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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 1, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the media mob. we will never be the hate, rage, trump media model. let not your heart be troubled, because i know you are dying for more information. we could barely get it in. lauren graham, she is not in the d.c. swamp, she is in the new york city swamp today. >> laura: i decided to come out and check out your swamp. >> sean: there's a million studios here, i have no idea where you are located. >> laura: i don't know, you are on the 40th floor with the cool people. >> sean: they want me dead already. >> laura: we are in a big studio, i don't even know what to do, there is so much room in here. bringing in refrigerators. >> sean: your d.c. studios are tiny -- >> laura: tiny things! it's a small studio. >> sean: if it's huge, i can play basketball. >> laura: we have tapes in our old studio. old school, i like it. great show tonight. >> sean: welcome to new york. >> laura: thanks so much, good to see you get on
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laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. the president's personal attorney back by popular demand, rudy giuliani will be here in moments, right here in studio to lay out how he is considering fighting back versus the house democrats. plus, an "in rem angle" investigation, we reveal adam schiff's long-running ties to ukraine p.r. just how deeply they go? and what does a soviet born arms dealer have to do with it all? that later on in the show. but first, the real election interference, that is the focus of tonight's "angle" pay last night, we expose democrats growing destructive democracy, especially voters in red state america. liberals view them with total and utter contempt. socialism is a hard sell in flyover country. it's one of the reasons elizabeth warren choked every time she is asked whether medicare for all will raise
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taxes on the middle class. because she knows it will. >> direct question: will middle-class taxes go up to pay for the program? >> look, what families have to deal with is cost. total cost. >> how are you going to pay for it? are you going to raise middle-class taxes? >> costs are going to go up for the wealthiest americans, for big corporat corporations. and hardworking, middle-class families are going to see their costs go down. >> laura: democrats know their policies are not going to lead to a stronger economy. certainly not going to be stronger than trump's. they don't even bother trying to make that case anymore. instead, they find themselves reverting to the old hillary clinton playbook. in other words, if you aren't confident you can win on the merits, undermine the process. if you lose, don't accept the outcome as legitimate. work to undermine its legitimacy by any means necessary.
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there were four key facts that democratdemonstrate how the dems used for in pollard' powers, dee actors to tamper with the election of 2016, and they're not finished yet. fact number one: in april of 2016, it was the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc that hired fusion gps, which funded the research in that phony dossier. they relied on a british spy, a foreign agent, christopher steele, to compile what they considered to damaging information on donald trump at his campaign. much of it, of course, unverified and ultimately discredited. but that didn't matter to them! >> christopher steele's blossomr says he was involved with russians and the election interference effort to cover it up. >> go back to the christopher steele dossier. how was russia reportedly trying to compromise and cultivate
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donald trump for years? by offering him lucrative real estate deals. >> first of all, there's the question of whether the tape exist which is brought up in the steele dossier, which is, by the way, looking better and better. >> laura: they pass the allegations to anti-trump interest in the government, from john mccain to the fbi. and sought to open up an investigation of any and all figures near candidate trump. what did someone wants call it? an insurance policy, that's right. fact number two: the democrats used the fbi and the obama doj to peddle the foreign source dossier to the fisa court to secure warrants against trump's advisors, like carter page beard former fbi director jim comey, deputy andrew mccabe, tripped or themselves running to the fisa court that ultimately permitted them to surveil america's citizens. and then the same deep state actors started leaking info to friendly media.
