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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and this is an unnecessary attempt to be too woke. >> tucker: i knew you would take it to the deeper level. tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. come of that that is the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. >> sean: i'm so thankful you were not insincere. great show, great to see tammy. welcome to "hannity" with a fox news alert -- every single constitutional, freedom loving american, you need to wake up. right now, this is an all hands on deck situation. you've got the mob and the media, the radical democratic socialists, they have collectively lost their minds. they don't even care about the damage they are doing. if they get their way, they will destroy everything this country stands for. the new greendale on top of it all and breaking tonight we have major new information that the
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corrupt media mob is refusing to show you a lot throughout the show, it will take the full hour. new photographic evidence of sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe, new inquiries into hillary clinton, the dnc, and ukraine. we broke the story a while back, you have to thank the mainstream media mob. new information also tonight surrounding the ag's investigation into the origins of the russia witch hunt, the obama lead counterintelligence endeavors. also tonight, we will show you new documents uncovered by investigative reporter john solomon that destroys the mobs anti-trump ukrainian fantasies. this is a defining moment in the history of this great country of ours. we are now at historic tipping
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point. if you are un-american and you care about truth, justice, rule of law, free-market economic system, the sanctity of your boat, the very basis of our republic, it's time to pay attention, get engaged, protect our country from those who are hell-bent on reshaping this country with more lies and conspiracy theories. the american dream for our kids hangs in the balance, the delusional democratic party, the lying media mob speaking with one voice and a full-scale coordinated effort to disenfranchise the millions of americans that elected donald trump. for anyone who has a functioning brain, it is now more clear than ever. the left has suspended any fidelity at all to the truth, to logic, to reason, to basic god-given common sense. in their world, up is down and black is white and green is
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purple. everything they falsely accuse the president of doing, we will show you tonight they themselves are guilty of. every second of every 24-hour day, we have witnessed nonstop hysteria over foreign election interference. they told us it was important. if the only problem for democrats, it was a lie, a hoax, and a conspiracy three, three long years. in the end, the mueller report was a dud, his testimony was an embarrassment, four separate investigations cleared the way. now the mob has altered their favorite hoax and conspiracy theories for a second round of breathless hysteria and false reporting, take a look. >> the president of the united states and those around him during election campaigns colluded with a hostile foreign power. >> i keep getting asked other echoes of watergate in this? there are. >> there is already ample evidence in the public domain on
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the issue of collusion. if you are willing to see it. >> the president use that opportunity to try to coerce that leader to manufacture dirt on his opponent and interfere in our election. >> russia was interfering in the election and they weren't doing it on their own and he was in on it. >> the president once again has gone and solicited foreign help for his election effort. >> sean: braswell rachel maddow is lying still. another conspiracy theory -- same people, same hoax, saint end goal, this is always been about that one reason for the mob as well. it's not about collusion, national security -- we will have more coming up later in the show. from the moment donald trump came down that escalator with his wife, the left has been hell-bent in taking revenge and
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impeaching the president that you elected to. we put together a comprehensive timeline, it started just two days after donald trump shocked the world. we were one of the few that told you it can happen. >> if he takes the risk of going to trial in and he's convicted, that could be impeachable. >> if he were caught snorting cocaine there would be a chance he was impeached. >> if he's not a legitimately elected president in your mind, there are tools that congress has. >> i don't see how that wouldn't be an impeachable offense. >> that tweet fits the republican definition of an impeachable defense. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached, impeached 45!
