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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 4, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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sweden. heather: anderson falling, his team beat the winnipeg jets 6-4. that is what counts. let's wrap it up, have a great weekend, "fox and friends first" continues now, goodbye. rob: donald trump calling nancy pelosi's bluff saying he won't cooperate with the impeachment inquiry until she does it the right way. jillian: republican say it is unraveling the democrats not giving up resorting to a late-night text message release they say contains a smoking gun. >> right here. >> a moment rarely seen after such a high profile trial. >> an atheist group throwing the book over the courtroom bible exchange.
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>> how dare you disrespect me, how much you did. you've got to be kidding me, you spoiled brat. >> the profanity laced voicemail and multimillion dollar lawsuit he is facing. "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: donald trump calling the democrats bluff on impeachment, they are expected to send a letter saying the president
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won't cooperate with this inquiry until nancy pelosi holds a formal vote. jillian: griff jenkins explains how the claims against the president may have gotten weaker. >> reporter: today is the deadline they gave mike pompeo to turn over documents related to the impeachment inquiry or face consequences for obstructing congress but the white house is expected to send this letter to nancy pelosi announcing they will not comply until she takes the formal vote. kevin mccarthy laid out the letter but pelosi rejected saying there is no constitutional requirement for such a vote. kurt volcker testified for 9 hours behind closed doors after the marathon session until adam schiff wasn't talking. >> we don't have any comments. >> republicans were sounding
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off. >> have said nothing, nothing that coincides with what democrats are saying with their impeachment narrative. >> in a series of encrypted text messages we are learning senior diplomats discuss the suspension of military aid to ukraine, bill taylor, ambassador to ukraine texted the ambassador to the eu saying as i said on the phone it is crazy to get help in a political campaign, someone responded bill, i believe you were incorrect about donald trump's intentions, he has been crystal clear no quid pro quo of any kind adding the president is trying to evaluate whether ukraine is going to adopt the transparency and reforms president volodymyr zelinsky promised. i suggest we stop the back-and-forth texts. it is unclear whether either ambassador will call in light of the text but hearings continue today.
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michael atkinson is testifying behind closed doors. jillian: congressman doug collins, nancy pelosi throwing house rules in the trash. >> which to him is a clear indication that it is all about overturning the 2016 election. >> amazing to me nancy pelosi had such little faith in the american people. if she was right, if she had an agenda, if she believed the democratic party candidates for president were on the right track with the right message, why is she so skeptical of the american people voting for what they believe is the right idea? the problem is she knows donald trump is connecting with american people come he did in 2016 and we will see it again next year and what they are seeing from her is wanting to overturn an election because the next election they are scared of and take the rules of the house and throw them in the trash. if you want to do it by the book do that.
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chairman schiff can't spell truth, they are destroying the institution and everyone got to be agreed on that. >> the constitution says they must hold a vote before the judicial committee holds hearings. democrats didn't do that. >> fox news alert, police not ruling out terrorism in the deadly ambush attack on police officers in paris. four people including three officers were killed when an employee in the tech department went on a stabbing spree at a police headquarters. that man was shot and killed and his wife is in custody for questioning. a motive is not yet known. pulmonary talks in high-stakes nuclear negotiations with north korea. the regime's delegation arriving in sweden overnight days after north korea test fired a new missile that is capable of being
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shot from a submarine. these are the first working level toxins donald trump and kim jong un met at the dmz in june. jillian: the estranged husband of the missing connecticut mom is back in court today, a pretrial tempering charge connected to the disappearance of his wife. 's lawyers working to dismiss a gag order. fotis dulos's girlfriend will enter a plea for new evidence tampering charge, jennifer went missing in may. she has not been seen since. the fifth parent charged in the college admissions scam will be sentenced today. a california winery owner paid to get his daughter's sat score into usc faces a 15 month in prison. it comes after a former lawyer was sentenced to one month for planning to change his daughter's test scores. felicity huffman was sentenced to two weeks for her role in the
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scam. lori laughlin pleaded not guilty. her try was next year. rob: two years after the deadliest shooting in modern american history mgm resorts creates the third-largest victims confrontation fund in history which could be worth $800 million. they faced heavy criticism and thousands of lawsuits over security at its mandalay bay resort where the gunmen shot and killed 58 people at a music festival was a motive is unknown. jillian: four soldiers remain hospitalized after a nighttime training accident. officials say dozens of paratroopers away from their intended drop zone into a group of trees at camp shelby in mississippi. this video shows the parachute still stuck in the branches, 23 paratroopers were injured, none were life-threatening. all the soldiers were returned to active-duty and three months.
