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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 14, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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what a thoughtful discussion. the market down even further, 727 points. you want to keep an eye on that all day, check out fb and at 4:00. the market closes over there. meanwhile, we are back at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: we will pick it up there as we are watching the dow. an indicator of a possible recession, sending u.s. stocks plunging today. "outnumbered" now. i'm harris faulkner. the dow down more than 700. it will be on the small part of your screen there at the show. the bond market through up a major red flag today. we haven't seen this since 2007 with regard to that. deirdre bolton's live at the new york stock exchange, part of our fox business network team. with the latest? we are seeing some big numbers now as it plunges. >> some big numbers indeed. you have them write under screens for your investors. of course, to follow harris -- you are quite right, that 2007
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referendum makes a lot of investors nervous. the last time we saw this pattern in the bond market was right before the credit crisis that preceded a pretty big recession. this is why racing anxiety in both the bond market and the stock market. yields on short treasuries -- as he mentioned the first time, since 2007 in plain english, people have more confidence in the longer-term economy than the shorter-term economy. that's an unusual kind of pattern. let's say you loan somebody money. in this case, we are talking about investor's the government. but if you loan somebody money, you expect to get it back. if you voted for very long time, you probably expect to get more money back. that's for the same with investors who loaned to the government. what we see is this a shift a pattern. can you hear me? sorry, harris. >> harris: go ahead. >> that's why you are seeing the banks sell off as well, because
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their lending businesses hurts. >> harris: and lost little while, in the middle of the day we are seeing this number go from almost 100 points. melissa francis and i, in the last hour, were saying that we really want to watch for is at the end of the day. when you see a number down that much, we want to see at the end of that as we come back? the markets typically come back. typically. >> they shown an interesting roller coaster pattern. if there is buying back, it's a sign of optimism. >> harris: the next question has to do with what's going on with tariffs, with the u.s. and china, and what's happening at the airport. protesters all over the place in hong kong. i just remember the president saying that our economy was resilient enough. and it still shows those signs of resiliency. as people begin to worry today, what are some of the good signs that you can point to that balance things out?
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you will hear a lot of negativity today. >> indeed we are. the new york stock exchange, even this inverted yield curve we've been talking about, it has only happened for a few hours. one day for it to really signal recession. you probably want to look for a pattern of more than a few weeks. we will hope it's a one-hit wonder, harris. back to you. >> harris: the summer time, i know we saw peter navarro of the white house team, economic advisor, talking earlier today in an interview saying that retail took a hit and that we are going to have to lean on consumers to buy our way out of that. is that how it really works? >> i think you are seeing a lot of pressure. today, for example, macy's is one of the stocks falling the most. the company said its earnings for this whole year are really disappointing to investors. so you are seeing extra pressure on that. as we know, the president also voiced concern about tariffs, indicating that he realizes that some level that its u.s. citizens and taxpayers and all
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of us who pay for the tariffs. holding off. normally, supports a group. but today's about selling. it's a mood, if you'd like. back to you. >> harris: as you like to remind us, don't look at your 401(k) day after day after day. unless you are retiring at the end of the week, then that's a different story. >> [laughs] that's right. >> harris: deirdre bolton. in the few moments we've been talking, it has come back a little bit. we are hopeful for the end of the day. thank you. we'll get to this fox news alert now. new fallout from jeffrey epstein's trucking death in jail, with reports that two of the jail guards assigned to check on him were asleep on the job. attorney general william barr has reassigned the warden of the manhattan federal center where the accused sex offender apparently killed himself. actually, he was a convicted predator and accused trafficker. but in the two guards that were supposed be watching him come on leave. they may fall to sleep on
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falsified their log entries. bryan llenas has more from the fox news room. bryan? >> harris, a source tells fox news the following -- the bureau of prisons has two teams working inside the critical center. right now, the first team is the after action team. which investigates any significant event that one of the prisons. a suicide reconstruction team interested getting how exactly epstein a partly killed himself and why. this, as the associated press reports the two guards watching epstein's unit are suspected of falsifying log entries showing they were checking on epstein and other inmates every 30 minutes as required when they actually were not. surveillance video reportedly shows they never made the rounds. "the new york times" reports the guards fell asleep and went to three hours without checking on epstein. the union representing the guards says they were overworked. one had worked
