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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 6, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> we are out of time. thanks to dana, mike baker, our studionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn us. jon scott is up next. jon: a potential new complaint against president trump. the "new york times" reporting a second intelligence official with more direct knowledge of the president's dealings with ukraine is considering whether to file his or her own whistle-blower complaint. good evening i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. president trump is lashing out at house democrats and their impeachment inquiry calling it a quote fraud against the american people. this coming after a house panel subpoenaed the white house for ukraine-related documents. meanwhile, secretary of state mike pompeo and the state department missed the friday deadline that house democrats set to respond to their own subpoena as he continues to face scrutiny for his department's
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contact with ukrainian officials. >> that's the direction of the president. we're very focused on creating space that we could ultimately deliver a good relationship with this new government. that was my guidance all along. we have all known there's been corruption in ukraine. the united states government has been engaged in trying to push back corruption in ukraine for quite some time. jon: ellison barber has the latest. >> president trump has repeatedly disparaged the impeachment inquiry. he maintains he did nothing wrong and claims his actions have nothing to do with politics, but a second intelligence official was reportedly alarmed by president trump's dealings with ukraine. the "new york times" citing two people briefed on the matter says the official is weighing whether to file his own formal whistle-blower complaint and testify to congress. the second official is among those interviewed by the intelligence community inspector general to corroborate the allegation of the original whistle-blower. we reached out to the white
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house for comment on that, but so far we have not heard back. the impeachment inquiry directly reached the white house yesterday evening when three democratic committee chairmen subpoenaed for documents related to communications between president trump and the president of ukraine. the chairmen say the president forced their hand after ignoring repeated requests for documents, requests that began with a letter in early september. white house press secretary previously criticized the request as wasted time and taxpayer dollars that will ultimately show the president did nothing wrong. she then went on to say, quote, the dems can continue with their kang ga roo court -- kangaroo court. the president will continue to work on behalf of this country. president on twitter today trying to hammer home the same point and also going after republican senator romney who criticized president trump after he publicly said china should investigate the bidens and then went on to say quote by all appearances, the president's brazen and unprecedented appeal to china and ukraine to investigate joe biden is wrong
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and appalling. president trump called the utah senator and former presidential nominee -- who has been fighting me from the beginning. the white house is going to send a letter to nancy pelosi next week most likely on monday telling her the white house won't hand over any documents until a full house vote is held on the impeachment inquiry. the subpoena the democrats sent to the white house yesterday evening seems to address that possibility. it says a vote is not necessary to conduct the investigation and a demand like that is outside of modern precedent. all of this as bloomberg news reports president trump has ordered substantial staff cuts to his national security counsel. bloomberg news says two of their five sources claims the decision to shrink nsc is largely related efficiency and leadership change. but it is worth noting the whistle-blower complaint does
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note the nsc. jon? jon: thank you. the president and allies continue to question the legitimacy of the probe, after house speaker pelosi insisted a full house vote is not necessary to move forward. >> technically it's not in the law anywhere that you have to do it, but the last two times with president clinton and president nixon, they did a full house vote, and they set certain procedures of how it was going to go, and there was due process so that their president's counsel at those times could cross-examine witnesses, sit in on the hearings and have witness lists. none of that is happening here. jon: garrett tenney joins us from washington with more. >> right now it looks like the fight over documents is likely going to end up in the courts. so far the white house is refusing to cooperate with impeachment inquiry and last night a trio of top democrats responded by issuing a new subpoena in that effort.