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rob: thursday night football, the seattle seahawks escape with a win over a big division rival and it was a nailbiter. >> the la rams, they take the win 30-29. the wait is almost over. >> new graphics and unique camera angle. at 8:00 eastern on fox. jillian: this is huge, we had different people on "fox and friends" every day.
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>> 8 minutes after the hour, donald trump dairy nancy pelosi to hold and impeachment vote which she doesn't want to do as the envoy's testimony has ruined the democrats case. >> an academy award for leading the witness, 3 oscars today. >> former doj official ways and next. >> go big or go home, the viral tweet shaming neighbors into sweetening the candy pull on how to wean. ♪ i want candy ♪ this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you.
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>> we do now there was no quid pro quo. the american people need to see the transcripts. if there was an academy award for leading the witness, my democratic colleagues would have
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gotten three oscars today. heather: they say the left's case for impeachment is unraveling after 9 hours of testimony from the former envoy to ukraine, kurt volcker. rob: the gop says it is time to stop the impeachment inquiry but democrats say they have text messages that make the case. breaking down the latest, the doj counsel, let's read the first set of texts, the us ambassador to the ukraine to the ambassador to the eu, bill taylor says i think it is crazy to withhold security assistance for help with the political campaign. gordon responding. you are incorrect about donald trump's intentions, the president has been crystal clear, no quid pro quo of any time, the president is trying to evaluate whether ukraine is going to adopt transparency and reforms volodymyr zelinsky promised during his campaign.
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>> there are two views what was going on at the time and is playing out in text messages, bill taylor, the ambassador saying there is a problem and the ambassador to the eu saying there is no issue, no quid pro quo. these were debates before we heard about the whistleblower complaint. that is going on amid to ambassador level appointees. what is important is now that we have had the envoy to ukraine testify there is no reason why the american public shouldn't see the transcript and decide what kurt volcker said and which side does it support? jillian: what was it kurt volcker said? we had text messages that showed that as what, specifically one from july saying it is important for volodymyr zelinsky to say he would help the investigation. a lot of people look at the wording in these messages and say on the one hand it doesn't implicate anything but on the other hand it doesn't look good. >> this is a whole debate. the question is was there an
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attempt to exchange public value, better diplomatic relations and the like. and the political gain for the campaign. and joe biden, $1 million, and trading diplomatic value for it. what do the american people think of this? >> republicans think he's going after corruption and others think it is joe biden. here's the democrat responding to what he heard yesterday. >> i will describe giuliani as a shadow shakedown. rob: a lot keep going back to i have a favor but you need to
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remind people he wants a favor looking at crowd strike and the start of the mueller probe. he doesn't say i want a favor and then say investigate joe biden publicly. they are trying to connect those things. >> it turns on those two pages of the transcript. on page 2, volodymyr zelinsky says i like javelin missiles and the president says, talks about crowd checking ukraine to the question of confusion about whether ukraine is involved or not but that is the investigation the president is looking for. the president often goes on a different tangent than someone else is talking about. may be the president connecting these two and the question, was that inappropriate? we have read what was said and can judge the question. jillian: the president going off on his own, he did that yesterday, a lot of people argue about his call on china to
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investigate biden saying that. some people say this adds to our point what we were trying to get to the bottom of with ukraine but other people say shouldn't he be investigated if there is potentially something going on? doesn't mean he's trying to dig up dirt for the campaign. >> this goes back to the heart of the matter which is forget what was happening on private phone calls. ukraine on one hand, china on the other to investigate hunter biden for these alleged pieces of corruption. things that will look good for hunter biden. at the same time people say the president should be asking a foreign nation to investigate things, he has the fbi, he has the us government, he can do the investigation, the government can do it. that is an open debate but it is there for the public to talk about, the president said it publicly, there's no hiding, no secret phone calls, it is right
