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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 3, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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tomorrow with the expectations of a rate cut and that better news will be coming. we could get that in the employment report. it could set the tone for the markets and a lot of other things. here comes "the five." ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone. i am juan williams with katie pavlich, jesse watters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five" ." the first impeachment witness appearing on capitol hill today. it comes as president trump and joe biden continued to attack each other over ukraine. here's the latest. former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker testifying behind closed doors. meanwhile, house intelligence chair adam schiff saying he is facing new scrutiny after it was revealed the whistle-blower had contact with the house intelligence committee before filing the complaint.
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here is the president's latest attack on schiff and biden. >> schiff has been proven to be a liar. we have known it for three years because they've been trying to impeach for three years. he's a stone cold liar. if they were honest about it, start a major investigations of the bidens. likewise, china should start an investigation into the bidens. what happened to china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. >> juan: biden is fighting back against prompt attacks but raising new questions by admitting he talked to his son about ukraine. >> this special interest funding his attacks against me. i'm not going anywhere. they're not going to destroy me. they're not going to destroy my family. i talked to my son. we have communicated. he lives in california. we communicated a couple times.
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look, there is zero, zero, zero, zero, evidence of any assertion being made. >> juan: other democrats going after trump as well claiming the president is scared of impeachment. >> i think the president knows the argument that can be made against him and he scared. >> he's actually obviously motivated by fear. >> clearly he's afraid for the public to see either one of those things. >> he's afraid of just how badly he may be beaten in november. >> juan: dana, i was struck that the president, people saying you shouldn't of called and talked to the ukrainian president about getting dirt on joe biden. today he says out loud china, i'd like you to get some dirt. >> dana: he is saying the quiet part out loud and it's different. basically he's saying okay, american people, you decide if this is wrong. some democrats will say there is a law on the law says you can't do this.
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but then president trump is saying those laws against corruption as well. he's basically putting it out there. i don't think he's afraid. you can always tell when the bat phone, the bat signal has gone out. everybody say the word or phrase and you get a gold star. the thing about schiff having the whistle-blower complaint before, i think the nancy pelosi, her deputizing him to be basically the spokesperson on this is not a clear-cut win for her. the parity of the phone call, that he led the mysterious hearing with, it keeps coming up over and over again. then there's a question of why weren't you completely forthcoming? i think they have a good point that they can say the white house have a heads up other whistle-blower account because the cia had gone to the white house lawyers first of all before they went to the justice department. so that gets more complicated but i think schiff is the spokesperson for this, not great
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for nancy pelosi but i don't think she has other good options. she's probably going to have to drive this train herself. >> juan: jesse, the question dana raises is one a lot of people's minds. is it wrong or is it illegal? we know today that the chairman -- chairwoman i should save the federal election committee re-tweeted that you can't do this, that it's illegal to ask another country for help, anything in value in terms of getting dirt on a political opponent. our senior judicial analyst judge napolitano, he said the summary of the phone call with the president zelensky of ukraine shows and i'm quoting "criminal and impeachable behavior." >> jesse: i respectfully disagree with judge napolitano and i would like to hold up another treaty. this is a treaty we have signed in 2,000 with china for corruption and criminal things that we can ask them about and we can pull documents from. just because joe biden happens
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to be running against the president doesn't make him above the law. he could drop out tomorrow and then trump could ask china? get out of here. you are saying the u.s. government on the chinese government and the ukrainian government can't ask questions about the biden family because he's a politician? it's crazy. i believe trump, any sort of violation. it boils down to trump is draining the swamp and that's what the democrats want to impeach him for. he's going to swing for the fences. he's going to double down and do this in the sunlight and he's going to say why are you trying to impeach me? let the americans vote on it. the chinese thing also uncovered interesting facts about hunter because hunter is in business with john kerry's son-in-law a heinz and what did they do? they cut a deal with a chinese
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communist backed company for $600 million for an automobile firm and you know what the chinese company had done before? stolen american technology and used it on their stealth fighter jets and do you know who let the deal go through? john kerry. when he was secretary of state. also while joe biden was vice president afraid to say that that is zero evidence of corruption, he put that to the american people and you think they're going to say yeah, nothing to see here? that's crazy. there's a laundry list of biden family members for sale. you look at hunter, look at his brother. $1.5 billion deal in iraq while joe was the point man for iraq. the whole thing is crazy and if you look at what hillary clinton was, when she was running for senate in 2000 in new york, bill clinton pardoned all of those puerto rican terrorists so she could get the puerto rican vote. or 1999 when rudy was mayor and he was considering running for
