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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 3, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. we are awaiting new remarks from president trump this hour after some dramatic comments earlier today. "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm harris faulkner. the president doubled down on his claim that joe biden pressured ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating a company that was tied to his son, hunter biden. another president is publicly calling on ukraine and china to investigate the bidens. >> i would think that if they were honest about it, they would start a major investigation into the bidens. it's a simple answer. they should investigate the bidens. how does a company that is newly-formed, all these companies -- by the way, likewise, china should start an investigation into the bidens. because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine.
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>> harris: and we've been showing you in the last hour or so some of the comments coming out as former u.s. special envoy to ukraine, kurt volker, becomes the first key witness questioned on capitol hill amid democrats' impeachment inquiry push. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge life for us on the hill. congressman jim jordan came out to give us just a taste, because this interview, as he termed it, is private. >> that's just it, harris. that's the republican assessment of the volker transcribed interview so far. volker matters because he's at that pivot point, the nexus between all the major players and the fallout of the july 25th phone call between the president and the ukrainian leader. so the president, the ukrainian leadership, the state department, as well as rudy giuliani. volker arrived here on capitol hill earlier this morning, and he has been in this secure facility behind me since about 9:00 a.m. we heard the assessment of republicans, but before we get
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to that, i want to show you text messages rudy giuliani has released a report is today. one in particular from july 26th. july 26 matters because that is one day, harris, as you know, after the phone call between the president and the ukrainian leadership. that text reads -- and that's from volker -- "hi, mr. mayor. he may have heard, the president has a great phone call with ukrainian president yesterday. exactly the right messages, as we discussed." we heard from some republican lawmakers who have been inside the interview with volker. they accused democratic chairman of putting restrictions in terms of counsel and also lawmaker questions, as opposed to just staff. here is section from congressman gordon don't like jordan >> ambassador volker has been very impressive. as i said, he has said nothing that coincides with what the democrats are saying, with their whole impeachment narrative. >> the story, we are still
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following it today, harris. the confirmation we got from chairman schiff's office that the whistle-blower made contact with that office. before they filed a whistle-blower complaint. again, an important date. august 12th. that matters because it's about a month before schiff went public with the broad outlines of this investigation. the president alleged yesterday that schiff had a hand in the writing of that complaint by the whistle-blower, and he is now responding on twitter, saying he essentially had no role in that period of the whistle-blower to the right thing coming to the committee, that this is kind of standard, and that he was referred to the inspector general or the watchdog of the intelligence community. then he took a shot at the president. "unlike a president pressing a foreign leader for assistance to investigate their opposition." here's the president from earlier today. >> i can say that schiff is
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proven to be a liar. we've known it for three years. they've been trying to impeach for three years, he is a stone cold liar. i leave that to the lawyers. that's up to them to decide. the whole investigation is crumbling. >> fox news asked the legal team for the whistle-blower, as well as chairman schiff's office, whether there was just a single contact in august or whether there were multiple contacts. that matters because if there were multiple contacts it goes to this issue of some kind of input or coordination. we, frankly, could not get a straight answer on that. but what we heard from schiff's office consistently as they did not see the complaint in advance and they had no hand in drafting or writing this complaint, harris. >> harris: those things can be mutually exclusive. just want to get to the facts. catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> harris: for more on this, i want to bring in chris stirewalt, fox news political editor. first question to you, what do
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you think of the president adding to the list, urging china along with ukraine, to investigate the bidens? >> the president is a very effective wood chipper. he can take any situation, he can put the raw material in, and he can just spray it out. he can spray, he can cover the press corps over. "why don't you look at this, whether you look at that?" yes, he is overly broad and terms of factual consistency, not a size concern. his highest concern is making sure every reporter feels obliged to go back and say, "what about hunter biden and china? what did joe biden really doing ukraine?" and really dig into this. he is trying to create a counter narrative to the one that democrats successfully have going. this is his counter narrative, which is that he's actually a corruption-fighter. he's not corrupt, he is fighting corruption. that's the one that works for him and it's a very effective way to let loose a rabbit to let the press corps go running off
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after something else. >> harris: it's interesting how you put it. it furthers my question i asked last hour on "outnumbered," "why didn't joe biden have something ready to go on this issue?" i've had democrats tell me they've known about this for months, in terms of something that potentially would get asked about, as the field narrowed. he potentially would say the front runner. >> sure. biden is trying to lay low. >> harris: can you lay low when you are running for president in europe out of the pack, and your opponent would likely be the incumbent, trump? >> he's got to hope one thing, that there is a rally around the flag effect for him. that as he's under attack from trump, the democrats want to come to his aid and stand by hi. as he's heading into this upcoming debate later this month, he is thinking about the fact that he has these vulnerabilities. and that, as democrats think about why hillary clinton lost, what are the reasons that she lost? what are the problems she had? one of those was the perception that she was corrupt.