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there in public and the american people and elected representatives in congress, the senate can judge. that is something the president should or should not be doing. rob: hunter biden might have made millions doing this, he had no business doing this job. it is an interesting story. all right. the ftc ramping up the crackdown on e cigarette companies. the evidence that they are being forced to turn over. jillian: hundreds of american manufacturers being celebrated this weekend. carly shimkus has a preview. >> reporter: i am on television? i was busy lounging on this couch made in indiana. i am at the first ever conference focused exclusively on products made in the good old us of a. if you are patriotic and like
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heather: major e cigarette makers must turnover advertising documents to the fed, the sec opening an inquiry as vaping related illnesses skyrocket. rob: the investigation gains steam. >> reporter: the ftc wants six major e cigarette manufacturers like juul and r.j. reynolds to turn over marketing information by january 2nd of next year. they want annual sales and give
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aways, product flavors, advertising, affiliated programs, college campus programs. they want to know if cigarette companies were targeting teens orifice accidentally turned into an epidemic. we are seeing the number of cases of illnesses growing. the cdc put out new numbers, more than 1000 people have been sickened by these products and 18 deaths in 15 states related to them as well. the ftc wants this documentation by 2015-2018 and we've seen this problem skyrocketing in the last few months. jillian: don't know how i feel about this new instagram feature. >> reporter: it uses the close friend feature from instagram, a new standalone messaging apps. how it works is anyone listed in
2:24 am
your close friends group from instagram you will be able to message them, send them photos individually or in a group through the new apps threads. it sounds similar to snapchat but there are no fancy filters to use here but you are able to send messages or set a status like i am at school or at the gym. this will be popular with teens. jillian: another thing for parents to worry about too. rob: thanks so much. jillian: can't life be simple anymore? kim jong un can't. the annual made in america conference and tradeshow kicks off this week, 30,000 people expected to attend. jillian: it will feature 200 manufacturers and carly shimkus is live in indianapolis with one of those featured companies. >> reporter: i am in downtown indianapolis for the first made
2:25 am
in america conference. check out this forward and a monster truck in the background but there are more than cars at this conference. one of the businesses featured here today is holder mattress company. i'm here with lauren holder, president of the company. i see a bed here, the inside of a mattress. we will get to that later. tell me a little about your company, your business, where you are located and how many employees you have. >> we started in 1947. we build our mattresses in indiana where we were founded. we have stores in central indiana and there are only ten of us that build mattresses and build them in our stores and ship them all over. >> reporter: ten people in the united states make mattresses nationwide. >> it only takes a couple people with skills to put them together and build a high-quality product.
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>> reporter: those mattresses totally handmade. i could fall asleep right here. why do you think a mattress handmade, made in america is better than something you could get overseas? >> lots of reasons, it is safer, it doesn't have a talk comes you get from imported products and it is longer-lasting. we build a 2-sided product, you will keep it for a decade or more instead of a couple years so you will get more value out of it and american manufacturing requires consumers to purchase these products or american manufacturing won't exist anymore and it is important to keep our jobs here to keep our money here and now is the time to support companies like mine. >> reporter: your grandfather started the company in the 1940s. were you tended to go overseas? >> not at all. i would rather our business die because we do it the right way, we build a product not only made in america but made from american materials. jillian: i have been putting this offer 5 years, holder
2:27 am
mattress is what i am going to get. to show you the scope how many businesses are here in manufacturing i want to bring you to the skin shop usa, and exotic taxidermy business. i asked the founder of this company how they get their snake to stay in that position, they pre-thread them. if you are looking for a stocking stuffers there you have it. rob: you are my own kind. >> i will put it in your office. rob: can you imagine? carly has to go to broadway sometime on friday night. jillian: new documents raising questions about hunter biden's ties to ukraine but i democrats turning a blind eye? >> according to the democrats joe biden is above the law, not the rest of us, joe biden is above the law. jillian: mark levin says the
2:28 am
left is out of line on this one. rob: the president ways out healthcare plan for medicare. what about bernie sanders? our next guest breaks it down.
