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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 10, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: happening right now or 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert, terror roundup, two ruthless isis prisoners from the notorious extremist the beatles are in us custody. the operation underway right now to extract them from a syrian prisoners turkish fighters descend on the region. donald trump takes his fight to deep blue minnesota as joe biden joins the chorus of democrats calling for impeachment bus is the governor state really and
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play for 2020, we are live to break it all down. >> this is deep to centerfield. is back to a grand slam. >> tense ending grand slam that brought cheers and jeers. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ >> some fans on top of the world, we will have all those highlights and low lights depending on your perspective. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday. thank you for ending the day
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with us. two isis fight is tied to the notorious british terror cell the beatles are in us custody. the violent extremist removed from syria as turkey invades the region escalating fears islamic militants can escape the tension. todd pyro is live with breaking details. >> moving into a third country. so far these are the only two isis fight is removed from syria by the us but officials say more could be moved if needed as thousands remain in custody under control of the kurds. donald trump claims those who do escape will end up in europe. >> i will do far more than
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sanctions. lindsay would like to stay there for the next 200 years and maybe add a couple hundred thousand people every place but i disagree with lindsay on that but i will tell you that i do agree on sanctions. >> the white house announcing it will remove our troops much to the dismay of trump supporters like lindsey graham. we are the president mention who worried a shift in strategy will lead to the slaughter of the kurds who helped us fight isis. yesterday morning turkey began its attack, graham tweeting in response i'm pleased to have reached a bipartisan agreement with senator van hollen on severe sanctions against turkey for their invasion of syria. the administration refuses to act against turkey, i expect strong bipartisan support. the president, you heard him in the earlier soundbite firing back. earlier, this is what the president had to say about the individuals in the general region in syria, where they will be going. >> many of them came from europe
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but they should go back to germany, to france. i spoke with boris johnson, to the uk. we would like to take the people back to we don't want them, but you take them, we don't want them either, nobody wants them, they are bad but somebody has to watch over them. >> the white house setting it does not support the attack and it will, quote, wipeout turkey's economy if turkey wipes out the kurds. a situation we need to monitor almost every hour because it is fast even offering. >> some of jen griffin's tweets yesterday on social media regarding those folks on the front lines. thank you so much. some other headlines. a gunman live streams an attempted attack as he opens fire near a german synagogue. he was unable to get inside and started shooting at the door before opening fire outside. two people were killed. the chaos unfolding on yom kippur.
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moments later the gun jammed forcing the shooter into his car. he was later arrested and posted and anti-semitic manifesto online. ten americans in the synagogue are safe. today the man accused of killing 22 people at an el paso walmart is doing court. the 19-year-old suspect facing a trial judge for the first time since his arrest. police say he confesses to be shooting after publishing racist remarks online. local prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. he could also face federal charges for capital murder and possible hate crimes. listen to this story. an elected official is indicted in a human trafficking adoption scheme. prosecutors say paul peterson paid pregnant women from the
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marshall islands to deliver their babies in the us. police say he then helped them illegally access $800,000 in medicaid costs. peterson is accused of charging american families nearly $40,000 to adopt the newborn. he is facing charges in arizona, utah and arkansas. a counterterrorism analyst staff the defense intelligence agency will be arraigned today for allegedly leaking top-secret information. a federal prosecutor says henry freeze past highly classified information about a foreign country's weapons systems to two journalists, one of whom he was reportedly dating. >> freeze was entrusted with top-secret information, he allegedly violated that trust he swore to uphold, engaged in
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dastardly and phony us conduct at the expense of our country. >> he faces 20 years in prison if convicted. impeached for what? donald trump slamming critics overnight as former vice president joe biden joins the call for impeachment and a new poll shows a record number of americans support that idea. griff jenkins joins us from washington ahead of the president's rally in minneapolis today. >> being rally, the president will be met by thousands of protesters and multiple demonstrations ahead of tonight's rally where the mayor and the president have been openly feuding over his visit and this visit comes on the heels of the headline of our fox news poll, more than half of those polled 51% want donald trump impeached and removed from office. another 4% want him impeached but not removed. 40% oppose impeachment altogether. a stark contrast from july where 42% favored impeachment with 45% opposing. a lot has happened since then,
