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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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reporter. >> martha: that's the "story" on friday october 11th, 2019. the story goes on and on. see you on monday night at 7. have a great weekend, everybody. >>♪ >> tucker: this is the fox news alert. the president will address supporters in lake charles, louisiana. the president announced the departure of his acting dhs secretary of state. a remarkable rally last night and we expect another one tonight. in the meantime, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a story we have been following for the last few days. by day, steve kerr is the coach of the golden state warriors basketball team in the state of california. in his spare time, kerr moon lights as a political pundit and
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is happy to share his hot take on american politics. he is like a one man twitter. the president is a racist he will say and you have too many guns and people around him applaud. he thinks he is brave for saying things that not a single person in their world disagrees with. it's not bravely at all. it's cowardice. someone asked steve kerr what he thinks of the government of china, the largest police state in the history of the human race. maybe because the nba does a great deal of business in china, kerr was flum oxed by the question. fascism or democracy. i don't want to weigh in. sometimes you don't have a choice. last night he was asked again about china and answered the question. sure, china has problems so does the united states.
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china send religious minorities to concentration camps and executes political prisons to sell their organs but in america they sell guns at wal-mart. >> it does not come up. people asking me about it. no. nor has our record of human rights abuses come up either. people in china didn't ask me about people owning ar-15s and mowing each other down in a mall. i wasn't asked that question. the world is a complex place. there is more gray than black-and-white. >> tucker: some things are not that gray like putting muslims in concentration camps. steve kerr and the nba were made for each other. the nba epitomizes capital ruthlessness under the guise of
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compassion. they employ kerr who is the modern mindless elite left. he is happy to trash his own country and gives up not one thing in return. he receives only accolades. but when real evil stares him in the face he has nothing to say. real evil is powerful. there are costs to opposing it and rewards for accepting. the nba commissioner adam silver said the nba will stand by free speech no matter what the consequences from china. it was all a lie. several nba teams are on an exhibition tour in china right now. that presents a air opportunity. -- rare opportunity. superstar nba players can say
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whatever they want about china's regime and get attention and avoid consequences. are you going to put an nba player in jail? no, they had a golden opportunity to speak real truth to real power. but the nba stopped them. today the nba announced that none of the players on the tour in china will be able to speak to the media for the rest of the trip. wouldn't want any using their free speech the wrong way and criticizing their chinese masters. the coach of the san antonio spurs said the president brings out the dark side of human being. in 2016 he bragged as an american he could speak his mind on anything. that's right. but what is he using that free speech for? he is not using it at all. when asked about the nba in china which is the critical issue, he had nothing to say. he blasted trump for handling
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the jamal khashoggi assassination last year. what does that have to do with china? nothing. why answer that? because saudi arabia has a smaller believe -- basketball market. where is dallas mavericks owner mark cuban? he came on this show but so far he has nothing to say about china and its control over the nba. this proves the ruling class is phoney. they are weak and pathetic. that's obvious now. they talk a big game about human rights and lecture about
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democracy. the threat to you is not russia or saudi arabia or donald trump. no, china is the threat. anyone who pretends otherwise is not clueless, they are an accomplice. jason whitlock is ready to speak his mind. thanks for coming on. the nba had a stumble at the beginning of the story. you thought maybe they would recover and do the only thing which is take the side of america. but they still haven't. w why? >> tucker, i want to put you and your audience on the cutting edge. stick with me. it's very simple. nike is in control of basketball. the nba, college basketball and high school. nike is the real person driving
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this conversation and this thing with china. if you go back to -- i will connect it to politics -- in may of 2015, president barack obama went to nike's headquarters in portland, oregon and announced his defense of the trans-pacific partnership. the trade deal was going to be favorable for nike, for china. who is the president that came after obama and walked america from this? donald trump. who is the shoe company that employs lebron james, kaepernick and these other athletes that smeared donald trump as racist? who are the people criticizing donald trump? the nba. steve kerr.
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gregg popovich. the nba answers to nike. nike is a 40 billion dollars business. the nba is an $8 billion business. president obama the basketball president, friendly relationship with the nba. went to nike's headquarters to announce his defense of the tpp. this thing is very simple. this is about money. this is about a president that won't cooperate with what nike wants done. nike is using the nba and its leverage over the nba to go after this guy because they disagree with him about his policies as it relates to trade in china. >> tucker: that's a fascinating story. and i guess it makes you wonder, if nike is calling the shots -- so, the nba is not an independent organization? they are beholden? >> the nba answers to nike.
