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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 5, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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broad-based recovery, a broad-based boom to people every income level, tight labor market meets increased wages, no one predicted this on the left, we told you it would happen if you follow these simple rules and it happened, that's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here, shannon: welcome to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert. a second intelligence official reportedly considering filing a formal complaint about the president's july 25th call with ukraine's president according to the new york times amid a brand-new subpoena showdown between the white house and house democrats. the same day mike pompeo refused to comply with democrat subpoenas, joe biden lashing out
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to reporters asking about ukraine, the top prosecutors says he's going to do an audit of old corruption cases to see if they were handled properly including those involving the energy company with ties to biden's son hunter, new questions for democrat adam schiff. even the washington post calling him out for lying about whether he had contact with the whistleblower and tonight we learn the whistleblower did not disclose contact with shifts when he or she filed a formal complaint, katherine herridge with the scoop on what happens behind closed doors as the inspector general made some surprising revelations but we start with a new subpoena showdown. they continue, a new one to throw on the pile. >> a new one almost every hour and we are hearing mike pompeo did not comply with the latest subpoena so that is the first
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person we've heard actually not comply fully and this is where we start now. the new york times reports indicate the second intelligence official has more firsthand knowledge of the president's actions and while they have already been interviewed by the inspector general during the inquiry into the first whistleblower complaint a new complaint would give congress more ammunition as they fight the white house over documents in this subpoena showdown. the white house is without a vote to open impeachment inquiry they will not comply with democratic subpoenas. >> the way they are doing it they've taken away our rights. >> just after the president's declaration democrats asked for documents relating to the vice president's contact with ukraine. it did not appear to be a serious request. >> we will be issuing a letter. as everybody knows we have been treated very unfairly, very different from anybody else. >> that will demand a houseboat on impeachment similar to the next in and clinton impeachment where the full house voted to begin and impeachment inquiry giving the judiciary committee
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broad ranging subpoena powers recognized by the courts but house speaker nancy pelosi didn't do that, she said to call the press conference. >> i'm announcing the house of representatives is moving forward with unimpeachable impeachment inquiry. >> in response to kevin mccarthy pelosi fired back, there is no requirement under the constitution under house rules or house precedent the whole house vote before proceeding with an impeachment inquiry but the president controls who of his people show up. george kent is scheduled to appear on monday and while this is not etched in stone, chad program was told it likely won't happen. the second new potential whistleblower could change the calculus for everyone. the president can hold out for a houseboat and mitigate what he will turn over to the courts to he will let talk there is little
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to no control over the whistleblower testifying before congress. still waiting for a date on when that could come. >> we are all waiting for that. thank you, we will see you this weekend. rashida tlaib and members of the so-called squat on capitol hill telling constituents in detroit the democratic lawmakers are exploring how to arrest trump officials who don't comply with congressional subpoenas. >> what we are trying to figure out is the dc police, i just want you to know i will relay your message. i will tell them we will take care of them, they show up at the committee hearing. >> her squad colleague, alexandria ocasio cortez says she is over impeachment, it's boring, she's for impeachment in principle but the process is in her view distracting from getting things done on racial and social justice. the intelligence community's top watchdog spent the day behind closed doors on capitol hill facing a range of questions from
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lawmakers about the whistleblower complaint that sparked nancy pelosi's impeachment inquiry into the president. katherine herridge has details on what insiders say happened today. >> according to sources familiar with the intelligence community watchdog quote session with lawmakers, michael atkinson said was lower did not disclose contact to the democrat led house intelligence committee before the mid-august complaint was filed. the sources said atkinson revealed the whistleblower was a registered democrat, prior working relationship with high profile democratic politician and atkinson says he had no knowledge of how schiff's statement mirrored the substance of the was lower complaint before was declassified and made public. >> we've not spoken with the whistleblower, we would like to. >> reporter: acclaimed republican committee members question. >> the chairman should be disqualified from running an
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investigation, committee members or staff are fact witnesses about contact with the whistleblower and the whistleblower process. >> democrats say their colleagues are missing the big picture. >> a profoundly important thing by alerting the intelligence community and intelligence committee of the state, lacked. >> reporter: the newly released remarks from thursday's session from the special envoy to ukraine show he drew a distinction between rudy giuliani's investigation and us government policy stating really giuliani continues to have a negative view of ukraine based on assertions of actions in 2016 and this viewpoint is likely making its way to the present, rudy giuliani does not speak for the us government. public text messages between senior diplomats indicate