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most notably the house democrats launched the impeachment inquiry over allegations that he pressured ukraine on a phone call to investigate joe biden and his son hunter. joe biden who has refrain from calling for the president's removal changed his tune yesterday. >> donald trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation and committed impeachable acts. to preserve our constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached. >> the president who says he may cooperate with the inquiry if nancy pelosi brings it for a full vote was quick to respond to biden. >> you didn't say that until right now when he sees what is happening to him. is now lots of the front runner. he has been caught red handed. this is a man who is on tape saying exactly what he's going to do in terms of corruption and gets away with it. >> the washington post this morning is reporting the former
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ambassador to ukraine is expected to appear tomorrow but it is unclear if the state department will instruct her not to appear. shannon: we will see what happens, thank you very much. an unlikely group of lawmakers teaming up to blast the nba over its controversy, alexandria ocasio cortez and ted cruz signing a bipartisan letter calling it outrageous but the nba is caving to china after gm tweeted support for hong kong protesters. >> the way the nba reacted was not a profile encourage. it is all about wanting to access the chinese market. i don't think american companies should participate in chinese censorship. >> the lakers and mets are scheduled to plan exhibition games in shanghai.
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chinese state tv is refusing to broadcast the game so definitely more to come on that. did you see this? the washington nationals stunning the la dodgers to win the nlg us. >> deep to centerfield, back to a grand slam. >> how we can drink. >> any grand slam powering their 7-3 victory. and then they will play the cardinals in the lcs tomorrow. st. louis clobber the atlanta braves 13-1. tonight on fox sports one, game 5 between the houston astros and tampa bay rays, the winner faces the new york yankees in the next
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round. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour, planned parenthood wants to flip the senate and they are spending $45 million to make it happen. rnc national spokesperson liz harrington says this shows how extreme democrats have become on abortion and she joined us next, bernie sanders said he would slow down campaigning after a heart attack. he now says he misspoke.
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>> donald trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation. to preserve our constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity he should be impeached. >> for the first time joe biden joining his fellow democrats calling for the impeachment of donald trump but what impact if
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any could this have on his campaign? here with reaction is liz harrington, thank you for joining us, appreciate having you on with us so early. why do you think the change with joe biden? why is he doing this now? this benefit him or is this a move further to the extreme left and will it hurt him? >> this is what we've seen throughout this campaign, joe biden despite being in the swamp for half a century has thrown out all of his core beliefs and completely caved to the radical left. what happened to beating donald trump on the merits. what happened to him being the most electable? now thoroughly joe biden thinks he has to try to damage donald trump politically going into an election because he can in fact beat him. what is the crime here is what i would like to know? we never mention from the democrats what the actual
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wrongdoing was and for joe biden he wants to divert attention from the actual wrongdoing which was his and his son's corrupt dealings in ukraine. >> dropping as well in the polls, elizabeth warren moving ahead of him. here's what the president had to say about joe biden. >> biden is dropping like a rock. i don't think he's going to make it, i didn't think he was going to make it for a long time and i guess this is one way you can do it. he didn't say it until right now and he sees what is happening to him, no longer the front runner. >> another example of donald trump taking a lot of questions and being willing to answer just about anything but not really the case with joe biden. >> remarkable to see joe biden with the teleprompter, delivers his speech, highly scripted from paid consultants and you see donald trump taking questions from reporters for 30 minutes yesterday at the white house and joe biden runs away from reporters because he can't answer a single question about how it was such a conflict of
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interest to have his son sitting on the most corrupt foreign company in ukraine when he had no experience, making $50,000 at least per month and joe biden is on tape saying we are going to withhold $1 million unless you fire the prosecutor looking into my son who has no experience sitting on this board. that is corruption and that is what we voted against in 2016 and that is why we are going to vote against it again in 2020. election interference, joe biden never made it out of iowa before and he's not going to make it out of iowa again. >> interesting to see if he can continue tonight answer questions on ukraine and china. let's talk about planned parenthood, they announced they are spending $45 million to fund pro-abortion candidates to flip the senate concentrating on several states they think they can win.
