on the house floor literally called us all racist. that's their motive. demonize us and we backed down. but we are not backing down. we are showing up. it's my president trump has thousands waiting outside his rallies and many camping out the night before. >> melissa: this started because the castro brothers on others on the left say the president is at least partially responsible for the mass killings that have occurred in the past few days. over the weekend. with his rhetoric, that it has fueled what has happened in this country. how do you respond to that?
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>> that's a despicable accusation. that's something, by the way, i would note that the right does not do. we do not blame bernie sanders for the congressional baseball shooting. we did not blame aoc who used "concentration camp," which was used by an attacker on the i.c.e. facility. we don't blame people who have made anti-semitic comments in congress when the synagogues have come under horrendous attacks and assaults. >> melissa: do you think everybody needs a trotted out a little bit? >> i think the left needs to turn it down. >> melissa: what about the president can make >> president trump was consoling victims yesterday he was hugging children. he was around the country, as joe biden was giving a despicable speech assailing the president. you have a president invoking unity and a want to be president assailing him. that gives the contrast that everyone is witnessing. >> melissa: kayleigh, thanks for coming on. appreciate your time. another fox news alert, the el paso gunman's mother saying she called police weeks before the shooting expressing concern about her son's weapon. but the local police department is now disputing that claim,
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asserting they do not have a record of that call. jeff paul joins us from el paso. tell us the latest on this stor story. >> melissa, the mom of the suspected shooter reportedly made this phone call to police to get some information. that's it. this ak-type rifle and firearm that her son owned, she wanted to ask police if it was okay that someone of his age and experience owned this rifle. that was not made because she thought he was any sort of threat to anyone. she didn't leave her name, she'd leave her son's name. a spokesperson for the police department said they aren't aware of this call. we are also learning more about the response from the police once this shooting happened. the el paso police chief wrapped up a news conference a little while ago and said officers were on the scene within 6 minutes. you might notice something by me has changed out here in front of the memorial. they have put up a fence around the perimeter of the walmart, a
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few feet away from where that shooting happened. a big part of the reason for that is because as this investigation develops investigators say they are going to be removing some evidence that is rather gruesome. >> the scene as i explained to the media, on i believe saturday or sunday, was a horrific one. something that no one should ever see. needless to say, it will be burned in people's memories as far as the investigators. >> a few moments later, after the police chief said that, the city manager interrupted him with a pretty amazing story. take a look at this. >> they have a policy that they wait on the other officer to have to go in. part of the direction that's given is no one is there. we need an officer that into by himself that waiting for backup in order to attempt to stop what was going on.
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we have extreme heroic actions that took place by officers. >> just one of the many stories of heroism we are starting to hear as they begin to trickle out regarding how some people out here risk their lives to save others. meanwhile, this memorial behind you will continue to grow in the coming days. today will begin the long process of maybe starting to heal, the first funeral of one of the victims begins later today. >> melissa: jeff paul, thank you. i.c.e. agents arresting more than 600 illegal immigrants and what is being called the longest single state law enforcement the best way way to deter illel immigration can make we will talk to a former i.c.e. supervid border agent next next. >> while we are a nation of immigrants, more than that, we are first and foremost a nation of laws. and the rule of law is the
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>> melissa: a federal prosecutor announcing the arrest of 680 illegal immigrants in mississippi after raids at food processing plants across the state. this commission amid reports that border crossings have dropped in the last month. let's bring in jason piccolo, former i supervisor, border patrol agent, and u.s. army captain. thank you for joining us. can i ask you, first of all, is this an unusual occurrence to see these kinds of raids? where is this business as usual? >> this is a huge raid. i've never seen a raid like this. you're talking about 680 arrests, apprehensions. so it's huge. it's not just arresting the migrants. it's going after these companie
10:17 am