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one of those with the perception that she was self-dealing. that she used her office to enrich herself and her family, and that she and her husband had created sort of this network of self-employment that spanned the world. here is a story that fits into that same narrative. as democrats think about, they think about joe biden's baggage, whether his son did anything illegal or not, what the bidens did in relation to profiting from his father's position, it's tacky. it doesn't make people feel good. >> harris: liberal tv host bill maher called it "swampy." there's been notes obtained from rudy giuliani, claiming he was told to back off an investigation into the energy firm which joe biden's son, hunter, was working with. these notes were presented to congress during the say department inspector general briefing yesterday. remember, he calls it urgent.
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here is giuliani last night. >> all this was done why the mueller investigation was still pending, while i was seeking, in of being a defense lawyer, to vindicate my client. this is information that was given to me. i didn't go looking for joe biden. the ukrainians brought me some substantial evidence of ukrainian collusion with hillary clinton, the dnc, george soros, george soros' company. the put in my lap. >> harris: "they put it in my lap." chris stirewalt, a quick reaction, and then i have a follow-up. >> the good news about this process is it'll act as a nice partisan diuretic for the nation. we will get rid of a lot of these new humors as you go through the process. everything has to come out. we will go through these hearings, go through the stuff, we will get to the end. rudy giuliani makes a lot of extravagant claims, and they change from day-to-day. does that stand up? what about the stuff that shifted? it's all going to come out. spew on my quick follow-up has
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to do with democrats and how they see joe biden. do support him? i know they are offering to spend their own cash to particular war test ram, fight back and allegations with him and his son, hunter. to support him or start to pull away and say, "elizabeth warren is kicking up, he has issues, he has run twice before and that didn't work out?" because there is one good way elizabeth warren can become the democratic nominee. she needs him to stick around. >> harris: does she need to help? >> no, she has to feel bad. that has to be the last thing she seen doing. just a few bad for us to misconduct >> harris: howy did you get her something her mother have for a preleft thank you, i appreciate your time. as we seen today, the president is going hard on offense overview can controversy. we have to hear more from the president from the united states, at any moment.
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he's in want of a place called "the villages." he is talking health care. joe biden comes out swinging on the issue after days of silence. can you keep this from hurting his campaign? we will further the conversation. stay with me. >> we weren't pressing ukraine to get rid of a tough prosecutor. we were pursuing ukraine to replace a beak prosecutor who would do his job. someone, at the time, we hoped would finally crackdown on corruption in ukraine. ♪ wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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s fall s to the wait did frowe just win-ners. prouders everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. call, click, or visit a store today. >> i think biden is going down, and i think his whole situation -- because now you may very well find there are other countries that they scammed, just like they scammed china and ukraine.