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the heads of three house committees oversight intelligence and foreign affairs have given the white house until october 18th to provide documents related to that effort. in a letter to acting white house chief of staff mulvaney, the democratic lawmakers warned failure or refusal to comply with the subpoena shall constitute evidence of obstruction of the house's impeachment inquiry and may be used as an adverse inference against you and the president. the same committees have requested documents from vice president pence regarding reports that he was involved in efforts to pressure ukraine to investigate the bidens. this all comes on the same day that secretary of state pompeo missed the deadline to comply with a separate subpoena for documents related to his department's interactions with ukraine and president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. today in athens, greece, pompeo criticized the democratic-led committees. >> sadly, there have been congressional inquiries that have harassed and abused state department employees by contacting them directly and seeking to have them provide
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documents, documents that belong to the state department, that are official u.s. government records and asking them to do so without saying hey don't bother calling the state department lawyers, just talk to us directly. >> last night in south carolina, speaker mozy defended the -- speaker pelosi defended the impeachment inquiry and said it is a sad and somber time for the country. >> some people say why are you doing this? he's not worth it to divide the country this way. i say he may not be but our constitution is worth it. our democracy is worth it. >> fox news has told the state department is in touch with the committees which are trying to work something out to have officials testify. jon? jon: garrett tenney, thank you. microsoft announces a hacker group linked to the iranian government targeted a 2020 presidential campaign, government officials and journalists. the tech giant says four e-mail accounts were compromised by the group, but none was associated with a 2020 candidate or any government officials. there is no word on who the
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hackers targeted. at least 14 people killed in baghdad today in antigovernment demonstrations. there are reports more than 100 people have died in five days of violent protests against government corruption there. kitty logan is in london with more. >> hi, jon. there has been more clashes in baghdad on saturday, after protesters gathered yet again once authorities had lifted a curfew. there was a heavy security presence in baghdad to prevent protests, but that didn't stop renewed violence later in the day. the spontaneous protest movement started five days ago. demonstrators are angry about unemployment, lack of public services, and government corruption. police have arrested hundreds of people in an attempt to crack down on the protests, and authorities have now blocked the internet in an effort to contain the protest movement. throughout the week, demonstrations spread to other cities, where angry crowds set government buildings on fire. police used tear gas and water
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cannons to try to bring crowd under control, and witnesses say police snipers fired on protesters in central baghdad on friday using live ammunition. but iraqi security forces claim protesters were armed and that several of their officers were killed in exchange fire. some human rights groups are estimating the death toll in these protests may be even higher although that's not confirmed. hospitals are full with hundreds of people injured in the clashes. this is some of the worst unrest we've seen in iraq in years. there are reports now of unofficial talks between iraqi officials and protesters, but still the government is yet to meet any of their demands. jon? jon: kitty low gone reporting, thank you. -- logan reporting, thank you. more violent protests in hong kong as an off-duty police officer shoots a teenage demonstrator. authorities say it was in self-defense. this comes as hong kong leader carrie lam's face mask ban went into effect today.
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protesters are defying the law which has come under scrutiny from other lawmakers in the city. >> we have no power to repeal the anti-mask regulations or law until the chief executive decides when it should be repealed. now, this is a henry viii this is basically say i say what is law i say what applies and i say when it ceases to be law. that is not how the constitution works. jon: greg palkot has more with the latest. >> jon it is early sunday morning in hong kong. in a couple hours a court will hear the legal challenge to the new face mask ban. on saturday pro democracy protester decided to test it out for themselves and in one case there was a nasty result. take a look at what we saw >> we're looking at possibly what is the first enactment of this face mask law. pretty peaceful scene here. protests in the center of hong
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kong. a moment later, these riot police came in and they're pinning down possibly arresting some young people with face masks. >> again those protesters had staged a peaceful march when they gathered at the end, that's when the riot police charged in. the young couple detained were in fact later released. we spoke with them. they were shaken up as were a lot of people who were experiencing the whole scene. take a listen. >> i'm so angry. >> you're so angry? >> when we we are the mask in the protest, i think it is a way to protect ourselves. >> to protect yourselves? >> yeah. >> meanwhile what the government here calls a dark night of violence friday prompted what the media described as an unprecedented shutdown of the city. banks, stores, shopping malls, they were all chosed on saturday -- closed on saturday as well as the hong kong subway system.
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we are get nothing word jon on when that will reopen. there's already been one legal challenge against this face mask ban, and that has failed. perhaps a good reason why later on this day there are more protests planned and violent clashes feared. jon? jon: greg palkot live from hong kong, thank you. the nuclear stalemate between the u.s. and north korea continues after talks break down in less than a day. representatives gathered in stockholm sweden to discuss denuclearization. the north's chief negotiator told reporters the meeting failed to quote fulfill pyongyang's expectations. but u.s. officials are more optimistic saying they are committed to working out a deal. this was the first time talks had resumed since president trump and kim jong-un met face-to-face in june. this week north korea claims it successfully test fired a new under-water launched ballistic missile calling it a new phase for containing outside threats.
