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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 10, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> sandra: to minneapolis. >> bill: tonight. direction tomorrow. >> sandra: we will be watching tomorrow. fresh reaction at ""america's newsroom"." tomorrow. who see if i did want to come get ready for it. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. day two of turkey's daily military operation against u.s. allied kurds in northern syria. turkey's president reportedly is telling officials and his political party that troops have already killed more than 100 kurdish fighters while activists and war monitoring groups, reportedly seven civilians are dead. the turkish defense ministry says its jets and artillery struck more than --
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here today, melissa francis. fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. executive director of the serve america pack on fox news contributor, marie harf. and in the center seat, what? it's gregg jarrett! fox news google analyst and author of "witch hunt: the story of the greatest mass solution and the american history." whoever action from the couch and a second. let's scoop up some nerves first. jennifer griffin lives at the pentagon with the very latest. jennifer? >> told there is no decision to pull the troops out of syria. senior pentagon officials of, the record to explain the president's decision or what comes next in syria. we don't expect that a change. the council a weekly press toda
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today. pentagon planners are scribbling to come up with a strategy. a senior u.s. military planner described the mood here at the pentagon as "aghast, horrified. a story that can be untold." he went on to say u.s. strategy all over the world is based on partnerships. now the narrative is the u.s. military is only your friend when it's convenient. we don't know what to do, this high level planner told me let's go. adding, "we know what not to do come in for the past two years this building told senior users don't like leaders in the white house let's do this." meantime, we have for the military took custody of two high-level isis individuals who were being held by the kurdish forces. removed them from syria. we have learned their identities, two british citizens who are wanted in connection with the beheadings of westerners, including many journalists. they were nicknamed the beatles. now they are in u.s. custody under the law of war. the problem is there still nearly 2,000 other foreign isis
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fighters in kurdish country. iraqi officials say the u.s. has handed over 50 isis postevent. there are thousands more. israel condemned the turkish invasion today. and they express solidarity with the kurds. the turkish president, a nato ally who is coming to the white house next month, has threatened to flood the rope with 3.5 million syrian refugees. harris? >> harris: jennifer, thank you very much. meanwhile, back on capitol hill, two senators -- republican lindsey graham" chris van hollen -- are drafting new singes on singes on tricking congress with bipartisan support. gregg jarrett in the middle today. as the president at any risk of losing g.o.p. clinical allies at this point over syria? >> greg: i think what's more important is that he is fulfilling a promise to the american people who voted him into office in large part because of these promises. one of them was to get out of
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these sectarian wars and regional conflicts. for people to say, "wait a minute, what about isis?" we have 5,500 special ops forces nearby. seven facilities, five operating bases. they can move very quickly if the caliphate raises its ugly head. >> harris: to follow up questions for you real quickly, gregg. what do you say to those men and women who fought the kurds and lost 10,000 of their own rounding up isis fighters? who apparently at any moment can jailbreak because they want to be for most facilities, unleashing -- and we already know what isis thinks about it. >> gregg: this is a hard decision but we elect a commander-in-chief to make these hard decisions. there's always a cost when you pull out. again, there are terrorists all over the world. there are isis in yemen, yet we are not really active in yemen. we can't get involved from the president's point of view in all of these regional conflicts.