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basketball exists to sell shoes. nike has 93% of the basketball market in america. it owns american basketball. nike is the real bully in the ring here. they are influencing american culture. they are addicted to this market in china. they have 1.4 billion people over there that nike needs to sell shoes too. nike's use of inexpensive asian labor has been documented for years. >> tucker: i believe what you are saying. >> you can look it up. these are facts. >> tucker: why are you one of the only people making this point? there are lots of people covering sports up there. why does nobody say this? >> because most people are
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looking at the pleasing their twitter feed more than be journalists. american journalists are so addicted to twitted and be retweeted and liked and going viral. smearing trump and getting in a feud with trump with the easiest way. look, nike did a hell of a job is of managing its relationships with the american sports media. they do a hell of a job. they are very nice to the american sports media. look, espn, they have a relationship with the nba. they need to be successful. there is no real incentive to go look for the facts. the facts are so obvious. i am begging you. people watching at home. your producers, punch it into google. it's all there.
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obama, may 2015, at nike's headquarters. why do you choose nike's headquarters to announce your defense of the tpp. go look it up. where president trump has been. he's the guy against it. it all makes sense. it's all obvious. >> tucker: nike controls the nba and speaks for the government of china. an amazing story. our hope our viewers will check it out. jason whitlock, thank you for that. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: daniel davidson is the political editor at the federalist. this is a story i expected to have gone away by now. it makes the nba look -- it's indefensible and infuriating people but they are doubling down. >> it's terrible. these comments by steve kerr were not only just offensive on the face but stupid is. it's stupid to compare u.s. gun
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ownership with the human rights abuses of the chinese communist party. steve kerr should know better. his grandfather helped the armenians during the genocide and whose father was anass say theed. -- assassinated. he doesn't have any excuse. he knows what is going on in china. everyone at the nba knows what is going on in china. now everybody in america who follows the nba knows what is going on in china. it's not just the nba. all of these major companies and all of these different industries are doing the same thing that the nba is doing. now there is a bright light shined on it. >> tucker: what does it say if we produce people like steve kerr. making a lot of money.
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high-profile gig, considered moral leaders and they can't say i choose my country over the fascist government of china? >> yes, i think progressive elite like to hate america and like to loathe american and part of the reason is because they want the rest of us to understand that we need them to lead us. we need them to explain to us that the world is a complex place. it's not all black-and-white. we need their wisdom. we are simple americans who can't understand how bad our country is. we are not enlightened like the progressi ivive elite who have power and the money. >> tucker: steve kerr was asked what do you think about china's ban on free speech and democracy?
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the answer is it's simple. it's appalling. i choose america over china. they can't say that. as the steakes become higher, what kind of position are we in? >> these companies won't do anything to jeopardyize -- >> tucker: i'm sorry. i can't control myself. why are we abetting this garbage which we are? >> you bring up a good point. those are things we need to rethink. we need to rethink the connection between our national security strategy and our economic activity and maybe tie the 2 together more. china does.
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>> tucker: you think? atlanta hartfield airport is a hub for delta. delta can't choose the united states over china if what you say is correct. look at the taxpayers subsdies. why are we paying for this garbage for our own destruction? >> i know. this is a conversation that needs to happen. we have to have steve kerr saying idiotic things on national television, so be it. >> tucker: thank you. up next. a special edition of the dan bongino news explosion. which will the president address tonight? dan will wick. we'll be right back. devices are like doorways
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xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: it's friday. those distant explosions you here are the dan bongino news explosions. president trump will speak any moment in lake charles, louisiana. our favorite new york city cop is here with his picks for this week's top stories. will the president address these tonight? we will find out. dan bongino joins us now. hi, dan. >> always good to see you. interesting to go right before the president. these 3 stories. always tough on friday getting the top 3. story number 3, tucker, this liberal tolerance in air quotes is getting dangerous. we saw last night in minnesota.