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volunteered to help because of over staffing. what comes next? the fbi is investigating. falsifying federal records is a felony. professionally, the bop will finish its report and submitted to a special review committee will decide what to do with these guards. harris? >> harris: we have pictures and evidence. i know prosecutors are looking at some very powerful men in all of this. there is one coconspirator who is a woman that we know about, and now apparently from a lawsuit that you know about from today, there could be other women who were involved. >> that's right. multiple accusers allege that ghislaine maxwell was his primary coconspirator, helping him recruit underage girls for his sex trafficking network. maxwell is epstein's former girlfriend. an oxford scholar and the youngest daughter of british tycoon and publisher robert maxwell. at least one accuser, virginia
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giuffre, alleged and unsealed document that maxwell careerist dozens of young girls to go to epstein's mansions, including that three girls are made available every single day. maxwell allegedly took photos of children in activities with epstein. these are all accusations that maxwell has denied. she's not alone. lawyers have filed a lawsuit calling on a judge to avoid epstein's controversial 2008 nonprosecution agreement. that specifically gave immunity to at least four women named as potential coconspirators including lindsey graham, former epstein assistant who are new travel arrangements for these young girls. and sarah callan, former epstein assistant who allegedly kept a rolodex of young girls to recruit. all of this, harris, as a new civil lawsuit was just filed today. by an obscene accuser, against maxwell. three of epstein's unnamed female housestaff and against epstein's own estates.
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she claims that epstein assaulted her repeatedly when she was 14 and 15 15 that is new york city mansion. she called the three women, the maid, the secretary, and the recruiter, "enablers" who robbed her of her youth. harris? >> harris: so many twists and turns pay bryan llenas on the story for us. thank you for bringing it down. i want to bring in former federal prosecutor doug burns. the coconspirator -- talk to me about following the trail of that. the concern that some are expressing in a wider way that with epstein gone we will get answers. >> it's very interesting, and you most dominic much go to the document. that was entered in the southern district of florida. >> harris: you mean the one that he got special agreement to speak of the sweeter deal that allowed him to plead guilty in florida state court. everybody felt it was a shockingly low sentence of the time. he was allowed to go to work,
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for 12 hours a day and 60s be, instead of being in jail. i have followed the case closely. on the way back then. we felt it was a sweetheart deal. shockingly i went back and read the nonprosecution agreement. it lists four names -- not maxwell, four others. it says the united states will not prosecute them. tricky. i think in the end the court will see the language meant just the southern district of florida. but it's a very interesting legal issue. hold on, it also says those four or any other potential conspirators. >> harris: wait a minute, that sweetheart deal -- i know that you you say if we say "alleged close to where sugarcoating it but i'm not you. now that we've laid out, are you saying it could protect someone in the future? potentially? >> you put it exactly right. it's very unusual.
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they say they've never seen language like that in a nonprosecution agreement. so everybody is clear, they say it jeff epstein will plead guilty in state court. they lay it all out, contingent on the judge. and by the way, the united states will not prosecute these four people. very surprising. >> harris: to be know if three of the four we women? >> i think all four are. i think. not 100%. >> harris: that's more than brian yunus was finding out his investigation i want to move into the guards. he was culpable, legally, for the death of jeffrey epstein? if, in fact, they were sleeping on the job and falsifying records as has been reported? >> i've been in two cases -- when in federal court, when in state court -- with similar fact patterns to this. the answer to your question is that suicide is the intervening legal factor paid the person took their own life. at the same time you're making a good point and i've heard other experts say there could ostensibly be some liability on the part of the prison. what happened here is very odd, because his lawyers asked if he be taken up suicide watch, and
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lest anybody be confused, suicide watch can be difficult to be on. you don't want it. >> harris: don't his lawyers do what he wanted to do? that he had reported the been injured, potentially by his own hand, days before his death? speak about what an irony, the high-powered lawyers -- i don't say that to arbitrarily come up with the point is high-powered attorneys said, "please take them off suicide watch." >> harris: maybe the client wanted that. he's paying them. speak and he did. he wanted it probably so he could kill himself. >> harris: but we don't know that. >> the question is, did you need independent medical opinion? that's a key legal issue. >> harris: thank you. all eyes on wall street. the corner of wall and abroad. the dow jones falling on new concerns of a recession. although it has come back a little bit in the last few minutes, we'll have much more on what's happening with your money. 2020 democrat julian castro has ramped up his attacks on president trump, and this time has released a new ad which
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>> harris: take a look at your screen it out. by the way, there were people and said that building. it shows a car careening out of control through an intersection and plowing into the side with family owned business. it happened yesterday morning just south of seattle. people went running for help. two children were in the building. thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. the driver is also said to be okay. no word on what caused them to lose control and run into a family business. >> as we saw in el paso, americans were killed because innocent people were shut down because they looked different than you. because they look like me.
