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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 23, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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parents, last weekend with the kids before they head to school, cherish it, hold on to every last bit of summer. that's it for us. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. >> shannon: hello. welcome to fox news at night. i'm shop nonbream this, is a fox news alert. president trump is on his way to the g 7 summit scheduled to leave the white house any minute following the day of escalating tariff threats between china and the u.s. a meeting with world leaders reportedly ready to stand up for the critics. covering it all. stay tuned. ruth bader ginsberg on the mend following the fourth cancer diagnosis. new questions about her health on the nation's highest court. and a major twist after the empire jussie smollett hate crime hoax. a new special prosecutor with a
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lot of experience appointed today to figure out why the 16 felony charges were suddenly dropped. and the growing trade tensions with china as the president is about to take off with the g-7 summit in france. good evening, mark. >> good evening, shannon. no end in sight when it comes to the trade war between the u.s. and china. president trump retaliated against trump on twitter only hours after the chinese announced tariffs on the products it buys like soybeans and cars. china should not have put new tariffs on $75 billion of u.s. product, politically motivated to. retaliate, the president said the u.s. is increasing the tariffs, another 5% on chinese imports. new rates set to be imposed here within the next several days and weeks. the announcement of additional tariffs came out after the stock market closed today. it was a brutal day on wall street. the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p all
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closed sharply lower after the president blasted china and the federal reserve. this is one thing he had to say about the federal reserve. he said, quote, my only question is who is our bigger enemy, jay pao or chairman chi. the american economy is strong, however, there are some other factors here at play. >> when there's a sharp confrontation between two large economies, you can see effects on business confidence pretty quickly an financial markets quickly. we saw that in june. then we saw them unwind. >> the american business community is less than thrilled with the ongoing trade dispute. the national retail federation, they had a tough. they say, quote, it's impossible for businesses to plan for the future in this type of environment. the administration's approach isn't working. the answer isn't more taxes on american businesses and consumers, where does this end? but the president says it's up to u.s. companies, not just the government, to pressure china. he's calling on ceos to pull the
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businesses out of china. he had another tweet today where he said, quote, the great american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china including bringing the companies home and making the products in the usa. democratic senator brown said he's glad to see the u.s. taking a tougher stance with china but he's no it a fan of all of these tweets. he said tonight, president trump should get off of twitter and get to work by putting tough american rules in place and closing the loopholes on its own tax flaw that award corporations for sending troops overseas we'll look to see if the president has anymore to say this evening. he's on the way to the white house making his way to the g-7 summit in france. >> shannon: if he does, we'll bring it to you here on fox news. thank you very much. high stakes pumping and counterpunching tonight between china and trump. we'll bring it down. robert spalding, author of stealth war, how china took over
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while america's elite slept. great to be with you today. >> great to be here. >> shannon: he's worried about where this is going, an iowa farmer. >> we thought we'd have a resolution of that trade issue by now. it doesn't sound like it's coming any time soon. so, the pain is getting worse for us. it's going to come to a point where this fall we're not going to be able to pay bills. >> shannon: they're no dummies, they know who they're targeting in the heartland. >> absolutely. they're going after america's farmers just so they can punish the president. i feel like today, september 23, our independence day. the president declared an independent against a paracitic economy of the chinese communist party. so we're actually working to bring back jobs to america. bring back factories. we lost over 70,000 factory since they entered the wto in 2001 and 3.4 million
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manufacturing jobs. so he's really working to bring back wealth to the american people. >> shannon: there are plenty of critics who do not agree with the president's strategy here. he's talked about the fact that presidents on both sides of the aisle have not taken on china directly because they know it will cause economic pain. but jonathan writing under the headline, trump is melting down because china won't give in on trade in this. it's trump who has more to lose in the trade war. since he's facing re-election next year and the chinese president is facing re-election never. >> that's true. what needs to happen, we need to invest in our economy, in our businesses, and we need to invest in manufacturing. we spend over $800 billion a year in defense. some of that money can be turned to the defense production acts and title iii to actually stimulating investment in the economy in these manufacturing facilities. >> shannon: how does this end? because, you know, obviously china announced a new round of