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impeached 45! >> grounds for impeachment. >> it's an impeachable offense. >> impeachable offense. >> is impeachment the appropriate remedy? >> it sounds like impeachment. >> all of that may be impeachable. >> that is an impeachable offense. >> is that an impeachable offense? >> is that an impeachable offense to you? >> he's much more vulnerable to impeachment. >> a potential ingredient of impeachment. >> where do you see an impeachable offense? >> it is grounds for impeachmen impeachment. >> potentially criminal or even impeachable. >> grounds for impeachment, or does that not go far enough in your view? >> grounds for impeachment. >> this tweet alone may be an
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impeachable offense. >> let's talk about impeachment. >> impeachment is on the table. >> which impeachable offense? >> i said they don't because we are going to go in there and we are going to impeach the [bleep]. >> do you see an impeachable offense? >> it's an impeachable offense. >> if that's not impeachable, i don't know what is. >> the president shall be removed from office on impeachment. >> is it impeachable? >> 100% is impeachable. >> very substantial evidence the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> grounds for impeachment. >> tipping point, talk of impeachment reaches a fever pitch on capitol hill. >> sean: hat tip to our friends in media research helping us compile that montage and when you think it couldn't
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get worse, congresswoman maxine waters -- impeached 45 -- she wants the president locked up and put in solitary confinement -- so charitable, no due process. her former colleague barney frank is accusing the president of being a murderer, it knows no bounds. basic truth and justice have been totally abandoned by the democratic party and their colluding partners in the media mob. here is what is at stake. look at that map, tweeted by the president. democrats get their way, the votes from all of that read on that map will forever be tainted. no wonder why they want to get rid of the electoral college and stack the supreme court. rendered meaningless if that mob gets their way and their lawlessness gets their way. if this was about protecting the country, if democrats cared about collusion and election interference, where was there hysteria about hillary rodham
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clinton's dirty bought and paid for russian dossier? even "the new york times" recognizes it was russian disinformation from the beginning. we have an election in a year, let the people decide. i think you are afraid of that. this is how al green said we better impeach him because we can beat him. according to a rare moment of truth from politico, look at this -- real collusion did take place in 2016, the mob doesn't care about it, democrats don't care about it, it had to do with the dnc, hillary clinton and ukraine. that article january 11th 2017, look at the headline. ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire, tf officials are scrambling to amends with the president-elect. they bet on the wrong horse. it goes on, ukrainian government officials tried to help
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hillary clinton undermined trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. they disseminated documents implicating a top trump aid in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter only to back away after the election. they helped clinton's allies research damaging information on trump and his advisors. even politico admitted in january 2017, the ukrainian efforts had an impact in the race, helping to force paul manafort's resignation, advancing the narrative that trump campaign was deeply connected to ukraine's foe to the east, russia. big news from capitol hill. look at this from senator chuck grassley, senator ron johnson releasing a letter to attorney general william barr asking him to investigate brazen efforts by the democratic national committee, hillary clinton's campaign, to use the government of ukraine for the express purpose of finding negative information on then candidate trump in order to undermine his
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campaign. now you have brought this issue up. didn't the democrats spend three years condemning any foreign interference or collusion with our elections? are these same democrats and mob members who are bashing the president over what is a completely fabricated quid pro quo? there is nothing in that phone call conversation with the president and the new president in ukraine. same democrats, say media liars, and the mob are doing their best, and run for cover because joe biden is facing tonight credible, serious allegations over what is a real quid pro quo. see the same pattern? they accused trump, it bounces back on them -- the boomerang. biden is recorded on tape and bragging about him leveraging your money, a billion dollars worth to get a ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating his son. wow. watch this.