10:17 am
they look like my family. words have consequences. >> harris: julian castro has released a controversial campaign ad blaming president trump for the mass shooting in el paso. the tv spot aired in new jersey, where the president is on vacation. this, just days after castro's brother, texas congressman joaquin castro, attempted to publicly shame some of the presidents donors by publishing their names on twitter. here's a talk about all of it is robin biro, former regional field director for the obama campaign. is any of this something that you would flag with a candidate and pull that person aside? >> specifically the donations by the individual. that is a tactic i would never do. it's one thing to do that for a business, but for the person i take issue with that. the ads that he's running, i don't necessarily have an issue with. i question the strategy, harris.
10:18 am
the most logical thing to have done would just be to pull the fbi crime stats, the hate crime stats, ensure the correlations by the rhetoric from this president an increase in hate crimes directly after some of these harsh tweets from the president. things like that. >> harris: i hear what you're saying. you are saying to look at some of the statistics. but what castro does in this ad is he uses the president's name in his own mouth. and he attacks with a call of racism. by and large, lifts his own profile. does that work for a candidate? >> like i said, i just don't think it's good strategy. i don't think it works. because he's not backing it up with facts and statistics. so we can have an intelligent conversation in america. which needs to happen. if you just throw out these grenades of racism without backing it up, i think it falls
10:19 am
on is that her tone-deaf. frankly, we use this a bit too much. we need to have a conversation about how hate crimes are going. >> harris: you don't have to preach to me how often they hear the word racism at this point, as a person of color. you are right. i think people become anesthetized to it when they actually see it, and it doesn't work in terms of politics for the sky. take a look at this. the latest real clear politics average of polling shows castro in 11th place with less than 1% support. so he's got to really work to me that next threshold to get into that next debate. maybe you do something like this to try and bring some heat to your own name. >> that's exactly what i was thinking, as far as the strategy. they've got to do something to set themselves apart in this crowded field. i just think -- >> harris: why not ideas, robin? >> think you! [laughs] >> harris: sorry to cut you off. we have a situation where we are watching people watch their 401(k) player less. why come out with a video that says, "i may not have the
10:20 am
answers, but here are some thoughts on the economy." why not some ideas on health care? what happened to that? >> amen. this view when you came from an admission that said to go high y go low. >> it right. you just hit the nail on the head. that's my point exactly. when you just threw these claims out, it becomes sort of like the boy who cried wolf. we threw too many times. sort of like the russian inclusion narrative. become something, once you've heard it so many times i think it loses its effectiveness. we need to be having conversations about the actual policy and the numbers. the doubters went down, what, 650 points? >> harris: 713 right now, but it's interesting. makes you wonder if mr. castro might be out of those ideas you are talking about. we'll see what happens next. robin biro. sometimes i forget you are a democrat, but you are. [laughter] good have you on the program. >> yes, i am! thank you, harris. >> harris: we are watching wall street. a big sell-off for the dowel right now. we were talking a few moments ago with one of our friends over
10:21 am
at fox business network. there are still bright spots in the economy and things typically come right back. we are keeping an eye on it. plus, that my security chief calling on everybody to tone down the rhetoric after shots were fired at i.c.e. offices in texas. missing employees just by inches. the latest on the investigation. ♪ there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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>> harris: now we can take a look at some frantic moments as a man tried to help a florida mother to free her baby trapped inside of a hot car. the woman says she put the keys down on a car seat to get it started while she unloaded her things and realized she had locked herself out and that little one was in the car. the car stopped running right before police arrived. an officer smash the passenger side window with a hammer and the woman was able to grab her 10-month-old little daughter, who ended up being quite okay. can you imagine? a couple of vehicle videos
10:26 am