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discussion over the july 25th phone call with the ukrainian leader reached a fever pitch in september. on the first, we now saying security assistance and white house meetings are conditioned on investigation? atkinson left the house committee after twee 71/2 hours behind closed doors. fox news reached out to schiff's spokesman about the disclosure issue but there was no immediate comment. shannon: thank you. congress hearing from 3 witnesses, none reportedly delivering what democrats hoped for but there are more interviews and depositions next week. democratic strategists kevin walling and pam bondi join us to talk about that. great to have you guys. there is this letter that is allegedly going from the white house and donald trump to the speaker to say i am not going to comply with your stuff unless you hold a vote for an officially worry and we will see what happens. in a letter from three of the
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top house democrat chairs sending a subpoena request white house they said this about the speaker, nancy pelosi has confirmed an impeachment inquiry is underway and it is not for the white house to say otherwise. >> first of all they don't want to take it to a vote because every democrat has to vote for impeachment and they are going to lose the election when they do that. to explain the law, congress has the power to subpoena. let me make myself clear as a former law-enforcement officer, chief legal officer of the state of florida and law enforcement, they are not a law enforcement agency. they can issue subpoenas but they cannot go on a fishing expedition trying to impeach a president. what rashida tlaib said, can't even quote it it is so
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discussing, we are going to improve the m-f er. i'm proud of the president for saying that. they should not comply, they do not have to comply. these people cannot come in and make a g bar, come in under subpoena. they have executive power not to come in and then say they are going to throw them in jail, what is our country coming to, they don't have to comply and i'm proud of the president for saying that. >> we have come to this place, it is a unique place, we live in interesting times. the dems are doomed, they write democrats are proceeding full force with impeachment and it couldn't be better for the president. of the economy -- the simulation
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of democrats cannibalizing themselves would flip voters like clockwork. you disagree. >> i disagree. can't believe of florida attorney general was telling us this administration should not comply with a subpoena issued by congress. we have checks and balances in this country, congress is going about its business and has a right as the first branch of government to these documents if they follow the procedures put in place and the fact that pam is saying the white house is in the right for obstruction of congress was one of the articles filed against richard nixon for not complying with subpoenas from congress. we have checks and balances in this country and republicans and democrats on capitol hill are entitled to these documents once they are subpoenaed. >> tonight they said this in their letter this is all the president's fault, we regret donald trump has put us in the nation in this position but his actions have left us with no choice but to issue this subpoena.
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>> i respect you, i love that you are about bipartisan support which we wish we had no -- i love your no labels but as a career practicing attorney from 30 years this is why they don't want to take it to a vote, this is a fishing expedition. to compare this to next in is completely inaccurate. let me finish, the president has done nothing wrong. look what they did with mueller. you agree, there is nothing in there. now they are coming after him with ukraine and who should be looking at ukraine? about joe biden and hunter biden yet they are issuing random subpoenas and according to rashida tlaib which i know you are not going to agree with what that woman said about throwing them all in jail. drag the attorney general of the
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united states of america, william barr, into congress and arrest him. >> he has to come back from overseas. >> a final word to you. >> the process needs to play out. it is very early on. the majority of americans support the inquiry going forward, they don't necessarily support impeachment and i don't either as a reasonable democrat but we need to have this investigation move forward. >> you may get together and have tea over the weekends, great to have you with us tonight. >> have drinks, it's the weekend. donald trump confirming he will be sending the letter to nancy pelosi daring her to hold a formal vote on her impeachment inquiry. senior capitol hill producer chad program and is the big question, however like this shapes up and why democrats are reluctant to take a vote on the inquiry let alone impeachment. >> 225 democrats support the impeachment inquiry. that doesn't mean they want to
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impeach donald trump. sometimes those numbers are conflated. some democrats like the confusion. they can say they support proper investigation and oversight and simultaneously have wiggle room if they don't vote to impeach later. take debbie dingell. >> i think there is a lot of confusion and chaos out there. >> when the whistleblower story broke she went from being against impeachment is putting an impeachment inquiry. >> i was one of the most recent people to come out under enormous pressure i might add. i was the focus of ads by tom stier and >> no one knows if they have the votes to impeach donald trump because there are no articles of impeachment yet. it is an unknowable at this point. consider the math of impeachment and its risks for democrats. the house has 333 members, 235 democrats, 197 republicans, one
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independent, the magic number to pass anything is 217 meaning democrats could use 18 of their own and have the votes to impeach. independent michigan congressman justin amash favorite impeachment, that means they could lose 19 of their own and still impeach. the problem is there are 31 house democrats who represent districts donald trump won in 2016 meaning at least 12 democrats on turf friendly to the president would have to vote for impeachment. democrats need polls to catch up. a new cbs poll finds 55% of americans back the impeachment increase was a to be at poll shows 47% back the real deal and find 56% of voters believe lawmakers supporting it are doing so based on partisan politics, not facts. congress is on recess, lawmakers are conducting townhall's. what they hear from constituents could dictate where impeachment goes after the break.