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tariffs with the thought that the president announced the return was way out of proportion. he said he's taking something tough. he said life would be easier if he didn't have to take on china in that way. where does this end. >> the chinese economy said they don't want an agreement with the united states. they decided to walk away. they determined they can push president trump out by really putting pain on people like the farmer we just listened to. so, it's really up to us to protect our country, to invest in our country, it's about getting american companies back to investing in america again. >> shannon: what about the fact that the president said today he ordered american companies to start looking for ways to take their business out of china. not something we actually do. a bit of hyperbole of one of the supporters and friends lindsey graham said he likes to use big words to spur action in people. he doesn't actually think he can order american businesses out, but what about that? i was reading about one company
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who says there's a material you can only get in china. there's only way a company like that will be able to leave. >> in 2001, we basically moved all of our production to china. in 2019, we can begin to move it back. it's about investing in the country. we did it in europe. we invested in the marshall plan, we invested in europe to bring them back after they were destroyed after world war ii. the americans felt the same kind of pain through economics and finance through information through essentially the economic war we've been facing. so we can invest back in our country to create the same kind of change in growth that europe faced after world war ii in america. >> shannon: again, the president is supposed to be leaving from the g-7 in a few minutes from the white house. if he makes any comments about china or anything else, we'll bring it to you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: this is a fox news report, ruth bader ginsberg is on the mend after facing another battle after undergoing
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radiation therapy on a tumor found in her pancreas. >> who should decide? congress is silent. should the court then step in? >> she's become an iconic presence on the supreme court bench for a quarter century, but the latest cancer diagnosis is being keenly felt, not only among her colleagues, but also her legion of fans who call the 86-year-old justice the notorious rbg. she's known for fierce intellect wrapped in hair scrunchies and brooklyn accent. >> as long as i can do the job full steam, i will do it. >> a court statement indicates the justice went through three weeks of radiation therapy after a malignant tumor was found in her pancreas. no further treatment is needed and she's continuing an active schedule, that includes the washington appearance last month where she hinted at her determination to play for the long run. >> no matter where we are on the political spectrum, the one thing that each of us feels
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deeply is that we want to leave that institution in as good a shape as we found. we do not want do anything to tarnish the court's representatireputation, it's unique in the world. >> health issues has become a recurring reality for the court's oldest member, including previous treatments for cancer from the colon and lungs. and a fall with fractured ribs. days later, she was at a white house ceremony. >> justice ginsberg, great to see you back. >> the cancer diagnosis for the first time forced her to miss time on the bench. she bounced back strong this past spring and sources say she's feeling optimistic about her health overall. arguments for the new term begins august 7. but prepping starts weeks before that. ginsberg says she continues to keep one the case load and
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determined to stay on the bench. tonight's news sparking new questions not only about justice ginsberg's health but her role and influence on the nation's highest court. let's bring in the medical and political prognosis. good to have you with us tonight. >> hi, january schon. great to be here. >> nice to be here. >> shannon: it was a thorough statement from the court saying she had radiation therapy. but months ago in december, she had surgery for lung cancer. that was handled. she had pancreatic cancer before. you haven't treated her, i know, what do you make of the latest round of news and radiation for choice and treatment. >> shannon, first of all, it's likely this is not related to the pancreatic cancer that she had nine or ten years ago, it's probably new. number one, number two, the fact that radiation is chosen here. it's a new kind of radiation for this kind of tumor. high intensity known as cyber knife and it's having some promising results. more side effects.
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the reason it's chosen in my opinion, it's probably because of the location of the tumor doesn't make it amenable to surgery. you usually remove it by surgery if you can. the big kind of question is what kind of pancreatic cancer is this? because depending on what kind you have, that influences the prognosis. even if they got rid of it all with radiation, which is what they're saying, it has a high recurrence rate. pancreatic cancer tends to come back. it will have to be watched early. it was probably found early because they're screening her so carefully because of the prior cancers. if it's a certain kind of cancer that's amenable to treatment, she'll do better. that's what we're hoping for. >> shannon: she undergoes routine bloodwork and scans. that's how they found it so early after a bit of bloodwork in july. you'll keep up with that. she's one of the best monitored people out there, she's tough, determined, a workout routine that a lot of people say -- they
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go through it with her trainer, it's a joke of how many push-ups she can do and everything else. >> i'm a big believer in that. being a fighter, something tough, it helps in fighting something like cancer. i've seen it time and time again. >> shannon: you saw it didn't take any time for people to talk about the makeup of the court. eventually, one day, they're going to leave the court. but david axle rod tweeting this, if they're as good as they can be next year carries through one of the extraordinary promise to fill it, despite its own precedent in blocking garland, it will tear the country apart. not long ago before the case came up, i asked the majority leader about an opening next year. if it happened in any case. here's what he told me. >> we don't know if they're going to have a vacancy. what we do know for sure is we pick -- he's picked two new supreme court justices and we've confirmed them. we will leave no wvacancy behin.