today. the fbi has investigated shootings at ice offices and offices in san antonio now. it's the fourth such attack on i.c.e. facilities in the past month. nobody was hurt in this latest san antonio incident, but the fbi says the bullet came very close to hitting an employee there. the feds are treating this as a targeted attack as they say political rhetoric is to blame. kevin mcaleenan is acting dhs secretary. >> it's an environment where we are demonizing law enforcement for doing their jobs, for and forcing a law in the books, it's concerning. it can be dangerous and can result in people taking action that are not supported by the facts. that are not in response to anything inappropriate that our men and women of ice enforcement operations are doing. i think we've got the tone that down. >> harris: casey stegall as more from dallas, texas. casey? >> harris, the fbi says not one, but in fact two different i.c.e. operations down there in san antonio were targeted.
10:27 am
we are discussing two different buildings that are close to each other. they are inside these large industrial commercial complexes. they are also housing other tenants. investigators say they are 100% certain that the suspect or suspects responsible knew exactly what they were aiming for. take a look at the video. evidence shows only the floors with i.c.e. offices were the ones shot up. all while overnight staff was working in at least one. >> to fire indiscriminately into any building, let alone a federal facility, is not an act of protest. it's an act of violence. in this case, it's an act of violence against the federal government that could have resulted in the assassination of a federal employee. >> it's believed the shots came from somewhere across the street. a person was taken into custody
10:28 am
and question, but later released. so the search continues for those responsible. fbi special agents called these dangerous times and confirmed that they are currently investigating other threats against other i.c.e. officers around the country. you may remember, back at the beginning of last month a man was shot and killed by police outside an i.c.e. detention center in tacoma, washington, who they say was armed, and trying to set fires in the parking lot. this later incident down in san antonio now has some federal authorities saying they fear political discourse in the country could spark more violence against federal agencies. >> harris: i will take your facts into my next conversation. i appreciate the reporting. i'm joined now by former acting director of i.c.e., tom homan. tom, these are your people. it wasn't that long ago that you left. what are your thoughts today? >> it's really getting out of control. it's mounting.
10:29 am
when i was the i.c.e. director had to have a security detail on my home, 24/7. because my family was threatened. specifically, my son. i know what it feels like. this attack in san antonio is just one and a string of attacks. one correction. not only do they shoot into the ice office, put i.c.e. employees in danger, they shot . another office, one of our detention contractors. a private detention company that helps i.c.e. maintain facilities. they were shot, too. the attacks are not just on i.c.e., it's anybody associated. even our contractors. talk about the attack in washington where the man set fire to a car, i saw that video this morning, harris. not only was he sitting prior to the car, he set fire propane tanks in an attempt to burn the building down. it would have killed hundreds and hundreds of immigrants who were being held for the next immigration hearing. >> harris: it's interesting, because i like that video and i
10:30 am
wondered, are we even looking at the broader scope of this? this is a security issue for anybody who is without agency. whether they are working with them or not. the examples that you give. assault on the authority, though, is a slippery slope. we know that. we see it all around the world. when you have complete lawlessness, oftentimes you can look back and you can say, "you know what? this started with the authorities being pressed back." >> i disagree -- i agree with the fbi stats that this was an act of violence. i believe this was an act of terrorism. look at the definition of terrorism, this is exactly what they're doing. it's domestic terrorism. what makes me angry, everybody on the democratic ticket running for president, people like "the squad," people like nancy pelosi, who want to i.c.e. daily. that they are nazis, they run concentration camps, they need
10:31 am
to be abolished. nancy pelosi said that i.c.e. invaded these companies and terrorized workers in mississippi. no, i.c.e. did the job to enforce the law that nancy pelosi in 1986, when she was in congress, they passed those laws. we have to stop the hate. they say the trump administration all eight rhetoric coming out if there is just as much rhetoric if not more on the left. the media outlets, the people running for president, the democratic leadership, that catches on. these attacks on our law-enforcement officers have escalated ever since that hate started coming out from the lef left. >> harris: it's interesting to see you talk about both sides in terms of how heated things have gotten. we're in an election year, and that rhetoric is hot. tom homan, thank you for your expertise and your time. the dow hitting a low today as the bond market raises a
