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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 12, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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how about these fraudulent writers at "the new york times"? >> sean: welcome to "hannity," the president said bs impeachment, my monologue after. we'll go back to the rally. >> talking about trump and russia. but they were all wrong. now the people that were right like sean hannity and rush limbaugh. laura ingraham and tucker carlson, judge janine and waters -- and frankly, the best show by far in the morning is
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"fox & friends," also got the best rating. lou dobbs? how about lou dobbs? and barney, he's great. you know barney is great. and maria bartiromo. many others. they got it right. but why is it, john sullivan, why aren't these people getting the real pulitzer prize. they were right. they called it right. the times, "the washington post." the dishonest, horrible, i think very, very bad for our country publications? it's a phony deal. their writers get pulitzer prizes for getting it wrong and the great writers that really got it. i don't know them. i never met some of these people. but the ones who got it right they go home empty-handed. it doesn't work that way.
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the people see it. the people see it. some of the names i mentioned -- all of the names i mentioned and plenty i didn't, i tell you, thank god we have them on our side. and its own way, thank god we have a thing called social media. because we get the word out. like nobody has ever gotten the word out before. it's called the witch hunt, the story of the greatest mass delusion in american political history. that's what it is. this is one of the great con jobs ever. we must never let it happen to another president. this should never be allowed to happen again. when schiff goes out and speaks before congress, they never thought i was going to release the transcript of my call.
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and this whistleblower, what's going on with the ig? why does the ig brings a whistleblower forward, the whistleblower who worked now for biden, did you hear this one? it came out yesterday. but the whistleblower came out with a totally phony report on my phone call. but they never thought i'd release it so they thought they were going the be okay. eight times, quid pro quo. but except there was no time. and if you listen to what they said it sounded horrible. that's why they had to release it. i said do you mind -- i had one of my people make a call. i said do you remind -- do you mind if we release it. they said what the hell is all about. the president of the ukraine came out. he said he did nothing wrong, what are you talking about? i think they look at our country and they think we're all crazy. they think we're crazy.
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he said really nice, the new president. good guy. he got elected on an anti-corruption platform, because ukraine is -- ukraine is known as a -- unfortunately very corrupt place. they'll straighten it out. but he came out yesterday and he said so strongly, and the fake news hardly puts him on. hardly puts him on. he said it at the united nations. his foreign minister said it so strongly. he said there was nothing wrong with that call. there was nothing wrong -- they don't even know what the hell we're talking about. but no one thought i would release the call. probably no one thought we had a transcript. so i heard the viciousness, but here's the worst of all, worst than the whistleblower. why are we protecting a person that tells you things that weren't true? but listen to this? so schiffty schiff, schiffty,
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little adam schiff, i've had you up to here. little adam schiff, he comes out and he made up my conversation. and i was watching for it because a lot of people started thinking, well, i guess that's what he said. i said, i never said that. and then when pelosi -- nervous nancy -- nervous nancy. nervous nancy. i used to think she loved the country. she hates the country. she wouldn't be doing this for the country if she didn't. nancy pelosi hates the united states of america because she wouldn't be doing this. and i tell you, foreign nations,
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foreign people looking at us, they honestly think we're nuts. there you have presidents saying nothing was wrong, the president of the country. that's in question. but nancy pelosi said, well, that's what he said, isn't it? but she was angry as hell when she got to read the transcript. because she said, wait a minute, that's not what i was told. but she was stuck. she was stuck. but think of a guy who makes up a phone call, makes up my words, viciously says eight quid pro quos. you got to do this or we're not going to do that. and there were none, none. they couldn't believe it when i released that call, i would have loved to have seen their faces. he goes before the united states congress and before the american public and he makes up the story of what i said, made it horrible