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senate against hillary clinton, bill clinton sent the feds to go investigate rudy and the nypd. there is no corruption there? or how about hillary when she was secretary of state or running for president, her foundation is getting tens of millions of dollars from morocco, saudi arabia. that's not foreign interference? come on. >> juan: okay. >> dana: and now took commercial break. [laughter] >> juan: katie, the news of the day that we can point to is kurt volker, former special envoy to the ukraine, mentioned in the whistle-blower complaint, going to capitol hill and what we have heard is that he testified and he warned rudy giuliani not to believe what he was hearing from various people in the ukraine who had involvement with corruption, prosecution. he said these people aren't trustworthy. >> katie: i think it's hard to make a decision about testimony done behind closed doors because it's going to be politicized, especially by democrats or
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running the show on this impeachment inquiry which is like impeachment but not impeachment because it doesn't have the legal backing that they can go to their left face and say they are calling people in front of congress to get information. they can leak selectively what they want to. i will hold off on mine judgment of that. i want to say jesse, you should do a "one more thing" that is treaties with watters. this is bringing attention to accusations that have been written in the mainstream media for over a year, the new yorker, "new york times" about hunter biden's dealings. brings of the issue of corruption and joe biden now has been inconsistent in his account of his talks with his son. now in the clip he says zero, zero, zero evidence of any corruption or wrongdoing. when you say zero, zero, zero, you better be correct because when something comes up in the future especially in a campaign, you're going to get nailed on it
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by trump or the other democrats running. elizabeth warren is now i think going to be the front runner. she's allowing joe biden to get over this with trump but joe biden might not be the nominee so what's the question then? do the investigations continue? >> juan: what do you think about what dana said, talking point of the day for the democrats, scared, afraid. >> greg: they should be scared. i hate complaining about this job. we have a great job. we get paid to talk about stuff that this story just bugs the crap out of me because it is so fake. it's a political story masquerading as a moral, social story. an attempt to turn hearsay into heresy. it's become so big and we have to pretend as we report this that to you we believe it's
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really, really important when for us it's just a carousel we have to hop on and hop off. thank god for hunter biden because this is so much easier to understand when he becomes the focus. the american viewer, they don't care about the phone call. they can look at the transcript and see what it is. everyone understands nepotism. everyone understands the offspring who did nothing productive with his life and fed off his daddy's name. everyone knows that guy. everybody can't stand him and he's a hood ornament of the swamp. he is. he's everything bad and the best part is the media concerned about trump's anger yesterday. it's like lighting firecrackers in complaining about the noise. it's like going to a fish restaurant in saying this tastes fishy. dude, you created this mess. you've been spending three years
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trying to get the bear to snap. i also noticed how happy the media is that rachel maddow finally has a story. for the last six months, it's been really sad on her show, the numbers are down but now she's on "the view." there's articles about her. it's like her homecoming. it's like a homecoming dance and a bat mitzvah put together? is that what it's called? i'm a catholic. i've never seen the media work so hard for so little. the same media that chuckled over benghazi in which four people died are screaming about a phone call. how did they do it with a straight face. i hate talking about a but somehow i was able to do it for 2 minutes. >> juan: what about ivanka and her shoe deal with the chinese? >> greg: it's an interesting question. all of trump's kids actually work. they actually work. >> jesse: ivanka knows she
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♪ >> katie: i did not pick the song. maxine waters is unhinged. she's doubling down on calls for the president to be thrown in prison over ukraine. when asked, she defended her comments. >> i think most people who've walks me over the past two years know that i'm a responsible person who has talked about the constitution. they know that i've been serious about this. i've had the courage to stand up when nobody else would stand with me. people know i am responsible and that i'm serious and like i sai said, impeachment is the imperative. >> katie: try to figure this out. after saying the president should be behind bars, waters is claiming it's trump who is putting her in danger. >> he's the president of the united states of america. he is setting saws up to be
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killed. i have death threats constantly. there are a number of people who've been convicted, threatening to kill me. i can't go to the grocery store anymore by myself. i have to pay for security. i can't move around the country without security. >> katie: this is the same woman who said trump cabinet members should be harassed in public. it's a little bit ironic to hear her complaining. >> jesse: no one wants a civil war. i think the republicans are undefeated in civil wars, just a refresher for those of you who forgot. maxine waters, no relation. i know her pretty well. i understand why people book her. she's crazy. and occasionally you need to book crazy people on cable so keep the audience interested because you never know what she's going to say. >> greg: it's everybody named waters. >> jesse: very unpredictable.
