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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 31, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ why start with a fox news alert. hurricane hurricane dangerous category 4 overnight. todd: the storm threatening 10 million people in florida as some experts warn it could turn into a category 5 by the time making landfall. jedediah: president trump tweeting overnight i'm monitoring hurricane dorian and receiving frequent briefing and updates. it is important to heed the directions of your state and local governments. >> you are looking at storm producing light threatening storm surge. there is a danger to your
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life if you remain in these evacuation zones. so, please, heed the call. todd: we have live team coverage tracking the storm. pete: jillian mele and griff jenkins are live on the ground in florida and we begin with griff in del ray beach, griff, good morning. griff: good morning, guys. there is a sense of calm. people are watching the track of the storm and they are thinking maybe they are going to get spared. but things are going to change drama particularly in dramatically in the next 24 hours. can you see early morning bikers out here. not worrying about it across the street. it's a little dark here you can see a guy walking his dog. we are along the a 1 a that runs parallel. beyond the tree line is the atlantic ocean. it is beginning to churn up. nothing like we are going to see the next 24 to 48 hours. shelves are starting to
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empty out. gas lines long yesterday. going past the firehouse trying to get a sense from the fire chief and latest predictions on it. one thing you have to look at, guys, the king tide, the highest tide in the year. there is only one in the summer and unfortunately it's hitting right now. we have a message that went out to all the residents here in the dellray area about the concern of the high tide. the king tide mixing with this potential storm. here is a little bit of the message that folks heard. listen. >> storm's potential threat beach is experiencing griff: we are also seeing signs of, of course, the florida power light folks are prepositioning for it as well as even some national
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guard coming out, ready for the worst. but, for right now, people are pretty calm we talked to lewis jordan life-long resident of del ray, he is taking caution. here's what he had to say? >> we are ready. we are ready we gassed up the vehicles. we got gas for the generators. i put down my shutters. not too worried. i'm worried about 5. you know, 3s and 4s, not so much. i'm staying. i have been here all my life. griff: is he preparing. what officials tell us here is even if this storm continues to track north, they are going to have some flooding regardless because of the mixture with the king tide so they want residents to be ready for anything that comes. and as they saw here two years ago in irma, this storm could change dramatically. rick will get into that. we will be speaking with the mayor of del ray a little bit later this morning. pete: griff we heard mixed reaction about decisions. when will those decisions be made stay or go? griff: local officials will
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be making those decisions, pete a little bit later today. it looks like sunday is the day that they will make the call on evacuations which could, of course, escalate should things change. the earliest news here locally on the local channel says expect more information on potential mandatory or even full evacuations later on this afternoon. we were just talking with one of the trash guys in a pickup truck the city government is telling them do your trash pickup today but expect everything to be coming to a close today and then the next update, of course, of operations resuming would be after wednesday because of the slow moving storm is going to spread across several days. jedediah: thanks, griff. we will check back in with you shortly. appreciate it. pete: let's toss over to rick reichmuth our own with an update in the weather center. rick: obviously we have been talking about this storm for a while it seems like. you are shaking your head yeah. still talking about it for a while maybe a week. it will continue to move rather slowly.
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there is nothing that would make this storm weaken really. we'll probably see some fluctuations in sustained wind speed. right now a category 4. you look at the center of that storm, it's kind of textbook beautiful of a hurricane as you can see. beautiful meaning meteorologically not for people, obviously. the storm continues to pull up towards the west/northwest and that will continue to be the trend. last number of days we have been saying we don't know exactly when it will make this turn. we know it will make right hand turn, there is three possible scenarios. i think this farther one out here we can rule this out. i don't think we will see this go out into the gulf. models getting much more aligned that this turn happens before that. so somewhere making landfall in florida somewhere possibly staying just offshore and there are really big different possible impacts with either one of those scenarios. the best case scenario for us is that this storm stays as far offshore as possible. i say best case scenario for florida. that also makes more of a
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direct impact possible for georgia or carolinas or maybe it just skirts the coast there as well. we still don't know at this point. you need to prepare that you would have a hurricane right on your shore or making a landfall and then hope that it makes that turn because a category 4 or a major hurricane making landfall would be really problematic. this is the official track, the latest from the hurricane center. they have nudged everything just a little bit to the right or to the east. if the center of this track holds, that would keep it just offshore but then you notice making some sort of potential landfall farther up towards the north and that would be like thursday. so a long way from now. that said, when you look at this cone, that's not the size of the storm. that means the forecast is the center of it anywhere within this point at that time frame. let's not call anything off or calm down here across the eastern seaboard but let's hope this trend continues and we see this continue to pull a little farther toward the east with the next model that's coming. todd: you sigh where the 2 is on the georgia, south carolina border. you are saying if it does
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turn right and go up the coast that would be around thursday. what is the storm surge worry on worry? because obviously right now we are worried in florida for a bad storm surge on monday. what happens on thursday? what's the tide situation? rick: we are going to be in a problem for tides for the inequities few days because it's a new moon. we will have the highest tides of the summer. that's going to be the case up here around the savanna river up tweardz charleston. that can cause significant flooding up there either way feel something anywhere coast of florida through the carolinas. it's possible we keep this -- not we keep but it stays right offshore, that ask our best case scenario. it would still cause lots of problems all along the shore that would be the best case scenario at least for storm surges. we are going to see storm surge but do you want that last ultimate piece of storm surge that is just to the right of wherever that storm moves on shore? >> all right. thanks, rick. jedediah: coming up on the show we will have the mayor of jacksonville, florida lenny curry and mayor of del
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ray beach shellie and live update from ron desantis that will all be coming up throughout the show. pete: we will be covering that next we move through news. results of the sanctuary cities. one of the chief cases that moved that conversation along was the kate steinle case in san francisco, california. a new update on that case. her killer jose zarate was only convicted on one charge, gun possession. the appeals court has now overturned that charge, the only conviction against that illegal immigrant suspect or ultimately convicted was overturned. now, you remember this case. he was an illegal immigrant from guatemala, mexico, deported five times, seven felony convictions at this time of the shooting in 2015. was on probation from texas. ice had issued a detainer that he be kept in custody.
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but, because san francisco is a sanctuary city, they disregard it and released him. he was released on april 15th of 2015. kate steinle was killed on july 1st of 2015. he claims the gun went off accidentally and he found it on the pier. here's a flashback of jim steinle talked about kate's killer in 2015. take a listen. >> her faith was strong. there is no room in our hearts for a thought of that person. the press would come and they arrested the guy. they found the gun. good. we will let justice take its course. hopefully a good course and we moved on past that and now it's all about kate and maybe saving other lives. jedediah: let's just remind everyone of the original charges against garcia zarate, involuntary
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manslaughter acquitted. assault with a weapon acquitted. and now possession of a firearm at the time convicted now of course they are saying they cannot charge him with illegal gun possession because they are using the clause momentary possession. which means that he picked -- according to his story he picked that gun up off the ground, fired it accidentally, so they can't charge him with gun possession. as you said before, pete, really important debate this starkd with regard to sanctuary cities. this guy was deported five times and the question remains while are these questions around the country able to harbor illegal immigrants in violation of the law repeatedly violating immigration law not notifying ice and these sort of crimes happen and they're not, according to many not held properly accountable for this horrific behavior. todd: here is the decision from the district court of appeals in california. these questions go to the heart of the momentary possession defense. the fact the jury asked whether there was a time requirement for possession suggests jurors were wrestling with how long the
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defendant had the gun. two points with regard to this court. one, i'm shocked that going back to the trial court level, that involuntary manslaughter wasn't found. this seems like textbook involuntary manslaughter. specifically what the district court is referring to here is something called jury instructions and having written jury instructions, i can say they are a pain to write. very convoluted each side gets to write them and the court decides which to use. this was decided on a technicality and quite frankly you are a gun guy. you understand how to use gahanna. a trigger doesn't pull itself. that requires some level of effort. the question is going to be do you then toss this down -- does the prosecutor try this again with regard to momentary possession? can i pull a trigger? does that count as momentary possession? a very politically charged area san francisco. the west coast. do they have the political guts to bring this maybe four years ago they do. right now, i don't know.
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pete: yeah. but for folks looking at this case. this is a guy he found -- claims to have found sleeping pills in a dumpster and claims to have found a gun and the gun somehow goes off and this young girl is killed. automatically every death from someone here illegally and shielded by sanctuary city laws is preventible. convicted five times and deported. when people step back and look at this technicality or not and now is he not convicted of anything? where do you get justice in this case? todd: there is no justice in this case. katie: how does the family sit with this information and no accountability on this action? pete: we will see what happens on this latest development. jedediah: 10 teenagers are shot moments after a high school game ends in alabama. four others were also hurt and all of the victims are between 15 and 18 years old. witnesses say a fight broke out in the stands minutes before the game ended but it's unclear exactly what sparked the shooting. two people have been taken
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in for questioning, but police wouldn't say if they are suspect. and actress valerie harper best known for role of rhoda on "the mary tyler moore show" has died. >> 20 pounds lighter with my watch off and mrs. holding up my hair. jedediah: harper passed away yesterday after a long battle with brain cancer. harper was 80 years old. those are your headlines. pete: god bless her. jedediah: very sad. pete: 18 years after the deadliest terror attack on american soil. the alleged master mind behind it will final divloi to trial. todd: our next guest personally interrogated him and says justice is long overdue. dr. james mitchell is next. hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out
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and the nation. and for the first time a trial has been set for early 2021 against the five men accused of plotting the september 11th terror attacks. our next guest helped develop the cia's enhanced interrogation program and personally interrogated 9/11 mastermind clad sheikh mohammed. joining us with reaction is author of enhanced interrogation. james mitchell. why has this taken so long? why the delays? >> it's because president obama and his a.g. holder set aside that confession. so that they could take a victory lap and claim credit for prosecuting him. congress wouldn't let him so it was moved back to gitmo. ksm subsequently confessed to an fbi clean team and then pled not guilty and now his attorneys are trying to get that second confession thrown out. jedediah: what do you anticipate to happen in this trial? >> what i anticipate is what we have seen.
3:18 am
you know, his attorneys and attorneys for the other, his co-conspirators have turned this into a circus. what they have done sun leaderboard a tidal wave of pre-trial motions and legal maneuvers that has just swamped the court. and it's been going -- prosecutors have been asking for a trial date since 2012. and up until now, they haven't had a judge who was willing to make a determination and set that date. hopefully this will change. jedediah: now -- >> -- the other thing, let me address the other piece of this thing. i think what his attorneys are trying to do is humanize them. i think what they are trying to do is make us feel sorry for them because the cia was mean and the fbi was devious and these guys should be pitied because they were the ones wronged in this thing. they killed almost 3,000 people and they would do it again if they had the chance. jedediah: now you personally interrogated ksm. do you feel that he warrants being humanized based on what you saw?
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>> well, originally what he told me was that he wanted to plead guilty and murder and - martyr himself. once the confession got set aside and his attorneys got to him, he decided that his god was telling him that the right thing to do was to drag this out as long as possible. so he could spread his jihad message and eat up americans' money and time and demoralize the people -- you know, this delay has cheated the victims and their families out of justice. the military commission so far has bent over backwards in a one sided way to be sure to be overrule fair to thoverly fair andcheated the vif justice. jedediah: it has been incredibly frustrating for them. no justice has gone on forever. is there hope for them here? >> i hope. so my feeling is that once
3:20 am
they look at the evidence, it would be difficult -- i spent 23 years in the military and i set on court-martial boards. once you look at the evidence, it's going to be hard to conclude that those men aren'ting to the what they confessed twice to doing. i would make one other point if i could quickly. that is this is another reason to vote for donald trump in 2020. who knows what that trial trial will turn into if leftist in there apologizes for the jihadist. we need to make sure there is a strong person who cares more for america than they do the politically correct sense of fairness that comes from being overly fair to these terrorists. jedediah: thank you for being here today. i appreciate your input on this important issue. >> thank you. steve: the inspector general finds james comey set a dangerous precedent by leaking his memos. he won't face criminal charges right now. the trouble may not be over for him yet.
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3:25 am
the protests now in their 13th straight weekend started after hong kong's government tried to pass a china-backed extradition bill. pete? pete: fired fbi director james comey believes he is owed an apology in the wake of that doj watchdog report finding that he set, quote, a dangerous example when he leaked his private conversations with president trump comey admitted to using his memo in order to have a special counsel appointed dragging the nation through a two and a half year saga. so here ho really owes who an apology? here to discuss former cia analyst buck sexton, former federal prosecutor hakes and counter-terrorism division terry everyoney. thank you for being here this morning. buck, i'm going to start with you, who really is-ed an apology here based on what we know? >> i think james comey owes the american people an apology. i think he owes the fbi an apology as well.
3:26 am
what he has done is going to have ramifications for a long time to come. he used his role -- he used his position at the top of the fbi to wage a personal vendetta and that's not even just my analysis. that's what's in the inspector general report. that's going to harm the relationship that future presidents may have with their fbi directors, with other agency heads that has absolutely politicized the fbi and the department of justice in a way that is going to have negative ramifications. so i think comey has a lot of apologizing to do. the fact that he wasn't criminally charged, that's a very low bar that james comey seems to think for his exoneration in this case, considering the way that he has been talking about this for two years. i think comey has a lot of apologizing to do. pete: comey ignored fbi protocol. created his own in order to move a media narrative to trigger a special counsel. yet, he is the victim in this? >> pete, it's absolutely outrageous. is he clearly not the victim.