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saudi arabia, for example, has acted in yemen to stamp out the terrorists. this is more of a regional problem, that nations in the region have to deal with. the one you used to be the state department, marie harf. the review? >> marie: i think it's interesting to see such a widespread combination for republicans, cement and, harris, and democrats. former military commanders come over this decision. gregg is right in the sense that we should have a strategic discussion about what our interests are in syria and how we achieve those. i'm worried in the short-term about the fact that isis very well may reconstitute, that there fighters are going to be on the loose, undoubtedly, an end that we fought so hard against isis and this puts us on a back foot in terms of that fight. harris, long-term what i'm concerned about, when we shake our hands as the united states and say to her allies to be will be with them and support them, that should mean something. we said that to the kurds. not to mention the mentoring crisis. we've already seen reports that
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families are fleeing, civilians are being killed. we promised we would be there, and we are not now. that's a problem. >> harris: one thing you said, just to piggyback for just a second, we see that video of people fleeing all over that region. it is complicated. >> gregg: it is. >> harris: when you look at whatever history is with usama bin laden, someone that we had first trained -- remember, we weren't quite there with our word. dagen? >> dagen: we have sat on the sofa myriad times over the years decrying the vacuum created in the middle east by president barack obama. when he pulled -- his hasty withdrawal from iraq, how that helped lead to the rise of isis, and the slow response under president obama to that then-burgeoning terrorist organization. we should do the same thing for president trump. the sanctions, lindsey graham could help pass sanctions and the senate, but that's not going
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to reverse the message that we have sent to allies who have fought alongside of us in northern syria. just one quick thing, the former commander of u.s. central command, he coauthored a piece recently. it was in "the atlantic. close to an opinion piece. he said, "it's troubling considering the self-proclaimed kelis of isis went to break them out. this policy been met for its 25 years was a fighting and will severely damage making credibility and reliability and any future fights where we need strong allies." >> harris: melissa, my question, when you talk about a jailbreak and thousands of people who are bloodthirsty and hate us -- well, they are terrorists, they had everybody -- but when you talk about how that can look like, is it enough to say that we have fighters nearby? are they at those facilities? that would actually be nearby. >> melissa: i don't know. i'm not equipped to answer that. i don't know enough about the
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military. i would echo exactly what dagen said. i don't think you can say it any better. i would ask you, in your mind, how does it play out, marie? if the turks charge into syria -- >> harris: which they are doing. >> melissa: right. they are charging after what to meet whom, with the fight from there, who is on each side? what does that look like? >> marie: they are going on down like an offensive from the reporting we have from kurdish side. they want to do that for a long time. they have historically been very anti-kurd, because the kurds -- those who live in turkey -- want their own country. so the turks have questions or northern syria and they are going after some of the same kurdish forces we fought alongside. so the kurdish forces have to take their eye off of isis and fight the turks. they have to take their resources away from guarding these isis prisoners and continuing to go after isis to fight the turks. what we will see in the immediate is a kurdish, possibly, bloodbath. >> melissa: i totally agree. i don't want to cut you off but i don't want to run out of time.
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do they ven butt up against serious forces chemical happens from there? >> marie: the answers we have no idea. but the foot will be taken off of the gap against isis. we do know that, i think. >> gregg: i do think lindsey graham's ideas a good one. instead of military force to deter turkey, let's use what is often ineffective. their economy, and sanctions against it. >> harris: you mean to stop them from a further offensive? >> gregg: to repair their nato ally, and we have great power over their economy. >> harris: let's talk about money. we talked about how many troops that have been told 250 250, fr than 1,000. even the president said there were very few troops on that borderline, that allowed turkey to then cross over any deterrence from us. it's not like we are saving a ton of cash. so what does america get in terms of watching its allies? they are not nato allies, but
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there are allies that helped crushed an enemy that must sensitize at least 40 countries, isis. what is the payback of equity to get? >> gregg: we get the end to make and bloodshed. the loss of lives in the region. >> harris: what about afghanistan were restocked 14,000 can reckon of the president wants to bring that number down. but we are going to actually save some cash there. >> gregg: he said, "i'm going to do this." now he's doing it. of course you have people who disagree with him. but he's the commander-in-chief, tough decisions have to be made. the american people, if they don't like it, then next year they can vote for somebody else. to go back into these endless wars. >> dagen: but the danger is we will be back there in a few years, which we saw after president obama, because isis rises up again -- >> gregg: we have 5,500 troops nearby, and five operating bases. they can move swiftly. >> dagen: but guess what
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connect we don't have the kurdish allies anymore. because we just turned our backs on them. you and we'll move on. two men who assisted rudy giuliani in ukraine have now been indicted on campaign finance charges. we will look into that ahead. plus, the president's former ukraine abbasid is expected to testify tomorrow. whether or not she will show as the trump administration vows to fight the impeachment inquiry. gregg jarrett's mouse. ♪ i have huge money saving news for veterans. mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows. one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va streamline benefit now.