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>> ukraine's top prosecutor says he will take another look at corruption investigations including one with ties to joe biden's and hunter. the fallout from donald trump's invitation to china to look into the bidens, we will look into that next. while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. at outback, steak & oh no, it's phew, it's back with lobster mac & cheese. it's gone again. oh, it's back with shrimp now! steak & lobster starting at only $15.99. hurry in before these three are gone again. outback steakhouse.
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shannon: ukraine's top prosecutor says he will look at a number of corruption cases including them probe involving burisma and joe biden's son hunter. >> the general prosecutor made clear this is an audit, not an
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attempt to get dirt on anyone. 's office planes to review 15 cases including the one involving joe biden's son hunter. there is no new investigation into any of the cases. he said the audits are to make sure the cases were fairly and thoroughly handles. >> reporter: not a single foreign or ukrainian official or politician has called me or tried to influence my decisions regarding specific criminal cases. >> donald trump who just the day before:china to investigate the bidens responded to the latest development before leaving the white house today. >> i don't care about biden's campaign. i care about corruption. when you look at what biden and his son did or other people, what they have done and i believe there was tremendous corruption with biden but i think it was beyond corruption. >> trump's 2020 democratic
12:21 am
opponent joe biden was asked at a campaign event about his possible conflict of interest involving ukraine. when his son sat on the board of the ukrainian gas company in question joe biden was the lead person in handling diplomatic relations with ukraine. >> there's been no indication of any conflict of interest in ukraine or anywhere else. i'm not going to respond to that. let's focus on the problem, focus on this man. >> after listening to the general prosecutor explain his reason behind the audit some analysts in ukraine believe it is a move to remain in good graces with the us and the trump administration and also to avoid appearing to be partial to either side. >> daca the president's statement that china should investigate the bidens impact our trade talks with that communist country, the president says he wants to be clear they are not connected.
12:22 am
talk about it with robert spalding who has a brand-new book out called still for, how china took over while america's elite swept. good to have you back with us. let's start with what the president said today when asked about trade with any search into the biden's past in china. >> it has nothing to do with it. i want to do a trade deal with china but only if it is good for our country and it could happen. >> he says there two topics. a resident scholar at aei said mister trump to attend the democrats the perfect criticism about his trade deal that he accepted a lukewarm deal because he wanted the chinese to help them get dirt on his political enemies. you have to worry about the optics even if he says they are not connected. >> i don't think so the reason is if you look across the last
12:23 am
four administrations, bush, clinton and obama, they didn't do anything with regard to what china was doing to this country in terms of destroying our industrial base, is the first one to put on tariffs. when i get asked what about the fact that he said she's a great time, look what he's doing, look at the policies and the outcomes, they are completely different and i experienced this in the obama administration, they did nothing with regard to what china was doing particularly -- we could have been cpe back then. they refuse to. they wanted cooperation on north korea and climate change. this president, whatever he says
12:24 am
the policy, that is what i looked, cut through the noise and look at the policy. >> the president has said publicly and there have been those who went out and said that is another impeachable offense, asking china to come help us or help him get information on the bidens. is what peter schweitzer told us, he has written this research, investigated biden family ties for a long time and here's what he said. >> there's always a question when you have political figures and money flowing to family members for deals they are not qualified for it out to be investigated. it is the oldest story in washington dc. >> that is business as usual, if you have a last name that can open doors around the world you get deals done. >> it exactly is. it is happening on the right and the left and the interesting thing about donald trump, he came from the outside and said i'm going to shake it up. one of the things we are not talking about is the fact that we are looking at corruption that happens in our nations capital, nobody has done anything about it for a long time. >> there's plenty here. for those of us who've been there a while, there's plenty on both sides of the aisle. senator ben sachs, republicans says this about the president publicly calling for this. of the biden could broke laws by showing his name to beijing that's a matter for american