companies. it's a very big event. >> melissa: a lot of people have said that you are going after people who are hard at work. it's not like you're out committing other crimes, other than coming to this country illegally. but they've come and then they are, they have families. are these particular criminals that the president wants to go after versus people are out there committing additional crimes? what do you say to that? >> i would say this is more going after the companies themselves. in order to deter immigration, illegal immigration, you're going to have to go after the economic poll. if you go after these big large corporations that are employing illegal migrants, that is with the message being sent was, to stop hiring illegal migrants. >> melissa: in your experience experience, we were talking about this early. this is a state that does have higher than average unemployment pair there plenty of people around who are not working. they're hiring these immigrants but at the same time, if you
10:18 am
have ever been inside one of these chicken facilities, it is really unpleasant work. in your experience, is that these companies are paying a lower wage to illegal immigrants? or is it that locals in the area do not want to do this kind of work? it's pretty grisly. >> think about this way. if they're using a false social security card or numbers, these companies can exploit them as much as they want and they don't have any recourse. the alien can't go to the government and say, "hey, look, i'm working here illegally. can you help me?" of these companies are explaining them. that's why you have hsi going after these corporations. >> melissa: in the meantime, other candidates the 2020 race taking him with i.c.e. agents doing this. this is what julian castro had to say. >> instead of breaking up families come we should break up i.c.e. the immigration plan we push forward, that's what i would do. break apart i.c.e. make sure the kinds of abuses we've seen never happen again.
10:19 am
this administration traffics in cruelty. >> melissa: what is your response to that? >> the only thing that would happen is if you broke up with ice, it would be named another organization. maybe the bureau of immigration enforcement. but there will always be the need to deport either aggravated felons or those who have an order of removal. the job is going to have to be done. what i would ask is, "if you want to make a change, vote. do it. get some sort of bipartisan piecemeal situation going to every can break down immigration and fix this issue." >> melissa: before you run out of time, what happens to the proprietors of these businesses? do they go to jail? >> yes, they could be jailed and they could face millions of dollars, maybe even a billion dollar fine, depending how gross this activity is. >> melissa: jason piccolo, thank you for joining us. amid all the finger-pointing after two mass shootings, one prominent columnist says both sides are wrong about what ails america. and how to fix it.
10:20 am
a former democratic official weighs in. plus, the 2020 presidential race heating up as nearly two dozen democrats and one republican attend an event that could make or break their campaigns. a live report from the iowa state fair, coming up. se. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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you to pay down debt, lower your monthly payments, put cash in the bank, and give you the peace of mind that every veteran deserves. >> melissa: president trump is now considering commuting the sentence of rod blagojevich, telling reporters that he thought the former illinois governor was treated unfairly. he was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2011, following a conviction of corruption charges. he was heard on wiretaps seeking to sell an appointment to barack obama's former senate seat after his election as president. it's time for some good old-fashioned deep fried foods and speeches. 22 democrats and one republican heading to the iowa state fair, and events that can make or
10:25 am
break their presidential campaign. joe biden steps up to the soapbox at the top of the hour. we have more from des moines. i >> we just talked to montana governor steve bullock, who will be the very first presidential candidate to stump on the soapbox to iowa caucus-goers, and really try to butter them up by making his pitch for president. but he's not the only candidate in iowa today. senator elizabeth warren was at a family farm in iowa earlier. bullock has criticized both warren and senator bernie sanders forgetting to progressive and being out of touch with everyday americans. well, today at this farm visit, war and was told by the farm owner that he has been branded as a socialist. speak out you've got to make that perfectly clear, because the press right away brands you as a socialist. >> i will try and get it right, in a way that -- i will talk
10:26 am
about bag policies and away to try and get it right for people. >> another big topic here, and important to farmers, is the ongoing trade back and forth with china. if you want to know about the pork industry, this is the place to be. they sell 90,000 pieces of pork throughout the iowa state fair. we talked to some of those pork producers about how they are doing during this ongoing back and forth with china. >> we raise soybeans. i think we have done damage to the soybean trade, that we won't get back. they can ramp up in other countries and just replace it. i applaud the idf, what he's doing, but it's really devastating to agriculture. >> farmers are used to playing the long game, and used to rolling with that. but we would like things to change.