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they put her on msnbc and let her go and who knows what's going to happen. alan grayson, people like that. crazy people. this is what they do, the crazy people have three cards. the race card, the gender card, the death card. the death card used to be republican policies killed people. repealing obamacare is going to kill you, all of that stuff. republican rhetoric will kill you now. build the wall will get people killed. whatever. it gets everybody killed. this is why they do that. they try to tee it up so the next time there's violence in the country, they can blame trump. they also do this to make themselves feel better about themselves, like they are so important that they might actually get killed. i get death threats all the time and i'm a wonderful person. >> greg: from the especially varied >> jesse: it creates fear and the electorate, that trump is so dangerous he can't
2:20 pm
afford a second term and you can't criticize me because people are trying to kill me. >> katie: greg, how do you feel about abraham lincoln? >> greg: interesting question. he was a good guy. a little too tall for my tastes. interesting back story that i won't get into. maxine symbolizes the hypocrisy of the entire left in the media in general. only we, the media, can be hostile. they don't want to share the ball. i have said this before. i'm tired of saying it. they own the field. the only refs, the equipment. how dare trump show up and beat them at their own game. reminds me of one fox news showed up and everyone was saying oh, my god, this polarization. you only liked it when there was one pole. you have to work harder to defend your beliefs and that's
2:21 pm
the problem. as for the death threats, we all get the death threats. it's part of the game. there's a lot of crazy people out there and there's new avenues to go after people. it's very simple. the bar is low. i think it's healthy for both sides that there are now two sides. she can't be complaining. >> katie: dana, what are your thoughts? >> dana: i mentioned pelosi deputizing adam schiff might not be the best solution but it might be better than having maxine waters talk about it. nancy pelosi is trying to be very measured. she peppers her commentary, we need to be thoughtful, pray for the president. work on the work that people want, work on the trade deal, infrastructure, gun control. lowering drug prices and she wants to do those things. she's going to be very measured and then maxine waters says actually he should be killed. or you should be in solitary
2:22 pm
confinement. the one thing you have to wonder about, being a member of congress for that many years and no one taking you seriously. >> katie: juan, do you take maxine waters seriously? >> juan: she was ahead of the curve on impeachment. you don't hear people say that. she was saying all along that these were impeachable offenses. you said that bookers like to get, i think what you said was crazy which i think is offensive. i don't think that lady is crazy. >> jesse: maybe she's not officially mentally ill. >> juan: she is an elected member of congress. unless you are saying her voters. no, i don't think so. i think your description. >> jesse: i can't call her crazy? >> juan: am i allowed to speak on this show? you stated they like to invite
2:23 pm
people like her on. the last few days i've heard from one person talk about civil war, spies, treason, suggestions that you're going to have somebody executed, profanity and attacks. it seems that trump is performing. he's energized. this is going to be effort for all. >> jesse: his numbers are through the roof. >> juan: through the floor. >> katie: democrats forget about trump and are fighting with each other. the war of words is up next. behd the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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>> dana: the battle for 2020 is getting more heated with democrats finally clashing with each other. beto versus mayor pete. questioning his mandatory gun buyback plan. >> pete has been saying the
2:28 pm
mandatory buyback is a shiny object distracting us. how can you say that? i was offended by those comments. i think he represents the kind of politics that's focused on poll testing and focus group driving and triangulating and listening to consultants before you arrive at a position. our politics has to be about doing the right thing. >> dana: kamala harris and elizabeth warren. check out harris appearing to swipe at warren's numerous campaign proposals. >> by the way, another part of my intention -- i'm not going to say plan. everyone is a plan for something. i am talking about what i fully intend to do. >> dana: warren laughing off the calls to shut down trump's twitter account. >> should donald trump be banned from twitter? >> no. >> dana: that was an easy answer. i've been waiting for this because there is 20 of them. they spent all of this time only going after president trump and at some point they were going to have to go after each other so that they can find a winner.
