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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 27, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> china has been taking out of this country 500 plus billion dollars a year. time to stop. >> good morning, it is tuesday, august 27th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast donald trump waking up in washington after a historic g7 summit, his critics relentlessly attacking his foreign-policy success. how he remains laser focused on a trade deal with china. a bitter pill for johnson &
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johnson to swallow, the landmark decision finding them responsible for the opioid epidemic, how the pharmaceutical giant is fighting back. she crushed a 55 yard field goal that went viral. carly lloyd the new up and coming kicker for the nfl? the offer she was just given. "fox and friends first" starts right now. heather: hopefully you're feeling like a champion this morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday and as always thank you for starting your day or ending your
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day with us if you're on the west coast, donald trump waking up in the white house this morning following a historic g7 summit. all eyes on china and the progress made on a end to the ongoing trade war. griff jenkins joins us with a look at why the two sides may not be on the same page. >> we will find out and we will have a better idea where things stand once talks resume in september but no shortage of drama in the high-stakes standoff, the latest a positive sign issuing this statement china is willing to resolve its trade dispute through a negotiations and resolutely oppose escalation of the conflict, calling chinese president xi jinping an enemy, called in a great leader yesterday and was unapologetic about that, reporting beijing called twice over the weekend to resume negotiations, the president now selling optimistic of a deal.
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>> they want to make a deal very badly. that was elevated last night. china is hard-hit over the last number of months, 3 million jobs, it will soon be much more than 3 million jobs. >> sign as foreign ministry spokesman was not confirming that and threatened they will continue to retaliate of donald trump continues to escalate the fight. some democratic hopefuls including joe biden who vowed not to criticize the president while overseas was blasting the president's trade war. >> this president has not been fiscally careful. he also has sparked the trade war. >> his trade war with china is blowing up in his face. >> donald trump has a plan, trade war by tweet is harmful to the us economy and the us farmers. >> the president is back in the white house today, we will see what he has to say and how the
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markets react. shannon: we will talk about a possible meeting with iran coming up. appreciate it as always. kt mcfarland, former deputy national security adviser for donald trump says he normally tried with china but proved why his administration is a champion for us trade. >> terrific succ trade so what does trump do? trash talks china and a couple days later makes nice to china saying i shouldn't be in this trade war in the first place and then he gave china the opening they needed to save face. trump handled that quite well.
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a new deal with canada, with mexico, has a deal with south korea, announced a deal with japan, he and boris johnson said they would work on a deal. >> it ended with a joint statement from all countries calling for reforms of the wto including protection for intellectual property and ways to settle disputes more quickly. 19 states and washington dc are suing over the trump administration's efforts to remove the floors agreement. it would allow migrant families including children to be detained indefinitely. the trump administration says will keep children safe from smugglers and cut down on fraudulent families and another crackdown immigration officials will no longer allow people to stay in the us without risk of deportation while they or their family members receive life-saving medical treatments.
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the house judiciary committee subpoenas a former white house aide as part of an impeachment inquiry against donald trump. rob porter will testify september 17th over whether the president obstructed justice during the russia probe. this asked to expedite a lawsuit against don mcgann. they argue the white house is delaying the investigation which expires in january. democrats considering a short-term funding bill to avoid a government shutdown next month. congress passed a budget deal next month but have not finalized an actual funding bill. lawmakers are on summer recess and don't return to capitol hill until september 9th giving them just 3 weeks to reach an agreement before funding runs out. we always hear that story. today up to 30 women including
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new accusers are expected to speak out against jeffrey epstein in court. the subject of his estate. a judge will dismiss sex trafficking charges against the financier do to his recent death as the washington post reports surveillance video outside of the jail cell where epstein and himself is unusable but it is unclear why. a decision expected today on whether a controversial abortion law can take affect tomorrow, planned parenthood and the aclu wanted temporary restraining order in misery until a lawsuit against the legislation is resolved. they argue the new law is unconstitutional. it bans abortions at or after the eighth week of pregnancy with exception for medical emergencies. johnson & johnson will appeal what it is calling a flawed ruling in a landmark opioid trial. a judge ordering the company to
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pay $572 million for fueling the opioid crisis in oklahoma. lauren blanchard has more on the next step. >> the opioid crisis ravaged the state of oklahoma. >> a judge deciding the actions of johnson & johnson and its subsidiaries are responsible for helping to fuel oklahoma's opioid epidemic. >> a plan that consists of 7 and $52,001,020. >> family members of some of the victims were in the courtroom when the ruling came down. prosecutors argued the companies were motivated by greed and created a public nuisance by flooding like with painkillers, used deceptive marketing campaigns and undersold the risk of addiction. oklahoma's attorney general saying opioid overdoses claim the lives of 4600 oklahomans over a 10-year period. >> johnson & johnson will finally be held accountable for
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thousands of deaths and addiction caused by their activities. >> but attorney for the drug it will make her standing firm saying their companies are not responsible for addiction and death. >> we have many strong grounds for appeal and we intend to pursue those vigorously. >> ahead of the 7 week trial states settled with purdue pharma for $270 million and another $85 million from israeli owned pharmaceutical industries. this ruling is expected to have far-reaching impacts likely setting the precedent for thousands of lawsuits already filed in other states. lauren blanchard, fox news. >> did you stay up last night? for the first time ever the mtv video music awards takes over new jersey.