3:27 am
one of the things nobody is really talking about is comey's own behavior that shows he knew what he was doing violated the rules. and that was when he deleted the email that he sent to his lawyer, patrick fitzgerald with some of those memos attached and then deleted the memo from his computer system. and then patrick fitzgerald took the extraordinary step of also deleting the email. these are two men from very high levels of the department of justice and the fbi who clearly knew they were doing something wrong and were taking steps to hide their behavior. so he can act very holier than now now about how he was always doing the right thing for the nation. but he clearly knew he was doing the wrong things. steve: yeah, sea super patriot according to him. terry, you have served in the fbi for many years. if someone else at a lower rank at the fbi had done what james comey did, where would they be? >> they would be gone, pete. and they would probably be prosecuted and they would probably be sitting in prison right now. james comey, i agree with everything that's been said,
3:28 am
has done tremendous damage to the fbi and this idea that he now needs an apology is just ludicrous. the fbi is going to have to worry for a long, long time and work overtime to try and regain the public trust they have lost because of the actions of comey and all of those people on the seventh floor at the high level who worked for him and so, he owes the fbi and the american public and all of us an apology daily now for the rest of his life. that's the best thing i will think to say of him right now. pete: i'm sure he will remain sanctimonious. report what he did with those memos. there is another one expected, buck, i.g. report on fisa abuses. what are we expecting there. >> answers to very big questions about the origins of the so-called russia collusion investigation and, pete, one thing that was
3:29 am
unmistakable from this inspector general report was that there was clear political motivation and what comey was doing. in his case because is he something of a comeyist, it was personal, but he was going after the president of the united states. and he had made that decision and i think what we are going to find in the next ig report is that there are individuals, very high up at the doj and fbi perhaps elsewhere who decided that three also had a political obligation, perhaps, in their minds to break rules to go after this president. pete: political obligations, wonderful. francey, do you expect any recommendations for indictment from the inspector general? >> i think it's possible, pete. i think that there have been crimes committed in the affidavit for the fisa warrants against carter page. i think it's very clear that the steele dossier was not verified. it seems like nobody even made an attempt to verify it. and, yet, swore to the foreign intelligence surveillance court that it was verified, that that information should be used to spy on an american citizen as a way in to an
3:30 am
american political campaign and the american public should be shocked, no matter how long it takes to get answers. i hope we get them. and i think the inspector general may very well recommend charges. pete: terry, last word on those of us who believe justice should come from this in light of what was done behind the scenes, your take? >> well, i think we will get justice eventually. i think the truth is coming out although it's agonizingly slow. what i think we have to look beyond though, and kind of conclude, pete, is the fbi itself, the department of justice, these politicians need to get back to the day when there was a kind of a wall between the fbi and the white house. after 9/11, bob mueller, in fact, spent a lot of time over at the white house and encouraged his aids to do so as well. the higher level fbi people. we need to return to the day when we did our work with the white house and the president through the attorney general and through
3:31 am
the department of justice. had we done that during the days of mueller and comey, we would not be sitting here talking about this now and the whole idea of the fbi compromised because of politics. pete: this feels like the beginning of the boomerang from the investigators who from the beginning. buck, terry and francey, thank you for your time this morning we appreciate it? >> thank you, pete. pete: hurricane dorian churning closer to florida's coast. we have a live report on the ground and talk to a hurricane hunter pilot. a job i never aspired to, coming up next. ♪ ♪ "what do we want for dinner?"
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"it's the easiest, because it's the cheesiest" kraft. for the win win. pete: we are back with a fox news alert; hurricane dorian strengthening to andrus category 4 overnight. todd: search and rescue teams headed to florida as millions brace for the storm. jedediah: governor desantis urges residents to prepare for the worst as it churns towards the northeast. >> need to be prepared. looking at the models too soon to know precisely where this will strike florida. so you need to be ready. pete: we have team coverage tracking the storm's every move. jedediah: rick reichmuth is in the studio with the latest forecast.
3:36 am
todd: residents make last-minute preparations. jillian, good morning. jillian: good morning, yes, barrier islands here is under a mandatory evacuation as of 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so in the meantime, people are stocking up, lois' here and that's where we are located opened up at 6:00 this morning. there were people waiting in line when we got here. steady flow. number one thing i have seen people buying this right here the gas can. this is what everybody is coming. we just saw a lady had a whole cart full of them. they do have some of those here. this lowe's in particular. out of sand, out of sandbags. they are out of propane. a lot of these necessities that people are need are out of. they still have generators. full stock of plywood you can see in the back off in the distance. some of these shelves are just empty. a lot of the the people here are preparing days in advance, which obviously in a storm situation like this is good but you still have people out here getting those last-minute supplies. if we can come down this
3:37 am
end. i want to just see if we see anyone with their shopping carts anywhere because people have been, as i mentioned a steady flow in and out of this store throughout the morning though. we did hear around 7:00 a.m., that's when the employees anticipate for things to pick up here. take a look right down this aisle. look at a woman full of gas canister. she is buying some for her neighbor. her neighbor helped her previously ran a line so she could have electricity to her house. she is paying back that favor. we are seeing a lot of people here just,you know, getting ready good morning, guys. how are you? we are live on tv what are you getting here? >> plywood. >> plywood you? are boarding up, are you planning to stay. >> i am staying here. >> have you done this before. >> yeah. i have been here like the past six, seven hurricanes. jillian: do you feel like people are more prepared this time around because have you had extra time to prepare as opposed to other storms in the past? >> us, specifically, yes. because we were listening to
3:38 am
mike's weather page. and he mentioned something about this like two weeks ago and we started telling our families. jillian: so you are here. you are ready to go. you have got the plywood. a lot of the gas canisters right here. we will be here threat the duration. checking in with people and seeing what they are buying. as you can see 6:30 in the morning and already stocking up. send it back to you. jedediah: head over to rick reichmuth latest on the storm. todd: i'm going to look up mike's weather page. pretty good if he called this two weeks ago. here is a look at the storm strengthening to a category 4. i will tell you intensity forecastforecasting is really difficult to do. the national weather service has been nailing this one all along. this storm looks like a textbook hurricane. the center eye looks really well intact. there isn't anything in its trajectory, in its path that would cause it to weaken
3:39 am
other than they go through eye wall replacement cycles where the center of the storm collapses in on itself and a new eye comes. in every time that happens for a little bit the wind speed goes down. so when it gets close to shore it would be good if it goes through one of those and a bit of a weakening phase at least temporarily so. moving off toward the west-northwest. they are still not in agreement especially on the timing of this, about when it is going to make this right-hand turn. what both of the latest model run does is make that right-hand turn before it gets to the florida coast line. if that happened florida wouldn't get a direct hit from the storm it. would be just offshore. but then that puts places like georgia or the carolinas in to play, maybe as far as forward as next thursday of this week. that said, that's a long ways from now. five days in the forecast confidence that far out is really not that great. and these models have been going back and forth with each run. so florida, just because those two model runs do that don't make it seem like you are not in the crosshairs.
3:40 am
that's what the official track looks like. as you see tuesday, potentially, at least right now the center of the national hurricane strike it's right up there along the georgia, south carolina border and making that turn right before the coast. that said, what really that track says is that the center of it could be at any point along that line at that time frame. what this does is puts it right off the shore of florida some time on tuesday as a major hurricane that will cause all kinds of problems along the beach and it will cause also some problems inland. but if it stays right there, that's probably the best case scenario we could hope for the storm right now for florida staying offshore. that's the best case. the worst case is still very much in play. so pay attention to that one, guys? todd: rick it, seems like this storm really slowed down from when it started. is this a normal speed for a hurricane? rick: this isn't actually that fluid. it's moving 12 miles per hour. really typical. what's going to happen though is it is going to slow down right before it gets to the coast. think about if you are turning, if you are going to go around a sharp curve, you
3:41 am
slow down your car. it's kind of the exact same thing. the storm when it makes that turn it's moving forward but then there is something else in the atmosphere that a weakening in a high pressure to the north of it. that is going to make it slow as it makes that turn. and that's why we see that slowing right at that moment. then it picks up pace again a little bit once it makes that turn. rick, thank you very much. jedediah: we will turn to headlines now. a skaggs died from accidental overdose. found unresponsive had a mix of fentanyl, oxycodone and alcohol in his system. the angels said they were deeply saddened by the findings but said scaggs was and always will be a bee loved member of their family. skaggs died just 12 days before his 28th birthday. he leaves behind a wife. and a woman is arrested after throwing a let molotov cocktail into an immigration office in florida.
3:42 am
the suspect tossing a bottle filled with gasoline and a lit fuse into the office just north of fort lauderdale on friday afternoon. luckily the makeshift bomb didn't ignite and no one was seriously hurt. the woman has not been identified and her charges have not yet been announced. this comes weeks after a gunman fired shots into immigration office in texas. netflix is creating a new series based on hillary clinton's failed 2016 campaign. this series will be based in part book chasing hillary clinton. it won't actually feature clinton but follow four female journalists reporting on, quote. flawed presidential candidates. pete: they just can't quit her. jedediah: talk about brotherly love a louisiana teen dresses up in different costumes every day to welcome his baby brother home from school. welcome home, bud. ♪ i love it. that's noah tingle
3:43 am
embarrassing his little brother plax. he started the hilarious tradition earlier this month wearing costumes ranging from a football player to a gorilla suit. the videos now going viral with many dubbing him the bus brother. those are your headlines. that's pretty awesome. todd: that kid looks like he wants no part of it. big brother got tomorrow bare was your brother. part of the job. >> i agree. todd: are young people dropping god, kids and country? new numbers say yes and at an alarming rate. pete: pastor jeffress says there is some good news in all of this. he explains it live and in the flesh here in the studio, coming up next. ♪ keeping the faith ♪ oh, yeah ♪ we were keeping the faith ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ keeping the faith ♪
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3:47 am
jedediah: those numbers also show a steady decline in support among younger americans in particular. what could this mean for the future as the next generation of leaders begins to take shape? pete: let's bring in pastor robert jeffress the senior pastor at first baptist dallas church a fox news contributor and host of pathway to victory on fox nation. a great new children's book which we will get to in a moment. pastor, thanks for being here. >> good to see you. pete: this is concerning to a lot of us if you look at it on its face. there is a poll and get you to comment on it. very important to people younger or older. over 55, 67% of americans think it's very important to be religious. religion is important to them. only 30% for younger folks. and then as far as having children. 54% for over 55. only 32% for those under the age of 38. is this just an age divide or why is this happening? >> no. it's something much more serious than that you know, every civilization is only one generation away from
3:48 am
barbarianism. if we fail to pass our faith and values on to our children and children's children, it leads to a moral unraveling of society. that's what we see happening right now. you know, about 60 years ago secularists started telling us as a nation we could be good without god. so we tried to pass along values without the undergirding spiritual foundation for that and it's been a complete wreck. you know, somebody said socialism works until you run out of other people's money. well, secularism works until you run out of other people's faith. and as a nation, we can't live on the faith of three generations ago. we have to embrace faith and pass it on to our children. jedediah: can we attribute a lot of this to the breakdown of the family. a lot of these conversations about patriotism and having kids and hard work, those happen at the dinner table and in those community centers and with the breakdown of that. where do you go? >> well, i think it's both the cause and the effect of what we are talking about. yes, the family is central.
3:49 am
and god told the family that they are responsible for passing along these spiritual values. but jedediah, the problem is even in families that are intact, they tell their children, well, you need to do this and do that you know, it's wrong to shoot other people in school. and somebody says well, why is it wrong? and the parent doesn't have any real good answer who says what's right and wrong? you have to have that spiritual foundation. the bible says the fear of the lord is the beginning of faith. and i think as a nation that's where we are missing it. todd: pastor, let's talk about the book it's called a place called heaven for kids. what do you hope the take away of the book is. >> a lot of times the death of a family member or even a mass tragedy like el paso or dayton causes fear in children and causes them to ask questions about death and heaven. four most frequently questions children have about heaven. where is it. what are we going to eat in heaven?
3:50 am
it's written in a way beautiful illustrations in it. and by the way it's one way for parents to pass along their faith is giving them a book like that. pete: how many books have you written now? >> this is, i think, number 26. pete: unbelievable. great stuff. you are right. if you don't pass it on, we don't get the -- todd: more information after this. pete: thanks a lot. >> thank you. aaaah!
3:51 am
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3:53 am
pete it is made in america week here on "fox & friends." celebrating a family who keynote sandals. the family is from cuba and cake to america in the 1960's to start a new live and live the american dream: christina ruiz joins us now. >> thank you. >> the story behind keno is so special. >> it is very special.
3:54 am
keno was his middle name, nickname. and he had a factory in cuba. a shoe factory. but when the castro government took over, they took everything from him. pete: they took his business away. >> they took everything away. so he decided to come to the states. which he used to come here because that's where he would buy his materials factories they had in cuba. he had connections here. so, they went to key west. and six years later in 1966, he started a small sandal factory. pete: he was able to save a couple thousand dollars. get a small loan. >> got a small loan from the local bank and started. pete: very cool. >> hard worker and very determined. pete: did he ever talk about cuba vs. the opportunity he had in florida. >> he was always very grateful in this country and to key west for the opportunity that was given to him. and he saw the difference in the way people live here and the way they lived in cuba. and he saw what happened to
3:55 am
people in cuba. pete: obviously what started slowly eventually build. and now you have a private company. what was the secret to your father and family ultimately becoming successful? >> he was always very loyal to his customers. very approachtative. wanted to. wanted to serve the customers as best he can he liked the one-on-one commitment. people would ask him why don't you expand to another town or a store or something? and he would say no, that he wanted kino sandals to be unique to key west. pete: sounds like a loyal guy for sure. this someone of your most popular model the string different united states your guys. >> that's our lily style. we call that our lily style. that's another thing. he designed all of these styles himself. he would first come up with an idea, sketch it. make the pattern. and make them.