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to the campaign trail now, democratic white house hopefuls are on both coasts today some vying for support in early primary state south carolina, others attending the unions for all summit in los angeles. this as senator bernie sanders is released from the hospital after what doctors now say was a heart attack. hillary vaughn joins us from los angeles with the latest. hillary? >> jon, senator bernie sanders is the first presidential candidate in history to have a heart attack on the campaign trail, and his 2020 democratic rivals are welcoming him back after he was discharged from the hospital, but former congressman beto o'rourke tells me physical fitness for a presidential candidate matters. >> does physical fitness and health matter for a presidential candidate? >> yes, it does. i have no fears about bernie
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sanders. >> -- stent in his heart. he says he is ready to get back to work. >> hello, everybody. we're in las vegas. i just got out of the hospital a few hours ago. and i'm feeling so much better. i just want to thank all of you for the love and warm wishes that you sent me. see you soon on the campaign trail. >> joe biden's lead as the front-runner is getting slimmer. he appeared before a group of union workers yesterday here in los angeles, but he faced a lot of controversy around his son's overseas business dealings. we asked him about this photo, showing him golfing with his son's business partner, devin archer even though the former vp insists he talked about -- he never talked with his son hunter about his overseas business deals. >> there is a photo of you golfing with your son hunter and his business partner devin archer, do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your son's
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overseas business dealings? >> yes, i stand by that statement. there's been no indication of any conflict of interest from ukraine or anywhere else. period. i'm not going to respond to that. let's focus on the problem. focus on this man. >> and other 2020 democrats in the race are taking biden's hint by focusing on trump, not him. >> the focus has to remain on donald trump. >> leave joe biden alone. >> i also think it is not a good idea for us to get sucked into commenting on one of our fellow democratic competitors when the real story here is the president of the united states confessing on air to an abuse of power, and we cannot allow him to change the subject. >> right now biden's opponents are not attacking him, but all that could change in nine days, when all of the candidates share the same debate stage in ohio. jon? jon: hillary vaughn from los angeles, hillary, thank you. apprehensions at the u.s. southern border hit a new high.
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plus a gruesome attack kills four homeless men in new york city and leaves investigators searching for a motive. so, i needed legal advice, and i heard that my cousin's wife's sister's husband was a lawyer, so i called him. but he never called me back! if your cousin's wife's sister's husband isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal.
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here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. jon: a violent early morning rampage leaves four people dead in new york city. police say the four victims believed to have been homeless
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were brutally beaten in their sleep by a man wielding a large metal pipe. jackie heinrich is tracking the investigation for us. jackie? >> we're now learning the man suspected in the killings has been accused of violent crimes many times before, with half dozen arrests in the last two years alone, three of those arrests for assault. randy rodriguez santos just 24 years old and police say he's responsible for beating four homeless men to death and leaving a fifth in critical condition in a murderous rampage overnight. police found him wandering near one of the crime scenes holding a three foot long metal pipe believed to be the murder weapon. someone called 911 around 2:00 a.m. to report a man being assaulted on a street corner. when police got there, they found one man unconscious, his head beaten in, and another badly injured. that man was able to describe his assailant and police found him nearby. after they took santos into custody, police discovered three more bodies around two store front doorways making for a total of three crime scenes. people who work in the area say
2:20 am
they are used to having homeless people around, but were rattled having to clean up the remnants of a murder before opening up shop. >> i'm saddened by the fact that, you know, four people were murdered. besides that, i mean, i guess for me it comes with the job, it is a shame. it is a problem. not only here in new york city, it is also nationwide. >> more than 63,000 people in new york city are homeless with about 4,000 sleeping on the streets every night. in a city of 8 1/2 million people, it amounts to nearly 1 in every 121 new yorkers, according to a homeless nonprofit. on friday, the metropolitan transit authority said about half those people are sleeping in subways. that number has jumped 20% since last year. a task force is working to more than 2,000 people sleeping underground to shelters. police have assured residents near the chinatown crime scene it doesn't appear there's on going threat to the homeless community or otherwise and the attacks were random homeless on
2:21 am
homeless crime. police have not said whether that fifth homeless man hurt in the attack is going to make it, but at last check, he was still, jon, in critical condition. jon: so the perpetrator, the accused is homeless himself? >> yes. jon: jackie heinrich, thank you. >> thank you. jon: some dramatic dash-cam video of a shoot-out between officers and a kidnapping suspect in north carolina. cops were chasing the suspect's car when a deployed spike strip shredded the vehicle's tires. the guy tries to get away on foot, firing his pistol while running towards nearby woods. 23-year-old hugo cortez ramirez was later found dead with a gun in his hand. a woman was rescued from the abandoned car. fortunately she wasn't hurt. no word on what prompted the kidnapping. apprehensions on the u.s. southern border reaching the highest point in more than a decade. federal data obtained by the washington examiner shows 851,000 people were taken into custody during fiscal year 2019. that's the highest number since