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taylor swift, billy ray cyrus all taking home awards while missy elliott made a triumphant return to the stage. watch. >> the lifetime achievement award, the video vanguard, the star-studded night didn't go off without a hitch. >> i shouldn't do this because i would just mispronounce it. >> actor john travolta who famously mispronounced singular edina menzel's name at the oscars well that making another club. giving the moon man award for best music video to assailants -- taylor swift impersonator instead of the pop star. swift eventually received the award.
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10 minutes after the top of the hour. first with north korea, now donald trump says there could be a summit with iran. >> the sanctions are absolutely hurting them horribly. we can't let them have a nuclear weapon so i think there's a really good chance. >> friend bella coverage says there's a lot of red flags about a potential sit down and he joins us live to break them down for us. not proud to be an american, the stunning new survey on how millennials feel about patriotism one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> in the meantime they have to be good players. sanctions are absolutely hurting them horribly. we can't let them have a nuclear
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weapon. i think there's a good chance we will be. >> donald trump ending he could meet with iran's leader. the white house hitting the regime hard with crushing economic sanctions we've been telling you about over its missile program. what could historic summit mean for middle east peace efforts? joining me is brett bella coverage. appreciate having you here. what do you think of the possibility of a meeting? >> the idea of this meeting is truly to reduce tensions in the gulf and also the ability for the iranian's to make a nuclear bomb then i'm all for it but i wanted to be on our own terms. we've been down this road before and can just have meetings for the sake of having meetings or to score political points, the president in this case has seen
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what happened with the last administration, bad deal after bad deal where we paid off the iranian regime to reduce their nuclear ambitions only for the sake of what seemed to be scoring political points and claiming false victory in the president has the responsibility to fix past mistakes but i see complications and obstacles with having substantive meetings in the near-term. we are talking meeting with iranian president rouhani. he doesn't wield much power. he has to answer to a nominee. the other thing, if he is meeting with rouhani and the foreign minister we don't know if that is designed to be a deceitful action on their case. we have this national pressure campaign that could ruin what we know is happening which is putting maximum pressure on the iranian's. shannon: this was rouhani's
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response to ending the standoff, he is willing to meet. if it could resolve problems i will not hesitate to do so among other things he said but what could a deal look like that as you said would be comparable to what the administration of obama did which is to score political points? >> we just got to stop them from having the capacity of building a nuclear capability. we know they are creating mischief and chaos throughout the middle east, they think they can control the persian gulf, they want to be the ones to be able to maintain safety but in fact they are trying to set -- tolls within the strait. and their supposed to be protectors of this area but a jamming navigational agreement of some steps to pretend they are occurring in their territory and that is the to see that has no bounds they will continue that unless we continue the
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maximum pressure campaign. shannon: appreciate having you with us as always, the time is 17 after the top of the hour and taylor swift took aim at the white house. >> it means that you want a world where all are treated equally. >> he wasn't the only one. carly shimkus has political punches from the award show, stay with us. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first," tropical storm dorian traveling through the caribbean overnight. puerto rico declaring a state of emergency is dorian could turn into a category one hurricane, that could happen as soon as today. too releases a weather the storm impact will hit south florida later this week. several royal caribbean cruise lines are changing course in order to avoid the storm. right now sustained winds measure at 50 miles an hour. four former nursing home employees will be charged in connection with the death of a dozen patients at the hollywood hills resource center in florida after the air-conditioning was knocked out during hurricane are in the in 2017. investigators say they should of been evacuated to hospital across the street. and attorney claims workers tried to save the patient and called the governor directly. political punches role last
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night at the video music awards. >> as an immigrant, we are the people who make this country. >> you voting for this video means you want a world where we are all treated equally. >> carly shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 is here with online reaction, not surprising to a lot of people. >> a sprinkling of political moments. during her acceptance speech for video of the year, tell us with a about the trump administration for failing to a voluntary quality act petition that she called on people to sign at the end of one of her -- the