3:56 am
and they all have names. most of them are named after the first employee that actually did that style. pete: very cool. >> for instance you have the anna. you have got the madeline. you have the masavis. you have the julia. he would name them after the employees. pete: speaking of those loyal humble begins. what's it like to be at the white house being celebrated for being an american made company? >> that is such an experience. i was able to go and represent kino sandals along with my son robert who works at the company. it was such an honor to meet other business people here from the united states. and all the different things that they make. pete: very cool. pete: christina, we have to leave it there if folks want to learn more about kino website. >> kino
3:57 am
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breathe on. pete: we start with a fox news alert. hurricane dorian strengthening to an extremely dangerous category 4 overnight. the storm threatening 10 million people in florida. todd: some experts warn it could turn into a category 5 by the time it makes landfall. this demo showing just how dangerous those hurricane force winds can be. watch this. literally whipping a home off its foundation. jedediah: president trump tweeting overnight i am monitoring and receiving updates. horn to heed the directions of state and local officials. this is extremely dangerous storm. please prepare and be safe. pete: florida governor ron desantis urging residents to
4:01 am
follow mandatory evacuation orders. >> you are looking at a storm that could produce life threatening storm surge and major hurricane force winds. there is a danger to your life if you remain in these evacuate zones. so, please heed the call. todd: we have live team coverage tracking the storm's every move for you. jedediah: rick reichmuth is tracking the hurricane. pete: jillian mele and griff general since are live on the ground in florida. we begin with griff. good morning. >> good morning, guys, we have a little bit of rain coming in. we know the storm is a few days away. people are waiting watching and hoping they get spared here. you sigh the shelves are empty in the stores. we have an image taken just a little south of here just barron. also up where jillian is gas stations running out of gas. latest report this morning some 50% of gas stations running out mostly because of the wide range of
4:02 am
possibilities that dorian could hit. people here are taking precaution. they are being very concerned about not only this storm but it is the storm surge that is coming. you heard governor detan sis talking about the storm surge, guys. this area, two years ago, with hurricane irma saw significant flooding and so the combination of both dorian as a cat 4 description on the wind scale catastrophic damage will occur along with the storm surge that is almost guaranteed is a double punch. they don't want in this area. you saw thatth the storm surges are going to be combined with the king tides here. the kidnapping tides are the highest tide of the year. they occur once in the summer. unfortunately they are happening right now. we are getting a sense as i give you just a look around, you can see things are relatively normal. people are out on the street. they are going for a walk. there is some cars. as we are getting a little bit of rain.
4:03 am
it's a south florida morning. let me bring in david chapman. david is a resident here. you live in this area. where dual? >> hey, griff recommendation yeah, i live just down a 1 a here on the beach in delray. griff: david, are you concerned about this storm? what precautions are you taking. >> i'm a little concerned. my wife is a writer and she has a facility out in olympian. a generator. if it makes it going to make landfall we have to be with the animals. griff: it's almost guaranteed tha that you will get significant flooding with the king tide. >> that's true. fortunately our building is concrete. it's a condominium. a high rise. even if we lose power there the structure will be fine. griff: did you have damage from irma last time. >> no. not at all. we got lucky. griff: what will it take for you david to get out of here and pull up and go north. >> that's not really an option for us. we very a safe facility out
4:04 am
in wellington. so if it's a direct hit, we will be out ther anyways. a fortified facility with a huge generator. we will be okay. griff: all right. david, thank you very much. that's a sense of what's coming and what people are trying to do to get ready here, guys. pete: thank you very much. keep us posted. go over to rick reichmuth on the latest of tracking the path of this storm. storm. rick: we have been doing it for a long time already. we might be talking about this next saturday somewhere around the carolinas. if you are tired of this, we have got a long ways to go with this. this is where the storm formed way out across parts of the atlantic, moved across the northeastern caribbean. we thought it wouldn't survive through that area and it would probably interact with mountainous land either in puerto rico or hispaniola or haiti and rip it apart. none of that happened it. got here really well intact across the bahamas. now all the conditions are favorable for not necessarily strengthening but there isn't anything in the atmospheric conditions
4:05 am
that would cause the storm to weaken. and last night, just this amazing eye formed and this looks like a very textbook, very strock, very powerful, very dangerous hurricane. it's moving off towards the west-northwest a little bit. and the northwestern bahamas are absolutely going to take this we know for sure they are going to get an incredible amount of storm surge, wind and a lot of damage. freent being the biggest city right there. then we have three possible paths we have been talking about. we know it's going to take this right-hand turn and take it right along somewhere around florida. and then run parallel either over the peninsula or just off the peninsula. and because it's making that turn and just because of the way florida is situated, really big impacts can be changing one direction or the other. this path that we have way out here to the west, i think we can eliminate that one now. we are talking about something right in florida or just right off the coast of florida. if that just off the coast of florida situation happens, it's really probably good news for florida. the worst of it, at least,
4:06 am
wouldn't be happening. you wouldn't get the worst of the storm surge. still get storm surge but thought the worst of it. and the winds wouldn't be as bad. but then we are talking about a prolonged period of a major hurricane riding right up along the coast. and then potentially some sort of a landfall up across either georgia, into the carolinas, and now we are talking five, six days out again and again we don't really have that forecasting skill that far out. potentially there is something happening out here around the carolinas. for sure they are going to get something. still can't say just, what guys. wish we had more certainty on this storm. we have been saying all along not a lot of certainty. the atmospheric conditions around it are just not locked in yet. and you like it to be locked in to get an exact forecast. we don't have that. pete: thank you very much, rick. we appreciate it. later on in the program we going to get updates from the mayor of jacksonville. and update from ron desantis coming up. a lot of these decisions are
4:07 am
made at the local level. latest on recommendations to evacuate or stay. jedediah: we will continue that live coverage of the storm. in the interim 2020 democrats. first it was free college, then it was free healthcare. and now have you bernie sanders who is the king of free stuff as i have labeled him. he plans to end all medical debt. take a listen. >> we are introducing legislation that would end all medical debt in this country. and the bottom line is it is an insane and cruel system which says to people that they have to go deeply into debt or go bankrupt because of, what, because they came down with cancer or they came down with heart disease or they came down with alzheimer or whatever. something we are working on and we will introduce. jedediah: everything is free. do you know, pete? somehow miraculously gets funded, too. pete: i'm getting in my car. now is the time to come out
4:08 am
of my car and let everybody know in addition to all the other free stuff you don't have to pay your medical bills? it is an insane la la land world where money really does grow on trees. the problem is i was at the minnesota state fair for this show a couple days ago. a few people in the democrat booth there were actively and passionately invested in the idea that everything would be free from bernie. i mean, they sort of look at all the costs they have. whatever i have -- whatever debts i have had in the past won't matter anymore if i can just elect bernie. a lot of young people. people listen to this stuff and actually believe it. jedediah: it's a good soundbite. when you tell people they have to pay for their own stuff and personal responsibility. that's a tougher line to sell then, hey, everything is free. we are going to somehow miraculously find money for this all. todd: this sounds great in principle. student debt, for example, why is student debt so high in the better focus would be alleviating the cost. bringing down high cost. that should be the focus on
4:09 am
healthcare. and it is not. if you thought bernie was done, oh, you are incorrect jed and pete. people who are going to pay more actually real money are the farmers, and that's because bernie sanders is signaling he is open to you guessed it a meat tax to combat climate change. here's what he had to say about that. >> as you probably know, animal agriculture is to blame for the majority of climate change. what do you plan on doing to ensure that americans limit their consumption of animal products? germany has imposed a meat tax in hopes of limiting this consumption. what are your plans? >> all i can say is if we believe as i do and you do, that climate change is real, we're going to have to tackle it in every single area, including agriculture. so we will certainly -- you are right. we have got to look at agriculture and look at every cause of the crisis that we face. jedediah: we both looked at
4:10 am
pete. what do you think a meat tax? pete: ethics a winner. tell every american go backwards and pay more for the thing they enjoy the most. predictable and makes no sense to me. as i said before climate change is the religion of the left. if you believe our world is going to end in 12 years and bigger threat than world war ii. to them it's like a war -- everyone has got to pay to chip in to defeat the weather and so in this particular case, a meat tax makes sense, of course. this is how you invest in saving the planet. the hypocrisy knows no bounds. which brings us and we want your comments on this by the way. email us at what do you make of a meat tax? is that a good idea? does that make you want to vote for uncle bernie? it leads us to this next story which shows the hypocrisy of the push to combat climate change. there is a 16-year-old climate activist. her name is greta thunberg leading a protest united nations before the u.n. general assembly. she didn't want to fly here
4:11 am
that would leave too much of a carbon footprint. she took a sailboat two weeks. took a sailboat all the way here. what we have learned since is this about what actually it takes to come here without a carbon footprint. here is the associated press about greta's trip in a boat with no electricity. no bathroom. a spokeswoman for team says it will be necessary, get, this to fly the crew to the u.s. because the high profile trip with a 16-year-old swedish campaigner that left plymouth on wednesday was arranged on very short notice. the team recognizes it's imperfect solution but believes offsetting the emissions by producing carbon emission projects is better than doing nothing else. she sailed all the way here to get the boat back both the crew that's here needs to fly home and crew that is going to bring it back needs to fly there turns out she could have flown in the first place and there would have been less flights.
4:12 am
jedediah: soundbite. this is for the cause and sacrifice you make. there is that and then there is the reality of the real life moment and what needs to be done. and it's true. she set out 20 do -- facilitate cause. ultimately wound up probably using more energy, much more energy. so, yeah. it's a huge dichotomy here. todd: like all the stars hopping on jets for climate conferences. pete: who has two weeks to go across the ocean in a solar paneled boat with no kitchen and no bathroom and none of the amenities that we expect. nobody. let's go backwards instead of forward. jedediah: headlines now, trial date set for the five men accused the plolgt the 9/11 terror attacks. judge in gwatney tan mow bay. dozens of pre-trial hearings been held. due to the logistical challenges of the case there
4:13 am
have been repeated delays in setting a trial date. all five men are charged with war crimes punishable by death. nascar legend dale earnhardt jr. set to race for the first time since surviving a plane crash. eastern hart will get behind the wheel today for the exfin ax fin atthis. plane bounced off a tennessee runway and caught fire earlier this month. those are your headlines. todd: meantime a stunning overturn. a california appeals court throws out the only conviction against undocumented immigrant. you know this case well. that immigrant accused of killing a young woman in san francisco. the vice president of border patrol council art del cueto on that coming up next. let's be honest, insurance can feel a little
4:14 am
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pete: welcome back. it's the case that drew national attention and fueled the debate over illegal immigration. and now in california appeals court is overturning the only conviction against a five time deported illegal immigrant who shot and killed kate steinle on a san francisco pier in 2015. not to mention he was a seven-time felon. here to react is vice president of the border patrol council art del quit toe. when you look at the case of kate steinle and heir killer. deported multiple times. multiple felonies. still here was here. ice detainers ignored. what's your reaction as someone to does this job every day? >> just disgusting. it's disgusting because i see agents that are out there every day putting their lives on the line trying to stop these criminals from entering our country. and then you have this individual who was deported five times. he used a weapon that had
4:18 am
been stolen fryer from a federal bureau of land management park raker and that's the weapon that was used. and then not to mention weeks before he committed this crime he had been released for drug charges. that is just disgusting. these individuals have continuously laughed at our immigration laws and now they are laughing at these laws, regular laws. and a human life was taken. and it is just disgusting. >> how frustrated do you get by the fact that you have to fight this fight over and over and over again if because we have systems that release people even felons time and time again? >> we see a it constantly. it's very, very frustrating. i speak to agents all the time. and they are disgusted. when we get apprehend individuals crossing into the united states with drugs. and then we turn around and trying to prosecute them and they too get to walk away because they say it fails to
4:19 am
meet prosecution guidelines. that is the most frustrating thing we can continuously see. they are laughing at our immigration laws. they are laughing at all of our laws it. just sees that no one cares enough to do something about it. the way they try to combat it we will go ahead and do a sanctuary city. we are going to do sanctuary cities. then what they do is create a bigger magnet for these criminals to say not only can i commit this crime and get away with it. i actually have a community that is going to welcome me to just hang out there after i have committed these crimes. pete: it encourages lawlessness: we know president trump has taken this issue seriously. the folks trying to replace him have different ideas. joe biden who has been all over the map what he believes on the border from the previous administration until now. he said just on thursday, now he says we don't even need migrant detention facilities. listen to this. >> close them down. [applause] we don't need them. we when we.