2:29 pm
>> jesse: we've been waiting and i'm still waiting. you call that -- tough? it's a slow start. beto tanked his campaign with the gun grab. he knows it. trying to point fingers and other people. buttigieg has better instincts. he's not stupid. he's not going to run a national campaign to take away americans' second amendment rights. the funny thing was beto said he was offended. try that on donald trump. donald trump, you are offending. there were in pain, she laughed. i guess it was a counterpunch. whatever. harris seems really sassy but she is in free fall. while the democrats are squabbling over nonissues, the trump campaign dropped a million dollars in local ad buys in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada. that will move the needle. >> dana: juan, you are making a face that that won't move the
2:30 pm
needle. >> juan: i think with the present, with the rnc is doing is trying to eliminate any kind of republican opposition to the president in the primaries. they want to stop having primaries. they want to have different rules. >> dana: these are ads. >> juan: they are ads intended to stop opposition. right now, he thinks biden is the most dangerous opponent and that's why he keeps going after biden but the reality is even if there are some arguments and i agree with jesse it's not much of an argument among democrats. remember 2016? >> dana: i know. >> greg: i am trying to become more of a lover not a fighter. it's hilarious watching beto accused anybody of being inauthentic. he's using presidential run to find himself. he can't even find his own khakis. i think buttigieg is a better
2:31 pm
version of beto, may be what you might call a beto max. anyway. those are all stupid comments. i want to bring up ukraine. i think it's becoming a lose-lose for the democrats. if trump weathers this, he will be stronger than ever and biden is going to be gone. he is gone after this. it's going to leave a big hole for elizabeth warren. >> dana: bernie sanders is going through -- >> greg: a rough period. >> dana: bernie sanders campaign says they will be there october 16th. >> greg: i don't think liz is going to be able to beat donald. it was a huge and terrible gamble. >> katie: for sure. it's backfiring. trump's numbers in the polling are either going up or staying the same terms of re-electability and joe biden people are interested in hearing more about what's going on with his son and ukraine. it could be something that they bring into the general election if joe biden wins but
2:32 pm
elizabeth warren last week was asked about her plan, kamala harris, about ethics violations and whether it would be ethical for her son of a sitting vice president is an honor for an oil company. first she said no it wouldn't be okay. >> dana: all right, we've got to go. up next, the power of forgiveness, the emotional courtroom moment when a former cop convicted of murder actually gets a hug from the victim's brother. america is experiencing a strong economy... ...that is certain. but history tells us that economies don't live in a vacuum. we need to prepare for uncertainty. and you can... with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900 to get started. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs,
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>> greg: former police officer amber guyger sentence yesterday for killing botham gene, the innocent man she that had entered her apartment. it turns out she was in his apartment. she got ten years.
2:37 pm
botham's brother brandt believes she should serve none of it at all. >> each and every one of us may have done something that we're not supposed to do. if you truly are sorry, i know i can speak for myself, i forgive you. i'm not going to say i hope you rot and die, just like my brother did. but i personally want the best for you. and i wasn't going to ever say this in front of my family or anyone, but i don't even want you to go to jail. i want the best for you. >> greg: pretty moving but it didn't end they are. take a look at what happened next. >> again, i love you, as a person. and i don't wish anything bad on
2:38 pm
you. i don't know if it's possible, but can i give her a hug please? please? >> yes. >> greg: in that court room, he was speaking for himself, not his family. there are people who think the last thing a killer deserves is forgiveness but it does make you think if this young man could forgive the killer of his brother, then perhaps forgiveness is possible for just about anything else. including all of the petty bullcrap going on today. people today are getting fired over halloween costumes and
2:39 pm
pronouns. it's a lesson not just on forgiveness but the pettiness of our recent scalp hunting. this should be played every morning in schools and workplaces. imagine an h.r. department that showed that, or a social media company that would hire that young man for its board. it might be one solution for our grievance call sir two culture. diversity of forgiveness. brandt jean revealed a selflessness you may never see again. i was moved by this. i talked to a close friend of mine who was exactly opposite, like who are you to forgive? you can't speak for that. i was amazed by it. >> dana: it was his brother. if this is his view and his faith in his opinion, i think he probably has the most right to decide how he's going to deal