2:22 am
2007. christina coleman is in our los angeles bureau with more. christina? >> jon, there's also been a big change in the number of immigrant families who arrived in the u.s. in the fiscal year of 2019, according to customs and border protection. federal data shows as of august 31st, about 457,000 people who showed up with a family member were apprehended by border patrol, compared 2016 where fewer than 78,000 people who arrived with a family member were taken into custody. on "fox & friends," customs and border protection acting commissioner mark morgan says the border wall is helping with more than just the illegal flow of immigrants entering the country. >> but what we don't talk enough is the second half of that crisis, and that's drugs, illicit narcotics flowing into this country every single day at astronomical numbers impacting every town, city, and state in our nation. the wall is going to help the agents on the line prevent that
2:23 am
every single day. >> also, the trump administration announced a new policy yesterday on immigration. it will block the entry of immigrants applying for visas if they cannot prove they can get health insurance or have the means to pay for medical costs within 30 days of entering the u.s. critics call the role a shameless attack on immigrants and say it will lead to the separation of families. however, the trump administration says the policy will protect american taxpayers from billions of dollars in uncompensated healthcare costs. president trump attended a young black leadership summit in d.c. yesterday and told voters that the democrats don't care enough about u.s. citizens. >> democrats care more about illegal immigrants than about their own african-american constituents. they want to give healthcare to people that just walked into the country and for you they don't care. >> the new rule regarding visa
2:24 am
applicants is set to go into effect on november 3rd and only apply to those applying for visas overseas won't affect refugees asylum seekers and children of u.s. citizens. jon? jon: christina coleman, thank you. a u.s. army veteran who was deported to his native mexico after serving time in prison is now an american citizen. miguel perez jr. took his oath in an a naturalization ceremony yesterday in chicago. the 41-year-old immigrated to the u.s. with his parents 30 years ago and held a green card as a permanent resident. he joined the military after september 11th attacks and served two tours in afghanistan, where he suffered a brain injury and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. perez later was imprisoned for seven years on a drug conviction. illinois governor recently pardoned perez which allowed him to apply for citizenship. >> like i always said, i fought for the country. i fought for the flag. and i fought for the
2:25 am
constitution. and today the constitution responded by saying welcome home. >> [inaudible]. >> i'm going to spend some time with my son and then bowling. jon: perez also says he plans to advocate for quote those that are left behind. new twists and turns in the ongoing impeachment battle in washington. a closer look at the latest developments and where things >> woman: what's my safelite story? >> vo: my car is more than four wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. >> woman: hi! >> vo: with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> not any of us came to congress to impeach a president. this is very sad time for our country. it's very somber time for our country. some people say why are you doing this? he's not worth it, to divide the country this way. i say he may not be, but our constitution is worth it. our democracy is worth it. jon: that's house speaker pelosi
2:30 am
defending house democrats impeachment inquiry as the president suggests his administration won't cooperate unless the full house votes to green light hit. i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. with new information pouring in, here are some of the key developments. the "new york times" is reporting now a second intelligence official is weighing whether to file a whistle-blower complaint. meanwhile, house democrats have launched a subpoena blitz demanding ukraine documents from the white house and state department. and the intelligence community's chief watchdog testified yesterday behind closed doors that he was unaware the whistle-blower had contact with adam schiff's house intelligence committee. joining us now john bussey associate editor of the "wall street journal" and fox news contributor. hard to keep an eye on the developments because things are changing pretty quickly in washington. but the house inquiry, the impeachment inquiry, nancy pelosi calls -- speaker pelosi
2:31 am
calls it an official inquiry, but until the full house votes on impeachment there is no impeachment; right? >> yeah, i think you are going to hear a lot of procedural arguments like this, about how is this being undertaken, is it officially voted on by the house? but it is underway. the house can inquire and pursue investigations as it sees fit, and i think that you are seeing that now. there will be, though, arguments about the legitimacy as this. has the full house voted on this? is this something that is undertaken bay segment that's politically -- by a segment that's politically aligned with pelosi? i think that will be a bit of a side show. i think what you are seeing right now is data gathering. you are seeing a lot of subpoenas, to the white house, to the state department, some which might be responded to, some which likely will be blocked. the president feeling that this is data that does not need to be revealed by the white house. lots of information coming in as you point out the "new york times" article, possibly a
2:32 am