12:25 am
courts, not communist tyrants running torture camps. >> the thing you have to look for here is it is not about quid pro quo with the chinese, chinese want us to keep the same worldview which is we keep open to them, keep open for business, keep allowing them to take advantage of us and destroy the industrial base, and retirement funds. as long as we say trade war is bad and we shouldn't have tariffs, they win. that's where the influence is. it is really about adopting their worldview which is xi jinping's viewer. shannon: breaking news on bernie sanders's health and the supreme court kicks off a new term, controversial issues from abortion to guns. a lot more. these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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>> the supreme court hears the
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first case on monday. today it announced it will hear a louisiana state law that allows doctors who perform abortions who have privileges nearby. the supreme court struck down a similar law in texas and warned this case is a thinly veiled attempt to give the >> the supreme court begins its new term on monday and today the court announced it will hear a case involving a louisiana state law that requires doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges nearby. opponents of the move say the supreme court are restricted on a very similar law in texas, this case is a thinly veiled attempt to give justices chance to take steps toward chipping away at roe v wade. planned parenthood warning this case could decide the future of abortion access in this country. pro-life group say they are hopeful as the court has shifted with donald trump's two nominees being conference since the earlier texas case was decided. the conservatively group alliance defending freedom said today that louisiana's requirements are common sense protections that ensure maximum safety for women. a ruling in the case is likely to come at the end of the court's term in june 2020 in the middle of the presidential election. bernie sanders's campaign
12:31 am
confirming the vermont senator democratic presidential candidate did suffer a heart attack leading to hospitalization for 21/2 days. sanders is heading home to vermont. peter doocy has more from the road. >> after 3 nights in the hospital bernie sanders has been discharged. sanders leads all democrats and one critical measurement, campaign cash. in the third he raked in more than elizabeth lauren, pete buttigieg and joe biden. >> i never thought biden was going to win. >> biden campaign in california. >> i worry. it's not about me and my family. i'm worried about what he's doing in the next year his presidency as this continues to rot on his watch. >> biden is at the center of the trump campaign's complaints about conflict of interest, the former vp does not see his son is a liability. asked will hunter campaign with
12:32 am
you biden said yes. just when will we see him biden replied i don't know. is on the west coast, he's going to be teaching law school next year. >> there's been no indication of any conflict of interest. >> a closed-door fundraiser in palo alto last night biden warned donors a nominee too far to the left may not be trump saying, quote, you don't need a radical socialist kind of answer to any of this. was very shot at elizabeth for now attracted thousands in san diego last night? >> i believe capitalism with rules work. >> biden may not be calling around by name but trump's. >> she is a socialist and maybe worse than that. >> we one candidate calls himself democratic candidate, sanders, he plans to keep campaigning. >> any problem whatsoever? we are very happy. >> in las vegas, peter doocy, fox news. >> new questions for adam shift tonight. even the washington post is calling them out for lying.
12:33 am
time for the real ruse roundup. a north carolina man's bitter divorce leading to a big payday. kevin howard sues the man his wife had an affair with an won $750,000. in north carolina it is illegal to have relations with a married person that results in a divorce. howard says he didn't file a case for money but to protect what he considers the sanctity of marriage. enjoyed a high school teacher and administrative leave after posting a message in her classroom saying the confederate flag symbolizes one apt intent to, quote, mary your sister and think of it like a white trash save the date card. the language used is unacceptable. a new york times editorial is raising eyebrows for arguing in favor of placing limits on free speech. in a piece entitled free speech is killing us author andrew moran argues online speech can
12:34 am
be harmful and the government should step in and do something about it like creating its own social media platform to compete with facebook. justin bieber heading back at animal rights group peta saying he should have the courage to fan to adopt a shelter instead of talking about the exotic kathy just bought for $35,000. he says peta should focus on real problems like poaching and animal cruelty and leave him alone. don't go anywhere, more news next. starting at $9.99. only at applebee's. come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws.