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if >> were not going to give you the billion dollars, they said you have no authority, you're not the president, i said call him. i said you're not getting the billion dollars. we leave in six hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. son of a [bleep], you're not he. >> sean: the timeline paints a much different picture, look at 2014. biden was appointed as obama's point person in ukraine. his son hunter scored a lucrative position on the board of burisma holdings, that's a oil, gas, energy giant. he didn't have any experience in oil, gas, energy, or the country of ukraine. recently biden stated he never spoke with hunter about his business dealings but a damming
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photo obtained by fox news suggesting that joe is lying. august 2014, the photo shows vice president biden with his son hunter and his sons shady ukrainian business partner named devon archer. also on the board of burisma holdings. john solomon's reporting vice president biden knew that ukraine's top prosecutor was investigating his sons worked with burisma and was tipped off about the investigation by "the new york times." that's when biden leveraged a billion dollars in u.s. aid and forced the ukrainian president to fire a ukrainian prosecutor, wow. according to the media mob, none of this is true. this has been debunked, this is a conspiracy theory coming from the biggest conspiracy theorist in the entire country, take a look. >> trump is referring to unfounded allegations that as vice president, biden tried to
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protect his son by stopping an investigation into the ukrainian company that his son worked for. >> biden and his son have denied wrongdoing and there is no evidence of any. >> there is no evidence either have done anything wrong. >> there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. >> he uncovered no evidence of any wrongdoing. >> rudy giuliani claims without proof. >> unsubstantiated. >> unfounded accusations against biden. >> hunter biden didn't violate anything. >> sean: why would a vice president of the united states want a prosecutor to be fired? in ten days, you're lying, corrupt, conspiracy theorist and the mob a devoted seven hours, the favorite new anti-trump line conspiracy theory, only 46 minutes to biden's obvious quid pro quo. i wonder if the media mob would cover the story differently if it involved don jr. and the
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trump family or even barren trump for crying out loud? we will get you the full timeline, including brand-new allegations tonight from china. here is the bottom line, this story will be devastating, a huge boomerang to the mob, the democratic party, and this is the end for joe biden. the dnc can now be fully investigated for real collusion, they are doing us a favor, they are doing donald trump the biggest favor and the president will not be removed from office, his call with the ukrainian president, there was nothing wrong with it -- zero. no misconduct, no quid pro quo. read the transcript to yourself. the only favor president trump requested from his ukrainian counterpart during the call was an inquiry into the election hacking from 2016 involving hillary clinton and the dnc in ukraine. let's be clear, the president of the united states has a sworn duty, a constitutional duty to
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investigate crimes. united states has a treaty with ukraine, several other countries like australia, italy, great britain -- it requires cooperation in criminal investigations and that's not all. look at your constitution, article two, section three, it states the president shall take care the laws be faithfully executed. the media doesn't care because they can't bludgeon trump with it. the president's sworn responsibility, it is his constant constitutional duty to uphold the laws of the land. the attorney general of the united states has traveled multiple times to multiple countries to determine if america's intelligence capabilities were illegally used against america's citizens. this probe is reportedly ramping up soon. we will know if the most sensitive weapons of intelligence were turned against americans and a sitting president and a candidate. we will know whether or not the
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obama administration and these top intel people were circumventing u.s. laws and spying on their own citizens, outsourcing what is otherwise illegal, that would be surveillance of americans to intel agencies and allied countries. like i said, britain, italy, australia. we will have so much more about the unelected deep state bureaucrats in every agency and our government. only a few but they are doing damage to our country, actively working against the president they've united states, he can't even be the commander in chief under these circumstances. as carl bernstein now knows, even his sources are saying the attorney general is going to try to deliver real evidence, that in fact this has been a deep state conspiracy like the president has been alleging. this isn't about the president, republicans, or democrats. this is about the safety, security, and sanctity of our constitutional system of governance. taking tonight, a huge win for
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the president. a federal judge blocked california's law requiring the president to release his tax returns to appear on the ballot. here with reaction the president's attorney jay sekulo jay sekulow. the bigger picture is, we have a real collusion uncovered, a real quid pro quo and once again it's a boomerang. >> this is the ongoing pattern and practice of trying to shred the constitution. what california tried to do was add a requirement to the constitution so that if you didn't produce your tax returns you do not appear on the ballot. we challenge that in federal court. the court indicated last week they were likely to rule in our favor, the ruling just came dow down. it is declared unconstitutional, it violates the freedom of association, the presidential qualification clause, and equal protections of the law. the court issued the following order, the defendant are enjoined from enforcing