4:20 am
when we got things control we say you have to report back for a hearing on such and such a date people show up. pete: you have to report back and they will just show up. no need for it. >> well, i mean, the reason we are in the problems we are now because of the past administration. now we have a president who is trying to fix those problems. it's easier to go up there and do this political rhetoric and say this is what i'm going to do. you were there before and didn't do anything about it but create this problem in the first place. pete: is this an unserious proposal from the former vice president? >> these detention facilities are what's happening stop some of these criminal organization organizatm bringing people further into the country. this. so detention facilities are the only help that these people have when they come into the country to begin with. even those are disgusting. they had their chance and the problems we have is because of them. pete: got it. art del quit toe, thank you for your time and service to
4:21 am
our nation. >> thank you. pete: owner of a famous cheese steak restaurant in philadelphia. he opens up about his son who he lost to an overdose. powerful story is next. the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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4:25 am
died. >> tony died on march 27th, 2017 of a heroin overdose. and i'm passionate about this stigma that is involved because i always said heroin is the drug that took his life but it's the stigma that killed him he suffered from depression a lot. sometimes low self-esteem. there are a lot of factors involved. what we are trying to do now is make people understand there is truly a direct correlation between trauma, mental health and addiction they go hand in hand. a difference between someone who suffers from a drug problem and someone who suffers from addiction. one gets high. the other self-medicine indicates. that's a huge difference between the two of them. todd: what are some other misconceptions that people have? >> that most people are
4:26 am
choosing to live that lifestyle that they are not worth saving. that the problem will solve itself by all of the overdoses that are happening. they don't look at it as a mental health disease. they look at it as a choice when do you that you become very judgmental and always feel like well, they deserve what they're getting theta the saddest thing of all. you wouldn't take someone with to by hollar and put them in treatment for 28 days and don't be bipolar anymore. do you this with those suffering from addiction all the time they need to incorporate the physical and the mental end of addiction which is why so many people relapse because when you take away the actual physical addiction to the drug, you are not addressing the mental health issue or the trauma that leads to
4:27 am
themself medicating, which is why there are so many relapses. jedediah: tell us about your sound mind initiative and what the goals of that were. >> music has always been a huge part of my life. music and tv. and i realize that every time i wept out and i spoke at an event, i was always speaking to the same people. and all of these people understood addiction or there were parents that wanted to know more. and i thought i don't need to speak to those people because they get it i want to speak to people who believe it's a choice who don't understand addiction. what better way to do this than through music. i helped out with a gentleman named joe nic low, a 9-time grammy winner. we are putting together an album and we have cypress hill on board. hawkins on board. we talked to wh roots. all of these musicians are coming together to put forth
4:28 am
either songs for the album or contribute to the album. then we want to do a concert sort of like live aid where we bring everyone together so this way people think they are coming to just listen to music from their favorite artist. but then they will be educated on what addiction really is. and then we are adding a comedy component now doing tours for comedy for recovery because laughter really does heal. and it helped me get through the music helped me get through it so much and now we are putting that organization together and we're going to take it nationwide. jedediah: wow, have you done so much in the means of outreach. you also have the social media campaign #brown and white which talks about heroin addiction. and we just want to thank you so much for everything have you done. i know those who have suffered from addiction or lost loved ones to addiction are appreciative of what have you done in the name of this cause. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me mere. jedediah: a fox news alert. a monster hurricane heading toward florida with
4:29 am
10 million people in its path. todd: live team coverage continues from the ground and the mayor of jacksonville florida join us next. ♪ ♪ u & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ let's get down to business. the business of atlanta on monday... ... cincinnati on tuesday. ...philly on wednesday. ...and thursday back to cincinnati .
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the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. jedediah: to a fox news alert. you are looking live in hong kong where a massive fire has been set in the middle of protest. it caps off already tense day of protest that saw riot
4:33 am
police use tear gas and water canons on the crowds. demonstrators took to the streets despite a police ban. you protests in 13 straight weekend after china tried china backed extradition bill. pete: a category 4 hurricane is barreling towards the southeast threatening 10 million people in florida. jedediah: millions preparing for the storm flocking to gas stations to stock up on fuel and boarding up their homes with plywood. pete: jillian mele is live at lowe's in melbourne, florida as residents make last minute preparations. good morning. jillian: you are remember an hour ago i was holding up gas can saying pretty much everyone is coming in one of those. that was hours that we actually had moved over to the side and someone took it. they are completely gone. in an matter of an hour they had a crate out there that had a ton of them and completely gone now. let's bring in christinena. you were lucky to get pretty much the last few of these. >> yes, ma'am. jillian: you have your gas can and generator.
4:34 am
you still don't know what you are going to do that couple days. >> no, ma'am, i'm not firm yet. i just want to make sure that if we are able to stay that we are provided for with the electricity. we have been in prior hurricanes and we have lost electricity for up to 12 days. jillian: have you lost electricity and you lost a business. you lost a lot through hurricanes? >> yeah. i ask. 2004. i was actually pregnant with my youngest son. and we had to make a decision to leave town and ended up andalusia, alabama in the emergency room with my younger son my older son excuse me with breathing problems. i had to beg each gas station to plug in for his breathing treatments by the time we made it up in andalusia we ended up in the emergency room. as i'm watching the news i see my business with the roof stripped back. i was 15 days from finalizing the sale. jillian: what does that feel like though? that changes your life. >> yes, it does. it puts perspective on
4:35 am
everything where you know, heed the warnings. this one is really slow. it's moving at a rate that can cause at love damage. it's not going to happen overnight. it's going to be a full day. jillian: we were talking to you earlier and what is your advice to people who might be watching this. you said something heart felt you said look, i have watched everything, and can you lose everything in a split second. >> yes, you can. and it's not worth. things can be replaced quite easy. they may seem like they matter because you work so hard. truly, in the end, this is what it is about. you have got to take care of your family. jillian: yeah. >> heed the warnings. jillian: absolutely. yeah. i mean, from someone who has lived it. you know, you heard her say and thank you for talking to us and i'm so sorry about your business and your story. but you are prepared today. she is prepared today like everyone out here. an hour ago we told you evacuations underway for the barrier island as of 8:00
4:36 am
a.m. the hotel we are staying in everyone has got to go. we are trying to figure out where we are going to go like many other people out there. but as you can see it's busy in here since they opened at 6:00 this morning. people are preparing. it seems like people are taking this seriously. there is plywood still. there is no more campaign at this lowe's. no more gas cans. we didn't get ours. that one was taken. you just look down the aisle and people, it's plywood. it's everything. they are getting batteries and getting tarps. they are over here getting generators. thank you very much, christinena. as we take a look down this aisle. you see people getting wood. this is the situation in florida, guys. everyone is taking this seriously and doing their best to be as prepared as they possibly can we will keep you updated on the situation here. todd: i was telling pete and jedediah when i covered hurricane last year we went into a home depot and we still have a lot of stuff 24 hours before the storm. looking behind you, they basically have nothing and we are still a ways out. >> we are. actually the good news is
4:37 am
though, they are still getting supplies. in we are told that they got about four truck loads of stuff n the overnight hours last night. and there is a massive thing of plywood behind me there. they do have some of the essentials that people still need. unfortunately though, some of the things like i mentioned earlier, sand, sandbags. the gas can, propane, that's no more here. so whether or not you can find them other places in the area, you know, that i don't know. but at this particular location they do have some of the essentials but the other ones you can't get your hands on. todd: jillian mele live for us in melbourne, florida. we will check back in with you in a little bit. bring in the mayor of jacksonville, florida. mr. curry, you and your city are under threat from hurricane door i can't believe. how are the preparations going so far? >> good morning. this sour third storm in four years. so we have been through this. we are prepared. our public works department. our fire rescue. our sheriff's office are ready we have had tremendous support over the years from the state, governor desantis
4:38 am
is continuing that i was with him yesterday and the day before. president trump and his office have reached out in the last couple of days. always ready to help us when we are in a crisis. we are just encouraging people to know their zone, evacuation zone now. so in the event we get into an evacuation, they are not scrambling to figure out if they are under the order. jedediah: mayor, can you speak to some of the challenges that you might encounter when facing a storm of this magnitude? >> well, particularly with this storm, it's changed so much. and moving so slow. it's making sure that people continue to pay attention. two days ago it looked like the models had a direct hit at jacksonville and it had us basically this weekend, we have an impact this weekend. it slowed down, continues to look like it's moving eastward which is a good comment. but just making sure that people are engaged so in the event if this stays on the current track it still has major impacts for our city. matthew did this two years ago and we had major coastal impact.
4:39 am
i just want people to be engaged and prepared and stay focused on this. pete: mr. mayor, from what i'm told jacksonville has a complicated situation with flooding in these situations. are you anticipating anything different this time around? how are you preparing? >> two years ago with irma, we had major flooding. and even with matthew the beaches had major flooding. our infrastructure, our public works is out making sure infrastructure is functioning and prepared. but what i tell people when we order an evacuation, it's because we know there is a major storm. whether it's going to be wind impact, whether it's going to be flooding. downed power lines or trees. we don't know which of those impacts it will be. we know it will be at least one, if not all. so, heed the orders. have your batteries. your gas. your food, and listen to elected officials. and we will get through this together. todd: in terms of evacuations, where do you anticipate individuals in jacksonville will be going? is it to georgia? is it to tallahassee? i know they moved a football game today from i believe it is jacksonville to
4:40 am
tallahassee. where do you anticipate people going? >> so, if we get to an evacuation order, we will be -- i will be in direct communication with governor detan sis. we will talk through what's the best space in terms of roads to send them so we are not creating unnecessary congestion. we have done that successfully the last two storms. >> we will do that again as we monitor this. , which by the way, is a reason when we moved that football game. that was a difficult decision to make. we did it primarily so we could have people evacuating south of us. we didn't want to complicate and engage people visiting our city for a football game with either people evacuating our city or coming to our city from other places that have been evacuated. todd: understood. a long-season. health and safety way more important than game one of college football season. >> that's right. pete: thank you, mr. mayor, appreciate your time. jedediah: we have rick reichmuth live in studio with the latest on the storm. rick? rick: when you have a storm like this two things will save you. one, either the storm weakens a lot or the storm
4:41 am
turns and doesn't impact you. we do not think it is going to weaken at all there isn't anything in the atmosphere that would make that happen. there is no dry air around. there is no wind shear break storms apart and there is no big land mass that is going to go over before it would get towards the coast. the thing we can hope for is that it misses, that it makes that right hand turn earlier than, you know, if it made it a little bit later and went right over florida. some of our latest model guidance is showing it could make that turn a little bit earlier which would be great news for people in florida if that happens. that said, that's still a very big if. you need to be preparing as if you do have the storm coming. storm really well organized. it's a category 4. nothing that will see that change other than probably the storm going through different kind of cycles that a storm naturally goes through of an eye wall replacement cycle that can weaken or strengthen it. this is the latest model guidance, that's tuesday afternoon. both of our most reliable models show this still offshore, not making land.
4:42 am
and looking like it's beginning to make that right-hand turn. that means it makes areas to the north of that georgia and carolinas much more susceptible to potential impacts later in the coming weeks. so, a long ways from now and a lot could change between now and then. this is the official track out of national hurricane center. the latest track. the center of it does keep it right offshore. but within that cone the center really could be at any point along that line at that time. so you need to be preparing for it, still. hopefully, we can see this thing turn a little bit earlier. guys? jedediah: thanks, rick. todd: this week we are celebrating american made businesses. pete: today we will introduce you to the man behind buck knives. he joining us coming up next. ♪ ♪
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todd: back with quick headlines, a teen charged with plotting an isis inspired attack in new york city. ordered without bail. he was arrested while trying to buy a knife from and undercover fbi agency police found through online chatted room. he identified two potential attack sites near laguardia and wanted to use a knife or bomb to, quote, kill innocent people in the name of isis. the suspect's attorney though says this was all just a fantasy and he never intended to act. this was a talker yesterday. twitter ceo jack dorsey hacked on personal website. hacked for 15 minutes. making a series of offensive posts and even claiming there was a bomb at twitter's headquarters. twitter said it's investigating the hack but said the issue was with dorsey's mobile service provider not twitter's own security. we will see. pete and jed, down to you.
4:47 am
pete: not twitter's fault. day 6 of our week long series made in america. celebrating businesses that keep their products, people, and profits inside the u.s.a. jedediah: this morning we introduce to you a proud american. the man behind buck knives after the company's visit to the white house. jedediah: joining us now ceo and chairman cj buck. c.j., thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. jedediah: these knives are beautiful. >> aren't they great? jedediah: i'm shopping for knives. these are stunning. >> i told you i know a guy. jedediah: exactly. >> i know a guy. pete: we grow up think hearing about buck knives it's not just a saying it's a company. >> the word buck because of dear hunting and everything. people don't realize it's the family name. my great grandfather started making knives in 1902 as apprentice blacksmith. we incorporated in 1961. it's always been a family business. my grandfather introduced -- this is our 110 folding
4:48 am
hunter right there we introduced that knife in 1964. it was almost generic. it's become so well known. pete: i have one of these inscribed from my grandfather he willton hegseth that i have in my office here. >> that's very cool. jedediah: why was it so important for you to have these production made in america. >> i couldn't imagine doing anything else. jedediah: yeah. >> the beautiful thing about manufacturing is you are creating wealth. so you are taking a few dollars worth of materials and you are creating a 50 or $100 unit. you have created wealth. you have also, it's more of a national where you are drawing wealth into a community as a manufacturer. so, i just think when the u.s. loses its manufacturing, it loses a huge ability to create wealth for our own citizenry. so manufacturing. pete: what would your message be to other ceos and companies that think differently. they don't think automatically it's going to be in america. they are looking to outsource it or multinational countries. how do we get patriotism
4:49 am
back in business. >> i don't know that i would qualify as it patriotism as much as just it's just that important that -- it's so much easier to make money importing product. that's simple. it's a lot more complicated, a lot more investment. a lot more capital involved in setting up a manufacturing facility. but, once you do that, you are able to control your quality from a long-term stand owning your processes, having the right people around you. that's the long-term sustainable way to build wealth and create a company. jedediah: really quickly, why are your knives better than everybody else's? >> i think because we care more. the name is on the knife. we do our own heat treat. we hand pick our materials. pete: you can control the quality whereas if you outsource that you don't know the quality. >> that's absolutely true. jedediah: thank you for being here. i might get myselves some
4:50 am
knives. pete: i might steal this one. >> we can talk. steve: thank you very much. hurricane dorian could be the worst storm to slam florida in nearly 30 years. kurt the cyberguy is here with the apps you need to keep your family safe coming up next. ♪ ♪ our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me. navy federal credit union our members, are the mission.