10:32 am
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10:37 am
video showing chinese military activity near the border between hong kong and mainland china. it's unclear if this is designed to eventually confront the protesters were a way to intimidate them. china says they are only conducting drills. some of the demonstrators have carried american flags and china blames the u.s. for promoting these protests. the chinese government has told u.s. congressman to mind their own business and to stay out of hong kong affairs. the response from the state government all the we categorically reject the false charge of foreign forces as the black and by the protests. the continued erosion of the economy as u.s. officials also say china needs to respect its agreement with the british government. the transfer of authority over hong kong to china. that gives hong kong 50 years until 2472 live in a separate
10:38 am
system, allowing more freedoms than mainland china. they've updated the travel advisory warning americans about protests at the airport and pleasing tear gas. flights have resumed at the airports after days of clashes with police. protesters beating two men from mainland china. one report of the a writer for a communist party newspaper, another protesters say they suspect it was an undercover secured officer. more attention was brought to these protests as hong kong is a major international business hub. all of this while u.s. defense officials say china has canceled a port visit into hong kong by two american warships. one scheduled for later this month and one for next month. harris? one i hear so many people saying it. freedom versus communism. those protesters so thirsty for it. they were shattering about america and our democracy. thank you, rich edson at the state department.
10:39 am
>> jeff bezos, we fought for the workers at amazon, to get them $50 an hour. no wonder why "the washington post" -- i wonder why >> harris: bernie sanders taking a page from the president's playbook and taking a swipe at the mainstream media. sanders accusing "the washington post" of retaliating against him for his criticism though there was on. he's not the only one. 2020 democrats joe biden, julian castro, and beto o'rourke have taken similar shots recently. the power panel slides in. jeanne zaino, iona college political science professor. kevin mccullough, salem media radio host. i say shaking your head, kevin. why? >> i find it rich that bernie sanders is complaining about coverage. any of those guys in the field. because everybody knows that once we get that down and we are into the election mode, it will
10:40 am
be 100000% negative on trump. whoever is there will be propped up pretty well. i think there's a lot of sour grapes about bad poll numbers. people getting to the lower debates in the fall this year. this is a punching bag for them. it's an outlet. >> harris: this is twice this hour we've talk about julian castro. his racist accusations against the president, and we had a guest on talking about that. now with this. is this the way that you increase your polling? >> let's be honest, bernie sanders has been complaining about the corporate media. you've got to give him this, consistently, for decades. this is a very old trope he has used. he has some data to back it up. in 1990, 90% of the media was owned by 50 companies. today, it's 5. some he's right, the media has become corporate and it is a way for the democrats. the media is playing a big role in who gets in these debates. to get into the debate, you have
10:41 am
to fund raise from small donors. that cost a lot of doing you have to be on free media. that's a page from donald trump's book. >> harris: someone who should know how this works as a man who has run twice before. joe biden. >> not successfully, though! [laughs] >> harris: that's your team! 's senior advisor is now coming after the media, at least she has this become a for covering s recent gaps. watch. >> this is a press narrative, not a phonetic narrative. if you want to look at the coverage in iowa this weekend and juxtapose the local newspapers and the local television coverage, you would have thought these reporters write to different events. i really believe -- and i'm not in the business of telling the press how to do their job because nobody wants you all telling us how to do ours, but i think this moment we are in requires all of us to elevate our conversation. >> harris: kevin? >> if you don't want your gaffes covered, start with the principle of not making them.