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been arrested on campaign finance charges. giuliani says the pair logistically helped him with his efforts to investigate the actions of joe biden's son, hunter, in ukraine. giuliani now calls the timing of the arrests "suspicious," and vows to reveal relevant facts very shortly. the two are set to appear in federal court in virginia this afternoon, and i would add that attorney general barr says he stands behind these actions? >> gregg: he does, and because they were arrested that means this has gone from civil to criminal. on the law is very unique on campaign finance. prosecutors have to show that these two gentlemen knew that they were breaking the campaign finance laws, which i would say is very hard to prove, because even lawyers don't understand the complexity of campaign finance laws. again, the attorney general was apprised of this months ago.
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he supports the lawyers in the fdny. >> melissa: marie? >> marie: first, it underscores how everything rudy giuliani seems to touch today has some sort of cloud of suspicion over it. i remain perplexed as to why president trump seems to think that rudy is helpful to him, particularly in the public relations case. legally -- and i'm not an attorney -- i think it's very interesting that these men were arrested for a campaign finance relation of asking the ukrainians get dirt on hunter biden to help president trump. we are now in an impeachment proceeding -- >> gregg: but there is no connection so far to the campaign finance arrests, and we just stated. >> marie: let me just finish, gregg. my point is that concept, if you ask the ukrainians to give dirt on hunter biden, that might be a campaign finance violation >> gregg: dirt, or evidence we are entitled to have? >> marie: the houses looking for evidence begins don't like because president trump says he himself is asked for information. >> gregg: after they already reopen the case. >> marie: my point is it's not a legal one, it's a political
9:18 am
one. we have a legal proceeding that mirrors with the political proceeding is in the house, because that's the issue. >> melissa: dagen, i would say there is one very big difference. this is the point a lot of folks have been making, that the president has the responsibility to make sure our taxpayer dollars aren't being sent to places where there's corruption. so he ostensibly come up vis-a-vis his position as president, has another reason to be asking, as opposed to people who were there strictly working i campaign. they're not there in thus giving potential corruption in taxpayer dollars going in that direction. >> dagen: add to this that jay sekulow -- >> melissa: we were supposed to hold off on that for second. that's what we were all looking at where trying to see. can we get some guidance from the booth? >> dagen: they can tell you in the air. >> melissa: okay, go ahead. >> dagen: okay. jay sekulow on the arrest of the indictment establishes neither the president nor the campaign nor the pacs were aware. the >> gregg: and they segregated the money -- >> melissa: i want to point out that it's a report. we want to see if we could
9:19 am
verify it on their own, that's what we were holding off. but that's what's being reported at this time to go ahead, whoever wants to respond. >> gregg: once the super pac was notified that the feds were investigating, they took that money and they segregated it in a separate account. they haven't used it. they are certainly doing the right thing. again, we will have to see how this plays out, and i would underscore that this doesn't have anything to do with rudy giuliani that we know so far. making an introduction to people that they know in the region is not a part of the charges that we are aware of. >> melissa: although, harris, one of them was supposed to appear before the house -- whatever it is -- the inquiry. does that change thanks to mike >> harris: we don't know yet. i want to ask you, though, about the shift between the civil to the criminal now, with the charges. >> gregg: for example, barack obama's campaign had to pay $375,000 in a fine, but it was the crime.