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and vicious, not even close -- it's not like, gee, he missed a couple of words. he missed every word. he missed every -- he made it up. it was fiction. it's unbelievable. and honestly, i don't know, congressman, but are you immune from something like that? that should be a crime. that should be a crime. anyway, that's why tomorrow i need you to send the radical democrat establishment a loud and clear message, you are going to fire your democrat governor who's done a lousy job and accepted a great republican to the governor's mansion. [ applause ] when john bell edward ran for office, he made your state a sacred promise that he would not
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raise your taxes, then he got elected and broke that promise by ramming through the largest tax hike in your state's history. john bell edwards. and you know, because the state obviously likes me, i think i won by a lot. [ applause ] i don't even know why the hell you like a guy who lives on fifth avenue, but i like you too. but i used to go to construction sites. my father would be putting up houses or a building. and i'd go and work with the workers and that's when i realized, these are the people i love. these are the real people. i know them all. i know the good ones, i know the bad ones. i like those workers. but john bell edwards lied to the people of louisiana while every other state is making
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massive job gains and you don't even know this -- edwards' terrible policies are killing jobs across your state. edwards is now trying to destroy louisiana's energy sector. you know that, right? with threats and lawsuits inspired by the radical left wing washington activists and democrats. what he's doing, right? john bell edwards, not good. goes around saying i like trump very much, he's very good. but behind my barks he did you want like me. friend of mine knows him well. he said behind your back, he's not so good. john bell edwards was a superdelegate for crooked hillary clinton. and he supported -- by the way, looks like bernie lost his chance, huh? bernie was hitting a baseball today to show how strong he was. it just wasn't a lot of bat head
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speed. bernie, get better fast. but bernie -- get better fast. that's the only time i ever said anything good about him. but boy, did they take advantage of him four years ago. 40e let them do it. you can't let people take advantage. when bernie gets out, which seems inevident, when bernie gets out, it looks like those will go to your radical leftist elizabeth warren, right? and that will be the end of sleepy joe because i would like to run against -- sort of maybe, i don't care. whoever it is, put them out there, let's get this thing going. john bell edwards supported far
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left candidates like stacey edwards, our friend brian kemp, he did a number of stacy abrams, she's still saying, what happened? what happened? she had oprah, you know oprah used to be a good friend of mine, she used to go to miralago, she loved the key lime pie. she did. so do i. she loved the key lime pie. but she used to go -- she loved me until i decided to run for office. but she went to georgia and she campaigned for stacey and obama went and michelle obama went. and they campaigned. and all brian kemp had was donald trump. and we had a rally at the airport. there were 55,000 people at the rally. that was the day before. two days before the election, i
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said, brian, congratulations, you're going to win. you're going to win. and they won by 2 1/2 points, which was amazing. every star, everybody went down there for stacey abrams. louisiana could not take four more years of a liberal democrat governor raising your taxes, killing your jobs, attacking your industry, and taking money from open borders extremists. how about these people who want open borders. let everybody come in. let them all. tomorrow you've got to vote john bell edwards out. and the way you do that is before the game, you got to get going. you have to leave an hour early, maybe even a half an hour. ten minutes, i don't care, be late for the game, i couldn't
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care less. you have to vote before the game, it's a runoff. so if he doesn't get 50%, one of our two great candidates will win that. and it will be john bell edwards against one of our two great candidates -- they're both great people. they're great. raffle abraham and eddie risponent. raffle abraham and eddie are both pro job, pro workers, pro family, pro life, and they're pro louisiana energy and that's okay. when i was here a couple of months ago. and they opened the biggest l&g plant i've ever seep in my life. right, where you there? they've been trying to get this thing approved for years and years and years. and they couldn't. and then president trump came along and i got those permits so
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fast for them. these big energy executives were sitting back, they couldn't get it approved. nothing they could do could get it approved. your governor was lousy, they were all lousy. nobody could help. that thing was so dead. i came along, i got it approved and them the consultants probably called up the big energy executives -- sir, we were able to get it approved for you. i never saw these people. but i know it was a good thing. and they probably got billions in consulting fees. i'd rather give it to you people or rather give it to something -- charity. but they came along -- i could just see, nobody knows consultants better than me. they make the environmental rules tough. so you have to pay them a lot of money to skirt your way through. but it takes years and years and millions and millions. so i got that plan to prove and