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basically, who are they really scamming? the usa. >> harris: a short time ago, the president was going after joe biden earlier today. let's take a look at life, right now, at the villages in florida. marine one, the president landing there. ready to make his remarks on medicare in just a few minutes. and we are told he will focus on medicare for our nation's seniors. that's what he's going to be talking about, and signing an executive order protecting and improving medicare for our nation's seniors. he is looking at attacking medicare for all proposals. some of the 2020 democratic presidential campaigns are pushing out. and he wants to lay down his own vision for health care. part of an effort, as you might imagine come to on those democrats he would be facing. one of them, he makes it out of the primary situation. at the is planning to sign that
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executive order calling for, among other things, initiatives to reduce medicare fraud and bolster privatized medicare plans. of course, today the president has already talked to the media. he talked with the nation outside the white house on his way to ocala, florida. so we know he is ready to talk about a host of things, should they be reporters right outside this scene of the airport at the villages. ready to talk with reporters about any questions. it was the first time this morning we've heard him say it should be china along with ukraine, officially looking into the bidens. meanwhile, the vice president going on offense as well after the present went after him and his son. >> he did it because, like every bully in history, he's afraid. he is afraid of just how badly he may be beaten in november. let me make something clear to mr. trump and his hatchet men,
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and the special interest funding his attacks against me -- i'm not going anywhere. [applause] you are not going to destroy me, you are not going to destroy my family. >> those were biden's first comments earlier on in the current controversy. joining me now is donna brazile, former interim chair for the dnc and a fox news contributor. thank you for being on the program today. this situation seems to have some arms and legs, with or without the current president talking about it. i've heard some democrat operatives tell me that six months ago joe biden should have been readying his answers in case this topic came up. allegations, whatever they are. and you say what? >> as you know, there are so many conspiracy theories that are floating in the deep ditches here in washington, d.c. i wouldn't advise him to have a ready site answer until these allegations have come forward. i thought the vice president laid it out yesterday. he made a claim that he is going
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to fight for not just his reputation but the reputation of his son and his family. i think that's the appropriate thing to do. we know the president will continue to attack. the president has one mode, harris, and that his attack mode. i think, going forward, the vice president has to walk and of course chew gum. in the sense that he has to continue to make the case to the voters that he is going to be the best person to lead the democratic party next year. >> harris: donna, i just want to acknowledge -- sharing a screen right now with us as the president of the united states, about to come down the steps of marine one there at the villages in florida. so i don't want to ignore what is happening on the left side of the screen for our viewers. coupled with that, you called as a conspiracy theory. but here is the truth, in all of it. we don't know all of the facts. but the truth of the matter is when the vice president, former, was asked about whether he and his son had talked about that ukrainian energy company has son was paid so much money by, the fact that he didn't have the
10:19 am
experience to go along with that job, whether that meant any special treatment, et cetera. vice president said, "we never discussed it." and have the opposite from his son, hunter. and we have him acknowledging that he did. look, here you are saying. wait till the specific allegations come out. but when people ask you a question, you do have to be honest. >> who are we talking about being honest? >> harris: i'm talking about vice president biden. by the way, the president on the left side of the screen now, about to speak about health care. go ahead. >> i don't think anyone would challenge the veracity of joe biden. he's been a public servant for over 30 years. he has been more than clear. look, harris, not in the business of trying to defend one of the 20 democratic candidates. i want to just spell it out. i looked into all of this not because i was interested. god knows i wasn't going back into 2014 to look into this, simply to defend the vice president. i looked into it to see what, if
10:20 am
anything, happen. so when i get questions like yours, i can respond to it. >> harris: do you think he's done enough of that so he doesn't misstep? >> if you listen to him last night -- i did, i listen to him. i also read the allegations on the completes against the president. i'm also looking very closely at what's happening on capitol hill. i'm trying to pay attention, because i think as americans we should all be concerned when anyone put their personal and public interest above the national security of the united states. that is what's at stake in this conversation. if you want okay. i want to pause for one second and we will talk about bernie sanders. the latest monmouth poll shows that among independent voters, the question of whether he put pressure on ukrainian officials did not investigate his sun's business dealings, 39% said he probably did do that. "probably did not," 27%. a whopping 34% are not sure. what will sway them over the coming days cannot be used to find out. the bernie sanders campaign confirms he is doing okay today.