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jillian: donald from doubling down on corruption claims against joe biden and his son hunter. rob: he is publicly calling on china and ukraine to investigate his political rival is 2020 hopefuls rally around the front runner. jillian: todd pyro has more on this. >> reporter: hunter biden joined his father in 2013 with allegations surfacing the vice president leveraged his political clout to aid his son's financial dealings telling reporters it is time for china to join ukraine in looking into the former second family.
2:32 am
>> china should start an investigation into the bidens because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. >> reporter: this as newly released documents including those for interviews conducted by rudy giuliani before biden entered the race raise more questions how much money hunter made while serving on the board of the ukrainian natural gas firm at the center of the controversy with the former ukrainian prosecutor reportedly telling giuliani that hunter made millions was the latest development leading to a common refrain from the president -- like amy klobuchar joining and condemning the president. >> to interfere in our presidential elections and a fundamental breach of his oath
2:33 am
of office. >> there won't be any corner of the world -- you can't do that. continuing to do it and it is against the law. >> reporter: donald trump saying he did not ask xi jinping to investigate but it is something we can start talking about. >> democrats launched several investigations into donald trump abutment into the claims against joe and hunter biden. jillian: mark 11 said is because they see biden the way they see the clintons, above the law. >> the united states has offices all over the world in foreign countries and fbi agents working to conduct criminal investigations, work with foreign countries all over the
2:34 am
world and criminal investigations. money laundering, drugs, shut those down too or just an exception for anybody named biden. this is so much bs. a former chief of staff, we are active in foreign investigations, asking foreign countries to conduct investigations to provide us with information and joe biden decides to run for president of the united states and according to the democrats joe biden is above the law. not the rest of us but joe biden is above the law. >> reporter: colin nancy pelosi's ability saying he refuses to cooperate with any investigation until there is a formal vote on the impeachment inquiry. jillian: donald trump released his own medicare plan as democratic rivals clash over healthcare. >> we are making your medicare even better, and it will never be taken away from you. we are not letting anyone get --
2:35 am
you see these people on the other side, these people are crazy. and lousy healthcare. >> what makes the plan different from the plans we have seen from democrats running for president in 2020? founder and ceo chris jacobs, thanks for coming on. >> the president's plan would modernize and update medicare. things like expanding access to telehealth, making sure seniors are overcharged for services that are performed in the hospital that could be performed in doctors offices, giving seniors more options in terms of plans to choose from. 24 million seniors on medicare advantage plans they haven't liked and those would disappear under single-payer. jillian: you mentioned extending
2:36 am
options for seniors and the enrollment process, removes unnecessary regulations to breakthrough treatments. why isn't the left going to like this? what do they say about this? >> the left wants to abolish medicare and put everyone in a government run healthcare system. bernie sanders sells his plan is medicare for all but in reality the legislation abolishes medicare, raises the medicare trust fund to pay for their new socialized medicine. rob: they are talking about bringing cheaper medications from canada. other countries get a better deal on the drug. >> we need to lower the cost of healthcare. expanding access, increasing competition, bringing more generics will help lower the prices. jillian: you talked about bernie
2:37 am
sanders specifically and he had heart surgery, he tweets medicare for all but what is the difference specifically? heat tells folks at home who don't know the difference between what the president is promoting and what bernie sanders is trying to promote. >> we obviously wish senator sanders the best in terms of his healthcare prognosis going forward but senator sanders wants to abolish the medicare program. he sells his plan is medicare for all and in reality it is medicare for none. just as democrats took money from medicare to pay for obamacare that is exactly what they want to do? abolish medicare and raise the medicare trust fund to pay for their $30 trillion medicines seem. rob: things like that when you make it universal for everybody. we appreciate it. 37 minutes after the hour. texas judge in the hot seat for
2:38 am
urging a convicted ex-cop to find her faith. the group saying this touching moment went too far. >> how dare you disrespect me? you've got to be kidding me, you spoiled brat. jillian: robert they niro at least, the profanity laced voicemail, multimillion dollar lawsuit he is now facing. ♪ i was born a family man ♪ fight for blast offs fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts. every year, walgreens helps millions of people fight the flu. fight to protect the ones you love. walgreens. be a flu fighter. get your free flu shot today at your neighborhood walgreens.