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i came down two months ago, right? 2 1/2 months ago, cut a ribbon. i've never seen anything so big. and now they're going to double it up, i understand. and they're building an even wigger one in another location of louisiana. right? they will protect your second amendment, our two guys. and john bell won't. john bell edwards. when it gets close, and they start to call from washington, and schumer and pelosi call, we want you to get rid of the 2nd amendment. he's 100% going to drop the 2nd amendment, you're not going to have the rights that you had or anywhere close. john bell edwards will not protect your second amendment. [boos]. >> our guys support your police. they defend the great workers and families of this state. if you want the governor who
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will fight for your values, get out tomorrow and cast your ballot for eddie or ralph, it's very important. eddie and ralph, where are you? eddie and ralph? come up here. you know what? here's the problem. they're on live television all over the place. they don't like that. they say put trump back on. let me tell you, these guys are the greatest. i'm going to have them say a minute or two. you're not aloud to hit your republican opponent, you're only allowed to hit john bell edwards because he deserves to be. go ahead, ralph. >> is this incredible?
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is this incredible? >> yeah! >> we need someone to do for louisiana what president trump has done for the usa! we need a conservative. we need a businessman. we need someone who's not beholden to special interests. we need someone who will fight for louisiana. that's why we're in this race, folks. let's go get it. let's fire john bell edwards and let's thank our president for coming down here to help us. >> i want to make the president and making louisiana -- we need him to make louisiana great
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again. mr. president, we thank you, thank you so much for taking care of our veterans, for rebuilding our military, and for protecting our southern border! and, mr. president, i drop the resolution to expel nancy pelosi from the house of representatives. go, america, go, louisiana! >> thank you, fellas, very much. appreciate it. okay, you've got to do it tomorrow. let's go get a runoff and one of these two guys are fantastic. vote tomorrow for the entire republican ticket. just vote -- we're also delighted to be joined by two really good friends of mine, these are warriors, these are warriors. different types of people, but
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equally, they applied to you and they love this state and they love this country. one, it's a strange name when i first heard. they called me up. survey said, there's a man named john kennedy on the phone. and i said, who? he's running for the senate in the state that likes you a lot. i said, where? louisiana. let me check it out. john kennedy, a brilliant guy. you won't know what this is, i'm a big student, i like academic, believe it or not. people don't know. my uncle was a professor for 35 years or something at m.i.t. i like that stuff. he went to oxford. oxford is as good as it gets.
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he was a great student at oxford. he puts on that country stuff all the time. but i want to tell you -- and we know the country is smarter than the other guys anyway, but -- so john kennedy goes -- i love to have your support. i'd really love it if i could. but i said, john, to me you're the real john kennedy, you're the real deal. we came down -- it was -- i never will forget it was a friday night. and it was this massive airplane hangar, some place, i don't know where the hell -- all i know, in your great state. and we had thousands and thousands of people show up and i looked at him and i liked him and i looked at that crowd and i said, you know what? i think you're going to win tomorrow. the election was on a saturday. and john kennedy won by a lot. it was a great thing. and a great thing for our country. where is john kennedy? john, come here, come here, john. and then -- and we have another guy. any time i talk about health
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care, any time i want to know anything about medical. any time i want to know anything about taking care of people, i call a man named bill cassidy. he's incredible. what a heart. what a heart. come on up here, john, come here, john. oxford! >> thank you, mr. president. >> god bless you. >> we love you! >> is this incredible or what? i mean, is this louisiana? i told you, donald j. trump loves louisiana like the devil loves sin!
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mr. president, thank you. now, mr. president, earlier i gave them a quiz. i imagined you're running against joe biden. [boos] and i asked them a set of questions, who's more likely to take care of the southern border, joe biden or donald trump. but one question i forgot to ask them, who promised to build a new river bridge?