10:21 am
and will participate in the debate after undergoing a heart procedure yesterday, just four months before the iowa caucuses. really, today. because it's february 3rd. now his health puts a new spotlight on age, potentially, in the 2020 campaign. the top three candidates -- joe biden, elizabeth warren, and bernie sanders -- are all in their 70s. this has been a topic before this people have talk don't i talked about. donna? >> first of all, i wish the senator is very speedy recovery. i know bernie sanders, he's a tough fighter. i hope he's able to bounce back, get on his feet, and continued to campaign for the presidency. there is no question that the age of not just the democratic candidates come of the age of president trump -- we all want to make sure that our candidates have the mental and physical stamina to do the job. we know this is a very important responsibility, being commander
10:22 am
in chief of the united states. so i pray for all of them. as you know, this is going to continue to be a conversation, a topic. the mental and physical stamina, the people running for the biggest office in the united states of america. >> harris: of course we all hope you will be okay. my friend and no aust dagen mcdowell said bernie sanders needs to name his vice presidential picked to smooth over anything. >> are not available, harris. >> harris: i knew you'd appreciate that. >> but here's what i do believe. i do believe that bernie has a very strong base of support within the democratic party. as you know, he's an independent socialist who caucuses with the democrats. but he is a strong base of support inside the party. i'm sure they will stick with an. >> harris: i have no doubt they will stick with him. elizabeth warren has a lot more of them right now in polling, sticking with her. donna brazile, figure very much. good to see you. >> always good to see you come too. thank you. >> harris: we are awaiting remarks and president trump in
10:23 am
florida at the villages, targeting the 2020 candidates medicare for all proposal. and we can hear more from the ukraine controversy. you know he's taking questions today. stay tuned. plus, three years later hillary clinton is still talking about losing in 2016. and she has some advice, she says, for trump officials on the impeachment inquiry. but before we go to brake, real quickly, this is life. this is house intel chair adam schiff. let's watch. >> the president of the united states is encouraging a foreign nation to interfere again, to help his campaign by investigating. it's a fundamental breach of the president's oath of office. it endangers our elections, it endangers our national security. it ought to be condemned by every member of this body, democrats and or republicans alike. >> reporter: what you think of leader mccarthy's proposal? >> harris: we've been seeing some of the lawmakers who are
10:24 am
coming out of that private, not-public interview with the ambassador, kurt volker, the special envoy -- envoy, excuse me -- to ukraine. we saw congressman jim jordan, we showed you that live last hour. that was the intel chief, democrat adam schiff, giving his take on what they are burning inside that meeting. we'll cover it as it happens. ♪ newday has extended their call center hours
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10:29 am
apparently p which are due jim jordan months ago, and there is more. two congressional correspond mike emanuel is life with details. is the interview still happening with the investor? >> yes, good afternoon to you. we have wouldn't and don't like obtained ink of the text messages that involve some of the key players on the cane. one of them being kurt volker, was at the time the u.s. special envoy to ukraine. william taylor, temporary ambassador for the u.s. and ukraine, and the united states ambassador to the european union. the exchange started on september 9th, when michael atkinson revealed the existence of whistle-blower related to ukraine. it shows taylor expressing concern to his colleagues. bill taylor: "as i sit on the phone, i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign." gordon: "i believe you are incorrect about
10:30 am
president trump's intentions paid the president has been crystal clear, no quid pro quos of any kind. the president is trying to evaluate whether ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that president zelensky promise during the campaign. i suggest we stop the back and forth by text." then the discussion was taken off-line, and lawmakers are likely learning more about this exchange right now with volker behind closed doors here on capitol hill. there's also a reference to concerns about an interview being given, but the context of that is unclear. bill taylor: "the nightmare is they give us the interview i don't give a security clearance. the russians love it, and i quit. counting on you to be right about this interview, gordon." gordon: "i never said i was right, i said i don't like we are where you are and believe you have identified the best pathway forward. let's hope it works." we have reached out to all three players. volker still behind closed doors on capitol hill, and we will
10:31 am
update this breaking story should we get any more context or comment from them. >> harris: we will come to you if that happens. thank you, good to see you. meanwhile, hillary clinton is still talking about why she lost to president trump in 2016. now she is offering some advice to the trump administration officials when they find themselves caught up in the house democrats impeachment inquiry into the president. watch. >> i'm a serious person but i'm also a fun person. but i think i probably came across as too serious. my job, especially as a woman and the first woman to go as far as i did, that i had to help people feel good about a woman in the oval office. he woman commander in chief. so i may have overcorrected a little bit. many in the nixon white house and administration concluded it was the right thing to do, to tell the truth. tell the truth. and that would be advice that should be given to anybody caught up in this. >> harris: let's bring the