second whistle-blower. we're at that stage now. a story that we have on-line right now from the ukraine side, which shows a lot of concern by those people around zelensky the president of ukraine about pressure being brought to bear on ukraine going back months to open up investigations against a political opponent of president trump, in return for favors, like a summit with president trump, mr. pence coming to zelensky's inauguration, all of that being held in advance while ukraine was being asked to open these investigations. so there's a lot of data gathering going on. i think a lot more information will come out. jon: in the meantime pelosi gets to sort of have her cake and eat it too because she gets to talk about impeachment. she gets to have house committees filing requests for documents and so forth, but there's been no impeachment vote. >> that's technically true. i think we have to remember also that pelosi is thinking about this politically just as the president and the white house
2:33 am
is. not something she necessarily wanted to do. jon: there is no better vote counter and arm twister in washington than nancy pelosi. if she had 218 votes she would call for a vote would she not? >> she might have the 218. a lot of these in congress are in zones that have supported president trump. she may not want to put them up against that possibility. jon: she doesn't want them going on record. >> she may not want that. >> mccarthy a fox news contributor had an interesting piece in the national review titled the if the house won't vote it is a democratic stunt. the house acts by voting it's never voted to conduct an inquiry into whether president trump should be impeached. consequently there's no house impeachment inquiry. congressional democrats have a political impeachment campaign. is that what it is right now? >> i think we will have an
2:34 am
opportunity here to really become much more familiar with what the founding fathers wanted to us do with regards to the constitution. this could be a point of argument that spills into the korts and the courts may -- into the courts and the courts may side with the president. the courts may side with pelosi. we don't know yet. in part this is a bit of a rhetorical side show. information is coming out. the public is going to have an opportunity to digest that information and decide for themselves. you are seeing the polls begin to react to the information that's come out already. more people asking for an impeachment of the president. more people feeling they are concerned about him holding this office, that might shift back in favor of the president as additional data does come out. jon: he says essentially democrats tried with the russia investigation to derail his presidency. that didn't end up helping them or didn't end up happening and so they are now focused on this ukraine thing. >> yeah, i think that the president forgets that mr. mueller found ten instances of obstruction of justice that
2:35 am
he might have pursued had he been allowed to under the rules of the department of justice. i think that that stays with the public. it's not something that you can just discount by saying that i've been totally exonerated by mr. mueller, which he was not. so this will ultimately be decided in the court of public opinion in november 2020. but before that, we're going to have a lot of more information coming out, probably from whistle-blowers, from state department people who wish to testify about how they felt and how they saw the situation and by supporter of the president, who say look, this is being taken too far. jon: john bussey from the "wall street journal," we could go on for another half hour about this. appreciate it, thank you. >> my pleasure. jon: well, most house democrats now support either an impeachment inquiry or an outright impeachment of president trump, but as senior capitol hill producer explains deciphering exactly which democrats -- or exactly what they are backing is complicated. >> some democrats want to
2:36 am
impeach the president. others want to leave it vague. an impeachment inquiry. that gives them wiggle room to favor an impeachment inquiry but impose impeachment itself if it ever comes to that. that's because even though house speaker nancy pelosi says the house is now officially investigating impeachment, a senior house democratic aide says impeachment quote is not even an official thing. >> i think too much has been made of the phrase an impeachment inquiry. we are doing what our court filings says we are doing, what i said we are doing, whether to recommend articles of impeachment. >> instead, lawmakers say they are trying to get information, quote, to determine if they should recommend articles of impeachment. >> impeachment isn't a binary thing that you either are or you aren't. we're engaging in an investigation to see if we should recommend articles of impeachment. >> this can be a little bit puzzling. some lawmakers want to impeach the president. some want an impeachment inquiry. some want an impeachment investigation. but you might have to talk to
2:37 am
each individual lawmaker when they use the word to understand what they're for. in 98 the house judiciary committee simply wrote articles of impeachment for president clinton based solely on the investigation of independent counsel ken starr. in the early 70s the house side stepped efforts by liberal democrats to impeach president nixon once even for the watergate break in and secret bombing. but after the saturday night massacre and the firing of special prosecutor arch bald cox. the full house voted in early 74 to formally authorize an impeachment proceeding 410 to 4. all the public hears is the word impeachment without understanding the differences between impeaching the president or conducting an impeachment investigation. that's a problem for vulnerable democra democrats who oppose impeach and may help liberal democrats where impeachment gins up the left wing base. it may mean different things to
2:38 am
different people. take carroll through the looking glass when i use a word says humpty dumpty it means what i choose it to mean. on capitol hill, fox news. jon: one of the first crews sent overseas to fight the war in afghanistan arrived there just days after the 9/11 attacks. and now the chopper that took them there is getting some well-deserved recognition. an exclusive look at how next. ♪ new pasta and grill combos starting at $9.99. only at applebee's. we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation.