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[ applause ] >> two great men. two great men. two great americans. another man who is very brave. he was really in bad condition. i was in the hospital the night that he was expected to die. he wasn't looking too good that night, i have to tell you. i went there. the doctor said, it's almost impossible to save hichlt i saw him today. i swear i think he's better looking now than he was two years ago. the greatest thing, he was playing baseball. he was shot while they were practicing. he was shot at second base, steve scalese, right? right? so, he's recovering and he really -- i don't want to go into it. but he had a lot of damage. and he went out and he played in the baseball game like six
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months later, seven months later, he could hardly stand up. he didn't have big range. i'd say range would be about six inches. and the first batter rips a ground ball right at him. i said, oh, this is going to be terrible. he got down, he caught it. he threw it to 1st. he could barely throw. the batter -- and it was like a miracle. the first pitch of the game. i said how tough is that? i don't think anyone else could have stopped that sucker. it was hard hit. he loves your state, he loves you so much. he's a brave guy. steve scalese. [ applause ]
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and then we have other great warrior, great congressmen, thanks, steve. great, great congressmen, mike johnson, clay higgins. come on up. jared graves. what a group. they're warriors. thank you, fellas. thank you. they make our lives so much easier in washington. we can always count on louisiana, can't we? we have a man who's your attorney general jeff landry, he's terrific. and secretary of state kyle hardland. kyle hardland. and you have an agriculture commissioner, mike strain, well known all over the country.
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and insurance commissioner jim donnalyn. thank you, jim, thanks. and, solicitor general liz merrill. thank you. thank you. nice hat. and we are going to do something that a lot of presidents and a lot of people have said and you need it and all of the work is done. it's getting ready for final approvals. that's the hard part in many cases, not the money, it 's the approvals. it's all done. we're going to rebuild the i-10capashew river bridge. we're going to build it, calcasi
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everythings u. finally, i would like to welcome the winners of the 2019 little league world series championship. louisiana's own little ridge little league baseball team. look at these handsome kids. drives me crazy how good looking they are. so, kids, stay there for a second. so, i'm in the white house today, and we had the little league girls' championship team. they were incredible. they come from north carolina. and they were undefeated. i think they were like 20-0. and then, of course, they got into a competition, who's better, you or them? and one of these guys gave them a 25% chance. i don't know if you're very popular on your team anymore. that's pretty good. they were incredible. they had a tremendous team.
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north carolina. i said, you're from north carolina? and the guys came in and i said, where are you from? and they said louisiana. [ applause ] one guy, he's like 6'2", he's 12 years old. and he's the pitcher. and he throws the ball, they say, one of the young guys was telling me, 75 miles per hour. i said no wonder you won. the other team can't see the pitch, that's pretty good. 75 miles per hour. i think he's being recruited by the entire major leagues already. he's 12 years old. but, i said to him, i said where are you from. they said louisiana. i said you won't believe this. i'm going on a beautiful plane called air force one, i'm going to a place called louisiana. do you want to come? right? and they looked at their
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parents, i want to thank their parents. i want to thank their coaches. their coaches are great. and their coaches are here. raise your hands, coaches. you come up with them. but they won, the whole deal, all over the world. they're the number one team. and somebody said they showed up with thousands of teams all over the world. and they won. and i got so used to watching japan win. you know? for years, japan won. i think they beat curacao. japan would win. it's always a little controversial. there would be a guy who's 12 -- i'm not saying this -- he's 12, but he seemed to be 18. i'm only kidding prime minister
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abe. he understands the way i kid. and he threw the ball, one kid about 109 miles per hour. faster than any major leaguer. he was 12. he had the greatest muscle tone anybody's ever seen for a 12-year-old. but japan always did great. but this year, you have the world champions little league, from louisiana. so congratulations to will, gavin, jeffrey curtis, ryan daughter row, derek dulat, marshall luke, conner perot, ryder clancher, egan prather,
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reese roselle, bolton shorts, paged spagdoni, and stan wiltse. boy, i tell you what. [ applause ] i just said, does anyone want to say something? no, no, no. you and i know they don't choke. you don't know what the word "choke" means, right? >> thank you. >> congratulations.
