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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 3, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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tried and true teddy bear wins. >> harris: republicans are awful quiet as that plays itself out. thanks for joining us, both of you. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: hurricane dorian slowly on the move with the deadly storm's outer bands now hitting south florida. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." dorian's downgraded to a category 2, but still packing winds of 110 miles an hour. national hurricane center saying the storm is losing some strength but picking up speed and growing in size. we have fox team coverage. jeff paul is in florida, rick leventhal. let's begin with griff general kins in port st. lucie. i have seen you get pummelled by waves all day. >> reporter: dana, we're getting
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pummelled by -- this is the intercoastal way. i'm trying to show you as you look out here in the distance, one of the barrier islands. in this case, that barrier island is hutchison island. this storm surge, these waves are coming across the sea wall. we've been showing people today this storm surge. it's four to seven feet. it's coming across because of dorian. it's 115 or so mile, maybe less now, but not much. in the outer bands have been coming all morning long. they're going to continue most of the afternoon. that barrier island there brings us all sorts of situations where it is low lying and there is flooding. you can see the flooding here -- [ inaudible ] we can report that one st. lucie county deputy was injured. he was hit head on. he was in an humvee flood
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surveying vehicle. a drunk driver decided to not heed the recovering. he is okay. officials really hope residents will stay off the roads until these squad squalls and dorian has left the area. >> dana: now let's head 75 miles north in cocoa beach. that's where folks are bracing for damaging and very dangerous conditions. jeff paul is in cocoa beach. jeff? >> reporter: despite this low lying area of cocoa beach being under mandatory evacuation order, this pier is attracting people for totally different reasons than it's normally accustomed to. this camera trying to capture the big strong waves that are coming in. and further to the right of the screen, you can see lot of people out here almost think this is a normal beach day.
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you see family playing with the ball. folks digging sand castles. lot of this goes back to the storm moving so slowly. it's been inching now just a little bit more north, getting closer to this area. you have businesses boarded up. many of them boarded up days ago. people are getting stir crazy. some say they just want to get this over with. >> so annoying. i'm really upset because my husband's out of work. so everything settles down. the entire county is shut off. that's very frustrating. >> reporter: now, what is uncertain is how the hurricane could impact cocoa beach and other coastal communities in central florida. that's why we are seeing a lot of utility trucks throughout the area getting in place in case some of these strong gusts of winds that we're expecting knock out any power, they can restore power as quickly as possible. the biggest impact we're expecting tonight will be later
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on in the evening. we could have three to five foot storm surge here where we'll expect heavy rains and even stronger wind gusts. >> dana: jeff paul in cocoa beach, thank you. let's head over to jacksonville where residents remain on high alert, despite hurricane dorian's shift to the east and people getting frustrated and maybe a little stir crazy. rick, how are the winds where you are? >> reporter: it's blustery, dana. we're told we could get pretty strong winds tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. the tide is a couple feet above normal in this area as well. high tide was about two hours ago. it was up to the edge of the dunes here. i want to show you what existed through the dunes to get into the streets of atlantic beach. they piled up sand there to create a berm, a wall, to keep back that three to five foot expected storm surge that could come sometime tomorrow. we do know there has been a lot of activity by the coast guard
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to try and help out with those folks in the bahamas who were so devastated. a coast guard jay hawk has been conducted evacuations. the coast guard helping out. here in jacksonville, it's poor conditions zulu, the jacksonville coast guard tying down its ships, concerned about winds potentially 39 to 54 miles an hour. they say people should stay off the water because their ability to affect rescues degrades as the storm conditions strengthen. also a few airports closed, including orlando international will be shutting down tonight and palm beach international which was supposed to resume operations is not going to just yet. >> dana: tell me about the special needs people, the elderly and how important it is for them to heed the evacuation. >> reporter: well, they're worried about those folks, especially if they lose power in some nursing homes or even in their homes. there were some evacuations in