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>> we have had reporting in recent months that george papadopoulos was involved in trying to set up meetings with russian government officials, including vladimir putin, for candidate donald trump. we know carter page was considered by the fbi to be potentially a knowing russian agent, you can see why the mueller inquiry might look for communications related to them. >> laura: o. fax number three: democrats used foreign agents to do their dirty work in 2016. do you remember how george papadopoulos, a low level trump volunteer, got roped into this entire drama? in april of 2016, he had a conversation with this man, just submissiveness, a professor from malta with long standing ties to the state department for this professor tried to tempt papadopoulos, claiming the russians had dirt on hillary. well, not exactly a political certificate, sycophant,
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papadopoulos repeated the inforo alexander downer. according to reports, the meeting with downer was set up by people papadopoulos didn't even know. papadopoulos later accused downer of recording their conversations, how convenient. and somehow, the those conversations made their way to the deep state channels and became the predicate for the entire investigation into team trump. and it all happened courtesy of two foreign actors, and ozzy and a multi's, not talking about a cute puppy. now the democrats are telling us they are worried about foreign intrusion in elections? fact number four: when the mueller probe fizzled, democrats needed a backup, and quick, and they thought they found it. democrats prayed and hoped that robert mueller would unearth
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something, anything, to justify the impeachment of donald trump. well, basically found nothing. >> i have to say, far from breathing life into the report, he kind of sucked the life out of the report. >> i was struck by the enormous personal contrast between robert mueller and donald trump. >> i think he is out of legal jeopardy, i hate to say it. and you're putting my blood vessels at risk, but my hunch is he has gotten away with it. >> laura: which brings us to the present. the democrats know the department of justice is actively investigating the deep state machinations in 2016 and the role played by the foreign actors we just told you about. they will do anything to destroy not only the president, but attorney general bill barr, and a state department on the brink of uncovering their election tampering. >> i thought pompeo was just an ambitious guy. and i'm finding out he, like william barr, are trumpian.
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>> bill barr, i don't want to sound sassy, but globe-trotting on an issue that is personal to the president, doesn't seem like the job function of the attorney general that seems like, i don't know, someone from trump's 2020 reelection campaign. >> bingo. >> laura: with the media is missing in the much discussed ce ukrainian president is that trump requested ukraine's cooperation to investigate not only wrongdoing by the bidens, but the entire deep state, as well. in other words, he is working -- the president is working -- to uncover election meddling. i thought that is what the democrats wanted. just today, "the daily beast" reports that barr traveled to rome to listen to a secret recording of a deposition by the professor. the attorney general is clearly closing in on the foreign players from 2016. come on, this all explains why the democrats are freaking out, and they are so determined to
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stop trump and smear barr. they bet that it is safer to sully trump with bogus accusations and finally face the music themselves. a true investigation of their actions to interfere in a presidential election using foreign actors, only informati information, and a complicit deep state. and that's "the angle." here in studio to respond, alan dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus, and author of "the case against impeaching truck." tom fitton joins us in washington, the president of judicial watch. alan, great to see you. all democrats have to do to find foreign election interference is to look in the mirror. we just laid out, mifsud, alexander downer, the australian involved, this maltese connection, and i we find out about the ukraine and what they were doing to dig up dirt on president trump. isn't it funny how things are coming around?
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>> this is great stuff or political debate. let's use it in the campaign, let the democrats throw mud at the republicans, let the republicans throw it at democrats, but stay away from impeachment. the framers of our constitution did not want to see impeachment used for partisan, political advantage. there was a great debate in the constitutional convention, mason said let's have administration, and medicines and no, that would turn us into great britain where the parliament has control over the president, so the democrats are trying to undo wht our constitution did in terms of making the impeachment provision and emergency provision, only for a crime, not for this kind of political back and forth. >> laura: even assuming tom fitton, that they were right about this being an impeachable offense -- which it is not, clearly, anyone who understands the constitution knows it is ridiculous. even if that, even if we give them that, what we show -- and
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you've done this with all of your great work to get these documents -- the election interference that has been ongoing has happened at the hands of democrat actors, hillary clinton, her minions, complicit deep state members, and they told the groom to try to set up these minor and know my players to get information on donald trump. i don't lame trump for being ticked off about it but also not wanting it to happen in the 2020 election. >> well, it's more of the same in 2020. the deep state actors during the obama administration, with the approval of the leadership of the various agencies, concocted this theory of russia collusion against president trump. remember, state department official admitted to helping steele write the dossier. and we look forward to the 2020 elections, you have deep state actors pretending they are making a whistle-blower complaint, which is really just another dossier full of frankly