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he walked outside and a bunch of peaceful trump supporters were assaulted leaving the rally. i love props. i was looking around for my daughter's play captain america shield. i could not find it. i was going to recommend you bring a captain american shield to deflect the liberal's rocks and stones. terrible. story number 2, i would like to start a new segment. fraud of the week or of the month. this was easy. elizabeth warren who, tucker, amazingly can't get her own auto-biography right. elizabeth warren can't get her own story right. she makes this allegation in this campaign stump speech that
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she was let go of a job because she was pregnant. well, elizabeth warren herself, as we can see in this video here is refuting elizabeth warren's own story. check this out. >> i was visibly pregnant. the principal did what principals did in those days, wished me luck and hired someone else for the job. wished me luck and hire someone else for the job. wished me luck and hire someone else for the job. >> well, that's not exactly what elizabeth warren said in 2007 when she was interviewing at california berkeley and said she left the job. here's your trophy for fraud of the week. it was the same trophy for best actor last week for adam schiff.
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[overlapping talking]. >> tucker: her news story is contradicted by her previous accounts. has she squared the two? >> no, she is doubling down. well, i told this story a few times. and even worse the media is running to the fence. the "washington post" and others are running stories, listen, pregnant women were fired in the '70s for being pregnant. no doubt that happened, but that doesn't happen to elizabeth warren. just like there were actual american indians but elizabeth warren is not wont of them. that's the problem. we are not alleging this didn't happen, it just doesn't map to elizabeth warren. >> tucker: she should declare that coverage as a contribution to her campaign. >> also of the democrats. it's ridiculous. story number 1. [laughing].
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>> [whistling]. >> i am blowing the whistle. illegal motion in the nfl. another whistleblower? how many whistleblowers will we have about a story about a transcript -- a lot it. -- i got it. i printed page 1. i could be the whistleblower. there is a new whistleblower about the trump call with the ukraine president zelensky about the quid pro quo that didn't happen. now there is a second and 3rd and maybe another whistleblower. we don't need whistleblowers. read the thing yourself. i am blowing the whistle. >> [whistling]. >> i am the whistleblower. >> tucker: [laughing]. we can assess it for ourselves. dan bongino, my head exploded just as you promised. happy weekend. >> you too. >> tucker: the president will
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speak soon in louisiana. last night on cnn they had a town hall on gay and transgender issues. you would have to see it to believe it. beto o'rourke set the tone. he promised to use the full power of the state to crush orthodox synagogues and churches and mosques whose beliefs he opposes. >> do you think religious institutions like churches and charities should they lose their tax exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage? >> yes. >> [cheers and applause]. >> there can be no reward, no tax break for any institution that denies the full human rights and civil rights of every one of us. we will make that a priority and stop those infringing on the
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rights of our fellow americans. >> tucker: it got intense. chris cuomo tried to lighten the mood with his pronoun preferences. watch. >> my pronouns are she, her and her's. >> mine too. >> all right. >> tucker: [laughing]. it's so stupid. kamala harris, well, what do you think? it's just too dumb. and cuomo was just joking. but no one jokes anymore. cnn made him apologize he did. i said not have said that. i am an ally of the lbgtq community and i am committed to helping us achieve equality."
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oeplease. what wasn't a joke was elizabeth warren's promise to spend taxpayer money to give convicted criminals free tax changeses for real. >> in 2012 you criticized the judge's rule for a transgender inmate. you said i don't think it's a good use of taxpayer dollars. do you regret that? >> yes, i think it was a bad answer. i believe that everyone is entitled to medical care and medical care that they need. that include people who are transgender, and it's time for them to have gender affirming surgery. >> tucker: and time for toupee for it whether you want to or not. joe biden has his habit got bizarre and went off on a digression about bath houses. see if you can figure this out. >> remember 20 years ago we
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talked about this in san francisco. it was all about, gay bath houses. it's about around-the-clock sex. come on, man! gay couple are more likely to stay together longer than heterosexual couple. >> tucker: all about around the clocks sex says joe biden. the audience chipped in to help. watch this. >> i want to take a moment before i ask my question to validate the pain of our transgender siblings that demonstrated earlier and spoke up today. >> let me tell you something. black trans women are being killed. [shouting]. black trans women are dying. our lives matter.