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kissimmee and other places across the state of florida today. lot of older folks willing moved out of their homes to safer ground. lot of them said they wanted to stay put but they started watching the forecast and here's what they said. >> well, i was all set to stay home until they had to turn the water off. i would have done fine. i had plenty of food there that i could eat cold or, you know f the power went off. >> i'm more scared about this one than i have ever been in one in florida before. i have not seen one be 185 miles an hour. that's too scary. >> reporter: dana, there is a hurricane watch in the way up to the south of us. tropical storm watches are in effect here as well as storm surge watches. there's still concern even though dorian is way out at sea. the effects of it could still be felt along the florida coast line. >> dana: we appreciate the
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update. thank you. we just got an update on the track of hurricane dorian. rick reichmuth has been here for several days. now we have some news. >> yeah. it's staying pretty much on track from the last advisory. very fascinating thing about this storm that's been difficult to forecast is when it would make this right hand turn. the reason we've been so concerned about florida is we knew it would make a right hand turn and stall out. it happened 100 miles off the shore of florida which spared florida. when we see the images coming in, we're all going to be terrified seeing what they went through for 24-36 hours across the northwest bahamas. that would have been the u.s. had it made that turn later or stalled to make that turn. it is now making that move towards the north, so the bahamas are doing to get better. we have hurricane warnings overnight. we'll probably see some hurricane force winds along the
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coast of florida. nothing as bad as if we had a cat 4 or cat 5 make direct landfall. we also have hurricane warnings now up across the charleston area. that is what we're going to be seeing wednesday into thursday. this is the current radar. you see the bulk of the moisture staying off shore, which is good news. we'll probably see some spots maybe 2 to 3 inches of rain. some bands of storms could move on. we could see a quick brief tornado along with that storm. you get the idea. this is how we now know the forecast. see that little brown color? that's a dip in the jet stream that is going to pull the storm up towards the north. the difficulty was forecasting that when all of that energy was way back across the pacific ocean. now we know exactly where it is. we have a very good sense of what the track is. it will for sure stay off the coast of florida. will for sure stay off the coast of georgia. we will see more interaction from this than areas of south
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carolina and north carolina. that's going to be wednesday night into thursday, thursday evening. we could be looking at a landfall of the storms somewhere probably around the north carolina area. dana? >> dana: it's fascinating what the forecast can tell us now with all the new technology. thanks for bringing us that report. thank you. we will go live to vero beach as rick leventhal told us. we will talk to the mayor about what he calls a major problem, he calls it cabin fever. big news out of wal-mart, as the store makes a major announcement about ammunition sales and their open carry policy. and a deadly fire on a dive boat off the california coast, after five crew members manage to get out alive, while dozens of passengers were trapped below. is that net carbs or total?...
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>> dana: big changes at wal-mart when it comes to gun and ammo sales. matt, this just broke within the last hour. tell us more. >> reporter: the wal-mart ceo just announcing that the big box store will end all the sales of handguns in alaska and discontinue the sale of short gun rifles and handgun ammunition nationwide. the store said it will shift focus towards deer rifles and shot guns. in a letter to associates, wal-mart's ceo writes, quote, a month ago in el paso texas a gun man launched a hate filled attack in our store, shooting 48 people, resulting in the loss of 22 innocent lives. a few day prior two associates were killed by another associate in our own store in south haven mississippi. as a company we experienced two horrific events in one week and will never be the same. our remaining asortment will be focused on hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts. wal-mart asking that customer
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nos longer openly carry guns into their stores or sam's club. the ceo's statement also reads wal-mart encourages the nation's leaders the move forward and strengthen background checks and to remove weapons from those who have, quote, been determined to post an imminent danger. wal-mart previously stopped selling ar-15's and raised the limit to purchase firearm or ammunition to 21. dana? >> dana: thank you. hurricane dorian inching closer to the u.s. mainland with its outer bands hitting florida. the storm has been downgraded to a category 2. however, emergency officials warning danger is far from over. joining me is the mayor of vero beach. great to have you here. i know that you're very busy. what is your concern about people feeling complacent since this storm is moving so slowly? >> yes. we were prepared very early on and then what happened, and this is because we've been through these storms many time befores.