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rob: an atheist group is suing a texas judge for giving amber guyger a bible. jillian: she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of her neighbor. jillian: rob: how this touching courtroom gift, and it was a beautiful day, turned into a controversy.
2:42 am
>> reporter: it was a moment of faith and forgiveness that captivated the country, heartfelt hugs closing the emotional sentencing of amber guyger but an atheist group is suing. >> when a judge can use the power of their courtroom to construct a criminal defendant to read the bible and come to jesus they have exceeded their power and violating everyone's religious liberty. jillian: the freedom from religion foundation claims when the judge handed guyger the bible she overstepped judicial authority with inappropriate and unconstitutional. the emotional exchange came after guyger's sentencing, his brother hugged her and asked her to dedicate her life to christ. that is when judge kemp went into her chamber, grabbed her bible and gave it to guyger. the judge comforting guyger with
2:43 am
scripture before she was taken to prison to serve ten years. the district attorney is defending the judge. in a statement to cbs 11 he said i don't think there is anything inappropriate about what she did and i would support that if anyone tried to file a complaint. judge kemp has not commented on the lawsuit. rob: thanks so much. jillian: 43 after the hour, the gloves are coming off as the 2020 hopefuls gear up for the next debate. >> the mandatory buyback is the shiny object that is distracting us. how can you say that? rob: there hasn't been much mudslinging at this point but as we get closer to the inevitable, the democrats are starting to get desperate. more coming up next. ... cincinnati on tuesday. ...philly on wednesday.
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brian: i came out of the break cold, don't adjust your sets. you have until the end of this promo to get dressed. ready, start. we are coming over the next 3 hours, we will talk about the snack down in the wwe wrestling, we have a ring outside. when you talk about smack down that is happening on capitol hill, the president says idea you to impeach me and unless you vote on it i am not giving away sliver of paper. we will talk about the standoff and what happened behind closed doors as everything comes front and center in washington that leaks these days. what does impeachment mean for the are in c and dnc? rhonda mcdaniel will be here live saying democrats impeachment pushes backfiring on them, a lot of money for the reelection campaign and all the other candidates. also on tap, kate stockton from the wall street journal, what
2:48 am
she said about what the president said on the white house lawn. geraldo rivera screaming from the loudest mountaintop that the president is not getting a fair shake and stuart varney who is really good at math, diamond and silk also good at math, all coming up on "fox and friends" for the next 3 hours. now i hope you are dressed. back to two very important people. >> a mandatory buyback is the shiny object that is addressing us. and the lottery comes to your community. taking credit to any questions. jillian: turning against each other, the democratic presidential race in high gear starting to come off. rob: is a friendly competition or a ploy among lower polling candidates to get attention? joining us with her take on this
2:49 am
infighting, liz harrington. you see people on the outside of the debate going after each other first. >> these candidates must be upset that nancy pelosi caved to the radical left calling for impeachment, it sucks the energy out of the room. what you we are saying is it is indicative about what happened throughout the democrat primary which is caving to the radical left. this is what they do. the left boules you into submission. you have mayor pete, not enough he wants to ban guns which is so far left, beto o'rourke says we have to take away your guns. that is not far enough andrew yang saying he likes the spirit of a wealth tax which is confiscating a portion of everything you own for the role wealthy. he wants a national sales tax.
2:50 am
these are no moderates. they are kowtowing to the radical left. it is indicative of what we see with baseless impeachment, overturning the result of the 2016 election. they want to take away our guns and our healthcare and give it to illegal aliens. on issue after issue they are throwing away the constitution is going so far to the left because that is what the radical base demand. jillian: the first debate, the big night kamala harris, i am curious if you think any of the other candidates are going to go after joe biden in a different way with all the conversations to ukraine, will you take that and run with it? >> it is up for grabs. and to completely ignore and give joe biden the path because he is running for president for corruption in plain sight dealing with his son in ukraine and in china.