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i am an extraordinary black trans woman and i deserve to be here. >> tucker: cnn erased black trans women for the last time. intense. we could show you the whole thing. you should look it up and assess for yourself. definitely worth it. rob smith is a spokesman and joins us tonight. rob, just to think -- come on. [laughing]. liberals are running it. nobody can say no. wait in line. we will give you a mic. it's out of control. this specific policy points, beto o'rourke says if you don't agree with his views, he will take away your tax exemption. every mosque in america and churches and synagogue would lose their tax exemption. really? >> look, the first thing i have to say as a gay man watching
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that lbgtq alpafet soup i was mortified. that represents a tiny sliver of gay america. it doesn't represent most of us. >> tucker: normal people know that. -- what is infuriating. pretending this represents everybody. >> it doesn't. it's one-third of 1% of that population. the sad thing and the scary thing to me is i have a lot of conservative followers. some people feel so uncomfortable and being that's all of us. no, that is not. -- think. beto, i am a gay man and i love my husband.
5:31 pm
if we can't have a church that would perform our marriage, we would just find another church. i don't need the government to enforce that on people. that's what we saw last night. government intervention. weaponizing somebody not using the correct pronouns. that spineless apology that chris cuomo had to make on twitter. it's insane. >> tucker: it is. you should be allowed to tell a joke. we don't need to be the solemn -- it's crazy how angry people get in the face of humor which tells you a lot. >> it does. >> tucker: and kamala harris with her pronouns. was that a question that someone asked. kamala harris using male or female? it's bizarre. >> tucker, the thing going on with the left right now is the weaponization of language.
5:32 pm
controlling people's language. if kamala harris had not stated her pronouns, somebody would have called her out for it. as a gay conservative i accepted the fact i have to tell all of the lbgtq alphabet soup you can't have your toys and can't have ice cream for dinner. some things last night in that town hall were insane. i am a gay veteran. i served two tours in the middle east. this is not what i fought for. i didn't advocate for the alphabet soup agenda. it's mortifying. there are so many spineless gays and lesbians on the left that won't speak out about this. they won't speak out about taxpayer funded gender
5:33 pm
reassignment surgery or transitioning children. it pains me. it's very important. >> tucker: people are terrified. the aggression level is so high. people think it's not worth it to say anything. most americans are not angry. they don't want to attack anybody. they feel like they can't push back or they will be fired. >> yes, they feel like they can't engage in a conversation. >> tucker: that's right. >> they can't push back. it's sad. i will push back. >> tucker: good for you. thank you very much for that. cnn central command had a new phrase for everyone on the network to repeat endlessly. they are telling us, brace yourself, that the ukraine story a constitutional crisis. >> under way right now america
5:34 pm
in the middle of a constitutional crisis. >> it's a constitutional crisis in the making. >> have you been hesitant to stay that president trump and his actions meant we were in a constitutional crisis. you changed your tune. >> we're in a constitutional crisis. >> the president goes to war with democrats or his impeachment. >> constitutional crisis is swirling again. >> this is probably a constitutional crisis. putting the nation on the brink avenue constitutional crisis. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to a constitutional constitutional crisis. constitu. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to constitutional crisis. constitu. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to constitutional crisis. constitu. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to constitutional crisi constituti. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to constitutional crisis.constitut. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to constitutional crisis.o constit. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to
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constitutional crisis.f consti. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to constitutional crisis.a constit. >> we are now in a partisan brawl that could lead to constitutional crisis. >> i think they are happy to have a constitutional crisis. >> tucker: joe, a radio host, joins us. this doesn't mean that everybody has to use the exact phrase, does it? >> you would not think so. of all of the people you showed in that mont age. ask yourself this: how many are legal or constitutional scholars or could define a constitutional crisis? and explain to people at home how it affects their lives on a daily basis. i think it's zero. sorry about. i have a mic problem. >> tucker: these are the same people that think the 1st and 2nd amendments are not in the constitution but late term abortion is. the constitution is in crisis! there, is the president walking in. joe, is this effective? what is the point if you are running a cable news channel of