2:40 pm
with it. she is being punished. she will spend ten years behind bars. it was a beautiful expression. i think everyone who sought stopped stopped and if you watched him in the poise and dignity. he's 18 years old which i didn't realize until i read more about it. one thing i noticed. he keeps reaching into his collar. he's uncomfortable. he knows it's going to be something that's going to get a lot of attention. he said i never intended to say it in front of my family but it's on his heart and the bravery it takes to speak about your faith is something really interesting because you can be made fun of. saying that i forgive or i do this. basically proselytizing in a way. i think for some people, it could be quite transformational. there was a report today on brian kilmeade's radio show. a woman who said i've never been
2:41 pm
able to forgive my brothers killer until today. he may have changed other people's lives so they can go on and be happier. >> katie: i think redemption is a powerful thing and for him to say he forgives her if she's truly sorry and to take her intention of apologizing and taking what she said was on her heart at face value instead of throwing any kind of opinion on her and taking what she said and not at face value. i think it shows a ton of strength and it's a lesson to a lot of people. i don't know if i could forgive someone who shot and killed my brother. regardless of the circumstances. it's a horrible, awful situation. i think for him to talk about his faith and to say the ultimatum is that i want the best for you but i wish she would give your life to christ because that's what he believes in, it's a lesson for everybody in forgiveness, whether you believe in god or not. >> greg: a juan, what are your
2:42 pm
thoughts? >> juan: christian forgiveness is pretty strong stuff in the whole idea of forgiving those who trespass against you. it's written down. i am struck by the power of it, as you work, greg. i also think ten years, i was amazed at what a limited sentence she got. there were protests about it. when he stop of the good about it, you just hope it's reciprocal. i think in this country we have a lot of, especially in the court system, institutionalized racial issues and we have to deal with it. the culpability of that young man to see beyond it, go way beyond any racial thing and say you know what, in my christian faith, i want to forgive you and i want the best for you. that's why i say give your life to christ. it was amazing. >> greg: i think you're right. you raise a good point about the colorblindness of it and i'm leaving the best for last, jesse. joy behar. would you like to listen to what she had to say?
2:43 pm
let's roll it. >> i'd like to know, are there any examples of white people hugging black guys who have murdered somebody? have we seen that? >> all of the survivors from the church in north carolina, a great many of them for gave whatever that kid's name is. >> black people forgiving a white guy. i'm talking about the opposite. a white person forgiving black people. >> we talked about somebody whose child was killed i think and the mother. >> greg: what kills me about this is we have talked about joy behar screwing up a lot and we always forgive her for the dumb things she says and she took a beautiful moment and just crapped all over it. >> jesse: she did. juan hasn't killed anybody but i hug it out with juan. >> juan: believe me. i've never come close.
2:44 pm
i have trouble with roaches. i like hugging it out with jesse and jesse. >> jesse: that's important. >> greg: let's talk about this guy. >> how dare you disrespect me? you've got to be kidding me? >> greg: robert de niro acting like alec baldwin in a new unhinged voice mail. 300 miles an hour, 'sy ♪
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♪ >> jesse: after ranting about president trump's behavior, actor robert de niro isn't big legal trouble over his own conduct. a former assistant slapping the actor with the $12 million lawsuit for abusive and sexist comments. this expletive-filled voice mail is at the center of the dispute. >> you [bleep]. don't answer my call. how dare you? you are [bleep] history. how dare you disrespect me? [bleep]. don't get angry with me. i didn't get a single thing i need. i'm here for less than 24 hours, you've got to be [bleep] kidding me. you spoiled brat. [bleep] you. how can you -- you are upset.
2:49 pm
you are living in space. you spoiled [bleep] brat. >> jesse: was that ""goodfellas"?" you can't tell the difference. >> juan: its offensive behavior. it reminded me of the call between alec baldwin and his daughter which was even worse. i say, i suspect you are doing this because he is anti-trump. >> greg: how dare you, juan? i am outraged. >> juan: you should be outraged, imagine somebody suing because they have a rude, offensive boss? oh, my gosh! >> jesse: other things in the lawsuit were more serious. he sued her i guess before she could sue him. >> greg: here's the outrageous thing. she binge watched 50 episodes of "friends" while at work. i'm sorry, but you deserve to be sued for that. i do think, she worked with him.