10:27 am
everybody, human nature, change it as fast as we can. in terms of playing the long game, pig farmers are still on the president side. >> bullock will speak in a few minutes on the soapbox and then former vice president biden will be here for pretty much every other candidate this is their first time as presidential candidate here is iowa state fair. of course, biden has done this before. melissa? >> melissa: hillary, thank you for that. political divisions heightened this week, of course, after deadly mass shootings in el paso and dayton. now prominent congressman jonah goldberg is saying they are both wrong about how to fix with dealing america. he writes, "where everyone loses me is the idea that the solution to these maladies can be found in washington or in nationalizing movements of the right or the left." when each tribe seeks to impose a one says one-size-fits-all, it's nol we hold dear is at stake with
10:28 am
the bell docs metastasize. for many and a few, ballads give way to bullets." thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> melissa: this article is compelling because it talks about the idea there's a lot of commonality in what we hear from both republicans and democrats in the sense that on the right, when they talk about nationalism, they are sort of saying that everybody comes together as one. even on the left when they are talking about socialism, there is a similar underlying theme in that we all must cooperate and come together as one. it seems like overall, there is a yearning for connection. but we sort of her having exactly the opposite outcome. what are your thoughts? >> it right. it was a fascinating article. but the same voters that put donald trump in office, who thought they were left behind by the economy, are the same ones who believe in the audacity of
10:29 am
hope of barack obama, 48 years later. looking for that type of unity. looking for that nationalism. the problem with the right as they have this white nationalism that follows them, and their rhetoric with the president is very similar. on the democratic side, socialism scares even democrats, let alone conservatives. but they are still yearning for a better america. so the national dialogue that i think jonah calls for is super important. there might not be practical, but it's a dialogue of reconciliation, resolution, and tolerance. but the biggest social ill have is the race and class issues. we've never resolved that. we've never had a dialogue where we got beyond what happened with slavery. i'm not talking about reparations or even forgiveness. i'm talking about sitting down with people that don't look like me and you, share different views, and having a dialogue about being americans and what's
10:30 am
important to us. >> melissa: i don't want to stray too far from the article, because his point is -- you say sitting down at having a dialogue. his point is that you can't actually do that on a national level because we are millions of people. and that the only way to kind of connect and sort out differences is face-to-face. and that's what's getting lost in our society. that it's up to communities to work together and work out their differences. in a way, national dialogue is a fallacy because we can't be in the same room and look at each other and talk to each other. instead, everyone is tweeting. all these things we don't connect unless you are actually together. what you think about that? >> i think it's possible if you have the right leadership in the house and the senate. >> melissa: those guys are a mess. >> they may be, but they want to be voted back in. the community dialogue is really important. you just expand that social platform whereby it's all around this country. i think it's super important. because i got to tell you, i'm a
10:31 am
democrat. i sit in the green room at fox news a couple times a week. you know that? i got to tell you the g.o.p. superstars that the democrats are opposed to, i must tell you, when i sit down and talk with them about family, kids, the economy, about lower taxes, i'm a democrat. i have a great conversation. >> melissa: that's what we always say. during the breaks on "outnumbered" we have a great time at a great conversation. and in "the nation," everybody's looking at each other because they don't look at each other face-to-face. so you walk away still angry. but when we are still together, we may have difference of opinion but we see our commonalities. anyway, things are coming on. i wish we had more time. let's do it again. is isis making a comeback in syria? a new pentagon report warns that the terror group's ideology is spreading. and u.s.-backed forces drop down. we have a live report coming up next. plus, as president trump met with survivors and first responders in el paso and d10, 2020 democrats ramped up their rhetoric against him.
10:32 am
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>> melissa: fox news alert, the pentagon now saying isis is staging a comeback in syria less than five months after president trump announced the caliphate there had been 100% defeated. but secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. is doing "all the right things" to fight terrorism. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with more on the report. lucas? >> melissa, we are minutes away from a press conference of the state department. yesterday secretary of state mike pompeo that had not read the pentagon report but didn't appear to worried about isis. >> this evisceration is muffled the success we've had versus isis and the challenger continues to present the world. we understand the threat from terrorism, more broadly than just isis, continues to exist in the world. redoing the right things.