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illegal leaks and spying on president trump to concoct another false theory of collusion, i guess with russia's enemies in ukraine. it's incredible. the president called it a coup earlier today, or suggested it might be a coup. if it were a regular impeachment process, the president would have rights. a procedure that rolls over the president's prerogatives as president of the constitution and the civil rights of those involved. i really fear for our constitutional republic. the democrats are trying to protect themselves from a criminal investigation by abusing their powers to take out -- >> laura: delegitimize -- again, so obvious they are doing it. but i got to this point, because it dovetails into what you and alan are mentioning, but it's a current fact, this ongoing, internal dispute looks like it is developing within our state department now. because on a related point, secretary of state pompeo, he fired back at these impeachment-hungry democrats, and he is denying their demands
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that his staff testify before congress. he wrote the following: "i'm concerned with aspects of your request that can be understood only as an attempt to intimidate, bully, and treat them properly that established professional of the deferment of state. let me be clear, i will not tolerate such tactics, but the state department ig, alan dershowitz responded today, calling an emergency meeting with house dems tomorrow. what does this mean? >> first of all, adam schiff threatening the state department, saying if you don't respond, you will be cle clear -- if they don't think they are obliged to respond, they don't, and then take them to court, let the courts decide, but this idea of congress threatening the executive branch, or the executive branch deciding it would cooperate in a partisan investigation, it seems to me, is itself a risk to the constitution. "the new york times" had an op-ed today saying unless trump
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is impeached, the election of 2000 will be invalid because -- >> laura: this is what they are setting up, though. is it not showing us that this is a political endeavor? >> undoubtedly -- >> laura: say what it is! >> they are going to come and say this is an improper use of congressional committees to make partisan advantage. so i understand why the republicans are resisting partisan efforts by the democrats. ultimately, the courts will decide -- >> laura: they are big talkers. they never want to take it to court because they know they will lose. >> everybody says nobody is above the law, referring to the president peered congress -- >> laura: is not, either. recent trips to italy, and the democrats screaming about this. how can use taxpayer dollars to go on his quest for mythical documents that don't exist? we are learning more about that, though. andrew mccabe spoke out today, you can kind of guess what he said. watch. >> why did the attorney general
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feel it is necessary to personally interact with those folks and make this introduction to prosecutor durham, and what is taking place in those conversations? what sort of assistance or objectives is he actually advocating for here? >> laura: we know they are there to hear the deposition of the man we discussed in the "angle," joseph mifsud, who sparked the russia hoax early on. that is why they were there, and they don't want them to find out any more about mifsud are what he did or how he was complicit. they don't want that coming out. speak with rich coming from a cave, we just got a memo from the fbi, laura, documenting that they were talking about wearing a wire on the president of the united states in the oval office, and talking about the 25th amendment to overthrowo hear him complain about the attorney general beginning to ask questions about the genesis of that illicit investigation, is just rich.
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even as he faces potential criminal investigation from the same man. i tell you, they want to criminalize any attempt to investigate the corruption of the spying on candidate trump and president trump. it's a real concern here that you've got this effort to stop a criminal investigation, the justice department is entertaining. they are leaking out conversations the president had with foreign leaders -- again to stop this from happening. to give mccabe a platform, it's just -- >> laura: we've got to get to rudy in a second, but one final question for the lawyer for the whistle-blower was apparent the also working for schumer and hillary. people are raising a question of conflict, but is not really conflict, it's a political alliance and it would call into question the results. but clarify real quick. >> we have to know who the players are so we can evaluate their credibility. >> laura: should be know who the whistle-blower is ultimately? >> there is no way this
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whistle-blower's identity will be kept secret forever. we will have to know, and we will be able to assess credibility. but we can't punish the whistle-blower, that's crucial. >> laura: motives are important, though. alan and tom, great to talk to both of you tonight. as impeachment fever is sweeping d.c., the president's top lawyers are taking heat themselves from the left. today's target? attorney general bill barr. >> i do think the attorney general has gone rogue. he has for a long time now. and since he was mentioned in all of this, it's curious that he would be making decisions about how the complaint would be handled. >> you have to appear to be neutral when you are the attorney general of the united states, and i fear that he has crossed a political line. >> i think the attorney general needs to resign. he is no longer even pretending to be objective. >> laura: and today, "the wall street journal" is reporting that barr and trump's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, are now butting heads. they are like on opposite sides, saying the relationship