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>> i think this is indicative of what we have seen over the last few years, democrats have become so extreme on abortion, completely bought off by planned parenthood and dependence on big money in politics. we've seen that, the house democrats have been unable to vote against infanticide and to vote for protections for babies born and survive abortions and democrats refuse to give them a vote, give them a voice and we've seen it throughout this 2020 campaign. the party has moved so far to the left, planned parenthood can spend as much as they want but it is not were the country is on the abortion issue. heather: they say our very rights and freedoms will be on the ballot, already we've seen trump and his buddies in congress and state legislatures do everything they can to strip us of our rights and access to healthcare. who we elect will determine our
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access to birth control, cancer screenings, 6 education, abortion access and more. always trying to link planned parenthood to some other things they say they emphasize more. >> we are very proud of the pro-life administration donald trump has put in place, the most pro-life in history, protecting the unborn. it couldn't be further from the truth talking about taking away access to healthcare. what the administration has done is prevented taxpayer-funded abortion from happening and that is a bipartisan issue. what people who are pro-life and pro-choice agree on. we don't want taxpayer funding towards abortion. every single democrat candidate has an extreme line. shannon: thank you so much. the time now is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. the stars calling out ellen
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degeneres for defending this moment she shared with former president bush. you heard it right, joe biden says there were no scandals in eight years when president obama was in office. carly shimkus with social media reaction to the former vp's comments. devices are like doorways
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that could allow hackers into your home. and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> welcome back. a brand-new california law paving the way for medical marijuana on school grounds, the law allows kindergarten through 12th grade schools to decide if they will allow parents to administer it to their children, this reverses a previous been prohibiting the drug within 1000
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feet of schools and it is set to take effect in january, 7 states allow medical marijuana on school campuses. 2020 hopeful bernie sanders backtracking some comments about the pace of his campaign, one day after saying he would hold less frequent events following a heart attack. he told nbc news, quote, i misspoke the other day. we are going to get back into the groove of a very vigorous campaign. i love doing rallies and i love doing town meetings. sanders adding he feels strong and will continue to push his progressive agenda. at 78 he is the oldest democratic candidate. celebrities taking sides after ellen degeneres defended herself for sitting next to george w. bush at a football game. >> people were upset, they thought wise a gay hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative republican president. i'm friends with george bush.
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i'm friends with a lot of people who don't share the same beliefs i have. we are all different and we have forgotten that is okay that we are all different. shannon: carly shimkus with how hollywood is divided. >> the speech about unity is causing a divide in hollywood and several celebrities of come out against this saying the former president accusing him of committing war crimes, being anti-gay, one of those people is susan sarandon who tweeted a quote from out magazine saying missing the point entirely, she framed the issue is simply a matter of her hanging out with someone with different opinions, not a man repeatedly accused of being a war criminal. reese witherspoon praised her saying thank you for this important reminder but then she deleted that tweet apparently because of social media backlash. who knew that saying you could reach across the aisle and be friends with somebody you don't agree with would be so controversial. >> the pressure and social media
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mob. >> people are so scared to say anything wrong and have a conversation. let's talk about joe biden and something he had to say, proudest accomplishment when he was having no scandals. >> no scandals for eight years. >> biden has said that a number of times on the campaign trail. let's see what social media says. what happens when the fake news media can no longer control the narrative, we start learning the truth, bill says when you have the fbi and the cia covering them up it stands to reason fewer would see the light of day, big accusation there. dennis says if you like subpoena, a lot ofs and getting caught in ukraine i'm sure democrats would say you could say the same about donald trump,
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still no evidence hunter biden did anything wrong but republicans have a lot of questions. >> there were several different scandals and all kinds of things. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. rallying his base in minnesota tonight and in louisiana tomorrow donald trump stumping for congressman ralph abraham who is running for governor and the congressman says he is thrilled. he is joining us live up next. - [narrator] do you have less energy than you used to?