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>> thank you all for the support. >> where's this big pitcher and 6'2" and 75. i want to represent this guy. somebody's going to make a lot of money representing him. he weighs 350 pounds and can't get out of his seat. are you ready for the major leagues some day? what do you throw? 72, 75. did you do pretty well. he kept them pretty well shut out, they couldn't see the ball, right? and what did you -- in the last score, what was the score? 8-0, right? 8-0, so you didn't pitch a bad game. [ applause ]
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>> thanks, fellas. thank you. >> i don't think they want to leave. >> go right back -- >> thank you. thank you, fellas. champions, there's no choke. they don't choke. we don't choke. we don't like chokers. with the help of everyone here tonight, america's booming again and winning like never before. we're winning. we're putting america first. you haven't heard that in a long time. 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps since our great election. unemployment reached the lowest rate in over 50 years. unemployment for african-americans, hispanic americans, and asian americans have hit the all-time lowest
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rates in the history of our country. wages are rising fast. and they are growing twice as fast for low-income workers. they have the biggest percentage increase, low-income workers. 1.3 million fewer children live in poverty today than when i was elected. 1.3 million people. i killed a record number job killing regulations. we passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in american history. nearly $1 trillion has already been poured back home. it's coming back in. remember, people would have their money over there. they couldn't bring it back in. it was prohibitive, the legislation was impossible. we got rid of it. over $1 trillion now has been brought back in. and it's being spent building in the united states instead of
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building overseas. meanwhile, the democrats running for president have pledged to abolish all american production of oil and natural gas. oh, that's wonderful. in other words, democrats are promising to annihilate louisiana's economy. but we're never going to let them do that. and i have to tell you, this isn't a campaign speech, because we're going to win it by like 35 points. one of your senators said so. this is really -- i came here to get you to go out to vote tomorrow. i don't want to get too carried away with this. but one of your senators just told me, he said, sir, you never have to come back to louisiana. we your back. go to those states that are close. go to michigan. go to pennsylvania.
1:36 am
go to north carolina, i don't think they're very close. the other night in north carolina two weeks ago, we won two congressional races. they thought we'd lose one and the other was going to be maybe a one point, two point victory. we absolutely won them by so much, nobody ever saw -- i did something like this the night before the election. it was arena like this, it was packed. it was in north carolina, we won in pennsylvania for the first time -- the first time in many years. we won michigan. we won south carolina. and florida. and wisconsin. oh, we won wisconsin. wisconsin, we need thee. u.s. mca. we need to get nancy to approve the u.s. mca. the do-nothing democrats, it's really the do-nothings.