10:42 am
don't say you had the parkland kids come see u.s. vice president if you weren't vice president when the park when shooting happened. i don't correct it by saying, "it was really the sandy hook kids," who were all elementary age when they had their shooting experience. if you don't want to get the criticism, be a little bit -- >> harris: my grandma said, "if you don't want none, don't start in on." is that we are trying to say? >> more or less! [laughter] >> harris: jeanne zaino? >> they don't want the gaffes covered, but in this media environment you need to get attention from people who are going to click on things. they will click on gaffes. >> harris: we went with like a week with no oxygen left in the room for the 2020 candidates. because you had the congresswoman, a katsu cortez -- plus three, as they are now sometimes called -- soaking up a lot of the issues. when you have that going on in your own party, it does complicate. how do you get your name out there? should you just be grateful they are talking about you? >> on some level. if you saw what beto o'rourke did after the shootings a couple
10:43 am
weeks ago, he just went for the most extreme. you throughout white supremacist, racist, white nationalist, as often as you can say it. his poll numbers are terrible. the field is too big. they need to winnow it down. they are desperate. this is desperation. >> harris: this is not the strategy of winning. there are no ideas. >> harris: good to see you both. investors on edge for a bit now. stocks continuing to plunge, although on that they have come back. we are down 583. coming on the heels of concerns about the bond markets. with indicators that we haven't seen since 2007. live team coverage from wall street, all day long, right here on fox. plus, new images of the date and shoot her before he opened fire on crowds of people, as police release a timeline and pictures from that deadly attack.
10:44 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. there's word so woman accused of luring girls for jeffrey epstein has been laying low in the tiny beach town. but they claim she's not home. we will break down the case with judge andrew napolitano. that's coming up on
10:48 am
"the daily briefing" ." >> harris: me, now with this fox news alert. new surveillance video showing that dayton's gunmen's movements before the shooting which left nine people dead. police have released more on the timeline of that attack. officers sang the gunman shot people in just 32 seconds. mike tobin live in the chicago newsroom with the latest on this. my? >> harris, i will get to that. and we start with the fact that a longtime friend of the dayton government is due in court in an hour and 50 minutes. his name is ethan kollie. 24 years old. he told investigators he supplied some of the hardware used in the dixon massacre and as a detention hearing today. however, he is not charged directly. he's charged with lying on a federal firearms purchase form and of possessing a weapon while using drugs. not the murder weapon in this case. meantime, we now have a timeline leading up to the attack. according to police video and parking records, the gunman, sister, and a friend arrived in the area of bars and restaurants known as the oregon district at
10:49 am
11:04 p.m. they went to a bar called blind bobs. after an hour and 15 minutes, the gunman separated. he went across the street to ned peppers for an hour. they catch a mocking one back to his car. note that he's wearing a t-shirt and shorts. also note the spooky casual manner in which he strolled on route to mass murder. there are shots of him arriving at the car, the video is not good. you see them walking back from the car. one long sleeves, partly wearing body armor, carrying a loaded-down backpack. the police chief believes the weapon used to kill nine people is in that backpack. >> i don't think you could put his weapon and it's fully built-out state and that backpack and not have it sticking out. so to some degree i think it was disassembled. >> behind the restaurants, police found a round apparently ejected from the murder weapon. that's where police believe he assembled his rifle. he came out of the alley firing.
10:50 am
his sister was among those first killed. police are split as to whether that sister was an intended target. harris? >> harris: mike tobin, thank you very much. the kremlin is apparently breaking its islands on a deadly explosion that may have involved a nuclear powered missile in northern russia. russia now saying that radiation spiked up to 16 times the normal level and that accidents happen. national security correspond jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. when you and i got together yesterday, i said, "can we trust but they are saying?" they said it was remote and small. i've seen video where there's like a city in the foreground! >> harris, fortunately it's a small city nearby with about 500 people as part of its population. but they are very scared, still. they don't trust the russian government. yesterday the russian government called for an evacuation of that small town in northern russia where the missile exploded, because of the high levels of radiation. hours later, moscow canceled the evacuation order, adding to the confusion.