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we know how bad a storm can be. so people listening to us, i want to commend our community for doing the right thing, for getting ready and for our emergency managers for doing an incredible job. what was happening though was as time went by and the storm slowed down, people were getting more adventurous. yesterday i saw some people out in the ocean in the middle of pretty bad storms. body surfing. it's just dangerous. i think there was a desire to go and see what was going on. they were getting cabin fever and wanted to see what was going on. about less than an hour ago we just had an update. we didn't know what was going to happen, whether it was going to go north or west or where it was going to go. it hadn't moved at all for like 18 hours. it ended up going to left, we would have had a direct hit and had serious problems with storm surge, four to seven feet.
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but the good news is it wentiret the 11:00 update. so we have lifted our mandatory evacuation. doesn't mean we're 100% out of the woods. we still will have tropical storm force winds until tomorrow morning. so people will have to be careful. there may be some gusts at that time low hurricane levels. so it' not totally done. but we're looking a lot better today than we were just sick hours ago. >> dana: so are you saying the news here is that because of this turn and it's staying off the coast enough that people can return to your area now? >> that is permitted. the people, the bridges have reopened, and people in the shelters could potentially -- although they can stay if they feel better and want to stay until tomorrow morning, they can. the city of vero beach will resume normal operations for our city tomorrow. there will be cleanup.
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most of the power has already been restored. they restored over 60,000 customers. we're estimated to only have about 100 customers who don't have power right now. just shows how doing good preparation can make a huge difference. even though we had some really strong winds and gusts and power outages last night, it's already starting. it's not done. we may still get some of our strongest winds over the next 24 hours. but the threat of something like what happened in the bahamas is not there. >> dana: thank goodness for that, for your community. thank you for coming on the show and telling us. hopefully, there will be no other changes for you, although other people are going to be concerned. val zudans, thank you very much. we are keeping a close eye on hurricane dorian. plus, brand new details are emerging about that deadly fire on a dive boat off the southern california coast, as police released the chilling may day
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>> as of 9:40 a.m. this morning coast guards have suspended search efforts pending further development. it is never an easy decision to suspend search efforts. we know this is a very difficult time for families and friends of the victims. >> dana: very grim development coming in the last hour in that deadly fire on a diving boat off the coast of california. authorities have suspended is search for any survivors. william lajeunesse, you were there listening. you could hear it in their voices, how motionally draining it has been to report and investigate this story. >> reporter: yeah, dana. the main take away from this cording to the sheriff, there's no evidence that an explosion caused this fire, but somehow, it moved so quickly that essentially trapped 33
11:24 am
passengers and one crew member below deck. the fire literally blocking the escape hatch as well as the main exit. so far, officially they've recovered 20 bodies and hope to find the remaining victims today. because several are burned beyond recognition, they will be doing dna analysis, dental identification. 30 families have been in contact with authorities. that basically means there are four families out there that do not know whether their family member is likely a victim. mainly, they are from san jose and santa cruz. they booked this three day scuba trip. today the coast guard suspended who chopper operations, while the dive teams continue to focus on remaining victims. >> our last aircraft over flight this morning revealed no additional finds of distress or debris. >> reporter: currently t boat is in about 65 feet of water.