1:37 am
we'll do it after we take over the house if it doesn't get done. the last administration betrayed our nation's energy workers. now we are proudly promoting american energy independence. we're independence. i approved the keystone pipeline and the dakota access pipelines, 48,000 jobs my first week in office. i signed executive orders to speed up the construction of critical energy infrastructure which you people are so well aware of and i opened up anwar, the largest drilling site perhaps they think anywhere in the world is alaska. they couldn't get it done. even ronald reagan couldn't get it done. we got it done. we're reversing decades of rue
1:38 am
nows trade policies that ransacked the communities of this state. louisiana lost one in four manufacturing jobs after the twin disasters of nafta, one of if worst trade deals made in history, which we're replacing, and china's entrance into the world trade organization, probably the worst trade deal ever made. now we are replacing nafta with the brand new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. and the usmca will be a victory for farmers and ranchers and workers all across the state. because farmers are going to need it after china. we can't do it anymore, please, please, we don't want anymore, mr. president. they'll be calling me from nebraska and iowa. remember i used to say it. we're winning so much. please, please, mr. president,
1:39 am
we don't want to win so much. we're not used to it. they'll be calling me from nebraska. they'll be calling me from iowa. they'll be calling me from that beautiful midsection that is so beautiful bright red. you had a little blue on the edges. and if it was honest voting, i really think i would have won that too. there's not. there's not. whatever they tell you, there's not. but they'll be calling, please, we can't do it. we're working too hard. they want us too much. that's a nice feeling, though, season that great? democrats in congress should get back to work and pass. the usmca immediately. we've taken the toughest ever action to confront china's decades of abuse. and now we're getting along with china. this was a great day. this was the day, i don't know if anybody saw it. in fact, i was almost late for you because i was with china. i said, i'm not going to be late for louisiana even if it means
1:40 am
standing up china a little bit. it was tweenl louisiana and china, i -- between louisiana and china, i ha had to pick louisiana. but today i was with the vice premier of china, one of the most powerful men in the world, highly respected. and we made that significant progress toward a new deal that's getting papered now. and who knows, we're getting papered. it's going to happen. they want it, they want it badly. and it's going to end the mistreatment of american workers and companies. so great for this country, go toipg be great for china too. we will not rest until we've achieved economic fairness and justice for the american worker and the american people. issue after issue, democrats that put the needs of foreign citizens ahead of our own citizens. it's true. you know, we protect borders of other countries.
1:41 am
we don't protect our own borders. but i want to thank mexico, the president of mexico is great. 27,000 mexican soldiers are on our border. and you see the numbers? they plummet ed 27,000, think o it. all because the democrats wouldn't approve simple changes to what we call the loopholes, the loopholes. it's a good name. it's absolute mistakes made years ago. and the democrats in 15 minutes we can solve the problem. so mexico has helped us more at our border than the democrats. honestly, they're terrible. all they want to do is this foolishness. they don't want to pass anything. all they want to do is play these games. they're desperate to win in 2020, and instead, what's happening with the polls, it's turning the other way. people see their game.
1:42 am
the voters are smart. in a recent democrat debate, every single democrat, presidential candidate raised their hand, in favor of giving free government health care to illegal aliens. [boo]. >> and then you wonder why they come to america? why wouldn't they come? free health care? free education? free everything. and i jokingly said one time, and everybody didn't get the rolls royce. and the fake news said president trump lied, he said the illegal immigrants all get a rolls royce. they don't have a lot of sense of humor. that's the problem with this press. what a bunch of dopes. the president told a lie. they don't get a rolls royce. i said i'm only kidding. i don't want to have a bad
1:43 am
story. i did it again, i promised a rolls royce. i was just kidding. the democrat vision is to rob taxpayers to fund socialism for the entire world. if you don't want democrats to raid your health care, steal your money, overcrowd your schools, and overwhelm your communities, then you have only one choice, you have to go out tomorrow, vote republican. get john bell edwards the hell out of office. in everything i do, i never forget, i'm not president of the world, i am president of the united states of america. we reject globalism and we
1:44 am
embrace patriotism. we believe that every american citizen no matter their background deserves a government that is loyal to them. the democrat party and the extreme radical left are trying to abolish the distinction between citizens and noncitizens. in many case, people that come into our country illegally used to be treated, then -- and i mean they were treated better than our vets. hey, we have a great vet. we have a number of great vets. people coming in illegally were treated better than our vets, better than our own citizens. not anymore. recently, new york city -- i love new york city, we have bad leadership. you know, the mayor ran for president. he left -- he got zero.