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>> donald trump's reaction to the impeachment inquiry going after his favorite targets, the median democrats. in the case of the democratic chairman of the house intelligence committee adam shift at least one mainstream outlet is joining the criticism. the host of fox's media buzz, howard kurtz looks at the coverage. >> i don't use the word fake and what was i call it corrupt news because fake isn't tough enough. >> reporter: as donald trump
12:39 am
intensifies his impeachment defense he is escalating his rhetoric against the press and the democrats. >> the siennas of the world who are corrupt people. he is a lowlife, he should be forced to resign. it is a hoax and you know who is playing into the hoax, people like you. >> some pundits are portraying the president is angry and unhinged. >> we are witnessing a presidential melt down. >> line, pushing unfounded accusations against everyone. >> reporter: others say his pushback is justified. >> the media spends 36 months creating a hurricane of hysteria. >> reporter: now the media are in wall-to-wall scandal mode after the president publicly urged ukraine and china to investigate joe biden and his son a new texts showing us diplomats pressing ukraine for a public promise of a probe while volodymyr zelinsky was seeking a trump meeting but they are a sharp contrast in the coverage. secretary of state mike pompeo was branded a liar when he ducked the question about trump's talk with you crane's leader.
12:40 am
>> you just gave me a report about a whistleblower. >> but later admitted he was on a. it drew little attention when adam shift lied to msnbc about his staff's earlier contact with the whistleblower which the washington post given four pinocchios. >> expressed regret for not being more clear in his wording. >> reporter: he called sam stein and if you care more about this stuff than the actual substance of the whistleblower complaint then you're being a hack. the president in a rare move praised the paper the rulership story. >> i hate to say the new york times, a lot of respect for the new york times putting it out. >> the news cycle is stuck on hyper speed, hour after hour, anti-trump scoops and stinging presidential attacks but these subplots are making the drama harder to follow. >> thank you.
12:41 am
the more we learn about the whistleblower story the more questions arise for adam schiff. the washington post calling him a liar, will credibility hamper democrats efforts are not? to bring in johnny jones, welcome, gentlemen. washington post giving it four pinocchios its highest you lied rating saying this is false, claims that schiff had not been in touch with the whistleblower. he said the committee had not spoken to the whistleblower. now we know that's not true. the phoenician he was not sure it was the same whistleblower especially screams critic betty. >> adam schiff is in charge of one of the most powerful committees in the congress, house intelligence committee tasked with overseeing the intelligence community. he has a solemn task to keep oversight of the community. he has been a partisan hack through entering this is nakedly partisan and often exposes
12:42 am
himself when he lies about his political opponents. he claimed he had secret evidence of collusion, yet to be revealed, between the president and russia. he also said he never spoke to or his staff never spoke to this whistleblower and we saw him fabricate a conversation by the president of the united states with ukrainian leader when we had seen the transcript of the president's actual words. these are big lies, not small ones and adam schiff keeps telling them. high time republicans really do call him to the gnat for this. shannon: impeachment if it does happen, pushing and pushing, the speaker launched an inquiry. the house intel committee leading the way with adam schiff at the forefront.
12:43 am
choosing schiff as the point man impeaching trump and conducting a joint press conference a couple hours before his story exploded. >> the toughest job in congress has to be nancy pelosi. freshman kids, less liberal extremists and adam schiff to rely on and he's dodging the truth like i got double that in afghanistan. didn't quite understand the question and things like that. two politicians both of which using every inch of the gray area to get what they want done with trump and schiff. if they are both guilty of what they are accused of which is quid pro quo or lying about the was a blower and using the whistleblower for political gain and using ukraine for political gain. if that is what we have one of these politicians has policies to back this up, has tax cuts, defense spending and things like a border wall and things
12:44 am
american care about. trump is a horrible person, hard to go that route. we are playing pure politics, democrats lose it when you play policy democrats absolutely lose. whoever supports trump in this country is dug in. they voted for new york real estate mogul, they expect him to operate in a gray area and a win for trump is a win for america because that is the message he puts out and that is largely what we have seen in the last 18 months, collusion and other narratives and hope something will stick. shannon: another story, the dnc has gone to facebook to say this ad pointing out ukraine and biden and all kinds of things is not true and they want it to come down.