9:20 am
it was a civil violation. in fact, it's rather frequent in campaigns, because the laws are complex and people unknowingly commit a violation of the campaign finance law. but to criminalize it -- and only 5% are ever criminalize -- you have to show that they knew what they were doing was a violation of the law. you almost have to have a sheet of paper, and admission. "let's violate the law and donate x amount of dollars." >> melissa: meantime, amid the standoff between the white house on house democrats over the impeachment inquiry, the house of ukraine envoy is still expected to meet behind closed doors behind tomorrow. it's unclear if the state department where she still works will ultimately block her from appearing. this, as democrats have respected the president's former russia advisor, fiona l, to
9:21 am
testify next week. they reportedly gearing up to issue a wave of new subpoenas. president trump predicts this is far from over. >> then it turns out the whistleblower was in cahoots with adam schiff. then it turns out that whistleblower is a democrat, strong democrat, and is working with one of my opponents as a democrat that i might end up running against. the whole thing is a scam. it's a fix. we wrote a letter yesterday, and probably it ends up being a big supreme court case. >> melissa: harris, you seen this poll showing 51% of respondents believe the president should be impeached and removed from office. another 4% say impeached but not removed. there is that 40%, not impeached at impeached all. >> harris: if we could put that back up, and gregg, you can talk to this, too. the thing that caught my eye with this poll was not necessarily how many more people say impeached and removed, but
9:22 am
how the number on the bottom is changing from 45% to 40%. how fewer people are thinking that impeachment shouldn't happen. because those two things up top are different. most people don't talk about the difference between the inquiry, the impeachment, and the removal. but when you are shifting from a total idea of impeachment by 5%, that seems significant to me. why do you think that happening? >> gregg: well, because i think the mainstream media-driven narrative has been overwhelmingly negative against the president, and polls like these are like the shifting sands that blow. i think -- >> harris: that's interesting. they be not just all about impeachment, but simply because the sitting negativity in the coverage over months and months and months. >> gregg: as more evidence emerges, if it emerges, that with the president did was neither a crime nor an impeachable offense -- which is my legal opinion -- i think those full numbers will change significantly. >> melissa: i bet marie disagrees. >> marie: was interesting as
9:23 am
you can quibble with anyone poll, but all of the polls -- "washington post," political and, now are fox news poll -- they're all going in same direction. people are getting more information. they got the transcript, they got there was a blur account. doing the omicron more, all the polls are going in favor, more in favor of impeachment. >> gregg: when the inspector general report comes out, apparently next week, at the end of me, you're going to see polls changed dramatically. speaker you don't know that. that's your guess. we don't know what's in the report. >> gregg: of course that's my opinion. can we express opinions? >> marie: yes, but we don't know what's in the report. >> gregg: i suspect the report will be devastating about corruption and acts of potential criminality. >> dagen: i'm sure all these democrats have some "washington post" t-shirts that say "democracy dies in the darkness." they should start wearing them around to come and maybe they would understand they need to do that out of the open in front of the american people rather than in secret. new rules, my rules, but you don't get to know the rules per that's nancy pelosi. >> harris: real quickly,
9:24 am
representative garamendi, democrat from california, was on another network calling for a full house vote. which is something republicans have wanted, too. on impeachment. that would force the situation to be more open. maybe the present could get thas hoping is that the people they've tried to subpoena as democrats will also come to testify. see three house republicans don't want to vote now. they said they don't want to. >> harris: i'm just telling you, he was on record, garamendi. >> gregg: it seems wrong to that one individual, nancy pelosi, unilaterally hold the presidency hostage. >> melissa: the president bashing joe biden after the 2020 contender called for his impeachment. why the president thinks this is an act of desperation. >> donald trump has violated his oath of office. betrayed the nation, and committed an impeachable act. i believe he should be impeached. [cheers and applause] ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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>> biden is dropping like a rock. i don't think he will make it. i guess this is one way you can do it. he didn't say that until right now and he sees what's happening to them. i guess is no longer the front runner. look, i feel badly for him. because i know he is going through a lot. he has been hit and he's been caught red handed. >> harris: president trump they are wasting no time firing back at joe biden after the former vice president and 2020 contender called for the president's impeachment yesterday for the very first time publicly. biden said trump "indicted himself" basket ukrainian president to investigate the biden family. i can already hear the wheels turning inside gregg jarrett's head right now. what do you think? >> gregg: is a crime to use your public office to confer a benefit in exchange for something a personal value to
9:30 am
yourself or your family. now, we don't know if that was joe biden's intent. i can see we need more facts. if ukraine has facts and evidence, especially victor show can who says he was fired because he was investigating hunter biden, he told that to "the washington post" and to others -- than the president is certainly entitled to say, "look into it, please. if you have information can you give it to us." we have officers all over the world in which the fbi and american prosecutors work with foreign governments to stop corrupt acts and finance crimes and other crimes. this was a normal thing for our government to say, "please cooperate." >> harris: do you have a problem with the words "can you do us a favor" though? ken starr said he would have leaned into the president said, "yeah, don't do it again." >> gregg: were small, the president uses that phrase quite
9:31 am
greatly. second, it was not in relation to joe biden. it was cooperation in our official ongoing william barr investigation into the origins of the trump collision oaks so people link or two and they are unrelated. >> marie: one joe biden calls for this prosecution to be fired, he was falling u.s. government policy. all of europe on at the same thing. this was decided by president obama, susan rice, the entire national security council. this was not joe biden's policy, this was u.s. government policy. there is no evidence joe biden did anything inappropriate. i know gregg wants questions answered, but we have to follow the evidence. the political question -- >> gregg: how do you account for what shokin said? >> marie: he's trying to take on joe biden as his presumed opponent. in some ways democrats are thinking about donald trump, by going after biden, is elevating him in the primary. >> harris: that shouldn't upset joe biden. i do want to get this in there -- you mentioned shokin. go ahead.