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complicates trump's impeachment defense, and they are struggling to get on the same page! so we thought, because it is all out, we couldn't get barr to come into the studio, so we found rudy walking the street. rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney. rudy, is it true there is trouble in paradise with you and barr? io text anymore, you're not friends, what's going on? >> it's terrible, we fight every day. >> laura: seriously? >> no, i have great respect for him, think he's doing a great job. we have somewhat different goals, obviously, sort of come together in a few places, and i think i've been very careful never to even talk to him about this. >> laura: have you never had a conversation? >> not about this, i don't think so. if i did, it was social -- i don't think so. >> laura: you did or you didn't? >> i do not have a conversation with him about it at all. >> laura: the president seem to indicate, why don't you talk to rudy, and maybe bill barr,
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about general corruption? >> the president knows this is complete nonsense. coming from a few staffers in the white house who do this all the time because they want to talk to reporters, and i say to them, will you just calm down, take a little valium, calm down. they did this last time they were complaining about me coming after the case was won, they're going to do it again. this is all a bunch of nonsense. this is easier than mueller, because it is so absurd. >> laura: i want in your reaction to late breaking. kurt volker, trump's former special envoy to the ukraine, is confirming he will appear before three committees in the house on thursday. you have showed us a number of text messages from him, one pushing you to meet with someone close to the ukrainian president, so are you concerned about his testimony? >> no. i'm not concerned about his testimony. he didn't push me, he asked me. i would say push goes a little
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too far. he asked me to do it, and i said yes, after a day's consideration. >> laura: who ask him to ask you to do it? >> he said, i have to take him at his word, right? i've no reason to believe he isn't telling the truth, but i've been shocked before. i do know they were kind of reluctant to admit they asked me to do it. i kept 13 texts, that lay out the in great detail. >> laura: the committee is saying they are disturbed that they see all these text messages, talking about him on our show and others, the house committee wants those text messages and other recordings. are you and you turn them over? >> do you know how complicated an issue that is? this is unprecedented. they are seeking my records as an attorney >> laura: but those aren't records related to your conversation with the president. >> yes, it is, all work --
7:21 pm
absolutely representing the president again charges that he colluded wa, and was going to be impeached. this came to me in november 2018 while i was still defending against mueller. i began gathering all of this to defend the president of the united states, my client. i was brought into it. i didn't go looking for it. >> laura: but after mueller was wrapped, you still want to -- >> no, no, no. please, it's, located fact, let me explain. i began the investigation six months before mueller began, and i ended the investigation a month before mueller. in july, i was asked -- i was brought back into it by the state department. they asked me to meet and try to work things out, which i did. >> laura: rudy, hold that thought. we're going to get to this more, it's important people understand this. when we come back to my rudy will tell us about new steps he may be considering against house democrats. they want this information, is it attorney-client privilege? does he want to testify and put
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>> laura: one day after house democrats sent a subpoena, rudy giuliani is minding his defense. he just hired watergate era attorney john sale, and is now
7:25 pm
considering future steps. rudy, welcome back. finish your thought, what are those steps? we will get back to that timeline. >> let's talk about this, this is kind of the future. i had a couple of talks with civil rights lawyers and the constitutional lawyer today, here's what they recommend. that we should bring a lawsuit on behalf of the president and several people in the administration, maybe even myself as a lawyer, against the members of congress, individually, for violating constitutional rights, violating civil rights. they are doing extraordinary things. for example, they are violating -- there interfering with the president and his rights under article two. the president united states conducts a foreign policy of the united states. they are going to foreign capitalists, senator murphy went and thrived into the of ukraine with no democratic support -- >> laura: you want to go to court against the house? they wouldn't get congressional immunity unless they di said itn
7:26 pm
the house floor. >> i found a really good case today about a conspiracy to violate civil rights. except for what they say on the floor, they are is liable for that is anything else. how about the congressman who threatened to arrest the attorney general? >> laura: lets remind everyone, in light of what you just said. what maxine waters is saying. can we play that? what she said. yes? oh, it's just a tweet. she basically said the president should be put in solitary confinement. what? >> there is a congressman who set on may 8th, 2019, that the attorney general should be arrested, that was outside of congress. schiff said -- >> laura: they will say trump said so-and-so is guilty of treason. there is the tweet. are you worried you shouldn't have mentioned those texts last week on the show? on our show? because now they know you have
7:27 pm
them, so they subpoenaed you. i'm glad you showed us the texts, you have any more? >> yeah, i do, many more. >> laura: okay, there is another subpoena of. >> i also have video video reco, and notes. if this isn't attorney-client privilege, there is no such thing. we also sue them for trying to violate attorney-client privilege. we can also sue them for doing things like obstruction -- obstructing justice. writing letters to italy and to other countries that have evidence of criminality concerning a set up and a frame up is obstructing a criminal investigation. >> laura: rudy, one of the things -- it's a novel, but we never seen congress do anything like this. alan dershowitz just said this is unprecedented. >> this will be a civil case in which we can take discovery.