12:45 am
the dnc say this. any false ads should be fact checked and removed, facebook does that to its users. ben schapiro, it is the latest attempt by democrats to hijack the means of information distribution. it's not their job to be political arbiters, adults need to be adults. >> this is a patronizing posture towards american citizens and american voters and when we have seen since 2016 ever since people started claiming the russians were influencing people on facebook and changing people's votes, it is absurd. adults can assess these things for themselves and make wise reasoned decisions. you need to respect your fellow citizens. >> this is another symptom the democratic party knows it is in trouble. they are not for the workers but the weird, whoever they can get
12:46 am
-- transgender drag queens in front of kids when they are reading books, this is where they are and they believe they need everything from facebook filtering content to slamming trump with some sort of haphazard impeachment and this is another symptom. >> facebook is staying out of the political ad game but we will see where that goes. thank you, have a great weekend. the trump administration immigration policy drawing fire starting november 3rd. if it is determined they would be a potential burden on the us healthcare system immigrants applying for a visa will have to prove they can cover their own health costs before entering the us. night court convenes next, parents clashing over what gender their young child can be. a legal debate for the jury to decide. more horsepower. (engines rev)
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>> shannon: tonight' shannon: night court focuses on a family dispute over gender identity. according to james younger's mother the 7-year-old child born a male identifies as a girl. he calls him lou now, let them use the bathroom and registered the child in school as a girl. james's father says james presents himself as a boy when
12:51 am
they are together. the man is guilty of child abuse for refusing to treat the child as a girl. he is attempting to block his ex-wife from jillian: 7-year-old transition into becoming a girl. criminal defense attorney bob be on key and baltimore prosecutor debbie hines, this is a tricky one. we were talking about it, there's a lot to unpack but let's start with the complaint from the mother who is a pediatrician, james is a gender expansive or transgender child and goes by the name luna and only known by her classmates as a girl, she says that the right track to precedent the father says i have got to have a say in this too. >> i'm concerned about this and i am conflicted. i don't have a problem if there's a definitive understanding of the gender the child wants to identify but this is a vicious divorce, two parents at each other's throats. the father's position is the mother is telling him, telling
12:52 am
the child he is a girl and in fact while he may dress as a girl at the mom's house, he comes out in boy's clothing at the father's home and when the father brings up with him do you feel like a girl want to be a girl the quote from the father is the child violently disagrees. one last point that concerns me from a bachelor point of view, the child is brought to social services and social services determined based on what the child said that he wants to be a girl with mom and a boy with dad which shows me the child is conflict and trying to appease the parents or perhaps let the child be what he wants to be with whatever parent he is with. >> we want to play a little of the child and the father and this is the video from the father's website. here's a bit of the video, exhibit b.
12:53 am
when did she tell you you were a girl? >> i love girls. >> is mommy doing anything else with you? like what? >> things. >> the mom make the allegation is child abuse not to treat the child as a girl. >> correct. in this case what you have is not just one parent against the other. i agree with bob this is an unfortunate case. and it actually says the child between ages of 2 and 6 does understand what it's gender is meaning if it is a boy and wants to be a girl the child actually identifies agenda between the ages of 2 and 6, a child of 7 years old and, there is a
12:54 am
consistency of 6 months. a child of 6 months identifying is a girl, not only identifying, and toys or playmates, and instead says wants to be a boy. at the end of the day the judge determined it is in the best interests of the child to go forward in this fashion, at the end of the day it does seem to be in a lot of family law cases a lot of back and forth that this child is not being placed in the middle by both parents. >> we need a closing argument 15 seconds each. >> that the point. the child is being put in the middle of this. what interest do they have in
12:55 am
being in business without definitive information. another child's is one thing, this child, deprived of his rights to bring religion into his education because a lot of that is not generated and it is outrageous at this time without more expert testimony. >> it is not about religion or christianity but what is in the best interests of the child, a definitive diagnosis in this case, that's what the court has to rule on and stand firmly on. it is not about religion. shannon: we believe it to the jury at home. check this out. our midnight hero, students and teachers stepping up in a big way after one of their classmates lost everything in a house fire. third graders at philadelphia elementary school put together a secret toy drive for daniel, he was so happy he cried, going to
12:56 am
make me cry. teachers sent daniel on errands, piled up the toys for classmates and went for the final surprise, everybody put a smile on daniel's face, they are all midnight hero's. most-watched, trusted and grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i'm shannon bream.
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♪ note. >> sean: welcome to hannity. tonight buckle up. we have big breaking news tonight multiple fronts. ukrainian impeachment fantasy as we predicted it's now blowing up in heir faces just like the trump-russia collusion blew up in their faces. in moments we will reveal brand new evidence that will absolutely destroy the democrats, the media's insane impeachment compulsive narrative. including brand new text messages proving president trump did absolutely nothing wrong during communications with ukraine. non-whistleblower, whistleblower trump hating hack and details


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