11:25 am
it's unstable and upside down making it very dangerous for recovery crew. visibility about ten feet. it should get worse during the day. there was a fire control system on board as well as multiple extinguishers. the boat did pass inspection in august. they were all required to have a night watchman awake the entire evening. still, today, the sheriff, bill brown, clarified there are no doors locked, if you will, leaving the bunk area. nevertheless he said according to first hand accounts, passengers could not get out. >> there was a stairwell to get down the main entry way, up and down, and there was an escape hatch. it would appear as though both of those were blocked by fire. >> reporter: so the bottom line is, dana, memorial has been set up nearby here. this is where the conception typically docks here in santa
11:26 am
barbara in the marina. the actual dive site, if you will, the accident site, is about 26 miles away, about 90 minutes by boat. they'll try to recover those additional victims today. >> dana: okay. thank you. let's bring in mike misero, a former police detective and emily compagno. i want to start with you, mike. how shocking this might have been when you first heard about it. you have been an experienced diver. it is a small community, as you described. people in the dive community really do know each other. let's get your initial thoughts, if you would. >> initially when i saw the news report when i woke up in the morning, it was just really heart breaking, shocking. immediately you start looking to try to identify what the boat is and what organization it belongs to, which is what i started doing, trying to figure it out. you start immediately trying to figure out who do you know that's on board?
11:27 am
are your friends out there? from where we are located, that's one of our most common destinations for scuba diving is to go into santa barbara or ventura and take the boats out. it's with a heavy heart you start trying to find your friends and make sure they are okay. >> dana: william la jeuness just mentioned there was a report of a locked door claim, but the police now saying it doesn't sound like there was a lock on it but maybe more that it was blocked by fire? >> i agree with that. i have been on many of these boats. i have been on all the boats owned by the company. when these boats are out on the sea especially, it's all wide open. you can walk from the main deck into the galley and down the stairs. the only doors that i know of that have the ability to be secured while we're at sea are the ones that go into the rest rooms. that's it. other than that, everything is wide open. you can freely move around the
11:28 am
boat, if needed. >> dana: emily, the people who work on the boats apparently go through an intense amount of training. >> oh, i'm sure, absolutely. look, first of all, my con tkel lenses to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy. in terms of the legal consequences and what we're looking at moving forward, federal statutes are largely silent on what the crew has to do. but case law is pretty clear. it's all about reasonable ef forts. something short of unless there's incompetence or misconduct or negligence in some way, then really it's about doing everything that you can to save lives or save the cargo. from what we know thus far, it seems like it was so fast, it was just really impossible for this crew to do anything other than jump off and seek help. obviously, we will learn more as the investigation is uncovered. >> dana: based on your investigative background, mike, what would you be looking for at this point? we have the divers going down obviously trying to recover the bodies. that's the most important thing.
11:29 am
when you're trying to pinpoint what happened so it can be prevented from happening again, what would you look for? >> that's the thing here. the unknown. we don't know what started this whole thing. yeah, i mean t boat is an older boat. i think it was commissioned in 1985. it's a wooden boat. so you're floating on fuel source. but there's other things that come into effect. you have oxygen tanks on there for first aid. they have generators. they have propane on board. so i would really, my first and foremost idea would be to look for the ignition source and to find out what started this whole thing from happening. to go right along with what you were talking about with the training, it's been my experience on all the boats, all the crew is very well trained. first aid. they're all divers. most are even dive masters. it's very uncommon to find any of these boats that don't have an experienced crew put through the testing and training process throughout the year because this
11:30 am
is their livelihood. this is what they do. >> dana: emily, last question to you. who takes over in terms of when the investigation is done? is that the local authorities or does it go to the state or even federal? >> it would be state or federal. it depends on what the origin and source of the fire ultimate will, what it becomes diagnosed by. at the moment, there is a tremendous multiagency effort going forward for identification of the victims and moving forward on the origin or source. that's when we'll know whether it's state or federal. likely federal because the laws cover it. last potential analogy. we lost 36 people in the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland because of the type of negligence there, it was so reckless, it became criminal. here, really, this is just unfortunately a tragic circumstance, depending on what we have moving forward, might be just simple negligence to larger things. thank you. >> dana: okay, mike and emily,