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>> shannon: she said, she's been pressured by the left to step down and make way under a democratic president. she said getting someone like me confirmed now, she implied, would be nearly impossible. she's a reliable progressive vote. >> i wish her the best. she's got a lot to do with the collegiality with the court. she's gone out of the way to praise her new colleagues, justice kavanaugh and justice gorsuch. i'm not going to engage in morbid speculation of what's going to happen. as far as tearing the country apart, i think we knew whoer to the country apart in the last confirmation battle. do we want to go through that again as a count with the the presidential election coming up? i certainly hope no. i wish her the best. and she's been extraordinary in this effort to keep the court itself as an institution away
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from partisan politics. i'm sure you heard about an event in washington last month hosted by one of her former clerks. and he made the statement that it's a shame that these days supreme court justices are no longer primarily chosen because of their legal ability or personal decency and she immediately shot back and said justices gore savin -- gorsuch and kavanaugh are very decent people. i wish them the best. >> shannon: you hear them talk about each other in a collegiate way. they don't see the ideological splits. they couldn't have been more different on their legal philosophies but they were great friends in real life. it's a good example for the rest of us in this divided time. >> very touch. -- very tough. >> shannon: david koch has died
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at the age of 79 after a long battle of cancer. he and his brother charles funded all kinds of causes from medical to educational but it was politics who made them heroes to some and villains to others. david is survived by his wife and three children. right now, president trump is headed to the g-7 where they're bracing for the potential drama. as he's departing, he's got this coming up. and we'll weigh in.
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>> shannon: president trump is on the way to the g-7 sum milt right now scheduled with world leaders. he took off. he's going to go to joint base andrews to take off from there. he's talking about hot topics from north korea and chief
8:20 pm
justice ginsberg. we'll turn them around as soon as we can in the meantime, trace gallagher has more what to expect from the g-7. >> six bilateral meetings with everything from the french host president macon to japanese president abe. it boris johnson, the first meeting wean the two leaders since johnson took over in july following teresa may's exhibit. they're expected to talk about the decision to leave the european union, better known as brexit. and there are reports that could discuss a trade deal between the u.s. and britain. speaking of trade or trade wars, the president is also expected to bring up global economic challenges and downplay any fears of a u.s. economic slump. the president clearly is not exactly keen on international bodies, and analysts believe he will head to the g 7 as the odd
8:21 pm
man out, mainly because he's shown no qualms about pulling out of things like the paris climate agreement, the iran nuclear deal, and also blew up last year's g 7 gathering in canada mostly because of what some called his my way or the highway approach. and the president will be urging other countries to follow america's path. as richard gowan at the international crisis group told politico, g 7 is a bit of a nightmare and this one could be especially terrible. >> already, sorry to break in to trace's report, we want to bring you the president set to go to the g-7, let's listen in. >> seeing a lot of the leaders who are friends of mine for the most part. wouldn't say 100% of the cases. but for the most part. and, i think we're doing very well. our economy is doing great. we're having a little spat with china and we'll win it.
8:22 pm
we put a lot of tariffs on china today as they put some on us, we put a lot on them. we're up to about $550 billion. they've been hitting us for many, many years for over $500 billion a year taking out of our country much more than $500 billion a year. so we want that stopped. okay? well, we'll see what happens. at this moment, they want to do that. we'll see what happens. they want to have talks. i'm always open to talks. >> [indiscernible question]. >> well, in 1977, we had an act pass, the national emergency act, had the absolute right to do that. we'll see how that goes. but i have the absolute right.
8:23 pm
1977, check it out. >> [indiscernible question]. >> i think it's good for us. we're taking in tens of billions of dollars. china is paying for it. they're, as you know, manipulating their currency. i think our tariffs are working out well for us. people don't understand that yet. at the same time, china's had the worst year probably in anywhere from 30 to 50 years, their worst year. and they want to make a deal. >> so, i'm not happy with j-pao, i don't think he's doing a good job at all. he's not much of a chess player, i got him, that's what i have. not much of a chess player. >> [indiscernible question]. >> i'm going to see prime minister abe. he's a great gentleman, a great friend of mine. >> [indiscernible question].