9:32 am
>> marie: was widely known as corrupt. every european government wanted to get rid of him. everyone in the u.s. government who worked with him wanted to get rid of him. >> gregg: i'm always skeptical when someone says "widely-known." it generally turns out not to be true. >> marie: i was there in the government of the time. i remember this case, gregg. >> gregg: hunter biden is getting millions of dollars from ukrainian company at the same time his father is fishing for increased natural gas by a cane. >> marie: there's no evidence joe biden did anything wrong. answer this for me -- >> harris: we've got to get melissa in here on that one. >> marie: ivanka trump -- >> melissa: just a second. the thing is that it's also widely known that the person who hunter biden was working for is also under investigation for corruption, has a very shady past. he's on the board of a company where he has no business being, based on who the ceo is, based on the fact that he has no
9:33 am
background whatsoever. no expertise. he brings nothing discernible to the table at that board of directors. they would never do that. he also wouldn't take a job on a board of somebody who the ceo is known to be corrupt and is under investigation. it's the same thing in china. you don't give someone -- usually give it to blackstone, goldman sachs to no, it will give a 200 200 by the news nevn any money ever and has zero track record. here's the problem for joe biden. it's not that anything was illegal or that it's his kid, it's that he's running as donald trump's moral superior. when you say how is it different from a vodka and whatever, we know what we know about president trump or joe biden as saying, "i'm going to bring morality back to his country." he's running as donald trump's better self. but if he is doing same thing, as you say, is not better.
9:34 am
>> harris: one of his early relics, joe biden said "make america moral again." they can? >> marie: he's not doing the same thing. >> dagen: ed rollins, even before the ukraine story broke, said that joe biden has a glass jaw. i think we are seeing evidence of that. that he is swinging in the air, and throwing air punches, and he's not going to build a take one. he was the first one that throws one at him? is going to be someone on the debate stage next week? again, he went from friday -- this is part of peter doocy's reporting -- he went from friday until yesterday avoiding the cameras. he wouldn't talk about conflict of interest. he wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" over the weekend, lambasting president trump. and the word "ukraine" wasn't even in the op-ed. if you are going to try, as democrats, to impeach a president for a conversation with the head of ukraine, then he is going to have to take that on. he's would have to be front and center in terms of
9:35 am
influence-pedaling. clearly, by his son. >> harris: real quickly, we aren't seeing that reflected in any sort of punch and joe biden's numbers at this point. your thoughts on why that is? >> gregg: you know, i think he will continue to go down like the hindenburg, fast and burning. we will wait and see how it ends up. but he's got a lot to answer fo for. i'm not trying to convict him of a crime. i'm simply saying we need more evidence. ukraine apparently has the evidence we are entitled to receive. >> dagen: joe biden needs money, though small-$ donors are sitting him saying, "whom, the smells clintonian." >> harris: the woman who got matt lauer fired is breaking her silence. after the host after he called their encounter consensual. she says he is victim-shaming. matt lauer on the screen. we are coming right back. ♪ my joints... they hurt.