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4:53 am
todd: preparations underway as hurricane dorian strengthens to an extremely dangerous category 4 overnight. kurt the cyberguy with the tech you need to stay up to date as the storm moves through. kurt, great to have you here. g.p.s., you say that is so crucial. stores your latitude and longitude in your phone. >> it's something you don't think about. good morning to you, todd. i was in hurricane katrina. it took me two days without electricity and with texts
4:54 am
barely working you would send a text it. would take like four hours, sometimes 8 hours for someone to get it. what we needed to give tore a helicopter to get us was latitude and longitude. what i do now and recommend is go now to google maps. and when you go on google maps. you will simply put the little pen over your house. and when you do that, it will present the latitude and longitude. you will copy that. and you will create it inside of your own contacts on your phone or in your ipad so your home is there. your lalt tuesday and longitude if you ever need it, first responders oftentimes in storms like a hurricane don't know streets. they don't know land marks. can you say i'm buy the k-mart i'm two houses behind the k-mart. todd: they could be gone. >> they could gone. crucial for that really great app. to keep in touch with is zello. this is a free walkie-talkie act. hey, griff, are you there?
4:55 am
griff is in florida right now. griff: delray, not storming here yet. i hear you loud and clear. todd: that's literally griff live. >> thank you, griff. what's great about this. everyone in the house should have this on and going during the storm because stuff happens fast. and you are going to want to say okay, everybody, let's get in the car and go. todd: besides zello what other apps. >> obviously tune in to. griff: got those instructions. >> thanks, griff. an app. free to download a great way to look and track hurricanes. it shows the predicted track where when and where it is going to hit. other great ones. todd: noaa. book the national hurricane site. finally show you this one. this is free from the red cross. came out called emergency alerts. whether you have. anna: droid or an iphone download emergency alerts
4:56 am
and it will put in all your loved ones homes and it will tell you any alerts that you need to know about. whether it's an earthquake, a fire in your neighborhood, an active shooter down the road. and it also helps you deal with those things. todd: crucial thing to remember. have you got to charge up all your phones. all your devices. everything now because you are going to lose power in a storm like. this and keep your keys in your pocket with an extra usb cable to charge your phone at all times during an event like this. todd: usually we have the fun stuff with you. today it's life-saving. kurt, we appreciate it: update on the storm's path and live reports from the ground when "fox & friends" on a very busy saturday morning returns. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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check. awesome. bookers know summer won't last forever. you're going to thank me. so be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations. fox news alert. hurricane dorian strong category 4. the national hurricane
5:00 am
center sharing this photo minutes ago from inside of the storm. todd: that's scary stuff. this demonstration now that we are going to show you even more scary. shows just how dangerous dorian has the potential to be. look at this home right here. this is obviously a model. the high wind strong enough to totally rip the roof off that house and then rip it off of its foundation. jedediah: president trump tweeting overnight i am monitoring hurricane dorian and receiving updates. it's important to heed the recommendations of your state and local officials. >> this is an extremely dangerous storm. please prepare and be safe. pete: 10 million people in the sunshine state. >> you are looking at a storm that can produce life-threatening storm surge and major hurricane force winds. there is a danger to your life if you remain in these evacuation zones. so, please, heed the call. jedediah: we have team coverage tracking the storm's every move.
5:01 am
rick reichmuth is tracking the hurricane. jillian mele and griff jenkins live on the ground in florida. we begin with griff in delray beach. griff? griff: good morning, jed, pete and todd, that's right. we are waiting and watching and the people here are hoping that that cat 4 storm does not come here. the description for that is that catastrophic damage will occur. but the threat here is also one of water. of damaging storm surge. one that's likely to happen. i want to bring in the mayor, shellie petr. p -- petrolia. the shelves are empty. the gas is running out. and you are concerned that people should not get too comfortable. >> absolutely. i mean, we have a storm of a couple hundred miles off of our coast. and we don't know where that storm is coming at this point in time. it's not time to let our guard down. it's time to make sure that we have got everything in order. and that people are prepared for what may come.
5:02 am
griff: mayor petrolia, each if the storm missing you, the king tides, you are almost certain to get some level of flood damage. >> we get that flood damage every single time the king tide comes because of the fact we have low lying areas and rising tides we have been experiencing it even without a storm off of our coast. we are pretty sure we are going to get that king tide effect. in addition to that over the last few weeks, we have had a tremendous amount of rain. so our grounds are saturated. and we are wondering where this water is actually going to go to once we get the storm coming. in. griff: you are here not as mayor but with the local government when irma hit two years ago. how do you compare the two as you predict what we may see? >> well, luckily for delray, not only was i here as a commissioner, but our sitting city manager was also here. we were able to prepare for what could come based on all of the things that we weren't prepared for the last time around. so we are very much in better shape than we were last time around.
5:03 am
i feel very comfortable moving in this storm much more so than i did last time. griff: and in terms of evacuation, people here i have talked to residents, they are sort of waiting to get word. where are we with that? >> well, that's just something that is going to be determined at a later date as we determine where this storm is tracking. we need to make sure that we have got the time on the front end to be able to get the people out if evacuation does -- is determined to take place. but, at this point in time, i think it's just a little bit early. and we also wait and coordinate that with our county officials as well. so, that's a wait and sees a well. griff: are you concerned, madam mayor, about the fact that people see that this storm oh it's going north but, yet, it's so large and will bring so much rain with the storm threat that you may have a more dangerous situation because people did not leave, because people didn't listen? >> yeah. i mean, that's always a concern. however, if it starts to track north, we will be on the southwest side of that storm, which is typically a
5:04 am
lot less impactful than that northeast side which is the tighter side of a storm. as a native floridian, i'm aware of the sides of the storm and how they effect, so, i think that it would be the better side; however, that doesn't mean that the rain event and the rains will not hit us. we roar probably going to be impacted in some way. griff: your message to the residents are pay attention to the local officials? >> keep in touch, make sure you are paying attention. we have the code red in effect. that is our way of being able to communicate and make sure that you are, you know, keeping in touch with what's going on at all times. griff: mayor, thank you very much. that's what's happening here as people are hoping for the best but know they are going to get something regardless. guys? >> absolutely. griff jenkins live for us in delray. thank you very much. get to rick reichmuth he has the latest update. rick: 8:00 a.m. advisory. they give updates. in there flying in it. just saw that one image that
5:05 am
just calm came out of hurricane hunters. winds up to 14 a 5 miles per hour sustained wind. up 5 miles per hour. starting to get the visible satellite. the sun coming up. the satellite in the air looks down and sees. getting these amazing images. we saw that picture a minute ago from inside the eye. this is from what it looks like from up above. and infrared picture still everything looks to be incredibly organize with the storm. we know for sure that the northwest bahamas are going to get a direct hit of this. all of our models in agreement short-term. where it becomes less in agreement is when it takes us right-hand turn. we know it will take it. we don't know exactly when it takes it. if you are still here along the eastern coast, expect to see some kind of conditions, potentially a landfall. i think miami and points south were out of the worry. yesterday you were still in the cone and still that potential. i think that is better. i think we also now getting rid of that option of it
5:06 am
moving across the peninsula and out in towards the gulf. so that's also good news if you are in the panhandle. remember last year we had a landfall what was only our fourth ever category 5 hurricane in the panhandle of florida, mexico beach was a place that got just absolutely destroyed. this one will not be going there. but we are very much in play now also still across georgia and the carolinas. so still so much uncertainty with this storm. sometimes, guys, we have a forecast and we know exactly what's going to happen. this still isn't one of them unfortunately. todd: rick reichmuth thank you very much. obviously paying a lot of attention what's going on throughout those three states and potentially more. we will have a live update from the aforementioned florida governor ron desantis hopefully about an hour or so. we will bring you live when that happens. pete: that's right. addition to the hurricane coverage two big stories both miscarriages of justice that we will bring new just moments here. the first is about kate steinle, the case in san francisco when she was killed on july 1st, 2015 by
5:07 am
illegal immigrant who was claimed to have found a gun and she was shot and killed when walking on the pier with her father. why are we talking about this case today? because the first district court of appeals has now thrown out or overturned the one conviction they got in that case. so, that's the individual jose garcia zarate. illegal immigrant deported five files, seven felony convictions. because of ice detainer ignored in that sanctuary city. he was on that pier and able to get that gun and end that young woman's life. kate steinle's family hasn't talked much about this. we are having to go back to july of 2015 to remind our viewers of what they -- what they went through in her death. listen. >> her faith is strong. and there is no room in our hearts for a thought of that person. you know, they come -- the press would come and they arrested the guy. they found the gun. good. we will let justifiable take its course.
5:08 am
hopefully, a good course. and we moved on past that and now it's all about kate. and maybe saving other lives. pete: is there justice is the question this morning. jedediah: s a he jedediah: as a reminder when it comes though chase. first degree murder acquitted. second degree murder acquitted. involuntary manslaughter also acquitted. assault with a semiautomatic weapon acquitted. possession of a firearm convicted. now they are saying they can't charge him with illegal gun possession because the momentary possession clause. obviously this has been incredibly frustrating for this family. this is a 32-year-old young girl shot in the back by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. this is the problem with these sanctuary cities oftentimes when there is lack of cooperation with ice. you have these people that have criminal records. that remain and that cannot be held accountable properly for these actions. todd: this is lawyering 101. the defense in this case is
5:09 am
lawyering in this case to the hilt. as a result, they more or less have this last charge, which was the only charge this individual was convicted on thrown out on a jury instruction technicality which is shocking. that this individual could more or less go free say for the federal immigration charges. but on the act itself, could go free on what amounts to legally a technicality. earlier arthel cueto was on quat del cueto was on our show and he agrees this case is a disgrace. >> agents out there every day putting their lives on the line stopping criminals from entering the country. then have you this individual who was deported five times, not to mention weeks before he committed this crime he had been released for drug charges that is disgusting. these individuals have continually laughed at our immigration laws and now they are laughing at these
5:10 am
laws, human life was taken. todd: now up to prosecutors in the bay area to determine whether or not they will recharge on this issue. interesting to see what they will decide to do. jedediah: it's infuriating in light of 2020 as you see so many democrats coming out and supporting sanctuary cities and defending sanctuary cities. this is one of the problems what sanctuary cities leads to. will they have to answer questions about the possible ramifications of those sanctuary cities they are tirelessly defending all the time? pete: they should. every single death due to sanctuary city was a preventable death. when you could have told the authorities but you didn't when someone has been convicted this many times of so many offenses that's on you and for anyone looking at this case, it's baffling that ultimately no charge will be found. todd: something else baffling this case you know the master mind of the 9/11 terror attacks is going to go on trial in 2021. do the math on that. that's 20 years from 9/11
5:11 am
earlier "fox & friends" talked to the man who personally interrogated khalid sheikh mohammed james mitchell. >> this delay has cheated the families out of justice. the military commission so far has bent over backwards in a one-sided way to be sure to be overly fair to the killers. this is another reason to vote for donald trump in 2020. who knows what that trial will turn in to if you get some leftist in there apologizes for the jihadist. make sure there is a strong person who cares more for america than they do the politically sense of fairness that comes from being overly fair to these terrorists. pete: 20 years for just a trial. do you know what they would have done if they got ahold of me or any other person on the battlefield not only 20 minutes. 20 seconds and your head is gone. we are not fundamentally seriously fighting against islamists. we give them constitutional rights and access to our courts where they can lawyer
5:12 am
up and delay it for 20 years. the victims, the people who put their lives on the line is insane. you can't win a war in court. you win a war by, you know, identifying your enemy, and if they need to be killed, swift process and execution. whatever it needs to be. this is insane. and this is why we lose. jedediah: once again, these families have to sit around and wait for justice for decades. we will turn to headlines few beginning with a fox news alert. you are looking at video from hong kong where protesters earlier set a massive fire in the middle of the road. it caps off an already tense day of protest which saw riot police use tear gas and water canons on the crowds. demonstrators taking to the streets to fight a police ban. the protest now in their 13th straight weekend, started after hong kong's government tried to pass a china-backed extradition bill. and a third u.s. soldier is killed in afghanistan in less than two weeks. sergeant first class dustin a green beret from idaho died in combat thursday
5:13 am
after leaving a helicopter. art served in the army for nine years leaving behind a 3-year-old daughter and pregnant wife. he was just 31 years old. and some sad news to pass along, actress valerie harper best known for her as rhoda on "the mary tyler moore show" has died. >> i was 20 pounds lighter with my watch off and miskratelanie holding up my hair. big deal, huh? jedediah: she passed along yesterday after a long battle with brain cancer. harper was 80 years old. those are your headlines. she will be missed book, beloved by many. todd: amid the massive 2020 field. only 10 candidates made the cut for the 2020 debate. which are worth investing in? we will break it down next ♪ i want you to love me ♪
5:14 am
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i believe i can best serve by helping to unite to us beat donald trump in 2020. jedediah: senator kirsten gillibrand is the latest 2020 democrat to drop out of the race. this is just 10 candidates qualify to take the debate stage in september. is as the field narrows down, if you are looking to invest in one of these candidates, which ones should you actually invest in. here to break it down is jason nijason nichols. >> thanks, jed. jedediah: who should people have their forecan you say on for this upcoming debate. >> i think elizabeth warren.