2:50 pm
ten years. it seems like a cashing in kind of thing. i would like to -- is much as i would like to crap all over de niro. he's a hypocrite, uses terrible language. he never has a reason, he does the awls about it. >> dana: it's shocking to hear it and i go back, i've been working for a long time, i've never been in the situation where you had a boss that was saying things like that. it's never happened to me. >> greg: i have heard your assistant talk about you. [laughter] oh, my god. holy toledo. >> greg: no yelling. >> jesse: not even during the iraq war? >> dana: no yelling. >> katie: i'm with greg. ten years later, these lawsuits always bring out a little more information that's in the news reporting being pushed by the lawyers for both sides. i will take a step back and be the bigger person and although
2:51 pm
robert de niro has thoughts about us at fox news, i'm not going to repay the favor and i'll say good luck to both sides. not going to take aside and you can fight it out in court. >> juan: i think that hug must've had an impact. >> katie: we are all changed. >> greg: jesse, you've got to be nice. >> jesse: have been there, the dumplings are delicious. all right, "one more thing" is up next. thanks. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop.
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♪ >> juan: it's time now for "one more thing." i'm going to go first. something on the l.a.p.d. twitter account caught my attention recently. the message that 4 million people call l.a. home, sometimes you just have to stop and listen to hear something beautiful.
2:56 pm
>> [singing opera] >> juan: the city caught the attention, he is offering her a record contract. the singer, emily, and she's been homeless for three years. she was born in russia, moved to the u.s. 30 years ago. now her story has taken a new turn. she's homeless because of an illness. yesterday, she was united with the officer who shot the video and put it on the twitter account. i'm telling you, that is a story to make your heart sing. all right, jesse. >> jesse: one russian story you can get behind. [laughter] all right, so over in london today, a bunch of global warming maniacs tried to spray british treasury building with 500 gallons of fake blood. but as usual, things did not go as planned with climate protesters. it just sprayed fake blood all over the protesters and
2:57 pm
mistreated. not a well executed plan. good job, guys. >> dana: you know what weed is usually made out of? oil. >> juan: and they polluted. dana? >> dana: standard and oyster bar in sarasota, florida, you'v. they have a tradition where patrons come and they write messages on dollar bills and stick them to the ceilings and walls. now the establishment is donating thousands to hurricane dorian relief. the bars manager said that they could not think of a better way to put that to work. the bar has been open for 16 years. it's been a well-known aesthetic. they have $14,000 off the wall. pretty good. >> jesse: a feel-good story. >> greg: did you see what she was watching in the bar? msnbc. [laughter] >> juan: your favorite. >> dana: eagle eyed greg. >> greg: i had help on that. let's do this.
2:58 pm
♪ animals are great. animals are great. being the youngest in the family of four meant that oftentimes my sisters had to take me to the mall because my mom said, you got to go bring your little bratty brother, they take me to the mall and hang out and cry. much like this -- spencer gifts. much like this poor dog, who does not seem too happy because he always has to take his little body with him. little backpack. there he is, he probably has to go for a walk. this guy, all he does is talk and annoy you, and want to play video games. and that is why... animals are great. animals are great. animals are great. >> juan: that is the least happy animal. [laughter] i'm not messing with that guy. >> dana: looks like an angry dad dog. >> katie: there is a moose on the loose for real. there is a move that was spotted in new hampshire are in a
2:59 pm
swimming pool earlier this week because the moves accidentally found its way into the pool, was unable to get himself out because the pool did not have proper stairs. there you go, wildlife biologists at the fishing and game department help them out by putting wooden chairs into the pool and directing the animal towards them. now the question is, how did the moves get in the pool? well, it's mating season, and most apparently go very long distances to find their mates, and including into the pool. did they think that the maid was going to be skinny-dipping i don't know. they were trying to find their one and only love for the season, and that guy just had to take a bath first because he wanted to be fresh. >> juan: different definition of watering hole. a lot of the people go to the bar to meet a mate. >> jesse: you know he's on facebook, bullwinkle. >> dana: that's the funny part
3:00 pm
[laughter] 's beauty once the plural of most? >> katie: meese. >> juan: , no it's not. set your dvr. never miss an episode of "the five." >> hailing from a place where the moose is a national animal, the plural of moose is moose not meese. [laughter] see you tomorrow. thanks, juan. ♪ president trump last democrats over the impeachment and glory and urges china to dig deeper into the bidens. plus, the democrats get their first deposition but some republicans say he is blowing holes in the democratic case for impeachment. bernie will be back on the trail. the question is when. we will let you know. this is a "special report"


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