10:32 am
power panel, shall be? leslie marshall, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor. lars larson is back, good to see a periods indicated radio host, as well. i'm guessing at different times on different networks, because you guys are different. [laughter] was listening to hillary clinton preached to the people about telling the truth? >> well, on the late-night show, when she and her daughter on some of the highest ratings in s pair the question being posed are the ones you see her answering. "why do you think you lost him equity think about impeachment?" honestly, i think it was a little bit of a stick to former president clinton. because we all know if he had not lied on the witness stand there would be no perjury and no impeachment. >> harris: i had not looked at that. i just simply looked at it like bleach bit, the server. politico, who will take her advice? lars? >> it doesn't make any sense for a woman married to a man who is impeached because he lied under oath, he committed perjury,
10:33 am
and she's advising other people from the other party to tell the truth? as you said, with bleach bit and cleaning a server with a cloth, this woman does not exactly have any hold on the truth. she is not told the truth to the america people and how she's advising which of administration to tell the truth. i think she ought to go back and check herself at this point. when leslie, people may wonder why she's back on the scene. part of it is the book to her that she's doing with her daughter, chelsea, about the gutsy women book that she has written now. is she running again? >> no, not at all. but she is somebody who is still liked and admired by not just women and not just democrats. most recently, you think the most challenging thing she's ever done in her life is run for president, and she said it was staying with her husband. so there are people that love her, and certain people but hate her, but people watcher and buy your books. >> harris: we know she had
10:34 am
some younger demographic women problems when she ran last time. people didn't really understand her answer to that. that seems like fresh and new material. you are saying it's not. lars? >> i've got to tell you something -- hillary clinton was treated very badly by a cheating spouse for a long, long time. we all know that. i would like to say she's probably being honest about saying that being with bill clinton was one of the toughest things she did. thing is she was never able to get over the election. she's to many of the current president, than a candidate, that he accepted the results of the election. i think hillary clinton should accept the results of the election, and america people decided. the price to do the same, including shifty schiff and nancy pelosi. >> harris: oh, my goodness, you're stealing some of the president's lines, there! she has to get on with accepting the 2016, because we are about to have another one. you know what else can make i'm about to bring you back. sit tight, both of you. leslie and lars, thank you. we are awaiting word, new
10:35 am
remarks from president trump. he has gone hard on offense today. now he's in florida, and he wants to take the health care conversation and give you his own ideas. he could take questions on the impeachment push, as well. all of it as it happens live, right here on "outnumbered overtime." ♪
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>> harris: we are at the ready to bring in life. the president set to make remarks any moment. we will bring you that, just a couple of hours ago he publicly called on both ukraine and china now to investigate democratic front runner, joe biden, and his son, hunter, over the latter's business dealings. this, as the president battles and impeachment inquiry for asking ukraine's president to investigate the hunter biden dome xp 16 and that july phone call. here's president trump a few hours ago. >> i would think if they were honest about it, they would start a major investigation into
10:40 am
the bidens. it's very simple answer. they should investigate the bidens. how does a company that is newly-formed, all these companies -- by the way, likewise, china should start an investigation into the bidens. what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. >> harris: former doj council, director of the national security law and policy program at george mason university, and former chief counsel for the senate foreign relations committee, good to see you toda. the president has gone we've been saying pretty hard on offense. he is saying out loud, ukraine, china, investigate the bidens." he said that same thing on the phone call. for democrats, what did they say about this now? it is out there. >> i think there are two things democrats will try and claim.
10:41 am
one, that he shouldn't be soliciting help from foreign leaders to investigate his blue components, that there something untoward, inappropriate about that. he's doing it in public now. the american people have a chance to evaluate whether they think it's appropriate, and the members of congress can evaluate that, also. >> harris: doesn't that punch a hole in the argument, if he's going to do it publicly? and he released the transcript of the call. i'm just asking basic questions here. >> you make a good point. just like the australian investigation, democrats have raised concerns about that. the president said publicly he would ask the attorney general to look into that, and he did it. there is no surprise there. the real question is what the american people think of this? is it appropriate for the president to ask other countries to investigate his political opponent? is there an exchange of value? or was it and just saying what he already said publicly and that he has now said very publicly? that's a hard question the american people have to assess. >> harris: doesn't help his case for him to do what he did today? to call it plain?