1:45 am
how do you get zero? it's impossible. there's got to be one strange person out there that votes -- he got zero. new york wanted him to do so well. they were backing him because they department want to back him as mayor. let him be president. just keep him the hell away from me. new york city, this same mayor, issued a rule that the use of the term illegal alien can now be punishable with a fine of up to $250,000. can you imagine, you're a hard worker, you saved up your money. you just built that $250,000 after 15 years of construction work. $250, you're rich, you feel better than trump ever did. and you just happen to in one of those bad moments you used the word "illegal alien," athey say,
1:46 am
thank you very much, i want your money. give me that $250,000 you worked your ass off for. loves to attack on free speech. goes hand in hand on their attack on america's borders. the radical democrats are assault on american freedom and citizenship will now end. democrats will also continue to encourage foreign interference in our elections by refusing to support a simple and beautiful thing called voter id. [ applause ] maybe i can ask our senators in congress to put a bill -- it's so popular. you want to go out and buy groceries, you need identification. if you want to do anything, you need identification. the only thing you don't need identification for is to vote.
1:47 am
the most important thing you're doing to vote, you don't need it. you know why? because they cheat like hell, that's why. maybe john and bill can put out a voter id. they'll put it out. you have a strong federal application. i love it! that's why i love this state! that's why i won by so much! that's so great. now i know why i won by so much. because people couldn't cheat. that's great. will you have it for tomorrow's election? yes, i love this state. don't change. put it out for every other state. most don't have it. we believe only american citizens should vote in american
1:48 am
elections. and that's not what's happening. you go out to california and see what's happening out there, it's a disgrace. the voter abuse, it's a disgrace what's happening in california. democrats even support deadly sanctuary cities which defy federal law enforcement and release violent criminal ail yeps on to your streets. republicans believe our cities should be sanctuaries for law-abiding americans, not for criminal aliens. and we will always stand with the heroes of i.c.e., border patrol, and our great law enforcement that got that person out of here so fast. right? last night, they had cops love trump, and i said cops love trump and trump loves cops. that's true.
1:49 am
the democrat party has never been farther outside of the main stream. they've gone crazy. they're not doing anything. it's they're just evil. it's like they're crazed lunatics. every democrat running for president is pushed the health care agenda that would end medicare as we know it, betraying our nation's seniors. our administration will always protect medicare for our beloved seniors and protect patients with pre-existing conditions. we'll also protect your private insurance. we have 180 million people. who has private insurance here? oh, how would you like it if they take it away so you can walk to a hospital emergency room some day? you go to a hospital emergency room because you have a cold. that's not good. we've taken swift action to lower the price of health care for working families with new options that cost up to 60% less
1:50 am
than failed obama care. we got rid of the individual mandate in obama care, the most unpopular thing. that's where you pay a fortune of the privilege of not having to pay a fortune for your health care. you're paying not to have to pay. it's terrible. anyway, i got rid of it. it's a big deal. that's a big deal. that was not easy. the campaign to reduce the price of prescription drugs reduced the largest decline in drug prices in more than 50 years. do you see that? and we're bringing it down much lower. and we're going to give our states, you know, the drug industry has it pretty well wired. drugs are very expensive. outside in other countries, you can buy the exact same drug for
1:51 am
50%, 60%, 70%less than you paid -- same drug, same manufacturing, same company. not like it's different. i gave rhonda sanchez, governor of florida and other governors the right to go to canada and other states and other countries, other countries, to buy the drugs. because they pay much less. we can cut our prices by 50%, 60%, 70% in some cases. so we're giving states the rights to go to other countries and make a deal on drugs. it's easier than going through this horrible system where the democrats refuse to allow you to do anything to cut the price of drugs. they won't let you do it. to help patients with life-threatening conditions, we passed -- i love it, right to try. so if you're termly ill, very
1:52 am
sick, we have the best doctors, labs, technicians in the world. they have so many different things. lit be four, five, six year, you couldn't get it you. know why? you're termly ill in the town we don't want to make you sick. you're terminally ill, they say we can't give this drug because it mried to get it. you and i do it quickly. we'll do like the little disclosures that says you're not going to sue the government. you're not going to sue the drug company. i have them coming. but people coming now, they sign. and i tell you, it's a miracle. so many people have been saying, it's incredible. they don't have to wait for six years, it will be gone. right to try, proud of it. virtually every top democrat all of a sudden now supports late- term abortion ripping babies from the mother's womb right up to the moment of birth. that's why i've asked congress