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pro-lgbt and some on all the award shows some like that and some hated and we will see how many people watch the award should because award show ratings are down. >> i prefer the nonpolitical taylor swift. they care less about politics, religion and families. >> this new wall street journal
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poll found people 20 years ago, in 199870% of people felt patriotism was important to them. now that number is just 61, religion, the important of religion drop 12 points and having kids is dropped 16 points, this is also generational because 80% of people 55 and older saying patriotism is important, now that number among millennials, only 42%. you could see millennials don't find religion or having children very important either, so a lot of people are talking about this. one twitter user says social decay in society said to see and another twitter users says from everything i see it is not hard to believe this. i agree with the last twitter user. another interesting point this poll found is all the democrats
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are more in line with republicans been young people in their own party. >> interesting how this plays out in the upcoming election and if that will determine what candidate they support. >> i think people like joe biden would like to hear older democrats are more in line with conservatives because that proves the point there is a need for a candidate in the middle-of-the-road. >> apparently in a tie. appreciate it, 26 after the top of the hour and a socialist surge, a new poll showing a 3-way tie between joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. is this the beginning of the end for the former vice president? we will debate next. i'm alex trebek here to tell you
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finding the drugmaker responsible for the opioid crisis forcing it to pay $572 million to the state, far less than the $17 billion oklahoma actually wanted and space x launching its star hopper rocket. the company canceling yesterday's launch at the last second after the engine would not ignite.
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space x will try again today in texas. 2 buildings and 5 homes destroyed overnight, tremendous brushfire that quickly spread creating a black cloud over portland, oregon. firefighters evacuate homes, shutting down streets, the fire spread to nearby car lot burning dozens of vehicles as well. more than 120 firefighters responded. actress lori laughlin will appear in court today for a hearing related to her role in the college admission scandal, she and her husband are charged with multiple counts of fraud accused of paying $500,000 to ensure that their daughters got into usc, each face 40 years behind bars if convicted. the feds could soon decide whether to prosecute andrew
1:32 am
mccabe. according to the new york times, lawyers for the former deputy fbi director just met with doj attorneys which could indicate a possible indictment. a source tells fox news mccabe has had a, quote, target on his back since an inspector general report revealed his involvement in the clinton email investigation and surveillance warrant against the trump administration. mccabe was ousted from the agency last year. he is suing the fbi and doj over his firing, much more to come on that. and her mccabe remains front and center of the probe into how the russia investigation began. former congressman jason chaffetz says mccabe's corruption runs deep. >> he did something most other federal employees never do. he got fired for cause, not only recommendation from the inspector general for lying and misleading them and not telling the truth to them, the lack of
1:33 am
candor but you have to run the gauntlet with your peers. his peers actually did this and he got to bring in his wife was a little known fact about this case, he recused himself because his wife was going to run for state senate seat in virginia, then he decided to get rid of that recusal, then hillary clinton is about to win so he takes a recusal back in. it is so fishy that he got fired and if hillary clinton had won this guy would be the number 2 person at the department of justice for the fbi, pretty scary. >> the inspector general let's report detailing potential wrongdoing by the fbi related to the russia report could be released as early as mid-september. massachusetts, joe kennedy considering a run for senate, the democrat fighter statement
1:34 am
of candidacy monday setting up a potential blockbuster primary against senator edward markey, grandson of robert f kennedy was elected to the house in 2012. kennedy gave the democratic response to donald trump's state of the union last year. a new poll showing joe biden plummeting to third place behind elizabeth warning bernie sanders, the 2020 front runner dropping 13 points in just two month. where does the democratic power struggle go from here. here to debate it is kelly hyman and republicans strategist chris hong. thank you for joining us. let's bring up that poll right away, the monmouth poll of democratic candidates and you can see bernie sanders now up 6 points from june, 20%, elizabeth for an up 5 points from june at 20% and joe biden down 13 points from june at 19%. kamala harris no change in cory
1:35 am