7:28 pm
also, we will sue schiff -- >> laura: they will have to lawyer up. your tongue democrats, if you are doing this to the country, our economy, our trade, our foreign policy -- >> we have to raise their violation of constitutional civil rights. this is worse than mccarthy. how about a totally illegitimate impeachment proceeding? >> laura: do you consider this tantamount -- what they have done -- define interference in an election? they have accused trump wrongly of that. >> that's what i was investigating -- but i was investigating new crane, what there is plenty of evidence, -- >> laura: you had a brit, a aussie, a maltese. >> interfering on behalf of hillary. >> laura: the liberal media,
7:29 pm
this is part of what the president is up against a media that refuses -- aggressively incurious about hunter biden and joe biden. what they say, this is right-wing conspiracy. this is rudy giuliani blathering. >> go back to my lawsuit, another example of what we can do with this lawsuit. >> laura: he is unbelievable. >> let's suppose, just suppose, that this whole thing -- witch hunt, are we calling -- >> laura: it's election interfering. >> the guy who put the complaint -- he may be telling the truth, but he may be lying. okay. suppose it was a conspiracy to develop that. with members of congress. that would be conspiracy to violate -- >> laura: when you have evidence of that, or we just throwing that out there? >> i just suppose -- >> laura: we could suppose a
7:30 pm
lot of things peered >> the right to call witnesses, the whole purpose of not getting a e purpose of not getting a vote on impeachment, if they got a vote on impeachment, the republicans would have a right to subpoena witnesses. >> laura: they want to drag this out. >> they are depriving him of basic rights. >> laura: this is a legal tactic, you are discussing a legal tactic which i find interesting. it is novel. but we are in uncharted territory. >> have you ever seen -- >> laura: i've never seen anything -- >> constitutional rights and civil rights -- they are trying to get rid of his government and lawyer, barr, and his private lawyer, me. and you know why they want to get rid of us? because we are effective. how about putting out a demand to silence me? >> laura: that was to set you off, they just wanted to set you off into a frenzy. you don't think they were just playing around? you think they are really
7:31 pm
threatening you? >> i have evidence that people have agreed to do that. >> laura: who? >> i can't tell you yet, i'm still doing my discovery. >> laura: rudy, they want to say this is a conspiracy theory about hunter biden. there is no evidence, or it's been largely, if not totally, debunked. that's what they say. john solomon is reporting, they say that has been bumped and walked back peered >> except it's totally untrue. no one has debunked it. >> laura: why won't the media focus on it? >> they are covering up for the democrats, more corrupt than anyone realizes. they are up serious crimes committed against the united states by the biden family. and taking millions and multimillions of dollars and putting the united states in a very compromised position. everyone in the ukraine knew that money was going to joe biden, and everybody in china knows they were investigating that private
7:32 pm
equity fund with "whitey" bulger's nephew. they were buying -- the chinese are buying -- >> laura: i want to tell you what you are up against when you go to capitol hill. i want you to do a preview of what they're going to do, if you decide to testify at all. the use of giuliani as an emissary to a foreign government is not unprecedented, but is unusual. woodrow wilson, franklin roosevelt had representatives in peace talks. but giuliani wasn't tasked with carrying out investigations for the country, but effectively acting as an arm of trump's reelection campaign. that's an exert -- >> first of all, a private lawyer. second, it assumes it's not in the interest of the country to dig up corruption from one of the highest -- >> laura: you were helping his reelection campaign, or working for him as a private -- >> i heard about this two years before the election, where joe biden wasn't even a
7:33 pm
candidate. he hadn't announced. it was absolutely necessary, in order for me to defend -- they have decided it's not against the entrance of the united states -- >> laura: we've got to go. rudy, we will have you back, and i can't wait to find out what happens.