5:18 am
i think she is somebody who is the happy medium between the centrists and the progressive left. she is somebody who doesn' doest socialist. the right can't tag that on her. yet her ideas are good. she is one that i think the media is behind. she has the energy. she has something that joe biden is lacking. i think she is the frontrunner, honestly we see she is on a constant rise. jedediah: a new quinnipiac hole showed elizabeth warren had jumped ahead of bernie sanders. one of the most compelling debate elizabeth warren and beernsd duke out both appealing for far left wing base of the democratic party. which one do you think will come out on top. >> again, i think elizabeth warren will. i think the energy is behind
5:19 am
elizabeth warren i think she is somebody who is harder to peg that socialist tag on whereas bernie has accepted it. the energy bernie had in 2016 behind his campaign isn't quite there we are in the post me too area. i think elizabeth warren is someone who is going to come out on top there. jedediah: jason is, biden just going to vanish on this stage. >> i don't think he is going to vanish. i think he did pretty well. as well as could be expected in the last debate. jedediah: oh, wow, you did? i thought he looked really unprepared again compared to others. you thought he did well. >> he did okay. he threaded water. he was drowns in the first debate. i think he threaded water. he did okay. and i think, you know, if he can maintain that, he will remain one of the frontrunners. and all of the, you know, legitimate polls still have him far ahead.
5:20 am
you know, of elizabeth warren and of bernie sanders. so i think he is still in the race and, you know, people think he is sinking, but he seems to stay above, you know, above ground there. jedediah: if you could eliminate anyone from the stage right now. take them off the stage and narrow that field. who would you get rid of. >> it would be one of two people. either klobuchar or andrew yang. probably andrew yang, i would say. i think he is really smart guy with really good ideas. or he has some, you know, compelling ideas. i won't say good. i think uvi is something that will tank our economy if you do it based on debt. the only way you can do that is based on a wealth tax. jedediah: jason, we will have you back to recap this as we head into the debate after this one. we will see what happens. thanks so much as always. >> thank you. >> new warning about the dangers of videotapin videotapi.
5:21 am
vaping. dr. nicole saphier joins us to explain that those illnesses are really all about. so any plans for this weekend?
5:22 am
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. pete: welcome back. quick headlines for you. the man convicted of asasses of assassinating robert f. kennedy is attacked in prison. sir han sir han is hospitalized after being stabbed in the neck in a facility. is he serving 57 year sentence for murdering the presidential candidate back in 1968. a federal appeals court rules the survivors of the 2015 charleston church shooting can see the federal government over faulty background check that allowed the gunman who used the weapon kill nine people.
5:25 am
overturning the decision saying the government was not liable liable. todd back to you. todd: you might want to think twice before picking up a videotape. vape. 200 cases have been reported to the cdc. although the cases are still being investigating the illnesses do link thc the oil in fact rather than nicotine. here to react fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. every time we do one of these segments we say the same thing i'm going to say it again. this is such a new situation that every time one of these reports comes out, this time from the cdc, you are left asks do we know exactly what the cause is yet? >> absolutely not. but we are going in the right right direction. we are narrowing it down and the cdc has now said it looks like these cases are link to the products that are contained in the thc. now is it the thc oil itself? hard to say. they haven't narrowed it down to one specific device, ingredient or con tan mat. what we do know is a lot of
5:26 am
the cases where people have experienced lung injury and one death have had thc containing products. one of the biggest concerns is just like anything, people are buying videotapes on thbuying vapes onthe street g from china. like dealing with opioid crisis contaminant really hurting people. todd: what does thc do to the human body. >> we have talked about this ad nauseam like marijuana it. can give a calming effect but cause damage to blood vessels when you inhale it can cause damage to your lungs. there are reports now with seizures and neurologic disorders with thc as well. we don't have a ton of research on the long-term effect of thc use but we do know it causes damage. todd: piece by piece by piece interviews like yours and across the entire spectrum we are learning more each and every month when it comes to this. this is a real problem with
5:27 am
real serious consequences that are affecting a lot of young people, in fact. >> the problem is they target their marketing to young people. and these companies have already been reprimanded. now they are discussing whether they need to increase the age to 21 for the legal limit. but, also, you said -- you hit the nail on the head. we are learning piece by piece. we are still learning of the negative effects. yet, people are increasingly using it and using it. we are going to find ourselves in the same situation as we did with cigarettes. where it's retroactive. we had to have all these major lawsuits to fund the damage that we are still seeing from cigarette smoke. todd: you mentioned earlier we have no idea what the long-term impact is quickly in the 15 seconds we have remaining, as a doctor, what is the most worrisome thing about this vaping and the lung-related issues that we are seeing with it. >> as a doctor and a mother, the problem is these kids are vaping and getting sick immediately and it's causing severe lung damage and now it's causing death. what you need to do is not do it. please don't vape. and if you are going to vape, don't do the thc products and absolutely do not buy it off the streets.
5:28 am
todd: pretty well summed up. seems like something you can avoid doing. dr. saphier, always a pleasure. >> thanks, todd, happy to be here. todd: imagine to board a flight only to find this. yep, see that. that's a miniature horse. and just a few rows away. we wil delve into the mentor horse story. do you like miniature horses? ♪ suddenly i see ♪ suddenly see
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association.
5:32 am
todd: see.pete: a fox news aler. hurricane dorian strong a dangerous category 4. here is a view of the storm from space that's threatened some 10 million people. todd: those shots are always unreal. the national hurricane center sharing this photo, another one. look at that, too. that's from inside the eye of the storm. they also gave an update on dorian just moments ago. >> very pronounced strong storm. we're still seeing some of that outflow that we talked about in the you were levels of the storm signifying that it could strengthen a little bit more. very strong storm with time. jedediah: we have team coverage tracking the storm's every move. rick reichmuth is tracking the hurricane. we begin with jillian mele at a lowe's in melbourne, florida as locals make final preparations. jillian? jillian: and it has been busy here all morning long since they opened the doors at 6:00 a.m. a steady stream of people
5:33 am
coming in and out for the last few days. and you can see behind me, a couple people at the registers right now. let's go ahead and bring in holly mayse who has lived in this area for 15 years. have you been to lowe's six times in the last three days. holly, what are you getting? >> every day it's something else because you think so the first day it was like the gas cans and rope to tie things down and a few more boards to make sure, you know, you had everything. and then, you know, you start remembering other stuff. and so then it was some straps and then to make things work so you need your oil for your generators and last night we splurged a little and finally got an air conditioner. so not just the fans going this year. jillian: you said you expect you know you will lose power. >> we are totally going to lose power. jillian: you decided to say. a lot of people in your neighborhood stays about 50/50. the neighbors kind of help each other throughout this. >> we do. so once the bad part is over, everybody will come out and try to clean up and pick up your fence and put
5:34 am
it out on the curb. and people have their grills out and we will sort of do a progressive dinner and take care of each other. it's just difficult when you have pets. when you have a lot of pets you can't get into those hotel rooms and they start booking them so early when you don't know where it's going so you don't know. jillian: you say you think people are more prepared this time. >> this time i think we are more prepared. because we have had hurricanes the last couple of years. we had matthew last year. and then irma a couple years before that and so i think they are kind of okay. this is our routine again. jillian: you take it seriously. once you are impacted and you lose things, you take it seriously. >> yes, it is. we just -- it's just damage. it's just home damage. and we haven't been injured, thank goodness. but, it is scary. jillian: it is scary. thank you for talking to us. as we wrap up here, guys, take a walk back here to lowe's. you can see people buying their plywood. they are a lot a lot of the
5:35 am
essentials but they do have some of those things. a constant philosophy people. a lot of people we talk to throughout the morning they are still trying to decide what they're going to do. a lot of the people said we are going to make the decision on sunday. probably sunday afternoon that seems to be the cutoff for most. that's a situation here in florida, guys. we will send it back to you and keep you updated. todd: a steady stream all morning long. jillian mele thank you very much. todd: up to rick reichmuth. how are we looking? rick: some of our models are trending farther toward the east. which could be news for florida eventually if it stays offshore. one thing i haven't talked about much i want to point out. the storm obviously looks incredibly strong and it is incredibly strong. the hurricane force winds only extend out 30 miles from the center. on either side probably have 50 miles hurricane force winds after that tropical storm force winds and such. while the storm looks really big the worst of it is in a really defined small area. if the storm can stay 30 miles offshore, that
5:36 am
potentially could make us not have those hurricane force winds right on shore which would be good news. we will still see a lot of problems with it but that would be good. one of the possibilities for us, guys. back to you. jedediah: thanks so much, rick. pete: let's bring in diane, lead field coordinator customs and border protection. thank you for being here this morning. so, forgive me for my ignorance here. explain to us what role you guys play when it comes to preparing for this hurricane. >> good morning. thank you for having me. cbp has a very comprehensive mission, which makes us very unique in our ability to respond to a catastrophic event like a hurricane. we have a lot of assets including aviation assets that are up usually in the air immediately in the aftermath of the storm providing critical imagery back to entities like fema for damage assessments but also search and rescue missions with our partners in the u.s. coast guard. but we also have urban search and rescue teams. our border patrol search, trauma and rescue units.
5:37 am
our border patrol tactical units, our response teams all equipped to get into the communities and support certainly first responders but provide law enforcement support in those critical areas. also we have to coordinate with our stakeholders to make sure we are ready to get back into the ports of entry for business resumption. jedediah: diane, at what point do you step in to assist? >> typically when a storm starts gearing up and heading for the southeast region, i will be activated as a lead field coordinator for cbp assets. florida, we cover puerto rico so we have been tracking this storm since it passed through puerto rico in that region. and we will be following it all the way up into the carolinas until it transitions if the need arises to region 3. todd: this isn't your first rodeo if i am not mistaken. you also participate in these activities in harvey and irma as well. what is one thing that you want the audience to know about what you do for the
5:38 am
people that are potentially going through one of the worst catastrophes of their life? >> i think the first thing that they need to be focused on is to be prepared. you know, we live in a very proactive state leaning very far forward into preparation and our communities are very engaged in making sure individuals prepared. as a federal agency coordinating with our federal state and local partners. but the most important thing that people can do is have their own plan and be prepared and heed the emergency warnings. but, if the need arises, certainly, our air assets will be up there in partnership with coast guard and other federal and state partners assisting and out on the roads certainly clearing paths and working to get our communities back online. pete: diane somebody a teen know thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you so much. jedediah: coroner ruling that tyler skaggs died from a drug overdose. he had a mix of fentanyl,
5:39 am
oxycodone and alcohol in his system. the angels said they were deeply saddened by the findings. but said skaggs was and always will be a bee loved member of their family. skaggs died just 12 days before his 28th birthday. he leaves behind a wife. and a teen is charged with plotting an isis inspired attack in new york city. being held without bail. weighs arrested while trying to buy a knife from undercover fbi agents who he found through an online chat room. they say he identified two potential attack sites near laguardia airport and wanted to use a knife or bomb, to quote: kill innocent people in the name of isis. the suspect's attorney says this was all just a fantasy and he never intended to act. more fallout for the failed fire festival. models kendall jennifer and another among several actors
5:40 am
being sued for the money they were paid to promote it. >> the actual experience exceeds all expectations and is something that is hard to put into words. all these things that may seem big and impossible are no. >> "wall street journal" reporting the lawsuits filed in u.s. bankruptcy court are seeking to recover money paid to talent agencies performers and vendors involved in the event. built as a luxury music experience on a private island the first festival never actually happened miniature horse. oh no. the service animal sat calmly. mini horses were cleared to board flights by the transportation department earlier this month. those are your headlines. that is my kind of plane. that is my dream to sit next to a miniature horse. it doesn't get any better
5:41 am
than that. todd: i'm sure pete loves the concept of service animals. pete: you brought your mini horse on a plane? jedediah: if i had a mini horse and had a service designation you bet i would bring my mini horse. todd: when you went over to iraq and afghanistan descraw mini horse calming you down? pete: know a gun calming me down. jedediah: oh boy. pete: turns out no one is immune from scam callers. not even the police. >> a sheriff's deputy is going to come here and arrest me? >> absolutely. >> for what? >> serious allegations. todd: how did that call end? we will ask her coming up after the break. ♪ [farmers bell] (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "three-ring fender bender." (clown 1) sorry about that... (clown 2) apologies.