booker ringing up the bottom with 4% so what do you think about this? i will start with you. >> we have to think of the fact that there were only 298 people this poll was taken on. the margin of error is 5.7% and cnn did a poll last week where joe biden had 29% support and elizabeth warren had 15% and sanders had 14%. it is just one paul and we will see what comes up in the debate. >> your thoughts on biden's tremendous drop? >> democratic voters saw biden as a candidate who could defeat donald trump and they felt was strong but recent mishaps in regard to statements he said, mistaking vermont for new
1:36 am
hampshire and other things, he's not seen as a strong candidate and donald trump continues to exude strength, did a great job at the g7 summit bringing countries together, continuing to make and prepare for a deal. both of those seen on a continuous basis biden is not just the guy. >> another thought is the two democrats in the lead, the socialist candidates. is that a problem for democrats? >> i don't see that as a problem. i said before this is just one paul and going back to what he's saying about donald trump there was a fox poll that asked people in 40, 59% of people said they felt trump was dividing this country so when you look at candidates on the democratic side, whether it is joe biden, others before nor sanders when
1:37 am
put against trump the polls said all three candidates will beat trump in a head to head match. >> do americans want a socialist candidate? >> absolutely not, they want a candidate that looks out for their individual pockets but at the end of they people care about what affect them directly and that is the economy doing well, people getting tax returns -- >> heading towards a recession. >> absolutely not. anything can happen. the economy is doing strong and donald trump is doing be on the best he can, those are rumors we talked about last week, at the end of the day we are looking at positive outcome, donald trump is stronger and stronger candidate as time goes on in the country does not want socialist as our leaders, doesn't make sense. >> let's look at the biden campaign's response to the poll, they say this paul is an outlier
1:38 am
that is contradicted by every measure of the national average like the real clear politics average as joe biden leading with 28.8%. along the lines of what you said. >> this is just one paul and if you look the margin of error is 5.7% which is very high and other polls show him leading. we will see what happens and what the voters decide on. >> we appreciate it. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour and mob it and mauled over pro trump hat. >> surrounding me, pushing me, i'm just trying to get through to keep somebody from taking my hat. >> the portland man who claims his would be date night turned into an all-out brawl and today is the day, love him or hate him, pumpkin spice lattes back at starbucks, starbucks has a
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shannon: capital one and georgia bank have just hours to save they have donald trump's tax returns, a judge forcing banks to answer that question by 4:00 this afternoon. if not they must provide a detailed explanation. the deadline comes hours after house democrats subpoenaed the banks for records related to members of the trump family and the trump organization. boeing is facing its first client lawsuit ever is troubled 737 max jet, a russian aircraft group suing the company to cancel its order for 35 new planes, claiming two deadly crashes overseas with the result of boeing's negligent actions
1:43 am
and decisions and rebuilding critical information from usa to regulators. the 737 max has been grounded worldwide since march. foxbusiness alert, stocks in asia bouncing back amid the us and china potentially restarting trade talks, tracy carrasco foxbusiness with more on what this means for wall street. >> asian shares trading next on tuesday, we saw the nikkei and china have shanghai composite up 1% on tuesday following monday's rally in the us, the doubt by 270 points, the s&p up by 31, the nasdaq gaining 102 closing in at more than 1% for all major
1:44 am
us averages after donald trump said he received phone calls from chinese negotiators encouraging phone calls for china's foreign ministry saying those phone calls did not happen, they have to get back to the bargaining table to negotiate a trade deal and looking at futures. we are seeing futures pointing lower. shannon: it is just the beginning. let's talk about starbucks and the pumpkin spice latte. >> the earliest return of the pumpkin spice latte. there pumpkin spice latte is back, they have a new drink, the pumpkin cream cold brew with pumpkin spice flavoring at the top of the pumpkin cream film and a dust of pumpkin spice. since it debuted at starbucks they sold 424 million of these since 2003. >> i like the latte but not sure
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about the second one. thank you, appreciate it. the us soccer player given the chance to make history as the first woman to play in nfl preseason game, carly boyd received an offer to kick for a team during the upcoming matchup on thursday. this after a video of her kicking the 55 yard field goal at a philadelphia eagles training session went viral. it is not known which team made the offer. lloyd had to decline because she has a soccer game. it would be cool to see. 15 minutes until the top of they are. mending fences used to be a spot for illegal immigrants to cross the border but now a new border wall has just been built, brandon judd says it is one
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crucial piece in the border security puzzle and he's live next. these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them.