10:51 am
when one missile expressible to cast doubts about the future. >> i think they are developing a nuclear powered cruise missile. this is a high-priority program. i don't believe the post of the system is invisible. i think you have tried getting it to work. i'm not sure it ever will work. >> at the defense ministry downplayed reports of the leak, saying there was "no harmful atmospheric discharges." five days later, a special train was supposed to evacuate the 500 people who may have been exposed. medics who treated the victims, including five dead russian nuclear scientists, have been summoned back to moscow for medical exams after being exposed to the high levels of radiation. the medics were forced to sign nondisclosure agreements about what they saw. satellite photos show ships know to carry nuclear fuel in a restricted zone near the test site. u.s. intelligence officials believe the explosion was an
10:52 am
engine test for the nuclear powered cruise missile known as skyfall. designed to fly anywhere in the world. the u.s. tried to develop a similar cruise missile in the 50s and 60s but abandon the project because it didn't make sense to put a nuclear reactor inside a missil missile. >> from the shape of the missile, this looks like it flies sub sonically. below the speed of sound. this is more like an airplane. >> not a hypersonic weapon like the one president putin bragged about developing during his state of the union speech last year. harris? >> harris: jennifer, thank you. a volatile day on wall street. the dow jones plunging more than 700 points as lowe's are bouncing back now a bit. we are keeping an eye on it. plus, the san francisco school board has voted to cover a controversial marrow. we'll tell you why and talk about whether it's the right move. or are they just trying to forensically change history? david webb next. y honorably.
10:53 am
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>> harris: the san francisco school board voted to cover but not destroy a controversial mural at a high school. it includes images of slavery and the killing of a native american. the school board president proposed covering it up with panels showing, quote, the heroism of the people of color in america. i want to bring in host of reality check on fox nation, the app. get it if you don't have it. and radio host as well. you have all sorts of issues with this. interesting enough, you and actor danny glover agree on this, and that's his former school. what is this? >> this is an act of cowardess in the decision to cover up the mural. they are going to retain it because they don't want to destroynd and offend it. but they're going to cover it up. what's the intend to do that? just to hide it away, so they can walk past it and rewrite their own version of history. >> harris: but the kids are learning about this segment of
10:58 am
history. wouldn't it be great if the students could see the artwork? i know you did some digging on the actual artist. >> the russian artist who painted this, i call him a political realist. he painted times depicted them as they are, culture as they are, san francisco and other areas. this is someone who painted what was real. and they're covering up history. it's an insult to art, to education. it's an insult to telling history for what it is. >> harris: do you think this is indicative of anything else that we're seeing right now? sort of sanitizing history? >> it's not only sanitizing, harris, but there's something more dangerous here. if you remove or eliminate the truth, you can teach your version of it. that's what's going on in a very liberal environment in san francisco where they want to create a new history. why not depict it for what it is. explain why it tells the story it does. remember what art is.
10:59 am
art can be a reflection of life. this is doing a better job of teaching history potentially than these teachers. >> harris: are you surprised that you and danny glover -- i don't know him to be a conservative thinker in terms of politics. what does that tell you? >> it's not political. i'm not surprised at all. both of us are looking at it at, let's be real. you say get real, right? you like people to get real. let's be real. they've taken a moment where they can teach history and turned it into a narrative. >> harris: the choice was to completely take it down, from what i was reading. now we have a situation where it's covered up. so if you walk down a hallway or wherever this is displayed, you can't see it because of the panel. last quick thought? >> back to cowardess. why cover it up? why not take it down? >> harris: which would have been worse, taking it down? >> i think it may have the shall
11:00 am
we say conviction of their thoughts. they should have gone ahead and taken it down. >> harris: we get back to being just authentic. if you feel it, then do it. dave webb, thanks for being here. thank you for watching. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert on wall street, major selloff mode, with stocks sinking fast on new recession fears. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. dow hit a downward spiral. 627 point downs. this comes after the bond market threw a red flag on the economy. we had to bring in kristina. what's going on? >> not to get too complicated -- >> dana: don't do that. >> we keep talking about aversion on the business channel. we're comparing the yield to the rate of returns on a ten year bond versus a two year bond. those are seen as pretty safe. they're government bonds. often investors will turn to those bonds when they're nervous. this inversion that's happened today,


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