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to financial wellness with prudential. ♪ >> melissa: matt lauer's accusers sitting back after the former "today show" coastal released a lengthy public letter calling a former nbc employees allegations of rape "categorically false." he claims they had an affair that was completely consensual. his accuser responding, saying his open letter was a "case study in victim-blaming. i'm not afraid of him now, regardless of his thoughts, bullying, and the shaming and predatory tactics. i knew he would and now has tried to use against me." meantime, the new book by reporter ronan pharaoh that brought all this back into the headlines is also said to detail allegations against nbc news chief andrew l, including claims that he pressured one woman into having
9:41 am
a relationship with him while he was her boss. and that he turned hostile toward the young employee after the relationship soured. he says the new book paints a fundamentally untrue picture of nbc news. dagen, i would start with you. my question has always been about antilock and how he is still there. we know from our own painful past, it's not about one person. find and fighting one person. there's an environment that allows things to go on. in the case of andy lackey, you look at these other things that go on. i would point to msnbc anchor stephanie ruhl, who went on "the today show" under andy lack, and pump the stock of someone she had a personal relationship without -- they reported on it because you can't do that. that was on his watch for there were no repercussions for that. nbc hasn't been right with every
9:42 am
thing they've got going on there. what are your thoughts? >> dagen: there are people who don't work for that company or reporters and are on these cases, digging into the stories and reporting them. particularly these women. this is not going to go away. not for anybody. we know as well as anybody working here, just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it didn't happen. >> gregg: you know, i think andrew lack has a lot to answer for. the parent company probably ought to investigate him and take action. >> melissa: do you think they haven't? >> gregg: it's unclear. a genuine investigation. i don't know. i will say this, that the letter by matt lauer does give you pause. that he claims she carried on an affair after the alleged rape. she admits it, apparently come in ronan farrow's report. that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. it's possible she still could
9:43 am
be. but i think it gives you pause. i always remind the accuser lied. she is now behind bars for people argue, all accusers must be believed under all circumstances. >> melissa: do you think matt lauer did do this? >> gregg: i don't know, we don't know. but his letter does give you pause. >> marie: i would say that an overwhelming percentage of women who come forward are telling the truth pay that is borne out by the numbers. >> gregg: i would agree. >> marie: and the reason people often don't come forward, who have genuinely been victims, or because they are afraid of being shamed or losing their jobs. it's not pleasant to come forward and say this happen to you. i think that letter for matt lauer, i found that i don't know what the white don't like right where it is. discuss and connect that might be the right word. i wish he would just kind of go away. the biggest problem we all talked about, not just at nbc
9:44 am
but still in our culture, that's an issue we are clearly grappling with high levels of every industry. finance, media, politics. that this is still something -- what, a year and a half into the #metoo movement, we still don't know entirely how to grapple with it. >> melissa: not only that. with the matt lauer situation from its right to point out that he was in a position to lord power over her. whether or not that was -- >> gregg: and that may have been the reason she admittedly carried on an affair after the alleged rape. i'm not saying he's telling the truth. this accuser may be telling the truth. >> harris: you want to get into the bottom of it. you started with, let's look into the person making decisions of the top from andrew lack. >> gregg: no oppenheimer and andy lack both. they also may have killed the weinstein story that had merits. >> harris: that might be an argument of why you are reading about it in a book. >> marie: and "the new yorker."
9:45 am
>> melissa: the game went on in china between the lakers and mats, and so has the firestorm of reaction if he hung on sweet between executive. now they are calling out coaches and players to pandering to beijing. ♪ applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ pain happens. saturdays happen. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong. is eh, not enough chocolate would be good. snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress.
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♪ >> they have to work out their own situation, but i watched the way that karen popovich and others were pandering to china, and yet to our own country it's like they don't respect it. selected or respected. what a difference. isn't it sad? it's very sad. to me it's very sad. >> dagen: president trump ripping two nba coaches who have been among their biggest critics for the reaction to china striking back at the nba over a pro hong kong tweet by the houston rockets general manager. today's l.a. lakers and brooklyn nets exhibition in shanghai went on as planned, but chinese state media refused to air it. and canceled all media availability around the game, including news conferences. most of the nba's chinese partners have suspended ties with the league, there are reports that the houston rockets
9:50 am
merchandise has been pulled from nike stores in major chinese cities. greg, the hypocrisy was hard to impact. because popovich was praising adam silver's response. he's a leader, he's very courageous, and he didn't lose " he's the first coach to take a shot at president trump. "compared to what we had to live with, big gap, big difference in leadership and courage." come on. >> gregg: i think personal animus is motivating a lot of this. the nba is in a tough position. they are a business. china is a big market. the commissioner is really trying to dance a very fine line here. in the end, i always believe in free speech and expression. so i back anybody who does so. >> marie: what a self-inflicted wound, too. the started with one treat from one person. one team. the end to be it by putting up the statement prayed we talked
9:51 am
about this yesterday, that it was different in english and chinese. so when they became clear, that they were trying to pander on the chinese side, this is such a self-inflicted wound on the nba's part. stunning. >> harris: you know, gregg, i scratch my head as to what the original statement from the nba needed to be. what you are talking about is stockholders and the people that these teams are responsible to. making money and keeping people employed so they can play over the world become aware of or they would choose through two. this is lot 11. the question becomes, "you make and take a street document" which of that original statement have looked like? >> gregg: b&b statement? well, it's sort of cross both lines. it saying, "we support the right of a gm to express his free-speech right and support protesters in hong kong trade" of the same time, adam silver's going over to china to try and placate them for financial reasons. and he has fiduciary duty to do that.