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my twin brother jacob has an autism spectrum disorder i remember one moment after being at school all day and i remember him getting into the car just balling... and saying: "mom, i have no friends" "why don't i have any friends?" it broke my heart.
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♪brother let me be your shelter♪ ♪never leave you all alone that was the moment when i realized that i needed to do something about this. i needed to make a difference in his life. go! and i knew that if i could help him find a friend, i could help teach other people that including people with differences is the right thing to do. ♪bring it home ♪brother let me be your shelter♪ that was the inspiration behind my non-profit "score a friend" educating people to include the people with differences is so important because when jacob's included he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose. ♪..home ♪ >> donald trump is a thug. he is acting like a mob boss right now. >> he is delusional in that he has a very outside sense of himself. >> donald trump had obstructio d
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justice multiple times, that's an impeachable offense. >> donald trump will be impeached. >> laura: well, democrats are gung ho about impeachment, but today's news should give them pause. the trump campaign announcing a record 125 millionth quarter fund-raising hall. the g.o.p. has raised more than $300 million this year, double what obama raised in 2011 while seeking reelection. in light of this, what perils will they face if they continue down the road of impeachment? joining me now, pollster sean mclachlan, the 2020 campaign poster for trump. doug schoen, former clinton campaign advisor and fox news contributor. let's start with you. you say the impeachment won't hurt trump because it elevates a 2020 dem you all want to face. >> it's backfiring on them
7:37 pm
because the republican base are red-hot right now. if we were worried about them not turning out, they should just keep doing this. the person pushing is nancy pelosi. a good number of democrats don't like. donald trump is in a very good position right now because only polls thing of adults and registered voters that are saying better -- same people want this. what is happening is republicans are opposed to it, over 90%. independence oppose the impeachment inquiry. >> laura: the fund-raising numbers are astronomical. it's not everything, but it means something. >> john is right. it tells you there is real enthusiasm of the republican base, and i think he is also right that this is going to almost certainly knocked joe biden out sooner or later. this is almost unsustainable for him. but i think the democratic base
7:38 pm
led by warren and sanders will also get activated by this, and i don't believe money is going to be an issue in this election, laura. both sides will have literally billions of dollars or more to spend. >> laura: pete buttigieg come every time i turn around, he's raised another $20 million, 6% polling. but he's raising a lot of money. >> he's running for a candidate spot. >> laura: if south bend's success is any indication, to me to be a game buster for him at the white house. all right, john, the last ten days, the major networks spent more than seven hours covering the whistle-blower's and of course, the cost for trump's impeachment. they spent 46 minutes covering the ukraine-biden scandal. >> we have campaign ads with video joe biden saying he got the prosecutor fired. and he just had rudy giuliani on, who has affidavit saying
7:39 pm
that the prosecutor got fired. the facts are coming out, and as a doug said, collateral damage will be the front-runner -- >> laura: people keep asking me this question. i don't have a great answer. the democrats really think that warren is the strongest candidate to go up against trump? i think the choice will be democratic socialist -- whatever you want to call it, wealth contestatioconfiscation on a ma, friends on wall street this is going to crater, versus trump's of peace and prosperity. that's it, socialism or peace and prosperity. >> i can assure you, the democrats will lose. the only way the democrats win is as obama won machen '08, with a massive recession. >> laura: they been hoping for a recession.