8:24 pm
>> we're going to see what happens, president moon, also, a very good friend of mine. we'll see what happens with south korea. >> no, i don't think so. i think we have a very good relationship. see what happens. that can always change. but we'll see what happens. kim jung-un has been straight with me, i think. we're going to see what's going on. we're going to see what's happening. he likes testing missiles. we never restricted short range missiles. we'll see what happens. many nations test those missiles. we tested a big one the other day, as you probably noticed. >> [indiscernible question]. >> not at all. not at all. because if you look at from
8:25 pm
november 9, the day after the election, we're up 50% or more. we're up many, many points. we were at about 16,000 or 17,000, we're now 25,000. so don't tell me about 600 points. well, i hope she does really well and our thoughts and prayers are with her. it's a very serious situation. i'm -- i'm hoping she's going be fine. she's pulled through a lot. she's strong. very tough. but we wish her well, very well. >> [indiscernible question]. >> i am. i don't like what france did. they put a technology tax on our tech companies. and it's not that i'm a big fan of the tech companies because as you know, they were very much opposed to the republicans and they are very much opposed. somebody came in the other day
8:26 pm
and said the election that we had in '16 with hillary clinton that it could have cost me anywhere from 2,600,000 votes and he went up to close to 10 million or 15 million votes. that's not a big fan of the tech company, but i don't want foreign countries doing anything having to do with taxing unfairly our companies. those are great american companies. and frankly, i don't want france going out and taxing our companies. very unfair. and if they do that, we'll be taxing their wine or doing something else. we'll be taxing their wine like they've never seen before. i don't like it. that's for us to tax them. it's not for france to tax us. other than that, i have a very good relationship with, as you know, with macron as you say,
8:27 pm
and we're going to have a very good couple of days. i look forward to being in france. >> [indiscernible question]. >> let me tell you, you know exactly what i meant. it was sarcasm. it was joking. we were all smiling. and the question like that is just fake news. just a fake. >> giving reparations to afterry cap americans in this country. >> i never stated my idea. tell me what my ideas were. i never stated them. don't put a question like that. i never stated my ideas. don't put the question like that? >> [indiscernible question]. >> do you want pao to resign? >> do i want him to resign?
8:28 pm
let me put it this way, if he did, i wouldn't stop him. very good competitor, but we're going to win. >> [indiscernible question]. >> rather than renegotiating everything, we'll be distributing that money differently. >> [indiscernible question]. >> a wonderful woman. we had a great conversation. we have a very good relationship with denmark. and we agreed to speak later.
8:29 pm
she was very nice. we put a call in and i appreciated it very much. look, china's been hurting our country for 30 years with the money they've been taking out. other presidents should have done something about it and they should have done it a long time ago, whether it was clinton or bush or obama, any of them. they should have done something about it. and they didn't. i'm doing it. and i have no choice. because we're not going to lose close to $1 trillion a year to china. and china understands that. i hope that with president chi, i have a good relationship. but they understand, we're not going to do it. and this is more important than anything else right now just about what we're working on. we have to make sure that our taxpayer -- look. help rebuild china like nobody
8:30 pm
else. they've done a great job. and i don't blame china, i blame our presidents, our representatives, past administrations, for allowing that to happen. it's a disgrace. >> shannon: okay, you've been listening to the president's remarks moments ago as he was leaving the white house heading to the g. they touched on china, the economy, north korea, japan. all kinds of things. we're going to talk about it all after this break. going to weigh in on all of those remarks by president trump next. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem...