10:42 am
"here i am!" >> that sort of the donald trump move. do it publicly and say it. and people can evaluate. it's not like we didn't know who donald trump was when he got elected. it's not like we haven't seen an exhibit of those things in public. he's done a lot of what he does in public. the members of the house and senate are going forward, and the voters. let's be honest, up till recently his polls have been pretty decent. so the democrats aren't winning that battle. we will see what happens when we go forward with this impeachment inquiry. >> harris: you've got the political side of this, too. you are talking legally. i'm curious, how is it different when he does the world what he's going to do or he says it on the call? he was the how it shakes out. rnc and the president raising a ton of fund-raising money on the idea of pushing back on impeachment. dnc communications director, xochitl hinojosa, had to say -- this is what she had to say about the present calling on ukraine and china to investigate the bidens.
10:43 am
>> he just admitted right now, on television, in front of the iraqi people, exactly what he's been saying all along prayer that the whistle-blower is wrong about it. they've been trying to discredit them as a blur, and how he sang, "you know what? i am pressuring them." >> harris: your reaction? >> she is right in the sense that he has now set it publicly. i was all on the table. the question is, what do the american people think about it connect with you members of congress think about it? what is the senate think about it? are these impeachable crimes, as the president says, "i what each of us get this opponent?" that's a question. >> harris: after cutting. the vice president of the united states, pence, is talking about the whistle-blower complaint. >> security, prosperity, infrastructure, the usmca, lowering drug prices, and whatever they want to fight about in washington, d.c. i promise you, we will keep fighting for the issues that matter most of the mega people. report and do you have a take away from this today's meeting? >> i think it's how proud the
10:44 am
hispanic-american community is. here in arizona, in this country. when you look at the growth and the prosperity that has happened since 2016, in the state of arizona, and you understand the role that hispanic-americans displayed in that, it was a real cause for celebration today. we are going to take this whole month, hispanic heritage month, to talk about the incredible cultural contributions, community contributions, and economic contributions that hispanic-americans make every day. my big message was, as we see an economy that has created 6.3 million new jobs, it's been hispanic-americans, hispanic small businesses, hispanic entrepreneurs, driving that economic renaissance. there is a lot of optimism in the room and a lot of appreciation for the policies that are really making this economy great again.
10:45 am
>> reporter: is it appropriate, as the president did this morning and with a phone call to ukraine, to ask foreign governments to investigate his political rivals? china, for example. >> vice president pence: i am vice president of the united states, and i was elected to this job along with president trump. for many reasons. one, we were elected for many reasons. one was to rebuild our military. one was to revise our economy. another was to see conservatives appointed to our courts. another was to secure our borders. one of the major reasons we were elected was to drain the swamp. i think the make and people have right to know if the vice president of the united states or his family profited from his position as vice president during the last administration.
10:46 am
that is about looking backwards and understanding what really happened. i mean, the fact that my predecessor had a son who was paid $50,000 a month to be on a ukrainian board, at the time that vice president biden was leading the obama administration's efforts in ukraine, i think that's worth looking into. and the president made it very clear that he believes our other nations around the world should look into it, as well. the simple fact is, when you hold the second highest office in the land, it comes with unique responsibilities. not just of the above impropriety come up with the of impropriety. there are legitimate questions that ought to be an asked. we will continue to ask them because the mega people have a right to know. whether or not the
10:47 am
vice president of united statesy profited from his position. you look at the video of vice president biden, and you see there was clearly a quid pro quo. he said, if the prosecutor was not fire -- who, among other things, was investigating the company has sunset on the board of -- that he was going to withhold a billion dollars. contrast that to the president's phone call with president zelensky, where there was no quid pro quo, there was no pressure, and it's why most brigands want to get answers about what was going on. to get to the bottom of it. i think that's of the american people would expect and anticipate but this is going to continue, to advance what we were elected to advance. that includes draining the swamp
10:48 am
and demanding that our allies operate in an upright way, as well. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> vice president pence: we are going to be in and out of arizona a lot. because we got a winning message. hispanic-americans here in arizona are winning under the policies of president trump, and the policies of senator martha mcsally. and governer ducey. the economy is growing. >> harris: the vice president of the united states being asked about the whistle-blower complaint, and whether it was proper for the president of the united states to ask ukraine to look into his political opponents, joe biden. the vice president appearing to continue a tone set by president trump today. get on offense and drive hard. he leaned in when he was asked about whether that was appropriate to do on the phone