11:31 am
thank you for your expertise. we appreciate it. humanitarian crisis unfolding in the bahamas as officials assess the devastation from hurricane dorian. storm is growing in size as it moves along the florida coast. bill hemmer is live in atlantic beach, florida. bill? >> reporter: dana, good afternoon to you. in a moment here, we are waiting for tropical force winds, winds that will top out around 35, 40 miles an hour. we're several hours from getting that. the news of the moment, the storm's moving at five miles an hour, dana. for a storm this size, that's significant. giving a little relief to the folks in the bahamas and getting close to the southeast. we will have that for you live in atlantic beach when we come back. so i can buy from
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what's going on? it's the 3pm slump. should have had a p3. oh yeah. should have had a p3. need energy? get p3. with a mix of meat, cheese and nuts. >> dana: dangerous hurricane dorian inches north after pounding the bahamas. ellison barber is live in
11:36 am
jupiter beach, florida. ellison? maybe ellison can't hear us. can you hear us? looks like she cannot hear us. we will try to get back to her in jupiter beach. she's not able to hear us? okay. thousands of national guard and active duty forces stand at the ready to assist in hurricane dorian relief ef forts. for more on fema's preparations, i'm joined by the deputy administrator of fema. peter, can you hear me? >> i can, dana. can you hear me? >> dana: i can. we had hard time with ellison barber's audio. glad to have you on the phone with us. the storm is covering such a wide area of possible need for fema. how do you feel about the preparation as it stands right now? >> we're in very good shape. even though this has been a long grinding storm, the extra time has given us the ability to be that much more prepared.
11:37 am
we have thousands of responders, federal responders, our state responders, through florida all the way to north carolina. plus all the supplies, resources that we need to do whatever dorian decides to do. >> dana: it's been impressive to look at all the different agencies that come together to work with you at fema. you have department of homeland security, of course, department of defense, department of energy, health and human services and the u.s. national guard. as you look at this and you're getting this update, in vero beach, they are lifting the evacuation order. people are allowed to come in even though they said you are allowed to stay in the shelters. are you worried people may get complacent even though the storm has a long way to go? >> the first thing i would say is make sure you are dialled in to your local public safety officials. they know best, whether to evacuate, shelter in place, or give the all clear. you're going to get tuned into
11:38 am
that. storm probably has a more positive track a little bit off shore. even with that, the wind has expanded. we're dealing with wind and surge as it makes its way up the east coast of florida into georgia and the carolinas. >> dana: it does make it hard to plan when it moves so slowly. stuck over the bahamas for so long. anticipation getting a little nerve-racking for you. >> a little bit. i think we're on day 11. we are focused to make sure we are ready to respond. all our partners, state and local. locally managed, state managed to include citizens. citizens are probably the most important part of any response to a disaster like dorian and hurricane. preparation is key. we encourage all citizens that are at risk of dorian to make
11:39 am
sure they are properly prepared and are aware of what dorian can do. >> dana: looks like everybody is properly prepared. fema being the all-important agency that pulls everybody together. peter gaynor, thank you. >> you're welcome. have a good day. >> dana: emergency officials in florida warning life threatening if not deadly conditions are expected at beaches in the northeast part of the state as hurricane dorian inches closer. bill hemmer, you are live at atlantic beach. i was just talking to the fema deputy director and just how nerve-racking it is to wait so long to find out what dorian is going to do. >> reporter: no question. i think really that's the question of the moment, dana. we've been watching the storm just be stationary for so long. at daybreak it was moving one mile per hour. it's five miles per hour at the moment, which is 2 1/2 times the speed that it was traveling before. you think about a storm that size. the effect of that is two-fold. one is helping people in the
11:40 am
bahamas, who are finally getting relief as the storm pulls away. for the folks, millions in the southeast part of the u.s. will finally start to get some direction as to when dorian makes her decision. forecasters can give us an idea about what to expect. dana, i know you love the ocean, so do i. where we are, in atlantic beach, five miles east of jacksonville, florida, this is just a spectacular day to be on the surf if, if you are not waiting for what was coming after ward. the white caps go as far as the eye can see. the surf is up. high tide hitting here about 90 minutes ago. it was beautiful. it's a great time to walk on the beach. but you don't want to go out in that water. we just saw two surfers. hard to catch a wave, it is so choppy. for those who love to see mother nature in this form, and i'm one of them and i know you are as well. it's a beautiful day, for the moment. but, dana, all this is going to