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and so superbeets provides that in one small scoop. - [narrator] the power of nutrient-rich beets found in superbeets helps unlock the key to better cardiovascular health, supports healthy blood pressure levels and helps give you more heart-healthy energy. - there is no doubt in my mind that superbeets has changed my life. - [narrator] fuel your body and rediscover heart-healthy energy with superbeets by humann. for a free 30-day supply of superbeets with your first order, call the number on your screen. that's the number on your screen now. >> welcome back. a look at top headlines this morning at this hour beginning with a fox news alert, british militants tied to an isis group that beheaded hostages are now in us custody. both men are believed to be
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members of the uk terror group, the beatles. the president says they removed several prisoners from syria amid fears they can escape as turkey invades the region. counterterrorism analyst will be arraigned today for allegedly leaking top-secret information. prosecutors say henry freeze past highly classified information about foreign countries weapon systems to two journalists, one of whom he was reportedly dating. freeze faces 20 years in prison if convicted. today a ban on all flavored vaping product will go into effect in washington state. at least 24 people have died from vaping related illnesses, the latest is under the age of 30 in utah. donald trump heading down south on friday on the eve of the louisiana gubernatorial race. ralph abraham will be on the
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ticket hoping to out john bell edwards and he joins me with more. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. your response to donald trump headed to louisiana, significant for you and your relationship with the president. >> i've got a great relationship with the president. i stood in the trenches with him, side-by-side on important bills that we have actually gotten past in the house of representatives. i couldn't be happier than his coming to louisiana because we all know when donald trump comes the base gets energized. >> tell us about your platforms, some of the elements. >> a democratic governor is destroying the state, we have the worst economy in the nation, one of the highest murder rate in the nation. we are 50th out of 50 in everything that we should be in at least the top-tier, highest insurance rates in the nation and it goes on and on. we are better than this.
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we are louisiana. we have natural resources that are not being used effectively. >> you are pro-second amendment, pro-life we were just discussing some of that in terms of what planned parenthood is doing in some states, you want to lower taxes and you were discussing being tough on crime. >> exactly right. we have criminal justice reform that is literally letting violent criminals out of jails and we had murders, rapes, assaults and that has to stop. public safety should be the primary role of government and john bell edwards is giving that up. >> talk about the new resolution you have introduced to expel nancy pelosi from the house. tell us about that, and except from the resolution people can read as well.
1:34 am
nancy pelosi's vicious -- weapon ice for a party's political gain so you introduce this resolution. >> it is, she is abusing her power. this is a political stunt that she is using to try to unseat a lawfully elected president with this impeachment inquiry. we should be doing things for the common good of the nation and she's not allowing that to happen so she needs to go home. shannon: do you think this resolution will benefit you in the election? >> i don't know. we looked at this when the house started the inquiry 2 or 3 weeks ago. it is not about the election. it's about doing the right thing for the country and she is abusing her power as speaker of the house and it is just not right. >> interesting when you move outside of dc, some of the areas where you hear what you might
1:35 am
call the loudest voices and get down to states like louisiana and speak with your constituents and you are hearing a different take on it. >> absolutely. we understand the president's role as far as running the nation, running the world literally is a heavy burden and when you have these insane inquiries just deterring and detracting from what he or she should be doing, to protect us as american citizens is just crazy that we allow this to go on and i want to stop it. shannon: and keeping work from getting done which will help people living in america, trying to make ends meet as you were just talking about. >> absolutely. go ahead. i just wish you would bring something like the us, mexico, canada agreement. we could get that done and it would benefit every american.
1:36 am
heather: the rally is at 7:00 pm, good luck in the election and we will all be watching the president in louisiana. thank you for your time. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the our. apple caving under pressure. low-tech giant removing and add about helping pro-democracy protesters in china. we will have a report on that coming up and our next guest, a cyber security expert to break it down for us. she says doing business with china is a balancing act.