10:37 am
>> they are returned to their insurgent routes in iraq. at a refugee camp in northern syria there are 45,000 isis supporters and family members. according to the new report, it also states, "the iraqi military and areas recaptured from isis and u.s. backed fighters in syria also like personal." many countries are reluctant to take back the foreign fighters. britain's new top divan that issued the following morning >> are you worried isis is making a resurgence? >> the one thing we've learned is that islamic-based militant terrorism is that you cannot take your eye off the ball. i think we are likely to see extra troops to play in that area. >> the u.s. military has cut roughly half its forces in syria and wants other countries like the u.k. to step up. now it doesn't appear that will
10:38 am
happen. in a separate warning, the pentagon says iranian forces are jamming the gps navigation devices in the persian gulf and strait of hormuz and pretend to be u.s. war ships on the radio to lure them into iranian waters. the advisory also warns iranian forces are jamming the connections devices aboard those commercial ships. melissa? >> melissa: lucas tomlinson, thank you. >> you been very clear you believe the president's recess. is he a white the premises? >> he is. he's also made that very clear. he has sought to dehumanize those who do not look like or pray like the majority here in this country. he is very clear about how he prefers to be in this country and who he literally wants to keep out with walls and cages and militarization and torture and cruelty. >> melissa: 2020 democrat candidate beto o'rourke: president trump a white supremacist even as the president was meeting with victims and first responders in el paso and dayton yesterday
10:39 am
after the shootings there. he's turning fellow democrats casting the president as a white supremacist or a racist, or saying that he's fanning the flames of white supremacy. the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. says that she has gone head-to-head with genuine racists and president trump is not one. and that the country needs to unite. watch this. >> we have to overcome evil with good. when we hear that, don't laugh at it, don't agree. when people are calling each other racist and all of that, we are one blood. one human race. different ethnicities. we are not color-blind. we can see. but that's for the purpose of appreciating each other. and we have to do that. >> melissa: we bring in our power panel. kevin michael is a radio host with sailor media. reconquer is a syndicated radio is an editor in chief of the daily centrist. things are joining us. in the wise words of taylor swift, is a time for everybody to come down? >> i think it's beyond time.
10:40 am
beto o'rourke has fallen far from someone who is thought to be a real contender in the senate race against ted cruz. just a short while ago, to what you're seeing what of him now. this is the most desperate act of somebody who is losing ground. one of the questions were asked to consider for the segment, do we think it's going get worse? i absolutely do. i do. everyone of those candidates has something to gain by fanning this discussion of trump and supposedly white's primacy. but it's not good for the country. if you really care about the country, we would start seeking solutions where all people come together as opposed to this. >> melissa: rick, is there any way to win on either side without letting your hair on fire? it seems like -- if you were out there and you were honestly talking to a campaign, wouldn't you have to say something outrageous in order to get the attention, to stick out? on any side at any race, it
10:41 am
seems like you have to do that. >> i really like your question. nobody has been asking that question and it's the right one. i don't like what happened yesterday. i really don't. i don't like it from the democratic candidates, i don't like it from the president. it was a day of grievance. not your personal political grievance, a day of grievance for the people who lost their lives and their families. it was just a horrible thing all the way around. you are right, it does seem like everybody has to light their hair on fire. there's no surprise to you two, a lot of the president's rhetoric i don't like. but yesterday was not the day to litigate it. and i didn't want to see it litigated yesterday. i was disappointed in all of them. >> well said. >> melissa: it seems like the president -- not that politics is ever clean, there's always name-calling and dirty tricks. there were always those kinds of things. but the president ran his campaign in 2016 by calling people names. it was effective. it was effective marketing, where you labeled somebody,
10:42 am
"low-energy job." it worked political operatives around the country watched this succeed and now this time around it feels like democrats feel like they must do the same thing in order to beat each other and to win. i wonder, if this is the new norm in politics and the only way that you can win, how do we deal with that? >> i think sadly it is the norm. and i don't think it's going to go anywhere. i think as we get into the election cycle for next year you are going to see this rhetoric. the democrats have had to winnow their field, like a public did in 2016. there will be some name-calling, elbow throwing. but the fewer there are, the worse it will be. when you're down to that final six, 4, 2, 3, they will go after each other. the president may benefit from that politically but i did just long for the day, melissa -- and i am center right until the day is long. i will die believing what i