11:41 am
change over the next four to six hours. they expect around 8 p.m. tonight to get tropical force winds here in atlantic beach. at that point, things are going to change dramatically. 35, 45 miles an hour as we watch that storm crawl its way up the east coast to florida. and we will be here to see what unfolds, dana. just think about it. we started watching this storm last thursday, right? how often did you check? thursday, friday, saturday? now here it is tuesday. we're gonna deal with it today. we'll deal with it tomorrow and on thursday and likely on friday as well, dana. >> dana: i have friends in that area that moved to higher ground. they're worried about their other friends that maybe have stuck around. bill hemmer, thank you for bringing us this report. >> reporter: you bet, dana. >> dana: new details about the victims from the latest shooting spree in texas. we are live from that scene next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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>> good afternoon from the fox newsdesk. hurricane dorian assaulted the northern islands of bahamas as a devastating storm for days. ahead we'll hear from a man who lives in freeport, who said people are still waiting in their attic and on roof tops hoping for rescues. one woman said she was trying to escape rising floodwaters with their 7-month-old baby when her jeep got stuck. that and the acting homeland security secretary will be with us live. hear from him on preparedness and what's ahead as the hurricane is forecast to get closer to the southeastern u.s. that and the rest of the day's happenings as fox news continues in the the next hour. >> dana: as shepard just said, dorian pounding the bahamas with a deadly hurricane and a near stand still since first hitting the island as a monster 5 storm.
11:47 am
directing me is theed director for operations for women supporting women ministries in nassau. we haven't been able to see a lot of pictures. describe what you witnessed for us. >> well, it's a tremendous tragedy that's going on in the bahamas. it's a very sad moment, but one of goodness that will bring unity to the people, one baha s bahamas. we're just asking everyone to pray. we have a lot of devastating moments happening, homes being lost. we have many people that are feared dead at this time. unconfirmed dead. we need help in the bahamas. we need your prayers. we need building supplies, hurricane relief supplies. anything that we can get at this time. >> dana: daphne, are you aware of anybody that is still awaiting rescue? >> yes, many are still waiting to be rescued.
11:48 am
we are waiting for the all clear. hopefully, tomorrow morning we will get the all clear. people can go in and assist people who are waiting on their roofs, in the att oit's a sad t. >> dana: how are people communicating, given that it looks like the devastation was so great. i'm sure the power is out and you are only able to join us by phone, which we're so grateful for. how do you think people are getting the word out about what they need? >> the phone lines, most of them are down. we don't have good phone communication at this time. but we are mostly communicating through what's left at this time. we're mostly communicating for that, it is keeping us connected. >> dana: you work in a ministry, women supporting women. i understand you work with a lot of people who are in florida that help support that. what do you think you'll need going forward? >> right now we need nonpairishable items. we need bedding.
11:49 am
we need linens. >> dana: thank you for communicating with us. we appreciate it. take care. >> thank you so much for your interest. >> dana: thank you. pray for her. we are learning new details about the victims from the latest texas shooting rampage that happened over the weekend including a 17-year-old anderson davis. she is a little girl. she was shot in the face after a drive by shooter fired at random. >> reporter: she is home with her parents. she is recovering from that surgery. she was shot in the face. she has shrapnel stuck in her
11:50 am
neck. she was sitting next to her twin brother in their family's suv at a stop light when the bullet came through the vehicle. she is expected to make a full recovery as the james santana who will go home today after he was shot helping to take down the shooter after zachary owens from midland pd who was also hurt. these are the faces of the seven killed. they include cameron brown, an army war vet who served in afghanistan. she was driving the u.s. postal van the gunman hijacked, killed her as she was on the phone talking to her twin sister. and then there's 15-year-old leyla hernandez, who was walking out of a car dealership with her family. her brother was shot in the arm trying to protect her. as for the investigation, authority says the gunman previously failed a federal background check. although we do not know at this time when that happened.