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8:35 pm
a number of presidents haven't handled this. he even addressed like he was the chose up one to deal with this. he was like, i was obviously being sarcastic, but, yeah, i'm going to take it on. >> there's no subject that i hear the president speak on where he has as much conviction as he does on china. you can hear his voice. the voice gets stronger about it. this is an issue that donald trump before he became president has been speaking about for 20 plus years and he's been very sensitive to the loss of our industries and impact on workers and believes america is being ripped off, rightfully so. he's done a huge service to the american people by educating people about this. not everybody was involved by the industries that were butchered by china. nonetheless, there's a growing consensus in the united states that china is an economic predator. and i think there's something of a consensus globally taking
8:36 pm
place on this. so he's absolutely on the right side of this issue. i think the american people -- he's got the wind at his back as a result of it. our economy is strong. nobody wants the economy to go in the tank over it. i'm not an economist, i don't think that will happen. the economy is slowing down giving some evidence out there, but still rock solid and strong. and i think the american people want the president to win this issue. >> shannon: he also talked about the fact that south korea says there were two more ballistic missile launches by north korea. he says that chairman kim has been pretty straightforward with him. he said we'll see what happens. he likes to test his missiles, we test ours too. he doesn't seem too phased about it. >> this is about the south korean-united states exercises going on this month. north korea normally does something about it. they've been testing conventional short range missiles for sometime now. and you've got to understand now
8:37 pm
these are two large militaries facing each other. so the south koreans and the united states are practicing a simulated war exercise because we have to maintain our skills to be able to do this. this exercise is important because we practice transferring power to the south korean command. and north korea is reminding them we have the weapons if you go to war with us to destroy very much a part of south korea. this is part of the playbook before negotiations. grandfather did it, father did it. kim jung-un does it. i believe there will be negotiations and this is leverage before those negotiations. >> shannon: i want to ask you about the g-7, that's where he's headed now. he said something to the effect of a leader among friends and allies and maybe not 100% saying listen, there's intention there with some of the countries. what are you watching for? >> not much comes oh oleate of the g-7. it grew out of an informal thing that richard nixon started with
8:38 pm
treasury secretary schultz. and it's largely countries that are part of the international order. and they have large economies. so, what i think happens for the president that the united states and most important thing are the bilateral discussions they happen to have as a result of it. and not the least of which will be the one he's going to have with boris johnson, the first one he'll have since he's prime minister. i think boris johnson and donald trump, prime minister and president are on the same page. with a lot of domestic issues, but even more so when it comes to the national security, foreign policy, and likely a bilateral trade agreement. and another close ally he has there is prime minister abe, who i think he talks to quite a bit. and they have consensus on how to do with china and what to do with north korea. >> a lot going on in that region. thank you for sticking around for the remarks. joe biden's latest campaign
8:39 pm
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>> shannon: joe biden creating news on the campaign trail tonight as one pollster said he can't find anyone in iowa who's excited about supporting the man who is the front-runner in all of the polls. joining me now, trump 20 treasury secretary, and lori watkins. welcome to you both. >> hi, shannon. >> thank you. >> the former vice president had to say something tonight that is raising some eyebrows. let's play it for you. >> my two political heroes were martin luther king and bobby kennedy. my senior semester they were both shot and killed. imagine what would happen if god forbid barack obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. what would have happened in america. >> shannon: and some folks are saying he's trying to get across
8:44 pm
the emotions of what he experienced as a young person but some thought it was an odd anecdote or words to share. >> yeah, that's right. it was bizarre to bring up that concept, to lay out the scenario even as a hypothetical. but it confirms we already knew, that joe biden has completely lost it. this is a guy who thinks margaret thatcher is prime minister in the uk. this is a guy who thought rfk and martin luther king jr. were assassinated in the late 1970s. and this is a guy who thought he was vice president in the parkland shooting. all are false. this is just in the last year. this is joe biden, the guy who lost it, a guy who could be the democratic nominee and a guy who loses handedly to donald trump. >> he's got a lot of fans out there. he continues to be ahead of every poll by a substantial margin chili that in mind, an interesting piece in "the new york times" saying under the headline, joe biden's poll
8:45 pm
numbers mask an enthusiasm challenge. i didn't need one biden voter who was in any way, shape, or form excited about voting for biden. they feel they have to vote for joe biden as a centrist candidate who they feel is unelectable from getting the nomination. lori? >> so my advice to vice president's team would be to -- you have to energize voters and it cannot continue to be -- the article is right. it cannot continue to be joe biden running on, he's the one to beat donald trump. that's not going to cut it. voters want to hear about specific policy issues. you have a couple of candidates, you know, top three right now. and a close contention against biden, who are who are laying out the policy plans. but now they hope to accomplish this. there are things to come out as
8:46 pm
the field is starting to winnow itself out and the debate starts to come and you have the top ten currently on and we're going to see what's going to happen and if there's going to be a second night. >> shannon: do you think there's been a split -- the candidates -- the vice president hadn't had to face everyone uh at once. will there will be a night where they can all take shots and he'll be prepared. >> no. he's a bad debater, he's wrong on policy. he struggles in all of these debates. he's low on energy. he's sleepy joe. no, he can't handle a stage of what you'd call the top contenders. he can't handle this. but one thing we'll be missing in this debate, he's going to be squished this time. wasn't the case last time between bernie sanders and between elizabeth warren. so joe bide listen be pushed as far to the left as humanly possible. he wants to crowd out private
8:47 pm
insurance with the public option. he wants health care with illegal immigrants. bernie one side, warren to the other. socialist joe biden will come out in full force. >> shannon: he continues to temperature to polls, not only on that side of the ticket, but a number of contenders are giving the president a tough time too. we're still more than a year out. we'll see. we'll watch the debates on fox. thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: can a male sheriff's deputy be fired for working long hours alone with a female colleague? that next. and the latest next. yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed.