10:49 am
call, back in july, with ukraine's president. and whether the president should have said today that ukraine and china should investigate the bidens. vice president pence said they were both put in office for many reasons. not the least of which, secure our borders, put conservatives on courts, and drain the swamp. and the president of united states simultaneously has become began speaking about health care and maybe more. he may be asked questions about this very thing, and the impeachment inquiry, as we watch him at the villages of florida. >> president trump: in my campaign for president, i made you a secret pledge that i would strengthen, protect, and defend medicare for all of our senior citizens. you see it's under siege, but it's not going to happen. [cheers and applause] today i will sign a very historic executive order that
10:50 am
does exactly that. we are making your medicare even better, and we are not letting anyone -- it will never be taken away from you. we are not letting anyone get close. [cheers and applause] you see, these people on the other side -- these people are crazy, by the way. they're totally crazy. they want to take it away and give you lousy health care. it's pretty incredible. you want to keep your doctors, right? remember, with obama, president obama, right? he said, "you can keep your doctor." that didn't work out too well for those people. 28 times, -- he said he's trying to forget. never forget, okay? [laughter] never forget! as long as i'm president, no one will lay a hand on your medicare benefits. that's what we are here do toda today. [applause] this order is the latest step in my administration's drive to ensure the world's best
10:51 am
health care for all americans. together we are creating a health care system that protects vulnerable patients, makes health care more affordable, gives you more choice and control, and delivers a high-quality care americans deserve. and that's what we are doing. we are strengthening our health care system to a level that nobody thought would be possible. our economy is booming, we are doing fantastically well. [applause] i think it gets a little bit hurt by politics. but our country is so strong, and our economy is so powerful, that even politics, and even when you have the do-nothings -- i called them the do-nothing dams, they can't even affect it very much. [applause] is created over 6 million new jobs since the election. the unemployment rate has reached a 50 one-year low. think about! [applause]
10:52 am
soon it's going to be a historic number, like so many of you have the numbers. 2.5 million people have been lifted out of poverty. that means more americans are not happy, and that's what it's all about. they have a greater way of life. more affordable health care options, and millions of seniors are enjoying better, healthier, and more prosperous retirements. i should be retiring with you. i should be in this audience, clapping. but i shouldn't trust anybody to be standing here, because i know you have. [applause] [crowd chanted] >> four more years! four more years! >> president trump: thank you very much. it's true, i didn't trust anybody. it's very important.
10:53 am
nobody has done more into and a half years, that first two and a half years, than what we've done. whether it's right to try, tax cuts, no matter what it is. nobody has done what we've done. not even close. we are delighted to be joined today by man who is really good, he ran one of the largest drug companies, release aggressively. i took him out -- that's where the money is. that's where the knowledges. he ran one of the biggest, most successful companies. i said, "alex azar, come on out. i want you to be the top person in charge of this." "let me ask you, how much bigger is this than the company you are in quebec hundreds of times bigger, it's a monster." what a job. alex azar, you know who he is. where is alex? [applause] river you are. alex, thank you. he works with administrators, have been so incredible.
10:54 am
you have to stand up. what a job. [applause] they know the most intricate little quarter sentences, you wouldn't believe it. i said, "what about this?" and they said, "it's a little roadblock, but we figure a way around." somebody else who will be lowering your drug prices with us come in a very short distance. we will buy them from a slightly different source. a little bit unconventional. a lot of people say i'm unconventional. sometimes you have to be unconventional. [cheers and applause] alex, when are we going to let governor ron desantis in your incredible first lady, casey, when are they going to be able to do what we want to do? [cheers and applause] alex, when are they going to be able to do what we have to do? soon. alex says "soon." because they will have a big, fat, beautiful surprise for you. that's been an incredible
10:55 am
couple, a great governor, and the job they are doing is phenomenal. i was honored to be very much involved in that campaign. [cheers and applause] and if he was doing a lousy job, i probably just wouldn't have shown up today. [laughter] but he's doing one of the best jobs in the whole country. ron desantis. [cheers and applause] >> harris: the president, obviously recognizing some of the leadership in florida as he rolls out a health care plan and promises to protect medicare, and then pushes against medicare for all, which you know is a more socialist-type look. so it's been set across the aisle of the 2020 democrats, for medicare for all plans that many of them are pushing. so we will go back to the president momentarily. we've had simultaneous breaking news and we want to break it down on what is happening with the impeachment pushed, ukraine, the president doubling down, "not just ukraine, get china to investigate the bidens, too."