11:51 am
>> i have no idea how he came in possession of this firearm. the atf is doing part of that investigation. >> reporter: the fbi said not only did the 36-year-old call 911 the morning of the shooting but also called an fbi tip line about 15 minutes before a texas state trooper tried to pull him over. he shot and injured the trooper then drove off eventually ending up 20 miles away here in odessa where he continued his rampage. the city is asking all of its employees tomorrow to wear yellow as a show of support and hope for this entire community and the victims of this tragedy. dana? >> dana: thank you. federal officials are keeping a close eye on the waffle house index. yes. you heard that right. the waffle house index. our next guest will explain what that is and what it means in the path of hurricane dorian. >> we'll have the power. we'll have the food. we'll have the generators. we'll have everything we need to get the restaurants open.
11:52 am
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>> dana: with hurricane dorian now sitting south florida, waffle house restaurants across the southeast, theory did. the chain sets up a command center in georgia. federal agencies use the restaurant chain to gauge how quickly a community can bounce back. it's nonas the waffle house index. pat warner is here from the waffle house storm center in nor cross, georgia. i love what you do. tell me how this got started. >> really, our response to hurricanes goes back to hugo. restaurants in the strike zone area, we've always responded. we got attention when craig fugate was the administrator. he came up with the waffle house index in florida and brought it with him to fema in washington. that's when the spotlight came on what we did. we're flattered by it.
11:57 am
now people are watching us and we're there for them after the storm. >> dana: so there was an update at 2:45 for the waffle house index. i think we can show that here. so tell me about what you do at the center there. when you get together, what are you looking for and how do you make a determination when this changes? >> well, here in atlanta in our headquarters, we're feeding information to the leadership in the field. they're making the decisions and our ceo is in daytona. they're making the decisions on the which restaurants to open and close. in the path of the storm, we're keeping them all open right now that might change later this evening. we're always monitoring the storm path and get our folks safe and come in after the storm. our goal is to be the last one closing and the first one opening. >> dana: i love that. tell me about the menus. you have the four types of limited menus.
11:58 am
no power menu, the no water menu and an emergency menu. how did that come about? what should we be noting from here? >> well, the key for that is we use those when the situations change in the field. obvious will no water no, power, no brainer. we have a limited menu and an emergency menu based on whats going on, how much volume we have. the goal is to keep the restaurants open the best way we can. sometimes if all we have is sausage biscuits, that's all we'll have. >> do you help first responders as well that have been hit hard in communities? >> a lot of the first customers are the first responders. we want to make sure they're getting a hot meal as they're doing the heavy lifting to keep us safe after the storm. that's a big responsibility for
11:59 am
us, to feed the first responders and the power crews. other all vital after the storm. we want to make sure they're well-fed and happy. >> dana: so you're in charge of public relations and external affairs. what is it like from an internal p.r. standpoint for all the employees of waffle house that also might be victims of these storms, what is it like for everybody to feel like they're a part of the team working together trying to help everybody else? >> really that family atmosphere. we want to help our teammates out. we were in florida, georgia and the carolinas. we have a lot of folks that would be on the jump team to help them out. we know if they're in a market and they need help, their waffle house family will come to help them out. for us, it's part of our culture to be that team, that family. we want to get down there and help our fellow waffle house associates out. >> dana: pat warner, thanks so much. tell everybody there we said hello and thank you for all you
12:00 pm
do. >> we will. >> dana: thank you for joining us. i'm see you on "the five" in a couple hours. we'll have more updates. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: hurricane dorian forecast to inch closer to the east coast after laying waste to areas of some islands in the bahamas and killing five people there. there's deep concerns about what rescuers will find as they go through the wreck-remains of more than 13,000 homes said to be damaged by the salvation army. the slow-moving storm is a category two with maximum sustained winds at 125 miles an hour. forecasters are warning it may come what they call dangerously close to florida tonight and through tonight as it moves up the coast off of georgia and south carolina and


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