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shannon: with more states legalizing pot the justice department plans to add more marijuana growers after research ask the judge to push the dea to process applications after accepting them 3 years ago. so far the university of mississippi is the only one licensed to produce marijuana for research. the agency says will process 33 applications help scientists develop safe and effective drug products. a man speaking out after saying
1:50 am
he was attacked for wearing a make america great again watch. >> people gained from the inside out surrounding the, taking my hat and i get sick or punched. >> luke linzer claim he and his wife were ambushed on a bar patio in portland. he was told to wear the hat to see how people would treat him. two people are under arrest for assault. building that wall. 60 miles of new wall going up at the arizona border, customs and border protection releasing this footage announcing they expect to complete 450 miles of new wall by the end of 2020. here to react is president of the national border patrol
1:51 am
council brandon judd who we love having with us. >> appreciate you having me. shannon: what is the subject? 60 miles of new wall and by the end of 2020, 450 miles of new wall. >> donald trump not accepting no for an answer. he has the legal authority to use the funds to build these walls but you have democrats pushing back on him and they, groups like the aclu, hard liberal organizations filing lawsuits to stop him from building these walls, through the appeals process he won. he was allowed to use those funds and now we have walls going up and i can't tell you how effective these walls have been in effect and how effective it will be in the future. right now it is a good time for border security because we are seeing pieces of the puzzle that had been separated and those pieces are coming together to
1:52 am
allow us to get control of the border. shannon: you can see some very real results. let's bring up the number of border apprehensions and a significant drop between june and july, 21% drop in the amount of people trying to cross the border. >> and by the end of august we are going to see -- we had a high in the month of may and in august, to apprehend 50-55,000 individuals so we are going to see a drop of about 100,000 from may to august, that is a drop we haven't seen in over ten years so as we have cis, ice, cvp, 3 different agencies in the department of homeland security in these agencies continue to work together, put together operations, we are seeing unprecedented amount of work together to create this border security so we are very excited
1:53 am
with what is going on. shannon: you and i have talked multiple times about people crossing the border using children as ponds, children who are not their own, now we have 19 states suing the trump administration over the floor as agreement and that is one of those issues meant to solve. correct? >> yes and what is so disgusting about that is you have the hard left and they claim to care about people yet it is these sanctuary cities, sanctuary states because these individuals to put themselves in the hands of these dangerous cartels and we know that the vast majority of women and children to put themselves in the hands of cartels are raped, abused, constantly used, children being recycled in effect they cannot grow in a normal manner. you have to ask yourself is this
1:54 am
politics or do they really care about people? in my opinion it is politics. shannon: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. a little boy's birthday dreams come true. the big box retailer that through him and epic party and police collect your lizard from the baggage claim. the iguana getting a workout on an airport conveyor belt and you will never guess where. home lo. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit.
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shannon: democratic socialist bernie sanders promising to go after private businesses that control the media targeting facebook and google in an op-ed dealing his pledge to protect journalism. the vermont senator planning to strengthen the news media by limiting the power of silicon valley tech giants. sanders promising to, quote, prevent them from using their enormous market power to cannibalize, build and defund news organizations. former president barack obama announcing a new initiative to
1:59 am
fight gerrymandering, redistricting you he calls this, trains volunteers for free teaching how to impact the state's redistricting process and a movement for fair maps. the websites of the program hopes to ensure every american has an equal part in our government. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. of first the good. a little boy celebrating his fourth birthday at his favorite pl. costco ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ shannon: shutting down the food court so armando martinez could celebrate with his family and friends. the bed. alluded invade the florida airport to get a cardio workout, taking strides on a luggage conveyor belt in key west. unclear whether the lizard made
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it through security. the ugly. gate agents at a different florida airport holding a contest for the worst drivers license photo during a fight delay. asians at orlando international gave the so-called winter a voucher. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". have a great day. "fox and friends first" continues now, goodbye. >> tuesday, august 27th, the president returns to washington striking a different tone with china. his critics don't see this as a triumph in the ongoing trade war. >> live with the administration's new warnings and trouble in presidential paradise for joe biden as a new poll shows he is not a sure thing. >> we will tell you which candidates are gaining steam and


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