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jon: the military helicopter that transported a team of cia officers into afghanistan soon after the 9/11 terror attacks is few on display at cia headquarters in langley, virginia. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has this exclusive look. >> the people who knocked these
2:43 am
buildings down will hear all of us soon. [cheers] >> as president george w. bush tells first responders at ground zero the u.s. is fighting back, a cia team leader on the verge of retirement is tasked to take the mi 17 into afghanistan. >> i got the call if the counterterrorism center, they had a job, to start the hunt for bin laden >> the cia team of seven and three man flight crew are the first americans on the ground september 25th, 2001. days into the mission, the team customizes the chopper including call numbers. >> it is about taking the fight to al qaeda. >> absolutely and beating them at it. >> for nearly a month the cia team worked alone. they built relationship. they gathered intelligence and then sent updates to cia headquarters. if the the agency, 9/11 was a
2:44 am
pivotal time. they became a tactical organization. with dedication from the director, the mi 17 officially joined the cia museum. >> when the helicopter first came into the agency, it was actually shrink wrapped with plastic all around it. it looked like a giant gift for the agency. >> not open the public, its willingness to take on risk >> some of the detail is pretty incredible. >> from tracking bin laid ton his pakistan compound. >> i have the t-shirt right here, it says don't mess with the u.s. >> and inside the helicopter where operatives sat. >> boxes of money? >> yes, yes, it is, it is a lot of money, over 3 million dollars. >> that's kind of the cia way, isn't is it? >> -- isn't it? >> it is. we like to go into places other people don't go >> we knew we weren't there to fight. we were to help get them to
2:45 am
accept u.s. military personnel on the ground. >> for our workforce, 9/11 is almost like pearl harbor for them, almost 70% of our workforce has come on since 9/11, and so they need to know that history. they need to understand those last -- >> at cia headquarters, catherine herridge, fox news. jon: texas has been picked to be the home of the national medal of honor museum built near the at&t stadium. the medal of honor the nation's highest and most prestigious military award. museum officials say they picked arlington because of its strong local support for medal of honor recipients. >> a patriot is someone who not only loves their country but they prove they love their country but sup poring and defending their country -- by supporting and defending their country. this is something the museum will do. it will be a vault for our values and we will remind this nation about what the medal of
2:46 am
honor really does stand for. jon: the museum expected to open in 2024. parts of the country get their first true taste of autumn. we will have the forecast next. plus, they are not hunting gators, but a much smaller creature that's posing a much bigger threat to louisiana's coastline. the new idea to curb the swamp rat problem down in the bayou. aaaah! nooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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jon: while it is beginning to feel like autumn in parts of the united states, the southeastern portion of the country is still mired in summer, an october heat wave. meteorologist adam klotz is live in the fox weather center with the latest. adam? adam: you said it, there are plenty of spots where it is feeling really cool and pleasant across the country. you are looking at 60s in some cases the 70s, but stretching across the upper midwest into the 60s. parts of the mid-atlantic and running up into new england the mid 50s. a whole lot cooler besides a large area in the south where we've got feels-like temperatures and actual temperatures again running up into the lower 90s at least in some cases warmer than that. today currently houston the feels-like temperature, that's the heat plus humidity, 96 degrees. it was close to triple digits today, up to dallas 92 degrees. that runs as far north as nashville which you typically
2:51 am
don't see anything near this this late in the year. any time you get this warm of air bumping back into some cool air behind it and you notice the temperatures falling pretty quickly into the mid 60s that means warm air and cold air hitting each other, a cold front, you are bound to see some thunderstorm activity right along that. fairly good amount of rain moving across the upper midwest now running over lake michigan. along that line back behind it, we are seeing some thunderstorms. not horribly widespread but any time you get one of these orange boxes that's a severe thunderstorm means winds up to 60 miles-an-hour, possibly some hail, even some heavy rain within those cells but they do typically pretty quickly. that's it. outside of that, everywhere else, it is looking like a very pleasant day. here's your saturday, temperatures again, these are your forecasted highs not your currents, largely feeling very much like fall. and fall runs even a little farther south for sunday. sunday should be a beautiful day across the country. again, a whole lot of spots with very fall-like weather into the mid 60s or 70 degrees. it feels even cooler. we kind of run that heat out, jon, by monday.