9:52 am
>> melissa: if i could jump in before you run out of time, this is two monopolies butting heads. it'll be interesting to see how this works out. china has a monopoly, the government, all over all these years and monday. you can get that anywhere else. but the nba has a monopoly over this thing the chinese people love. if the government takes that away from them, that could be one of the most dangerous things that has happened in a very long time. watch this story. it's a fascinating microcosm of what's going on. >> dagen: if a player had treated and sip broke out in support of hong kong, the response out of the it would've been "we support our players, they can see what they." hollywood, meanwhile, divided over her defense of her friendship with former president george w. bush. ♪ ncing a strong economy... ...that is certain. but history tells us that economies
9:53 am
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>> melissa: hollywood split on how they feel about ellen degeneres admitting to being friends with former president george w. bush, and urging people to be kind to everyone. actor mark ruffalo tweeting, "sorry, until george w bush is brought to justice for the crimes of the iraq war, including american-led torture,s appointment, and the deep scars, emotional and otherwise, and flicked it on a military that served his folly, we can't even begin to talk about kindness." this, as reese witherspoon and kristen bell are facing backlash of their own for voicing their support for ellen. i don't care what actors think. i'm i the only one? they are paid to pretend to be someone else. >> gregg: i marvel that ellen degeneres' kindness. she made sense in an argument. my daughters were moved by it. they'll need to be nuggets dominated to each other. it is not your political beliefs.
9:58 am
>> marie: is looking right at me >> gregg: i think you're wonderful. >> marie: this is what i was going to say x like us democrat who works at a network where there are not a lot of other democrats on the commentary side, certainly, i am with ellen on this one. speech at the everything, dig and come of it rings true about this, that is part of her brand. that she really lives being nice all the time. her shows a happy place to go. if it's in with the rest of her. it seems like it. when you see her, we may disagree on things. but the actor's charming amount of it, you're like, "what can might" have the time to be critical. >> dagen: reese witherspoon said "thank you for this important matter, ellen." and then she deleted the tweet. i want to set up a kiosk selling cuts to people in hollywood. i would be super rich. by the way, you know everybody
9:59 am
in hollywood is like, "yeah, i will come to your picnic. but as mark ruffalo going to be there? because i just want to eat some hot dogs and drink some lemonade and just have a kumbaya time. >> melissa: speaking of kumbaya and hot dogs unlimited, is that we are book is about? [laughter] >> gregg: no, it's called "witch hunts." somebody said, "oh, it's like war and peace but without the peace." [laughter] >> melissa: bofficials operatine shadow of secrecy could nuns tens of millions of americans that the president was a traitor? and now, as we embark on the --e know that's untrue. out of that happen? so barr is investigating. i'd like to think this is a road map for what happened. and the malevolent, corrupt act that allowed it to take place. >> melissa: i think marie will buy that for everyone on her christmas list.
10:00 am
>> marie: i'm not sure my kind is extends that far. but i will read it, how about that? >> gregg: there you go! >> melissa: kumbaya! >> gregg: it will be >> gregg: there will be a pop quiz in ten days. >> melissa: that is of rest. here's harris. >> harris: let's begin with businessmen tied to president trump's personal attorney who have been arrested and charged with campaign finance violations. this is between six. i'm harris faulkner. rudy giuliani has revealed to fox news the two associates 'inspection on the right here, "logistically helped him with his investigation into joe biden's son. he vowed to reveal more shortly as we wait the pair in u.s. district court, about an hour from now. catherine herridge is live with more. julian is talking >> that's right, spoke with him earlier today and he confirmed that he did enlist the help of lev parnas and igor fruman to investigate corruption le


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