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provisions on the presidential tax, the transparency and accountability act, requiring candidates to disclose their tax returns as a condition of appearing. i will tie this into what you had mentioned in your monologue. that is the issue of the president calling heads of state regarding this ongoing investigation of how the counterintelligence matter -- as james comey should've called it based on his previous statements -- how that started. here's what we have. my colleague professor harry hutchison who is a senior policy analyst for the american center for law and justice produced a document which references two treaties. this one is with australia, this one is with ukraine. treaty with ukraine, a mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, same with the matter involving australia. the president, when he made
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calls on behalf of the attorney general to encourage cooperation regarding how this entire counterintelligence fraud took place, he was not only within his constitutional rights to do it but as harry hutchison points out, it was his constitutional obligation to engage in this -- why? he is required to faithfully execute the laws of the united states and the constitution. that's what he is doing. what is happening right now is individuals -- and this is what we have to understand. those who are so opposed to what the president is doing on any front are trying to weaponize the constitution to make the execution of it illegal. when you look at these two treaties and there are other treaties with other countries as well -- when you look at the phone calls in the history of what has happened here, first it was quid pro quo -- then they look at the transcript, no quid pro quo. then it was the president is asking for inquiries to be made on various matters -- i guess you have the right to do that
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under the constitution. according to these treaties which is now an obligation. then it was a cover-up -- a cover-up of what? the document was released. at the end of this, where it sits right now, not only did we win in california and we will win all of this nonsense as well but what is at stake for the american people is the united states constitution. that is what is at stake here. >> sean: jay sekulow, the counsel for the president, thank you for your time. joining us now, brand-new documents that should destroy the left's new ukrainian lies in conspiracy theories, he is an investigative reporter, executive vice president of the john solomon. why don't we go through what you have? it's too much to digest. let's go through the few that we can and put them on the screen for our viewers. >> let's start with something that's important about this. there is a media narrative that is false. how do we know it's false?
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the documents i possess show it's false. they said there is no evidence that the ukraine embassy was ever asked for help to help the democrat national committee. she called that russia propaganda. i have a statement from the ukrainian embassy in washington on the record from their sitting ambassador in washington that in fact alexander toluca, the dnc contractor came to the ukraine embassy in spring 2016 and asked for help in finding dirt on donald trump in hopes of staging a congressional hearing to hurt donald trump. that is the on the record statements. in addition, they state that he also asked the ukraine president to visit the united states and spend time with an investigative reporter trying to turn up dirt
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on donald trump and paul manafort. what did the embassy do? they say they recognize this request for what it was, and improper efforts to influence the election and they refused to cooperate. that is a very important confirmation of something the rest of the media is calling tinfoil hat, conspiracy. it's an politico in the embassy's own words. >> sean: we've got about 90 more seconds and you brought these other documents, i want people to understand. >> so let's go to shokin deposition. >> sean: the prosecutor they got fired by biden. >> biden said it had nothing to do with burisma even though he knew the prosecutor was looking at burisma. mr. shokin said he was told he was fired because he refused to stand down on the burisma
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investigation. that was the only reason he was fired, he was told that by ukraine's president. that is a complete contradictio contradiction, which of them are telling the truth? >> sean: when the mob says none of this is proven without any evidence, they are lying. >> they are, it pains me to say that because i believe in the good of journalism, i'm going to keep committing journalism and i think we can go through some of the biggest lies and show people the proof moment by moment, step-by-step. >> sean: we are going to give you 8 to 10 biggest lies about the dnc, hillary clinton's campaign colluding with ukraine and successfully impacting the election. even politico, even a blind squirrel gets a not once in a while. great investigative reporting. when we come back, reaction -- congressman devin nunes, mark meadows on what republicans in the house are going to do to
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thwart this outrageous impeachment inquiry, that's straight-ahead -- stay with us. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪
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♪ >> sean: earlier tonight, president trump tweeted "as i learn more and more each day, i'm coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a coup. intended to take away the power of the people, religious freedom, military, border wall, and their god-given rights as a citizen of the united states of america." here with reaction, devin nunes, jim jordan, mark meadows. i don't disagree with a single word the president said, any of you? >> think about this. nancy pelosi putting adam schiff