2:51 am
it will be interesting to see if they do. kamala harris has problems of her own. she's on the campaign trail asking her own audience if she is electable and they are shouting back at her now. joe biden has issues when healy raised $15 million last quarter in three days. rob: let's talk about that. he had a low hall. even buttigieg beat joe biden in the last quarter. the president and the are in c pulled in an explosive $125 million. it seems both sides are raising a lot of money over this impeachment fight. what do you think the next election is going to look like as far as money spent and voter turnout? this could be a huge election. >> people are already voting with their wallets. if you look at $125 million it is unprecedented and a lot of that came in the last week because people are sick and tired of this, sick and tired of
2:52 am
the president who has been under siege since day one calling for his impeachment, casting doubt on his election, had resistance from within, unelected bureaucrats, now we learn the cia whistleblower working with the democrats on adam schiff intelligence committee. undermining the will of the american people. our base is voting with their wallets but you bet they will show up next november. they see a president who is finally fighting for them, finally fighting for americans. rob: the dems are going to show up too. >> look at their fundraising. we are raised them twice of the top four combined, the entire field combined. we have the energy on our side and democrats look very desperate in going for impeachment. they are not very confident in the field they have before them
2:53 am
because otherwise they would want to beat us fair and square. jillian: i want to look at a couple numbers, the president's approval rating at 49% and if you look at donald trump's fundraising after the impeachment inquiry the campaign raked in $13 million within 36 hours of that inquiry. that in itself, you don't need to say anything, the numbers speak for itself. >> people are fed up, they want to support for this president and fight for this president because he fights for us and that is what it is about. the democrats are trying to take away -- it isn't about, they are literally grasping at anything so much they are accusing us, accusing republicans of what they did in 2016 which was middle in the election with foreign, quote, dirt on donald trump. rob: we will see an expose of election in 2020, crazy numbers on both sides. everybody is very fired up.
2:54 am
53 minutes after the hour. go big or go home, viral tweet shaming neighbors into sweeping on halloween. jillian: taco lovers, your lucky day. we will talk about it coming up next. ♪ .
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2:57 am
rob: let's do the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. a patriotic child stops for the national anthem when no
2:58 am
one is looking. alone on the basketball court when he heard the song nearby soccer game in michigan. a woman posting this picture on facebook quoting i don't know who this kid is but someone should be very proud of him. jillian: i'm sure they are. actor robert deniro sued by a former assistant for harassment and discrimination. the woman releasing this shocking voice mail. take a listen. >> jillian: lawyer calls the allegations beyond absurd. his company sued her earlier this year. rob: viral facebook post shaming handing out full size candy bars. we are affluent neighborhood and this status should be reflected with our foul size candy bars.
2:59 am
comments went wild this 8-year-old is a really good writer. another tweeting i'm with the poster on this. step up your game, folks. we had one neighbor that gave out the full size snicker bars everyone would hound him every halloween. everybody loved that guy. jillian: national taco day. also a tack coast numero uno. rob: three of these shops in new york if you are in town to visit or whatever. here is jillian. she is having cactus. jillian: i have never had it in my life. i'm excited about this. anyone had cactus before? >> someone told me it tastes like cucumber. rob: i'm going to have -- even though aoc told me not to. i think i just grabbed cactus. it tastes like cactus.
3:00 am
jillian: you know what cactus tastes like? jillian: it's between a cucumber and eggplant texture. does that make sense? rob: we are going to keep analyzing. this it's a good taco though. picker perfect this would be. brian: he has been on before. steve: yes, rodney atkins, talking about "it's america" today is america's taco day. america's vodka day and manufacturing day. and that's why carley shimkus is out at the made in america conference out in indiana. ainsley: it should be can he quilla day. brian: if you are celebrating both vodka and manufacturing day. manufacture and then you have the vodka. the last minute when i saw the weather i tried to book a band like it's a summer co


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