7:40 pm
>> this president is not going to get impeached. >> i think he will -- >> they can't prove their case. >> laura: hold on, i've got a question. i throughout this theory last night. isn't it in part, kind of an insurance policy for some of the democrats in the middle, who don't want to be primary by aoc plus three type candidates. they have to prove they are left-wing bona fide to the activist base. stay away from me, aoc plus three. >> that is what is going on now, laura. the problem they face, as john was saying, independents and moderates they wanted on to get elected -- they are facing the impeachment process at their peril. 31 democrats in districts
7:41 pm
donald trump won, and if they vote for this, they will be go gone. >> laura: there campaign is working to flip those districts back. they said they're going to be bipartisan and work with trump. thank you both. something no one in the media is covering: adam schiff's ties to ukraine. how deep do they go? and what does a soviet-born arms dealer has to do with it? "the ingraham angle"'s investigation, next.
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>> laura: here's a question the media is ignoring: how do congressman adam schiff's ukraine connections, how deep do they go? first, i want you all to meet soviet-born arms dealer igor pasternak, the founder and ceo of worldwide arrows corporation. pasternak grew up in the ukraine, but some 25 years ago, his company moved to a location near schiff's district in southern california. since that time, pasternak continued to receive lucrative surveillance and weapons deals from ukraine's government. huh. here is where schiff enters the picture. in 2013, pasternak hosted a fund-raiser for schiff. no big deal, right? until you realize how adam schiff's priorities completely shifted. before this time, schiff rarely, if ever, mentioned ukraine. but after the fund-raiser, multiple television appearances to basically demand that we send money and arms to them.
7:45 pm
>> i think the united states should be very forward-leaning on ukraine. i do think we ought to provide stronger cooperation to ukraine. our military support of ukraine is a message to our allies in the region that we will back them up. you want the united states right now to not only provide humanitarian aid to ukraine, but also start providing serious weapons, right? >> i do. i think it is overdue. >> laura: why isn't anyone asking more questions about schiff's place at the center of the left's new ukraine hysteria? to help us sort to this, i'm joined by investigative journalist lee smith, author of the upcoming book "the plot against the president." you believe schiff's involvement with ukraine makes a lot of sense. how so? >> i think it's part of a larger pattern we've seen over the last three years regarding the entire russia gate hoax and operation. first of all, and first of all, we have christopher steele, who
7:46 pm
we know is working for a russian oligarch. we have the producers of the steele dossier from fusion gps, they were also working for russian oligarchs. of course, the press has picked up on none of these things. these are the different things they turned a blind eye to come and instead they fabricate relations and alliances between the trump team and all sorts in the out. >> laura: i went back and looked at some of the liberals who were writing about schiff and this guy, pasternak, who did some fund-raisers for him. nothing illegal about doing fund-raisers for him, but liberals were kind of concerned that someone like schiff would be going after -- would be the one they choose to go after trump. because schiff was, at that time, a middle-of-the-road, even trending toward more, you know, war hawk.
7:47 pm
the liberals weren't all that wild about the idea of this schiff character pushing the trump narrative, because they thought, he's kind of a promilitary expenditure, ra-ra, get more money to these other governments feared they weren't thrilled about that. what else have you found? >> he was running against obama administration policy there. now that we see the democratic party in lockstep on trump-russia, and now trump-ukraine, he was going against obama administration policy regarding ukraine, and russia at the time. there is another issue, as well, with mr. pasternak, and i want to be clear about this. i think it is something we should start looking into and know about. as you said, mr. pasternak started getting involved in doing deals with the ukrainian defense industry, starting at the time of the conflict began in 2014 did one of his projects the ukrainian defense industry s under investigation. it's not him, and is not his
7:48 pm
company itself, but it's the deal that is under investigatio, and that investigation started july 22nd, so i just think there are different threads we need to pull out here and find out exactly what is going on, especially since representative schiff is throwing baseless chat it would be interesting to know, since people are making so many charges about ukraine and russia, let's get to the bottom of it all. >> laura: yeah, let's throw all the facts out there. and it did seem his focus became more ukraine-centered after his pasternak help. >> this is another thing i think, i believe attorney general william barr and u.s. attorney john durham, i believe they must be looking into this. they must be looking -- we know they are looking into foreign influence and are looking at certain countries. one of the other things i suspect they are looking at is the different relationships that people who were involved in the
7:49 pm
dossier and russiagate operation, one of the relations that they have with ukraine, what relationships they have with russia, as well. these are important questions, and again, i hope they are getting to the bottom of it. >> laura: ukraine thought it was probably better for hillary to win then trump, supposedly not going to spend as much money on military, be as much of a war hawk. hillary would be more of a war hawk, spending more money. that part of it makes sense. we have to ask more questions, and hopefully get more answers. but igor pasternak, i expect we will see his name come up again. coming up, as impeachment mania continues to sweep the nation's capital, there are alarming to violence across the world. china unveiling a new supersonic weapon that our next guest sense is a direct threat to our country. meanwhile, congress involved in an idiotic impeachment effort. feels very explains in moments. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone.