6:30 pm
in charge of this impeachment inquiry is exactly what jim comey did when he put peter strzok in part of the trump russia investigation. someone as biased as adam schiff, even democrats would agree peter strzok should have never been running that investigation. michael horowitz said he should never have been running that investigation. nancy pelosi is doing the same thing with putting adam schiff in charge of the investigation. they have already made a determination, they don't care about the facts and the truth and the american people see through it. >> sean: it seems like another boomerang. now we are going back and i've been saying we need to do this, we are getting back to it hillary is rigged investigation, then we are waiting on the pfizer report from the inspector general, after that the counterintelligence report, the durum report -- we probably have people in the obama administration outsourcing intelligence gathering to spy on
6:31 pm
a candidate, a transition team, president, and other american citizens -- are you confident that italy and great britain, those three countries -- you're smiling, i'm doing my job. are you confident that's likely something we might discover? >> i think we are going to find a lot of players that were involved in this and jim is absolutely right. the democrats, nancy pelosi, adam schiff -- they have made up their mind. their one goal is to disenfranchise the voters from coast to coast that elected this president in november 2016. more problematic than that, they have campaigned on a false narrative. we know hillary clinton, senators and house members, the dnc have reached out to foreign entities to help them during their election campaign and what
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they expect? they would get elected and reelected and yet they are going to try to use the same narrative to impeach the president. they are creating an obstruction trap to try to hold this president on impeachable offenses and we have to call them out on it. >> sean: look at the parallels here, hillary clinton's dossier, lies that impact the 2016 election, they didn't care about that. they didn't care about ukrainian interference and a dnc contractor working with ukrainians to impact our election, politico acknowledging in january 2017 that they were successful? where are all those people that said we can't have this? >> there are a couple things that your audience needs to know about. that is that this is not a real impeachment. this is a photo impeachment.
6:33 pm
the house intelligence committee is not a place to run impeachment hearings. what they are trying to do is hiding this from the american people, they don't want the normal process. as mark just pointed out, it's important for people to go back and look at what the chairman of the house intelligence committee did. he fabricated the president's own words. the democrats tried to get dirt from the ukrainians. the origins of the russia investigation begin in the ukraine. >> sean: will we -- jim jordan -- will justice be served? do you believe what we know when the facts that we have explained this audience that this will result in those people involved in all of this being held accountable? >> the democrats are scared, why do you think nancy pelosi attacked bill barr last week? why do you think they are trying to move fast? why do you think she said we
6:34 pm
want to strike while the iron is hot. if they are nervous about the investigation and what that is going to uncover. they are nervous about the truth, that's why they are moving so fast. they tried the slow approach, they tried the two year mueller approach, that didn't work because we had the time to get all the facts and prove them wrong. now they are saying we are trying to strike while the iron is hot, we're going to put the most biased chairman in the congress in charge of it was no different from peter strzok. >> sean: adam schiff is a liar, i will put him on this program for a full hour, i put him three hours on my radio show -- will be get to the truth and will we get another boomerang back. now we can see ukrainian, clinton dnc collusion. >> i don't think they've done us a favor, they've done us a disservice. when you look at what
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adam schiff has done, what they continue to do each and every day is put this president and this administration, but more importantly the american people, they are putting them through an impeachment mockery, not an impeachment trial. when we start to look at the facts, devon and jim are right. when you look at the facts, it is going to boomerang on them. they are doing all of this right now because there is a pile of evidence that is about to be unleashed on them from the ig and john durum which will debunk all of the testimony and we've got to make sure we stay on it. the american people expect it and they demand it. >> sean: if i may revise and extend my remarks, my fellow colleague -- what i meant by that is they did us a favor because now the american people can see who really did the
6:36 pm
things they are accusing the president of, where does this all end? >> at the house intelligence committee, the reason they are doing this as it's all behind closed doors, it's all secret. we know from the russia hoax, you are going to continue to see drip, drip, drip, there will be new bombshells and anonymous sources. the republican party, conservatives are used to this. now it's a matter of making sure that those in the middle of america understand what a hoax this really is. >> sean: i want everyone to know, those tractors are the work that devin nunes has to do tomorrow. when we come back, i'm going to give you a timeline, a history, everything the media won't tell you about ukraine and the bidens. it all happened. i say joe biden is cooked as a result.