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having all anchors use the exact same phrase? >> this happened in may. 386 times abc and cbs and cnn and msnbc in 3 days said this term. look, when you have a media in washington and new york, and in manhattan donald trump got 10% and in washington, d.c. he got 4% of the vote so they say the same things over and over. walls are closing in. noose is tightening. watershed moment. we hear the cliches over and over. and the term racist was said 4100 times on cnn and msnbc alone. that's 600 times a day. when you say the same thing over and over again, i think it loses
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its impact. >> tucker: since we have a clear example from 2016 you won't beat trump by calling him names. it didn't work the first time. why do they think it will work again? >> because i think it's lazy and it's cheap and easy to do: instead of tell research. -- actual research. the town hall last night. lbgtq. before that 2 climate change town halls. can we do town halls on health insurance or the opioid crisis? that takes research and more than name calling. talk about the things that people in the middle of the countiry in places that matter, ohio, pennsylvania and michigan and north carolina and florida, where elections are decided where they care about these issues. name calling is easy because it gets headlines. >> tucker: it's shallow college
5:38 pm
student identity nonsense. we will go to the president of the united states. thanks for joining us. we will turn it over to the commander-in-chief from lake charles, louisiana. here's president trump. >> [cheers and applause]. >> usa, usa, usa! >> i just want to thank the people of louisiana. have you been so great. >> [cheers and applause]. >> right from the begining. >> [cheers and applause]. >> right from the beginning. i am thrilled to be back with thousands of loyal rock american patriots. that's what you are. that's what we are. >> [cheers and applause]. >> you work hard, pay your taxes
5:39 pm
and raise your children and follow our laws and respect the police and you stand strong for god, family and country. >> [cheers and applause]. >> tomorrow you will head to the polls and will you vote to replace a liberal democrat who sold you out. john edwards with a great new republican governor. >> [cheers and applause]. >> this saturday you also not a bad football game coming up, right. >> [cheers and applause]. >> not a bad one. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i guess they are both unbeaten. your quarterback doesn't look too bad. boom, boom, boom. it's a great game. lsu and florida. here's what you do.
5:40 pm
>> [cheers and applause]. >> it's so important. i want you to enjoy the game. but i don't really want you to enjoy the game if you don't vote first. do you know why? because you will be sitting there watching some incredible football and you will feel guilty. it will ruin your entire afternoon. go out and vote and then go and enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed. >> [cheers and applause]. >> as you have seen under republican leadership, america is stronger than ever. >> [cheers and applause]. >> we created 6 million new jobs and opened 10,000 new factories since my election. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the united states has the hottest economy on earth. you know these prime ministers and presidents and kings and queens and i hate to say it
5:41 pm
sometimes dictators, we take them as they come, right? we take them as they come. they always start off sir, congratulations on the great job you have done with the economy. >> [cheers and applause]. >> you have is the hottest economy in the world. we have the number 1 economy anywhere in the world. and our opponents gotten elected you would be the number 2 economy to china. we are now so far ahead. tell never happen. >> [cheers and applause]. >> we ended the war on american energy and the united states is the number 1 producer of oil and
5:42 pm
natural gas anywhere on the planet. >> [cheers and applause]. >> how about these democrats that want to get rid of oil? they want to get rid of natural gas? they want to go to wind. darling, i can't watch the show tonight, the wind stopping blowing. i can't watch lsu and florida. there is no wind today. i am angry at john bell edwards. he hasn't done the job. we are securing our borders. taking care of our great veterans. and restorying the unrivalled might of the u.s. military like never before. >> [cheers and applause]. >> and by the way, i want to
5:43 pm
introduce two great senators. we approved veteran's choice. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the veterans now can go see a doctor outside of the va if they have to wait 2 or 3 weeks or 3 days. they can go and they can see a doctor. we pay the bill. they get better. people were waiting for 6 to 7 weeks. our veterans, we are taking care of our veterans. >> [cheers and applause]. >> did you notice that with the veterans? a lot of veterans here. you notice, it used to be all the time -- where is a veteran? right there. how are you, sir? he looks like a veteran, too. i won't mess with him. great, thank you very much. you notice we don't see the bad stories about the veterans. now the fake news will go out.
5:44 pm
>> [booing]. >> they will look -- nbc is one of the worst in the world. they will look for a veteran. they would find a veteran that is not 100% happy and make him a star. but you notice, for a year and a half we have been in great shape. right? they don't talk about the veterans. >> [crowd noise]. >> get him out. >> [crowd noise]. >> wow! >> you know what? your policework fast! they work fast. >> [cheers and applause]. >> they work fast! they don't mess around in louisiana, do they? out! >> [cheers and applause].