10:56 am
the power panel back for just a couple moments paid leslie marshall, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor. lars larson, syndicated radio host, as well. lars, i will come to you first. the vice president moments ago, and we carried it live, they were on screen at the same time. the vice and current president. going hard. we've been saying this. really continuing that conversation of offense. how is it working messagingwise? >> i think it's working fine, because nancy pelosi promised a vote on impeachment by thanksgiving, and then she found out they launched this impeachment last week on the basis of the complaint. i don't think anybody involved in that complaint, including the unnamed complainer, and adam schiff, who barely knew about the complete before it was even filed, expected the president would release the transcript. once the transcript came out, it basically -- well, it cause the impeachment bus to run out of gas. it already run over joe biden and his son, but i think it's running out of gas and i don't think the vote is going to
10:57 am
happen. i'm not surprised to see the president push hard on this. because they are really attempting a coup, and is just dead wrong to use it for this. >> harris: you know, leslie, part of the narrative among democrats today was to say, "is the president really yoked with the vice president in terms of whether or not that was the right call to make in july, two as the leader of ukraine to help investigate through his prosecutors the bidens cannot" so there was this play-by-play going on. are the same page, did they throw vice president pence under the bus? he made it very clear today, the vice president, that they are together and the bidens need to be investigated for what looks like swamp behavior. he said it was part of his job to drain the swamp. >> well, yes. they >> they are very together i'm not giving out facts. joe biden didn't get on the phone and say fire this guy alone. it was part of the international monetary fund, our european
10:58 am
allies, and other international organizations that asked for this. i'm all about the truth and the truth is the timeline and the accusations don't have any evidence to back that up. it's good for campaigns but quite frankly it's also good for joe biden. every time he comes out hard against trump, he seems clearer and gets more money in his campaign war chest. >> harris, you've seen the sound bite of joe biden saying that he was a linchpin to getting the prosecutor fired. yes, there were other people calling for the firing but the biggest dog on the planet, the united states of america, most powerful country, the vice president's head to ukraine we will withhold a billion dollars in loan guarantees. by joe biden's own account on tape, he's the guy who got the prosecutor fired, no matter who else was asking for it and it was because his son was getting 600k a year for a board position on the biggest boards in america. you make 100 to $200,000 to be on a board of directors. check me if you don't believe i
10:59 am
it. they are paying his son six times as much money to be on the board. they were buying influence with the vice president, joe biden, and biden hasn't supposedly explained it. >> harris: the vice president moments ago, mike pence that his predecessor had a son on an energy board of the company without the resume, i'm paraphrasing a little bit, while his dad was leading conversations with ukraine. it's about time they be looked at. leslie, i will give you a last word. >> again, look at it. let them look at it. >> harris: let them look at it? an investigation would be fine? >> i have no problem with that because all the investigations of the bed done by ukraine -- >> harris: can joe biden concentrate on this and run? all right, i'm just curious. can he stay focused? >> yeah, they are trying to pull a focus and that's why elizabeth warren is gaining in the polls. she is focused on the policies. >> harris: she is gaining in
11:00 am
general. leslie marshall, lars larson, i will bring you back. thank you very much. a lot going on. the president is still speaking. we will go back to that here on fox news channel. thank you for watching "over time." here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert. he went from a diplomat most of america had never heard of to a central figure in the democrat push to peach president trump. former special u.s. envoy to ukraine kurt volker is on capitol hill today. he is meeting behind closed doors with three congressional committees. they want to know what role if any he played in president trump's efforts to get ukraine to dig into former vice president joe biden and biden's son hunter. hello, everyone. i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." also new today, as democrats try to build their case on trump and his call with the ukrainian leader, the president calling on another nation to ies


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