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>> sean: joe biden's campaign is in all out damage control. they have now been exposed in spite of the media mobs lying in the cloud of corruption, and his family's shady dealings. if we have big bombshell news the media doesn't want you to know. biden is in very hot water over what are credible claims and he's on tape writing about it, leveraging your tax dollars, 1 billion of them in your money to get a ukrainian prosecutor fired. why would a vice president of the united states want a prosecutor in ukraine fired? because he was investigating his son and "the new york times" tipped him off.
6:42 pm
thanks to national review online, they have a detailed timeline of what preceded this blatant quid pro quo. these are the facts. if we could go back as far as 2007, it would take the full hour. we will start on december 4th 2013. hunter biden joined his father, he makes the trip to asia, where his father had a meeting with the chinese president. then in december 2013, literally less than two weeks later, hunter bidens company inked a $1 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary of the chinese government bank of china. peter schweizer pointed out, this was a deal unlike any other western firms got. it went to hunter biden who had virtually no experience or expertise in china or private equity. you can ask yourself, why would hunter biden get such a sweetheart deal?
6:43 pm
it became a billion five. we have big companies, big names like goldman sachs and deutsche bank, why did they choose hunter biden? what area of expertise bring to the table that they didn't have? what did he have to offer beyond being the son of america's second most powerful decision-maker? now we'll fast-forward to december of 2014, joe biden appointed the point person of the obama administration in ukraine, he was in control of the ukrainian portfolio directing all western aid dollars into ukraine. a few months later, april 2014 -- joe biden's son hunter scored a lucrative position on the board of marise my holdings as the ukrainian energy oil, gas giant. he was paid a lot of money and he had no experience in oil, gas, energy, or with the country of ukraine. great gig.
6:44 pm
in november of 2015, he was advised by "the new york times" his son hunter was under investigation by ukrainian authorities. in december, he made his first request to the president of ukraine -- please fire the prosecutor that has lead in the corruption investigation into my son and burisma holdings. in march 2016, john solomon reporting on this show biden do this prosecutor was investigating his son and getting awfully close to bringing him in for questioning. that's when biden leveraged a billion dollars in aid and forced the ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor. as joe 30330 said you got six hours or you're not getting the billion, son of a b -- they fired him. prosecutors signed an affidavit, under the threat of perjury he was told this was the reason for his firing, he told john solomon, "abc news," and "the washington post" the same thing.
6:45 pm
while sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe spins it a million directions trying to convince voters he knew nothing about any of his sons dealings, his inconvenient picture has arisen, that would be of joe biden, hunter biden golfing with his partner devon archer in 2014. remember archer was also on the board, he worked at rosemont seneca with hunter biden. this photo was taken just months after hunter biden teamed up with marie burisma holdings. the media is lying to you saying there is no evidence. if this was donald trump jr. there would be a ton of evidence. where's the scrutiny, i've reported on this show, journalism in america died since 2007 and probably before. profiting off the biden name is not anything new, it's been going on a long time. political magazine got it right twice -- that detailed how in
6:46 pm
2006, hunter and joe's younger brother james took over a firm called paradigm global advisors. they sought to use their father's influence to line their own pockets, their brother's influence -- they didn't try to hide it because that piece quotes an executive at the company, the following about joe 30330 -- don't worry about investors, we got people all around the world, they want to invest in joe biden. he is an important person in government. he viewed the fund is a way to take money from rich foreigners who cannot legally give money to his older brother or his campaign account. we have investors lined up filled with cash ready to invest in this company. can you imagine, just stop for a moment for all we told you.