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5:45 am
cross-country athletes today. the 22-year-old set to become the first division one transathlete to compete in her sport. she spent three years running on the men's team for the university of montana. and basketball super star zion williamson making waives at tulane university football game. williamson was drafted why the new orleans pelicans last month in that general area there in the bayou received a warm welcome from the crowd although that may have been because he helped throw burritos into the stands. tulane beat fiu 42 to 14. if you would throw burritos in the stand i would love you. pete: scam calls happen all too often these days. what happens when the scammers try to target law enforcement? watch this. >> will verify your home address. >> know will not. >> i need to you verify me with the last four digital numbers of the social security so i can confirm there are several allegations under your name. >> so a sheriff's deputy is going to come here and
5:46 am
arrest me? >> absolutely. >> for what? >> some serious allegations. jedediah: that north carolina officer trolling the scammer who needless to say didn't get the information he wanted. joining us now is the officer in that video captain ann stephens from the apex police department. welcome, captain. >> hi, thank you for having me. jedediah: i love this because you are so cool, calm and collected. but does this happen to people a lot? they actually feel like they need to give their information over? >> unfortunately it happens every day. even me. i get them several times a day. and, yeah, unfortunately some people think they need to give them the information because they feel like it's a legitimate agency calling them. pete: they threatened to send the sheriff to you. have you spoken to the sheriff about what he is supposed to do? >> i haven't. and they haven't come to get me yet. todd: many of us have thought about responding in some form like this. why did you decide to do it
5:47 am
and why did you decide to record it? >> it was really just a purr of the moment thick. i was in my office and i got the call and i had it on speaker phone and officer stuart one of our community policing officers has the office next door and ran in and said hey, let's film it real quick and do it as a safety message. that's really how it took off. jedediah: when something like this happens, what should people not do? obviously not give up your address. what else? >> never give them your social security number, the last four of your social, your date of birth, bank account information. any kind of identifying information. don't ever give any of that to them even if they say they are trying to confirm it. like they had my actual address. that's easy to find on the web. don't ever confirm or give any information to them. pete: if our viewers are wondering how the call actually ended we have that as well. watch this. >> we are trying to help you out over here. okay? >> i would like to know what the allegations are against me and what you are going to take a warrant for. >> right now there are two
5:48 am
criminal charges against you. >> that's better than the 25 the first guy told me were out against me. [beep beep] >> lots of pauses what do i say? pete: ultimately they don't run up against folks like you hopefully they do. hthey are successful way too often. >> unfortunately they are. the elderly are really susceptible to this. the biggest thing was to get this safety message out so supreme understand they will use extreme tactics to scare you to get to you give up your information. never do that if you ever have concerns call local law enforcement or call the agency itself. call them back at the legitimate phone number can you find on the web or if n. a phone book. jedediah: what is the responds for people who have seen this footage you posted. >> it's been overwhelming. we hoped to get it out locally. we never expected to get it out internationally. we have gotten phone calls and emails from people all
5:49 am
over the world to say i'm glad i saw. this i'm going to show it to my parents. this just happened to me. i wish i had seen this a week before. so hopefully it's spreading the word and people will be a little more cautious next time they get a call. pete: captain ann stephens thank you for spreading the word. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: moving on, preparations for hurricane dorian as florida braces for what could be the worst storm in nearly 30 years. todd: up next skip bedell shows us the emergency gear every family needs to stay safe. ♪ ♪ "fine. no one leaves the table until you're finished." "fine! we'll sleep here." "it's the easiest, because it's the cheesiest" kraft. for the win win.
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5:53 am
preparing for this hurricane it's still a good idea to always be prepared for an emergency. pete: here with the gear you need to keep you and your family safe is home contractor skip bedell. >> hurricane season is just beginning, really important people are prepared for it. one thing we can always count on in these events is the power going out. a problem for a lot of reasons. great selection of generators from whole house stand by generators come on automatically when the power goes out and they will power up your whole house power off gas or propane. poor thible generators also gas powered both of these from champion top company in generators. these will both do the job to power up your house. as alternative, this is grand new technology. this is the nexus power station from ego. this actually uses battery power and converts it to ac it. has three plugs in the front. no gas engine. no exhaust fumes. so this will power up your appliances, your lights, and it runs off of battery. you can take this anywhere. can you put it your car and keep it right inside your house no exhaust fumes.
5:54 am
todd: it's on right now that's how quiet it. >> press a button in the front here. power it up. three ac outlets in the front. four usb ports to keep your phone charged. so all of these generators champion whole house. champion gas powered or nexus power station inverter, has no engine at all. put it right inside your house which is great. pete: how much power are we going to get out this. >> run this many hours even days just running your lights, days. keep it plugged, in keep the batteries charged up. when you need it you just plug in your extension cords to it. great alternative don't have space for big generators and put this inside your house which you cannot do that with some of the other ones. pete: like an apartment. >> few different options whole house portable gas and then of course this battery inverter. todd: not just power you also have amazing survival gear stuff. >> some times people get caught in a situation they think they are going to ride out the storm and load up with water and food and everything else only to have the water to come through front door and they have to
5:55 am
get out real quick. they can't take all those things they thought they were going to have. this is survival pack unchartered supply company in utah. they are survival experts. they work with the military. they have sold this thing to the cia. fbi, border patrol, everyone can you imagine. this is considered the world's best all in one survival kit. i will show you why. it has a waterproof shell on the outside that's also air tight. so you can use this as a flow station device as well. obviously a backpack. can you take it all with you. it has a zipper pocket in the front to put your documents in to keep everything dry. and when you open it up. it has a rolltop. what i like about this better than all the other survival kits out there. just put a bunch of stuff in the bag and have to dig through it. when you are in that hyper situation, your adrenaline is pumping, you don't have time to think about that. they have done something really genius with this bag. put the insert inside of this. let me just lay it out and show you. they have put color coordinated instructions on the front for everything you need to know. shelter to get warm. air filtration, water, food, first aid, everything you
5:56 am
need. and then you open this up. and it's so nicely organized. so if you are in a panic situation and have you time to take anything from home, this -- all the survival, everything you need, all these 40 items here which are all high quality content are all inside. this and from first aid to shelter, there is a tent inside of here. blankets, tools. eye protection. air filter. we know air quality and water filter is important. they thought about a lot of smart things putting waterproof led flashlights on the top so you can operate hands free. todd: water filtration. >> everything you need to survive and get out quick is all inside this bag. pete: people want more skip >> all these great products like the 72 and all the power options and everything we are looking at here today. jedediah: thanks. >> get prepared that's the difference between surviving and not. pete: otherwise you are at
5:57 am
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>> we begin with a fox news alert, category 4 hurricane, gained steam as it comes closer. >> evacuation orders set to take effect as the storm threatens 10 million people in florida. donald trump urging caution tweeting i monitoring hurricane dorian and receiving briefings and updates. it is important to he directions of your state and local officials. this is an extreme the dangerous storm. moments away from holding a briefing. >> live team coverage tracking the storm. live on the ground in florida,
6:01 am
we begin with griff in delray beach. >> reporter: gas stations all across florida are running out of gas. the marathon station on atlantic ue in delray, telltale signs, bags on the pumps, sorry, out of service and you can see this owner is having it boarded up this morning. these boards were used when the last storm two years ago, they were hit by irma. six months after opening up he had hurricane andrew in 1992 and ever since he has never taken anything for granted even if it looks like the storm may pass a direct hit here. this sign, we need power, help, because for days the owner had power trucks going by but he was without power and people needed to get this gas station up and running.
6:02 am
here is what he had to say. >> i'm not surprised at all. usually the lines are for 5 blocks down the road. this time they are more organized. we lost fuel at 8:00 last night. >> reporter: it is not just supplies but concern of storm surge and rain, king tides posing a threat because they were already worried about flooding before hurricane was headed in their direction, now they are worried it could have a major impact as people try to get ready. hoping for best but don't take anything for granted. >> storm surge is the thing people forget about it always causes the most problems. thank you very much. let's go to rick, am i correct
6:03 am
in that assessment? sandy nailed my family and was tough. >> reform has its own thing and it depends where you are with respect to the ocean, how much time storm surge had to accumulate. each one is different. we fear it will be all 3. in 2016, october, a storm that the time came from a different direction, forecast to go farther to the west and made landfall as a category 4. it went 20 miles to the east, off the shore of florida and spared a lot of florida but in 2 parts of carolinas caused problems. this is from a different direction, a similar forecast
6:04 am
which is why is difficult. the forecast is 1000 miles out where the storm will make a right-hand turn in that 40 mile 60 mile range is difficult. notice be forecast track, really good agreement for a while until it gets to the northwest bahamas and that right-hand turn is difficult to forecast. some of our guidance turned earlier which would be really good news for florida but not all of our guidance says that, some takes it into florida. you need to prepare for it is coming and hope it doesn't. a lot of landfalling hurricanes in the last few years, governor desantis is speaking. >> very strong storm but it has shifted on the track east. if that trend continues that would be positive for florida. as i would remind people as you are looking at these forecasts a bump in one direction or the other could have really significant ramifications in terms of impact. of it bumps further east that is positive. of it bumps just a little west you are looking at really
6:05 am
significant impacts. don't make any assumptions. remain vigilant and be prepared. we are going to continue to monitor the situation with fuel and traffic flows and take action is necessary but everyone should continue to monitor the storm and follow the direction from your local officials. as many of you know as of this morning the following counties have issued mandatory evacuation orders, brevard county starting on sunday, martin county issued a partial. a number of counties issued voluntary evacuation orders, blade, henry, martin, palm beach, st. lucie. those evacuation orders could change. just continue to follow local updates that remain prepared, make preparations and we will hope the trend continues but
6:06 am
there is still significant chance of a strike on the state of florida. if you look at that cone anyone inside that cone needs to be prepared. we are continuing to click on all cylinders here and continue to monitor the situation working with local and federal partners, fema has been engaged with us from the beginning and we appreciate that and have time to take questions. >> i wanted to ask you, 52 counties issued evacuation notices. are you doing anything to enhance that evacuation or do anything with the shoulders? >> we are going to monitor the traffic flows. if traffic becomes abnormal we will take needed action to alleviate that.
6:07 am
at this point we don't see any abnormal traffic on the roadways so those options are on the table and if need be they would be exercised. >> are you worried that people are seeing the track and assuming it will continue to go one way and not heed the evacuation orders, dip into the hurricane supplies? >> you don't want to over read these tracks. you can look at a little bit of moving to the west and all of a sudden we are looking at a much different scenario if that were to come out later today. i also what we tried to do here is the very factual, very direct with people. we haven't tried to overreact but also tried to put out the information and explain the risks. i think the fact that we have taken that approach, people look
6:08 am
and say it looks like positive movement but we are not out of the woods yet. people probably still understand preparations need to be made and even if it doesn't directly strike florida, this is a big powerful storm, you're still looking at significant storm surge on the east coast of florida, major flooding events in different parts of the state. the effects can range, but you are still looking at significant impacts even if the storm remains so just be vigilant, listen to your local officials, follow the news and do what you need to do to protect yourself and your families. >> it is better. >> we had the trucks, they were in all night refueling. you are starting to get -- those are moving into gas stations. as the track has shifted a
6:09 am
little bit, you are naturally going to see less people in miami-dade county waiting in line for gas. some of that will take care of demand. we had these things going on as necessary so the situation will likely be improved and i spoke with the president last night and he offered support. we are not sure that will be necessary but we have been working with federal partners to see if there is a need, what to do with that. >> you are most concerned about flooding and surge impacts? >> there are a number of places, their place is not on the east coast that have been flooding already. even if they get outer bands of rain that is a problem. you have places that have king tide that are already, some of
6:10 am
these docs the waters are already up, then things like the st. john's river where that gets heavy rainfall. there are a lot of spots that will be affected by this even if it does stay off the coast of florida. >> the slow approach, what it can do to the waves and tides, is the concern about people going to the beach. >> people look to local folks. and, that attracts people because they want to do that. and there's any type of orders -- they should heed those. >> the track changed
6:11 am
preparation. and it changed operationally, and different areas. >> when we were here two days ago, become covered the entire state of florida. they will have people in fort myers ready to go. as it shifts east that means southwest florida, northwest florida the chance of them being affected, the chances of gone down dramatically. that makes us able to do more with the resources and the trend has been positive, but we do have more certainty of the general direction of this thing that we did 48 hours ago.
6:12 am
>> looking at some of this stuff, there's going to be more data that comes out, you can't guarantee it will do this or that. some of the trends of been positive. if i knew some of these models were the case i would feel a lot better, some of them are right, some of them are wrong. those european spaghetti plots are great, they'll go into the sea. they haven't been right in the past on everything. you've got to remain vigilant. >> i want to ask during the briefing, hurricane andrew was expected to make the same turned the storm is expected to make but it didn't. does that give you pause? >> as the governor just outlined, people need to be vigilant that emergency management is doing our job. there is a category 4 storm off of our coast. there are lots of things to say the course on. >> run desantis, one major take
6:13 am
away, he said this could be trending east. that could be positive for florida but do not let your guard down. >> we have other news to cover including james comey. he wrote the rules and demanding the apology. john kennedy calling out comey for challenging the bureau. coming up. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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6:16 am
>> millions of people on high alert as dorian closes on the florida coast. our next guest is reminded of the devastation from hurricane katrina. >> joining us is john kennedy, senator, thanks for being here. what else did we learn from katrina that we can apply here.
6:17 am
>> number one, the power of nature. the universe, god, whatever you believe, the power of people, anytime it wants to. you think we are in control but we are not. number 2, our friends in florida have been through hurricanes but some haven't. ask yourself if you are scared, if you are, it is okay. if you are not your either a fool or lying to yourself, you should be scared. we have an expression in louisiana we use during hurricanes, don't get stuck on stupid. if your gut tells you to leave leave. i know you're worried about your home and your property and it being looted maybe or feel like you need to be there, it's not worth it. if your gut tells you to leave, leave.