5:45 pm
>> that was beautiful. i love to see it. our police are great. law enforcement is great. >> [cheers and applause]. >> doing an incredible job. but all of our nations gains are put at risk by a rage filled democrat party that has gone completely insane. for nearly 3 years, democrats have waged a non-stop battle to overturn your vote, overrule your voice, override your values, and overthrow the results of the most spectacular election in the history of our country, 2016. >> [cheers and applause]. >> your senators and your congressmen and frankly the real senators and the real congressmen and women of this country are not standing for it. the good people of louisiana will never, ever stand for it.
5:46 pm
it's a hoax. it's a hoax. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the democrats are fighting to restore the wretched political class that threw open our nation's borders. shipped away our jobs. sacrificed our wealth and surrounded our sovereignty and plundered our cities with drugs and crime and bogged us down this one foreign war after another. the endless wars have to stop. >> [cheers and applause]. >> have to stop. >> [cheers and applause]. >> we are directly taking on the unholy alliance of corrupt democrat politicians. deep state bureaucrats and the fake news media. there they are right there. >> [booing]. >> you know it's really funny. i see all of those red lights.
5:47 pm
that means you are live, right? as soon as i start talking about the fake news, i see those lights go off so fast. then they come back on. you know why they come back on? because last night, by far, all over cable and all over the place, the highest rated show was what we did in minnesota, a state that we are going to win. >> [cheers and applause]. >> that's why they come back on. they have no choice. they may hit trump, but they want to get those ratings. what will happen in 12, maybe 16 years, when i am no longer president -- see, i am driving them crazy. their ratings are going to tank. i actually think they will endorse me. >> [crowd noise]. >> because if they don't, can you imagine having pocahontas as
5:48 pm
your president? >> [booing]. >> now the real pocahontas we would not have minded, but the fake pocahontas you can't have. how about sleepy joe? >> [booing]. >> his son who knows nothing about energy, unlike the people in this room, he flies into the ukraine. he flies into ukraine. we walks out with $168,000 a month. $3 million, he doesn't know what a gasoline tank looks like. >> [laughing]. >> and they are paying him hundreds of thousands of a month. then he flies into china and takes out 1.5-billion dollars. i got to tell you. i just made a great china deal
5:49 pm
today for energy, for the farmers. >> [cheers and applause]. >> for the banks. for so many technology -- one of the greats. phase 1 is our big phase. the biggest problem, it will be 40 to $50 billion. i don't think our farmers can produce that much. can we make it 20? no, make it 50! our farmers will buy more land and buy bigger tractors. >> [cheers and applause]. >> right? >> [cheers and applause]. >> no, they actually said, i want my farmers, i love my farmers. i want them to come back to me. we can't produce that much wheat and corn and all of the stuff. i have china.
5:50 pm
>> [cheers and applause]. >> it's true. no, it's true. so, china in their record year -- of course they will catch it, he was $2 off. he gets a pinnochio. but adam schiff got 4 pinocchios. their biggest year was 16 billion dollars. that was a lot of corn. they are going to buy not 16, not 20, not 30. not 40. they are going to buy between 40 and $50 billion worth of agricultural corn. >> [cheers and applause]. >> my people said to me, sir, they can't do it. they can't produce that much. i said you know what? it's true. my people wanted to stop at 20. i am not stopping at 20.