6:47 pm
what if the person was donald trump jr., erin trump e, imagine how the mob and the media would be obsessed with that story. they wouldn't be covering for don, jr., they would be fanning the flames. remember this hysteria over the trump tower meeting had nothing to do with russia collusion, that didn't stop them. their lies, smears, slander, mismanagement, speculation, breathless hysterical reporting. we have good news, the media mob in spite of what they are trying to do are doing us a huge favor because we've known a lot of this for a long time. it is now boomerang gang back onto biden and a shakedown of u.s. taxpayer money that he used to get the ukrainian prosecutor fired. the american people are smart enough to know if the names were reversed, that's all for media
6:48 pm
mob would be talking about. after three years of lies, smearing, bus management, conspiracy theories and a hoax, they haven't learned a thing. when we come back, the left is more unhinged by the day. maxine waters is calling for trump to be thrown in solitary confinement. dan bongino and geraldo rivera next
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♪ >> sean: here for reaction, author of the brand-new book "exonerated," fox news contributor dan bongino and geraldo rivera. would you ever have we ever hadt with more snakes, back staffers, they are out to destroy this man, they have been from day one and they will again to accomplish this.
6:53 pm
>> if it wasn't your show, they would destroy him absolutely. you are the difference between donald j. trump and richard nixon. in nixon's case, if he had someone that stuck up for him, he wouldn't have been motivated to cover up that burglary, he would've let the perpetrators get there just desserts. >> sean: i don't necessarily agree with your analysis, but i will tell you they lie, i'm sick of it. they are hurting our country, there double standards are repulsive at this point. >> everything you say is absolutely true but watching your show and watching her producers work and seeing these packages, we've put the lie exactly to what they are saying -- who else is doing that? the nation is being fed this constant stream of propaganda
6:54 pm
and impeachment. some of these people have been calling for his impeachment from the microsecond he was elected. >> sean: two days after he was elected. >> this is an all-out war, this is politics by another name -- this is warfare directed at the president and they won't give him a breath of air. >> sean: this is it, this is a tipping point. all hands on deck if you love your country right now. >> i think your analysis earlier is accurate, i think the boomerang effect is going to blow up in the democrats face -- tragically for them. what i mean by that is if this goes to a senate trial decide to move forward with this -- the republicans will get subpoena power too. i have a few articles. you want to talk about foreign interference? how about this from cnn. british intelligence fed
6:55 pm
information to the obama administration. how about the political peace about the ukrainians working with the democrats. how about this one, identifying russian sources. you want to talk about foreign influence, australian diplomats feeding information to the obama administration. i printed those up -- let's do that, let's talk about that foreign interference, you want that on tv? good luck. >> sean: the fact that they did all the things they accused trump of, they are in for the shock of their life with the ig report and the durum report. you guys are amazing, more "hannity" after this. do you mind...being a mo-tour? -what could be better than being a mo-tour? the real question is... do you mind not being a mo-tour?
6:56 pm
-i do. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. john solomon tomorrow will give you the top ten things they got wrong in the mob, exclusively, here. and we have other new developments we will be getting too, as well. we are going to make sure you get the news you won't get from
7:00 pm
the media mob. we will never be the hate, rage, trump media model. let not your heart be troubled, because i know you are dying for more information. we could barely get it in. lauren graham, she is not in the d.c. swamp, she is in the new york city swamp today. >> laura: i decided to come out and check out your swamp. >> sean: there's a million studios here, i have no idea where you are located. >> laura: i don't know, you are on the 40th floor with the cool people. >> sean: they want me dead already. >> laura: we are in a big studio, i don't even know what to do, there is so much room in here. bringing in refrigerators. >> sean: your d.c. studios are tiny -- >> laura: tiny things! it's a small studio. >> sean: if it's huge, i can play basketball. >> laura: we have tapes in our old studio. old school, i like it. great show tonight. >> sean: welcome to new york. >> laura: thanks so much, good to


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