10:43 am
believe. i long for the day we can sit around a table and have substantive discussion about the genuine differences in the ideas. because that's where america is the strongest. spew on but nobody votes -- >> how can you argue with that? you can't. it just makes sense. that's right. and we don't do it anymore. i tell you what, the democrats learned a lesson last week. none of this going after each other like that. >> melissa: we'll see. amen i a man hunt is over it for two teenagers wanted for murder. plus, a violent rampage living for people dead in southern california. what police say sparks that attack. next [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
10:44 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. democrats continue to hammer president trump over the shootings. karl rove says it could push politics to the breaking point. plus, it is summer and parks should be packed but a new study shows a record number of kids are refusing to play. i will ask espn analyst marty smith about that. and we are giving our wonderful canine companion a very special send-off. that's all in the next hour on "the daily briefing" ." >> melissa: canadian police say they are confident that two bodies found yesterday are the teenagers wanted for killing an american woman and two of the people, ending a nearly month-long manhunt.
10:48 am
jacqui heinrich is following the story for us. jacqui? >> melissa, new details are emerging about the suspects' final days and have police ultimately found their bodies. according to the daily mail, a local tour guide about a sleeping bag tangled and some willow trees in the nelson river last friday. he reported it to police and that's what set off the helicopter search of that river. during the search, police found the damage aluminum boat, some personal items on shore, marking the first clues since july 22nd. police found the car the teens allegedly stole from one of their victims, 64-year-old leonard dick. the daily mail reports the neighbors who spotted that abandoned car on fire also saw orange peels, a can of sardines, and half-eaten pork chops near that scene. the search continued for more than a week in the area of gillam, manitoba. police ultimately discovering the body's about 5 miles from the car and half a mile from the boat. police did not say how the suspects died, but the autopsy happening today in winnipeg. they are confident that it is
10:49 am
bryer schmegelsky and kam mcleod. they have been on the run for nearly three weeks after police found chynna deese and her boyfriend shot to death in british combi. and then the body of a botany professor, leonard dick, 300 miles from there. they have been charged with the murder but not formally charged with killing the young couple. police said wednesday their deaths don't rule that out moving forward. but the difficulty now is going to be figuring out why they allegedly killed these three people. >> we will not have the opportunity to speak with these individuals. again, the examination of the area where they are located today is still being dealt with and searched. there maybe additional items that could help in that regard. >> police said they logged more than 1400 man-hours finding the teens, with tips from the public. they said they traveled an area that would reach from london to moscow. melissa? >> melissa: wow.
10:50 am
jacqui heinrich, thank you. a suspect now under arrest and the stabbing and robbery spree in southern california. marianne rafferty has more from los angeles. marianne? >> melissa, the stabbings appear to be random. that's according to police. four people are dead, two badly wounded within a period of just a couple hours. first, what investigators say appeared to be five related knife attacks that happened at an apartment complex in garden grove, california. that's in orange county. around 4:00 in the afternoon, officers responded to a burglary and progress. one was fatally stabbed at that location with another badly wounded. from there the suspect went on the violent rampage. a local bakery was robbed. witnesses there saying the suspect had both a knife and a gun but no one was hurt. then an insurance business was hit. a female employee there was stabbed, but she fought back and is expected to make a full recovery. after that, a check-cashing business was also robbed. no one hurt there, but moments later a man was violently
10:51 am
attacked while filling up his car at a gas station. his nose was almost severed but he also survived. minutes after that, the suspect was spotted at a 7-eleven where he stabbed and killed a security guard and took that guard's handgun. the last business targeted in the rampage was a subway restaurant. a man inside also fatally stabbed before police closed in and arrested the suspect, described as a 33-year-old latino man. >> i have worked here in garden grove for 30 years. this is the first time ever ever seen something like this we have a suspect to kill four people in one day an attack of the people that are innocent victims. it is pure evil when this happens, and you don't see this happen every day. this is one of those things you see one time in a career. >> police say there is no apparent motive, but that all the victims are described as hispanic. several weapons were also recovered, including a machete that we used in the stabbing spree. melissa? >> melissa: wow.