2:52 am
so fall is officially here, even though there are some folks dealing with a little bit of summer weather right now. jon: adam klotz in the fox weather center. thanks. now to new mexico where the weather could not stop the beginning of the albuquerque international balloon fiesta in its 48th year. today is the beginning of the nine-day event with colorful hot air balloons filling the sky. heavy rain pounded the area yesterday creating some doubt about the fiesta today but some pilots were given the green light this morning. a new episode of watters world coming up tonight at 8 eastern. here's jesse with a preview. >> tonight a hunter biden investigation, a big-time hollywood actor joins us and aoc's town hall goes off the rails when a woman suggests eating babies. tonight. jon: and there are trains, buses, e scooters to get around town, but a horse? why one new york city family is travelling the old-fashioned way these days. ♪
2:53 am
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>> the beatles get become to where they once belong the top of the charts abbey road returned topped number one in the u.k. 50 years after it originally came out. the group rereleased in special anniversary edition it it was the final album beatles recorded features come together, and here comes the sun. sir paul mccartney saying, quote, it is hard to believe that abby roads still holds up after all of these years but then again, it is a bloody cool album. >> louisiana swamp rat is causing major issues along that state's coastline. thousands of acres of land are eroding away as hundreds of thousands of the invasive giant
2:56 am
rodents chew up wetlands at otherwise would protect coast from major storms. well now a dog food company is hoping it can help the state avoid an ecological disaster. charles explains. >> justin hunting alligators today little attention is being paid to the giant reptile. >> and instead focus on orange toothed swamp rat chewing away at louisiana's coastline. >> it is a major, nuisance. environment here in marsh land of south louisiana is perfect for it to thrive they feed off the vegetation, and the roots system along edges and once their root system is gone that's a big problem for coastal, louisiana. with more than 16,000 ache percent damaged in 2018 states coastline is becoming increasingly vulnerability to major storms let alone a category one hurricane like barry earlier this summer. >> you'll see all piece of marsh
2:57 am
with trees all over it. a mile long, a mile wide. that when a hurricane comes like that whole mar punish moves. according to fish and wildlife service they're in many as 16 states. louisiana based company mar punish dog is hoping to help with its healthy dog treats. flesh made with nutria meat. >> animal rights organize peta says part in a statement killing it will never control the population. issues have been down this road before in -- as other will simply move in from surrounding areas to fill the void. >> they have to be controlled in this -- in this environment. otherwise, they create immeasurable harm. belief is hunt for invasive rodent are best to avoid an ecological disaster and island,
2:58 am
louisiana, charles watson fox news. >> well traffic is simply a way of life in new york city. often caused by accident or construction, but rarely a horse. on staten island, though, a couple is seen riding their pet horse around the neighborhood. they kept their horse boarded at a stable in new jersey but when they moved to new york they discovered there is no city law producting resident from owning them as pets. the couple says neighbors jrnl don't mind but admits next door neighbor complained about maneuver smell. >> and that's how fox reports this saturday october 5th i'm jon scott thanks for joining us jon scott thanks for joining us [national anthem]
2:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ just what you needed is four hours of "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. i'm recovering. >> from what? >> they got a beat down in the bronx last night. >> top of the fourth and the game was already an awful terrible beating. >> and i just wrote back to you massacre. that's what it was. >> i think ed henry tweeted at you t


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