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>> the man convicted in a deadly stand your ground shooting will be sentenced today. a jury found michael guilty of manslaughter after a video
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showed the moment he shot and killed marquis mclaughlin in florida sparked by a fight over a parking spot. he claimed self defense after being shoved to the ground, he paces 30 years in prison and plans to appeal the conviction. and auto shop faking repair records for limousine involved in a deadly crash, according to the district attorney a former employee admits he never installed a break card but invoiced the service to meet a sales quota and certified the limousine without ever respecting it. the limo's brakes weren't working when it crashed and killed 20 people in new york state. the limo owner is accused of knowing about the safety issues. he goes on trial next year. apple caving to pressure and
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removing and apps that allows pro-democracy protesters in hong kong to track police activity this after chinese state media blasted the tech giant saying it helps rioters. here's lisa garber. thank you for joining us. what are your thoughts? >> this is a shocking and upsetting development for privacy professionals. what happened is apple has gone back and forth allowing this apps that allows people to look at where police and protest activity was taking place in hong kong. they removed it from the apps store. heather: let's look at apple's statement, we have learned that an apps has been used in ways that endanger law enforcement. the apps has been used to target police, threaten public safety and criminals used it to victimize residents and we've removed it from the apps store.
1:42 am
the issue is businesses caving to china in general. >> there is so much pressure to get into that market and not just apple, it is google as well. they have to reconcile their democratic values with doing business in china and apple has most of its factories in china, a huge percentage of the population of people buying their devices are in china and they have to look at how the government is responding because they have to operate within the country's laws. shannon: it is a legal issue as well. >> when you look at the apps store guidelines there is not only guidelines for defamatory discriminatory pornographic content but you have to remain within the laws of that country. so smaller apps developers should be taking a look at what is happening. >> they should. we will see what happens. the problem is an ethical issue. privacy is a human right and by removing this from the apps store, removing hundreds of
1:43 am
other applications that allow you to get on the internet without being tracked, allow the new york times and that is a problem. heather: based on what you said he said in terms of human rights. >> there is still a business that they have these ethical principles and are not able to reconcile those ideas. heather: we will see what happens. great to have you with us. 15 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump ready to rally in minnesota but can he turn the blue state read? our next guest lives in ilhan omar's district, says the president's results are impossible to ignore. how he thinks the president will win next.
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heather: planned parenthood launching a $35 million campaign to elect pro-abortion candidates in 2020. they want to flip the senate and beat donald trump. >> reporter: some would say planned parenthood is showing its true colors as it goes all in on 2020. the group spending $45 million and candidates who are pro-abortion to help democrats retake control of the senate and unseat donald trump. they are targeting 5 million voters and pay special attention to these swing states including arizona, colorado, florida, michigan, minnesota, new have to, north carolina, pennsylvania, wisconsin and you
1:48 am
will see digital tv radio ads, including mailers sent to your home. this is in direct response to the trump administration's recent pro-life victories including him backing a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks. he is the first president to attend march for life and stopped organizations providing abortion referrals to receive federal money. on top of that eight states past heartbeat laws while nine have proposed the bill. kelly robinson, executive director of planned parenthood was just on here. this is from the planned parenthood -- next november our rights and freedoms will be on the ballot. already we've seen trump and his buddies in congress and state legislatures do everything they can to strip us of our rights and access to healthcare. who we elect will determine our access to birth control, cancer screening, sex education, abortion access and more. are in see spokeswoman liz
1:49 am
harrington was on while ago and told us democrats just care about the money. >> democrats have become so extreme on abortion and completely bought off by planned parenthood and their dependence on big money and politics. >> reporter: you will see those pro-abortion ad starting next year with planned parenthood's campaign that kicks off. heather: interesting to see if the candidates themselves tackle it in the coming debate. >> this has a lot of people talking about this this morning. larry on instagram says waste of money but let them have at it. sharon on twitter chiming in saying isn't that taxpayer money? we need to stop funding planned parenthood. crystal on facebook says $45 million can go a long way for women in need of gyn screenings and mammograms. heather: continue to send your