5:51 pm
i want them to come back and say, sir, we can't do it. because i love my farmers. but they will be out there business. they will be going. there will be more tractors sold. they will be bigger and better and more powerful. they will be made by american companies like john deere. >> [cheers and applause]. >> so for your senators and congressmen here, that was one hell of a deal. this is phase 1. you have to see these. they are happy to do it. we had a great relationship. let me get back to bind. -- biden. last night i said where is hunter? it became the hottest thing in the whole country. i just said, by the way, where
5:52 pm
is hunter? he walked out of china. walks out with 1.5-billion dollars. i said you know, those are not the same guys i have been dealing with from china for the last year and a half. those guys don't give you 1.5-billion dollars and you know nothing? i want to meet those people. instead of $50 billion. it would be $500 billion worth of corn. it's a crooked deal. the fake news is always covering up for joe biden. >> [booing]. >> the fake news. well, this is unsubstantiated. with me any claim is okay. with them the claim is totally unsubstaniated. but it is not. he took out a fortune out of
5:53 pm
ukraine and knew nothing and took out a fortune out of china. i called one of the biggest people on wall street, a friend of mine. a big, powerful guy. what are the chances of doing that? he said zero. you are the biggest on wall street, steve. you are the biggest. what are the chances can you do that? he said even the big ones can't do that. but for a guy to walk in off the street with no experience and a bad track record. just got thrown out of the navy and walks away with 1.5-billion dollars and these crooked people say this is unsubstantiated. >> [booing]. >> can you imagine, john kennedy, bill, can you imagine, if don jr. or if eric trump or
5:54 pm
our beautiful ivanka, she works so hard, can you imagine if they walked out with 1.5-billion dollars. they wouldn't say unsubstantiated. they would be saying where is the nearest cell? this is a horrible thing. it's a whole big fat disgrace. it's very unfair to republicans, but we are here and they are not. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the democrats and the media, they are partners. they are partners, okay? you ever see in southern border. they are talking about a manufactured crisis. they said it was not a crisis. it was manufactured when you have caravans we stopped and the
5:55 pm
wall is being built like you have never seen before. >> [cheers and applause]. >> but remember, a few months ago. in a manufactured crisis, abc, nbc, in a manufactured crisis, abc, again manufactured. cnn crooked as hell. manufactured crisis. manufactured. then you go to cbs. ladies and gentlemen, in a manufactured crisis. a word that was never used and yet every single network used it because you know what? it's collusion. >> [cheers and applause]. >> that's the real collusion. with us there was no collusion. that's the real collusion right there. they colluded and they conspired to sabotage our incredible movement and wanted to deceive
5:56 pm
the american voter and hurt the american voter. we had an election in the history of our country that has never been a greater victory than the victory we had in 2016. we will have a bigger one in 2020. >> [cheers and applause]. >> they have been trying to stop us for more than 3 years with a lot of crap. you know the first time i heard about russia, they said, sir, do you know anything about russia? no. have you colluded with russia? i laughed. i thought they were kidding. i would hear somebody else come up. sir, do you know anything about russia? no. i know where it is. i sold a house to a guy about 12 years ago. he was from russia. that's a long time ago.
5:57 pm
i don't know. they come up again, sir, this russia keeps coming up. do you know anything about it? this is the witch hunt. this is the insurance policy. remember from the 2 lovers. if she doesn't win, we have an insurance policy. these people are corrupt. these people are disgusting. the two lovers. they put it on the fbi server. so their spouses would not find out. because they didn't want to put it on their private. that didn't work out too well for peter strzok and lisa page. lisa, she will win 100 million to nothing, but just in case, lisa, i love you. just in case she doesn't win, we have an insurance policy.
5:58 pm
saying we will take him out. these are corrupt people, folks. >> [crowd noise]. >> and then she said, peter i love you so much. you are so great, peter. i don't think she loves him too much anymore. do you? i hear the word is not too good. the word is she is not in love anymore. we have been living through this so-called insurance policy because they know we are putting a stop to their pillaging and their plundering and their hoaxes. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the radical democrat policies are crazy. their politicians are corrupt and their candidates are terrible. they know they can't win on election day so are pursuing an illegal, invalid and [ applaus]
5:59 pm
>> that's it for this hour. have a good weekend. we're back monday. see you then. "hannity" will be taking the next hour. >> cameras and con artists, perpetrating hoaxes and witch hunts, a man like greg jarrett, great guy. he wrote a book and the book tells you the whole story. best seller book. greg jarrett, so many, mangino, i tell you. so many. he's lawyer, but he's better than the lawyers -- it's
6:00 pm
called street smart. but these are great -- so many great people. john sullivan should get the -- how about these fraudulent writers at "the new york times"? >> sean: welcome to "hannity," the president said bs impeachment, my monologue after. we'll go back to the rally. >> talking about trump and russia. but they were all wrong. now the people that were right like sean hannity and rush limbaugh. laura ingraham and tucker carlson, judge janine and waters -- and frankly, the best show by far in


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