10:52 am
that's a lot. thank you. after mass shootings in el paso and dayton, a film about deplorables being hunted down and shot. but will the hunt still be released as scheduled next month? howie kurtz is up next with his thoughts on this one. ♪ great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so if you're in a situation where you need some help financially give us a call. >> a philadelphia phillies fan stunning onlookers with this one-handed catch. look at that. watch as the man reaches up, snags a foul ball with a baby under his arm. the man posing for photos as his newborn daughter reaches for the ball. the crowd giving both of them a huge round of applause. look at that. i needed that. in the wake of this week's shootings, a studio pulling ad force "the hunt." it is a satire set to be
10:57 am
released next month. but the movie is making waves for the violent gun toting content and the under lying political agenda. fox news media analyst howard kurtz joins me now. this is interesting. i watched the whole trailer. there are a lot of big names in this. it's incredibly grisly, but it reminds me in some ways of "the hunger games." where it's a fight for survival. >> it sounds like an awful film. call it deplorable. how did suits green light this? we'll follow wealthy liberal vacationers as they go around shooting crazy conservatives? even as satire, doesn't sound like anybody i know would want to see such a thing.
10:58 am
>> melissa: they're trying to make a commentary on, i wonder about the political message because they're trying to make a commentary on the people that think they own society and they're so much better, they don't even think of people on the right as being human beings. i mean, i don't know. i watch it. i was trying to figure out what it is. i would not watch the whole movie. frankly, it is so violent that i can't watch something like that. obviously, they had to pull the ads this week. the timing. do you think ultimately they still release it? given just the actors that i saw in it, they spent a bunch of money. >> two minutes of your life you'll never get back. i hope this thing never sees the light of day and it's not just a short term problem because of el paso and dayton that they are temporarily shuffling the marketing. flip the script. can you imagine hollywood making a movie in which a bunch of elite conservatives try to shoot, you know, liberals?
10:59 am
everyone would think that was an awful idea. the fact that they are calling them deplorables, they might as well be wearing red maga hats. it is obviously named at trump supporters. it shows hollywood's addiction to violence. just because you go to the satire, according to you, it doesn't make it any less grisly. >> melissa: in my quick watching, it looked like the elites are the villains and in the end the people you were rooting for were the deplorables. it looked like they were gonna come out as the heroes. so i wonder, you know, if it was the other way -- i don't know. you know what point i'm trying to make. makes it sound like the good guys are the republicans. it >> epitomizes the problems with hollywood entertainment culture. now, whether it's satire or not, the excessive violence, getting big stars and this sort of thing. it sounds really political, even if the republicans are the good
11:00 am
guys. >> melissa: we'll go meet and see a good comedy instead. >> much better idea. >> melissa: thank you very much for watching overtime. "daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: fox news alert. our nation's political battles taking no time-out, even as our country continues to grieve the victims of mass shootings last weekend. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump slamming his kreut eubgs as he visited dayton and el paso. democrats, in turn, keeping up their attack. karl rove writing in a wall street journal op ed, quote, i understand why people believe some of the president's rhetoric is troubling, but labeling him essentially as an accomplice to murder will push our politics to the breaking point. it is a road america must not go down. karl joins me now. he's a former white house deepty chief of staff.


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