1:50 am
comments on it. donald trump changing gears, heads to minnesota tonight looking to turn the state read but it was the only state ronald reagan could not win in 1984. what does donald trump have to do to win in 2020? tony lazzaro lives in ilhan omar's district. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks. heather: let's look at donald trump's approval rating since the election. he has been trending up since may 2019. what is your take on the ground in minnesota? >> the president's approval rating considering how many hits he has taken not just from democrats but from the media overall are on the up which is nice to see and hear in minnesota like many others the
1:51 am
president is positioned to win because what democrats are offering is socialism as the alternative. heather: 19 counties in minnesota voted for donald trump in the 2016 election after previously voting for barack obama in 2012-2008. in terms of flipping it red or blue we can take a look at the voting history it self. democrats have had the upper hand. >> we haven't won the state in decades, can't deny that. we lost in 2016 and what it is going to take is 2020 to win places like minnesota. some of these suburban voters that don't necessarily like the president's tone or rhetoric as it is often referred to. they will look at the big economic issues and historically
1:52 am
low unemployment rates and ask if they want someone like elizabeth warren as an alternative. >> and lost the state by a slim margin to hillary clinton and do you think that is primarily as a result of the strong economy? >> yes. he's going to have 18,000 people at the target center and it will be fantastic and he will be campaigning with staff on the ground which no republican has invested in the state in some time. the strong economy, you can't have a campaign flushed with enough cash to replace the economy no matter how much they dislike the tweets it is impossible to ignore. >> what about the divide we
1:53 am
heard about leading up to the big rally between the mayor of minneapolis, the governor in minnesota, efforts to stop the rally itself specifically in ilhan omar's district. what are you hearing? >> there will be thousands of left-wing protesters downtown. they have been liberals before the election and they will be liberal afterward. we are not trying to convert them. many of these people, like representative omar continue to embarrass themselves, they cause damage to property and attack people peacefully trying to attend the rally and quite frankly the president could stay on message and talk about the economy and people like representative omar and the protesters will further expose the radical agenda of the democratic party in minnesota and throughout the country. heather: thank you for joining
1:54 am
us. we will be watching the rally tonight. the time is eight minutes until the top of the hour and the pc police playing baseball. why the atlanta braves just asked the tomahawk giveaway. [chanting] heather: the trip of a lifetime ends in revolt. why serious passengers are demanding their money back. ♪ i fell into a burning ring of fire ♪ down down down ♪ the flames going higher ♪
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heather: a boston jail cut ties with ice to take in more female inmates at the suffolk county house of corrections. the jail will focus on rehabilitation services for women. ice officials call the plan a major setback. the agency has 60 days to move 200 illegal immigrants. it is unclear where they will go. the atlanta braves axing their tomahawk giveaway after a complaint. the rookie called the tomahawk chop chant disrespectful to his cherokee heritage. the team spokesman says they are sensitive to it and will
1:59 am
evaluate the decades long tradition in the off-season. the cardinals eliminate the braves in the cs yesterday. the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, george hw bush's service dog solely receives the service award from the aspca, demonstrating a commitment to their career. sully served in 2018 until his death last november. he helps injured veterans. the bad, furious cruise ship passengers revolt after the ship cancels multiple stops. [chanting] >> we want refund. heather: passengers demanding money back after the norwegian cruise line skip scheduled stops on a 2 week trip to iceland. the company is claiming bad weather, offering passengers a
2:00 am
25% discount on their next cruise was the ugly, this guy's look running out, surveillance video catches him stealing dozens of lottery tickets from the california gas station then sprints out of the store with tickets intel but could not cash them in and still on the run. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. jillian: a fox news alert, two isis to jihadist link to the infamous terrace are known as the beatles are removed to us custody amid fears they could escape during turkey's invasion. rob: the concern is keeping the kurds from being slaughtered. the sanctions that could be coming against turkey. jillian: turning minnesota into a red state by the time the polls open in 2020. rob: he is at the heart of ilhan omar's district. does the president stand a chance?


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