6:18 am
>> great advice very bluntly put. i want to get to news, a big news we, you had the release of the ig report, james comey coming out and saying i deserve an apology. i'm scratching my head, does he deserve an apology? >> know. the wall street journal called mister comey hurricane comey and i think that is an apt description. he left distraction in his wake. his major character defect, it is clear to me, his breathtaking arrogance. the man could stressed sitting down. the laws he violated, the rules he violated are designed to protect our country from people like him. he did immeasurable damage to
6:19 am
american institutions like the department of justice. we will ultimately find that he tried to interfere in donald trump's election and tried to interfere in hillary clinton's election as well. the breathtaking arrogance, for him to say i had to do it for the good of the country. who appointed him pope or person or god, he did it for the good of mister comey. it is a sad, sad commentary. we have to get to the bottom of this. the american people need to know they can trust the fbi, the premier law enforcement agency in human history. they are mostly fine men and women. it is okay for them to have political beliefs, they are intelligent people but they can't act on them and mister comey did and it was wrong.
6:20 am
>> your time in washington, do you believe something of this scale, there is an opportunity to get real accountability, people say james comey is off the hook. how can that be? >> i'm not going to second-guess attorney general bar. my experience with him as he calls it like he sees it. we have to get to the bottom of all of this. i'm afraid we are going to find worse men and women at the fbi and apartment of justice and the white house, not many but some, who acted on their political beliefs and tried to influence an american election whether it was for or against trump or clinton and they can't do that and we need to find out, lance this boil. the american people are entitled to know what happened. >> we got to leave it there but
6:21 am
appreciate your candor. >> according to a new operative you are charged with racism you must be guilty, the left's new rule. >> blasting the left's new playbook next. keeping our finances in check is easy with the new app from lending tree. it shows you your credit score, helps you plan for you future, and tells how you can save right now. it's nice having some extra money. can i have some extra money? no. download it now. ♪ dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx.
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applebee's handcrafted burgers now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood
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>> we are back with a fox news alert looking live at hong kong where police are lining up to prevent protesters, wrapping up a 10 day of demonstrations. earlier rioters set a fire in the middle-of-the-road. started after hong kong's government started to pass a china basket extradition bill. teenagers are shot moments after i school football game.
6:25 am
there are 15 to 18 years old. it is unclear what sparked the shooting. >> turning to a new op-ed argues this, charged with racism you must be guilty, that is the left's new rule. >> dear fellow white people, here's what to do. step-by-step instructions to those accused writing apologize and consider asking someone who understands racism. >> what happened to innocent until proven guilty? david, we are desperately in need of a reality check on this one. >> i went through these steps. i'm tired of this crap,
6:26 am
self-righteous elitists, who decided to lecture us. virtue signaling, if someone calls you a racist, you must be, assume automatically that person is qualified, knows you well enough. unless you are a hood wearing card-carrying member of a white supremacist group or a hidden racist, you're not a racist and to white people, you know you are not, stop accepting this, happens to be a white woman, she's pushing her guilt, whatever she feels, the way rosanne arquette did, sorry i was born ways, this is sheer idiocy, she's teaching our student, sending kids to salem state university are considering kids might want to go there, you should ask some questions.
6:27 am
>> one thing the washington post writers saying is you can be racist even if you march for civil rights, you can be called out for racist remarks even if you have black friends and relatives you cherish donated to antiracist causes and marched for civil rights even if you know in your heart you are not racist it is possible to have implicit or unconscious racial bias. this is brought up all the time, implicit or unconscious racial bias. speak to that. >> that is drivel. there are some people, i will put her in that camp, someone who is either not intelligent enough or cares to be willfully ignored of reality. that is step one. remember the broader context even if you know you are not racist, it is possible to listen to the answers you receive. express gratitude for someone calling you out as a racist. it should be thrown away but it
6:28 am
is dangerous drivel, in my college years teaching young impressionable minds. and the state university to support this school. a lot of talk to these professors. >> and i looked at him, i don't know you and you don't know me. >> that you called me a racist. and these tends to people's mind, your at the minnesota state fair, it is a place where people come together, farmers, visitors, travelers, families and you are telling me any -- we must have a conversation about
6:29 am
who is wrong or society based on their determination. >> based on what i think you feel even though i don't know you. >> the dilemma arises how does someone respond? if i'm a racist what is the appropriate response. >> i've got to tell you, i'm speaking to wait people across america, white people listen to me, please. unless you are a hood wearing card-carrying member of white supremacy it is -- you are not a racist. realize some people you cannot engage. they are incapable of engaging you intellectual conversation and walk away but use that to teach other people the way areva martin called me white when she didn't do her homework and you had white privilege. don't engage them at their level to take at a high level and show
6:30 am
other people this is what the world is, not what they want to virtue signal. >> some guilt you shouldn't have. >> the leader of an antiabortion group accusing facebook of censoring her. the founder and president of that organization joins us live. let's be honest, insurance can feel a little outdated. the paperwork... the calling for everything. the searching for id cards... it's like you're stuck in the 90s. that's why esurance makes it simple with an app that has everything you need because that's how we live nowadays. rad. your id card is on a bodacious tiny future tv. wow! you're really committed to this whole 90's thing, aren't ya? no, i'm just saying what's in the script. that's true. everything we're saying's in the script. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless.
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>> fox news alert. category 4 hurricane gaining steam. as it closes in federal officials share this new satellite video. >> national weather service sharing this radar picture inside the eye of the storm. ron santos giving us an update on the storm. >> the precise path of the storm is somewhat uncertain and that's the reason for all 67 was the intensity of the storm has a high degree of certainty, category 4 potentially, category 4 plus. >> we have team coverage tracking the storm, rick news is tracking the hurricane. jillian is in melbourne, florida.
6:35 am
>> good morning to everyone. everyone coming in is leaving, going out with plywood when the stores open at 6:00 :00 am. pretty much a gas can. they have been long gone by 7:00 this morning. no more propane or sand but they have a lot of plywood and flashlights and batteries. one of the big things in these situations, the community is helping one another, take a look at this exchange. >> it is hurricane season, i thought i would lend a hand. >> we see that a number of
6:36 am
times, neighbors helping neighbors, strangers, that is something you get a sense of community and help and urgency people want to help each other out here. this is a massive supply of plywood. what are you going to do with this? >> over my windows. >> you are going to ride out the storm? >> now. >> you are covering and leaving. >> i hope the storm goes out to see. they changed the path this morning. vote for trump. >> good to see you. he is prepared. lines of people getting plywood. the store tells me they got a new supply overnight, a hot commodity as you see. everyone cutting their belongings. aside from that gentlemen they plan on riding out the storm but they want to make sure they are safe, and getting those generators but most people say they will wait until sunday and
6:37 am
make the final decision. >> we are all in this together, people helping people. >> plywood. >> plywood and politics. this is a storm, category 4, 140 miles an hour, 11 miles below category 5 strength. that is not out of the possibility with the storm still well-organized. they will fly in and out all the way until we are done with this storm as we get better information into the models and get better output of forecast and that will be a friend to do. we are not getting incredible guidance what is going to happen. what we do think is the far western possibility is out. we are not worried about that
6:38 am
situation of going into the gulf which is good news for people in florida and the panhandle. last year hurricane michael made landfall, fourth category 5 storm to enter the us. we are story about the east coast of florida and maybe just staying offshore which would be good news for florida but bad news across georgia towards the carolinas. a stronger storm could make landfall in the latter part of this coming week. i wish we had more definite news with our most reliable models, the latest model runs pulled it off the shore. we can't pay attention to it yet. we have seen these flip-flop a lot the last couple days. once we get consistency and more confident we still don't feel wholly confident. both of these going up closely, florida, georgia, south carolina. this is the official forecast. anywhere in that cone. that doesn't mean where the storm will be, anywhere in that spot is where the center of the storm could be.
6:39 am
a lot of uncertainty. we will keep on it. >> a trial date has been set for the 5 men accused of plotting the 9/11 terror attacks was the mystery judge that the case against khalid shaikh mohammed and we for this should begin in january 2021. former cia interrogator james mitchell who personally interrogated him told us earlier he thinks the suspect's attorney pushed to delay the trial on purpose. >> his attorneys and attorneys for the other co-conspirators have turned this into a circus. what they have done is at least a tidal wave of pretrial motions and legal maneuvers that have swamped -- >> all 5 suspects are charged with war crimes punishable by death. a group of fishermen get up close and personal with a massive shark.
6:40 am
>> the men were fishing for lobster off cape cod when they spotted the great white shark. twitter ceo jack dorsey hacked on his old websites, for 15 minutes making a series of offensive posts and claiming there was a bomb at twitter headquarters. twitter is investigating the hack but since the issue was his mobile service provider, not their own security. sad news, actress valerie harper known for her role as rhoda on the merry tyler moore show has died. >> 20 pounds lighter and holding up my hair. big deal. >> harbor passed away after a long battle with brain cancer. he won four amy's and the golden
6:41 am
club, harbor was 80 years old. i absolutely loved everything she was in, she brought so much magic to the screen. i'm so grateful we had her onscreen. >> when you get a diagnosis like brain cancer it is a difficult decision how much to share with the public but she made the choice to make it public thing to chronicle the fight to talk about it and raise awareness but she was fighting. she was 6 years -- >> a fighter, god bless her. our next guest run the pro-life group and says facebook is targeting her posts labeling them fake news. is it another case of censoring conservatives coming up next. ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
6:42 am
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>> quick headlines, and actress land for showing a photo of herself leaving the bahamas on a private jet to escape the hurricane. she posted this on her instagram apart writing bye-bye, dorian. she should be more sensitive to those who are not able to leave the area so easily. johnny depp caught up with the controversy, deleting a loan add. and cultural appropriation. >> everyone has symbolic reference. >> a variety of native american themes to promote its fragrance. thanks. accusations of bias on social media. our next guest posted this video, facebook labeled it false news. watch.
6:46 am
>> abortion is not medically necessary. if you talk to a doctor who is not indoctrinated by leftist talking points you will discover that abortion which is defined as a direct and intentional killing of an embryo, fetus, is not a medical treatment. >> it is a violation, getting reduced distribution. the anti-abortion group is seeking legal -- legal action. you gave a public speech and posted to facebook which you have done to 3 million followers between live-action and your self. facebook fact checkers say you shouldn't fail to do that. >> it wasn't just my speech. i've been giving talks like that for years. we have doctors who are featured in our videos saying the same thing. thousands of doctors agree with me that abortion is not a
6:47 am
medical treatment is abortionists disagree, they say we are practicing medicine but abortion is not a medical treatment. you can deliver a baby early if need be but you don't target that baby's body for distraction to kill that child. doctor should care and love and serve the mother and the child, not just attack that child in an abortion. thousands and millions across the country, to attack live-action. it is on the platform. >> we have a free country. and what is happening, here is what fact checkers do.
6:48 am
this pops up on screen. certain life-threatening predictions, and as the video suggests. and this is not always the case, i'd be okay with this, planned parenthood put up a video. they give your view on the other side. only against pro-lifers. >> these are -- they are wrong. early term delivery is not an abortion. you don't have to kill the baby or dismember the baby your poison the baby to death before delivering him or her, you give him a chance for life and medical technology will develop so that we can continue to push the age of viability backwards so they have a shot at life. thousands of medical professionals agree with us, we are not just saying this stuff,
6:49 am
not just my opinion that thousands of board-certified obg i when's saying abortion is not a medical treatment, is violence against a child and we can and should care for the patient. the fact that facebook is using abortionists as fact checkers is disturbing and it should concern all of us. >> they hired leftism behind official titles and ran it down our throat, they have not responded yet. you have a platform, you have a message, the only option is to fight back. the reality you are facing right now. the social media giant control by leftist trying to control the conversation and get you shot down. it is a new trend in fitness we are testing it out on fox square.
6:50 am
a strong bywork out. our every day diet is very acidic. it can cause damage to the enamel. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. with pronamel repair, more minerals are able to enter deep into the enamel's surface. the fact that you have an opportunity to repair what's already been's amazing. i think my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair.
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>> don't miss the beach. we are getting a morning used. >> instructor showing us some fitness dance moves. >> no dancing. >> this is a strong-- it is a boot camp i intensity work out working cardio, muscle
6:54 am
conditions to drive your work out to your music. >> no dancing. i have a shot. >> let's do it. you modified that and ready to roll. >> let's sort it out with a jab on the safe side. stay with jeannie or clean it up. there we go, back out. back up again, let's go. you know how to shows that. two in the middle. you want to rotate? >> i am working. there you go. where is my jump rope.
6:55 am
let's go to another week. now break it down. but speed it up, two uppercuts. it is a little quiet. ♪ say what? last time. ♪ speed it up.
6:56 am
this is a real workout. jump rope, back to the jump rope. yes. "fox and friends" coming up. >> needless. >> today's morning. sponsored by -- let's get down to business. the business of road trips... ...adventure... ...and reconnecting.
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6:59 am
>> guess who is turning 21? "fox and friends"! right here, campaigning.
7:00 am
>> i am going -- it is possible producers, everyone on state. >> two storms barreling down, first, dorian, now a category 4 hurricane taking it to florida and it is still gaining strength. residents are being offered now choice. republican senator rick scott is here. to that other storm, the economic one, new tariffs on chinese goods the kick in within hours as they continue to kick it


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