1:53 am
to prohibit extreme late-term abortion because republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from god. [ applause ] democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption. the republican party is the party, the american worker, the american family, and the american dream, that's what they want, republicans want the american dream. we have confirmed 100 -- people don't believe this -- record stuff -- obama gave me 142 -- 142 federal judges. i said how many do i have? i figured there was none. they said 142, i said you have
1:54 am
to be kidding. within two months we'll have about 182 judges, including court of appeals. to apply the law as written, including two great supreme court justices, neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. our historic investment in rebuilding the military has included $25 million to a place called boxnel air force base. have you heard of it? right here in louisiana. and $40 million to naval air station joint base new orleans. right? and our warriors have now more ammunition, more missiles, more rockets, more tanks, more fighter jets, and more of everything our troops need to defend our nation than we have
1:55 am
ever had before and it's all made in the usa. [ applause ] at the same time, we're putting a stop to the endless wars we have to bring our folks back home. wars going on to 19 years, and we're really police agents. we're not fighting war, we're just policing. we can't do it. not fair, not fair. other countries should help us. they don't treat us right. they're starting to. you watch. going to the middle east is one of the worst decisions ever made in the history of our country. it's like quick sand. we spent $8 trillion in the middle east. and then we want to fix up a highway or we want to build your bridge and they say sir, that's a lot of money. we just spent $8 trillion in the middle east. we got nothing for it. we're slowly and carefully bringing our great soldiers and warriors back home. [ applause ]
1:56 am
after ---ing kadz of rebuilding foreign countries, we're finally rebuilding our own country. for years, you watched as your politicians apologized for america. remember that? not so long ago. not so long ago. remember bowing. we don't like to bow. now you have a president standing up for america and we're standing up for the great people of louisiana. the path to victory begins with a giant win tomorrow right here in the great state of louisiana. with your support, we will show the corrupt democrats in washington that the american people are not backing down. we will never ever forget.
1:57 am
we will send a terrific new republican governor to baton rouge. so, tomorrow, before the game, get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, and get out and vote republican. these are two great people, vote for ralph, vote for eddie. get out and vote republican. with your help, we will lift millions more of our great citizens from welfare to work from dependence to independence and poverty to prosperity. together, we will elect more republicans to congress to create an immigration system that protects american jobs, wages, and families, and we'll be able to telmex co-and their great 27,000 soldiers that are
1:58 am
doing this as a favor to your president, we're not paying for it. we will tell them thank you very much, your services are no longer needed. we will enact trade deals that result in more products proudly stamped with the four beautiful words, "made in the usa." [ applause ] we will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine, finding new cures for childhood cancer, and ending the aids epidemic in america. you didn't know this could be done. it will be ended in 10 years. we have the medicines to do it. can you believe that? and it could have been started a long time ago. they didn't do it. but i'm doing it. we've started. 10 years, the aids epidemic will be ended. who would have thought we could have done that. we will defend privacy, free
1:59 am
speech, free assembly, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms. [ applause ] and above all, we will never fight for the sacred values that bind us together as one america. we support, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. we stand with the incredible heroes of law enforcement, they are great. i just hope they know how much we cherish them and believe in them. and i think we do. we saw it last night in mp minnesota. we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true american way.
2:00 am
we believe that children -- >> sean: we'll stay with the president wrapping up in louisiana tonight. and, well, another rousing big night rally. being perspective. media mob, damn good one. we will miss you. here is "the five." >> jesse: i'm jesse watters with kd, juan, dana, greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president trump unleashing on democrats and pummeling joe biden during a fiery campaign rally. it was his first since the democrats launch their inquiry. the president wasted no time going on the attack. >> president trump: democrats are on a crusade to destroy our democracy. that's what's happening. the wretched washington swamp has been trying to nullify the results of a truly great