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♪ >> the police are firing in all directions, not just at protesters, but at media. they see too also was the target. the main counts are down there, holding place, but in fact, right here, the police with tear gas and rubber bullets, trying
7:53 pm
to get the crowd out. >> laura: that was a fox news correspondent reporting as communist china celebrates its 70th anniversary by brutally repressing protesters in hong kong. that footage happened today, a police officer shooting a teenager in the chest at close range, that 18-year-old reportedly injured as tens of thousands took to streets in defiance of beijing paired with me is michael pillsbury, author of the book "the 100 year marat" this is called an anniversary by a lot of people, i think the president congratulated president xi, but to me, this is nothing to celebrate. this is an anniversary of 70 years of repression, suppressi suppression, and brutal crackdown on human rights at all levels. >> its 70th anniversary of the phrase that chairman mao used that china should stand up. what we saw in that parade, what
7:54 pm
we see in the use of deadly force against the young demonstrator, is a country that is now almost surpassing our own. it's quite amazing to me. you and i have been among the few who are concerned come up to 20 years ago, laura. most people really played down, china would never develop this kind of weapon system. china would be very nice and take advantage of the economics of hong kong. it just isn't happening. thank god president trump has been so heroic in his efforts. the problem is the democrats are undercutting him. whether he can be credible with the chinese when they get here next week, i'm very worried about it. he's getting too much attack from the democrats the democrats. >> laura: michael, nobody is talking about this, really. they are showing clips and so forth. this is potentially a cataclysmic change of world powers. the balance of power on the globe. they are our biggest adversary, and we think rush is a problem?
7:55 pm
russia is a tiny little pea compared to china. the economy is tiny, depleted their own military, still an adversary, but nothing like china. tell us about this michelle, why it's such a national security nr country. >> it's the idea, they had 20 of these missiles, very old-fashioned, obsolete kind, for most of the last few decades. now suddenly that got 90. they are able to reach any target in america in 30 minutes or less. each one can carry 10h bombs, big round nose cone you saw, the shape of that knows: is 10h bombs that can fit inside. each one be separately targeted against an american city, or a small town, or an air force base. so that is one huge surprise, but there were several others in the parade. this wasn't supposed to happen in china. >> laura: who gave them the money to pay for the military
7:56 pm
weaponry, the advanced technology -- they stole a lot of it, but who pay for it? >> we did. wall street, basically, through investments. one thing they're very upset about, i don't know if you saw, the day before the parade, chinese foreign ministry spokesman was also i almost in . the idea that the president might -- we provide a large amount of capital that china uses for its growth. that's being cut back. >> laura: we are giving them the rope to hang us with. michael, we could do an hour on china, and not impeachment. thank you very much for your continued working on this. stay tuned. we will be right back.
7:57 pm
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7:59 pm
♪ >> laura: we have some good news. this is judicial news out of california. a rare win for donald trump in california. federal district court judge
8:00 pm
gives a win to trumps attorneys arguing against a provision that would have kept him off the ballot if he didn't turn over his tax returns. harmeet dhillon helped argue that, congratulations for the work. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: laura, thank you very much. we begin with a fox news alert. it's confirmed, the state department inspector general is headed to capitol hill with a reportedly "urgent matter at hand." that news comes as a secretary of state mike pompeo arrives in italy. 1 of 2 countries come along with australia, at the heart of the investigation into the investigators. here at home, democrats turning up the heat on secretary pompeo, rudy giuliani, and attorney general bill barr. tonight, we will tell you what barr and u.s. attorney durham are after, or they were in italy. who is the obscure academic at the center of the probe? giuliana called him a deep state operative, mueller had a diff


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