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>> shannon: a fox news alert. a new twist today, empire actor jussie smollett's case. a high powered prosecutor hired to look into the hoax. the special prosecutor can bring the same or new criminal charges if he decides against smollett or anyone in state attorney general's kim fox's office. on the docket tonight, the billy graham rule is going to court. a sheriff's deputy in north carolina is suing for religious discrimination. he said it happened after he was fired for refusing to train a female deputy alone, an act that
8:52 pm
would cause them to be extended one-on-one time with a member of the opposite section that's not his wife. it was popularized by billy graham. break it down. legal eagles, will bruzo and david bruno. great to have you both with us, gentlemen. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: the job duty of training female deputies violates the plaintiff's religious beliefs of being alone with females who are not his wife. he said he got fired for religious discrimination. >> so, you know, my take on this is -- that the supreme court says while you're free to exercise your religion, if a -- if a religious neutral law infringes your religion, you can't ignore the law or the rule in this case. here's the other thing, he's the one with the problem. and this woman shouldn't suffer simply because he has an issue or can't trust himself being alone with a woman. so, to me, i think the supreme
8:53 pm
court would say he doesn't have a case here. and in addition, it discriminates against women. >> shannon: to that point, exhibit b, under the headline, people are getting sued over the billy graham rule. they said the case will rest on the civil rights act of 1964 which requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for the religious beliefs, the defendant may have to prove it was a religious relief and not just a personal rule that female employees will claim discrimination for being denied this training. how do you respond to exhibit b? >> that's not the issue in the lawsuit that the deputy brought. i think he's on firm ground here, actually. because first of all, religion is protected. you can't discriminate against it in federal or north carolina law. and here, he gave notice to his employers, asked for a reasonable accommodation. and what they should have done is addressed it or they should have worked with their lawyers on it. but instead, they denied it,
8:54 pm
they fired him for no reason two months after the accommodation request, they didn't send sergeants to back him up on very dangerous streets, and they didn't go about it the right way. so, i think he's fine here. whether or not it's a violation of other civil rights, well, that's not an issue here. it possibly could be either way. >> shannon: weigh in on something quickly. he said there's a retaliation element, the fact he was fired, the fact backup wasn't sent in dangerous situations, two jobs at other law enforcement agencies he's tried to get he hadn't been able to. weigh in with will and david 20 seconds each. >> that doesn't seem right to me. that they would be saying the negative things about him. at the same time, though, women are an area that they've never been in before. they're in law enforcement, they're in the military. so, you know, i think it would be difficult for him to be in law enforcement if he finds he can't be alone with a woman. >> shannon: david? >> the retaliation by the employer shows they fired him
8:55 pm
for this reason. oh, there was one job that he could have got. and in the complaint, it alleges the county told the perspective employer they fired him because of the accommodation request. so i think it helps the plaintiff's case. >> by the way, the county, the sheriff's department are not pubically commented on this or we will let you know what they had to say. will, david, you ably made your cases, leave it to the jury at home. thank you both. use the #nightcourt and you can respond at shannon breamer at fox news at night. the cries of a frantic mother desperately searching for help as her daughter gasping for air choking on food. and the owner of the jackson hole diner in queens, new york, came to the rescue quickly performing the heimlich maneuver, he did it 13 times, the meth, likely he would never
8:56 pm
forget asme other. he saved the life for a brave and swift action, isaac, you are tonight's hero. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream.
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♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to a special, inside-the-issues edition of "tucker carlson tonight." we want to open with less than breaking news. this is not a fox news alert. hours ago, congressman seth moulton of massachusetts dropped out of the race for the democratic nomination. confused? never heard of seth moulton, you say? don't worry, not many people have. moulton served in the united statesmarine corps for new york four times, but other than that he hasn't done much other than collecting useless college degrees and running for office. what's interesting is why he's being forced to drop out of the race today. by any sane standard, moulton is a thoroughly liberal democrat on every issue. he's more left-wing than


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